The Upper Hand. 19-20

Chapter 19

Angel wasn’t sure what happened but the wonderful, life filled body that was covering him fell into a dead weight over him.

The only thing that kept him from reacting in complete panic and rage was two things. One, was there was a heartbeat still coming from Cordelia’s limp form and the other was the sound of two frantic heartbeats at the doorway.

Two scared heart beats that he knew all too well. Angel moved, gently placing Cordelia on the bed beside him, removing the dart from her perfect backside as he did. Angel shook his head, pulling the sheet over her naked sleeping form.

He turned and looked at Wesley and Gunn huddled in the doorway. “I would suggest that both of you get as far away from the hotel as soon as possible, a few days away might not even be enough, when she wakes she going to be pissed, really pissed.”

“Angel, you’re Angel.”

“Yes, the soul thing has been taken care of.”

“Oh. So, you two were just….Oh… OH.”

“AW, SHIT, she’s going to be SO pissed. “ Gunn turned and pointed to Wesley. “It was him, his idea, all of it. You tell her that. I’m outta of here.”

“Yes, well Angel, good to hear about your soul and finally acknowledging you love Cordelia…um.” Wesley kept backing up.

“Um as the boss of Angel Investigations, I’m giving myself leave…. yes, many days, I’ve earned them. Um, Angel, can maybe you call me when it’s safe to come back. That’s a good chap. Did I say congratulations? Well, Congratulations. Congratulations.” Wesley ran from the room.

Angel looked at the empty doorway and the unconscious beautiful form on the bed. He shook his head. Wesley and Gunn were just lucky that Angel knew that Cordelia would be more dangerous than he ever could be, because the vampire was not very happy right now.

He tucked Cordelia tighter into the covers and got out of the bed. Okay, now what. Angel went down to the kitchen. There was something. He picked up the phone and started ordering food. Then he called Wesley.


“She’s still unconscious.”


“Keep everyone, Fred included away for the next couple of days and maybe just maybe I won’t let Cordy kill you and Gunn.”

“Fair, fair enough. Um, Fred will need some of her stuff.”


“We’ll figure it out. No, that’s sounds like a plan. Very good. Yes.”


Angel sat at Fred’s desk, searching on line.

Contrary to popular belief he knew how to use a computer, he just didn’t like to. Finally Angel found the site he was looking for. He punched in his credit card number and hoped that they were truthful in the day delivery time.

Angel sighed and looked at the clock. It had been three hours; the tranquilizing drug affected a vampire for that long- how much longer for a human?

He went back to the computer and searched another site. He pushed on the pictures. The models were nothing, but the clothes could be good on the right beautiful body. Angel shook his head. And that beautiful body was lying unconscious upstairs. He sighed and punched in more credit card numbers.

It wasn’t so much that Angel thought presents would keep Cordelia from killing Wesley and Gunn, but it couldn’t hurt. He searched some more and stopped, suddenly realizing that he had moved from furnishing, to clothing to jewelry. Angel studied the pictures he clicked on.

He had claimed Cordelia as a vampire, but as a man, had he? He looked some more he hadn’t. His credit card was out again. But this would take longer. It had to be perfect. He searched; he put the credit card away.

He couldn’t do this over the Internet. Angel ran up to the bedroom. Cordelia was still out like a light. He ran back down stairs and called Lorne.

“Hey, souled lug, heard you were back in town.”

“I need a big favor.”

“Um..Ohh. Okay, maybe.”

“I need you to watch Cordelia. Wesley and Gunn shot her with tranquilizers darts, one hopes that they were aiming for me, but whatever she’s out, and when she wakes up she’s going to be really mad. They’re on the run. But the thing is I need to go out just for a minute, can you come over and make sure she doesn’t kill anybody, thanks, owe you one.”

Lorne hung up the phone. He stared. Okay. He would do it.

But someone better fill him in on the whole story, soon.

Chapter 20

“All rightie.” Lorne mumbled as he sat next to he bed. He had been obviously kept out of the loop.

Otherwise, he would know why he was watching a dead to the world naked princess cocooned in Angel’s bed covers.

Ah. Maybe he would get some answers, the beautiful dead log was moving.

Cordelia lifted her glassy eyes and brushed at her tussled hair. “Lorne?”

“Yeah, Princess, How you doing?”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

“I’d really rather you go first, sweetie.”

“Okay, you know that Angelus made an appearance.”

“I heard that.”

“He took me away for awhile.”

“Heard that too, you look pretty okay for that nasty ordeal.”

“Right. Um. Angel’s back.”

“I got that.”

“We talked. We kind of figured out that we loved each other and a loop hole in the whole curse thing.”

“Um, well, the love thing I knew a way back, the loop hole maybe I knew maybe I didn’t, glad you kids figured it out.”

“Right. Um, see we were in the process of figuring out the loophole when I went blank. But it wasn’t in your passion induce blankness; it was more of just blankness. Can you explain that? And where is Angel?”

“Um, Angel said he would be back really soon. And as for the other, I think I know, I shouldn’t tell you, but since you glare so prettily and sometimes looks do kill, I will- It seems Gun and Wesley missed out on the loophole bit and well thought that evil was afoot in the little loveroom and shot without aiming or thinking. You were nailed, honey and not by the vampire.”

“Wesley and Gunn shot me.” Cordelia jumped up on the bed. “Where are they?”

“I believe they’ve gone underground for now.”

“They better run, when I get my hands on them, they are so dead.” She glanced around. “Where’s Angel.”


“Oh, thank god, honeycakes, she’s all yours, she in a mood.” Lorne rushed out leaving Angel at the door.

“Where did you go? You left me shot by those idiots.”

“Now, Cordy, they were trying to shoot me, they didn’t know.”

“Hmmph.” She fell on the bed. “Where did you go?”

“I shopped.”

“You shopped?”

“Yes, if you are hungry, which you should be, I’ve stocked the kitchen and will cook you anything you want. Also, the curtains, a different color, but similar will be delivered soon they said 24 hours. And I got you this.” Holding out a two small boxes.

Cordelia scrunched up her nose and took the two boxes. She opened the first one. She looked at the contents and put it down and opened the other one. She placed it beside the other. She stared at them and then at the vampire. “You know what they mean?’

“Better than you, I imagine. After all it is my history.”

She glared. “Do you mean it?”

“I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t.”

“Angel, this isn’t a claddagh ring. This is the real thing.”

“You do know.”


“You will always surprise me.”

“No, not if you thought about it. I know jewelry, you had to know that, I love you and I’m a girl, practical and full of bad luck in the romance department, but still a girl. I wondered what a true Irish wedding band looked liked so I looked. Angel, do you really mean it?”

“Yes.” Angel picked up the box that held the smaller ring. “ The woven knots mean eternal love and faith. I want you to have this; wear it as a symbol of our love. Just like I will wear this one.” He picked up the other box, housing the bigger, but identical ring.

Cordelia scrunched up her face and grabbed the box out of his hand. “Okay,” She smiled. She took the masculine ring out of its box and grabbed Angel’s hand. “You know once I put this on, you are mine, no turning back no, whoops made a mistake, I won’t let you.”

Angel smiled. “Put it on.”

Cordelia bit her lip and slipped the ring over Angel’s third finger on his left hand. She laughed. “Now what?”

“Now.” He grabbed her left hand and did the same with the other identical ring. “Now, demon or human will know that we belong to each other.”

Cordelia bit her lips, moving them in nervous actions. She scrunched her face, the tears already forming. “I love you.”

Angel smiled and moved towards her. “I love you. Now, I think finally, we can actually make love.”

Cordelia leaned up. “Where are the happy shooters?”

“Running for their lives, they won’t come back until I assure them that you won’t kill them.”

“Oh. “ Cordelia pulled Angel on to her body. “I’ll let you know when that is.” She attacked his lips with a vengeance.

The End


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