When Irish Eyes are Smiling. 4-5

Chapter Four

“What the hell,” Cordelia said out loud as she gazed around the darkened hallway. Her hands felt at her clothes. Yes, she was wearing her clothes, she thought has her hands touched the leather of her pants. What had just happened?

She looked around for any sign of the leprechaun. Nothing.

Good lord, she thought, had it all been a weird, really real dream, really real she repeated to herself, as she felt the wetness and ache between her thighs. She blinked wide eyed, had she been standing in this hallway daydreaming about making love to Angel or rather Liam? That was a new one, she thought, she had had plenty of dreams of Angel and even a few of Angelus she was embarrassed to admit, but never Liam.

She shook her head; she had to get back to the table.

“Hey, Angel man, what’s up? You have been sitting there staring in the air for the last many minutes.” Gunn asked the vampire.

“Uh,” the vampire said. Angel shook his head; he had just had an extraordinary memory of Liam’s. But it couldn’t have been a memory, he thought perplexed. Angel would have definitely remembered if he had made love to Cordelia as Liam. And anyway that was impossible. Cordelia wasn’t even near ready to be born when he was Liam.

But, the memory had been so vivid. And the young woman that Liam had been making love to had been Cordelia. She had been the one, that his mortal self had vowed would be his forever and it was definitely Cordelia that had said that she loved Angel and Liam, that she loved all of him. That didn’t make any sense, but Angel couldn’t shake the memory. Nor could his body or soul shake its contentment at the thought.

“Don’t fret me lad, it was all real,” the leprechaun said from the side of the table. “The bonny wee lass wished it so, so it was so. I do take it me boy, that Liam did find joy on the Saint’s big day?”

“Hey, who are you,” interrupted Gunn.

“It’s Cordelia’s leprechaun,” exclaimed a wide-eyed Wesley.

“Shh, you disbelievers,” the grizzly little man in green ordered.

“I am not Liam. Why did you call me that?” questioned Angel.

“Aye, but Angel is such not a strong Irish name.” The little green man shrugged.

“Cordelia wished that Liam would have a joy?” Angel questioned again. His mind trying to make sense of what the little man was saying.

“Well, no, she wished for Angel to have joy. I’m afraid that I may have added Liam to the mix- can’t leave the Irish lad out, now can we, eh, not on this grand day. Anyway the poor young lad needed some joy in his life. And now that he has had it, don’t you think your bit of demon is more at rest, ready and willing to allow you some joy, eh?’ The leprechaun nodded.

Angel glanced in amazement at the little man. His demon was at rest and his soul felt complete. Somehow, it was all true. Liam had made love to Cordelia and their vows to each other so long ago had enabled Angel’s soul to become permanent. Angel tensed and looked up, sensing his seer’s gaze.

His eyes met Cordelia’s eyes. She was his and she would be is forever. Angel moved from the table as he saw her eyes widen in shock and she suddenly took off into the hallway where the restrooms were located.

“Aye, the lad still has plenty of the Irish heart and soul in him. No, evil demon can take that away,” the leprechaun claimed with glee as Angel rushed after Cordelia. “So, ye disbelievers what be your wishes on this fine grand day? The only day in which all of the blessed are Irish.” he quizzed the stunned remaining occupants of the table.

Chapter Five-

Cordelia leaned up against the sink, splashing water over her red face. She wasn’t at all sure what had happened, but it did happen.

It hadn’t been a daydream; she realized that as soon as she saw Angel and the leprechaun. Somehow or another she had made love to Angel’s mortal self. And it had been…..Oh god, she thought splashing more cold water on her face. How was she ever going to look Angel in the eye again? Maybe, he wasn’t aware of what happened.

After all, maybe her wish just affected her and no one else. But that wasn’t her wish, she cried silently. Her wish had been for Angel to have fun and find joy today, not his old long gone former self. “I will never wish again,” she repeated over and over again out loud.

“That would be a shame,” Angel growled lowly coming up behind his anxious seer.

Cordelia jerked up and looked in the mirror, she saw nothing but her own reflection as she felt Angel’s cool hands push the hair away from her neck and begin to tenderly touch her skin, kneading and stroking at her flesh.

“I liked your wish,” he whispered nuzzling against the delicate skin of Cordelia’s neck, his hands sliding down to her sides, pushing up the material of her shirt. He hands greedily spread out under the piece of clothing, moving in wide circles along her skin, trying to feel as much of Cordelia’s smoothness as possible.

“Angel?’ Cordelia squeaked as her body fell back into his touch.

“It was real, Cordelia. Liam promised that you would be his forever and you vowed that you loved me and him and that you would be with us forever. And now, I am promising you that I love you and will be with you forever,” he whispered kissing her neck.

“Oh,” Cordelia said softly turning her body towards the vampire. Cordelia gazed with wonderment and joy into his deep brown eyes. Angel smiled as he saw her bite at her beautiful lips. He brought up a finger to trace the line of her lips.

“ Such a beautiful, delicious mouth that at times can be so annoying.” His own smile became beautiful as he chuckled at the beginning of one of Cordelia’s patented pouts. “So, delicious,” he said again leaning forward to stop the formation of her displeased expression.

Cordelia pressed in closer, her hands clutching at the vampire’s broad shoulders. She moaned in intense pleasure as she and Angel explored one another’s taste. It was the same as before, but better, she thought in amazement. This was so much better because it was truly Angel, the vampire, and the man that she loved with all of her heart and soul.

Angel growled as he felt the warmth and love of Cordelia’s touch under his shirt. He pulled her closer lifting her on to the sink bringing her long legs around his waist. Angel’s hands found their way back under her shirt, this time moving up to the lace of her bra. Angel relished the feel of her skin under his fingertips.

This was so much better than Liam’s memory. His sensitive vampire’s sense ignited over everything about this young woman. Angel could smell her aroused scent, everyone of her gentle gasps and moans vibrated in his ears, his finger were tingling with sparks of heat every time he touched her sweet flesh. All of his senses were alive and dancing in desire for this woman.

They were both so lost in the rediscovery and discovery of each other that they failed to notice the restroom door being banged open.

“Whoops, excuse us,” the women giggled as they saw the couple’s intimate embrace. Angel growled at the disturbance. Cordelia immediately pulled Angel’s flickering game face to her shoulder, hiding it and her flaming red one with her hair.

Angel got control of himself immediately as he sensed his seer’s embarrassment. He quickly adjusted their clothes and lifted Cordelia from the sink. He smiled tenderly at the young woman’s flushed face. “I think it is time we go home,” he whispered. Cordelia shyly nodded.

“Ladies, it’s all yours. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day,” the vampire beamed at the giggling drunken woman as he escorted Cordelia out of the bathroom.

“Yikes, that was embarrassing,” Cordelia stammered still pink in the face.

“That was wonderful.” Angel pulled the young girl to him. “I love you, Cordelia Chase. And thank you for your wish and the best St. Patrick’s Day ever.” Angel’s eyes were overflowing with love and joy.

“I….I ..Your welcome…and I love you, too.” She stammered trying to resist feeling self-conscious about what she had been more than willing to do with the vampire in a public place.

Angel smiled knowingly. “Let’s go home, we can finish what was started centuries ago, alone, without interruptions, in bed.”

Cordelia bit her lip and giggled. “Okay. Um, what about Wesley and Gunn?”

Angel shrugged smiling. “I left them with your leprechaun. I’d just as soon be as far as possible away from whatever those inebriated friends of ours wish up.”

Cordelia giggled louder. “You’re right, let’s go to bed.” She smiled happily. Wow, she thought, a wish that not only worked, but really, spectacularly, amazingly, awesomely worked.

God, she loved Saint Patrick’s day.



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