The End of the World…Again? 1

Title: The End of the World . . . Again?
Author: Dock
Posted here: 09/05
Rating: R
Content: C/A, F/G, Everything else is a surprise (be afraid . . kidding), crossover
Summary: The Scoobies come to LA to stop the latest apocalypse.
Spoilers: Everything up to S3, including a few spoilers for S4 (nothing major)
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Nothing Fancy and anyone who asks
Notes: I decided to get off my lurking butt and post my very first story. Oh in case you’re wondering Anya is off being a vengence demon somewhere and Dawn is visiting her Dad. I can only handle so many characters at once. Be forewarned, I have taken minor liberties with the past.
Feedback:I’d love some but please be gentle. This is my very first try.

Part 1

Cordelia was sitting on the red couch pretending to read a magazine. Actually she was watching Fred and Gunn cuddle on the couch by Angel’s office. They looked so happy. She couldn’t hold in her sigh. She glanced over at her brooding vampire.

Angel was sharpening his favorite broadsword. She knew he was missing Connor. She couldn’t help but feel guilty. After all, it was because of her disappearance that they fought. Every time she thought about what happened during her absense, she wanted to cry. Angel trapped at the bottom of the ocean, Fred and Gunn desparately searching for them, Connor, her poor confused boy, alone.

Then Angel finally manages to escape his watery tomb only to discover her missing.

She could hardly blame him for thinking Connor was involved, but he was innocent. Angel didn’t believe him and they fought. She was so grateful they didn’t kill each other. So not only did she let her family down again, she made the rift between father and son worse.

Of course when she finally returned, she still managed to hurt Angel a little more. Ascending was easy but descending had side effects. Amnesia is so not fun. If only she could erase the memory of the hurt in his eyes when her clueless self had been afraid of him. How was she going to tell him she is in love with him? Every time she looked at him she was overwhelmed with guilt.

Well atleast it can’t get any worse. *Oh God, please tell me I didn’t just think that! Maybe it won’t count since I didn’t say it aloud.*

“Hey Deadboy! Do you have any vancancies?”

*It counts. Dammit.*

“Xander, what are you doing here? Oh and I see you brought the whole Scooby gang.” Xander’s entrance was followed by Willow, Buffy and Giles.

“Well Cordy I’m glad you asked. The world is ending . . . again. So about those vancancies.”

Cordelia smiled, Giles had been in the Hyperion less than a minute and he was already polishing his glasses.

“Thank you Xander. I was unsure how to break the news. I am so glad you are here.”

“Come on G-Man. I didn’t steal your thunder. I didn’t even mention the prophesy.”

Gunn approached the weapons cabinet, while keeping an eye on the strange group of visitors. He relaxed a bit once he had his favorite axe in his hands. “So when, where and what are we killin’?”

“The ritual won’t begin until the next full moon. So we have a few days to prepare and research.”

“Great. I’d rather just kill something.” Gunn grumbled while putting his axe away.

“Well I guess introductions are in order. Gunn, Fred, these are the Scoobies. That is Xander, Willow, Giles and Buffy. Guys, these are our associates Gunn and Fred.”

Fred cheerily crossed the room to shake hands with the group. She was so excited to finally meet them. “Wow. You’re the B-word.”

Buffy straightened her shoulders and glared at Cordy. “What B-word would that be exactly?”

A confused Fred moved to stand by Gunn. “Buffy. It starts with a B.”


Angel finally found his voice. “Fred is just excited to meet all of you. She’s heard so much about you guys.” Angel shifted to stand by Cordelia. He couldn’t help being nervous. Something about these people made Angel want to disappear into the nearest dark corner he could find. Being near Cordelia made him feel better. “So there is an apocalypse coming up in LA. I guess we didn’t get the memo. It was nice of you to let us know . . . in person.”

Buffy was confused. If she didn’t know better, she would swear Angel didn’t want her there. *And why the hell is he standing so close to Cordelia? Hello, personal bubble!* “Giles found a prophesy. So here we are, ready to stop the forces of evil. Apparently the hellmouth gets to sit this one out.”

Cordy suddenly became aware that the AI group were lined up and facing off against the Scoobies. *time to take control* “Well guys welcome to the Hyperion. We have plenty of rooms. They may be a little dusty. We don’t get many guests. First things first.” She crossed over to Willow and pulled her into a giant hug. “It is so good to see you again. You look really good and I love your hair.”

The red head blushed. “I love yours too. Short hair really suits you.”

“Thanks.” She next went up to Giles and to the surprise of everyone in the room (aside from Gile) kissed him gently on the lips and pulled him into a hug. “I’ve missed you.”

Giles returned the hug and seemed oblivious to the growls coming from Angel. “And I you. You look even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.” The growls only seemed to get louder. Cordelia’s face lit up into one of her 100 watt smiles.

Buffy wasn’t sure what she was more shocked about the kiss, Gile’s comment, the brightness of Cordy’s smile, Angel’s growls or the fact that Giles now appeared to be blushing.

Xander’s breath caught in his throat when he saw her smile. She really was even more beautiful than he remembered. *And why the hell was it directed at GILES* “So Cordy, where’s my hug?”

Cordy could stop the snort at Xander. “Well I see you haven’t changed. Still the Zeppo, huh?”

“Hey” Xander pouted.

“I’m only kidding Xander. Come here.” She enveloped her ex in a hug. “It’s actually good to see you.”

“Thanks. You look amazing. Um . . why does Angel keep growling. He’s not evil, is he?”

“No. He’s just being his dorky self.”

“Hey. I am not a dork!”

“Well then stop growling and greet our guests.” She finally approached Buffy. “It’s good to see you, Buff. I’m glad you’re not dead anymore. I totally want to hear about heaven.”

“How did you know about that?” Buffy shot a look at Willow. She knew the two occasionally spoke but she couldn’t believe Will would talk to Cordy about her like that.

“Come on Buffy. I mean duh much. You died saving the world. Who would be stupid enough to think you went to hell. I may be no Fred but I’m not stupid. You only beat me by 20 points on the SATs.” She noticed the Sunnydale group went rather still. She glanced over at Angel and gave him a look.

He finally stepped forward. “Hello everyone. It’s good to see you all again.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes at him and muttered dork under her breath knowing his vampiric hearing would pick it up. “OK. I think that concludes the awkward portion of the evening. If you wanna follow me, I’ll show you to your rooms. Fred, could you please order some pizzas I’m sure everyone is hungary.” She was about to start up the stairs when the vision struck.

Giles was the closest to her as she began to float off the floor. “Oh dear lord” was heard before he clasped her around her waist to prevent her from floating away. Angel was across the room in an instant. He shoved Giles away with a growl. The entire Scooby gang began talking at once but Angel ignored them. He concentrated on Cordy’s face. He could smell her fear.

She finally came back to earth. She did her best to blink back the tears. “Change of plans. Everyone grab some weapons. We have a vampire nest to clean out.”

Buffy switched to slayer mode. “It might be best to wait until morning.”

“No. We go now!” Cordy looked into Angel’s eyes. “Connor is going to try to take all 25 on himself. We have thirty minutes to get there.” She glanced around the room. “Gunn, load everyone up with weapons. I need you to ride with them. The nest is in the old toy factory on 6th. Fred, if you have any new inventions bring them along.” She turned back to Angel and grabbed his face with both hands.

“We are going to save him.” She gave him a small smile and then turned back to the others. “Move! Now!”

Everyone snapped out of their fog. Questions later. Rescue now. They were preparing to leave when Spike walked thru the hotel doors.

“Hey Peaches. Miss me? Cordelia, luv, still looking fabulous.”

Angel was about to pounce when to his utter shock Buffy spoke up. “Shut up Spike. We have a nest to clean out and a person to save. Let’s go.”

Cordelia did a double take. Spike was different somehow but that would have to wait. Connor was in danger. “OK, Backstory later. Spike you ride with us.”

“I think . . “

“Don’t think Spike, just listen.” Cordelia handed him a stake and pushed him out the doors and toward the plymouth.

Part 2

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