The Fall. 2

I didn’t want to hurt you baby
I didn’t want to hurt you
I didn’t want to hurt you
But you’re pretty when you cry

She felt like she had been fighting for eons, her arms sore from wielding her sword, matching swing for swing with Angelus on the roof of the high rise.

He had years and training beyond hers in fighting, his skills with his sword evidence of a master. Both had matched blow for blow, kick there, punch here.

He was loving it. His Cordelia was beautiful- like the Greek warrior goddess, Athena. Her hair flowing about her shoulders like a dark shroud. Bruised, but still fighting.

Their trench coats were long gone, dark warrior fighting an even darker one. Cordelia had managed to lay in a few moves that had briefly dampened his belief of who would get the upper hand.

Angelus had reeled in shock when she launched her knives at him, one had penetrated his abdomen, but was rapidly healing. Her skills were honed and perfected. But she was faltering, Cordelia was only part demon and Wolfram & Hart had summoned a mystic spell that would cause her telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers to be ineffective.

He almost wanted to run and comfort her when he saw the expression on her face at her inability to use her powers. “You didn’t think I would let you have it that easy, did you, honey?”

She was realizing that she was going to lose. A small tear was threatening to fall loose from her gorgeous eye.

I want him to win.

“Fuck you!” Cordelia yelled at him as she delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to his head. She could not let him win!

He grinned through the pain of her kick and in turn backhanded her onto the cement. “You will,” Angelus hissed.

Time to move to phase two, he thought. He leaned over, pinning her under his greater weight. “Fighting you was excellent foreplay, love, but I have other plans for you,” he said as took out a white cloth from his pocket.

Cordelia tried to struggle away from him, but he was just too strong for her. She cried out has he brought the cloth over her nose and mouth. It had a sickly, sweet smell to it…

“Breathe deeply.” Cordelia vaguely heard him murmur to her as she slipped into a blissful realm of unconsciousness from the chloroform. His perfect, smiling face the last thing she saw, as she succumbed to the abyss.

Angelus leaned over to lightly kiss his sleeping beauty on her lips, delicately licking the drop of blood from his last blow on her lower lip. Delicious. How flawless are you? He smoothed her beautiful hair from her brow, face damp with her tears, and scooped her up in his powerful arms.

King taking possession of his queen, he headed to his loft within the building.

I see hell in your eyes
Taken in by surprise
Touching you makes me feel alive
Touching you makes me die inside
-Jay Gordon


The Scooby gang had sat in silent wonder as Wesley Wyndham-Pryce gave them the accounts of what had happened in the past few months.

All of them, including Dawn and Spike, were either sitting or standing near the round table in the Magic Box. Every once in awhile, a member of the team would glance at the Slayer, tying to read her emotions.

Wesley felt his throat would give out, but he was grateful that they were not interrupting him. The story needed to be told. The questions would come later. He was so tired. He had driven for seven hours to get to the small, Northern California town, and he had already been exhausted prior, making preparations to get everyone safe from Angelus.

No, he recalled sadly, Cordelia had.

Spike could hear the ex-Watcher was about to dry out in his speech, and went to go get him some water. He didn’t want the bloke to give out in his storytelling. It was all to rich with Darla coming back and a baby to boot!

Wesley was astounded when the vampire shoved him a glass, “Thank you, Spike.” Would wonders never cease?

“No problem.”

Taking a long gulp he concluded his tale, “So, he is now Angelus and Cordelia stayed behind.”


“Wesley, I want you gone. Do not question me!” Cordelia Chase demanded, her hazel eyes glowing with fury. She did not give a shit that he was the boss! This went way beyond work. This was their lives.

“The hell I am!” Wes fired back. ” I will not leave you behind, Cordy. You were good to send Gunn and Fred away with baby. To have Lorne leave because the firm would want him for his abilities, but I will not go! You need me!” Cordelia would not dismiss him, not while Angelus was lurking

Cordelia glared at him. Since her demon aspects had begun to manifest, her temper was much quicker to rise, becoming more violent.

“Wes,” she quietly began, “Angelus does not want me to leave. If I do, he will hunt me down. He will come after everyone else when he is finished with me. At least if I stay, like he wants, you all have a chance to get further away from him.”

Wesley placed himself in front of Cordelia, seeing the fear behind her anger. “That’s what he told you when he grabbed you, wasn’t it? When he was here, revealing himself to us? He pulled you away and said that. Why didn’t you tell us before?” He knew his answer by the anguish in her eyes. And he was certain now, just as she was. Angelus would rage if she disobeyed him. He would find her.

Cordelia ran her hands over her face, as if trying to wash away the pain. “Please, Wes. Go to Sunnydale, get help. I know they can do something! Willow is powerful. Even if they cannot curse him without the Orb of Thesula, at least they can try, something.” Cordelia searched his face, and saw the resolve in his expression.

Giving a great sigh of relief, she pulled him in her embrace.

Wesley began to sob. He may never see her again.


It was hard for Buffy to come to grips with what she had just heard. Angel-a father, she thought. It was against all biological possibilities, with another vampire as well! “And Connor is human?”

“Yes, he is called the Miracle Child by demons and humans alike.”

Buffy rose from her seat and went to stand by Spike, their chemistry not missed by Wesley, who gaped in awe at the turn of events. Spike did not have a soul, but chose to help for the greater good, because of his deep affection for the Slayer.

A vampire with a heart.

“Cordelia is now part demon?” Xander piped in. Cordelia’s old paramour was finding it nearly impossible to see her beyond what she had been in Sunnydale- a selfish beauty queen. He always knew she had potential beyond the Bitch, but to be a link with the Powers That Be? Amazing!

She always did say she was destined for greatness, Xander mused in fond recollection.

“She chose to become so to help Angel fight against evil. Had she remained a human with the visions, she would have died. Her brain was deteriorating from the force of them, she would have most likely blown out the back of her skull if they continued,” he explained, seeing the admiration of everyone within the room.

“Now she is alone in L.A., with Angelus looking for Connor. He’ll try to have her locate the baby.”

“Don’t think so, Watcher,” Spike declared, as he swaggered over, coming to take a seat, Buffy followed. “Peaches will most likely be bringing his focus on the girl. They were becoming closer, right? Me grandsire always took ‘special care’ for those ladies who touched him.”

The gang shifted uneasily and glanced at Buffy. They all remembered how Angelus became obsessed with destroying the Slayer. The loss of Jenny Calendar.

Buffy felt their concern, giving them a small, reassuring smile, “I’m okay with this guys. Really! Go on, Wesley,” she stated, giving the ex-Watcher attention. No malice in those moss green eyes, only worry over Cordelia and Angel.

“Angelus told her not to run from him, didn’t he?” The British vampire bore his electric blue eyes into Wesley’s, knowing his Sire better than anyone.

“They were in love,” Wesley stole a glance at the Slayer, who had a look of wonder on her golden face, not the rage he expected. Then he saw her hand on Spike’s arm, his other hand coming to cover hers. Slayer and vampire, again.

“Oh, I understand that, Watcher,” Spike continued, “The child will be hunted down and found by Angelus. But, he would want the Cheerleader first.”

“Do you think he will go after her like Buffy,” Xander asked Spike, his face tense with apprehension. Angelus had put them all through the ringer, but they had had each other to turn to. Cordelia was alone.

Spike glanced down at his hand over Buffy’s, “No, something’s different with Angelus this time. Been feeling it for awhile now, since he turned back to his old self. Can’t quite put my finger on it. But with Buffy, Angelus was hell-bent on destroying her not just because of the love they felt when he was Angel, but because she was a Slayer. He felt violated, at the very idea of loving a Slayer. The one girl chosen to destroy vampires.”

He had not felt this kind of connection to his Sire before. It was all new and he didn’t know why he should feel it now. Sure, Angelus had been able to locate him because of their blood bond through Dru, but emotions? Never.

The gang tried to understand what Spike was getting at, Willow chose to ask for them, “So, what does he want with Cordelia, Spike?”

“She is his perfection,” Spike was frowning fiercely, he was sensing deep emotion from Angelus, he was beginning to be aware of his Sire’s need for the girl.

“Cordelia accepted every form of Angel, never held his vampirism against him. She understood they were two separate entities, Angel and Angelus. But me grandsire, he desires her too. Wants what Angel had, kind of like how a lil’ brother would. Possessiveness. If Angel could have, so can he.”

Realization dawning.

Angelus was going to claim her.

Wesley stood up and looked at the faces surrounding him- The beautiful Slayer, who always seemed to defy death; her vampire love, who had a heart to fill in for a missing soul; a mystical key, given human life as a precious sister; an ex-demon still coming to grips with her humanity; a friend who always seemed to give his lightness on any dark day; the powerful witch who gave elders a reason to fear; and her wayward sorceress love, who balanced the harmony throughout.

“I need your help, all of you. Angelus boasted that all the Thesulan orbs were gathered, to prevent the curse from happening again. And Cordelia can only stand against him for so long.” Wesley’s eyes began to mist over, as he looked at the family before him.

His own family torn apart. “Please! All hope for the future will be lost if that child dies! And Cordelia,” Wesley trailed off, his voice breaking.

The Scoobies looked on in stunned silence as the man before them began to break down, Willow rose and put a comforting arm around him. “Tara and I will find a way to restore his soul, right?” She questioned her lover, eyes beseeching that they allow her to use her powers again.

One by one, each of the gang nodded in agreement, causing Wesley to cry tears of relief.

“We must hurry,” he stated, gathering himself, “Before he gets to Cordy.”

Spike looked up grimly, catching Wesley’s eye, “I pray she is as special and strong as you say she is, Wes. The more unique she is, the better her chance of survival. If I know my ol’ grandsire, he already has her. Poor pet.”

You make it hard to breathe
It’s as if I’m suffocating
And when you’re next to me
I can feel your heartbeat through my skin
-Stabbing Westward

Los Angeles

Cordelia felt horrible. Her arms were sore, her head felt like it was made of fog and her feet were cold.

Who stole my boots?

She pressed her flushed face on the cool floor that she was laying on. It felt good, all she wanted to do was drift back into that would of blissful surrender. Slowly, she began to open her eyes, trying to take in her surroundings.

Black. Red. Candle flames was all around her. A single room, satin covered walls. Angelus sitting on a red settee looking at her. Angelus!

Cordelia Chase felt her senses and memories of the night wash over her like a tidal wave. He had won their fight on the roof, using chloroform on her! She tried to stand up, but her legs gave way under her. She cursed in her frustration, dizziness forming within her.

“Now, baby, don’t make yourself sick,” Angelus gently scolded, as he strode over to his player. Slow, sensual music wafted through the speakers.

“Why the drug, Angelus? Did you doubt that you could bring me down without it?”

“Not at all! Just figured I’d use something different. I’m all about surprises and I wanted to draw you. I didn’t want too many bruises on that face.”

His floor was littered with papers… her face on them. He turned around and advanced over to her, gently lifting her into his arms, cradling her like a precious gift. Gently cupping her face in his hands, lightly pressing on her tender jaw. “And I didn’t want you drained too physically.”

Angelus had taken so much pleasure, watching her sleep, her beautiful body there for the taking. All his.

“You made me so proud up there, baby. So proud,” he whispered, kissing her hair and her brow.

Cordelia was beginning to feel herself come back, though it was hard being so near to him, kissing her. “I wasn’t trying to make you proud, I was trying to destroy you.”

He chuckled softly, “Destroy me? You love me!”


Yes!” He hissed shaking her. He stare burned into her, daring her to look away. “You loved Angel and the demon within him- me!” Angelus slowly backed her up against the satin clad wall and lifted her arms above her head, pressing his body intimately to hers.

“Yes,” he whispered, bringing her lips to her neck as he proceeded to chain her to the wall.

Cordelia gasped when she felt him nibble on her neck, and whimpered when she felt her wrists being clasped in the delicate shackles. “Angelus, no,” she sobbed as felt herself begin to surrender to his strength. God, how she wanted this!

Angelus grasped her face in his cool hands, bringing her hazel eyes to met his dark ones. He pulled her face in for a deep kiss that left her trembling in want. “Never,” He began, his voice wavering, “have I touched anything as beautiful as you.” He unsheathed his dagger and began to gingerly slice her shirt of, then her bra, occasionally letting the cool metal touch her heated flesh, making her shiver.

He brought his mouth to her collar bone and began to lick, bringing his hands to her hips, feeling her begin to gyrate at his touch. Angelus chuckled softly as he felt her stiffen slightly, as he brought his hand to the front waistband her pants, tracing the outline with his cool fingers. Her hazel eyes hooded in anticipation. His hand stilled, making her squirm.

Grinning like the master lover he was, Angelus plunged his hand down, feeling her. “Angelus!” She screamed, as he began to skillfully probe and stroke her. Fueling a fire that was raging.

“No panties, darling? I always wondered about that.” He was in pain as he watched her expressions of pleasure, her hips were pushing against his administrations, trying to get more, “So wet, Cordelia. Is it for me?”

She could not believe this was happening! Angelus giving her the most intense pleasures imaginable. His beautiful, wicked face expressing the passion, the lust she felt.

Angelus slowly withdrew his hand, kissing her swollen lips as she began to instinctively protest. Unzipping her fly, Angelus slid down and began to take off her pants, kissing her thighs as he went. Throwing them aside, Angelus stepped back, gazing at his beauty chained to the wall, her arousal for him causing his senses to scream. She was lovely, naked, vulnerable and his!

Cordelia was on fire! She wanted him to take her, to be with him always.

Angel, Angelus, Angel, Angelus…

She strained against the chains, trying to get closer to him. Cordelia’s fists were clenching in sexual tension. God, she was throbbing so much she wanted to cry out!

Angelus seemed to hear her silent cry and with a low growl, he rose from his crouching position before her, beginning to taste. He grasped her heavy breasts in his hands, bringing the dark, rose nipple to his mouth and began to suckle, moving back and forth, equally loving to each globe. He grinned on her flesh when he heard her cry out, lurching against his mouth. Still kneading her breasts he began his descent lower, licking that firm belly of hers.

She was going to die! This is how he’s going to kill me, she thought, her head tossing in passion. She was so wet with need, she felt like she was going to brim over.

Angelus could not believe her fervor for him. She was built for this, a vessel of encompassing love and lust. Her dusky flesh glowing. He stopped licking her when he came upon the juncture between her thighs,

“Cordelia, look at me. Look at me.

Cordelia felt like all the strength in the world could not open her eyes, but she did, and what she saw caused her heart to pound even faster. Angelus knelt before her, like a naked god. When had he undressed, she wondered, swallowing as he began to taste her thigh. Her vampire love. “Oh, God!”


“No God- just Angelus!” he proclaimed in a possessive growl, as he brought his mouth to her moist opening, loving her delicious trim. Cordelia screamed at his sudden onslaught, as he rotated is tongue over her hard, throbbing nub. Angelus growled, placing her long legs over his shoulders, lifting them both with his vampire strength. His hands grasped the sides of her hips, bringing her against his mouth.

Cordelia strained against her chains, her eyes drunk with desire as Angelus skillfully and quickly guided her to the brink of pleasure. Angelus licked, probed, and sucked at her center. Cordelia felt the tightening in the pit of belly, her back arched, her hips rose and her thighs held his head prisoner. Supporting her with one hand, he plunged his fingers inside of her just as she yelled her release. He growled as he felt her body contact around his fingers. He licked her lightly, slowly bringing her down.

Angelus seized her lips. She could taste herself. “Do you accept me?”

Passion still wracking her body in slow spasms, she lifted her head to meet his hooded gaze. “What?” She didn’t understand.

“Do you accept me?” His eyes burning into hers, his vampire visage had come on, glowing yellow eyes that searched. She would be his.

Cordelia knew what he wanted, she closed her eyes, tears falling in defeat. She should have known she could not win. “Do you accept me?” He demanded again, growling as be lifted her legs around his waist, pausing any further movement.


As I spread her thighs
My life flashes before my eyes
Soothing, disturbing
I’m intoxicated with fear


“I’ve got it!”

Everyone jumped as Tara shouted out her triumph. They had been working for five straight hours, and were beginning to feel that their quest was hopeless. Research to find a spell to curse a vampire with a soul, and the most important tool- the Orb of Thesulah, was hopless. Wolfram & Hart had made good their promise to Angelus.

Wesley ran over to the young sorceress, “What have you discovered?”

Tara began to tremble with the idea of it, “It was so simple, right there! The orb was for cursing Angelus with a soul, why can’t we just modify the spell and give him his soul?” Tara looked at Willow, who nodded in agreement.

“Tara explain,” Anya asked, curious to find out how they could give a demon a soul.

“The orb was designed to curse not to give, the soul can be transferred to Angelus through a different means, a different vessel,” Tara explained, but she could tell the group did not understand what she was trying to say. Tara gave a Willow a pleading look.

Willow understood, “But we would need a souled vessel to bring the soul to him, Tara. They would need to be connected.” Willow knew perfectly what her love was trying to say, and Tara knew how the connection was supposed to happen.

“Still not getting the picture, Will,” Xander stated. He had been so sick with worry over his former love, Cordelia. Willow could tell. Even though he loved Anya, Cordelia was still part of their family.

“We would channel Angel’s soul through Cordelia and then it will go into Angel,” Tara said, smiling when she saw realization beam on the Scoobies faces, “But they need to be connected.” Her face began to redden. She really did not know how to explain that one, especially with Dawn in the room.

Wesley felt heat come to his face as he finally grasped what “connected” would mean for Angelus and Cordelia, “Of course, what more spiritual connection than through the act of love?”

Buffy felt a small smile begin to tickle at her lips and felt Spike’s intense gaze on her, their eyes meeting. They knew what the ex-Watcher and the witches were getting at. Then she saw realization come over Anya and Xander. Dawn was still frowning, “What are you talking about?”

“We’ll tell you later, Dawnie,” Buffy said, grinning at her little sister. “But, Will, how can we know if… you know is happening or how can it happen?”

“I can do a suggestion spell on Angelus and Cordelia, mixed with a slight “love” spell. It could work,” Willow exclaimed as she ran to get her supplies.

“You don’t think he’ll kill her, do you,” Dawn asked fearfully to Spike, knowing that he knew Angelus better than anyone in the room. Dawn did not want to see anyone hurt Cordelia hurt like Buffy had been. She remembered what Angelus was like, the pain he had caused, even though she had not really been there.

Spike felt all eyes on him, “No, nibblet, I don’t think he’ll kill her. Might turn her. Willow! Hurry!”

I still really love you
Love is stronger than pride
I still really love you
My love is stronger than pride

Los Angeles


Angelus let out a roar of triumph. She was his- Angel had lost! Cordelia had accepted him. He needed her to be with him forever. His Queen of the Night. They would make the world their own!

Seizing her lips with his, he buried his length within her. Cordelia cried out in pleasure against his mouth as he penetrated her depths, her back slamming gently onto the satin wall behind her.

The feel of him in her was perfect. Right. When he had been Angel, they could not risk consummating their love- fearful of his soul being lost. Now his soul was gone, but his desire still remained.

Consuming her.

He stilled himself inside her, marveling at the heat that surrounded him, legs pulling him in closer. Angelus drew back and looked into her eyes, filled with love, passion, and acceptance of him. He began to move in the age old dance of love. Cordelia tossed her head back in delicious abandon as he intensified his thrusts. Angelus began to suckle on her breasts, running his teeth over her nipples. Hands everywhere. God or devil grant him this forever.

She was falling.

I’ve killed a million petty souls
But I couldn’t kill you
I’ve slept so long without you
-Jay Gordon


Willow had a big grin on her face as she briefly saw the picture before, just as she was about to cast the spell. A sensual room of black, red, and white… Angelus and Cordelia were caught in the storm of Eros! The spell would not be needed. Nope!

“Will,” Buffy demanded, “Why did you stop the spell?”

“No need to worry about casting the suggestion spell, Angelus and Cordelia are already doing the horizontal, make that, the vertical tango! ‘Let’s get it on. wooooohooohoooo’!” she sang, as she began the final preparations for the Souled Vessel spell.

Tara had been working on that spell so when she was done with the suggestion spell, they could move to the next one.

Spike grinned like a Cheshire cat, “That’s Peaches for you, love!” He glanced over at Wesley, “He must have really loved her as Angel for it to still stay in his system as Angelus.”

Wesley nodded his head bittersweet agreement, “Yes, a love to withstand all.”

Spike knew Angelus wanted to sire Cordelia, he could feel the bloodlust rise within his grandsire. The witches better hurry or I’m gonna have a grandmother, Spike thought.

Willow and Tara were finally ready to begin, the two lovers sat on the round table, hands clasped as they sat facing each other. The rest of the gang stood surrounding the table, hand in hand. Their energy was needed in the spell to help summon Angel’s soul.

Willow and Tara began to chant, as they looked deep within each other’s eyes.

Tira Sala
Benet le mira
Cobre chara
Meletra sul

The floors of the Magic Box began to shudder as the witches summoned their Powers to bring forth Angel’s soul from the Ether. Nothing violent, almost like a release from a slumbering confinement.

The Scoobies glanced around the room as it began to illuminate with a soft, golden glow, peace within. The golden light began to gently swirl around each of them. Buffy gasped, and tears started to form in her green eyes, as she realized it was Angel’s soul. She could almost hear him. She could feel his essence, his love for them all.

Tears began to fill in Wesley’s eyes as he witnessed the manifestation of his friend’s soul, swirling around them, blessing them, thanking them each in turn. Wondrous life.

Willow and Tara’s eyes had turned black, as they worked their magic through them. Suddenly, Willow’s head lurched back, her Power flowing through her.

“Return! Find your love and through her return! Angel, through her return!”

The golden energy filtered up towards the ceiling of the Magic Box, like a mystical tornado, spinning faster and faster, finding it’s direction. With a burst of colorful light and sound, Angel’s soul flew out the windows, shattering glass at the front of the store.

“Return and stay,” Tara whispered, letting her body slump from Power, as she cast the final incantations of the spell, the most vital, the words that would seal Angel’s soul to him forever.

One by one, the gang smiled at each other, having witnessed one of the most beautiful things that had ever graced their world. A soul.

“That was kind of pretty. Maybe I wants one for myself, what do you think, love?” Spike grinned at his precious Slayer, taking her into his arms, the beauty of Angel’s soul touching even him.

Buffy threw her head back in laughter, “I would love you with or without a soul. You are beautiful to me! But if you really want one…,”

“Who the hell is going to pay for my window?!” Anya raged as she surveyed the damage caused by the force of Angel’s departure.

I’ll never find someone
Quite as touched as you
I’ll never love someone
Quite the way
That I loved you


Los Angeles

She was falling…

Angelus continued to love her, burying himself within her, wanting never to leave her, ever. Wave after wave of intense pleasure hit the two lovers, as their bodies continued their erotic dance. Cordelia thrashing her head back in forth, as the delicious friction of Angelus inside of her rose higher, and higher.

Angelus loved how her face reflected her passion, nothing hidden in the depths of those beautiful eyes. She was coming closer to her release, he could feel her tighten around him, sweet, velvet heat of her.

Cordelia began to scream out in triumphant release, as her body began to convulse. Just as she was about to come over the crest, she felt something invade her. Her eyes snapped open as she felt her being suddenly engulfed by something miraculous! Cordelia’s eyes welled in tears as she realized what was coming through her. Angel’s soul.

The feel of him within her was overwhelming. She came in perfect happiness, her physical body being loved, and Angel loving her with his soul!

Angelus jerked as he felt a change coming over his Cordelia. He gazed into her tearful eyes. Perfect hazel eyes, that began to glow with a mystical golden light. Angelus knew what it was… his soul. Damn him!

Closing his eyes, he continued his movements, feeling Cordelia constrict around him. Oh, well. He knew Angel loved her, just as he loved her.

He knew this would be his final time, never would he emerge again as he was. But he would always lay within. He would feel her through Angel. That would be enough.

“I would rather be him loving you, then not loving you at all,” he whispered in her ear, as he felt himself begin to release with his own mounting passion. “Never doubt that I loved you, Cordelia. I loved you the only way I knew how, as a demon!” Angelus snarled as he bit into her soft neck, causing Cordelia to shudder in ecstasy.

Cordelia sobbed at his words. Angelus did love her, in his own way. Her body lurched from the wall as Angel’s soul poured through her into his own body, her arms pulling the chains from the wall with the force of it, throwing herself around her lover as orgasm after orgasm trembled through her.

Angel threw is head back, away from feeding off Cordelia, and gasped as his soul returned to his body, Cordelia wrapped around him, coming within her at the same moment, meeting her eyes. Cordelia witnessing his eyes glow a faint gold as his soul anchored itself.

He allowed his eyes to close and his body to fall backward on the floor, taking Cordelia with him, her form softly slamming into his. The exquisite taste of her blood down his throat.

Shaking, as he felt his soul within him, Angel still within Cordelia’s body, grateful sobs still wracking her body at his return. A return that he sensed was somehow permanent.

A gift from friends far, but always close at heart.

Snarling, Angel saw the shackles still on her wrists, and snapped them off, throwing the offending chains across the room. Angelus’ way of overpowering her.

Angel withdrew himself from his love, causing her to whimper at the loss. “No, baby, it’s okay,” he soothed in hushed tones, as he gathered her fragile form into his arms, carrying her over to white satin bed. Gently he laid her trembling form on the bed, and came to lie next to her, pulling her into his comforting embrace.

Angel grasped her face, absorbing every curve, and brought her quivering lips to his, eyes never leaving hers. Each of them searching for their own truth within their eyes. They were still reeling from their sexual aftermath.

“Angel,” Cordelia whispered, fearing, hoping, loving. Needing to know for certain that the arms holding her so gently, were that of her souled vampire.

“I love you so much,” he sobbed, sinking down to bury his face in her belly. Harsh sobs began to surge through him, clinging to his Cordelia, “I’ll never say that enough! I love you, love you, love you!”

Cordelia cried out in bliss as she held her torn lover to her body. Both lovers consumed with the love and thankfulness over what has just been given to them. A soul. “I love you, Angel!”

Never stop saying it! Never stop!

You are my angel
Come from way above
To bring me love
Love ya love ya love…
-Massive Attack

The two reunited lovers were still in Angelus’ loft, each too worn out to leave yet. Upon Cordelia’s suggestion, they relocated to the massive whirlpool tub in the bathroom. Soothing warm water caressing them, as they caressed each other.

Angel closed his eyes in contentment, Cordelia resting her head on his chest, entwined. It was a miracle to feel bliss. To let go. The feel of her against him was more than he could have imagined.

“He loved you,” he hesitantly whispered to her, fearing her response.

Snuggling closer to him, making Angel shiver in relief, “I know,” she replied, tracing her fingers over his forearms as he squeezed her closer, drawing with her hands. Cordelia knew Angel was amazed at this.

Angelus, the darkest vampire ever, had loved. And in her way she had loved him. Angel had been Angelus, just as Angelus had been Liam. Without either three, she would not have her Angel. Cordelia had been the only one to understand the trinity within Angel, that was why she had been coveted.

Turning herself around in the softly scented water, she brought her lips to his, kissing him with rekindled fire. Tongues and lips dueling, Angel cupped her face, bringing he closer to his body, his hands lifting her gently so that she straddled him. Angel groaned as she tightened her legs around him, each sultry movement causing water to slosh onto the tile.

Pulling his mouth from her, Angel grasped her waist into his hands, reveling in her expression of tense joy as he brought her down onto him. Angel closed his eyes, just feeling her contracted delicately around him, she fit him perfectly.

“You saved us both.”

Angel brought her lush lips down again, kissing her thoroughly, running his hands over her body. Cordelia moaned into his mouth, causing him to growl his agreement, as he began to raise their passion to new heights.

“Love me Angel.”

She was falling, even more in love.

The End


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