Boy Needs Some Colour

Title: Boy Needs Some Colour
Author: Scorch
Rating: PG
Category: Humour
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Angelus gets some colour!
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil n Lio’s place
Notes: I’ve escaped the black pit of despair at last!

Her training shoes squelched into the muddy grass as she ran as fast as humanly possible away from the vampire closing in on her. The gym bag hoisted over her shoulder repeatedly hit off her lower back, causing Cordelia groan in annoyance as the movement halted her get-away somewhat. If she wasn’t running out of breath, she would have been cursing the living daylights out of the damn gang for missing the whole thing. It was all their fault she was in this situation, it was all Buffy’s fault more to the point.

Buffy was the damn Slayer and it was supposed to be her job to catch and kill evil vampires, not to let said evil vampire escape the trap and chase the bait!

Cordelia forced her body to keep moving, ignoring the sharp and painful intakes of oxygen as she began to get breathless from her frantic running. Though she didn’t dare look back to see if Angelus had gotten any closer to her, the brunette could hear him calling out her name, telling her to make it easy on herself and stay still.

“In your dreams” she mumbled as she sprinted further through the cemetery as she tried to remember the direction to her car. If he wanted to kill her then he’d have to catch her first!

She was getting completely out of breath by now and Cordelia knew that she’d have to stop to catch her breath which would subsequently lead to her violent, brutal and bloody death at the hands of the Slayer’s ex-honey. Pausing briefly to remove her gym bag, the brunette flung it down onto the ground in the hope that she’d be able to get further without it smacking off her lower back.

As soon as the bag dropped to the grass, she heard rapid footsteps coming from behind her and Cordelia once again pushed her legs into moving quickly. She was so intent on escaping his clutches, she missed the small loose rock and stumbled over it to land on the grass with a thump. The mud slid all up her bare legs and grass stains covered the burgundy cheerleading skirt causing her to scowl down at her now grubby state.

Glancing over her shoulder she saw Angelus now moving fast towards her. Gulping back the lump of terror lodged in her throat, the cheerleader regained her footing and stood up ready to start running again but it seemed the vampire’s stare, even through the darkness, had her pinned into place.

Cordelia watched as Angelus got his foot caught in the strap of her gym bag, stumbled a little before falling and hitting his head off a headstone. Her frightened eyes widened as the vampire groaned loudly before rolling to a dead stop on the grass. She blinked rapidly once or twice as she stood still, trying to figure out if he was playing a trick on her.

Looking fretfully at the fallen vampire, the brunette studied the still figure for another moment or two before making a slow, unsure walk to where he lay on the ground. Biting her lip, Cordelia winced when she saw the large cut on his forehead from the collision with the headstone. A small trickle of blood ran down his temple to stain the side of his pale cheek and the bruising was beginning to show up with a purple tinge.

“Guess he really is out cold” Cordelia whispered to herself as she continued to look down at the unconscious vampire. Wondering if she should do something to help him or if she should just run for her life while the chance was there, the brunette slowly knelt down at the side of his head. “You really should be more careful” she commented quietly as though the sound of her voice would be enough to rouse him.

Looking at him the way he was now, she could see where he got the name Angel. His dark hair was styled in the usual spikes with a few wispy strands flopping over his bruised forehead, the pale lips were parted slightly and gave Cordelia a good view of the shape of his mouth. Tracing the cupid’s bow of Angelus’ lips, she noticed just how perfect the shape was.

“Good lip line you got there” she commented as her hazel eyes got drawn towards her gym bag, her exploring fingertip then trailed over the defined contours of his cheeks and jaw. “Good bone structure” Cordelia’s eyes were once again drawn to her gym bag.

She trailed her finger up both his cheeks to tickle his eyelashes, “Soft, long and dark. You know Angelus” Cordelia shifted away from him towards her gym bag. “I think you use products” she quietly unzipped her gym bag and reached inside, “I mean, you’re what? 3000 years old or something and your skin is flawless”

Fumbling around inside her bag, the brunette extracted her cosmetics holder and shifted back to kneeling beside his face. “It’s a known fact you use hair gel, what’s to say you don’t use a face mask and moisturiser every night?” her bronzing power compact was opened and her blusher brush removed.

“Just look at these cheek bones” Cordelia made slow, gentle circles on Angelus face with the powder-coated brush until a desired shade was reached. “All defined and structured yet totally unused” she swept the brush across his other cheek until the shade was copied. “See? It doesn’t take much to bring out your features does it?”

Her lip liner was opened, “And this mouth” she let out a low whistle of appreciation “Your upper lip is a little thinner than your lower one but we can work on that.” The red liner was carefully drawn along his upper mouth until there was a nice outline for her to work with. “You have a nice, little pout going on here bub” Cordelia drew around his lower lip with precision.

“I’ve always thought red is so your colour” the brunette popped open her lipstick, “Those red velvet shirts look way cool with your leather pants” she filled in the lines on both his upper and lower lip. “It must be really hard not being able to see yourself. If I had eyes like yours, I’d be staring at myself all day long” a holographic purple was applied to the whole of his closed eyelids.

“Now these eyelashes of yours, do you know how many girls would love to have them?” Cordelia asked as she unscrewed her black mascara and began to swipe the wand down his eyelashes. “I use Vaseline on mine to keep them soft and supple but enough about that”

“What cologne do you use?” she asked as an after thought, rummaging around in her bag once again. “I use Strawberry Shortcake, a naturally scented perfume oil which is only used on my pulse points” she spritzed his neck, wrists and squirted a lot down his shirt.

“I’m sure you don’t wanna hear about make-up anymore do you? I had a great time at the Bronze last night” she explained as she rummaged around her gym bag again, “It was a girls’ night, just Buffy, Willow and me to cheer up your ex-honey” she held a rectangular object in her hands now. “You’ve been really mean to her Angelus” Cordelia scolded as she moved back a little to make some room. “I thought you were a gentleman but like every other male on the planet, you turned into a moron after a good lay. Can you say unoriginal?”

“We got one of those little disposable cameras” Cordelia squeezed one eye shut and began clicking away, “Yeah, we had such a great time and got some really great photos. Memories are good and pictures are the best way of keeping them in my opinion”

The camera began to rewind as the film was finished and the brunette began to hurriedly pack everything back into her gym bag. “It’s a shame we didn’t get to become friends before you went postal” Cordelia zipped the bag up and stood. “You would have realised that when you mess with my friends, you mess with me”

The brunette back away, “I’d love to stay and chat some more but you’re gonna be waking up soon and while I have the guts to talk to you when you’re dead to the world” she sniggered at her own joke. “I don’t want to have my throat ripped out. Hope not to see you around. Bye!”

Cordelia bolted as fast as she could when Angelus began to come round. On her drive home, the cheerleader dropped by the mall to the one hour photo processing shop and waited.


Buffy trudged towards her locker, her shoulders stooped under what felt like the weight of the world and her feet dragged against the floor. Blue eyes were dull with the memory of letting Angelus escape their trap last night, at least Cordelia had managed to get away safely that was the main thing.

With a sigh, the young Slayer opened her locker to find a brown envelope with her name scrawled on it and sudden uncertainty crept in. “Angelus” she whispered as her shoulders stooped lower, pulling out the brown envelope Buffy opened it to find a pretty piece of stationery with the words “Love. A friend” written in a nice form of calligraphy.

Uncertainty gave way to extreme curiosity as she peered into the brown envelope and saw some pictures at the bottom of it. “Huh?” Buffy looked up and down the hallway to see if anyone was watching her open this. One by one, she picked out the photos and looked at them in first confusion then shock and disbelief.

Angelus laying sprawled out on the grass, his face caked in make-up with a very nice shade of red covering his mouth and his cheeks were a pretty tan colour. The colours on his face stood out in stark contrast to the pallor of his complexion, just then Buffy noticed the envelope, pictures and stationery were scented with strawberry.

A small grin began to curl the edges of her mouth upwards until her entire face felt like it was splitting apart. There was only one person she knew who wore that strawberry perfume, that exact shade of red lipstick and the holographic eyeshadow.

She spied the girl in particular sauntering down the hallowed halls of Sunnydale High, looking all too sure of herself and for once, Buffy had to agree she had a right to look like that.

“Hey Cordy” the Slayer called out, garnering Cordelia’s attention.

Cordelia looked at Buffy with raised, questioning eyebrows “Yes?” she responded coolly and kept her posture as unresponsive as ever.

“Nice lipstick” Buffy’s lips curled up in an understanding smirk.

“Nice hair” the brunette’s voice dripped with her usual dose of sarcasm as she sauntered past the blonde.

“What a bitch!” Cordelia got the Slayer’s meaning and an evil grin crossed her face.


Propping his feet up on the wooden arms of the couch, Spike opened the strawberry scented brown envelope addressed to him…!

The End


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