Sleeping with Tigers 8

Chapter 8

The demon had been a little friskier than the norm, and by the time Angel killed and disposed of it, it was pretty late and he had a nasty wound on his side that would be a bitch for at least a day, and his shirt was totally ruined- not to mention the blood covering his leather jacket!

He wasn’t too surprised to find the lounge deserted when he entered the apartment. As he shrugged his jacket off carefully and walked towards the outer bathroom door, Angel frowned when he distinctly picked up the sound of two heartbeats. That they were both coming from behind the closed door of Cordelia’s bedroom gave him pause.

With a low growl, he threw his jacket into the bath and opened the connecting door to be greeted by tranquil yet concerned blue eyes of the ex-Watcher. “Angel.”

Wes closed the book in his hands after saving his place but didn’t rise from the bedside chair. The vampire’s eyes darted to the bed to find Cordelia curled up on his side of the mattress, the scent of salt in the air. “What’s up?” going immediately over to loom over her still figure and find traces of tears streaking her sleeping face.

“Cordelia went off to bed shortly after you left, and woke screaming twenty minutes later,” Wes explained quietly. “It took quite a while to settle her down, and I decided to stay and watch over her.” Wes left out the part where she called repeatedly for the vampire whilst his attempts to calm her down took a little too long; at least half an hour before she fell into a fitful sleep.

He eyed the hovering vampire curiously. “You don’t seem that surprised, Angel.” He finally spoke again, the question in his voice apparent. Angel slowly straightened up, not taking his dark eyes from the girl as he replied.

“Cordelia has been suffering nightmares since that incident with Vocah.” Wes raised a brow as slowly things began to make a little more sense; the vampire’s tiredness of late and the almost imperceptible edge to the brunette.

Maybe he’d read Angel wrong? Possibly confusing feelings of love with pure concern. “I’ll take it from here, Wes; it’s late and I’m sure you’d like to go home and rest yourself. “Wes narrowed his eyes and rethought that. The air of possessiveness was not lost on him.

Nor was the almost tangible feeling that he wasn’t entirely welcome in Cordelia’s bedroom. Pursing his lips, Wes took in the vampire’s appearance more carefully before commenting, “Not only are you practically covered in your own blood and most likely the demon’s, you are obviously in no fit state to watch over Cordelia tonight.” Before Angel could do more than open his mouth, Wes continued on.

“I suggest you clean yourself up and recuperate on the couch. Don’t worry, I’ll keep watch.” He glanced at his closed book. “No doubt I would be up all night reading this very interesting thesis of the Glockinal and it’s natural habitats anyway, so it really doesn’t matter if I read it at home or here.”

Angel was unable to find a way to refuse without it coming out either like he was pushing out the other member of their team/family, or being the savagely possessive vampire/man he was when it came to Cordelia. With one last look at her sleeping face, he reluctantly acquiesced and silently returned to the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind him.

Fifteen minutes later clean, and his wound slowly closing, Angel lay on the couch and attempted to get comfortable, but for a long time his attention rested on the slow, steady sound of the female heart in the other room. It was going to be a long night.


Cordelia’s eyes shot open even as she stifled a cry. Her brow scrunched up in confusion, wondering why something felt wrong in the scenario. It took her a few minutes to realize what – or who was missing.

Cool strong arms and an equally cool, protecting body that strangely enough warmed her and kept her safe at times like this. Her drowsy eyes darted anxiously around the dark room, finally resting on the slumped figure in the chair pulled up beside the bed.

Wes was dead to the world; a book resting in his lap and his hands clasped over it loosely. Cordelia attempted to settle, but every time she closed her eyes, the demon that at present was haunting her dreams popped right back into her inner vision.

Where was Angel? She wondered fretfully, and then it slowly dawned on her the fact that the last time she’d seen him, he was on his way out to fight the horrific- and big demon in her last vision. She sat up abruptly, her heart in her mouth. Had he come home? Was he hurt?

“Oh god” she whispered. What if he’d… without waiting to end that thought, Cordelia pushed back the covers and tiptoes to the closed door, glancing nervously at the sleeping lump in the chair before easing it open. Just as quietly, she let herself out and closed it carefully.

Turning round her worried eyes immediately went to the couch, her breath coming out in relieved gasps to find Angel’s big body curled uncomfortably and lying on his side.

Angel’s eyes flickered open the instant he heard the sound, his perfect night vision picking up her figure by her door. Keeping still, he watched her silently to see what she wanted. By the rapid thump of her heart, he gathered that she’d had another nightmare, but what he couldn’t understand was why she’d left her bed and entered the lounge.

After the slight tension between them yesterday, the vampire didn’t want to make his awakened state known until he was sure why she was here. Then his whole body tensed as the brunette walked over to him, and after a second’s hesitation, climbed onto the couch and moulded herself along his body.

As soon as they connected, he felt the fine tremor of fear that affected her whole body, and without pause, he raised his arms and pulled her snuggly into him. The deep ache in his chest blossomed when he realized she’d sought him and him alone for comfort rather than turn to the man much nearer to her. Tucking her dark head under his chin, he half smiled in contentment as she nuzzled for a comfortable position and quickly settled down into sleep.


“Uhh!” Wes was jolted awake by the thump of his book hitting the floor, and for a moment was a little disoriented. As he looked blearily around the shaded room, recollection returned and his eyes immediately rested on the bed, finding the covers pushed back and the occupant missing.

Dear Lord, had he overslept? Glancing hurriedly at the bedside clock, Wes was partly relieved and rather concerned to find it not quite past six in the morning. Rising stiffly from the chair, he stretched his cramped muscles and shook his head to clear the fogginess in his brain before making for the door.

For long moments after he closed the door behind him, Wes stood in that spot and just stared at the sight before him.

Angel lay half on his back dead to the world, an equally unconscious brunette sprawled partway across his muscular form. Her head tucked into his throat and a leg thrown across the vampire’s hips .One arm was wrapped across his chest, her hand disappearing under his arm, which was draped across her with his large hand resting on her buttocks. His other arm hung over the side of the couch whilst her other hand rested, gently curled against his shoulder.

The whole scenario was extremely intimate, and Wes actually found himself feeling like he was intruding on a private moment. The ease in which they held each other hinted at a connection he could no longer ignore as merely anxious suspicion, and it suddenly occurred to him that after all, did he really have any right to interfere in their lives in such a way?

No one really had much choice in who their hearts decided to become attached to, and no amount of warnings and interference from him would change that; more of a chance to ruin two friendships he’d become unexpectedly dependent on.

And that was yet another thing. These two people, the vampire with a bloody past and now with a compassionate soul and the young brunette with a tongue as sharp as the finest blade, but a heart the size of Great Britain had accepted him, faults and all- and didn’t he owe them that same loyalty- to stand by them whatever their personal choices?

With a deep sigh, Wes tiptoed to the door, retrieving his coat on the way, and with a final glance, let himself out with a quiet goodbye to Dennis.

A discarded blanket was lifted from the floor and gently draped over the sleeping couple by the resident ghostly flat mate and silence once again settled in the apartment.


Cordelia half woke shifting a little uncomfortably as something poked her hard in her hip. For a few seconds she wiggled trying to find a more comfortable spot- then froze.

Oh crap. the two familiar words echoes through her head as she finally clicked onto what exactly the ‘hard’ obstruction was, and her cheeks flushed a bright red.

Should she move, get up? Cordelia debated her options even as she still wiggled around, and when Angel’s morning erection finally settled against her belly, Cordelia shrugged her shoulders and dropped her head back down and snuggled under his chin. So what if Angel after all was prone to such normal bodily reactions? It didn’t really mean it was caused by her body against his … even though a big part of her wanted that to be the case. With that shocking thought echoing in her head, she closed her eyes tightly and eventually let tiredness take her back to the land of clouds and sweet dreams.

Angel waited with baited breath when she’d first woken up, feeling her stiffen almost as much as his erection had. He’d waited silently to see what she would do and was more than surprised when, after a few seconds, merely wriggled around until her belly pressed into his erection and then settled back down to sleep.

Once her breath and heart had evened out, he finally let the unneeded breath go. Figuring that if he got up now she’d still be aware enough to realize he’d been awake, closing his eyes, he waited for another half an hour to go by before finally easing himself out from under her and tucking the blanket back over her sleeping form. For several minutes, he knelt next to the couch and watched her somberly.

Okay, Angel knew he could be as dense as the thickest planks of wood at times, and his bouts of Denial-a river in Egypt, but he could no longer ignore his feelings for his seer, his friend and his family. Yes, he loved her for all those things, but it was time to admit that he also loved her as a man would love a woman.

But who was he to ask for a return of that love? What had he really to offer her? The vampire sighed heavily. As once before, love with human women never worked out. Unable to take them into the light and give them a normal life … His lips quirked in wry humor at that, because at the end of the day, did Buffy have a normal life?

In some ways, Cordelia was in the same boat as the Slayer where normality came into it. Her visions would always keep her fully from normality. But the difference between Buffy and his seer was that the latter young woman accepted her calling after the initial shock and fear.

Being compared and found similar to the Slayer would not have been taken well by the sleeping brunette, and was something he would never, ever repeat out loud.

No, it wasn’t just about that; it was the fact that he was a blood-drinking vampire who would always have to live in the shadows… but again, Cordelia had slowly dragged him out of those shadows and made him feel worthy around others. She’d brought the sun to him. She watched him drink blood, had even prepared it and served it to him, and on occasions had fed it to him when he’d been too injured to feed himself.

Cordelia Chase was a unique person in so many ways, and that was one of the reasons he’d found it so easy to fall under her spell.

But accepting his demon didn’t necessarily mean she’d be willing to have him completely and utterly in her life, or her bed on a permanent basis. Being possessed by a vampire had many ramifications she knew little about. But he also couldn’t ignore that she found him as attractive as he did her. Her delicious body gave her away… and more importantly, her deep trust in him to keep her safe, and to search him out for comfort gave him hope.

Sighing deeply, he leaned over and gently placed a kiss on her forehead then rose to his feet gracefully and made his way silently into the kitchen.

Chapter 9

Cordelia yawned, her mouth stretching wide even as her eyes remained closed. As her limbs stretched too, she became aware of her solo state on the couch at the same time as picking up quiet rattling noises coming from the kitchen.

Debating whether or not to stay where she was, clear thoughts slowly filtered through her brain, and after a few seconds her eyes snapped open. Shit- Wes! Cordelia strained her ears for the sounds of muted male voices, but heard nothing accept crockery being shifted.

Could the man still be asleep in the chair by her bed? Biting her lip fretfully, she finally sat up and rose to make her way over to the closed door. On entering she found it empty and instantly glanced at her bedside clock: 11.15 am. Pushing her hair out of her face, Cordelia groaned.

No doubt Wes walked in and saw them all cuddly on the couch. Blunt teeth tortured her lip yet again as she imagined the scenario when he returned later that day; in the meantime she had Angel to face.

What had Angel thought about her joining him in the early hours? Although Cordelia had felt his arms gather her closer, she wasn’t sure if he’d been awake at the time and just going through motions he’d become used to. Had he had an unpleasant shock finding her practically draped over him like a human blanket yet again when he finally woke up?

That fact that he’d slept on the couch gave her pause for thought- maybe he’d asked Wes to watch over her because he’d needed a break from her clinging neediness? She swallowed hard with mortification, now regretting her impulsive action. It didn’t feel so reassuring with the doubt that he might have needed some time away from her arms. All she could do, she guessed, was not mention it and insanely hope he’d thought she was sleep walking.

Who was she kidding? Blowing out a resigned breath, Cordelia straightened her spine and exited the bedroom, making her way to the kitchen before the bathroom seemed like a much better option.

Pinning a bright yet slightly reserved smile on her face, Cordelia entered the kitchen with a cheery good morning.

Angel glanced up from the book he was half reading to quietly return the greeting, his dark eyes attempting to capture hers, but it seemed the she was either purposefully avoiding his gaze or was genuinely more interested in grabbing a cup of coffee from the fresh batch he’d made.

Hearing her go into her bedroom earlier and stay there for a good ten minutes, Angel had assumed she was in the process of getting dressed first, but as she’d entered the kitchen still in her pajama bottoms and loosely fitting t-shirt- yet another of his [making him wonder with amusement just how many she’d swiped in their year together], he couldn’t help worry a little over her delay before joining him.

Was it that she regretted her impulsive action hours ago? Was she in fact half asleep and driven by her nightmare to someone more familiar? After all, Wes was still not as close emotionally and had only recently being ‘accepted’ into the familial relationship between the vampire and his seer.

Familial -hah! Angel chewed his bottom lip as he realized that wasn’t exactly a word that matched their actions and his feelings of late. He watched from hooded eyes as Cordelia still hovered around the counter in front of the coffee maker, her back to him.

“I made you some breakfast,” he finally spoke again when it seemed she was content to stay where she was in silence.

Rising to his feet, Angel quietly made his way to the stove, his shoulder brushing hers when he stooped to open the warm oven. Her body instantly tensed, and a small gasp escaped her mouth at the same time as she retreated to take a seat at the table. Grabbing an oven glove, the vampire removed the plate and took it over to the brunette, placing it in front of her and turning away to retrieve cutlery.

“Mmm, eggs, bacon and toast; what a nice thing to wake up to,” Cordelia announced brightly, and then flushed a deep red as she recalled what she’d woken to up a few hours before. That too had been kinda nice. The flush deepened and she reached out to take the knife and fork off the now sitting vampire and dipped her head to tuck in.

Angel sat back in his seat, drinking the coffee he’d also brought over, eyeing her over the rim discreetly. Her flush reminded him of his earlier predicament, and guessed that show of Mister Happy had possibly brought the high color to her face.

“Cordelia-” almost as soon as her name left his lips, the front door knocked lightly, and seconds later Wes’ tired voice could be heard thanking Dennis who’d obviously let him in. Cordelia kept her head down and concentrated on eating.

He sighed inwardly and decided that maybe the ex-Watcher’s interruption wasn’t such a bad idea really. To be honest, he wasn’t exactly sure what he was about to say to her anyway.

“Good morning; or should I say afternoon?” Wes bustled into the kitchen, his chipper tone grating on both occupants’ ears, but he seemed oblivious to the rather strained atmosphere.

Angel rose to his feet instantly, a half smile touching his otherwise austere face. Tea, Wes?” he asked, going over to the kettle and busying himself with cupboards and cups.

“Oh, that would be most appreciated,” Wes smiled gratefully. “Would you believe I’d ran out at home? But it was a little too early to go trotting off to the local convenience store, so, yes, that would be lovely, Angel,” Wes pulled out a chair and sat next to the brunette who looked up from her half-finished plate with a tentative smile.

“Morn-afternoon, Wes- you hungry too?” catching his yearning glance at her more than generous cooked breakfast.” Wes instantly pulled his greedy eyes away, shaking his head, then gaped when she shoved the plate in front of him, rising to throw her cutlery in the sink and grab a clean set. “Angel, I think is trying to get me into a size twelve; which I really can’t see working for me- so eat up,” handing over the cutlery, she threw both of them a blinding smile, mentioned getting dressed, and hastily left the kitchen for the safety of her room.

With a shrug, Wes licked his lips and dived into the remains of eggs and bacon. Angel placed the cup of tea on the table and went back to the counter to add bread to the toaster; eating meant no awkward questions, and he hoped Cordelia didn’t take too long in the bathroom so he too could escape the man’s watchful eyes for a short while.

“Thank you, Angel,” Wes lifted his head to give another grateful smile when the vampire shortly placed butter-laced toast next to his tea. Well aware of the diversionary, tactics, the ex-watcher was content to keep quiet on the happenings of the previous night.

To be honest, he wasn’t sure that it was his place to comment on it- it would not be unlike the vampire questioning his intentions with a member of the opposite sex, and did either have that right? Fair enough, Wes realized; this was rather different. The lady in question wasn’t someone Angel had recently met and expressed an interest in- this was Cordelia.

When he’d first joined them, Wes hadn’t been able to ignore their deep closeness; in fact, it had taken him a while to get used to the almost brother-sister vibes coming off the both, and had spent a fair time feeling like the third wheel. It wasn’t intentional, not at all. He doubted either were aware of their little ‘clique’, and Wes was just happy that for once, in a very long time, that he finally felt useful- and needed.

After the debacle with Vocah, Wes had been unofficially promoted into that clique and the difference was overwhelming. Suddenly, he had a family and when he thought about it sometimes- especially when alone, his throat clogged with emotion that, finally, he had been accepted into the fold. Cordelia’s fretful requests for the vampire the first time she awoke screaming from her nightmare, and then her actions later were the catalyst to his suspicions, and, as thought earlier before he left; was he really in any position to bring the subject up? It wasn’t as if Angelus was a threat, after all. But at the same time he was a friend- a caring friend who only wanted the best for both of them.

Yes, he would broach the subject with Angel, but only when he’d worked out exactly what he wanted to say…. and, naturally, at a time when the sometimes volatile brunette was either out or sleeping, he decided prudently.

Angel’s broad shoulders relaxed when the book the vampire had left on the table instead took up Wes’ interest; and the next hour was taken up with discussing the ramifications and fact over fiction regarding the Holy Grail.

By the time Cordelia had dragged enough courage together to face them, the debate had became rather heated- well, on Wes’ side anyway, and she just rolled her eyes whilst making Angel some blood and Wes another cup of tea.

“Really, Wes, life’s too short to have a hissy fit over a cup,” putting their drinks on the table, Cordelia returned to the counter to make fresh coffee, rolling her eyes yet again when he spluttered outrage as he picked up his teacup.

“It is not just a cup, Cordelia, it is a very important Holy relic that, I may add, has been researched and sought for centuries- even by religious factions.” He explained in his best teaching voice to a kindergarten child. Cordelia shook her head and poured her coffee as he carried on relentlessly.

“The term “grail” actually comes from the Latin gradale, which meant a dish brought to the table during various stages (Latin “gradus”) or courses of a meal. ” Angel opened his mouth to intervene, but Wes was on a roll. “In medieval romance, the grail was said to have been brought to Glastonbury in Britain by Joseph of Arimathea and his followers. In the time of Arthur, the quest for the Grail was the highest spiritual pursuit-“

“Well, I’ve been around for a long time,” Angel finally interrupted as the brunette’s hazel eyes glazed over; ignoring the brunette’s snort; “And although I’ve heard the usual rumors, I’ve yet to set eyes on It- or know of anyone who has.” This time Wes rolled his eyes, which brought the hint of a smile on the vampire’s chiseled mouth and a snicker from Cordelia as she finally sat down to join them at the table.

“Angel, you are merely two hundred and fifty; whereas the origins of the Holy Grail, well, we are talking of times when Jesus Christ last walked the earth.” Wes replied, annoyed at not knowing off the top of his head the exact year of the Last Supper to throw in the vampire’s face.

“248, Wes,” the dark haired vampire corrected the Englishman with a scowl and rose to his feet, more than ready to exit the kitchen.

“All this fuss over two years!” Cordelia snorted inelegantly, adding mischievously, “Careful Angel, you’re beginning to sound like an actor.” The vampire’s scowl increased and with a small growl left them to it.

“Surely removing two years from one’s age would be pointless,” Wes considered with a frown, “I mean, it isn’t as if there would be a noticeable difference in the aging process in such a relatively short amount of time.”

Cordelia reached forward and patted his hand. “Wes, Wes, ” her hazel eyes expressing sympathy for his naivety, “you have so much to learn; it depends on what side of Thirty you’re looking at, especially when you’re an actor playing opposite borderline jailbait.”…


By the time Angel had returned freshly showered and fully dressed, both occupants had moved to the lounge; Cordelia curled up on the couch with a coffee mug cradled in her hand and Wes tucked into his usual chair with his nose stuffed in a book.

As the vampire walked hesitantly over to join them, he noticed a fresh mug of steaming blood set on the coffee table in front of his usual seat next to her. Taking his lead from that, he settled down next to the brunette, unable to resist glancing at her as he reached for his drink.

Their eyes connected and a charge of electricity flew between them for a split second, both being transported back to that moment hours before…. Angel cleared his throat and indicated his drink.

“Is this payback?” he asked, referring to her earlier comment about him overfeeding her; his voice a touch husky. Her pupils instantly dilated even as she replied with a “huh?” “Another mug so soon after the last” he elucidated. Her brow lifted with amusement.

“No, actually; like I’d want you bursting out of your pants,” Angel had just taken a swig of his drink and blood shot out of his nose, even as Wesley’s head jerked up at the comment. Cordelia blushed ten shades of red and didn’t know where to look. She doubted she could make it sound any better by explaining what she meant, so remained silently mortified.

Instead she focused on the blood smearing down Angel’s chin and shot to her feet, making her way rapidly to the kitchen. By the time she’d pulled off some kitchen roll and swiveled round to return, Angel had followed her in, unintentionally blocking her way.

“Oomph!” her body connected with his abruptly, nose hitting off his broad, hard chest. Instantly she felt her nose fill with fluid and drip onto her upper lip. “Owwe!”

“Sorry; hey, are you okay?” his concerned voice sounded above her, and Cordelia turned watering eyes upwards, his face a blur. “Oh, god; I’ve hurt you!” Angel lifted her chin, taking some of the reams of kitchen towel she held in a vice, and dabbed at her tender nose gently. When she glanced down, she was surprised to see blood forming on the white tissue. Then she began to giggle.

“Oh, God, now she’s hysterical,” Angel groaned, looking helpless, which made her giggle morph into an all out belly laugh. He held loosely onto her arms as she howled unrestrained until a concerned Wes entered the kitchen at a run.

“What on earth’s the ma-? – Oh, dear Lord!” he stared from one to the other, his words drying up at the sight of both faces. The men waited out the laughter until; finally, Cordelia wiped her eyes with a giggle.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped, looking anything but, “It’s just…well, look at us- we match!” Finally Angel got it.

Both the vampire and the brunette sported bloody noses, and as Cordelia giggled, pointing back and forth between them, Wes clicked and started to grin, then tittered. Both brunettes turned to stare at the Englishman as his high-pitched giggle grew until he too was howling and clutching his belly.

“It’s not that funny, Wes,” Cordelia literally growled as the ache in her nose grew uncomfortably. “I think it’s broken,” she whined, touching the tip and wriggling it carefully. This seemed to only make the man worse, and she was sure the vampire was now attempting to stifle a grin.

Annoyance grew as Wes showed no sign of letting up. Her pain was not something to be laughed at. Men! “Here!” she shoved the remaining tissue into his hands and stalked out of the kitchen with her injured nose in the air.


After that incident, earlier tension dissipated somewhat, and clean noses and faces later, all three congregated in the dining area and knuckled down to some research; well, Cordelia concentrated intently on the cosmopolitan she had stashed inside one big tome that she cradled in her arms in an attempt to hide the evidence.

“Have you had any luck finding the Haute Couture demon, Cordelia?” Wes finally asked innocently, and for a second the brunette flipped her magazine closed and made an attempt to check the cramped text of the tome she held up- then the penny dropped and her hazel eyes lifted to throw daggers at the smirking man.

“Har de har,” Cordelia stuck her tongue out him and then released the book abruptly, ignoring Wes’ flinch as it hit the table with a thump.

“Careful! That book is over two centuries old, and should be treated with utmost reverence,” he chastised, his frown pushing his glasses down his nose. Cordelia snorted.

“No wonder it smells all moldy like Xander’s socks,” her own nose crinkling. Angel’s head lifted at the sound of the dark-haired boy’s name. The boy he’d never really liked, frowning himself at the unpleasant reminder of her ex boyfriend.

Cordelia rarely mentioned Harris’ name unless it was to insult his clothes or intelligence, and now was no different. But usually it had brought a slight grin to his face. But not this time. She shouldn’t even be thinking about Harris any longer, never mind talking about him- and didn’t he feel like a pouty, jealous teen himself? Maybe it was the fact that it felt like they were a couple- even though they weren’t he attempted to remind himself, and her reference made him feel like a possessive boyfriend- which he of course wasn’t.

He frowned. All this self-reminding was giving him a headache.

“Jeez, don’t tell me you’re gonna whine at me too,” Cordelia rolled her eyes and made a point of removing her magazine and closing the book with exaggerated care.

Angel’s frown deepened, “I don’t whine,” he whined, sitting back in his chair and folding his arms. The brunette pffted and rose from her seat, stretching her cramped muscles unaware of the dark brown eyes hungrily taking in the exposed line of golden skin displayed as her short top separated from her low-cut jeans.

“I don’t get why we have to do this when I haven’t had a scratch’n’sniff vision today” pushing back her chair and walking towards the archway. “I’m gonna make a drink and watch some TV; my brain needs some lighthearted vegging for once,” she added before disappearing out of sight.

Wes sighed theatrically and bent his head over his book, muttering about young, flighty women as he did so. Angel stifled a smile and wondered if it would be too obvious if he made his escape too. Shifting slightly, he looked back innocently at Wes who’d instantly looked back up suspiciously.

“Would you like a sandwich, Wes?” he asked in an even tone, and let out a silent sigh of relief when the man thought about it briefly then nodded with a smile of thanks.

“Actually, I wouldn’t say no to a little sustenance,” he replied. “Researching builds quite an appetite, doesn’t it?” he waited for the vampire to nod before going back to his book. Angel shook his head in quiet amusement and rose to his feet. Pausing in the entrance of the kitchen, Angel watched as Cordelia busied herself with the coffee maker, smiling softly as the young woman grabbed the teapot too, and a carton of his blood already on the counter in preparation.

“Sandwich, Cordelia?” Angel walked in, hiding a grin as she jumped a mile at the sound of his voice.

“Jeeze, Angel! Skulk much? I don’t think you’ll be happy until you’re having to peel me off the ceiling.” Cordelia threw him a glare over her shoulder, a hand on her heart. “And yes please” she added with a blinding smile, then turned her head back to concentrate on pouring blood into his mug.

“You didn’t have to do that,” he commented as he went to the fridge nearby, catching her look of exasperation. He still couldn’t get used to Cordelia preparing his blood so casually; not like it had ever happened to him before she came into his unlife.

“Like I’m gonna just make myself a drink; what do you take me for? – No, don’t answer that,” Cordelia added with a grimace, leaning over his stooped figure to place his mug into the microwave that rested on the counter above the fridge.

Angel breathed deep as her hip nudged the side of his head and was almost overwhelmed with the pure scent that was all Cordelia; a little moue of disappointment curling his mouth when she all too soon moved back to the coffee maker. Although relieved that the she seemed more comfortable with him now than she had earlier, at the same time, he didn’t want her too comfortable, as it brought little doubts into his mind that possibly he was the only one affected by the deep attraction and feelings he was hoping were mutual.

“Why would I say anything bad?” he finally asked, rising from his haunches and moving over to a clear run of worktop to set out the fillings for the sandwiches.

“Well, my track record isn’t that good, is it?” she replied, removing his blood and placing it near him before pouring boiling water from the kettle into the teapot, then flipping the switch on the coffee maker and lifting the glass jug to fill her own mug.

“You make it sound as if you have a rap sheet; you don’t do you?” Angel’s dark brow lifted even as his face reflected mock horror, quickly changing to pain as she reached out and whacked his arm, “Oww.”

“Oh, don’t be a big baby,” she grinned cheekily, then frowned as she replaced the coffee jug. “And what’s with Rap sheets? methinks you are spending WAY to much time with blonde Coplady,” Cordelia added with a tinge of jealousy. She often wondered if anything more intimate had ever happened between the two; but judging by her sucking-lemons face, she doubted it….

She, on the other hand would certainly be grinning stupidly for weeks- stop; rewind and forget you ever thought that, Miss Cordelia Chase. she inwardly berated herself. Glancing back at him she then winked. “Anyways, I have many secrets, my dear Mister vampy, and I’m not telling you any of them, so there!” her tongue poked out.

Angel had to resist the urge to lean over and capture it with his teeth. Something must have shown in his face, because hers clouded over for a second just before she turned away. dammit! the atmosphere changed abruptly, and tension skittered through the air yet again.

The rest of the chores were done in an awkward silence, and he watched from the corner of his eye as she placed a cup, saucer and condiments onto a tray, and then followed up with the teapot and her coffee mug before balancing it like a professional waitress and disappearing out of the kitchen. By the time he’d finished the sandwiches, Cordelia was settled on the couch flicking through channels when he placed her plate on the coffee table in front of her and Wes was pouring a cup of tea in the dining room.

Handing over his plate, Angel returned to the kitchen, finished off his blood and then poured a mug of coffee before re-entering the lounge. Deciding to take the bull by the horns, he walked over and sat in his usual place on the couch. Cordelia immediately tensed. Purposely ignoring her, he sat back and sipped his coffee, his eyes trained on the channel-hopping TV.

His iron resolve lasted all of three minutes. “How’s the nose?” he finally asked conversationally, turning his head to look at the nose in question. Cordelia lifted a hand and touched the tip delicately.

“Oh, it isn’t aching anymore, so I don’t think it’s broken, “She replied; a small gasp spilling from parted lips when he leaned over and touched the tip himself. She held herself still as he gently ran a fingertip along the bridge, lingering for a few seconds before removing his finger and sitting back.

He just had to touch, didn’t he? He groaned silently. “I can’t feel a break; I’m really sorry about that, Cordelia,” guilt surfacing as he recalled the sight of blood pouring out of her nose an hour or so before.

“That’ll teach you to sneak up on people, won’t it?” she pointedly replied but her smile took the sting out of her words, then she leaned forward to reach for her plate. Angel moved at the same time and their hands clashed. Both froze for a moment, fingers brushing until Cordelia pulled away, rising to her feet. “I’m gonna eat this in the kitchen; don’t want lettuce everywhere.” She explained hurriedly, indicating the generously filled sandwich before walking past him and disappearing into the kitchen.

Angel let out a heartfelt sigh and sat back on the couch, staring blindly at the flickering TV screen. He was trying, reallllly trying to maneuver the conversation around to last night, but each time he thrust, the brunette parried and retreated, and the vampire became more uncertain about her feelings towards him. With a helpless shrug of his broad shoulders, he decided to back off for the time being and give her the space she obviously wanted. Plenty of time, he reassured himself as he finally rose to his feet and traipsed back into the dining area.


“I’m gonna leave you guys to it and have a long soak,” Cordelia rose from the couch and smiled tiredly at Wes and Angel before making her way to her bedroom. Although it was only around 10pm, the previous night had caught up on her, and it was with relief that she was finally able to make her excuses without looking like she was hiding from the vampire. Both men looked up from their respective books and nodded before Wes went straight back to his book even as Angel quietly watched the brunette until she disappeared into her room.

The day had gone surprisingly quickly, and after the little scene on the couch, neither had been alone. Although the vampire was finding himself agreeing with the ‘brain-drain’ that was tedious research, in a way it was easier than attempting to make Smalltalk with Cordelia, who slowly became antsier as the day progressed.

By the time she’d made her excuses, he found himself rather relieved from the tension too. This couldn’t go on, he realized with an inward groan. It had gone beyond mild awkwardness now and the only way forward was to confront their feelings before things became difficult between them.

“Between you and I, I’m not sure I can take the rather fraught atmosphere pervading every inch of this apartment.” Wes’ conversational words dragged Angel’s attention from the bedroom door and his neck popped at the speed with which his head snapped back to face the ex-Watcher.

Making contact with the sharp blue eyes of the young man made his head clear and defenses came up in an instant; his handsome face becoming deliberately blank. “You’ve lost me, Wesley,” he eventually replied with an equally cool tone.

At the extended use of his name, Wes gulped and almost backed off- almost. This had to be said, he inwardly decided, otherwise things at Cordelia’s apartment would eventually degenerate and things would become impossible for all of them- him included.

“Angel…. I’m not about to sit here and list all the reasons why I consider any kind of relationship with Cordelia to be unacceptable, as you are in no doubt assuming right now.” Wes began; watching as confusion slowly replaced the vampire’s closed off expression. “If Cordelia is as eager as you apparently are then I must tell you now, that I wish you both well and am fully supportive of your impending … ‘couple’ status,”

The vampire’s confusion changed into pleasant surprise, and for a moment he inwardly berated himself for ever coming to the conclusion that Wesley Wyndham Price was totally oblivious to the workings of the human- and not-so human animal. His respect for the young man also grew.

Wes’ eyes momentarily hardened to blue ice as he added quietly, “One little thing I will add; if you hurt her in any way, I will hunt you down and not hesitate to dust you.” Angel’s respect grew by the second.

“Nothing’s actually been said between us, Wes,” Angel finally admitted quietly, “And this… thing might not come to anything anyway.” He added with more than a tinge of regret coloring his tone. Digesting that bit of information, Wes doubted that. Feelings obviously existed on both sides. They were just too busy denying it, – Correction; it seemed the vampire had experienced some sort of epiphany overnight, but Cordelia was obviously still at that stage of fear and refusal to acknowledge her burgeoning feelings.

“Are you in love with Cordelia?” Angel was so taken aback by the Englishman’s sudden question that he nodded mutely, his mouth agape. He pulled himself together quickly.

“I’m not so sure about Cordelia,” he admitted, a frown marring his handsome face. “The attraction is there- and the trust, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she feels the same way.” Even as he spoke, Angel couldn’t believe he was speaking so freely with the man, but at the same time felt an inordinate amount relief at being in the position to be able to do such a rare thing. Wes snorted with disbelief.

“Believe me, Angel; I may be somewhat ‘romantically challenged’, as Cordelia so succinctly puts it, but observation is my forte, and I have every confidence in my belief that your… tender feelings are returned- but,” he leaned forward in his chair, “this is something you need to discuss with her- and please,” he added, tugging at his shirt collar even as his face expressed anxiety, “for the sake of my future health, never, EVER divulge this conversation to Cordelia.”


Cordelia stepped out of the bath and wrapped a fluffy towel around her warm, rose-tinted body, and then bent over at the waist to squeeze the excess water from her long hair over the bathtub before pulling out the plug. Grabbing a head towel, she rubbed vigorously at her wet locks. It was times like this that Cordelia sometimes wished for a style that was practical- maybe a sleek bob? Then she shrugged the thought off.

Her hair to her was the only luxury left from the days of plenty, when all she had to worry about was what outfit to wear and the accessories that went with it. Putting her ear to the bathroom door, she listened for any sign of activity in her room. Pulling a face and shrugging, Cordelia then wondered why she was bothering. Angel was not unlike a big cat; silent on his paws and moving with a stealth that still had her heart shooting to her throat when he did his usual skulk.

Checking her towel, she lifted her chin and opened the door; good, no sign of him. Creeping over to her bedroom door, she listened again and this time heard the muted male voices in the lounge. Going over to her dresser, she grabbed her body lotion and high-tailed it back to the bathroom. Since he’d begun entering her room without knocking she knew she couldn’t risk dropping her towel and applying her lotion. That was all she would need- him walking in on her, buck nekkid with one leg propped up on the bed! Just the thought had her whole body flushing; and not all of it was mortification.

Cordelia frowned as she dropped her towel on the bathroom floor and began applying her lotion. This was the thing. Sometime she was almost certain Angel felt the same as her; head over heels and panting like a lovesick randy dog. Then other times it was as if she’d just imagined it. Was it worth destroying their close friendship by declaring her feelings and finding out too late that sadly, all these new emotions were one-sided? If she thought it was awkward now, his knowing how she felt and not returning them would cause real problems. Maybe it was best to just continue on as they were and keep their platonic relationship intact?

Easier said than done when the aforementioned ‘platonic friend’ was sharing her bed every night, holding her intimately in his arms close to his delicious body….

“Somebody shoot me now!” she groaned aloud, placing the cap back on the bottle of lotion and pulling on a pair of bed shorts and matching ribbed tank top; thinking that having a rest from wearing his t-shirts might make it easier, and then realizing his t-shirts covered a hell of a lot more than her tank tops.

Entering the bedroom, she went to turn off the light, this time not hearing anything through the door. With a gulp of trepidation- or was it anticipation? Cordelia scooted to her bed and slid under the covers, hugging her side of the mattress like a woman hanging from a cliff fearing losing her grip and plummeting to the abyss below…


Angel paced the lounge silently. In fact he’d been pacing since Wes had left over half and hour earlier, and although he’d heard Cordelia exit the bathroom and switch off her bedroom light, he still remained in the lounge pacing.

What did he say? How did he broach the subject? And more importantly, what if she laughed in his face? Just the thought had him shuddering with fear and embarrassment. How could he ever face her again if that happened? No amount of stoic-face would fool her after that kind of confession:

“Cordelia, I love you- I am in love with you; in fact I have been for a while now, but didn’t realize it until today….” Hell, no matter how many times he rehearsed his little speech, it didn’t sound any less vulnerable or pathetic.

Or he could go back to his boyhood days and say “Wes said you liked me- I like you too, so can we kiss now?” – Arrgh! He raked his fingers through his hair and abruptly tuned to pace the length of the lounge yet again.

Maybe he should just leave it for now- in fact; maybe he should also sleep on the couch again tonight? Recalling the night before, he realized that wasn’t such a good idea. He’d never forgive himself if she had a nightmare and he wasn’t there when she woke up. It seemed as Cordelia was catching up on her sleep, her tendency to awake mid-nightmare was more and more likely, and Angel really didn’t want her waking alone.

No, he’d have to join her- when he was completely sure she had fallen asleep first, he decided. As for confessing his feelings…well that could wait a little longer; maybe once the nightmares had become a thing of the past and he had his own place to go an lick his wounds in private if she rejected him.

Wes might well be right and the vampire could be missing an opportunity to be with Cordelia sooner rather than later- but whilst there was the chance that he was wrong, Angel’s courage just failed him. Dropping onto the couch, he decided to wait another half an hour before going to bed himself.


Exiting the bathroom freshly showered and clothed in clean sweats, Angel trod stealthily to the bed, noting her death grip to her edge with a wry smile as he slid under the covers and lay on his back, his dark eyes staring sightlessly at the ceiling as he waited for sleep to overtake his senses…


Her scream had hardly left her mouth before the vampire had gathered Cordelia in his comforting arms, and as she slowly awoke, she felt surrounded by him; his unique male scent wrapping around her as close as his limbs and big body. She shuddered as he whispered soothing words of comfort in her ear, his large hands stroking her hair and spine gently but firmly, and eventually her body relaxed into him.

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” she finally murmured, swallowing convulsively, and although she fidgeted in his arms, she made no move to pull herself away. Then abruptly tears fell.

Angel froze as wet warm splashes hit his throat, and he eased away slightly to look down into her face. “Cordy?” His concerned whisper drew her wet eyes to his. “Shhh, I’ve got you; it’s gonna be okay,” he reassured her gently, but she shook her head.

“No it’s not,” Cordelia hiccupped before continuing. “I just wonder sometimes if these will ever end, ya know?” although sounding like a question, Angel remained silent. “How long can I go on like this, Angel? – How long can I put you out like this?” Stunned chocolate eyes bored into hers as her words sank in. then he cupped her face in his palm and leaned down to brush his nose against hers.

Believe me, Cordy; you aren’t putting me out at all.” He paused, then pinned his gaze with hers, grabbing every piece of courage available before continuing. “To tell you the truth, I really, really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here with you- ever.”

Cordelia stared into his face, seemingly searching for something, then her beautiful eyes widened as realization finally flooded into her drowsy head. The light that softened her eyes to rich honey sucked him in until, if Angel had been able to breath, he would have lost the ability at that very moment.

Slowly, so very slowly, he dipped his dark head until his lips met and pressed gently against hers, unmoving and tentative, and after a long moment, Cordelia’s softened beneath them and partially opened. That was all he needed to push ahead, gently sipping kisses from her eager mouth. Their mouths gradually built up heat until both felt as if they were being burned from the inside, mutual moans slipped between them. Angel gasped and eased back a little, unsure right now how far to take this. What had begun as tenderness was fast approaching all out desire and he’d learned a helluva lot from things spoken that night after the Wilson incident: Cordelia had been innocent.

He’d had felt pretty bad at the time, because he’d just assumed, after many comments by Buffy and the others in Sunnydale, that she’d been sexually active. He also knew for a fact, due to close proximity and slipped comments that that had also been her last sexual adventure, stating with a shudder that it had put her off for life.

Angel had always been a sensual animal, from human onwards, and although he’d had to repress those urges when the clause was still an issue, since that worry had gone, he’d begun to relax the restraints as time went on. But recalling her words and expression right after the Wilson episode, the last thing he wanted was for her to back off. Then he stifled a grin, her soft moans of encouragement and writhing of her warm body told a different story, and he groaned throatily, his passion intensifying.

Gentle fingers slipped along her spine until they reached the hem of her tank top, then eased it up slowly, inch by inch gauging her reaction. His sex hardened to the point of pain when, after the shortest of pauses Cordelia eagerly lifted her arms to enable him to remove it. Once done, Angel rolled her onto her back and propped himself up on one elbow and looked his fill.

Up until now, he’d only been able to guess what lay under her clothing, and recently had had the pleasure of the generous mounds crushed against his hard chest. Seeing them in all their naked glory was entirely different. Full, rounded and surprisingly firm and high, her breasts were perfect. He licked his lips hungrily then reached out and ran his fingers along her butter-soft skin before circling her tightly puckered areola, ending with a slight pinch and gentle tug of the enticing nub. a pleased smile quirked his mouth at the resulting moan that sounded out.

Cordelia drew in a sharp breath when his dark head dipped low and a turgid nipple was sucked deep into the cool moist cavern of his mouth. Her shorts by now clung to her rapidly drenching core -and he hadn’t even started yet! The realization that they were actually going make love to her hit her between the eyes. Finally! her mind did the happy dance even as she lifted her hands to run urgent fingers through his short, surprisingly soft hair, massaging and lightly scratching his scalp even as she moaned and pressed her aroused flesh against his voracious mouth.

Laving and tugging at her nipples over and over, Angel fought between wanting to linger and explore other places. His hand molded and plumped her breast as he continued suckling the budded tips until he was unable ignore her writhing hips and fragrant arousal any longer. Lifting his head, he took her mouth in a stormy kiss, cupping her hip and pulled her against him, grinding his sex into her pubic bone in an attempt to ease the ache.

Cordelia wasn’t helping matters, what with her hot little panting moans and frantically gyrating hips that rubbed against his shaft with a precision that had his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Releasing her mouth, he scattered moist kissed over her face and under her chin; the kisses turning into gentle nips that he soothed with his tongue. Pausing for a moment over her rapidly throbbing pulse, he couldn’t resist sucking hard on the skin covering her pulse point. The urge to mark Cordelia was strong, but a natural knee-jerk reaction of being a vampire first and foremost, regardless of the soul.

But he held back. Mainly due to the ramifications of such a claim. Not once in his two hundred and forty eight years had he instigated a claimed a woman as his own. Darla had been his sire and Drusilla … Creating a childe was completely different than that of claiming a mate.

Biting Buffy had been entirely different too. He had been driven to bite her due to delirium, anger and hunger. The mark on her throat was clear to any vampire seeing it, as purely the urge to feed, nothing more. Even thinking of claiming he had never occurred to him. He’d put that down at the time to the natural conflict between vampire and Slayer. Memories of his ex melted away, leaving nothing but thoughts of the young woman he caged with his aroused body.

Working his way down, Angel held her still as his mouth trailed from her collarbone, lingering over the sensual curve of her breasts before moving on. His large hands held her hips steady as impatient fingers tangled in the fabric of her soft cotton shorts, tempted to rip them away. Instead he swirled his cool tongue around her navel before dipping in and delighting in the abrupt jerk of her captured hips. They had plenty of time, he reasoned, and he wanted their first night to be something to remember with heated pleasure.

Cordelia’s head tossed restlessly on the pillow as he slowly drove her crazy. Who knew that ‘other’ places could make her ache and arch with so much intensity, and when his fingers finally drew her shorts down, she blew out a breath of relief. When Angel halted, she groaned out aloud in frustration- then her ass left the bed when his satiny tongue ran across her hip bone, following it up with small nips and suckling Jeeeeesus!.

Angel grinned at her reaction; the hip bones could actually be very sensitive and going by the way she’d had lurched up, hers were definitely so. He alternated between the two, ignoring the call of her rich, intoxicating heat, enjoying dragging her pleasure out and driving them both crazy in the process.

“Angel… please,” her guttural words brought sharply to his memory that scorching dream and his wholly inappropriate groping, and unable to help himself he fell back into that erotic dream.

“Please what?” he murmured against her belly, deft fingers running along the edge of her shorts. “Touch me,” she moaned in response, pressing her belly into his face.

“Tell me where and I will, ” he nipped gently at the silky soft flesh, , fingers sliding lower and running along the join of her thighs lightly. He could taste her want in the back of his throat, and a moan of answering need left his panting mouth; a breath of damp air moistened her lower abdomen. Moaning in frustration, she pressed her hips harder against his hand in silent demand, but he refused to be rushed.

“Uh uh!” he shook his head, holding her hips in a firm grip just out of reach.

“Touch me!” she growled, eliciting a chuckle. Angel shook his head and nipped her belly teasingly. Cordelia wriggled in his grasp, panting heavily, her face flushed with both arousal and heated annoyance. He simply looked up at her expectantly and she dizzily realized he could be as stubborn as she. He wanted to hear her say it, and giving in, she finally took courage in both hands.

“Down there – My…my clit…touch me there; God, Angel, do it!” she moaned, her expression warring between desire and shyness. Chocolate orbs gathered heat until amber irises met hers.

Angel felt the change slide over his features, but instead of turning away, which had always been his instinct since cursed with a soul he continued to hold her gaze that by now was full of yearning impatience. Her expression didn’t alter and it sent a shudder through his large frame, at her voiceless acceptance of his demon.

“Angel, please,” she repeated on a burning needy whisper. A low growl left his moist red lips as he let his hand slide under the hem of her shorts and slid between her quivering legs. He continued to watch her as the pad of his finger circled and rubbed her swollen clit. The response was immediate; hips bucking sharply into his hand as she mewled aloud.

Abruptly the last barrier became too much, and removing his hand from her heat Angel rose up onto his knees, drawing the shorts down those long, long legs until they left her feet and were discarded over the end of the bed. Instead of returning to cover her, he instead clasped her ankles before sliding his hands along her inner legs, not stopping until he reached the apex of her thighs, lifting her knees along the way until she lay splayed open to his avid eyes.

Cordelia leaned up on her elbows with a gasp of fearful yet excited anticipation. Even though she’d done the ultimate with spawny-guy, it had been short on foreplay and except for a quick grope; he’d got right down to business. To be so vulnerably open like this- especially to Angel, felt deliciously naughty yet so very right.

A moan slipped from her parted kiss-swollen mouth at the look of naked lust stamped on his shadowed features, and his amber eyes lifted to meet hers for a second. Even in full vamp face, Angel was beautiful, and her belly quivered even as her heart expanded and ached with emotions.

The vampire looked his fill, the dim light of the bedroom not hindering his acute sight at all. Pink, wet, swollen folds beckoned him, and when a gush of pre-climatic fluid burst gently from her, Angel moaned gutturally and dove in for a taste.

At the first touch of the flat of his cool tongue running along the length of her sizzling sex, Cordelia cried out, her hips jerking high and pushing against his face. The sight of him buried between her thighs, and the magic of that darkly wicked mouth had her arms collapsing and she fell onto her back; her neck arching as he laved and suckled every dripping inch of her.

Hands scrabbled for purchase as his deft tongue plumbed her hot depths over and over again until incoherent cries filled the air and his chest rumbled with growls of answering passion. His large hands held firmly onto her thighs as he ground his painful erection into the mattress, refusing to move as his mouth took complete control of her writhing body; his own needs would have to wait. There would be plenty of time for that later, he hazily thought. For now, he simply wanted to continue to take everything her body had to give.

As her body quivered and convulsed, frantic jumbled words flew from her panting mouth Angel continued to drive her over the edge, nibbling and lapping at her slick folds At the first tiny flutter of her tight walls around his invading tongue, Angel withdrew and sucked her swollen clit into his mouth. Cold fire ripped from her core and spread out to the extremes of her body at that final catalytic touch, and Cordelia screamed his name hoarsely as she first stiffened then thrashed, pulling against his hands. Angel would have none of it and held her close to his face, practically sucking her clenching womb dry.

Only when her body flopped limply did he ease his grip, gently lapping any juices he’d missed before quickly backing off the end of the bed to shed his sweats, a gasp of relief left his mouth when the confining material was finally tugged over his painfully throbbing erection. He slid along her body and nestled snugly between her liquid thighs, resting on his elbows to sip kisses from the dazed and highly flushed love of his life. When Cordelia came down from her high, the first thing she noticed was that his demonic face had melted away, and she frowned a little as she touched his cheek.

“You didn’t have to do that, you know- dropping the grrr face,” she added at the lift of a disbelieving dark brow. “Not the… other thing,” she grinned feeling oddly shy, considering what had just happened between them.

“That’s good to know,” Angel dropped a short hard kiss on her mouth, taking pity on her little burst of shyness by changing the subject back to his face-change. “The demon isn’t the only one to want to be a part of this, Cordy,” he explained softly, and she nodded, understanding what he was saying.

“Good to know,” she repeated his words, “that the both of you want me.” Angel’s spontaneous smile was so bright he took her breath away at the pure beauty of it, then it softened a little as he dipped low and brushed her nose with his.

“This isn’t just about want,” he finally spoke, his voice low and intense. “I’m in love with you, Cordelia… this isn’t a one time deal, and if we take it further, you’ll be stuck with me whether you like it or nor, ” he warned her, only half joking.

“That’s good to know too,” Cordelia finally answered when she managed to get past the humongous lump wedged in her throat, “Cos I love you too, and have no intention of letting you escape- ever!” she emphasized her point with a sharp prod of her finger against his chest, which he instantly grabbed and brought to his mouth.

Sucking the digit deep, Angel shifted a little, letting her feel the evidence of his turgid desire, and she gasped even as her legs widened and drew up to hug his hips. Pulling free her captured finger and draping her arms around his thick neck, Cordelia leaned up and kissed him deeply, pulling away to look deep into his eyes.

“Make love to me, Angel,” she whispered, and for a second his eyes flared pure gold,

“I thought that was what we were doing already,” he whispered back. As she absorbed his tender words, Angel slipped a hand between them and readied his shaft at her wet entrance, then slid the hand to her hip, “Wrap your legs around me, baby; I wanna feel you surrounding me; my heart, my life,” he moaned as she complied, then began the slow slide into her hot, tight and very welcoming body…

The End



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