When Gods Play Gamesb

Two Hours Later

“Okay so we have wait him out. How much time can he waste on us if he’s so damned important” . Cordelia jeered, adding air quotes to the last sarcastic little dig.

Angel looked up from an absorbed contemplation of his boots. He’d been sitting there on the floor, back to the wall and long legs stretched out in front of him, unmoving for over an hour. “I tried that the last time. Time doesn’t run the same if he doesn’t want it to. What seems like hours to us, is just seconds to him. Believe me we’ll go insane before he gives up”. Angel countered reluctantly wishing from the bottom of his dead heart that it could be that simple.

“Urggghhhh, Angel. You’re not even trying to get us out of this are you”? Wailed Cordelia accusingly and needing to vent or go crazy with over stretched nerves and terminal boredom; went over and gave the door one more pent-up kick. Finished she turned around and slammed back against it. Then huffing out a long slow breath; levelled a sullen look out of darkened hazel eyes on him.

“Can’t you do anything? Knock the door down or oh I don’t know…. something. Use that brute vamp strength for something useful for a change”. She sniped bitchily at him, not noticing when his face tightened with a deep surge of anger.

“Gee, Cordelia. Lemme think. Er.. no”. Five feet of sizzling tension filled space separated them. His brows were so low the dark orbs of his eyes were threatening slits in his taut face.

Dumbly, Angel wondered what the hell he’d been thinking when he’d taken her on. No-one had ever been able to rile him up so much or so easily as Cordelia did on a daily basis. Not even Buffy had been able to shake his control like this one aggravating young woman. Sometimes, she got to him so much he had to retreat downstairs to repair the dents she put in his armour with her refusal to let him be.

Like at home she’d roused a need to move or do something to get away from her and that needle sharp tongue that never failed to make him want to shut her up..somehow! Aggravated and restless he surged to his feet.

Cordelia really didn’t appreciate him using sarcasm with her. That was her forte not his. “Why the hell not”? She snapped back. For chrissake! She’d seen him battle huge ugly-ass demons, turn over vans, smash his way through walls.. and he couldn’t knock in a simple door now?

“How about because I’ve already tried that and it didn’t work” Angel gritted out, struggling not to let his re-emerging bad temper get the better of him again.

“Try it again” she didn’t care about his temper. All she cared about was getting out of here alive and still a virgin. Which going off experience- amounted to the same thing.

“Fine- just for you”. Pushed into finally losing his notoriously bad temper the vampire scared the hell out of her by completing a running jump at the door she was still leaning against and landing an almighty kick that would normally have reduced it to kindling. It didn’t even creak.

Cordelia levelled a haughty look at him cold enough to freeze a man’s blood. “Anytime you wanna stop acting like an asshole- is okay with me”! she quipped in a hard unforgiving voice.

“Call me curious”. She said flatly. “What did you have to do to get out of it last time”? Again I ask- do I even wanna know?

As soon as he’d done it, Angel felt bad about letting her push him to losing control like that. He winced at her expression, tone and last but not least the question. Damn he’d known she was gonna ask that. “I had to solve a riddle” he replied shortly, and his closed off expression made it clear that was all she was getting.

“This is insane, impossible, and hopeless. I don’t even know why I agreed to work for you anyway. It’s not like your rich or charming or even funny. Okay so good looking is in your favour but still… I’m not normally that dumb. Did you put the whammy on me or something”?

Angel’s dark eyes narrowed with renewed fury and he had to bite back a sharp retort as hot resentment filled him. Trying to keep calm he told himself she already had enough to deal with without him letting her usual snarkiness get to him. One of them was going to have to remain calm and fighting with her wasn’t going to make this easier.

Then in abrupt change of mood, she surprised him.

Cordelia covered her face with her hands and then said in a muffled teary voice. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. I’m just scared and … I don’t know what to do”. She dropped her hands and looked at him with hazel eyes swimming with tears and her mouth twisted in self-mockery before she gave in and let a few tears fall. “I’m gonna die anyway so what does it matter”. She finished fatalistically.

Before she’d even finished the first two words; Angel found himself gathering her in his arms so that her head rested on his shoulder. Souled, he never could resist a woman’s tears. They made him feel helpless and filled with the need to do something…anything to make them stop.

Wanting to be comforted, Cordelia raised her hands and clutched his sides. Then laid her hot face on the broad shoulder mutely offered. It didn’t occur to her to wonder why she felt so much better having Angel hold her; when it was him that would be the end of her.

Finally her last words sank into his brain and he jerked his head back to look down at her dark head. “Why would you die”? He asked her blankly and clearly confused. What ideas where running around that fertile mind now? She sighed heavily and he could feel the heat of her breath against his collarbone. Then without lifting her head off the strangely comfortable perch, she answered him.

“Hello- curse. Sex is a big no-no for you isn’t it”? Her voice was muffled but with them being so close he heard every word and almost made the fatal mistake of blurting out a denial. Not really a good plan to just blurt out to girl you have to seduce, that you’re not in love with her, he thought wryly.

Over the last few hours it had become more obvious that was exactly what he had to do, although giving that Norse bastard what he wanted rankled like a sonovabitch. He had to answer her though. So how was he going to reassure her without actually pissing her off?

Angel hugged her closer and ran the flat of his hands down either side of her spine. “Cordy, I care a great deal about you. You’re my friend…but I’m not in love with you and even if I were…” Angel leaned back and willed her to look at him, which she did, reluctantly leaving the solid strength she’d been resting on.

“The fact that you’re not exactly willing would make sure there was no perfect happiness for me”. He admitted in a deep, low voice.

Cordelia gazed up at his solemn handsome face and thought about what he’d said. Mildly surprised to realise she wasn’t offended that according to him she couldn’t give him perfect bliss. But hey- who needed a face to face with psycho vamp and besides, what he’d said was kinda sweet.

“Maybe I was wrong about your lack of charm”. She told him with a watery smile.

He gave a last gentle squeeze and slowly moved back to stand in front of her with his hands now pushed deep into his pockets, looking lost and uncertain of himself. The hug and talk had been incredibly soothing but now, knowing that they’d almost agreed to do it- they were both feeling excruciatingly awkward.

“So how do you wanna do it”? Asked Cordy nervously unconsciously wringing her cold and clammy hands. Then pushing out a strained laugh she awkwardly admitted. “I’ve never actually done this before”. She confessed, with another of those self-mocking smiles that were new to him and twisted his heart with a poignant sadness.

“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about” he pointed out gently although right then he wished it were otherwise. “It’s good that you’re er…never mind” he finished lamely.

Asshole, go ahead and tell her it’s good she’s waiting for the right man. Oh wait, not anymore she isn’t and all without being given a choice.

“Don’t be afraid” it was meant as reassurance but it came out sounding like a plea. Wary of being rebuffed he picked up her hands and cupped them within his larger ones. Jumpy, Cordelia gave a nervy jerk but didn’t pull back. “I promise I can make it good for you”. He said quietly.

Cordelia instantly jerked her gaze back to his, her face filled with tension and a beseeching look in her eyes. “Look I appreciate the thought. But I was kinda hoping for snappy quickly followed by a sharp exit and escape you know”. She said it sheepishly with a cringing look on her piquant face.

Angel pursed his lips to stop the smile that wanted to cross his face. God she looks adorable. How the hell did I not realise how unique she is before. He knew why, he’d been too self-absorbed to really notice her since she’d joined him and Doyle. Well not anymore. He vowed to himself and became aware of a strange all over tingling; tightening his muscles and making him feel… possessive.

She’d felt so warm and alive in his arms..precious! God, it had been so long since he’d held someone that actually mattered to him. He’d had no idea how much he missed it until now; it felt like an eternity even though it had only been a few months at most.

Still holding her hands but now in only one of his; he lifted the other to brush back the long hair from the side of her face and tucked it behind one delicate ear. “Just relax, Cordy”. He whispered and dazzled her with a soft smile.

Oh wow, thank god he doesn’t do that often cos I’d be a Cordy shaped puddle on the office floor by now. How embarrassing would that be? She came back to reality when he started to gently pull her back with him. Guessing he was taking them over to the rug, she just went along with it.

“Who knew when I left today I’d go home a non-virgin. Thank God, I wore the good stuff” she was only half joking.

“Do you trust me”? He asked her gravely, searching her eyes for the truth.

“Sure” she replied then swallowed hard. “So how quick is this gonna be”?

Hmmm, should I tell her not ‘quick’ at all or just let her find out? He asked himself, still kind of revelling in that weird possessive feeling. It felt good and it’d been so long since he’d felt it that he was only now remembering how addictive it could be.

“If you trust me- then trust me,” he countered with another smile that warmed his mysterious midnight eyes to brown velvet. Oh God, she repeated in yet another silent call to the almighty, as he pulled her down to kneel with him on the thick white fur rug.

“Kiss Me,” he demanded with his lips hovering invitingly over hers. His voice was deep and silky and Cordelia couldn’t help but respond to the sinful undertone of a practised seducer. A tiny shiver ran along her spine and the press of his knees and thighs on the outside of hers as they knelt together on the rug felt- encompassing. He was a big man and this close, she felt surrounded by him. It was a strange feeling, as if she were no longer in control of herself. As if by agreeing to this she’d given herself over to him.

Not sure if she liked it and startled by the demand she dragged her gaze off those curved full lips and got caught by his dark pools. Licking her lips she managed to ask “Why? I mean I thought…” That he would do the kissing and that she would be just following or at least trying too, was what she was going to say or at least- thinking of saying.

Guessing what was on her mind, Angel quirked a brow. “You take the lead and I’ll follow” he whispered still in that low voice that soothed and excited at the same time. He knew enough about women to understand she would likely be more afraid of lovemaking itself than him, demon or not. By letting her take the lead she’d relax quicker and enjoy more – until it came to the time for him to take back the reins, anyway.

Hating feeling nervous, Cordelia gave a mental ‘what the heck’ and hurriedly pressed her lips to his. She’d kissed lots of guys before and as far as she was concerned this would be no different, flesh on flesh with a hint of teeth and a lot of tongue to fight off and if you were really unlucky too much drool. His lips were smooth and cool, but not too cool.

Unbidden her hands came up to cup his jaw, the soft pads of her fingers tentative on his skin until pleasantly surprised, she pressed them closer. Not so cold at all, she thought hazily.

His lips slid under hers, teasing her mouth with light brushes that made her seek more, as the need grew for stronger contact. Angel was deliberately teasing her into giving him bolder touches and only let her capture his lips when she attached hers hungrily to his.

Swallowing back a chuckle and groan he met her tentative tongue with his and they tangled and slid together as the heat mounted. Unconsciously shifting closer within the cage of his legs and the arms now closed about her. Cordelia angled her open mouth and slid deeper inside the enticing cavern she’d had to chase to gain access to.

Cool fingers curved around the nape of her neck, lifting free the heavy fall of hair and brushing through the small fine ones to trace the delicate shape with soft sweeps while his thumb gently ran up and down the sensitive skin under her ear.

Every stroke of his fingers increased the sensitivity of her skin until she was made almost mindless by such an unbelievably innocent caress. Cordelia, hardly knowing what to do to ease the tension growing in her belly wrapped her arms around his neck and plunged her tongue deep into his mouth, sweeping along his to taste him deeply.

Instead of easing, it only increased the ache and added charges of heat that pulsed inside Cordelia, causing pools of lust to gather inside her loins and drip into her core in time with the thrust and parry of their tongues.

Angel pulled back to let her breath and trailed kisses over her cheek to her ear before taking the lobe into his mouth to suckle and torment it with his tongue and teeth. Cordelia moaned before she’d taken her first deep breath and swallowed hard as fresh waves of heated chills ran down her torso.

“That was… Wow, you are some kisser” she said dazedly, and then arched her neck and running her hands into his dark hair pressed him closer to her. Her breasts ached and she could feel the pointed tips push desperately against the fine silk of her bra. “God I want.” She couldn’t finish as a gasp escaped her lips when he bit firmly on the cord running down her neck.

“What do you want”? He asked her in a deep rumble that managed to vibrate its way all the way down to her throbbing sex and beyond. Just sound the sound of it and the promise it contained made her toes curl in instinctive anticipation.

What did she want? Oh Lord where to start? Every part of her ached with a demand that was wholly alien to her. “My breasts…ache” she admitted breathlessly and felt him smile against her throat where, after tightening his arm and hitching her up, he was currently nibbling away.

“Here”? He asked her, as he cupped one in his hand to knead her through the barrier of her bra and gauzy blouse. The exquisite relief that firm massaging gave drew out another throaty moan from her as her head fell back and she could do no more than nod.

The warmth of the soft flesh filling his palm made his skin tingle and Angel had to firmly tamp down the impulse to simply rip her free of the clothes barring his from hers. A deep satisfaction filled him when the scent of her arousal flavoured the air in stronger and stronger waves of perfumed musk.

“Do you like that”? He leaned back to see for himself the effect passion was having on her face. The beautiful face he’d seen in his office everyday for the past few months but was only now appreciating for the inner beauty it contained.

Feeling the loss of those wickedly skilful lips she opened drugged hazel eyes and helpless to resist the urge seized his lips in another mind-blowing kiss. Finished she gazed at him again, licking her lips to still the need for more.

“Oh yeah- I like” she admitted and watched his eyes as she arched her back, pushing herself harder into his palm. “Want more too.” She demanded in a breathy whisper and started to nibble on his lower lip.

“Hmm pushy aren’t we”? He accused lightly nibbling back with equal enthusiasm. Angel dipped inside her mouth again to coax her tongue out with long strokes of his. Then taking it into his mouth began to suck rhythmically. Their lips fused and she clasped him to her with desperate hands as arrows of sizzling pleasure shot straight to her womb. Hardly realising what he was doing. Only knowing that it was causing her body to riot.

Desperate to do something to ease the ache between her legs she squirmed on her heels, her hips undulating as needy hunger thrummed through her veins but his hard thighs pressed closer containing her within their steely strength and making her suffer the escalating tension running rampant inside her.

“Touch me” she pleaded and raised her hips as much as she could in mute demand.

Angel released her lips and moved back to assess how best to get rid of her clothes. “Later” he replied absently and grinned when she pouted and hissed out “now” in pure female demand. “Soon” he offered and before she could protest again, pulled her blouse over her head.

He laughed when she didn’t waste a second in returning the favour and soon his shirt joined hers in being tossed over to the wall. Enthralled by the hard expanse of muscular chest and ridged abdomen now displayed for her enjoyment; she ran her hands over him. Happy to indulge her, now it was Angels turn to sit back on his heels and let her explore him; loving the feel of her warm soft skin on his body.

His nipples were a dusky oasis of enticing colour against the smooth creamy colour of the rest of him, and powerless to resist the impulse she lowered her head to taste one with a soft stroke of her tongue. The muscle underneath jumped under her mouth and seriously intrigued she did it again.

She circled the now hard little nub and then following instinct tugged on it with sharp little teeth, making him hiss in both pleasure and pain. Hard hands twisted in her hair then relaxed to run gentle fingers across her scalp while she continued to torment and pleasure him. Angel watched her out of slitted eyes as she lapped and lathed his nipples, her face flushed and lips swollen with their kisses. The urge to push her on her back and simply mount her was strong but he pushed it back. It was too soon and it felt too damn good to end it yet.

Cordelia has been resting her hands on his lean hips and now brought them together to run over the intriguingly hard bulge straining against his pants. Loving how he shuddered and thrust helplessly up into her hands, trying to increase the pressure.

“Do you like that”? It was Cordelia’s turn to ask with a feline smile.

“You know I do” and the deep under growl in his voice was echoed by the dark, glittering, lust filled eyes trained on her face.

She purred happily as pleasure washed over her when having quickly got rid of her bra he cupped her breasts in both hands, tweaking the begging points of her nipples between finger and thumb. They came together in another endless and greedy kiss, dipping and swirling, kneading and tugging at one another in a whirlwind of rising eroticism.

Before she even realised it she was laid on her back with the fur of the rug a soft cushion underneath her shoulders and hips. “My turn again” he told her and she was instantly transfixed by the taut wantonness of his face. Passion changed him so much it was hard to believe this was still her Angel. There was nothing about him that was indifferent to her now.

“You want me”? She asked him dumbfounded and was struck by the hot fire in his eyes when he pinned her with a look

“And you want me” the dark tone didn’t brook refusal and she didn’t offer any.

Angel straddled her thighs and ran powerful long fingered hands up the inside of thighs, pushing her skirt up with them until her all of her was exposed. The lace panties were so sheer they hid almost nothing and she saw his pupils expand until his eyes were the purest black at the sight of her damp dark curls. He licked his lips and she mimicked him, moistening lips made dry by her shallow panting and felt the heat of his gaze touch her intimately.

His already hard, throbbing erection swelled to impossible lengths and he shuddered under the lash of a need that no longer had anything to do with making her accept him, it simply was. Like Cordelia before him, it didn’t occur to the vampire to wonder why something that had seemed so undesirable before was now a grindingly powerful necessity.

Hot dark eyes trailed back up to glazed hazel and locked together as tangible bonds of shared want tangled them in a dual web of desire.

“I want to touch you now” he said in a voice made guttural with desire and she felt his fingers twist the material taut, stopping only at breaking point. Not even hesitating, she nodded her permission and in the next instant the panties were gone.

Cordelia gasped and whimpered when he lowered himself to her, fastening his lips to the tip of one breast while at the same time pushing one long finger through the soft folds of her labia to dip inside the drenched entrance to her sex. She grasped his head and undulated her hips against that stroking furnace as sparks exploded behind her closed eyelids.

“Oh god, what are you doing to me”? She got out on a groan. It wasn’t a question so much as a plea for more; and more she got.

“I haven’t even started yet” he warned her roughly between sharp tugs on the dusky nub, then followed up with a curling tongue and finally sucked the turgid tip deep inside his wicked mouth.

Angel didn’t know when the decision had been made. Only that it had. This was the only time he’d get to do this to her and so he was going to make the most of it. For now Cordelia was his to do what he wanted with and that was exactly what he was going to do. Carpe Diem.

He raised himself up off her on one hand and watched his hand with passionate intensity as he played with her full breast, testing the weight and silky flesh with sensitive fingers that could when he wanted them to crush bone.

Impatient to be rid of the final barrier he levered off her completely and sat up to tug her skirt over her hips and down her long shapely legs. Soon lying in naked splendour with her glossy dark hair a cloud of lustrous locks around her flushed face; she was a fantasy of male lust and he was willingly enthralled.

Long golden legs led the eye to the fragrant curls of her sex, shyly hidden by a slightly raised leg. Followed by a taut narrow waist and gorgeous full breasts topped with nipples like ripe berries.

“You’re so beautiful,” he told her hoarsely and she quivered at the look of barely restrained savagery on his face that spread to every line of his tense, powerfully built frame.

Cordelia had no idea how to calm him down, and even if she did she wouldn’t do it. She wanted him to want her more than was civilised or even …safe. Heaven help her, she wanted him to do whatever he would with her. She opened her mouth to tell him but he covered her again and plunged inside her mouth with every bit of the stormy need raging within.

He wasn’t gentle but she took it and gave it back with every bit as much fervour. The kiss became a duel and they mated with a hungry force that was just a prelude to what was to come- something to sate the beast inside.

Just as quickly he was gone, not that he gave her time to complain before she was gasping in part shock and part fear at the feel of one long finger plunging inside her. Startled she saw him kneeling between thighs kept apart by his. Bright dark eyes watched avidly as his finger was enveloped by pink glistening folds, surrounded by those damp curls that had made his mouth water on first sight.

God, she was so wet it made him ache all over. He’d planned a big seduction and maybe he was going too fast but he was powerless to slow the pace.

“Does that feel good”? He asked, dragging his eyes to her face and getting caught by the warm honey pools of her eyes.

“Yes- I don’t know” she answered honestly and then moaned deep in her throat when he added a second and slowly filled her again. “Yes, yes, don’t stop”.

Hot sticky warmth surged and flooded her sex, then radiated outwards from his deeply held fingers before zeroing back in to pierce her again when he found the sweetest spot of all. Her hands flailed before grasping onto the fur underneath her. Her grip was so tight she pulled the rug up of the floor as she arched into the pleasure.

Angel spread the moisture with worshipful fingers all around her exposed sex. Between every soft fold and crease until he found the tiny hard, begging little nub that was the centre of her sexuality. He ran the pad of thumb over it and watched it flush with warm blood and unfurl like the petals of a flower to the sun. It was an invitation he couldn’t resist and he lowered his mouth to her.

Cordelia bucked at the first touch of his mouth there and her eyes flickered as a sensation every bit as sharp and consuming as an electric charge shot through her body. He flicked her clitoris again and had to hold down her hips when she bucked as another searing arrow of pleasure shot out from her loins.

Her hands speared into his hair, straining to reach him to pull him up.

“Stop! Its too much can’t take it”. This time he ignored her and latching on suckled hard, making her scream as a deep carnal pleasure hit her. Her heels dug into the rug as she strained against his restraining hands and wicked mouth.

Angel curled his hands around the top inside of her thighs and used his thumbs to pull back the luscious lips that wanted to hide her secrets. Not from him, he thought; not tonight anyway. Hungrily he lapped at the creamy liquid arousal that flowed from her sex, using the tip of his tongue to spread it, soaking every part of her sex, readying her for his inevitable penetration.

It was torturous and wonderful and so blissfully erotic she burned to have more, feel more. There was a deep dragging ache spreading through her abdomen making her quiver all over and her belly jump with need. “please..” she panted, and squeezed her eyes shut when her undulating hips dragged her clitoris against that cool tongue and firm lips.

Angel speared inside her, reaching deep for more of that nectar, feeling it coat his mouth and tongue like ambrosia or the sweetest hottest blood- only not. He lifted her to his mouth and pressed deeper then ran his face over her before returning for another taste, and then another.

Coloured lights danced across her vision and she didn’t know that her fingers were holding him tightly to her as a terrible tension built inside. It was like nothing she’d ever imagined and only got worse and sprung tighter when he twisted back inside her with those two same fingers. Thrusting in time with that clever, devouring mouth as it continued to nip and suck her clitoris.

Angel felt her vaginal walls clamp down on his fingers and carried on, faster and faster desperate to feel that final push from her as the orgasm hit. Then, god- the sweet, delicious fall of her hot liquid sex; it came and he felt her come apart as the whirlpool he remembered so well dragged her down into its drugging bliss.

A second or an hour later she simply didn’t know. Cordelia heard the rasp of a zipper and opened passion fogged eyes to see Angel still kneeling between her thighs, watching her face with simmering, molten eyes while he freed his engorged erection from the dark material of his pants. He glistened with sweat, highlighting every dip and valley as the muscles of his arms an chest flexed and rippled with each move he made. Deep inside her another ache sparked to life.

“My turn” he rumbled, the already deep voice roughened by the underlying growl of the demon.

His hard handsome face held a look of predatory awareness and it scared her a little. But the tiny dart of fear only added fuel to her rekindled arousal. Cordelia opened her lips to say something light hearted but she didn’t have time to get the words out before he braced himself over her on one hand and pushed down the clothing to kick them away. Now he was as naked as she was.

Even with his judgement clouded with lust Angel knew better than to let her get a proper look at his fully erect length. He was past the ability to reassure her and he knew it. He covered her body with his, settling himself over her with legs between hers with his sex nudging at the sweetness he’d already gorged himself on.

Swifter than she could possibly follow he pulled one leg up so that the knee was bent and then, fisting his sex, mounted her. Angling his mouth over hers he swallowed her gasp of pain as he pushed inexorably inside her. Past the muscles that guarded her womb. Filling her slowly but surely and surging though and past the barrier that had kept her the innocent she’d been until he’d got his hands on her.

“Angel” his name came out in between the gasping cries and he growled low.

“Won’t stop” he said against her lips, “need this” and a groan tore free from his chest.
Her hot passage closed over his sex and he shook with the pleasure that lashed all along his ultra sensitive nerves at the strength of that clasping motion. He rocked hard and deep holding her tightly underneath him, caging her with his body until it was too late and he was in her to the hilt.

The burning rasp of his hard length as it stretched her brought her to the point where she was begging for mercy, convinced he was too big and would splinter her apart. Hoarse pleas fell from her lips when he let her breath but ruthlessly he carried on.

Angel carried on kissing her, not letting her pull away from him but surging forcefully inside and drawing her back to passion with the slide of his tongue against hers. His palms cupped her face to keep her still for each storm-filled kiss until desire weighted her limbs again and her thighs relaxed and pelvis softened to cradle him against her.

“It’s okay now” she whispered reassuringly against his temple, kissing his eyebrow while he panted against her neck. Then smoothed her hands over the sides of his head to keep him close, loving the heavy weight of his powerful body even as he crushed her into the soft rug.

He rocked his hips into hers and buried his face in the sweet curve of her neck to nuzzle and lave the soft fragrant skin. Each thrust brought a long slow glide that only started where they were joined. Angel rose up so that her breasts rubbed against his hard planed chest and the forceful push of his hard heavy body over and into hers moved her with him so that each smooth thrust brushed them against one another in a constant all over friction.

Cordelia wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted up to kiss him again, their tongues mated in an age old dance. Tasting and exploring, rubbing and massaging, dipping, enticing and retreating with each breath stealing kiss. Their cheeks rubbed together while she breathed then they would search each other out again, filled with needy greed; lips slanted before plunging back into the tempest.

Their skin dewed with heat and passion as they surged together, heedless of anything but each other as their limbs tangled; hers slim and gracefully golden against his muscular ones, honed after centuries of fighting. Needing more, Angel rolled onto his back and took Cordelia with him so that she lay draped bonelessly over him.

His arms wrapped around her, keeping her with him as he thrust up into her, while his hands smoothed over warm skin as downy as velvet; luxuriating in the curve of breast and hips and bottom. Cordelia trailed hot sweet kisses over his nose and then jaw before trailing down to his ear to bite it lovingly, making him groan low in his throat when she followed it up with a long sucking kiss.

The spot under his ear beckoned her to giving long sweeps of the tip of tongue, tracing the line of sinew to muscle where his neck joined his shoulder and then back up. Angel pulled back her dark hair and suckled on the sensitive skin over the cord in her neck, then clamped bluntly down on it, making her gasp and then do the same to him.

Cordelia ran her hands over his sides and up to the back of his shoulders hanging on while he continued to thrust so heavily that each long stroke was like riding a powerful beast. Too soon she felt the ripples start inside her loins as the tension spiralled inside, pulling and dragging at her with heated promise of carnal pleasure.

Cordelia felt as if she were melting, dissolving into him as her frantic body squeezed and milked the hard thick length filling her tight passage. She lost control and tried to brace and lift herself off him as the pleasure built to crescendo that threatened to send her spinning into another void.

Angel felt Cordelia’s frantic efforts to escape the intensity of the orgasm and simply rolled over again to trap her heaving form under his again. Grunting growls escaped him to join with her higher pitched cries until he swallowed them, and her breath with his mouth. He snagged her hands and pinned them beside her head. Then Angel pounded into her depths rising up to increase the strength of each thrust, ramming himself into her until there was nothing left to give and he touched her womb.

Cordelia screamed as the orgasm crashed over her, tossing her into oblivion again only this time he was with her and they clung together for the last few driving thrusts as they both succumbed to the dark swirling pleasure as it sucked them in.

Cordelia woke up with a screech and sitting back had to take a few seconds before her panicked stare could assimilate the fact that she was sitting at her desk; with one side of her face numb from lying on the hard wooden surface.

It was just a dream! She thought dumbly. But before she could decide if that was good or bad her still glazed eyes fell on the tall shadowy figure lurking just beyond the doorway leading from his office to hers.

Cordelia gaped at him and immediately noticed how damp her panties were. Horrified she clenched her thighs closed in a futile attempt to limit the possibility of being discovered. Please don’t breathe, vamps don’t breath- do *not* breathe in, Angel.

“Er, Hi” She said and sat back in her chair while her trembling fingers reached down to gather her purse. Knowing she needed to make a graceful exit she forced a huge smile to cross her face. Then horror of horrors, she saw his nostrils flare and that was it, forget graceful!

Cordelia dived for the door with nothing more than “Sorry gotta go- emergency. See you tomorrow” thrown out as explanation to the silent vampire who’d stayed in the shadows to watch her as she slept.

Angel sighed heavily and leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed and a troubled expression on his broodingly handsome face. Then pushing himself way he sat down in his leather chair and spreading out his long legs, opened the drawer to pull out the letter on old fashioned crisp vellum.

….She may remember the odd thing, but only in dreams that she can dismiss on waking. So you don’t have to worry about your little friend. As for you- as much as you might want to kill me. This little game of mine has helped you. Maybe one day you’ll appreciate it. Why else did the powers let me play with their newest toy! Happiness is not a problem for you anymore, my friend.

Surely that is worth the risk you thought you took?

The End – not quite.


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