24/7. 10

Part 10

Angel buried his nose in Cordelia’s hair and inhaled. Her body was still pressed to his. Her gloriously nude body scorched his with her warmth. He pulled her tighter against his chest.

Cordelia had been pleasantly surprised how wonderful the previous night had been. The no sex rule wasn’t as horrible as she imagined. She had gone to sleep happily exhausted without breaking any rules. She smiled. Today was a brand new day. She could already feel him hard against her backside.

He could tell by her breathing that she was awake. As enjoyable as their evening had been, he was more than ready to make love. In their everyday life, there were always obstacles to overcome. He wanted some peace and quiet so he could just be with the woman he loves.

“No brooding.”

“I wasn’t.”

She turned in his arms. “I could feel you brooding.”

“I was thinking. It’s not the same thing.”

“Uh huh. So what were ya thinkin’ about?”

“You. Us.”

“What about me? Us?”

“First, I need my morning kiss.”

She stroked his bottom lip with her thumb. “I think that can be arranged.” She leaned in and pressed her lips to his. His lips parted allowing her to sweep in.

Angel rolled her onto her back and began trailing kisses along her jaw.

“So what…mmmm..were you…god…really thinking about?”

“Making love to my wife. No rules. No counselors and their stupid suggestions. Just us.”

“Mmmm..great minds. I was thinkin’ about how it’s a brand new day.” Her hands slid down his back to cup his butt. “Do you know what that means?”

Angel released her earlobe from his teeth. “Yeah. It means you’re going to stop saying no.”

“Hmmph. It’s not my fault. It’s not like I wanted to say no.”

“Shh. No more interruptions please.” He began nipping and kissing his way down her body.

Cordy groaned in frustration. She pulled him up and hooked a leg around his hip. “No more waiting. Ready now!”

“When can I say no to you?” He entered her slowly inch by painstaking inch.

“Angel” She flipped him onto his back rolling with him. With a quick downward motion, he filled her completely. “That’s more like it.”

Angel thrust his hips to get her to start moving. He watched her breasts sway enticingly above him. His hands moved to caress the beautiful flesh.


Angel gritted his teeth. “Don’t even think about it.”


“Cor, no.”


She crawled over to the phone. “Hello”

Angel glared at her. She was up on all fours except for the hand cradling the phone. A devious smile spread across his features. He maneuvered himself behind her and gripped her hips.

“We’re awake.” She bit her lip to stop her shriek as Angel thrust into her. She struggled to keep her tone even. “I’m sorry. What did you say?” She gritted her teeth. She could feel her orgasm building with each forceful stroke. “OK. Group will be at 9:30 today. Thank you. Goodbye.” Her hand was shaking by the time she replaced the receiver. “You’re evil.”

“You said you didn’t want to wait.” He watched his cock slide in and out. He could feel her body begin to grip him tighter. Hearing her soft moans and mewling in pleasure made him quicken his pace. She was his. “Mine”

“God yes!”

Angel felt his demon thrash for control at her response. “Say it!”

Her whole body began to tingle and burn. The fire was so intense.

“Say it!” Angel struggled to hold back their releases. His demon demanded her surrender first. “Please!” He’d settle for her humoring him.

“Yes…mmmm…don’t stop…yours..I’m yours!”

His natural features slid on. He gripped her shoulder and roughly pulled her up until her back rested against his chest. His other hand pinched and teased her clit. “Mine” He yanked her head to the side baring her neck. He leaned in to sink his teeth in and froze. “Oh god!”

Cordelia was on the razor’s edge of a powerful orgasm when she was unceremoniously shoved away. She fell face first into the bed. She turned over ready to give Angel hell. Her body screamed in protest at being denied its release. She looked up at Angel, upright on his knees, cock twitching angrily, his face buried in his hands. His ridges peeked out between his fingers. His whole body was trembling. It only took a moment to understand. He almost bit her. “Angel, come here.”

He shook his head.

She sat up and gathered him in her arms. He was still trembling. Cordy pulled him down to lie with her, pillowing his head with her breasts. “Shh. It’s okay.” She gently stroked his back.

Angel began to relax letting his handsome features return. “I’m sorry.”

“You should be. What with stopping in the middle like that.”

“Cor, I almost bit you.”

“Duh” She started laughing. “Bob would have totally freaked. I so would love to hear how you’d explain that one to the cops.” She looked into his shocked face. “What? You know Bob would call them if he saw a bite mark on my neck. It’s not like it could be self-inflicted and I don’t think he’d buy ‘it was an accident’ either.”

“What are you..I almost bit you.”


“What do you mean ‘and’?”

“Are you asking me why I’m not upset about my vampire boyfriend wanting to bite me during sex?”

“Upset? You should be trying to stake me.”

She patt her naked form. “I must’ve left my stake in my other outfit.”

He couldn’t stop the edges of his mouth from quirking up. “Cordy..”

“Angel. I’m not exactly shocked about this. Wesley’s been giving me books about vampires for like ever. They make it..”

“What? Since when?”

“Since Penn paid LA a visit. Anyway they make it..”

“Since Penn? Why the hell did Wes start giving you books on vampires?”

“Is that really the point? We’re talking about biting right now.”

“What are you hiding? What did Wes say? Why don’t you want to tell me?”

“Geez. It wasn’t some conspiracy against you. They were books about vampires in general. You were so upset about enjoying those dreams. I wanted to understand so I asked Wesley a few questions about vampires. The next thing I knew he was giving me homework. Besides we battle vampires and such for a living. Knowledge saves lives or so Wes keeps telling me.”

Angel wasn’t sure how to react so he changed the subject back. “Does this mean you understand why I wanted to bite you?”

“I didn’t say that. I said I wasn’t upset or shocked.”

“I’m sorry. I won’t lose control again.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t okay with it either.”

“Umm..is there another option other than yes or no?”

“Isn’t there always when you’re dealing with me?” She grinned at him.

“So what’s the other option?”

“It depends.”

“On what?”

“On what it means. Each book had its own theory. Most of them contradicted each other but the books don’t really matter. They were about soulless vampires. Yours is the only one that matters to me. So the question is what does it mean to you? I thought we would discuss it before you..”

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I’m not really sure how to explain it.”

“Maybe we should wait.”


“It might be best to hold off on this discussion until we go home. You know where we don’t have to whisper. Just in case there’s yelling involved.”

“Ohh…that sounds..reasonable.” *There will definitely be yelling when I tell her the truth. How can I expect her to accept this side of me? It’s about drinking her blood, taking her inside me while I’m inside her and most importantly marking her as my mate. ‘Course the latter is just a technicality. Bite or no bite, she’s mine forever. I won’t ever let another man have her. Oh yeah. There will be lots of yelling. I should probably make sure there aren’t any wooden objects handy.*

“In the meantime…ummm..we were kinda in the middle of something.” Her hands explored his chest. “I trust you. It’s not like we could act on our decision right now anyway. We don’t want anybody calling the cops.” She bit her bottom lip. “Angel, it isn’t about the way vamps get off on inflicting pain, is it? ‘Cause you said you didn’t want to hurt me.” Her bottom lip quivered.

“I could never find pleasure in hurting you.” He rolled completely on top of her. “Actually a vampire bite can be pleasurable.”

Her eyes misted a bit. “Darla biting me hurt like hell.”

He gently kissed each eye. “That was different. She was trying to kill you.”

“So if you did it, while we…it would feel good?”

“There would be some pain at first but it would quickly turn to pleasure.”

“Hmmph. None of the books said it would feel good.”

“That’s because none of the vampires those men came across wanted it to. Those movies you like to watch show that vampires can give pleasure.”

“Mr-I-don’t-sleep-in-a-coffin-I-hate-that-stereotype is referencing movies?” She began kissing his neck. “Well, I do enjoy biting you.” She sunk her blunt teeth into his shoulder.

“Fuck!” Angel cupped her bottom and thrust. He set a hard, fast pace. They were both desperate for release.

She pulled him in for a kiss attacking his mouth. She flipped him over without breaking their rhythm.

Angel’s hands caressed her breasts. His thumbs teased her hardened nipples. She arched into his touch. He rose to capture a pert nipple.


Angel pushed her onto her back. She wrapped her legs around him as he drove into her deeply. Her inner walls clamped down on him. He felt his demon stir again. He tried to shake it off.

She noticed his struggle and yanked his head down to her lips kissing him deeply. She ignored the way his sharp teeth cut her tongue.

The taste of her blood had him cumming hard. He filled her with his cold seed before collapsing.

Cordelia peppered him with butterfly kisses along his neck and shoulder. “I love you.” She savored their still joined bodies.

Angel lifted his head. “I love you too.” When she smiled he noticed her mouth was still bleeding. “I’m sorry I couldn’t control it better. I hurt you.”

“Angel, if you hurt me you’d know it. I’d be kickin’ your ass right now, okay?”

He leaned in for a kiss. He could still taste traces of her blood.


“What the fuck? We had our wake up call already.” He reached over and grabbed the phone. “What?”

Cordy rolled her eyes. “Angel..”

“Shh. I’m on the phone.” He waved her off. “She’s right here…No…because she’s busy….we’ll be at group. You can talk to her then….I’m not being hostile. I think I’m being pretty pleasant considering this is the second time someone’s disturbed us this morning. We’re trying to work on our marriage right now.”

Cordelia had been trying to grab the phone without success. “Dammit Angel! Give me the phone.” She finally managed to snatch it from her obstinate vampire.


“Big baby” She stuck her tongue out at him. “Hello..Hi Bob. Sorry about Angel….when?..I haven’t showered or dressed yet….oh okay…I’ll see you in thirty minutes.” She hung up the phone. She turned and smiled sweetly at Angel. “Bob wants to see me before group.”

“Cordy, we’re..dammit..I’m sick of all these damn interruptions!”

“This from Mr-let’s-stop-in-the-middle-so-I-can-wallow-in-guilt?”


She laughed at his pouting expression. “I have to shower. If you promise to be a good boy, you can scrub my back.”

“Define good”


“Good morning Bob”

“Good morning Cordy. Come in and have a seat.”

“I’m sorry about the way Angel behaved over the phone. He’s feeling a little frustrated.”

“You aren’t responsible for your husband’s actions. I hope I didn’t cause any problems for you. Angel seemed very..argumentative. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for him becoming violent. Excuse me. I meant angry.”

Cordelia blew out a breath. “Angel was just frustrated. He took an entire week off from work so we could work on our marriage. Things were so strained between us before we came here. Now that we have finally opened up and talked, we have a lot of…tension to work off. He’s a little frustrated because there’s always someplace we’re supposed to be or there’s someone advising us against having sex. I’m feeling a little frustrated myself. We want some alone time but I..we know there’s still work to be done.”

“I’m glad you understand a strong marriage requires hard work. I knew you did the moment I met you.”

“Angel understands too.” She noticed Bob seemed angry at her comment.

“That’s surprising considering how he seems annoyed every time he attends a session. He’s hostile, withdrawn and the way he forces you into submissive positions is just plain wrong.”

Cordelia almost laughed out loud. Being put in a submissive position felt pretty damn right to her. At least she’d heard that particular position called…wait a second. “What did you mean by that last part?”

“Oh…ummm..I was referring to Angel’s habit of answering questions for you. This morning I asked to speak to you but he wouldn’t give you the phone. You also tend to watch him when you answer questions, as if guaging his response or perhaps fearing it.”

“Uh huh. I don’t think you’re getting a very accurate picture of our relationship. Nobody has ever thought Angel was trying to dominate me. Most of our friends would agree that he’s totally under my thumb. Personally I think they exaggerate. Angel just wants to make me happy.


Cordelia was exhausted. She spent an hour defending Angel. If she hadn’t already been suspicious of Bob, she would be now. She shivered at the thought of him watching them. She hurried back to their room. She wanted to email Wesley before group started. Angel was already be there waiting for her. She quickly booted up the laptop.

I used a password as you requested. Sorry we haven’t kept in touch. We’ve been preoccupied on the Sanderson case. It’s been solved and we are all fine.

I really don’t think it’s wise to hide anything from Angel. I know subtlety is not his strong point but you’re meant to work together. He cannot keep you safe if he doesn’t know about the danger. Though I must admit, I wish I used a password on my last message. I hope you cleared up my little blunder. You’d tell me if Angel was still angry with me, right?

We did as you asked. I reviewed what we had on Dr. Altman and noticed his bank records only went back 7 months. I had Fred pull them up for the last 5 years and we found something of interest. It seems he wrote a check to his church once a month every month for 5 years until 8 months ago.

It makes me wonder if perhaps he’s found a new deity to worship. I know it’s not much. He could simply have started giving cash or chosen to stop attending church.

You should be on your guard. Two coincidences warrant distrust. We are continuing to investigate him. I’ve notified Mr. Nabbit. His investigators are going to assist us.
Be careful!


Dear Wesley,
I plan to tell Angel. I thought I might be overreacting before. I didn’t want to give Angel any more reasons to be hostile around Bob. His patented sudden burst of violence is not going to solve this case, but it was wrong to keep my suspicions a secret. He’s going to be pissed. I’ll tell him tonight.

I have another thing to add to the list. Though I don’t know what it means since the investigators chose not to confront the center when they discovered the cameras. They may just be the center’s illegal counseling tool or it’s the bad guys’ way of choosing their next victim (or both).

Bob said something in our session this morning that made me think he’s been watching us. He gave an explanation but I didn’t buy it. My instincts say he’s our guy. I’m just gonna have to get closer to him. Angel is going to be so pissed.

I need you to get a copy of the blueprints to this building. Also check to see if there are any caves in the vicinity. If Bob really is behind the disappearances, then his office is in the basement for a reason.
If you send a response tonight, make sure it’s still password protected. I’m going to tell Angel. I just don’t want him to intercept a message from you before I get a moment alone with him.

Cordelia logged off before rushing to join Angel downstairs. She knew he was probably worried. He was going to be so pissed at her.

Part 11

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