Sensory Memory

Title: Sensory Memory. A Darkness Within ‘Short’
Author: Anna
Posted: 3/26/06
Rating: PG
Category: angsty-ish
Content: Angel POV
Summary: What is Angel thinking during the hair sniffing incident in S2?
Spoilers: S2
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Just ask
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I inhale deeply. My eyes drift shut and my head fills with an intoxicatingly familiar scent. Fresh, clean, innocent, with a hint of feminine promise. Ignoring all the rules of personal space I move in closer, trying to pull in as much of the heady fragrance as possible.

Memories of another brunette seer, whose innocence called to me and whose blood stirred endless longings, engulf me. Forbidden images flash through my mind as I recall the pleasurable hours spent breaking her in body and spirit. Drusilla, my greatest sin and most beautiful creation.

Her scent is all around me, it permeates my skin, my very pores are saturated with her.

Another deep breath releases a fresh torrent of recollections entwined with ruthlessly suppressed desires. A guilt-free existence, a long-dead fantasy. A life without responsibility and where the only pain felt was by my victims as I slowly snuffed out their fragile human lives.

The very essence of her being is captured in her unique perfume. It teases; dare me to long for things I can’t have.

How is it that a simple scent can evoke so much? I live with it daily, the desires it stirs have almost become the background noise to my life. Denial is something I’ve had a lot of practice at. But every now and then something breaks and the distant hum becomes a roar.

My eyes snap open at her sudden jerk of movement. The memories recede, retreating back to that dark corner of my mind where guilty secrets are kept and private longings are stored. My control slides back into place and the roar reverts to a hum. For now.


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