Baywatch Angel 8.

Part 8

“Where are we going?” Cordelia asked, when instead of heading for the leisure centre exit, Angel took the back staircase that led up to the roof.

“The roof,” the vampire replied, stating the obvious.

“Well, I know *that*, but why? I thought we were going back to the Hotel.”

“We are,” Angel said, as he shouldered the door open and carried her out onto the rooftop. “It’s quicker this way though.”

“Which way?” Cordelia asked puzzled, and then his meaning dawned. “Oh no, no way José,” she said, emphatically shaking her head.

“You wanted to be Jane.”

“Tarzan had a rope!”

Angel laughed at her wide-eyed horror. “I won’t let you fall,” he promised as he set her back down on her feet. “You trust me, don’t you?”

The seer promptly thumped him on the shoulder in retaliation. “That’s cheating,” she accused, her mouth settling into a dramatic pout. “You’re not supposed to use the ‘don’t you trust me’ line this early on in a relationship.”

In response, Angel palmed the back of her head in his hand and tugged her towards him, planting a sound kiss on her pursed lips. Stepping back slightly, he leaned in close, deliberately invading her personal space as he trailed a forefinger back and forth along the neckline of her top.

“I like to break the rules,” he informed her.

Oh, I am in so much trouble! Cordelia thought, as her traitorous body reacted to his low seductive tone, automatically softening in readiness for what was to come. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to quell the throbbing ache at her centre – unfortunately without much notable success. Angel smiled knowingly and she flushed to the roots of her hair, embarrassed that her arousal was so transparent to him.

His finger continued with its journey across her skin then, brushing over her collarbone and shoulder as he circled around her in an almost predatory fashion. He eventually came to a standstill directly behind her, and her breath caught in her throat as he sensually ran the back of his finger down the length of her arm, barely even touching her, but making her acutely aware of his presence nevertheless.

Her heart thumping wildly in her chest, Cordelia waited for him to make his next move, which he did by hooking his arm around her middle and drawing her back against him, his free hand holding onto her hip. Her bottom settled snugly into the cradle of his strong thighs, and she gasped when she felt his erection straining hard against the crotch of his pants. The vampire seemed wholly unconcerned by her shock though, and bent to murmur a series of instructions in her ear as if nothing was amiss.

“Just relax and let me do most of the work, okay?” he said softly. “We’ll need to take a bit of run up each time, but I’ll take care of the rest. And, whatever you do, don’t look down – try to keep your gaze focused on where we’re going instead.”

Cordelia’s heartbeat accelerated in alarm, a wave of panic washing over her. “I need to hold on,” she blurted, her voice a little shrill.

“Just cross you arms over,” the vampire calmly instructed, his level tone helping to soothe her mounting anxiety.

The seer did as directed and found that this enabled her to take a proper grasp of the arm that was banded like steel around her midriff. With one hand clasping his bent elbow and the other clutching at his wrist, she relaxed back into his hold.

“Don’t drop me,” she said, her voice trembling with nerves.

“Don’t worry, no chance of that,” Angel assured her with confidence. “We’re going that way first, okay?” he said, pointing out their destination with his free hand.


“I need you to run with me until we’re about a metre from the edge, and then I’m going to jump. Got that?”

Cordelia nodded. “Yes.”

“All right then, on three. One… Two… Three…”

Oh God! I’m so gonna die! Cordelia thought as the edge came closer and closer…

And then, all of a sudden, she was flying, the wind gently ruffling her hair as they sailed effortlessly across the gap between the two buildings. The concrete roof of the adjacent apartment block rushed up to meet them, but she felt no fear, only wild exhilaration. She was laughing in delight when they finally touched down on solid ground again.

“Whoa! That was so cool!” she exclaimed, twisting round in his arms and giving him an excited hug.

Twirling away from him with an almost childlike enthusiasm, she hurried over to the edge to look down on the bright lights of the city. They stretched as far as the eye could see, twinkling like multi-coloured fairy lights on a Christmas tree. Angel smiled at her girlish wonder and followed at a more sedate pace. Slipping his arms around her waist from behind, he pressed a gentle kiss to her temple, inhaling the citrus-sweet smell of her hair.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” he said in her ear.

He dropped his face into the crook of her neck then, and Cordelia leaned back into him, curling her hand around the nape of his neck as his cool lips latched onto her throbbing pulse point. She closed her eyes, sighing contentedly when he placed a stream of wet, nibbling kisses up the column of her throat.

“Time we moved on, I think,” he murmured, when he finally lifted his mouth from her silky skin. “I want you in my bed, but I’m in danger of ravishing you on this rooftop if we carry on like this.”

Images of the latter scenario flooded Cordelia’s brain, making legs go weak at the knees and her breath quicken with want. Her shyness had all but disappeared now, leaving behind an urgent need to be at one with the man she had come to love beyond anything else.

Angel chuckled in her ear. “Maybe some other time,” he said, somehow reading her mind. “Somewhere comfortable – like my bed – is more suitable for what I have in mind for tonight though. I plan to worship every inch of your body, and discover all those secret places that are guaranteed to have you writhing in ecstasy.”

The seer twisted around in his arms and looped her arms around his neck, her eyes soft as melted caramel. “Take me to bed and lose me forever then,” she said boldly, despite the butterflies in her stomach.

“It’s a line from a movie,” she added off his quizzical look.

“Sounds like a good movie.”

“Oh yeah – Tom Cruise in a uniform – what more could a girl ask for?”

Angel touched his forehead to hers so that their noses rubbed together in a tender Eskimo kiss. “Me in her bed,” he suggested roguishly.

“Well, there is that I suppose,” Cordelia replied in a deliberately offhand manner, “Although, I hafta say, it’s a close call.”

“You’re pushing your luck, girl,” Angel growled in mock anger, causing her to break out in delighted laughter.

Her mirth was infectious and the vampire found himself laughing along with her. “Come on,” he said, turning her around in his arms. “Time to go.”

They arrived back at the Hyperion five minutes later, and Cordelia found herself being tugged towards the doorway that led down into the upper wings, almost before her feet touched the ground.

“Eager, aren’t we?” she teased as they descended the small wooden staircase to the topmost floor.

Angel didn’t reply, but when they reached the lushly decorated landing, he grabbed her upper arms and pushed her up against the wall, his dark eyes glittering with what could only be described as pure, predatory lust. Tunnelling his fingers through her hair, he kissed her roughly, his demanding tongue seeking out every nook and cranny in her mouth, while he forcibly separated her legs with his knee and pressed his inflamed groin into the vee of her thighs.

“I’ve waited long enough,” he gruffly informed her, when he finally released her from the dizzying embrace.

Incapable of speech, Cordelia just nodded, her fingers rising to touch her swollen, passion-ravaged lips, as he took her by the hand and towed her along the corridor and down several flights of stairs.

Jesus man, slow it down for god’s sake! This is only her second time remember? Angel sharply rebuked himself, striving to get his unleashed ardour back under control.

It was extremely difficult; the months of waiting for the right opportunity to take their relationship to the next level – not to mention the interrupted lovemaking session earlier – had only served to heighten his desire for her, not diminish it. By the time they reached his room though, he had regained some semblance of self-control, his concern for his seer’s well-being helping to kick his rampant hormones into partial touch.

Shutting and bolting the door behind them, he led her through into the bedroom area, where he turned on a couple of lamps, lighting the room with a muted yellow glow. Crossing to stand in front of a nervous Cordelia, he reached down and took her hands in his. Seeking to reassure her, he lifted their entwined fingers to his lips and brushed a gentle kiss across the backs of her knuckles.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a self-deprecating smile. “I kind of lost it there for a moment. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t, not really, it was just… intense.”

“That’s one way of describing it, I suppose,” the vampire replied as he stepped closer and slipped an arm around her waist.

He bent to kiss her then, his free hand rising to cradle the side of her face as his lips moved slowly and sweetly over hers. The loving tenderness in this embrace was a direct contrast to the wanton possessiveness of the one a few minutes before.

As she surrendered herself to his kiss, Cordelia’s hands rose to clutch at his back, her fingers tracing his vertebrae through the material of his t-shirt. After a while, their embrace began to heat up and she was filled with the desire to feel his cool skin under her burning fingertips. Pulling away, she insistently began to push up his t-shirt, intent on achieving her goal.

Angel quickly got the message and crossed his arms over his chest, removing the offending garment and tossing it aside. Cordelia’s warm hands and mouth were immediately upon him, her gentle fingers stroking up and down his back, while her soft lips trailed wet kisses across the tanned expanse of his torso, branding him as her own.
Angel closed his eyes, his hands rising to tangle in her hair as she circled the tip of her tongue around his flat, male nipples. Allowing her to be in control for now, he surreptitiously started to back her over towards the bed, preparing to take back the upper hand once they got there.

Oblivious, Cordelia continued with her ardent exploration of his body, her fingers massaging at the base of his spine, while her tongue dipped into the hollow of his throat to taste the salty tang of his skin. Having been unaware of her boyfriend’s sneaky manoeuvres, she jumped in surprise when the backs of her thighs bumped against the edge of the mattress.

Grinning at her astonishment, Angel curled his fingers into the hem of the turquoise vest top and, rather surprisingly, she obediently raised her arms so that he could remove it over her head. After first toeing off his boots and socks, he waited patiently while she sat down on the bed, and then knelt down on the floor in front of her. Lifting first one leg and then the other, he removed her sneakers in turn, pausing to kiss the inside of her bare ankles before he set each foot back down again.

Next, he hooked his hands into the waistband of her sweatpants and – with a soft instruction to ‘lift up’ – stripped them from her lower body, leaving her clad in just her underwear. Her matching bra and panties set was plain – pale blue cotton with a thin lace trim, pretty, rather than sexy. Noticing the focus of his gaze, Cordelia shifted uncomfortably, an embarrassed flush colouring her cheeks.

“I – umm – wasn’t really expecting this, or else I might have worn something a little more…” she trailed off, waving her hand at her rather functional undergarments to illustrate her point.

Angel grinned. “Right, so you came to the pool, dressed in *that* bikini, and you didn’t expect this to be the result.”

“Well, I…” Cordelia was at a loss for words. “I guess I didn’t think that far,” she eventually confessed. “I mean, all I could think about was those Buffy clones fluttering their eyelashes at you, and I…”

“Buffy clones?” One of Angel’s eyebrows quirked up at that.

“Yeah – you know, blond, petite – well, I guess some of them had boobs, but… what’s so funny?”

“You’re so wonderfully blunt sometimes,” he said, through his laughter.

“Oh,” Cordelia giggled when she realised what she’d said. “You think it’s funny?” she asked, surprised at his open mirth. “I thought you’d be mad.”

Rising up on his knees, Angel ran his hands up and down the soft skin of her outer thighs and kissed her forehead. “Why would I be?”

“Cus it’s well… you know – Buffy,” the seer said as if that explained everything.

“Cordy, I loved Buffy, I don’t deny that, but I’m not going jump down your throat just because you inferred that she’s flat-chested, for god’s sake.”

“You would have done before,” Cordelia pointed out.

Angel sighed, she wasn’t wholly wrong there. “That was then,” he said. “It’s different now. Besides, you’re right – she isn’t as blessed in that area as you are.”

“You think they’re too big?” Cordelia worriedly glanced down at her voluptuous chest, suddenly filled with an irrational sense of inadequacy.

“Well now, let’s see.” The vampire cupped her firm round breasts in his hands, testing their weight and feel by gently bouncing them in his palms.

“Nope, they seem like the perfect size to me,” he concluded with a sly wink, his thumbs lightly teasing her semi-erect nipples through the cotton of her bra.

The seer blushed furiously and batted his hands away. “Angel!”

“Well, you did ask,” he said, getting up off the floor.

He climbed up onto the bed, and Cordelia immediately scooted back up the mattress away from him, thwarting his first attempt to ensnare her. Undeterred and intent on capturing his prey, the vampire promptly followed her on all fours, forcing her to retreat again. When she reached the head of the bed, the seer could no longer evade his grasp however, and she squealed in protest as his hands closed like traps around her ankles.

Angel grinned and hauled her towards him, enjoying her playful teasing. Although there was obviously a serious side to the act, he firmly believed that sex should be fun, and was glad that his new girlfriend seemed to be of the same opinion. Still holding on to her slender ankles, he separated her legs and lowered his body down over hers. Immediately afterwards, his mouth descended to capture her parted lips in a slow, sensual kiss – the drugging embrace full of the promise of greater pleasures to come.

Cordelia moaned into his mouth, her breasts growing full and heavy as hot, clenching desire blossomed low in her belly. The delicious heaviness of his bodyweight pressed her deep into the mattress and it felt like absolute heaven. Wanting to crawl inside his skin, she hooked one of her legs around his waist and pushed her hips up into his, digging her heel into his buttocks to gain extra leverage.

A low tortured groan escaped Angel’s throat at her actions and he ripped his lips from hers. Palming her bottom in his hand, he held her tightly against him while he rhythmically thrust his throbbing erection into the cradle of her thighs, his need for release threatening to consume him whole. Although it was extremely hard to ignore the insistent demands of his body, he knew he had to stop before his self-control deserted him. Cordelia was so much more to him than a casual conquest, and he did not intend to treat her as such.

So, with a great deal of effort, he pulled away from her silken embrace and rolled over onto his back. Closing his eyes, he pressed the back of his hand against his forehead and focused his attention on subduing his out of control arousal, drawing in deep unneeded breaths to aid his efforts.

Cordelia’s soft worried “Angel?” eventually brought him back to his senses, and he turned his head to look at her, fixing an apologetic gaze on her anxious face.

“I’m sorry baby. I’ve just wanted this for so long and what with the unfortunate interruption earlier… I’m gonna have to do something to take the edge off, or I’m in danger of forgetting myself in the heat of the moment. And you need me to take this slow.”

“It’s all right, I want you to. I mean, we can…”

“No Cordy – you haven’t had sex in two years, not to mention the fact that it’s only your second time. I may be a caveman about some things, but wham, bam, thank-you ma’am, is not my style.”

Cordelia looked down, her fingers playing nervously with the comforter. “So what…?”

“You think you’re ready to see your first buck-naked man yet?” Angel asked, catching her off guard with his question.

The seer shyly raised her gaze to his, her eyes wide and round like saucers. Her colour was high and shiny beads of sweat dampened the dark tendrils of hair that framed her lovely face. Swallowing hard, she nodded, her cheeks flushing a deeper shade of pink.

Before she could change her mind, Angel sat up and shrugged off his sweatpants and boxers, then lay back down on the bed. Bending his outer leg at the knee, he placed his foot flat against the mattress and turned his nude body slightly towards her, drawing her gaze down to his erect penis, which rose proudly from the cradle of thighs.

“You’re beautiful,” she eventually said, her voice soft and breathy in tone.

Angel smiled, glad that she’d lost her earlier self-consciousness. He didn’t want to do anything that would make her uncomfortable, but couldn’t deny that he was hoping to coax her into helping out with his current predicament. Unaware, Cordelia stepped right into his carefully laid honey trap.

“Can I touch you?” she asked, inching a little closer.

When he nodded in acquiesce, she reached out and tentatively ran her forefinger down the front of his hard length. Then, moving her hand around to the sensitive underside, lightly stroked from root to tip with the pads of her fingers, causing his hips to buck up off the mattress in reaction.

“It feels… is it an it or a he?” she asked curiously.

The vampire couldn’t care less, just long as she didn’t stop touching him. “Whatever you want,” he said from between clenched teeth.

“He,” she decided. “I mean, he’s definitely male, isn’t he?” she added with a naughty giggle.

Despite the fact that her tantalising touch was absolute torture, Angel laughed and shook his head, charmed by her saucy playfulness. “You’re incorrigible.”

Cordelia snuggled closer and rested her warm cheek against his chest, her hand still lightly stroking up and down his twitching erection. “Is this what you meant by taking the edge off?”

“I think you’ve got the general idea, yes,” Angel said, the strain of holding out evident in his strangled tone.

“Am I doing it right? I mean Xander liked… humph!”

The seer was cut off as the vampire’s hand clamped over her mouth. “That’s the last time that *boy* gets mentioned in our bed,” he said fiercely.

“Okay, keep your hair on. Geez! Possessive much?”

“Get used to it.”

Cordelia ignored that. “Well, am I?” she demanded impatiently. “Doing it right, I mean.”

“You don’t have to be so tentative; it’s okay to be a little firmer.”

Angel reached down and closed his hand over hers, guiding her movements for a while, showing her how to touch him the way he liked. She quickly caught on and he let his hand fall away, leaving her to tease and arouse him as she saw fit. Spurred on by his low moans of pleasure, Cordelia gradually gained in confidence, her ministrations growing bolder as she sensed him surrender to her rhythmic touch.

While she pumped his smooth hard flesh between her fingers at a firm, but steady pace, Angel fisted his fingers into the comforter, his arousal rapidly starting to spiral out of control. His borrowed blood was rushing like wildfire through his veins, his sex painfully erect, and he was slowly starting to lose all sense of self.

“That’s it baby, like that. Feels so good,” he began to chant, mindlessly tossing his head from side to side on the pillow as his focus narrowed to the exquisite pleasure of her hand on his rigid flesh.

It wasn’t long before his body tightened in readiness for blissful release, and he gasped, arching his neck back at the intensity of the sensation. His engorged sex pulsed once in her hand, and then he came with a long drawn-out groan of completion.

“So that’s how I get you completely at my mercy,” he dimly heard his seer murmur as he slowly came back down from his high.

“Useful to know,” she added, when he eventually opened his dazed eyes to look at her. She smiled at him, a warm twinkle sparkling in her eyes and her expression filled with smug satisfaction.

“It works both ways,” he warned, grabbing some tissues to clean himself off.

“Oh, it does, does it?” she asked archly.

“I can almost guarantee it.”

“My, my – confident, aren’t we?”

“Let’s test my theory out, shall we?” the vampire suggested, rolling her underneath him in one smooth, unbroken move.

Skipping the preliminaries, he bent to kiss her neck and confidently slid his hand beneath the waistband of her panties. His fingers teased the damp curls guarding the entrance to her body, while his middle digit circled her moist outer lips, gathering up her creamy arousal and making her whimper with pleasure.

“You like that, huh?” he whispered in her ear. “How about this?”

His thumb brushed lightly over her clitoris, and Cordelia let out a helpless moan, instinctively squeezing her thighs around his probing hand. “Oh yes, feels so good!”

Angel’s skilful fingers played her like a lute until her body was thrumming with ecstasy. As the sizzling sensations coursed, unrestrained, through her quaking body, her heart started to pound like a bass drum in her ears, while her breath heaved in harsh pants. Then, out of the blue, the vampire removed his hand, leaving her suddenly bereft of erotic stimulation.

“Don’t stop!” she wailed in protest, beyond anything other than incredible pleasure he was affording her.

“Yep – definitely at my mercy,” he remarked blandly, making her want to scream in frustration.

“I don’t think I like you anymore,” she complained, her bottom lip jutting out into a sulky pout.

“Sorry babe, but I beg to differ. I have strong evidence to the contrary you see. To start with there’s this…”
The vampire paused in his narrative and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Slipping the straps off her shoulders, he exposed the soft mounds of her breasts to his openly lustful gaze. “They seem quite happy to see me,” he remarked, reaching out to tweak her pebbled nipples between his thumb and forefingers, making her breath catch in her throat.

“And then of course, a woman smells a certain way when she likes a man, probably something to do with the way her body reacts when she’s sexually aroused, don’t you think? You, my gorgeous seer, are saturating the air with that heavenly female scent right now, so I’m guessing those panties of yours are anything but dry. Let’s see, shall we?”

Aroused beyond belief, Cordelia bit her lip as Angel hunkered down between her legs and deliberately sniffed the air. His left hand curled around her upper thigh to hold her still, and then he slipped his other hand into the elasticated edge of her panties, rubbing the damp material between his fingers and thumb.

“Feels kind of wet to me,” he murmured. Then, without warning, he tugged sharply on the thin cotton and tore the undergarment from her, leaving her naked and exposed beneath him.

“You look wet too,” he continued, his voice thick with heady desire. “Soaking actually – all pink and glistening. Why is that do you reckon? Could it be that you were lying, and you do like me after all?”

Cordelia wanted to resist, but it was too hard, what with his face between her legs and his mouth mere centimetres from where she wanted it the most. She vividly recalled the wondrous feel of his tongue moving against her slick folds and she was suddenly desperate for him to finish off what he had started at the pool.

“Please…” she moaned beseechingly.

“Please what?”

Cordelia hesitated, her inexperience showing as she wavered over voicing her desires.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” Angel softly urged, lightly stroking her inner thigh with his fingertips.

“Your mouth – on me – like before,” she gasped out, her back arching and hips undulating against the mattress as her body involuntarily signalled its need for sensual satisfaction.

“You liked that, did you?”

“Yes! It was just… I’ve never… I mean no one else… So good…”

In her rising delirium, she wasn’t really making sense, but one thing, in particular, stood out to the listening vampire from the midst of all her garbled rambling.

“I’m the first?” he asked, the very idea filling him with pure masculine delight. “To go down on you, I mean.”

“Yes! – Angel please! Don’t make me wait anymore,” the seer pleaded breathlessly, agitatedly twisting the comforter around her fingers to stop herself from appeasing the throbbing at the juncture of her thighs with her own touch.

“I’m also the last,” the vampire told her possessively, and then finally gave her what she wanted.

Humming with pleasure, he ran his tongue lazily over the soft pink folds of her womanhood, the sweet and sour tang of her arousal shooting sensation straight to his reawakened groin. With her delicious womanly flavour no longer diluted by the water of the pool, his sensitive taste buds were enjoying a palatable feast and his tongue devoured the gourmet meal on offer with relish.

Bending one of her legs back up towards her chest, he opened her up a little more, his mouth seeking out the small nodule hidden near the top of her sex, while his fingers lightly stroked the moist outer lips down below. As his lips closed around her swollen nub, Cordelia stiffened, a fountain of gibberish pouring forth from her lips as her pleasure started to spiral toward its conclusion, her body determined not to let anything stand in the way of its dogged pursuit of orgasm.

Sensing she was nearing completion, Angel sucked relentlessly on her throbbing clitoris and pushed two fingers up into her wet heat. Her vaginal walls fluttered in mild protest at the invasion, but eventually relaxed enough to permit further exploration. With the accuracy of a heat-seeking missile, the vampire’s fingers quickly found what they were looking for, and the seer exploded in ecstasy as he pressed firmly against the spot that was guaranteed to launch her like a rocket into space.

As her inner walls contracted hard around his fingers, Angel lifted his head from between her legs to look up at her. The seer’s eyes were closed, her long dark lashes lying flat against her flushed cheeks and her golden skin dewy with sweat. Lost in the ecstasy of release, she was veritably writhing on the bed, soft cries tumbling voraciously from her lips as she unconsciously stroked the sensitive tips of her breasts with her fingers.

The vampire had never seen anything more erotically beautiful in his life and the effect on hardening sex was instantaneous. He was standing fully to attention in no time, desperate to feel those hot walls rippling around his throbbing length, as he thrust deep and hard into the well of her femininity. Retracting his fingers from her body, he rose from between her trembling legs and positioned himself atop of her, his hands either side of her head and the tip of his erection nestling against the quivering entrance to her body.

“You’re gorgeous when you come,” he told her hoarsely, when her eyes finally opened to look at him. “I want to see it again, only this time I’m going to be inside you when it happens.”

Cordelia’s left hand rose to clutch at his muscular bicep, while her fingers lightly stroked his face. She had climaxed, but there was an ache inside her that was not yet satisfied, and her body still clamoured for more.

“Yes,” she breathlessly agreed. “Oh yes!”

Easily balancing on one arm, Angel reached down between her legs and deftly swiped two fingers across her distended clitoris, quickly building her arousal back up to boiling point. Finally satisfied that she was ready, he shifted his weight so that he was once again supporting himself on both hands, and then slowly pushed an inch or so inside her.

“Ready?” he softly asked, looking down into her hazel eyes, which were large and filled with desire.

Cordelia wound her legs around his lower back in response, the move causing him to sink a little deeper inside her. “Want to feel all of you,” she said, hooking her arms under his shoulders and attempting to pull him down on top of her.

Not complying straight away, Angel cupped a hand under her upper thigh and penetrated her fully in one smooth thrust. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders in reaction, and he let loose with a low groan of pleasure. He had been right in his imaginings; she was wonderfully tight inside, her inner muscles gripping him with a band of steel, even though they accepted rather than repelled his body’s invasion of hers.

Dropping down to rest on his elbows, he blanketed her with his big, strong body, keeping the majority of his weight shifted forward onto his arms so not to crush her slighter form. Cordelia moaned her approval, arching her neck and baring her throat to him as she pressed her soft breasts firmly against the hard wall of his chest. Their bodies rocked gently together to begin with, their movements slow and shallow as they savoured the sensation of finally being one.

“God Cordy, you feel so fantastic. I never want to leave,” Angel murmured against her skin as he nuzzled affectionately at her neck.

Cordelia turned her head and touched her mouth to his temple. “I love you,” she murmured into his hair.

“Love you too baby,” the vampire whispered back. “God so much.”

He closed his mouth over hers in a fiery, passionate kiss, and their coupling increased in both depth and tempo, their shared ardour shifting up a gear. Soft feminine cries and deep male groans filled the air with their harmonious chorus, and the mattress springs started to creak in protest as the headboard rattled against the wall.

Panting and whimpering, Cordelia clung to Angel as he thrust into her at an ever-increasing pace. His hard length stretched her inner walls to just the right side of uncomfortable, causing a delicious friction that had her eyes rolling into the back of her head and her senses singing with joy.

Lost in the warm, tight heaven of his seer’s body, the vampire thrust into her with wild abandonment, releasing soft grunts of pleasure at the bottom of each stroke. Adrenaline flooded his veins as Cordelia’s gasps and moans filled his ears with their sweet sound, both sensations pushing him towards the finish line with no chance of reprieve. Sensing he wasn’t going to last much longer, Angel deliberately shifted the angle of his entry, so that his pubic bone pressed firmly against her clitoris with each downward thrust.

“Oh God! So close!” Cordelia cried out loudly, when this immediately pushed her closer to the edge.

“Yeah, that’s it baby, come for me,” the vampire murmured in encouragement, driving hard into her grasping depths as he peppered her face with fervent kisses.

A few more strokes and the incoherent seer tumbled over the edge with an impassioned scream of his name, her sweat-slickened body arching in exultation as she clawed at his back, her fingernails scoring his flesh. “Angel! Yes! Oh God!”

As her inner muscles began to contract rhythmically around his painfully engorged sex, Angel finally lost it, pouring himself into her with a strangled groan of triumph. His sex pulsed hard as he repeatedly bathed her insides with his cool seed, his body shuddering in violent orgasm. Completely spent, he eventually collapsed atop of her, crushing her under his boneless weight.

Her breath still leaving her lungs in harsh, almost painful, gasps, Cordelia didn’t protest, simply curled herself tighter around him, her trembling legs still crossed across his lower back and her hands running soothingly up and down his spine. She tucked her face into the crook of his neck, her salty tears dampening his skin as her shattered emotions finally overwhelmed her.

Angel pulled back to look down into her tear-filled eyes. “I love you,” he told her with honest emotion, tenderly brushing her hair off her cheeks.

“I love you too,” Cordelia softly returned, and then drew his face down to seal that heartfelt declaration with a loving kiss.



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