All You Need

Title: All You Need
Author: Scorchy
Rating: PG
Category: Pure pointless fluff
Content: C/A
Summary: Sometimes it is all you need!
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO/AA & Cal’s place
Notes: This just popped into my head five minutes ago
Feedback: Is the Pope Catholic?

The rich, musky scent of Sandalwood brought a smile of pure contentment to her face, deep and male it captured her, causing her to snuggle into the embrace a little more. Soft material of his sweatshirt grazed her cheek, strong arms held her still and the cool touch of his hands brushed against the nape of her neck.

Cordelia sighed, her eyes fluttering with pleasure as she circled her arms around the taut, well-muscled waist. Through the soft material she could fee those muscles flexing slightly and she held on tighter to her rock. The breathing motion giving her the creeped out and comforted feeling, the stillness inside the expansive chest giving her a feeling of safety.

Angel leaned his cheek on the top of her hair, inhaling the fresh shampoo she had used that morning, she always made sure her hair was well kept. Skin so soft, sun bronzed and smooth, skin that glimmered in the light as though she were made of tiny, light reflecting crystals. His arms dropped a little, locking his hands together at the base of her spine, he held her tighter while his thumbs traced the lines of her tattoo.

A tiny purr pierced the silence, thinking it was him Angel cleared his throat but when he realised it was Cordelia making the noise he simply smiled and held her tighter. The little hands gripping his back made slow, soothing circles and her manicured nails gently scratched his skin as they made their way under his sweatshirt. Human warmth caused him to sigh and sink into her embrace, careful not to put too much of his weight on her.

Cordelia closed her eyes, fully resting her head on his chest and sliding her hands as far up his back as his shirt would allow.

Tilting her head up, opening her eyes to she look at him, she gave him a huge megawatt smile that plumped up the apples of her cheeks and created little dimples at the corners of her mouth. Angel gave her a rare large smile of his own, sending a rush of heart-warming tingles right through Cordelia.

“Thank you, Angel” she told, her voice nothing more than a quiet, hushed whisper but he heard it.

“Anytime” the vampire replied, his own voice just above a husky tone, an accompanying purr vibrated through their locked embrace.

“And thank you for taking me home, tonight really did some damage to my karma” she told him while reluctantly pulling away. “With those cheerleaders being found like that, I stopped feeling safe”

Seeing a rare insight into the young woman, Angel kept respectfully silent and allowed her to continue speaking to him. Cordelia looked shyly up at him, with an equally shy smile. “I’m a cheerleader and all I could think about was it could have been me in that dumpster, selfish I know but it was scary”

“You don’t have to be scared Cordelia, it’s over now and you’re safe” he reassured her gruffly, never saying truer words in his existence. “I’ll protect you”

“You already have, thank you for making me feel safe again Angel. Sometimes a hug is all you need”

With those parting words, she leaned up and gave him a little, chaste kiss on his cheek before hurrying into her house leaving Angel with a dazed look on his face and touching his cheek.

Sighing deeply, the vampire straightened his jacket and walked off into the night.



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