Rooks and Pawns. Epi


Angel’s Journal

A fractured soul is a fragile one. Simply talking to your best friend while naked in quicksand surprisingly isn’t as homeopathic as it sounds. Cordelia didn’t come back as good as new. She came back as good as could be expected considering the trauma she remembered. She stayed curled up in her bed for seventeen days tossing and turning, sleeping and crying, and occasionally laughing…mainly at the absurdity of her life.

We all wanted to be there for her, but I wouldn’t leave her side during the first week. I wouldn’t have left her then, but she ordered me to go away. She said my constant hovering made her feel guilty so I begrudgingly let Fred, Wes, Lorne and Gunn take shifts during the days and early evenings while I went back to duties at Wolfram & Hart.

The fact that Gunn wanted to be there for her stunned me. But when I let my vampire senses scan him closely, I realized he was changed. The animal in him that I had sensed before was missing. I asked him what had happened, but he wouldn’t tell me except to say it was over and he was fine. I tried to get more from Fala, but she would only say he had strayed from his intended journey, and she had helped him back on course. Another miracle we owe to the tiny chess master of souls.

I guess more than two miracles is too much to ask for or maybe more than we deserve, because Cordy still has the visions and they are head-splittingly painful again. All the blood tests done when she was in a coma confirmed she is still part demon, so the searing headaches are similar to what Doyle experienced. But, it still kills me to see her in even more agony. The experts believe that Jasmine, while still a PTB, made the visions painless and was more than likely the source of her glowy power to protect her future vessel and mother. Now that she is gone, Cordy’s real demon aspect has taken over. What that demon aspect is, we still don’t know but at least it keeps the visions from killing her and that’s all that matters.

So Cordelia had the best of friends and family around her twenty four hours a day. I refused to relinquish the nights because I knew those were the worst times. I needed to be the one she turned to when the nightmares of her personal hell possessed her, and she woke up kicking, screaming and sobbing like she had never allowed herself to do as a child.

The most she would allow me to do was to sooth her with words in the beginning. The first time she bolted up terrified and I tried to embrace her, she practically scratched my eyes out. She apologized and begged my forgiveness saying she just couldn’t bear to be touched when the memories were that close to the surface. So I would simply shush her, tell I was there and would never allow anyone to hurt her again. I prayed to myself that it would actually work out that way. Eventually that would calm her and she could find some fitful sleep.

By night eight, after two especially horrible episodes, she pleaded with me to hold her. I was so thankful that she finally trusted me to comfort her in this way. I held her the rest of the evening and she fell into the most peaceful slumber she’d had since her return.

The next few nights I would have her in my arms as soon as I heard her thrashing and would wake her up before the true terror would strike. She seemed grateful and more relaxed at these times and could fall back to sleep with less fear of starting the dream cycle again.

On the eleventh night, she timidly asked me if I would hold her while she fell asleep. She was apparently afraid that I’d refuse because the relief she displayed when I told her I’d be honored was palpable. I waited until she was safely ensconced in my arms and I felt her muscles finally unclench to ask her why she thought I would say no. Hesitating and her voice barely audible, she said, “Because I’m still not clean.” I hoped my tightened embrace and kiss on her forehead was enough to assure her that I don’t and never have felt that way about her, because I couldn’t force any words out of my mouth. I still can’t.

The following nights and every night since then, she has fallen asleep in my arms. I have never felt more loved and trusted in my love by this simple act that she allows me.

On day eighteen she announced that she needed to go shopping and that she needed to talk to someone who wasn’t a friend. I cringed at the first and thanked God for the second. I know my limitations. I can hold her and I can love her, but I’m not sure I can help her. I’m almost positive I would mess it up like I’ve messed up every relationship I’ve ever had, and she is too important to risk it. So as much as I hated it I lied and told her I would love to take her shopping. She recognized the fib instantly and let me off the hook saying she’d go with Fred. Out of gratitude I said I would have a list of non-friend, professional help for her to choose from by the time she got back.

Both the shopping and the professional help turned out better than I could have hoped. She only spent half of Wolfram & Hart’s petty cash and found an extraordinary therapist on her first visit. She’s been seeing Dr. Franklin for almost four months, three times a week. A pretty intensive regimen, but that part of her that doesn’t back down from a challenge is still strong.

After the first two weeks of counseling, she said she wanted to move into the Hyperion and take Dennis with her. I’d hoped she would want to live with me, but she said she needed to be someplace that was home to her and my apartment was just too new and strange. And she wanted Dennis someplace where he would never be alone again.

So the paranormal experts from W&H successfully transplanted the ghost and the rest of us transplanted her things the same day. I have basically moved back to the hotel to be with her. She still wants me there at night and I don’t want to be anyplace else.

Dennis couldn’t be happier. Besides being in a new location for the first time in over fifty years, he’s pretty happy with all the new friends he’s making. Especially Judy…the bank robber and the reason I was hung from the rafters. Good old Jude. Looks like we both have our adoring ghosts now. She found an outlet to make contact with me through Dennis and that’s just another reason for Dennis to despise me. In that sense, Dennis and I are alike. We’re both possessive as hell about the women we love.

But I can put up with the ghostly annoyances just to watch Cordy tease him about his new girlfriend, pretending to be so jealous and hurt. Dennis knows she’s just pretending, but he loves any attention Cordy gives him. At times I’m envious of her carefree relationship with Dennis. We used to have that a long time ago, but now there are walls between us. There are still some subjects we’re both too afraid to broach, but it’s slowly getting better.

Cordy has progressed so much since those first nightmarish days after the healing. The sessions have truly helped her regain some of the confidence and fight that was ripped from her in that moment the memories consumed her. She laughs from her heart again, not just to be polite. And that smile that rivals the sun appears on a pretty regular basis now.

But what excites me the most and the real sign that my Cordy is almost here is the way she gives me hell again. When she first came back, that was the hardest change to accept. She was totally submissive and, although none of us argued with her, if anyone even raised their voice she would cower in a corner and whimper. The Cordy that wouldn’t take crap from anyone was buried so deep, I feared she was dead. But, now, she’s on the mend and seeing her return a little every day is like being able to breathe again. Just today she told me if I didn’t hang up the wet towels instead of leaving them on the bathroom floor, that she’d rip me a new one and stuff the towels in there. It was music to my ears.

We sometimes talk about what happened to her, but only when something happens in therapy that she feels she has to tell me or gains some insight that astonishes her. I think she prefers to keep that part of her separate from me so it won’t dirty our relationship. I want to tell her how much it hurts me that she keeps me distant from her pain, but I know how selfish that is. She needs to do this her way and maybe in time she’ll talk to me as freely as she talks to this stranger. Maybe when she knows for sure, in her heart, that I would never judge her because of it, she’ll lean on me a little. I want that. I want her to need me as much as I need her.

So that brings us to today. Or rather last night. Last night she told me she wanted me to go with her to counseling today. She said she wanted to discuss some things about us, and she felt more comfortable doing it in a session. And, she teased, it’s not like you couldn’t use a little dusting out of the old noggin yourself. She flashed the smile and, of course, I couldn’t refuse. I did say I wanted her to talk to me, didn’t I? I’m just not so sure I can talk about myself and us in front of a stranger.

Did I mention this therapist was part demon? Literally. We realized when Cordy decided she needed to talk to someone, this person would have to know of or at least be open to the possibility of demons, vampires and the whole mystical, magical tour that was our lives if she was going to be able to tell her whole story. Consequently, we turned again to the resources at Wolfram & Hart to compile the list of doctors who fit the bill. Now we are leaving for our evening appointment with Dr. Franklin. I don’t think I’ve been more scared of anything or anyone than I am of this therapist.


“Thanks for coming, Angel. Cordelia and I both appreciate your openness to this process.”

Angel shifted his butt. It was suddenly twitching.

“I’d do anything for Cordy and I’m glad she wanted me to come.” He didn’t enjoy lying, even partially, but he didn’t think making a smart ass comment about how not open he was would do anyone any good either. He turned to look at Cordy who was on his right on the couch and grinned. She sat far enough away from him to worry him, but she returned his smile. At least her hands were in her lap and not crossed in front of her chest. That was a good sign, wasn’t it?

Dr. Franklin was a woman of about forty-eight and part Hershog demon. Not that you could tell except for the tell-tale third joint on every finger. Dead give away. If Angel recalled correctly, Hershogs were known to be very intuitive if not empathic. A trait that would come in very handy as a therapist and probably why Cordy had felt an instant comfort with her.

“Why don’t you begin with why you wanted Angel here tonight, Cordelia,” the doctor prodded in her best professional manner.

Cordy cleared her throat and looked at her hands for a moment collecting her thoughts. Then she raised her head, shifted her body so she was facing Angel and began. “Angel, I wanted you here so we could talk about Connor.”

“Cordy, I know that wasn’t you. You don’t have to say anything…”

“I’m not talking about the…the sleeping with him. It wasn’t me, and I don’t feel guilty about that. At least not anymore. What I need to say is how sorry I am that what I did has deprived you of your son and any happiness you could have with him. I know you’ll never see him graduate from college, or teach him to drive, or see him get married, or be there when your grandchildren are born and that’s all because I was foolish enough to believe my own hype. You lost Connor the moment I said yes to Skip and ascended to Jasmine’s plane. If I’d just remembered that I was plain old Cordy and not some higher being, then none of this would have happened and you would still have Connor. If I could change one thing in my past, it would be that. I just needed you to know that and ask if you can ever forgive me.”

She said it all without blinking and without crying. She had rehearsed it for days now to be sure she could do it while looking him in the eye. It was probably the hardest part of her recovery so far, but she had to do it. Not just for her own sanity, but hopefully for Angel’s, too.

Angel couldn’t take his eyes from her. He didn’t know until that moment how much he needed her to say those words. Not because they were true, because they weren’t. But because her taking responsibility forced him to admit to himself that she had nothing to do with it. He wanted to blame her…he wanted to blame Connor, Jasmine, Justine, Holtz, Wes and even Charlton Heston if it would do any good. But it all ultimately rested on his shoulders, and he had to finally admit it. And, God, he was so glad and so relieved.

He slid closer to Cordy and reached for her hands. They were so small and trembled at his touch. He rubbed them and stared at them remembering the first time he’d touched her like this. She was in a hospital bed and was dying for him. And now she would gladly relive her abuse all over again to give him back his son if she could. How could she possibly think she was anything less than pure?

He suddenly didn’t have the words that would be enough. The relief and love overcame him and he let go of her hands and hugged her fiercely. She dug her fingers into his back not sure what was happening to him but grateful he was holding her and not running away.

Angel held the embrace long enough for him to gather some of his thoughts. He loosened his grip and brought his hands around to cup her face as he spoke to her only inches apart.

“I am going to accept your apology and forgive you only because I think you need to hear that from me right now. But I want you to also hear me when I tell you that I am the only one responsible for Connor. Me and me alone…”

Cordy tried to interrupt, “But, I…”

“No, listen. I’m not just saying this to placate you. It’s the truth. It was my responsibility to protect my son and I failed.” It felt so good to admit it out loud, especially to the only other person who could remember and the one who possibly loved Connor nearly as much as he did.

“I lost Connor when he crossed into Quortoth, and I never got him back. I’m the one who threw him out on the streets when I should have begged him to stay. I turned my back on him after Jasmine slept with him because my pain was always more important than his. And when I couldn’t take it any more, I’m the one who sent him away permanently. My weaknesses caused me to lose any future with Connor, not yours or anyone else’s.”

He felt Cordy’s hands on his forearms, stroking and calming him, trying with her touch and gaze to transfer some of his guilt to her. He weakened for an instant, but then shook his head to emphasize he was not going to allow her to take this from him. He had to make it clear this was one thing she didn’t have to fix.

“No, no…it’s okay. I understand that now, and I can live with it. I understand it because you’ve taught me what it is to be selfless. I can live with it because I know that he is happy and has a real father. And maybe, just maybe, because I could give him that and feel joy for him and not just my pain, I finally became a real father, too.”

She was crying and he knew they were tears for him and not herself. He wiped them away with his thumbs and then leaned in and kissed her forehead. He rested his nose against hers and stared into her shimmering eyes. He felt her head tilt and chin lift and then her lips were brushing his gently…tentatively.

It was the first kiss they had ever shared as Cordelia and Angel and as short as it was and even in the presence of a half-demon therapist, it couldn’t have been more perfect because they were both ready now. They were both ready to accept and feel worthy of each other’s love.

Dr. Franklin cleared her throat attempting to regain some control of the session, but not having much success. “Cordelia, is there anything else you wanted to talk to Angel about?”

Never breaking their eye contact and still nose to nose, forehead to forehead, Cordy said, “Yes, there is. I wanted to tell Angel…I want to tell you…that I love you and I want to be with you always and I wondered if you felt the same way.” She bit her lower lip and he could feel her fingers grip his shoulders a little tighter after she spoke.

“Well, Angel, can you tell Cordelia how you feel?”

Was she kidding? Of course not, she knew. She was empathic. She knew just how he felt so there was no sense in not saying it in front of her.

“Cordelia, I can’t remember when I didn’t love you, and if you’ll have me, I’ll never leave you.”

They moved into the kiss at the same time. Tender at first but the moment their lips parted and their tongues entwined, the passion exuded from them in waves. The doctor didn’t need to be empathic to feel it, but her powers enhanced the affect and she started to become aroused herself.

“Ahem…excuse me. Angel. Cordelia. Hey!” The shout pierced the fog they were in and broke them apart.

“Sorry, Dr. Franklin,” Cordy said embarrassed.

“I’m not,” Angel added with a wicked grin.

“Yes, well, I think we’ve accomplished a great deal this evening. Angel thank you for coming and Cordelia, I’ll see you in two days. Now get out of here before I have to hose you down and ruin that expensive couch.”


This was where they should make love for the first time. The place where they fell in love. The room where Angel had spent hours fantasizing about making love to her. The home where they’d experienced their highest and lowest moments. This hotel had witnessed their love story and it was only right that it should experience the result of that journey with them.

On the way home from the doctor’s office, Cordy brought up the pesky cursed soul problem. Until tonight, there’d been no thought about sex or perfect bliss. That seemed so far away. But now, they both knew they wanted that intimacy and were desperate for it. Angel told her Wesley had used the vast resources of Wolfram & Hart to locate and cast a binding spell. The only problem was there was no way to test it except to…well…field test it. And because it involved the evil empire that could be setting him up to unleash Angelus, they worked out a back-up plan. It was kind of creepy, but they both thought it was necessary.

Once they arrived at the hotel, Angel went to the weapons stash and Cordy went up to the bedroom to talk with Dennis. The plan was to have Dennis on call with a loaded tranq gun. If Angel felt his soul departing he’d call for Dennis as would Cordy and, hopefully, before Angelus could do any damage he would be sedated. It was risky, but it was better than trying to make love through chains (at least for their first time) or having Wes or Gunn standing right outside the door listening.

Everything was ready. The tranq gun was far enough away so Angelus wouldn’t be able to reach it quickly and Dennis was, hopefully, close by but not watching. Because that would just be too ewww for both of them.

They stood at the foot of the bed, an arm’s length apart and fully clothed, both suddenly afraid to make the first move. What had seemed natural, mutual and spontaneous in the session, now felt very awkward and frightening. Angel was afraid if he tried to touch her, she might flinch at the advance and Cordy was afraid if she acted like the aggressor, those old slutty feelings might surface. Some issues felt like they’d never be resolved.

Cordelia braved the challenge. “Angel, do you want to touch me?”

“More than you know,” he sputtered.

“So what’s stopping you?” As sensitive as Cordy was to his thoughts and emotions, she could also be totally clueless sometimes.

She hadn’t yet grasped how her revelations about her past had affected him. How he’d prayed for this day and dreaded it at the same time. The wonderful fantasy always ended with them completely happy and sated and love dripping from every pore. The nightmare was him nibbling her breast or entering her and her screaming from a long-ago memory triggered by his stroke. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that reaction, but he was sure he didn’t want his touch in any way associated with those memories.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I’m afraid I’ll remind you…” He couldn’t finish and dipped his eyes away from her.

Cordy was so moved by his thoughtfulness and she wanted to kick herself for not realizing he might be apprehensive. Stepping into him, she took his hand and cupped it to her cheek. She rubbed her smooth flesh against his rough palm. Closing her eyes, she moaned as she relished the sensation. “Angel, this could never be wrong. Your touch could only remind me of love.”

Keeping his hand in hers, she slowly brought him down her neck, across her shoulder and poised him over her breast. Locking her gaze with his, she smiled and pressured his fingers to squeeze her. When he did, she bit her lower lip, her eyes fluttered close as she tilted her head back and sighed. Angel pressed a little harder and she arched her back begging for more.

The look of ecstasy on Cordy’s face as he gently massaged her breast was the dream. The good dream and he wanted the rest of it. Sliding his other hand around her waist and up her back, his fingers foraged through her hair as he pushed her toward his parted lips. His bulky arm underneath hers, forced her arm up and her fingers skimmed his ear on their journey to seize the back of his head and force him closer to her.

He couldn’t wait for their mouths to touch, so his tongue tasted her first and slid inside where she lovingly sucked and stroked him. He plunged as deep inside her as he could and explored wildly, desperate for his tongue to memorize this small part of her. The breast hand was crushing, tweaking and massaging feverishly to match the passion building from their kiss.

Cordy’s fingers left his hand and her nails scraped down his back until she eventually cupped his firm rear and yanked him into her.

A groan rumbled through Angel’s chest when his bourgeoning arousal slammed into her hard body. He jerked away from her mouth and stared at her pleasantly surprised. His hand darted from her breast and quickly grabbed her ass to pull her into him even more.

He brought his face to hers and their cheeks stroked each other in synch with the motion of their grinding hips that seemed to be trying to pulverize their clothes by friction alone. He licked and bit at her ear, his tongue weaving in and out. Cordy panted and gasped at the attention to that sensitive area, and Angel growled at her enjoyment. He felt her heart racing and smelled the arousal coursing through her veins.

“Oh, God, Cor, I want you so much,” his voice whispered as his hardness pleadingly rubbed her.

“Yes…oh, God, yes…please, Angel.” She scraped her tongue along his jaw and planted her wet lips under his chin while her hands edged between their still clamped bodies. Her palms covered his distended staff through his pants and stroked him eagerly. The deep moan her touch elicited, gave her courage to do more.

Trailing kisses down his neck, she nibbled at his collarbone as she unbuttoned and unzipped him. She lifted her head and brushed the tip of her tongue along his lips. Opening her mouth invitingly, he responded by thrusting his tongue home. As their tongues swirled and she caressed and sucked his, she stretched the waistband of his boxers with one hand and slid the other inside to wrap her fingers around his swollen cock.

He was cool and smooth and she felt the wetness of his seeping tip. She stroked him in rhythm with her massaging tongue, and moved her thumb in and around the head spreading his succulence all over him.

Angel bucked his hips begging for more and felt the tightness building. Struggling to slow down, he left her mouth and gasped, “That feels too good. You’d better stop.”

“No. Let me give this to you. Just let go, Angel.” She swallowed his protest by covering his mouth and driving her tongue inside as she increased the pressure and speed of her caresses. Her free hand wound its way under his shirt and began scraping and tweaking his nipples into stiff submission.

Angel was too far gone to fight. His hips slammed harder and harder into her unyielding clutch. His balls were tickled by the silk of his boxers and began to raise as the muscles in his groin contracted. He whimpered in Cordy’s mouth and felt the burn begin to radiate from his center to every muscle in his body.

He needed to breathe, some leftover remnant of human sex. He wrenched from their kissing and wrapped his arms tightly around her shoulders to hang on. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and nuzzled there as he pounded mercilessly into her tight grip.

“C’mon, baby. Let go…come for me.” Cordy’s voice was husky and full of passion.

“Oh, Cor…so good…so good…,” he rasped. The desire to push was innate and primal as his seed prepared to travel. He quivered as the prickly heat moved through his body making his knees weak. He held on to her shoulders tighter just to remain standing.

“Cordy…oh, God…harder, baby…so close.” He could barely get the words out between the moans and growls involuntarily erupting from his throat.

Her hand became a vise as it pumped his slick granite furiously. She licked his neck and moved to his ear where she bit and tugged at his skin. When she stroked his ear with her tongue, the tremor in his loins grew into a jolt of such urgency that it forced his thighs and hips in and up over and over again. He screamed her name as he rode her hand madly and spilled, cold and thick into her clutch.

Angel stood on trembling limbs as the last of the spasms subsided. He leaned on her as he tried to regain control of his senses. Cordy caressed his fading erection and gently fondled and rolled his sensitive mounds in her palm. He purred at her ministrations and was grateful her warm hand hadn’t abandoned him yet.

He sucked and nipped at her neck and shoulder and worked his moist lips in tender kisses to her smiling ones.

“Mmmmm…you don’t have any idea how good that was,” he hazily mumbled in between light brushes of lips of tongues.

“I have a vague idea. Either the spell is working or that wasn’t perfect bliss, however.” She slowly slid her hand from between his thighs and moved it to his back to hold on tighter.

Angel pretended to think about it a moment and then concluded, “That was pretty damn close, but no…not perfect. It won’t be perfect until there’s nothing fibrous between us and I’m surrounded by your arms and thighs and buried deep inside you.” He licked her luscious lips and caught her bottom one between his and tugged gently.

“It scares me sometimes how much we think alike.” She used the tip of her tongue to tickle and tease his lips until he captured it and drew it into his hungry mouth.

As their tongues playfully battled, her hands unbuttoned his shirt while his slipped beneath her blouse and deftly unhooked her bra. They briefly parted while she shed his shirt from his body and he removed both her blouse and bra in one movement over her head. The need to feel their bare bodies, chest against breasts, was overwhelming. They immediately embraced and the hot and cold sizzled like drops of water on a skillet. Lips and tongues probed, sucked and licked while dull teeth gingerly bit and tugged.

Cordy’s hands moved to Angel’s already loose trousers and began to push them down over his hips. He took his cue from her and unzipped her skirt and both garments fell in heaps at their feet. Angel maneuvered out of the tangle of fabric at his feet, picked her up and laid her on the bed. He slipped his thumbs under the slim band of her bikinis and pulled them slowly over her hips and down her legs as she wriggled to help him.

Then he stepped back to remove his boxers but paused to admire her beautiful body for a moment. Her womanly curves composed of ample, firm breasts with large aroused nipples, her torso tapering to a slender waist, wonderfully round hips topping strong thighs on those long, languid limbs. He couldn’t wait to dive between those thighs and sink his teeth into that mass of dark curls and satin folds.

Cordy bit her lower lip as his gaze soaked her in. She knew her body was new to him and while she was vaguely uncomfortable at his stare, she wasn’t afraid. His body, however, was mostly familiar to her. She’d bandaged that broad chest and grazed his nipples before. His abs were nicely defined as were the massive muscles of his back. And his arms. God, she thought he could probably hold up the world with those arms.

What she hadn’t seen before was what she’d just spent ten minutes stroking. When he removed his boxers, she finally was able to appreciate him fully. He was only partially aroused, but she could tell he was well worth the wait. Her hand didn’t paint an adequate picture and she was suddenly smiling stupidly. She pulled her thoughts together and melted into his hungry eyes as he crawled onto the bed, wormed his way between her thighs, and hovered over her.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” Angel wet his lips and then tenderly kissed hers. He softly brushed them across her cheek to her ear and swirled his tongue there for a moment. She gasped and dug her nails into his back and her hips pushed up in reaction to the stimulation.

He dragged his tongue down her neck and paused to lick and nibble at the crook. He flattened his tongue on the spot and let her quickening pulse wash over him. Cordy arched her foot and ran her toes along his calf as her fingernails lazily drew random patterns on his back and hips. Whenever she grazed a particularly erotic area on his butt cheeks, he clenched his muscles and thrust his hips forward.

Noting the response, Cordy commented, “Hmmm…nice to know,” and wickedly grinned.

Not to be outdone, Angel replied, “I’ve already mapped out a few choice locations on you, so don’t get cocky.”

“Mmmmm…I’d prefer to get the noun…you think you could give it to me soon.”

He lowered his hips and pressed his engorged cock against her dampness. “That soon enough for you,” he questioned seductively in her ear.

Gasping at the sudden pressure of his tip against her clit, she moaned in pleasure. “Mmmmm…I’m impressed. But…mmmm….so far….ahhhhh…you’re all talk,” she mumbled in between her continuing sighs as he gently rocked his hardness into her.

He pulled back from her and said, “Then I guess I’d better shut up.”

Cordy whined when he removed himself so he could begin his journey down her body. His mouth made a wet path from her lips, over her chin, down her silky neck and began consuming first her left and then her right breast. While his tongue took turns fluttering across her puckered nipple and soothing it with broad strokes, his hand would fondle, tenderly pinch and massage the other. Then his mouth would open and suck on her with just lips and then fully and dotingly with his tongue massaging as his mouth devoured her.

As he worked his loving magic on her breasts, she arched her back into him and ran her fingers through his thick locks and pressed his head hard against her. He fed on her passionately and the sensation sent hot probes to her womb. She felt as if she would float away from the flood between her legs. Her hips swayed and tried to press against him.

Angel felt her softness grinding against his stomach. Her wetness made him slick and her aroused scent called to him. He had to taste her and drink from her. He moved swiftly from her breasts and in an instant buried his mouth in her core.

She jerked at the sudden presence between her thighs but quickly adjusted, spreading herself wider for him. Angel lifted her thighs and placed them on his shoulders to give him better access and leaving his hands free to roam as they pleased. And they pleased to roam over her protruding, aroused nub and helped him splay and massage her folds while his tongue lapped up her juices and entered her over again and again.

One of her hands twined in his hair and held on while he ate her like a starving artist and her other hand caressed her breasts and tugged at her aching nipples.

Angel’s tongue licked her from base to clit and began tenderly pulling, sucking and laving her while he slid two fingers inside her. She moved her hips in a circle and contracted her muscles around the invading digits. He took out one finger and pushed his longest one as far as he could reach and searched for her most sensitive internal spot. When she jerked and moaned wildly he continued fingering her forcefully and sucking, biting and tugging her clit passionately, a glutton for her feast.

Cordy felt her muscles clamping and the flush beginning to cover her face, neck and breasts. She begged, “Angel….please….I need you inside me…Oh, God, now…please!”

He quickly slid up her body placing a kiss on her breast before reaching her ear. “I love you, Cordy,” he whispered as he spread her labia with one hand and guided himself to her opening.

“I love you so much, Angel,” she replied.

He pulled back and stared into her eyes as he slowly slid the head just inside and then out again and again, drenching himself with her and coaxing her to open for him. Little by little her walls stretched to accommodate the intrusion and she took him in more and more. Cordy wrapped her legs around his hips and nudged him closer with her locked ankles. Once he was coated with her oils and he felt her tugging him in further and further with her strong vaginal muscles, he pulled out completely and with one long, smooth, hard thrust buried himself fully inside her tight core.

They moaned in unison, both able to finally release all the frustrations that had been building for years. At last they were joined in body and spirit and Angel couldn’t resist the urge to possess her totally and be possessed by her. He slipped his arms around her, hugging her tightly to his chest and felt her arms embrace him and her fingers dig into his back. Their mouths parted and their tongues darted in and out of each other as their hips pitched back and forth in a natural, easy rhythm.

She felt searing hot on his cold form. His body and his cock were enveloped by a mixture of silk pillows, rain-slicked glass and gentle tendrils entangling them and inching him closer and closer until he fell completely into her. There was nothing left of him but the urgency to mate and finish nature’s plan for survival.

Cordy was lost in a swirl of sensations. His cool body on hers made her skin tingle like being rubbed with warm ice. His thrusts were so deep and filled her so completely that they massaged her in places never touched before, leaving her trembling in anticipation of each stroke. His course hair and bone pounded into her clit sending shock waves from her toes to her fingertips. And his mouth…oh, God…so soft and full. His tongue caressed and trapped hers and then laved her lips after blunt teeth nibbled them gently. His lips barely brushed hers but then captured them and sucked on each one softly until his arousal forced them into a fevered pitch. He pressed hard as his tongue plunged in again and again trying to taste every part of her mouth.

They rode each other passionately, all thoughts replaced by tangled nerve endings shooting daggers straight to their pleasure centers. Deeper and harder they pounded each other. The pace became frantic and the feelings so overwhelming that the only sounds they could make were wordless pants.

Cordy broke their kissing and pulled his head into her shoulder as she bit into his. She moaned and screamed as he loudly growled and pumped into her furiously. Her vaginal walls suddenly clamped around him as every tendon in her body tightened. Her thighs squeezed his hips painfully and her embrace would have strangled him if he was a breather. Her heartbeat rivaled a hummingbird’s as the eruption spread from her impaled center throughout her entire body… until…finally it burst free, her inner walls contracting violently around Angel’s still thrusting cock.

Angel had held on way past his normal limit. He would have come the moment he entered her if he’d allowed himself. But now, with her body singing to his, prodding his painful arousal with deep, powerful tremors and a tight, hot tunnel, he couldn’t resist joining her in the explosion. Nature took over. His stomach, ass and balls tightened and slammed him as deep has he could to blast his load as far into her fertile womb as possible. It felt like he could come for days, so he thrust again and again until exhaustion overpowered him.

He loosened his clutches because he had no strength left. Cordy’s arms fell away from his body and her legs could no longer keep their purchase on his hips and plopped on the bed causing a slight bounce of the mattress. The bouncing led to some slippage of Angel from her, and she quickly brought her hands to his ass to hold him still inside her.

Angel snickered at her movement. “You know, I’m going to have to move eventually if only to let you breathe.”

Cordy whined and pulled him even closer as she felt his flaccid member attempting to slide out on the flow of their mixed cream. “No, you don’t ever get to move. You have to stay inside me forever. Dennis can bring us food.”

The mention of Dennis reminded Angel of the back-up plan. His head popped up with a dorky grin. “Hey! I’m still me. No Angelus. Look at us, all happy and no evil, party wrecking demon.”

“Yeah, it’s great. So does that mean I gave you a happy?” Cordy’s insecurities felt the urge to make an appearance.

“Are you kidding me? That was beyond happy. Beyond bliss. I can’t be sure, but I think you may just have created a whole new level of ecstasy…perfectly, perfect perfection.” He sported the biggest, goofiest smile she’d ever seen and then ravished her mouth. “God, I love you and you are so fuckin’ hot.”

He began devouring her with his tongue and she grazed her nails over his sensitive cheeks forcing him to buck into her still wet mound. She did it again and again and could feel his erection start. They both smiled at the reaction but their lips never lost touch fueling the resurgence of passion.


Hours later and too many orgasms to count, Cordy and Angel lay exhausted and sated. Her back was spooned in his chest, his arms wrapped around her. His hands lovingly fondled her breasts as his mouth tenderly kissed the back of her neck. The gentle caressing caused her to arch her back and push her ass into his groin. She mewled with pleasure and he moaned in pleasing her.


“Hmmmmm?” He continued kissing and tickling her neck and back with the tip of his tongue.

“About Connor…” He stopped his ministrations tensing at the topic.

“What about him?”

“You’ve got a surveillance team on him twenty-four hours a day, don’t you?”

He relaxed and she could feel his mouth form a small, knowing grin. “Oh, yeah.”

Cordy reached behind her, found his head and pulled him toward her as she strained to turn her mouth to meet his.

“That’s the big guy I love.”

She kissed him adoringly and felt the peace flow through her at last.


Loveangel’s Challenge.Cordy is still in a coma but the PTBs send her a vision. She must communicate the vision to the FG somehow to save the victim who is somehow connected to how she can be brought back. No Spike!


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