A Crisis of Faith. 18

Part 18

Not even aware that he had fallen asleep, Angel jerked into wakefulness, unsure of what had disturbed him. The almost imperceptible shaking of the bed and the salty smell of tears quickly clued him in however, and he rolled over onto his side, hooking his right arm around his crying girlfriend’s waist. Drawing her back against his broad chest, he wrapped his other arm around her upper body, enveloping her completely in his solid, comforting embrace.

“Ssh baby – it’s okay,” he whispered soothingly, tucking his face into the crook of her neck as he held her close.

“I’m sorry!” Cordelia hiccupped, twisting around to face him and looping her arms around his neck. “I hate it when we fight,” she sobbed, burying her face against his throat, her tears warming his skin with their wetness.

“I know baby, me too, me too,” he murmured into her hair, his voice cracking with emotion.

“Why do we keep doing this to each other?” she asked plaintively.

“Hey – come on,” Angel said softly, reaching out to flip on the light. Slipping a crooked finger under her chin, he lifted her tear-stained face to his. “We had a dumb argument, that’s all.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Angel. Something like this – it never would have affected me this way before, but now, after…”

Cordelia trailed off, her expression miserable as she looked up at him with sad, liquid-filled, brown eyes. Angel touched his forehead to hers and stroked his hands up and down the length of her spine, wanting to console her in her distress.

“There is nothing wrong with you,” he assured her. “We’ve been through a tough time recently, and that’s bound to take its toll for a while. We’re gonna be fine, I promise.”

“I hope so.”

“Well, I know so,” the vampire said, trailing his fingers over the nape of her neck and threading them through the silky strands of her hair. Holding her head firmly in his hands, he settled his lips over hers, determined to show the strength of his devotion through his kiss.

Cordelia murmured contentedly in the back of her throat, her arms rising to encircle his back as she opened her mouth under his. His lips moved confidently over hers, his exploring tongue seeking out every secret crevice in her mouth, the embrace filling her with the sense of being both completely protected and utterly loved.

Long minutes later, Angel finally released her and rolled over onto his back, gently tugging her with him. Curling into his side, the seer laid her head down on his bare chest and wrapped her arm around his midriff, sighing deeply when his fingers rose to play in her hair. They lay quietly together, each mulling over the previous few hours’ events in their minds, until Cordelia finally broke the contemplative silence.

“I’m sorry I accused you of wanting to be unfaithful,” she said. “I do trust you; it’s just that Buffy has the ability to get under my skin like no-one else. No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake this fear that you’ll wake up someday soon, and realise you’ve made a big mistake choosing to be with me, rather than her.”

“But I didn’t ever make a choice, it just wasn’t like that. I broke up with Buffy, and then I fell in love with you, simple as that.”

Cordelia turned her head and rested her chin on the back of her hand. “It’s just… I was there, Angel, remember?” she said, looking up at her boyfriend with fear and apprehension swimming in her hazel-eyed gaze. “I saw what you were like with Buffy, how your love for her was so intense and all-consuming.”

“But with me…,” the seer broke off, her words failing her for a second as she struggled to give voice to her deepest fears. “What I’m trying to say is you don’t seem to love me as intensely, and that scares the hell out of me. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost you – you’re my whole life.”

Angel stared her disbelievingly, shocked that she didn’t realise that his more relaxed attitude towards their relationship was a mark of his unshakable faith in the rightness of it.

“Listen to me,” he said, closing his hands around her upper arms and pulling her up the length of his body, so that her face was almost level with his. “You have to understand – when I met Buffy, I’d been devoid of any kind of human contact for decades. Being with her, it completely overwhelmed me. There isn’t the same kind of intensity between the two of us, I know, but that doesn’t mean my feelings for you aren’t as strong, not by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Are you sure of that?”

“Baby, of *course* I am. Love is more than just red roses and candlelight, you know. With Buffy, I constantly felt like I had to live up to this image of a perfect lover, but that just got too hard for me to maintain. After that, there was no place else for our relationship to go. I can be myself when I’m with you though, and that makes a huge difference.”

Angel paused and tucked a few wayward strands of hair behind her ears. “Am I making any sense here?” he queried, cupping her chin in his hand.

Finally beginning to grasp what he was getting at, Cordelia reached out to trace the outline of his mouth with one of her forefingers. “You’re saying that it’s not a bad thing that you don’t worship the ground that I walk on,” she ventured, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

The vampire chuckled and kissed the pad of her finger. “Yes, I guess I’m saying exactly that. You see, my relationship with Buffy failed because we couldn’t be open about what we wanted from each other. You and I though – we’re best friends as well as lovers, and that gives me confidence that our relationship has the ability to stand the test of time. I’m sorry I’ve not made that clear before now, I didn’t realise it was such an issue for you.”

“It didn’t used to be, I guess. Not in the way that it is now anyway,” Cordelia admitted, wanting to explain why she felt so unsettled by Buffy’s intrusive presence. “Everything that’s happened since Doyle’s death has kind of knocked me for six though, and I really need your support to help me get back on an even keel. That means having you demonstrably by my side, not sitting on the fence as you have been. It’s not so much about trust, more about our solidarity as a couple.”

Angel nodded solemnly as he took this in. “I suppose I have been trying too hard to keep everyone happy,” he conceded. “But you’re what matters most to me, Cordy, so if that’s what you need, then that’s what I’ll give.”

Buoyed by the conviction she could hear in his voice, the seer leaned down and pressed her lips gratefully to his. “Thank-you,” she whispered when their mouths parted, a single tear escaping to run down her cheek.

“No problem,” Angel replied, wiping the salty droplet away with the pad of his thumb. “You come first, okay?”

Cordelia nodded, and then tucked her head under his chin and exhaled deeply, glad that they had reached an understanding.

“You can forget most of what I said last night,” she said, a brief moment later. “There’s no need for you to publicly humiliate Buffy in that way – that’s my battle to fight. All I need you to do, is to make it clear to her that you’re not interested, okay? At the first chance you get mind, no more stalling, understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” the vampire responded, tightening his arms around her to reinforce his already verbalised promise. “Just do me a favour and hold off on the inevitable cat-fight until I’ve had a chance to speak to her, will you? She’s not going to listen otherwise – she’ll just think I’m trying to placate you.”

“Who says a catfight’s inevitable?” Cordelia asked indignantly. “I can be mature about this.”

The steady look and amused silence from her boyfriend said it all.

“All right, so maybe not,” she acknowledged. “I guess I do have this tendency to go off like firecracker, when someone steps on my territory.”

“Really? I’ve never noticed that before.”

“You’re not funny,” the seer said, slapping the grinning vampire lightly on the chest before her expression turned serious again. “That’s a big failing of mine, I suppose. I always react before I’ve had a chance to think things through properly. That’s gotta really irritate you sometimes.”

“Not so much, not enough to cause a problem anyway; I love that you’re so fiery and passionate. Maybe it would be a different story if you refused to talk about things once you’d calmed down, but, as it happens, the added benefits more than make up for the occasional downside.”

“And what benefits would those be?”

“Well, for one, that side of your nature has this delightful habit of asserting itself in other areas of our relationship,” the vampire replied, his voice dropping in both pitch and volume. “I wouldn’t dream of trying to stifle it, believe me. I maybe clueless sometimes, but I’m not *that* stupid.”

“Angel!” Cordelia protested, her cheeks tingeing pink when she realised what ‘other areas’ he was referring to.

Angel smiled as he felt the warmth of her blush against his skin, and dropped an affectionate kiss on the top of her head.

“Come on – we should get back to sleep,” he said, yawning as a wave of exhaustion came over him. “I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.”

By unspoken agreement, the two of them shifted position until they were lying face-to-face, their arms about each other and just inches separating them.

“Maybe we’ll explore some of those other areas in the morning,” Cordelia murmured, her eyes flickering closed as the potent pull of sleep started to overtake her.

“I’ll hold you to that you know,” the vampire warned, switching off the light and returning the room to its previous darkness.

“I know – I’m counting on it.”

“Well, I guess that’s all right then.”


It was approximately an hour past dawn when Angel woke again. The room was sufficiently light for the human eye to see, although the sun’s deadly rays were luckily filtered out by the blue drapes hanging at the windows. Propping his head up on his hand, he trailed his finger up and down Cordelia’s bare arm, watching as she slowly came awake in response to his soft caress. Her eyes opened and their gaze locked, the atmosphere between them instantly becoming charged with sexual energy.

Cordelia shivered under Angel’s intense scrutiny of her, her heart racing in anticipatory excitement as her nipples tightened to hard points. Held in thrall by her boyfriend’s dark-eyed gaze, a soft whimper escaped her lips when she saw him draw in an unneeded lungful of air, obviously savouring the scent of her budding arousal.

Cordelia Chase was not about to be undone by this potent display of male sexuality from him though, she was not a woman so easily subdued. With a great deal of effort, she pulled her scattered wits back into order and turned on her lethal feminine charm – to devastating effect.

“So – you like the fact that I’m fiery and passionate, do you?” she purred throatily, placing her palm over the vampire’s un-beating heart, her loaded question referring back to their conversation of a few hours before.

“Oh definitely,” was Angel’s emphatic response.

For a brief instant, the seer and vampire remained frozen in place before they simultaneously moved towards each other, meeting in the middle with a hard, almost brutal, kiss. Promptly seizing control, Angel forced Cordelia’s lips open with the insistent pressure of his mouth on hers, temporarily blindsiding her with the ferocity of his sensual onslaught.

As he tunnelled his fingers through her hair and pressed her down into the mattress with the heavy weight of his upper body, the seer clutched at his arms and curled her tongue enthusiastically around his, determined not to let him have full dominance of the heated embrace.

Long passion-filled minutes later, Angel felt the pressure of Cordelia’s hands against his chest and he reluctantly tore his mouth away from hers, responding to her unspoken demand to stop. Shoving him roughly backwards, the seer paused briefly to rip her top off over her head, and then fell on him again, peppering his eyes, nose and lips with nipping little kisses, her breath coming in sharp, frantic gasps.

Cordelia was overwhelmed by the need to claim Angel as hers, to send out a silent message to Buffy to keep her hands off what didn’t belong to her. To that effect, she slipped her hand down the back of his boxers and ran her palm possessively over the toned curve of his ass, her rising passion fuelled by the residual effects of their earlier argument.

She then moved her exploring hand around to the front and closed her fingers around his throbbing erection, prompting a low groan of pleasure to escape the vampire’s throat. Unimaginably pleased by this vocal response to her touch, the tempestuous seer began to stroke his hard flesh with a firm, fast rhythm, building up his arousal at a rapid pace.

“Jesus Cordy – slow down!” Angel hissed, grabbing hold of her wrist to curtail her actions.

With a whine of complaint, Cordelia tried to throw off his insistent grasp, wholly intent on her goal to have him at her mercy. This left her boyfriend no other choice but to use the advantage of his greater strength to restrain her, so he flipped her over onto her back and straddled her thrashing body with his much larger one.

“Cordelia!” he remonstrated sharply, forcibly pinning her hands down on the pillow as he held her captive between his powerfully built thighs.

Breathing heavily with exertion, Cordelia arched her back and provocatively thrust her exposed breasts out at him, her eyes glittering with an almost feral possessiveness as she strained against his hold. All the borrowed blood in Angel’s body rushed south with a vengeance, as he took in the highly erotic picture she presented. With her womanly curves, rosebud nipples and flawless golden skin, she was Aphrodite incarnate, and she roused his carnal impulses beyond measure.

With an almost predatory growl, he swooped down to take the tightly puckered peak of her left breast into his mouth, eliciting a sharp cry of pleasure from the writhing female beneath him. The pull of his mouth on her engorged nipple triggered a rush of moisture at the juncture of her thighs, and the air swiftly became saturated with the delicious aroma of feminine arousal, a happenstance that only served to aggravate the vampire’s, by now painfully erect, condition.

Despite her loudly vocal enjoyment of his attentions, Cordelia continued to resist against his restraint of her, relentlessly twisting and bucking her body under his. Her struggles were so convincing that Angel was finally forced to raise his head, needing to reassure himself that her performance was only intended to stir up his – and her – ardour further.

Seeing the concerned question in her boyfriend’s eyes, Cordelia temporarily reigned in her runaway passion to set his mind at rest. “And the Oscar goes to…” she murmured, an impish twinkle sparkling in her eye.

Angel relaxed. “You’re a wicked woman, Cordelia Chase,” he declared.

Drawing her hands together above her head, he wrapped the fingers of his left hand around both her wrists, purposely freeing up his right hand for other activities. Starting at the hollow of her throat, he trailed a meandering path down through the valley of her breasts to the slight swell of her lower abdomen. Then, turning his hand around, he slowly slid it under the waistband of her shorts, combed down through the damp curls guarding her apex with the tips of his fingers.

Her breath coming in heavy gasps, Cordelia tensed under him, waiting on tenterhooks for his next move. When it came, a few seconds later, she uttered a low breathless moan, her eyes fluttering closed as he delicately traced out the moist entrance to her body with his middle finger. “Oh God!”

His forefinger then sought out the throbbing nub of her clitoris and circled it several times with a light touch, causing her hips to jerk upwards in reaction to the stimulus. The maddening lack of pressure from the barely there caress triggered a wail of frustration from her as well. “Angel please!”

Satisfied with the reaction he’d provoked, the vampire removed his hand from between her thighs and put his fingers into his mouth, sucking her creamy essence from the digits with a low hum of appreciation.

“You’re doing this on purpose,” Cordelia accused, her mouth settling into a dramatic pout.

Angel leaned down and planted a sound kiss on her pursed lips. “That’s right. Now stay where you are.”

“What if I don’t want to?” she asked petulantly.

In answer, the vampire momentarily released one of her wrists from his grip, and then re-captured her briefly liberated fingers with his free hand. Easily winning the battle against her token resistance, he forcibly lowered their joined hands to cup the prominent bulge tenting his navy blue boxers.

“You want this, don’t you?” he asked, his tone darkly sensual.

“Don’t you?” he demanded again, when she stubbornly refused to reply.

“Oh god yes!” Cordelia cried out fervently, her efforts at defiance crumbling to dust in the face of her mounting passion for him.

A flash of triumph crossed Angel’s handsome face at her ardent exclamation. “So stay,” he instructed, returning her hand to join its partner above her head.

Allowing him to win this round, Cordelia docilely remained as directed, forcing herself to lie still as he mapped out the contours of her body with his cool hands, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. Reaching his intended destination, the vampire hooked his fingers into the waistband of her shorts and tugged them down and off her slim legs, revealing her in all her naked glory.

Rising up on his knees, Angel separated her tanned limbs with his hands, and then stroked the backs of his fingers up and down her inner thighs, mercilessly teasing her with a deliberately light touch. Cordelia started to undulate her hips against the mattress in response, her pupils dilating to almost black as she wordlessly begged for more.

The vampire waited until she was about ready to slap him, and then ceased his infuriating caress and dipped his head to place a stream of nipping kisses along the soft skin of her inner thigh. Starting his exploratory journey at the inside of her knee, his lips travelled slowly downwards to where her thigh met the outside edge of her sex, where he sat back on his heels and watched, as her inner core contracted and expelled a wave of creamy arousal in anticipation of what was to follow.

“You’re always so wet for me,” he noted with satisfaction.

“Geez! Save all the commentary, will ya? Just hurry up and go down on me already!”

Angel grinned at her outburst, but obediently complied with her impatient request, eagerly lowering his mouth to her slick folds. As his probing tongue began to lap hungrily at her centre, Cordelia moaned in delight at the exquisite sensations this engendered within her, and reached down with one hand to clutch at his hair, firmly holding him to her to prevent any escape.

Spurred on by her response, the vampire relentlessly kept up his sensual assault, enthusiastically gathering up her sweet feminine juices on his tongue, while he lightly stroked her sensitive clitoris with the tip of his finger. His ministrations continued without respite, ultimately tipping his girlfriend over the edge into pure sensory overload.

Cordelia’s breathless moans turned into sobs of frustration, as his cool tongue stroked incessantly over her most intimate parts, keeping her endlessly teetering on the knife-edge of oblivion. Desperately needed the balm of orgasm to soothe the agony of unfulfilled ecstasy assailing her body, she bucked her hips strongly up into his mouth, demanding that he give it to her.

Angel could tell that she was rapidly approaching the limit of her endurance, so he took pity on her and deftly circled his tongue around the swollen bud of her clitoris, causing a powerful and instantaneous reaction from the over-stimulated seer.

“Oh! Oh God! Oh please!” Cordelia cried out loudly, throwing back her head and arching her lower spine as her muscles tensed in readiness for much needed release.

The vampire drew her hypersensitive nodule into his mouth and suckled hard, finally giving the incoherent seer what she wanted. As a direct result, she splintered apart under his lips with an impassioned scream of his name. “Angel!”

He loved it when she lost control in this way – she always surrendered herself to the moment so completely, holding nothing back from him. Thus, he felt a deep responsibility to protect her while her emotional defences were down. Crawling up the mattress, he lay alongside her, and gently brought her down from her high with whispered words of love and devotion.

While she recovered her senses, he kissed away the tears that she had involuntarily shed during her orgasm, and ran his hand up and down her spine to instil calm back into her trembling body. Cordelia gradually became aware of more than just the rapid thud thudding of her heart, and she opened her eyes, smiling her trademark cat-got-the-cream smile.

“Okay?” Angel asked quietly, tenderly cupping the side of her face in his hand.

“Yeah, I think so,” she whispered in reply, her hazel orbs still a little dazed from her earth-shattering climax.

The vampire kissed her softly on the lips, before his hand left her face and ran down the side of her neck. His fingers swept a path over her collarbone and down towards her cleavage, where he cupped the heavy weight of her full breast in his palm. Cordelia smiled inwardly as his fingers gently kneaded the softly rounded flesh, his thumb brushing back and forth over the puckered pink tip.

Covering his hand with one of hers to encourage his attentions, the seer shifted into a sitting position and pushed her boyfriend over onto his back, straddling his big, muscular body with her slighter form. Sitting astride his lower abdomen, she ran her fingers through her hair and locked her hands together high above her head, stretching out her muscles with a sensual shudder.

This action pressed the folds of her sex firmly against the vampire’s belly, and his stomach muscles quivered as the warm dampness from her recent climax moistened his sensitive flesh. Cordelia’s look turned distinctly predatory at his reaction, and she bent to nuzzle at his neck, her lips seeking out, and finding, one of his most responsive erogenous zones.


Angel groaned long and low, crushing her to him as her mouth latched onto his inactive pulse point and suckled hard. With one hand flat against in the small of her back, and the other cupping the nape of her neck, he held her tightly against him, until she finally lifted her mouth from his pale skin and circled her finger around the purple mark she’d made.

“Marking your property?” Angel asked, running his hands over curvy bottom and down the backs of her thighs, as she kissed up the column of his throat and over his chiselled jaw.

“Of course,” Cordelia replied unashamedly, not caring how possessive she appeared. “It’s about time a certain someone learned just who belongs to who around here. You’re mine and I want everyone to know it.”

She reiterated her passionate declaration with a hot, consuming kiss that heated the vampire’s blood with its wanton possessiveness. His inner demon stirred by the fiery embrace, Angel responded in kind, countering her claim of ownership with one of his own. His fingers slipped down between her thighs to probe at slick wetness, while he kissed her back with equal fervour.

Cordelia was breathing heavily when they eventually broke apart, her skin damp with beads of perspiration and her eyes gleaming bright with heady desire. “My turn,” she said resolutely, firmly removing his hand from between her legs, and smoothing the flat of her palms over the hard, muscular expanse of his chest with obvious relish.

Giving into the urge to taste the salty flavour of his skin, the seer bent to circle each of his flat male nipples with the tip of her tongue, her fingers lightly tracing out the outline of his ribs as she breathed deeply of his masculine scent. She then dragged her mouth down the length of his torso, causing the toned muscles of his stomach jump under her lips’ wet, tickling caress. Reaching his groin area, she looked up at him with decidedly wicked twinkle in her eye.

“My, oh my, now what do we have here?”

Angel still wore his underwear, but the cotton material did absolutely nothing to conceal the hard evidence of his desire for her. Cordelia teasingly ran her finger over the tent in his boxers, and his erection twitched under her touch, producing an answering throb between her own thighs.

“Mmm, I think I want me some of that. Get ’em off so I can get a proper look at you, big guy.”

Sitting up, the vampire dutifully shrugged off the dark blue garment, and offered it to her on the ends of his fingers. With a testy ‘humph,’ Cordelia snatched the pair of boxers from him and tossed them over her shoulder onto the floor, then moved to kneel between his bent legs as he reclined back onto the bed and nonchalantly folded his arms under his head.

Piqued by his blasé attitude, she purposely danced her fingertips up and down his inner thighs, mimicking his earlier actions, until he growled out her name in annoyance. “Cordelia!”

“Turnabout is fair play,” his girlfriend loftily informed him, her eyes sparkling with glee at his unmistakable frustration.

Angel couldn’t dispute that, so reluctantly remained silent, knowing that she would deliberately make him wait if he argued with her. Not quite finished teasing him, Cordelia mischievously blew a steady stream of warm air over his twitching sex, giggling as he bit his bottom lip to hold back the inevitable protest. Moments later – and much to vampire’s relief – she finally took the weeping tip of his erection into her warm mouth.

While she skilfully stroked her tongue over his penis’ sensitive underside, Angel closed his eyes and let out a strangled moan, fisting the sheets in his hands to stop himself from thrusting up hard into her mouth. Cordelia wasn’t shy or tentative in this regard, and her belief in her ability to please him, always added an extra level to his enjoyment of the act. Taking more of him in, she purposely added suction and pulled her lips back up his length, knowing that this action, performed repeatedly, was what gave him the most pleasure.

“Oh, so good! That’s it, keep going baby!” the vampire chanted mindlessly as her talented mouth moved up and down his hard shaft with increasing confidence.

After a minute or so of this though, his self-control was about ready to breach its confines, forcing him to reach down and tug lightly on her hair; indicating that, if she didn’t want things to end prematurely, it was time to call a halt to her torturously pleasurable attentions.

Cordelia released him from her mouth, but then shifted position and lowered herself down over his straining erection without any preamble. The move took Angel completely unawares, and he gasped as her inner walls unexpectedly surrounded his hard length with their deliciously tight-fitting embrace.

“Oh Jesus! Don’t move!” he hissed warningly, grasping hold of her hips to hold her still.

Screwing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth, he struggled valiantly to ignore the clamouring demands of his lower body, and eventually succeeded in getting his arousal back under control. Opening his eyes, he looked up at his contrite girlfriend with mild censure in his gaze.

“Sorry,” Cordelia said apologetically. “I had this desperate urge to feel you inside me, all of a sudden.”

“Waiting might have avoided the ‘Oh Shit!’ moment,” the vampire softly rebuked.

Cordelia’s mouth curled up at the corners at his ruefulness. “It was fun though,” she commented with cheeky wink.


“Shut up, Angel. I’m busy.”

With that playful admonishment, the seer leaned forward and braced her hands against his chest, rising up on her knees until only the tip of him remained inside her. She paused there for a moment, and then flexed her thighs and slowly began to ride him, her pace leisurely as she savoured the feeling of his thick length embedded deep within her core.

“Feel good?” Angel asked, watching her beautiful face suffuse with bliss as she revelled in the internal stimulation, caused by her slow, steady movements atop of him.

“Oh yeah! I love having you inside me, baby.”

Encouraged by her overwhelmingly positive response, the vampire moved his hand around from her hip and sought out the small erect nub at the joining of their bodies.

“What about now? Does that feel good too?” he queried, rhythmically stroking the pad of his thumb over her distended clitoris.

“Oh yes! Oh Angel! So good!” Giving vent to this low cry of pleasure, Cordelia arched her neck and thrust her breasts forward, little mewling sounds tumbling forth from her lips as she willingly cast herself adrift on a sea of pure erotic sensation.

“You are so beautiful,” Angel informed her hoarsely, moved – and immensely turned on – by her open responsiveness to their lovemaking.

Digging his heels into the mattress, he began to lift his hips in strong counterpoint to hers, relishing the exquisite feel of her hot channel sliding up and down his throbbing sex. The seer’s pace increased in tempo as her passion intensified, adding extra resistance to his penetration, and he groaned at the sheer pleasure of being at one with her. “Oh Cordy!”

As Cordelia hurtled towards her climax, she was inundated, once again, by the strong need to claim Angel as hers. “Tell me you’re mine,” she demanded harshly, opening her eyes and looking down into his face.

The fierce possessiveness in her gaze fired the vampire’s ardour to new heights, and he thrust hard and deep into her tight wet heat, yielding at last to the overpowering demands of his body.

“Tell me!”

Totally beside herself, the seer dug her fingers into his chest, insisting on an answer. Her manicured nails pierced his skin and Angel reared up to a sitting position in protest. Unintentionally vamping out, he roughly grabbed her face between his hands and crushed his lips to hers, kissing her hard.

“I’m yours,” he swore, his golden eyes boring deep into her hazel orbs as she rode him hard, her movements becoming increasingly frantic as she neared her release.

With a cry of satisfaction, Cordelia threw back her head and came apart in the vampire’s arms, clawing at his shoulders and drawing blood with her fingernails as she lost all control of her senses. “Oh yes! Mine!”

Angel cupped her shoulders in his hands and dropped his ridged face into the soft pillow of her cleavage, finally surrendering what was left of his self-control. Letting loose with a long drawn out groan of completion, he rode out the violent storm of her orgasm with her, emptying his cool seed inside her milking body until he had no more to give.

For long minutes afterwards, the couple stayed wrapped around each other, their bodies shuddering and quaking in the wake of their explosive climaxes. Angel was the first to recover and he raised his head and looked down into his girlfriend’s face, gently stroking his fingers over her rosy cheek to rouse her from her glassy-eyed reverie. The seer’s colour was still high, her flushed face framed by damp tendrils of chin-length dark hair.

“Whoa!” Cordelia exclaimed, as she came back to herself with a jolt.

“Whoa about covers it.”

“Sorry – had a seriously scary girlfriend moment there.”

“Tell me about it,” Angel agreed with a smile, his voice devoid of anything resembling reproach.

Despite this lack of censure from him, the seer’s face clouded over as the reality of her passion-fuelled actions hit home. “I hurt you,” she said regretfully, running her fingers over the scratch marks on his shoulder blades

“It’s nothing, they’ll heal,” the vampire replied, casually dismissing her worries. “Hey, come on, I told you – I like you fiery, remember?”


“No buts,” Angel said firmly, silencing her with a finger over her lips. “I’ve been known on occasion to have similarly possessive moments myself. Just as long as that sort of thing stays in the bedroom, then we don’t have a problem. Okay?”


“Stop worrying about it then.”

“I’m not, not really – it’s just kind of scary to lose control like that.”

Angel lay back down on the bed and pulled her down on top of him, trailing his fingertips up and down the bare flesh of her back in a soothing caress. “I will always be there to catch you, sweetheart, I promise,” he vowed quietly.

Cordelia pressed her warm lips into the hollow of his throat. “Tell me you love me,” she murmured against his skin.

“I love you.”


“To forever and back again.”

“Can you come back from forever?” she asked curiously.

Angel laughed and hugged her close. “I’ll tell you what – how about we find that out together?”

“I’m up for that,” Cordelia said, snuggling down with a contented sigh. “I love you too, you know.”

“Yeah baby, I know.”

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