Five O’clock Shadow

Title: Five O’clock Shadow
Author: Scorch
Rating: N-17
Category: Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: 16 + pages of pointless smut.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: This is the first thing I’ve been able to write and complete in ages. My smut is rusty so I needed something to help get me back in the saddle, so to speak.
Thanks/Dedication:Anyhoo, thankee Cali for your constant begging and sulking, hope this sates your appetite. For Lysa, who wrote me smut when I needed it. Many hugs and much love to you, babe. Loves ya lots. S

He was more than aware of the heavily critical glances coming his way from outside the office. Every time he peered up, Cordelia would sharply look away, but would slowly and inconspicuously raise those quicksilver eyes back to him.

It was now happening every five minutes on the dot and the irritation had long since ebbed into mild amusement.

The vampire peeked up, his smile remained mental, and his brown eyes caught a quick glimpse of her stare. What was up with her today? He wasn’t sure if he actually wanted to know, and to be honest, he was having a good time simply watching her.

His chair was quiet against the floor as he rose, his built figure gracefully uncurled as one or two joints popped and he winced. Old man, old bones.

One, two, three measured and silent steps took him to the door, a shoulder leaning on the frame and forearms folding across his chest. No hint of a smile, no expression bar a piercing, questioning glance that prickled her skin.

Angel watched as Cordelia, after exactly five minutes, turned to see his office empty.

He cleared his throat and she started, a tanned palm slapping onto her jumping heart. “Angel!;”

Try as he might, the vampire could not find the will to look apologetic. “Sorry”

Quicksilver eyes suspiciously narrowed before a defeated sigh erupted. “I wasn’t gonna say anything,” hands were held up and shiny polish glimmered in the light. “But really, you need to start taking better care of that skin you’ve owned for the last… Ever.” Seeing him closer now, she was sure the tissue imprints and shaving cuts from last night still remained, vampire healing or no.

Confused, Angel stayed silent. When dealing with Cordelia Chase, sometimes quiet was the way to go.

Dazzling eyes, with all the shades of fall, drew him in before they rolled. “The shaving,” his seer clarified, “Last night, you looked like you’d taken a trip to Elm Street and that’s no joke”

His hand tentatively cupped and felt his jaw, fingertips searched for the tiny nicks that seemed to hurt more than sword slashes and claw marks. Though he had only shaved last night, prickling stubble graced his touch and he winced. Doing that, minus a mirror, was not fun.

“I remember when daddy was forced by mom to go too a proper barber.” Cordelia got up to stand before him, nothing more than golden skin and chocolate hair, yet so much more than a pretty face and generous body. “He was hopeless with a razor,” reminiscence washed her face. “And he could see himself”

Plump pout flickered once, sadness weighed on shoulders that deserved silk and satin. “Did they have barbers in the days of yore?”

Angel nodded and continued to just watch, content to be close.

Her next question was answered before it was asked. “Not that it matters, really. Not like you can pop into the local one and explain about the no reflection factor, and that is not something you wanna do when a fatally sharp blade is at your throat”

This time, his lips did twitch.

She sighed as her hands waved a little as arms came up. “I guess this means I’m coming to your rescue. Again”

When was she not coming to his rescue? When was he gonna get to rescue her for a change? It was no secret he had saved her in the past, but not in the way she had him and that kind of rescuing could not be repaid.

“I’ll take the afternoon off, go pick up some stuff. I think Tea Tree would be best… Yes, definitely tea tree.” Self-assured that she was doing right by him, Cordelia reached up to pet his cheek and was only stalled when Angel instinctively leaned back. Hurt momentarily flashed within those quicksilver eyes and he hated himself for it.

Nervous, apologetic, “I’m not used to…”

“Contact?” She smiled, all understanding and caring. That hand was dropped and a wave of disappointment rolled over him, but his face showed nothing. Forgoing a simple cheek pet, Cordelia rose unsteadily on tiptoes to plant the softest of kisses in three specific places.

One on the curve of his throat, where his pulse lay still and silent. Another just below his right ear, a place that made his eyes flutter, and one more on his chin, centred on a small dimple.

“There,” breathy but loud, the whisper brought dark eyes open and hands to pause at her hips, not quite but wanting to touch. “All better. If I’m gonna be back in time to stop your four o’clock shadow from catching another hour, I’d better get my skates on”

Silently, he watched her leave and headed, in a cloud of sunshine and rainbows, back to sit and think.


Stores and brand names just wouldn’t cut it for the vampire, she knew that. She needed something that would suit him, but what?

Her fingers trailed over the countless skin care products, designed for men, and frowned. None of them would be good enough and she certainly didn’t want to use a disposable blade. Cordelia shuddered. If only he would be up for trying out facial hair removal.

Finally, something caught her eye and she smiled. Rainforests, wild and untamed, would be perfect.

Taking the foam and a silver shaving set, the seer made for the counter, confident in her purchases. Sure, they weren’t the real McCoy, but she wouldn’t know where to start with actual barbering equipment so it would have to do.

“Special man?” The teller asked as she checked the items.

“Could say that,” Cordelia replied, a shy blush crept over her face and cash card handed over.

The teller simply grinned and bagged the purchases. Maybe her fiancé would let her do it one day, but she doubted it. The thought of her holding a sharp blade to his throat would probably leave him in a mental institute for a long time.

“Thanks.” The brunette left.

Another day, another satisfied customer


Watching was something he was good at. Simply standing and allowing the vision that was his seer to pass to and fro, preparing and gathering for her little endeavor. He was content, almost happy in his observance, even if he was slightly terrified about having Cordelia Chase loose on him with a razor.

Still, he trusted her and trusted in the intimacy they had built up over the past few months. He didn’t believe she would ever hurt him, and if anyone told him different, he would probably, and forcefully, change their minds.

Distracted, Angel’s eyes tracked the busy brunette as she passed him wearing nothing but a white shirt and cotton shorts, the sleeves and legs rolled up, giving him views of delicious skin and toned muscle. Her hair was clipped back, fake diamonds shone in the soft lamp light before beaming in the brighter light of the bathroom.

Diamonds didn’t become her, the vampire frowned. Yes, they were highly sought after jewels and often expensive, but they always reminded him of glass. Fragile, common, empty. She needed something different, maybe an emerald or ruby. His head shook, no, not emeralds or rubies.

Garnets. Yes. The deep red semi-precious stones would be perfect; and they symbolised friendship. The thing that had been missing from his existence, the thing that mattered the most.

“Angel? You ready?”

The vampire instantly came to attention, his body involuntarily stiffening at the sound of his name. “I’ll be there in a minute,” he indicated to his dresser, “I’ll just…”

Cordelia nodded, and went back into the bathroom where she proceeded to squirt a healthy amount of foam into the little tub, the brush dipped in and swished. The scent of rain and forests all around her, definitely making her think of him and wanting to see how well he would wear it.

Her nose wrinkled up as she brought the foam up, “Nice”

“Where do you want me?” Low, so as not to startle, Angel announced his arrival.

For the second time that day, a light rosy hue climbed high on her cheeks. “Oh, uh…” She looked slightly confused, “There. On that stool, I’ll stand in front of you.” He nodded and did as suggested.

“It might be best to slip a towel round your neck, just in case of any spills. Of blood or foam.” Her lips teasingly twirled up at his responding expression. She was getting there with him, slowly but surely. He may not talk a lot, but that didn’t matter, she did enough for the both of them.

“Not to sound panicky, but you have done this before, right?” The question came as she plucked the razor from the counter and examined it.

Reassuringly, “Benefits of being daddy’s girl.” More memories floated past her eyes. “I used to watch him all the time, until he let me do it a couple of times.” A child shouldn’t have a favourite parent, but she couldn’t help it. Her father had worked hard, but when he was home, he made sure to be there for her while her mother had practically wasted away in her parlour.

Angel’s eyebrows rose quizzically, encouraging her to talk. He didn’t know much, if anything at all, about her childhood and family life. All he knew was what he had heard off the Scoobies and Buffy, but he did know Cordelia well enough to dismiss all previous information as nonsense.

The foam was thick and cool, even to him, while the texture was creamy and nicely scented. His skin tickled from the sensation of the brush as she gracefully and gently swooped the bristles over the angles of his features.

“He used to dab spots of cream on my nose and not tell me.” The vampire watched her intently, the feel of softened bristles on his skin made him shiver and exhale slowly. “Ya know, the typical father-daughter stuff.” She paused and annoyance crept through him. “That’s not saying anything about you”

“I get that.” The irritation left as quickly as it came once she began attending him again. Brown eyes twinkled as he saw his reflection in the mirror. There was an empty space with only a patch of brilliant white seemingly floating. He pointed and she looked, highly amused.

“Invisible Man,” Cordelia laughed and placed the brush back in the bowl, “I can imagine the novelty of that went out pretty quick. I just wonder what people think when they’re driving in front of you”

Months of hard work paid off when he grinned. Two rows of straight teeth, set off with deadly canines, gleamed in the harsh bathroom as his lips, slim but luscious, spread wide. The tension always filling his body seemed to disappear as he chuckled, shoulders slumped and shook as his chest vibrated with the sound.

“Probably best not to know.” Angel unnecessarily sighed and his head tipped back, more access freely given.

She trembled a little as she plucked the razor from the bench, and held it up for his inspection. “Triple blade action for the closest shave you can get. Just hold still.” How on Earth he trusted her to do this, she would never know but she relished in the intimacy, offhandedly wondering if anyone else had done this.

Noting the sliver of trepidation running through her, his fingers curled lightly around her wrist, a look of controlled disappointment on his face. “If this makes you uncomfortable, we can stop?”

Swallowing at the feel of roughened thumb stroke fiery circles into her skin, Cordelia numbly bobbed her head from side-to-side. “Do you want me to stop? I’d completely understand, it’s not as if friends do this everyday is it?”

“No Cordy, it’s not.” A foot slid off the stool rest and onto the floor, providing balance for when he made enough room for her to come closer. Fingers wrapped around her taut waist, tugging, through the flimsy barrier of cotton shirt and shorts, solid muscle scraped along her hips. “I like it”

Gingerly, as though thinking she may stop, Angel shakily sucked air through his nose as he inched exploring fingers under her shirt, pausing at the first kiss of hot skin. Nails tickled and pads rubbed, Cordelia shivered under the touch and brought up the blade. “With the grain?”

Angel nodded, the humoured smile from earlier fading in light of the discovery of mutual attraction only to be replaced by one of complete contentment. “Wait”

The razor was paused centimetres from his neck and she looked at him, surprised.

“My shirt. Would it be better, easier for you, if I took it off?” At her expression of sudden shock and the following fusion of deep rose blush, his voice drifted off as he overstepped the mark. “I’m…” he sighed, gaze lowered, “Not sorry”

Eventually, his eyes returned to find her mouth thinned in an attempt not to laugh but quicksilver orbs were sparkling brightly. Her free hand smothered a chuckle, “I’m sorry. I kinda expected you to be a little more forward. Not quite as timid”

Now he was embarrassed, “The bold brashness only comes when I don’t get something I want”

“Who said you’re gonna get anything, huh?” A fingernail pushed on his chest but was captured by a much larger hand and held in place. “A little presumptuous on your part, doncha think?”

“I’d like to call it vampiric intuition.” The humoured smile was back and simmering sexual tension broke as her palm, warming under his caress, laid flat on his chest and fingers squeezed the pectorals. “Hit the five o’clock yet?”

“Oh!” The exclamation was haltered by a tinkled chuckle and her head was heavily shaken. “Stay still, ‘kay?”

A deep breath was inhaled and eased out through parted lips, her body inched closer and she was forced to ignore the mere centimetres that separated them. The razor was placed under his neck and he arched at the nape, skin stretched just enough for the blade to scrape over the stubbly surface. Angel waited for the sting, but it never came.

“Okay?” He nodded, head tilted further. Again, the blade swept over the surface and the foam dripped down to land on his shirt. Cordelia ceased and fiddled, the razor rinsed in the sink. “Maybe you should take your shirt off”

Swiftly, enthusiastically, the towel was removed and carelessly slung to the floor. The buttons of his old shirt were popped, one by one, until it hung loosely off his frame. The open edges were snatched and pulled off, the black material like water on his flesh as it slid down his arms. It joined the discarded towel.

Angel rocked and rolled his shoulders, his body enjoy being free of constraints as he gave himself over to the whims of his seer. “Better,” and it was. He was always more relaxed, more at home, with fewer clothes on.

Cordelia’s tongue touched the inside of her cheek as she let her gaze wander over his build, the female in her appreciating and the male in him relishing in her admiration. “We shall continue,” all regal and prim and proper, a genteel grin flirted as the cool blade connected with him once more.

Her face came close and the scent of wild rain surrounded her, eyes glazed as she tried to focus on her actions. The razor gathered the foam as she moved it, taking with it the shadows of a day’s work and leaving him smooth. The hot pants of breath doing more for him than the erotic situation.

She wanted bolder?

Angel captured quicksilver eyes and ran his hand up her clothed abdomen, feeling her body ripple with pleasure as he cupped a full breast, fingertips brushed over hardening nipples and she hissed. The blade paused when his cool touch made contact with her chest, the motion of breathing pushed more of her into his and he reacted.

Erect and wanting between powerful thighs, darkened eyes glittered with entrancing hunger as he urged her onto his lap, long legs firmly amid his. He dipped down, touching her without the confines of cotton, her bra becoming too rough for her sensitive buds. He pinched and she moaned.

Shaking now, Cordelia concentrated as best she could on finishing her task before she lost it completely. His neck now nice and free of stubble, she set to work on the angles of jaw and cheeks, only stopping when his grasp turned harder, bolder.

The vampire watched the way his palm moved beneath the shirt, the peaks strained against the white material and demanded he remove it. Silent request granted, and within moments, it lay haphazardly atop his shirt and towel.

Cream silk on tanned skin caught his gaze, the soft demi cups barely held her breasts, the fabric tight over erect nipples. Her stomach was flat and toned, the skin just as soft and tanned as the rest of her. His fingers, unable to resist, trailed a path along the curves where waist met hips and his eyes sparked with amusement when her tummy flex in response.

Answering his silent question, “Tickles,” and Angel increased her pressure of his hand, his flesh absorbed the heat. Splaying his fingers out across her abdomen and sliding up to reclaim her breast, he got a little rougher, motions got a little bolder.

“Take your hair down.” He loved her hair; always so clean and shiny and dark, the perfect compliment to her exotic appearance. Sultry looks and sharp mind with a razor tongue, a part of him thanked God she hadn’t been around back in the day. Yet, the darker side whispered, she should have been his Queen.

A quiet wisp of air broke his thoughts as the ponytail was taken out, the tresses he admired fluttered down around her shoulders and face, stray strands obstructed her eyes and he brushed them away with a careful touch. Calloused fingertips brought a gasped breath and Cordelia arched her neck, his hand scored fire down her throat and came to rest over her pulse.

Longing battled with control when the thrum of life, of woman, vibrated through the vampire, the call urging him to momentarily forget he had a soul. He wanted it. Just a drink. He wouldn’t hurt her, he promised himself, he could make her come with a single bite if she’d let him.

His thumb circled the tiny beat and made her skin red, and she looked all the more appetising. Angel smiled a predator’s smile and his tongue traced the edges of forming fangs.

“Wait,” Cordelia’s voice waspish with snappish pants. “I missed a spot.” The forgotten razor in her hand was replaced above his top lip and the vampire complied, jaw muscles pulled his skin tight to prevent the cuts he hated so much. The blade scraped but didn’t scratch, all stubble gone in a matter of moments and she was done.

“There,” her palm, like sun, grazed his face all over. “Smooth as a baby’s bum and no nicks”

Angel gave a simple nod as the whispers of thirst and hunger, need and hunger, continued to hammer his brain. “Shorts, Cordy. I want them off”

If he could be bold, so could she.

“Then do it.”

Brown eyes closed momentarily and he swallowed, the smooth skin bobbed with the motion and her gaze tracked the Adam’s apple. Strong fingers were tucked inside the waistband of her shorts and he slid them down, moving purposely slow so her body would hum with anticipation. He watched as the white fabric dropped to the floor, exposing supple thighs that he wanted tight round his back.

A clattering noise broke through the fog as the razor fell from her hand, freeing her up to hold onto his shoulders for balance while she stepped out of her shorts. Angel looked her over, right from the tip of her polished toes to her face, and knew right then he’d found what he was missing.

“Kiss me.” It wasn’t a request and her attention was snapped out of the haze clouding her senses. Cordelia didn’t have time to react before Angel fisted her hair and brought her down, his boldness taking over where her shyness left off.

Harder and made for sin, his lips toyed and manipulated until her pout was bruised and swollen by his demand. Deeper and wilder, his kiss was everything dark and deadly, her fate sealed with a single sip. She explored his mouth and traced growing fangs with caution and curiosity, not knowing what effect that had on the growling vampire controlling each emotion.

An arm was round her back and hand clutched her hair tighter, a swift move and she was pinned heavily against him. Cordelia fought the dizzying onslaught of pleasure as Angel drank her in. His hips ground into hers, the solid ridge of his erection slid across her core and she pushed down, her body throbbed with a wave of heat that made her panties wet.

Scented foam still remained and made him slippery, his skin like wet silk against her mouth as she brushed swollen lips over his face. Hot breath came from deep pants as Angel grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples, drawing an obscene moan from her as desire shot straight to her centre.

“What do you want me to do?” Angel whispered and his moved lower, until cotton panties met his fingers. “This?” The whole of his hand covered her and the heel grazed her hidden clit, the illicit touch stilled Cordelia for moment, shocked he would go so far so soon. “Or this…?” His fingers slid along the soft shape of her and felt the wet heat, the tips teased and sensation hit.

Numbly the seer nodded and she couldn’t keep from moving with him. She was getting high and he wasn’t really doing anything. Her body rocked rhythmically, smoothly, pushing him harder and harder over his intimate caress, relishing in the waves as they got stronger.

Through the cotton, Angel parted the petals and found the tiny jewel, and rolled it over his fingertips, only increasing the pressure when her body begged. “Like that, don’t you?” He did it again and again, dragging her climax closer for his viewing pleasure. She was burning beneath his touch and he loved every second of it.

“Don’t stop, please!” Cordelia hissed and urged him for more, his hand like hell between her legs and he offered no respite. Inside, her muscles fisted emptiness, leaving her sated but unfulfilled.

Watching in fascination as her face flushed and listened as little moans fell from her kissed mouth; he looked down when her hips moved faster and felt the satisfaction course through him when she got softer, wetter. His gaze slowly lifted to hazel ones, drugged and dilated with climax, and his lips wickedly grinned.

He’d made her come and only from a tiny touch. It was a delicious foretaste for what she’d do when he was inside her, something which really needed to happen soon.

Breath laboured and hot, lips parted and licked, eyes blinked and body shook in response.

The elastic didn’t pose any serious obstruction and Angel simply eased his fingers passed it, searching and finding the hot entrance. Without hesitation, the vampire penetrated knuckle-deep and his chest rumbled with a low groan as soft walls circled tightly around him, and a feral grin appeared.

Years of exercise and horse riding had obviously taken the physical proof, but he knew he was her first, and last, lover.

The feel of her soft mouth on his distracted Angel from the discovery, and as he responded to the heated and greedy kiss, pushed up high and hard, causing him to swallow a breathy moan. Velvety petals were so slick, his fingers slipped and slid in a languid motion that was enough to bring a wave of liquid sex that coated his palm.

He wanted to taste her, to drench his tongue in all that honey, wanted to drown in her. Ignoring the complaining moan and removing his touch, Angel licked his lips once before dipping sugar coated digits into his parched mouth. The flavour hit the back of his throat and he sucked up every drop, determined not to lose any of it.

High and dazed, Cordelia watched through distant eyes as the vampire drank her in, his blackened gaze crystal clear as he stared back. Slowly, thick fingers were dragged from a hungry kiss so both hands to close tightly round her waist, his strength easily allowed him to lift her up and throw her unceremoniously over his shoulder.

“Wha…?” Not quite intoxicated enough to not care, “Hey!” Why did he stop? She was enjoying herself, and thought he was too.

“Bed, now,” was all the explanation Angel gave and stalked, with measured steps, towards his bed just outside the bathroom


Under her, the mattress was soft and bounced with Angel’s added weight as he fell on top of her, his legs nudging hers wide to settle himself between them. His mouth, oddly hot, fused with her pliant one, his chest crushed her breasts as he flexed his hips experimentally into the hot cradle formed by supple thighs.

Cordelia dug her nails into the salted skin stretched over a muscled back while her ankles locked around a trim waist, her core a welcome home for his cock. “Please…” The plea was panted, whispered, as she begged for more. Hands slid down his perspiring body to cup hold of his ass, her fingers grabbing and pulling him harder onto her.

Again, he ignored her and trailed nipping kissed down her jaw only to stop at her throat to feel the life beating under the delicate protection of delicious flesh. “Not yet,” he wanted to taste her just as he imagined and made his way down her figure, only pausing to lick at pert peaks which caused her to arch high and push more of her breasts against him.

Reluctantly leaving strawberry buds for now, Angel continued to kiss and devour, covering her in his scent. After this, there would be no going back, and everyone would know she was his. Lower and lower, until he hooked a long leg over a broad shoulder and didn’t hesitate in setting his mouth on her.

Tracing the shape of her intimacy and lapping up the sweetness, his talented tongue dipping inside to feel the heat. All that honey was just for him, yet it didn’t quite sate his appetite. Flicking up and over the whole of her, he swirled the tiny clit and growled warningly when Cordelia couldn’t help but ride him. Both hands left her hips to hold her thighs wide and keep her still, ochre orbs telling her to obey.

Angel slid in deep, the softened walls so hot and wet on his tongue, the motion causing those muscles to tighten around him and he groaned, wanting her tensing around something else. Withdrawing long enough to make her whimper with loss, but the movement of body rising to his knees and trembling hands going to his pants made her aware of why he left her unfulfilled.

“If you’re not sure, say now.” His voice cracked under the pressure of possibly having to stop, while his shaft painfully protested.

Distracted, momentarily, by the sight of his lips and face glistening with her arousal, and his tongue reaching out to capture all drops. “Sure,” Cordelia croaked, “I’m definitely sure…”

The sound of his zipper cut off anymore words and the noise echoed through the suddenly silent room, the weight of it’s meaning shaking them to the core. Her eyes dilated a little more as he eased the zipper down, inch by inch, until she was fixated on the sight of his cock, hard and heavy between powerful, muscular thighs.

“The pictures in Harmony’s nudey mags didn’t look like that…” Cordelia damned her runaway mouth when Angel’s lips pursed inwards as though to keep from laughing, and her cheeks turned a deep scarlet. Desperately trying to take those hateful words back, “Not that I ever looked, of course”

“Of course,” the vampire returned as solemnly and believing as possible. Shifting around on his knees to get rid of his pants quickly, Angel slung them to the floor and faced the girl obscenely splayed out, ready and willing, on his bed. “One more time, are you sure?”

Unable to keep her eyes off the solid shaft, Cordelia nodded, thankful to feel the heat creeping quietly off her cheeks. Voluntarily, her legs opened more and gave him the perfect view. She was pink and shining, his sight only hindered by a neatly shaped and thin patch of dark curls.

Roughened fingertips scored lines of fire up her parted legs, thumbs open slick folds to allow him one final taste of heaven before he placed a soft kiss, so unlike his lusty temperament, on her wanton mouth. “You’re mine”

The tip of his cock was blunt as he slowly pushed past the initial tightness, feminine muscles stretched to accommodate, clutching him over and over as he went just that little bit deeper. A tiny ache spread through her hips and she arched up, desperate to take more of him yet relieve the building pressure as she became fuller. “Angel…”

“I know,” God, he knew about sexual pain. She was giving enough of it. “You’re ready for this.” He’d made sure she was. Golden orbs squeezed shut as his body fought off the urge to simply take her, hard like he wanted to, and give her what she needed. Deeper and deeper still, the vampire’s unneeded breath left his lungs at the gossamer thin barrier, then swiftly pressed in.

Manicured nails drew blood and her body stiffened then relaxed, those quicksilver eyes wide and lips in a perfect “Oh!” He was velvety and hard, cool like steel, and the heavy arousal vibrated right through her.

Angel closed his eyes against the onslaught of fire as it enveloped him, shielded him from the coldness of his existence. The veins on his neck stood out and his body shook under the intensity of having her right he wanted her. Surrounding, under and scenting of him, everything he was now covered her, and he couldn’t be happier.

Lowering his body down and letting her bear the brunt of his weight, hearing the deliciously feminine moan when he slid in to the hilt. She wore him well, all those muscles fisting and gloving him, the sweetness searing into his flesh intoxicating and heady.

He circled his hips softly and her body moved sharply in response, the motion drew a hissed curse from the vampire and a giggle from her. It wasn’t enough; he wanted more. It had been so long, too long, and now he was starving for it. His forehead dropped to her breasts, cushioned by generous cleavage, senses picked up everything as he gave into getting what he wanted.

Her skin was slick with perspiration, his skin was hot as he absorbed her human warmth and made it his. Angel flicked his tongue over a rose red pebble before biting down, the point of his fang scraping against the sensitive peek sending shocks straight to her sex. Cordelia bucked up harder against him, using her legs to pull him further into her.

Changing pace to sate the hunger, the gentle motions turned harder, faster, bringing a sheen of fine sweat to her body, making her wet with more than need. Skin rasped against skin, his breathing laboured and hot on her chest, the muffled pants became low groans as heavy pressure grew.

With each deep push, the vampire felt the increasing softness inside as he took her closer to climax. His balls, nestled tightly to the thick base of his erection, brushed her clit as his hips drove into hers, slender thighs gripped his waist and pulled him further on top of her, his entire weight all but crushing her.

Moist and clumsy kisses were trailed over her chest until a pert nipple was captured between his lips, allowing blunt teeth to roughly nip before tongue sucked and soothed the responding sting that shot heat straight to her core. Cordelia clutched his back and dug her nails harshly enough into his skin to draw blood and leave welts in the flawless expanse of muscle.

Not needing to hide who he was with her, Angel didn’t bother fighting off the change, and golden orbs bore down into drugged hazel irises. A flash of smirk appeared momentarily, giving her a glimpse of lethal fang before his mouth lay claim to hers, and he all but poured his tongue down her throat to swallow her loud moans.

His hands slid under her back to palm her ass, his fingers squeezing the firmness, and he held her still, giving him total control. Something he shouldn’t have done.

“Oh no!” Angel managed to mumble into her mouth, his body involuntarily bursting as his orgasm shot licks of fire through every vein. The tight softness gloving him, the supple body taking everything he had to give, the pleas and moans… Everything was too much. His neck arched and fingertips scraped her ass, while inside, his shaft throbbed and ached as he came, once, twice, thrice, leaving Cordelia breathless and giggling beneath him.

Shame and degradation quickly washed away the relief of his intense climax, and he refused to lift his face to look at her. It was her first time and he’d ruined it. Laying down on her and wanting to cry, Angel’s low moan was woeful and full of misery. He’d wanted to make it good for her, show her he could love her, and he’d succeeded in making himself out to be a teenage boy driven by uncontrollable hormones.

“Hey,” she nudged him after a few moments when soreness, caused by pleasurably energetic sex, began to set in. Her legs limply fell to the mattress and his body bereft of their warm hold. “You’re heavy”

Still, Angel said nothing and continued to hide. He heard her trying to hold off on the giggles and felt her shifting around, attempting to get more comfortable. Keeping his eyes from hazel ones, the vampire eased his larger frame to one side and stared at the ceiling, a childish pout set firmly on his mouth.

Cordelia watched him through shining irises and nervously nibbled her lower lip, not bothering to keep her happiness secret. However, Angel didn’t appear to be all that happy at the moment, and being the best friend she was, she schooled her features into solemnity and asked, “So, what happens now?”

Now, Angel figured, he would live an eternity with this hanging over him like a black cloud.

“Between us?” Unwilling to let him get out of it, the brunette pursued relentlessly. “I have to admit, I’m taking that as a compliment. I mean knowing it was my first time and I got a 250 year old vampire to do that, well, that has to mean something right?”


If there was one way to get his attention, it was make comments on his age. “Like a year makes a difference,” Cordelia waved away his sulked complaint and sat up, hissing as the burn between her thighs made itself known. “You’re in my debt ya know”

At this, Angel finally looked at her and saw the way she glowed, as though she’d just been given the key to every shopping store in Milan. Her cheeks were bright and rosy, quicksilver eyes sparkled with remnants of arousal and her perky nature, while her hair was a mass of messy waves that tumbled haphazardly around her heart shaped face.

To him, she’d never looked more beautiful.

Ignoring the steely stare that unsuccessfully tried to conceal the shame, Cordelia swung a long leg over his waist to straddle him. Her core, still hot, scraped down his semi erect cock, teasing him until Angel grabbed her hips hard enough to bruise.

“I think it’s time to pay up”



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