Crash and Burn. Prol

Title: Crash and Burn
Author: Rachelle
Rating: NC-17 /R
Category: Violence, Graphic Situations, Sexual Content, all the good stuff.
Content: C/Aus
Summary: An automobile crash brings Cordelia into the burning cold fire of Angelus’ unwavering lust and obsession.
Spoilers: Season 2, post Becoming.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Stranger Things- Just Fic, Angel’s Oasis, GTC/A.  Anyone else, just ask.
Notes: This will possibly be a 4-parter.
Thanks/Dedication:To everyone!
Feedback:Yes, please.


“Son of a bitch!!” Angelus shouted, as his precious baby came to a screeching halt. He couldn’t believe it! Could not believe it. The one time he’d decided take his meticulously preserved Desoto out for a well deserved drive, some numbskull had to crash into it!

Angelus could feel his fangs itching to tear apart the bastard’s throat. He could see steam slowly coming from the engine. Oh, he was going to bleed them good.

The person in the other automobile was expressing the exact same vehement emotions as Angelus, and was slamming her hand against the steering wheel. Cordelia Chase had just ended another long, boring episode of ‘Cry-Buffy and her Scoobies’.

All she had wanted to do was go home and take a nice hot bath, then watch a Brad Pitt movie. Surprising the hell out of herself, being a Friday night and all, but it was what she wanted to do. Now all she would be doing was swapping insurance information with a dumbass and nursing a headache.

Oh, he’d better have insurance, she seethed. Cordelia could see it was a man getting out of the dark covertible from her dangling mirror. Her driver’s side had decided to get friendly with the light post.

Cordelia flexed her hands and toes. Nothing seemed out of place or broken, just a burning desire to break this guy’s neck. Or rip him a brand new one! Deciding on the later, Cordelia opened her car door, cringing at the loud creak it made.

Lurching to her feet, she barely noted a slight waver in her vision as she prepared herself for an imminent showdown. She was happy she had not decided to wear a skirt today, as was her normal fashion, but had settled on dark blue leather pants with a plain, black baby tee. She sure as hell didn’t want to get caught in a skirt out here.

Angelus saw that it was a girl getting out of the green Jaguar. No matter. Male or female, he was still going to bleed ‘em dry. “How in the hell did you get a license, you dumb broad?!” Even though it was dark, he couldn’t see her face clearly because she was standing half under a light post.

“Me!?” Cordelia growled back. “Basic ed driving is that you turn on your headlights when it’s dark out, asshole!” The brazen brunette was not liking this. The guy was huge! Not to mention he was coming toward her and he sounded a lot like-


“Cordelia?” The vampire could not believe his luck. Out of all the girls in Sunnydale, Cordelia Chase, one of the Slayer’s companions had tried to kill his baby. But as he inched closer, he couldn’t decide if his luck was good or bad. Her initial shock and alarm at recognizing him had dissolved back into road rage.

“You asshole,” she seethed, still trying to blink away the spots that kept forming in front of her. “Just because you can see in the dark, doesn’t mean that everyone else can.” Angelus, evil vamp extraordinaire was standing less the seven feet away, but she couldn’t summon any fear. Not now anyway with these stupid spots just appearing in front of him!

Angelus gave a throaty chuckled. “Well maybe not, sweetheart, but that doesn’t forgive your Knievel-like driving! You were driving in the middle of the lane, Cordelia!”

Letting his nostrils flare slightly, he was surprised to sense no fear coming off of her. Interesting. If Willow had been here or even that twerp Harris, they would have been oozing panic from every pore. But not her. Not Cordelia Chase. This might prove to be a very interesting night, he reasoned, all sorts of delicious ideas surfacing.

The girl was stunning. More so than the Slayer, because she was classically beautiful. Angelus had always admired a face and body of Cordelia’s nature. A countenance and physique that could blend with any age, historical or present. It was the soul that fell for sappy, innocent looks. Though, not so innocent anymore. I’ve gotta send her more flowers, Angelus made a mental note, as he surveyed Cordelia’s outfit.

“But on the bright side, Cordelia,” Angelus leered over her curvaceous form, “I’ve gotta say I’m just ecstatic to have seen you in such tight leather. Maybe crashing into you wasn’t such bad luck after all.”

Finally, it was there! Just a small, delicate fraction, but it was there. Fear. Laced with… anticipation? “Ah, Cordy,” he hummed, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

She highly doubted it as she watched his irises go from black to gold. That was a first for her. She’d seen him go grr and his entire eyes turn yellow, but not just the irises. But then again it could be an affect from those damned spots! They were actually starting to hurt.

“Um, Angel, how about we discuss this tomorrow? It’ll give me time to come up with a good excuse as to why I took out my dad’s car. He’s in Bermuda until April, but the car might tell him.”

Angelus frowned at her. The girl wasn’t making any sense. “Cordelia? Did you hit your head at all when we crashed into each other?” Why was he asking and why did he care?

“Yeah!” Cordelia snapped her fingers, her face lighting up. “The steering wheel hit me! He’s gonna have to talk to the dealership ‘bout that one!” Narrowing her hazel eyes, she could see that Angelus was getting closer to her.

This was the bastard who had killed Ms. Calendar and ruined her cream jacket in the graveyard when Buffy had been looking gross! Giving a small, feminine growl Cordelia viciously kicked Angelus in the groin.

“That’s for my jacket!” Giving a small whoop, she cornered around him, diving into the thicket next to the road. She could hear him cursing and growling about what he would do to her once he caught her. Cordelia didn’t care!

Her jacket and Ms. Calendar had been avenged. Who said having a pair of black, steel toed boots wasn’t handy? Some fashion magazine had said it, but she couldn’t remember now.

Cordelia sprinted through the woods, not sure of which way she was going. She was reasonably sure that Buffy’s psycho boyfriend was behind her, but couldn’t remember why. Maybe he was going to kill the spots!

Coming to a near careening halt, Cordelia turned around on wavering feet as she waited for Angel to catch up to. “Stupid, Cordy,” she chastised herself. “Angel kills spots!” They were starting to get bigger.

Barreling through the woods like a demon gone mad, which was more a truth than anything, Angelus skidded to a halt as he found Cordelia standing in front of him. She had a wide grin on her cute, precious face. “I’m so going to kill you.”

Rolling her eyes in gratitude, she let out a relived sigh, “Thank God. And kill these damn spots while you’re at it, Angel. They’re almost too big now.” A small moan escaped her plump cherry lips before her legs gave way. Angelus barely caught her as she slumped into unconsciousness. Scooping her effortlessly into his arms, he finally noticed the bruise on the right side of her temple. It was faint, but there.

Angelus couldn’t believe his luck. His beautiful car had internal injuries. He’d just been kicked in the balls and temporarily outsmarted by a cheerleader! A rather lovely cheerleader, Angelus mused, still gazing intently at serene face.

He had in his arms one of Buffy’s friends. Not a close friend, but one of those nonetheless. And she was the girlfriend of that squeaky boy.

Angelus brought is face down, to gently nuzzle Cordelia’s cheek. She was exquisite, and all his now. “No, my sleeping beauty,” Angel whispered gently, pulling her tighter to his chest. “You’re all Angelus’ now.”


Taking another swig of whiskey, Spike slightly asked the flames flickering before him how he was going to defeat Angelus. Sitting in his wheelchair and thinking had been his business of late.

Angelus was getting more and more reckless. It was only a matter of time before that cute button of a Slayer catapulted herself into the mansion, wrecking havoc on all of them.

The master vampire had brutally killed Jenny Calendar, a friend and teacher of the Slayer. Granted, Spike was not at all against brutality and killing, but Slayer friends?! Big no. The Watcher and his little girl had burned down his factory, forcing him and his beloved Dru to take refuge with Angelus.

“I hate him,” Spike whispered to the fireplace.

“You talking ‘bout me, Spikeless?”

Pivoting his head toward the open garden doors, there stood his grandsire with a hot-blooded package in his capable arms. Spike could tell by the steady beats that the girl was alive, but for how long, he had no idea. Narrowing his electric blue eyes, Spike concentrated on her face.

A beautiful face he had seen before. “Angel, is that-”

“Yup!” Giving a large goofy grin, Angelus sauntered over to his plush red chaise, gently laying the sleeping girl down. Letting his grin soften, Angelus brushed a strand of mahogany away from her cheek. “She just, crashed into me, Spike. I had to take her home.”

Spike could only imagine the look on his own face as he surveyed the careful administrations his grandsire was bestowing on girl. Letting his whiskey bottle slip absently from his fingers, it’s amber fluid slowly seeping into the rug, Spike wheeled himself closer. He couldn’t believe it. Wouldn’t believe it!

“The cheerleader?!” Spike felt he would die of shock if could. “You reckless, miserable idiot! Not only do you leave dead bed-gifts of the Slayer’s pals, you have the audacity to bring one here?! Into our very home?”

Angelus still had not taken his intense gaze off his prize. “She’s mine now, Spike. She will be in every way.”

Sputtering in astonishment, Spike was about to let him truly have it when Drusilla swayed into the room. Her pale face was abashed with curiosity as she had just seen what her Daddy had brought home. “Hello, Angel. What have you found?”

“A prize, Dru. And she’s mine alone.” Finally breaking his eyes away from Cordelia, Angelus met the eyes of both his childer, bringing that affirmation of fact home. Spike’s terse expression visibly relaxed under the silent command and Drusilla’s eyes finally showed a rare sign of sanity as she recognized the power of a master.

Giving a small chuckle, Angelus kneeled down, taking Cordelia into his arms again. He liked holding her. Having her in his arms, so close to him, made him feel complete.

Heading to the staircase, intend on placing his woman exactly where she belonged, her turned around to his childer again. “Spike, find Arden and tell him to come by my room immediately. He used to be a doctor when he was alive and I want him to check on her.” Not waiting for a reply, he continued his ascent.

“Guess he wants to make sure he didn’t break his new toy before he could properly play with her, Dru,” Spike wheeled closer to his darling, still not breaking his eyes away from where Angelus had last stood.

Drusilla’s haunting face still had that look of absolute clarity, “Oh yes, Spike, and play with her he will.”


Arden had just come and left, giving his master a reassuring bill of health. His Cordelia had a mild concussion and would be back to normal in a day or two. The young beauty was to have plenty of rest with lots of fluids.

Angelus had one or two fluids he would love to give her. Trying to control his carnal urges, he dutifully placed himself in the plush chair beside his bed. He was perfectly content on just basking her in serene expression of sleep for all eternity. Angelus knew he should be alarmed at this kind of behavior, but he didn’t give a damn. His demon was nearly sated and was purring contently in his chest.

Drusilla had come in just before Arden, bearing the young teenager a gift of one of her most luxurious, satin nightgowns. Angelus had been pleased by the gesture his childe made to Cordelia, allowing her to remove the girl’s street clothes and clad her in the black lingerie. Drusilla knew her sire approved of the color and sinful style.

Just as she had been about to take her leave, Drusilla swayed over to her master, giving him respectful kiss on his forehead. Her red lips glistening, the vampiress provided him one hint of warning, “Just be careful you don’t crash too hard, Angel. You just may burn for it.”

Those words, like all of Drusilla’s psychic warnings, seared his thoughts. He was immersed into trying to divulge what she meant, he missed the first stirring of Cordelia trying to will herself awake. Hearing a slight whimper escape her lips, he was by her side in an instance.

“Cordelia, can you hear me?”

“Yeah,” Angelus winced at hearing her voice so hoarse. “Why are you talking so loud, Angel? You sound like a freight train.” Cordelia tried to open her eyes, but found it to be too difficult. Her lids felt like they weighed a ton.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, dropping his voice low as to not cause her anymore pain. “How do you feel?” Taking her delicate hand in his, he was moderately shocked at how cold her fingers were. For the first time in decades, Angelus wished that his hands would be warm for once.

“Thick.” Cordelia chuckled. “Are we at the library yet?”

She didn’t remember the crash, Angelus mused, smiling. And it seemed that she thought he was the old Angel. Minds were such a mystery when faced with trauma or shock. “Not yet, but we might be going there soon, Cordelia.”

“Okay,” Her voice lulled a bit, making it clear to Angelus that she was about to fall back into the clutches of sleep. “Buffy will be so proud that her boyfriend saved me from those evil spots.” With that her head drifted softly to the side .

Angelus felt an evil smile break across his face, as he fanned Cordelia’s lustrous locks over the red silk pillow cradling her head. Pulling the sheet tighter over her curvaceous frame, Angelus stood from his kneeling position beside the bed.

“Oh yes, Buffy’s going to be so very proud.” Evil smile still in place, Angelus retreated from his bedroom, intent on satisfying his growing hunger for blood on another.

Closing the doors gently behind him, Angelus headed downstairs to see if Dru wanted to go get a bite to eat.

Cordelia Chase, who lay in deep slumber in the bed of the most vicious vampire to exist, was for now, blissfully unaware of the dark pleasures that awaited her when she would finally awaken. She would be at the mercy of his obsessions.



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