Vamp SmackDown. 41-45

Chapter 41

Spike slid next to Gunn, jumping up on the counter. “So, how long you and the babbling brook over there been shagging” He nodded towards Fred.

The pretty brunette was hovering around Connor in the basinet, making cooing noises as Cordelia placed a bottle up to the baby’s mouth.

Gunn glanced up jumping off the counter. “We ain’t…it’s none of your business. Shut up, dawg.”

“Whoa, pardon mois, so that big stick you carry is just for show. Use it or lose it, that’s what I say.” Spike winked.

“I can stake you, you know.”

“I was talking about your other stick, but if that’s the only one you know how to use.” Spike dramatically winced. “I feel for the chit. Nice, growl.” Spike laughed as the black man stomped off.


The blonde vampire’s head shot up at Cordelia’s call. Damn, there was that tone again. “What.”

“Leave Gunn alone and come here.”

Spike grumbled but dropped gracefully from the counter.

“Hold Connor.”

“No.” Spike back peddled his previous path. “Why?”

“Because, your family and he needs to get used to you.”

“Again, why?” Spike wished she would stop with the family crap and the high and mighty tone.

“Because I said so.”

Spike forced his feet to remain in place. He was not at her beck and call – and he didn’t want to touch the little squirt.

“Spike, he won’t bite.”

“That’s his first problem.” Spike rolled his eyes. “I ain’t holding him.”

“And they call Connor a baby.” Rolling her eyes back at the vampire.

Spike’s grumble turned to a sigh of relief. Finally, Peaches was back, let him deal with her. Poor sod. The blonde vampire went to the basement door, opening it. Spike restrained from yelling for the other vampire to hurry his ass up the stairs.

“Spike?” Cordelia looked questioningly and then turned to Fred. “Here, take Connor, please.” Hurrying to follow Spike.

Wesley pushed aside his books and got up. Good, with Angel back, they may be able to find out where exactly he and Cordelia were when the spell hit.

Cordelia hadn’t been very helpful. Wesley had managed to triangulate an area but it was over a twenty-mile span. He needed more specifics.

Spike looked, smelled and pushed the other vampire back down the stairs, slamming the door behind both vampires. “You smell like death and look like shit.”

Angel growled and moved forward.

“You want her to see you like that?”

Angel paused and looked down at his tattered and bloody shirt. “She’s seen worse.”

“But the reason?” Spike cocked a brow.

“She doesn’t know that and won’t.” Angel growled. Spike blinked and stepped back. Spike really hoped that the chit wasn’t a tattletale.

Angel moved towards the door, as it swung open. “Spike, what the hell are you thinking.” Cordelia stopped. “Angel.” She hugged him tightly. “Eww.” She leaned back. “How much of this is yours.” Her hands ignoring the multi color splotches of blood, concentrating on the red.

She glanced at the vampire, scrutinizing every inch of his body. “Go upstairs, see Connor later.” She pushed. “I knew you should have worn your coat. Hmmph.”

Angel couldn’t help but smile a little. Angel shot a gruff ‘no’ over his shoulder at Wesley’s questions if he found anything of use as he headed up the stairs.

“You are a stupid chit.” Spike shot.

“No, you are the stupid one. What were you thinking? Anyway, he should’ve worn his coat. Leather while being sexy and ‘oh’ so cool offers protection. He should’ve been wearing it, if he was going to go off on some macho vamp ‘instinctive’ interrogation spree. He’s just lucky he’s not really hurt or he’d be dead.”

Spike stumbled back at her glare and Hmmph as she stormed after Angel. Damn, she had listened to him and more amazing she had understood. Spike wandered back into the lobby, his eyes going from Connor to the young woman.

Cordelia’s tattoo dancing as her hips swayed with every stomp up the steps. Spike was back to his original thought that he yelled to Angel when he first arrived in LA. His grandsire was a fuckin lucky bastard.

Lorne, who had been watching the interesting displays of the major player’s auras from sidelines, moved beside the blonde vampire. “Lollypop, like I said take what is offered and what you want can’t be far behind.”

Spike growled. He needed a cigarette. “William.” Fred called. Spike didn’t bother to growl at the young woman. “Yes, pet.”

“You sure you don’t want to hold him.”

“Fred, I don’t think…”

“Shh, Charles, Cordy said it was all right, besides he’s family. I worked out the diagram. It’s in the files.” Fred stated as if that made it fact.

“Gunn, Fred’s right. Cordy said it was okay and you didn’t hear Angel disagreeing.” Wesley mumbled shoving at his glasses never looking up from the pages he was reading.

“Yeah, like he could. Geez whipped dawg, well, okay, but if blonde vamp even….oh shit, do we ever get to kill vampires anymore?” Gunn whined flopping back against the counter.

“Charles, only the other night, you killed a bunch.”

“True.” Gunn said grabbing for his computer game.

Spike looked at the group remaining in the lobby. Fred, the cute crazy young woman was smiling at him, holding the squirt out. Jr. Giles…Wesley, he corrected, had after a frustrated sigh sat back down to his books. Wesley had barely said a word to Spike, since his original threats.

But, Spike wasn’t offended; Wesley had pretty much ignored everybody since he embarked on his research tasks. Only coming up for air when he needed a question answered or Fred to fire up her computer. Gunn sat on the counter, now intent on his computer game. The young black man had glowered and growled at Spike since he first arrived, not to mention threatened. Spike was used to that, moron boy did it all the time, but unlike Xander, Spike had moments of connection with the young black man.

Granted, all to the disgust of Gunn, but still they existed. Gunn’s threats didn’t bother him; Spike understood that they were reflexive to Gunn’s nature. He hated vampires. But as long as the others accepted Spike, the young black man would remain all talk and truthfully the threats had stopped for the most part, leaving a reluctant acceptance, angry only when Gunn remembered to be hostile.

The green demon, well Spike wouldn’t begin to decipher the flaming demon. Spike glance up the stairs, finally truly understanding. Spike was accepted by these strange people, not because Angel decreed it so, but because the young woman that followed him said it was so.

Spike smiled. He had told the chit wrong. Angel couldn’t mark her, she already owned him. A flash of pain passed momentarily as a vision of how Spike could be with the Scoobies if Buffy loved him. He could acknowledge that she owned him.

But it was only her love that would give him a family in Sunnydale and that he didn’t have.


Buffy stood dazed outside of Willie’s. Spike had gone to a party- in LA? What kind of party? LA? Buffy blinked.

Angel was in LA. Was there a connection? No they hated each other. Spike wouldn’t go running to tell Angel about their relationship. Buffy paused and scrunched up her face.

“Hey, slayer.”

She glared at the vampire moving towards her. “Go away, can’t you see I’m in the middle of something.”

The vampire looked around at the empty alley. “Uh, no.”

“Stupid.” Buffy moved to walk away.

“Aren’t you going to try to kill me?”

“I don’t know are you going to be a dumb ass and try to kill me? I’m not in a good mood, you know. Oh, hell. I’ll just kill you.” Buffy pulled a stake out of her pocket in a flash, twirling it expertly for a killing strike.

“Whoa, hey, I was just joking about the killing bit. I’m going to Willie’s- sanctuary you know.”

“I’m a slayer, you’re a vampire, sanctuary isn’t a concept that I know.”

The vampire rolled his eyes. “Great, lovely. Look I’ll just go on my way. Really, I just wanted a drink and hear the gossip. It’s not every day one of ours gets to hang with Dracula.”

Buffy stopped her twirl, the stake resting directly on the vampire’s heart. “Dracula?”

“Yeah, Spike got an invitation. He’s gone to the birthday bash. Which kind of boggles the mind with Spike being not a hundred percent if you know what I mean.”

“Spike and Dracula?”

“Hey, that’s what I heard that’s why I’m going back to hear more.” The vampire pointed to the back entrance of Willies. “I’ve already fed, I don’t want to tangle with you. Gossip.” He nodded back to the door.

“Oh, I should let you live? You just admitted to killing a person.”

“I’m a vampire, what do you expect. Damn. And you the slayer, sleeping with that soul freak must have thrown you. Hey, a word on the street is you’re screwing Spike now. Is that true? What kind of slayer are you, anyway? Would you sleep with me?”

Buffy didn’t even blink. She just stabbed. She shrugged off the dust and went back into Willie’s kicking the door in.

“Where exactly is this party?” Pulling Willie across the bar.

“Babe, you’re late, it was two, three days ago.”

Buffy shoved Willie flying against the wall.

“How is it that some newbie knows about …knows…How…?”

“We’ve moved on from the party, haven’t we?” Willie got up rubbing his head. “If you’re trying to ask how does everyone know that you have a thing for killing and/or sleeping with vampires check the bathroom wall.”


“Hey, it there in carved wood.” Willie shrugged.

Buffy stood and stared. She wanted to kill, throw up and cry all at the same time. She read it again through the gashes in the wood that had been obviously put later in an attempt to obliterate the words.

Buffy and Angel sitting in a tree
First came the love and then the fuckin’
Now comes Angelus and some serious funin’
As death greets scoobs one by onein’

Buffy went back to Willie. “Who did that?’

“Who do you think?”

“But, Angel, came back and crossed it out?”

“The ensouled one barely set a foot in here after hell spit him back, Spike did that.”

Buffy slammed the door. She was going to LA.

Chapter 42

Lorne leaned over again. “You haven’t been listening to me.”

Spike looked at the demon than back at the others. Gunn and Wesley ignoring him, but not rejecting him. He stepped towards the young woman. “I don’t know how.”

Fred flashed a big smile. “It’s easy, here let me show you.”

“The neck, the neck.” Gunn said never looking up. “Got hold the head up.”

“Yes, but be careful, the little chap likes to spit.” Wesley turned the pages of his books.

Spike held Connor. His hands were hesitant as he tried to remember not to use too much pressure. His eyes shot to his brow thrusting the child back to Fred as the baby let out a wail.

“Oh dear.”

“What’s going on?” Cordelia yelled running back down the stairs, pushing back her damp hair. “Why is Connor crying?” Cordelia paused on the staircase taking in the scene.

“Spike, show him the vamp face, he likes it. Hurry, otherwise, Angel will come flying down here like a bat out of hell.”

“What’s wrong with Connor?” Angel rushed down with a towel clutched to his waist.

“Nothing.” Cordelia held her hand against the vampire’s chest. “He’s just getting use to Spike.”

Angel considered, and then nodded. “Sing to him, he likes Irish lullabies or the standard.” Angel winced as Connor cried out again. “Cordy?” Angel moved closer to his son.

“Angel.” She said softly.

“The standard?” Spike held the child out. “Peaches?”

“The vamp face,” The room cried out.

Wide eyed, Spike transformed. Connor stopped, his cries small gasps.

“Now, talk to him you dolt.” Cordelia rolled her eyes.

“About what?”

“Who cares, just keep it clean.” Cordelia tugged at Angel. “It’s okay.” She whispered. Angel looked once more at his son in the arms of Spike, who was now introducing himself to the child in game face. “But, I wanted to….”

“Later, let them spend time together, when we’re done, we’ll put him to bed and you can vamp and baby talk all you want.”

“When we’re done?”

“Did you think we were?”

Angel tightened the towel around his waist and looked at the smiling hazel eyes. “Uh, Spike keep it clean, no cussing or smoking.” Angel pulled at Cordelia’s hand. “What we’re we doing?”

“I’m going to have to start from the beginning, aren’t I?”

“I think that would be best.” Angel tugged the young woman back up the stairs.


The slight smile on Angel’s face had left as Wesley’s questions cascaded around him. The balance that he had violently obtained wavered as he strode up the stairs.

Angel had learned nothing of value. But his rage had been appeased momentarily. The reluctance of the informants gave him an excuse and with that violent satisfaction. Ignoring for the time that it was more ignorance than reluctance. He had reached a fragile balance as he left the last demon alive. But Spike almost ruined it. He smelled of her.

It hadn’t mattered that Angel’s mind knew that the scent was fleeting, not damning. It still caused his instincts to flare. Angel could’ve killed him, if she hadn’t shown up. Her scent first appeared, her true scent, not one mingled with another’s. Angel had almost smiled. There was another. His son. Again, Cordelia and Connor’s scents were intertwined. His very own evidence that miracles existed.

Cordelia’s tone, both chiding and lecturing, the love apparent with every word did make him smile. Angel went obediently up the stairs. The balance no longer needed, until Wesley spoke. His voice so full of questions, reason and reality, proving that Angel’s self-indulgent rampage hadn’t done anything to change the danger or situation. Angel’s body tensed as he continued on his path.

Cordelia leaned against the bedroom door, staring at the closed bathroom one. She thought for the moment about the best course of action. She had to be careful. Cordelia believed Spike. Angel was walking a tightrope and she didn’t want him to fall or be pushed, especially by her, in any one direction.

When it was time, she would lead him the best she knew how, but now, her gut told her to keep him up there safe and balanced. She shrugged. The best way she knew to keep the vampire balanced was to keep him unbalanced. He was broody and angry, so she wouldn’t be. Cordelia strode into the bathroom.

“What are you doing?”

“I was…”

“Going to just jump in the shower. Come one, let me look at you first. Damage control. That’s me. You’d just rinse off and get into bed without even a by your leave at cuts or bruises. Come on.” She pulled the vampire out of the bathroom pushing him on the bed.

Cordelia smiled looking forward the vampire trailing behind her. Two out of three, she just hoped at the next fork in the road, she would choose correctly. Angel was letting her lead, trusting where she would go. “Shirt off…or do you need help.” She fiddled with the tears in the material and the colored stains. “Most of this looks like a rainbow demon blood, but not your particlar brand of borrowed blood. I’m right, right? How much of this is yours. Damn’t Angel, if you’re really hurt.” Cordelia pushed away his hands, efficiently unbuttoning the shirt, displaying a defined chest covered with lacerations. “What? Nevermind, they don’t look deep.” Cordelia smacked Angel on the head. “Coat.” Cordelia looked down at Angel’s pants. She nodded, no red splotches or stains.

“Okay, you can go, but clothes go in the incinerator pile.” She pushed.

“Where are you going?”

“Nowhere, stupid, just going to get the Florence Nightgale stuff ready when you’re clean.”

Angel got up and moved to the bathroom. He had to admit he was in a daze. All of his rage kind of plummeted when Cordelia took over, he would go with it. It seemed to be less complicated. It was still there in the background, but it was contained for now, as long as she was there. Angel smiled again; he could hear Cordelia humming softly, the pleasant sound barely masking her heartbeat. She wasn’t leaving him that was all that mattered.

“Let me see.” Cordelia opened the shower curtain. “How have you lived so long? Hmmph. Give me that.” She grabbed at the washcloth. “Even vampires need to be wary of infection.” Leaning in, half her body still safe from the spray of water.

“Um, I never got infected before.”

“So? That means what, exactly?” Cordelia squeezed soap on to the cloth and gently cleaned every cut.

“Um, Cordy?”

“Hmm.” Cordy not looking up, busy with her ministrations.

“Um, you’ve dropped the washcloth.”

Cordelia looked down at the material balled on the porcelain. “Yeah, it looks like it doesn’t. Your point?”

“Um, no point.” Angel tried to find a place for his hands. He was losing balance quickly. “Um, Cordy.”

Cordelia looked up impatiently. “What?”

“I’m not injured there.”

“Yet, but if you don’t shut up, who knows.” She smiled and went back to her task.

Angel looked down at the dark head that move forward once again. He tensed as he felt the lips encase his penis returning to their original pattern. His hands finally finding purchase entangled in the dark strands of hair. It wasn’t helping, his knees were beginning to buckle and he couldn’t get a steady stance.

“Cordy?” he moaned, not wanting to interrupt but knowing that if he didn’t he would he would crush her when he fell.

“Geez, fine. I’ll stop.” Cordelia jumped up.

“No. No. Just its slippery….the tub…carpet maybe, bed better, bed, bed, yes.” Angel tried to regain the moment.

Cordelia glared, then scrunched up her face. “Finish your shower.” She pushed the vampire back into the pelting water.

“Cordy?’ Angel stumbled to get out of the shower. Shit. He looked down at his raised and very hard, suddenly neglected penis.

Shit. Angel grabbed at the towel, moving quickly after Cordelia. He was the one with super vampire hearing and she was the one that heard Connor cry out first.

Chapter 43

Angel paused on the top step.

“Do you or don’t you trust Spike?” Cordelia cocked her head.

Angel considered. He had asked the other vampire to stay and protect both Cordelia and Connor. He looked at Cordelia. There was no doubt in her eyes. “You trust him?”

Cordelia shrugged. “He’s been okay, but one cigarette and he’s out. Come on, he’s Spike, that means he’s annoying but he has helped us.”

“I thought I was suppose to be convincing you.”

Cordelia grabbed Angel’s hand. “He’s alright.”

Angel smiled. “From the beginning?”

Cordelia looked at the towel wrapped around the vampire’s waist. “I’m thinking I don’t have to waste the time, what do you think?”

“I’m not.” Angel scooped the young woman up in his arms rushing her to the bedroom.


“See, Connor loves your vamp face the best.” Cordelia murmured into Angel’s chest.

Angel dragged Cordelia’s compliant body further over his. “I’ve a new song for him do you want to hear it.”

Cordelia snuggled in closer, groaning. “I’ll wait for that particular ‘pleasure’”

Angel laughed hugging her closer.


Spike was the last one up. He wandered through the first floor, stopping at Fred’s bedroom. Spike opened the door quietly. He didn’t cross the threshold, the young woman’s earlier warning making him smile as he glanced at her sleeping form.

Gunn was an idiot, if he wasn’t in bed with the chit. Crazy, she may be, but cute as a button, she definitely was. But that wasn’t why Spike stopped. He glanced at the small child in the crib. The squirt laughed at his vamp face. Fred assured him that it was a laugh, not gas or anything like that.

For the first time since Spike got the chip, he felt something other than embarrassment, disgust or helplessness at being laughed at. The kid was okay in his book.

Chapter 44

“I’ll admit I was disappointed initially at the last attempt.” Dracula paced.

“Truly unfortunate, Master.”

“Mortimor, its not over. Disappointed is not defeated. Never am I defeated. The young woman felt the effects. She was coming. But, Angelus’ influence must be more substantial than I’ve come to believe. How he managed to have such a strong hold on the young woman, I will never know. But have no fear, Mortimor I will overcome. Hand me more of the powder. The spell will be done correctly tonight. And then, well, then she will be mine.”

Mortimor bowed. Fearing the worse. He had tried to keep his unspoken thought hidden, banishing it forever. Gratefully, it seemed to have worked in regards to his master. Dracula still had not considered that the woman was bound to Angelus by anything more than his mark.

A soul and an unexplained bond, love. Mortimor couldn’t completely ignore the possibility. For the first time in over 75 years, Mortimor thought of something other than his own wish to die. He wished death on the poor woman before Dracula discovered the truth. Mortimor bowed again handing the vampire the potion.

He couldn’t betray Dracula or fight him, but he would attempt to do whatever was left in his broken being to make sure that this Cordelia Chase died before she was destroyed.


Cordelia woke up with her hand on the doorknob. She stared. Cordelia saw her hand twist the object, opening the door. She looked and saw her feet move across the threshold. Cordelia didn’t understand.

She recognized the feelings flowing through her body, lust and desire. She looked back at the bed she must have just left. Angel, so beautiful, so desirable, but Cordelia didn’t want him. Who she wanted was outside, calling for her. She took another step and stopped.


A flash of worry, doubt, disbelief bombarded Cordelia. “Why are you sneaking around Connor?”

Spike stared at the dark dilated pools that should’ve been sparking hazel. “Love, why are you naked walking away from your poof lover boy?”

Cordelia staggered, blinking. “Oh, god. Spike, get Angel.”

“Get some clothes, love.”

“I…” She looked down. “Right. Get Wesley and Gunn. I’ll get Angel…and shit…clothes. That bastard won’t see me naked.”

Spike whispered a wish for that to be true as he ran banging on the nearest door.


Angel wasn’t sure what woke him first, the warm weight that was no longer draped over his body or the burst of rage at the scent that overwhelmed him. He shot out of bed, rushing towards the scent, only stopping as he heard a small whispered plea.

“Angel, don’t.” Cordelia staggered swaying to keep her feet still from either running away or running towards the glowing demon eyes of Angel. “I thought you could end it, but you can’t. It’s okay, I used you to hide from the spell, but I can’t hide from it. I have to go and you have to follow. Then it will truly be ended. Just…Angel…I can’t move, just please…I can’t go naked, help me….love me…please.”

The sudden flash of reality that had cut through Cordelia’s stupor in the form of worry for Connor was disappearing rapidly. Now, there was just an aching need to leave the hotel and a conflicting knowledge that Cordelia didn’t want to go, that it was not real.

Angel jammed down his demon as his step faltered. He turned quickly grabbing up Cordelia’s clothes from the floor. “Hold on to me,” He whispered as he lifted her leg, pulling on her jeans.

“I don’t want to go.” Cordelia struggled fighting the urge to bury herself in Angel’s arms.

“I love you,” Angel said softly, putting the final piece of clothing on Cordelia’s body.

Cordelia blinked. “I’ve got to go, he wants me. I…” She pushed at Angel trying to get away from his arms. “I’m his…NO. Angel, help me.”

“Cordelia Chase, you are stronger than any spell, you can control this.” Angel whispered holding her tight, ignoring his demon that demanded to throw her down and make her forget forcibly any spell or want for anything but him.

Cordelia pushed at Angel. Angel maintained his grip until he saw Spike, Wesley and Gunn fanned out in the hallway.

“Go.” Angel growled, saying the hardest words in his life.

Cordelia jerked back in relief, turning for the door. Her arms swung out clutching at the doorframe, stopping her movement. “Don’t lose me.” She whispered, pushing her body through the door.

“Never,” Angel growled. “Wesley, the list of possibilities. Go, to the first. Gunn, go to the next. Spike, you come with me.”

“Angel?” Wesley called.

“Go. Spike and I will follow Cordelia. Call, if you find his lair before she gets there.”

“Man, shouldn’t we…”

“Gunn, we’re wasting time. Go. If there is a chance that you find it before ….”

”Understood,” Wesley nodded. “Angel, take your phone, it goes both ways.”

Angel nodded as Wesley and Gunn ran out.

Spike threw some clothes at Angel. “Not that I care, but the ‘cool’ coat at least, she swears by it.”

Angel flashed golden eyes at the other vampire. Spike just shrugged. “Hurry, the chit is on the move. I guess, I’ll just go without,” nodding to his red shirt.

Angel growled and pointed to his closet, yanking on his pants and shirt.

“Bloody hell, Peaches, how many do you own?” Spike pulled out a black leather coat in the midst of many. “Fetish or what? Right, we’re gone.” He headed out the door, shrugging on a car length black leather coat.

Chapter 45

Cordelia was decidedly in a very weird place. She could see her feet move in steady determination urged on by an unnatural desire.

There was no fear, which was stupid, since it was in the middle of the night and she was wandering around the sewers towards Dracula without any type weapon. A stake would have been smart. And she called Winona Ryder dumb.

The part of her that was watching and thinking was angry, angry that her body was responding to the spell, angry that she couldn’t just stomp her feet and shout fuck no to Dracula and all of his shit. She could do it too. Cordelia knew she could. Wesley had been right. Angel hadn’t been the one that broke through the spell’s influence.

Cordelia had done that. Angel just had helped.

In Angel’s arms, it was easy to get lost in real passion and need, forgetting all that was around her accept the reality he created. She wanted that reality, not the falseness the permeated her body. That falseness just disgusted her.

Angel would welcome her turning and running back to him. Cordelia stumbled against the sewer wall, struggling this time not against the spell, but against her own mind. She had to go through this; she had to find the proper equilibrium. The spell was leading them to Dracula and they had to find him, so the threat could truly be gone.

Cordelia took a deep breath and looked over her shoulder. She couldn’t see or hear Angel in the blackness of the tunnels, but she knew he was there following. Cordelia hoped that Angel would be able to allow this. He had to.

A small smile danced on Cordelia’s lips as she forced her feet to move forward again. Dracula was an arrogant asshole, but soon he was going to be a very surprised and dead arrogant asshole.


Spike remained quiet as he matched stride with Angel. Every once in awhile he flashed vamp, to make sure the cheerleader’s scent was still in the air. Spike looked at his grandsire. He really didn’t need to bother. Angel had morphed into true predator mode as soon as the young woman hit the sewers.

All of Angel’s senses were locked on to one scent and one heart beat. The stillness of the other vampire’s rage was apparent in each fluid step he took. Angel wouldn’t lose her. Spike was impressed and a bit surprised that the vampire hadn’t just ended the plan and grabbed the chit and locked her away.

Angel paused, a growl vibrating from deep in his chest. Spike went back on vamp alert. She was still in the tunnels. The blonde vampire glanced at Angel. The growl began louder as Angel started to run, only to stop and slam his fist in the wall. Spike searched again for what could’ve triggered Angel’s overt show of violence.

“Peaches?” The chit had stopped, but Spike couldn’t sense Dracula or any other danger to the young woman.

Angel ignored Spike, hitting the wall again, until crumbled cement scattered on the ground at his feet. Angel needed to feel the pain, to regain his focus. Cordelia had stopped. Her heartbeat had increased, the pumping signaling an anxiety. Angel needed to go to her, not just follow her. But he couldn’t. If Angel went, he would destroy the plan because he would take Cordelia violently not caring about anything but claiming her and dragging her back to the hotel, locking her safely away. Angel raised his fist again, forcing his mind to take control of his instincts.

The plan was the quickest and best way to find Dracula. Dracula dead would be the only way to truly keep Cordelia safe. Angel paused his fist’s blow. He raised his head to the air. The anxiety was gone, Cordelia was moving again. Angel dropped his hand. It was more than that. He sniffed at the air. The arousal, the lust that had triggered Angel’s rage was diminishing, leaving Cordelia’s true scent.

Angel’s brown eyes turned to Spike. “Cordy’s broken the spell.”

“Uh?” Spike saw the pride in Angel’s gaze.” Spike vamped. “Peaches, she still moving….away.”

Angel nodded, starting to jog in their previous direction. “She’s controlling it, leading us to him. But, she’s not under the influence anymore. God she’s amazing.”

Spike blinked after Angel. The poof gave one those goofy smiles, again. Spike shrugged. He just hoped Angel got that idiotic grin off his face by the time they met up with Dracula.

Dork Angel was not a vampire that could be taken as a serious threat.

Chapter 46

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