Title: Memories
Author: Helen
Posted: 29/08/03
Rating: NC-17 HARD
Category: Little bit o fluff, some dark Angel and erm more smut!!!
Content: C/A
Summary: 3rd in the L & F Series This is in response to Cali & Scorchy’s request for another ficlet sequel to L & F – also Cali wanted Angel’s POV from a smut scene from L & F so that’s included too.
Spoilers: S5 AU
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GT/AA, anywhere else, please ask.
Notes: In L & F Angel got sicced with a ‘lust spell’ by Eve, Cordy intervened and got stuck with the results!
Notes 2: Dream sequence is in italics to make it easier to tell the dif!
Feedback: Yes Please – feed me I’m starving!


Cordelia woke and stretched slim brown arms high, to work the kinks out of her warm drowsy body. Then groaning in protest she rolled over and slapped a hand down to silence the bleeping alarm. After a moment she peeked over the top of covers, blinking and trying to wake up. Dragging herself to sit up she yawned hugely and fought back the temptation to simply lie back down and go back to sleep.

Angel smiled at the deliciously rumpled sight and then turned back to the stove, his grey sweats hugging his hips but the rest of him bare. It was the smell of food that finally got her moving – well that and the gorgeous guy cooking it. She padded over to him and wrapping her arms around his waist, laid her still sleep laden head against his wide cool shoulder – pressing a soft kiss there as a hello.

“Hi sleepyhead”. His voice was a deep rumble and she yawned again; “What time did you get here”? She asked him, rubbing her nose between his shoulder blades in an artless caress.

“Just got here – took a shower to get rid of the gore and started breakfast” she wrinkled her nose at the mention of gore this early in the morning. “Yuck” but didn’t move, he felt so good and solid to lean against.

“I hate having to get up this early, it should be illegal or something” she complained bitterly and felt him chuckle but all he said was “Breakfast will make you feel better” in a sympathetic tone, smoothing a hand over one of the arms draped around him.

“I wish I could go back to bed with you” she sighed against his broad back; Angel grinned and looked over his shoulder at her glossy dark head. “Are you sure you’re right about this Sasenark demon being a dawn riser”? He teased, reaching over to the toaster to pop down the bread – but slowly so he didn’t dislodge her.

“Yeah I’m sure – you think I’d be up otherwise”? Which meant an obscenely early start for her today-and I’m so gonna kill it just for that … OK maybe not since these things were more pesky than dangerous but it was still a pain in the ass.

Finally starting to wake up properly she was unable to resist running her hands up and down his ribcage before drifting down again to run light strokes over his belly. Helplessly fascinated she returned to draw teasing circles around his abdomen and navel – loving the feel of hard muscle and soft skin. She hummed in her throat and smiling against him, admitting “I love your belly”.

Angel looked down and watched her stroke him, the muscles tensing as the now familiar liquid heat of desire unfurled underneath her palms. He wondered absently what was so special about his belly – but was distracted by a teasing flash of memory at the back of his mind.

Turning off the gas he turned around, keeping within the circle of her arms and placing his large hands on her shoulders, massaging them with gentle care as he dropped a kiss on the tip of her nose and then another on full rosy lips.

She leaned in and turned her face up towards his in a silent demand that he was more than happy to comply with. Their lips met in a sweet kiss that gradually deepened, changing from soft brushing motions to foraging open-mouthed kisses, tasting each other with growing hunger.

Angel pulled back a little to let her breathe and nibbled on her full lips, brushing his face against hers and feeling her soft panting on his cheeks; reluctantly he pushed her back and looked down at her now flushed face and passion glazed, heavy lidded eyes. Angel’s long fingers traced the delicate bones of her neck and jaw before cupping her chin and rubbing a thumb over her swollen lips.

“Your breakfast will get cold” he murmured “Sit down and eat it”. She shook her head “It’ll wait” she told him, reaching up to clasp his head and pull his lips back to hers.

He just about managed to resist, a first for him but getting her fed was his number one priority, “You need to eat, Cordelia – you’re losing weight”. She’d been so busy lately that she had barely had time to do anything other than get though the day and he was worried about her.

Instantly annoyed she pushed at his hard chest in a silent demand for release, he refused to let her go and she glared at him then, a brow raised in angry question. He clasped her head and kissed her pouting lips– hard. “You know I’m crazy about you; so don’t get mad at me for wanting you healthy”.

There was a determined look on his hard, handsome face and concern in his deep brown eyes, she didn’t exactly melt but she did relax against him. Nodding and thinking wryly to herself, that she was in some serious trouble if she was getting annoyed because he thought more of her than a convenient release. Yeah well, its his fault I’m addicted to sex so I’m entitled to be mad.

He’d been nagging her for weeks about eating better and had taken to cooking her meals whenever he could come by during meal times. She knew he’d been getting increasingly worried about how much she was taking on, even sending along her newest employee under the guise of a man desperate for a job – a guy he’d vetted and approved first of course, not that she was supposed to know that.

Thinking of George, she lifted his heavy wrist to check his watch and stepped back “Fine, so feed me”. Pulling out a chair she plonked herself down, still sulking a little.

He crouched next to her chair and pressed a kiss to her forehead “I’ll make it up to you later” he promised. She gave him a dark look, still smarting from the missed opportunity for a quickie and responded with a sneering “that’s what you think”, and then an arched look when he just laughed at her and stood up.

Hah – you just wait, Dumbass; you’re not the only one with willpower; she ignored the twinge of arousal that echoed inside and started to eat the eggs and bacon he placed before her.


He lay on his front, head tucked into the crook of an elbow, her pillow clutched tightly and half covered by his wide chest; he took a deep breath and then immediately released it in a deep-throated groan.

He rolled over onto his back, his face taut with some kind of fierce emotion; his restlessly moving hips twisted the sheet both under and over him as memories washed over him in his dreams.

The tranquilliser had only been a fraction of the amount needed to put him under properly – he was awake but paralysed for the time being. The lust spell put on him by Eve was still running rampant through his system, but less now than earlier.

He’d felt every move Cordelia had made, including bathing him to get rid of all traces of Eve and he’d loved her for it. But it was a torment too – he could smell her, his Cordelia – that special scent that was uniquely hers and that never failed to drive him crazy with wanting her.

Despite the spell having loosened it’s strangle-hold over his overwrought senses – just having her so close kept him hard and aching down to his very soul, and with his softer side being repressed by unsatisfied desire – a dark hidden well of passion still poured through him.

She had no clue about him really – at least not that side of him; the intense sexuality that was as much a part of him as both demon and soul. Like the others she thought that he’d been celibate for decades before Buffy – the opposite was true. His celibacy had only started when he’d returned to this dimension from the hell the slayer had consigned him too.

After that he’d hardly missed sex – until Cordelia had thawed him out and now he was on fire for her – burning with a lust that had nothing to do with spells or magic.

It was killing him to have her so near and not be able to touch her or even speak; then he felt her finger running over his thigh- from the knee up to the top and brushing past his straining groin.

She continued to run her fingers over the cloth of his shorts, avoiding the bulge of his arousal, to follow the line of his hips up to his belly button; there she swept her soft palm over him and he heard a soft-delighted laugh. Hot chills would have roughened his skin if they could – but he couldn’t even respond that much.

Helplessly he lay still unable to do anything but feel as she leaned over and pressed soft lips to his bellybutton, running her tongue around and then dipping inside it – Jesus, this was Cordelia – the woman of his dreams and she was touching him like she really wanted too – or couldn’t help herself.

He felt like weeping, if only that were true; he would gladly lie down and die for just one night with her – able to touch and make love to her like he’d dreamed of doing countless times.

Her hot lips and tormenting tongue carried on down to his navel and he howled inside his head at the pleasure and awful anticipation that he couldn’t suppress. His head started to swim with the intensity of the feelings that intimate caress arose within him and he wanted more – much more.

The fingers of one hand started to twitch and a terrible hope blossomed inside him – would he soon he would be free of the drug? But then reality crashed down and he howled again as pain flickered through him; even if he could, she wouldn’t want him – she was only doing this because she thought he was unconscious.

She kissed him on the lips and he cursed the response that he felt but she didn’t– but she wasn’t finished. He felt her hot breath feather his face as she kissed him all over – eyes, ears, and neck and then trailed her hot wet tongue down his throat to his chest. Burning pressure built in his chest even as hot licks of pleasure singed him from the inside out.

Her hair added to the torment, the silky strands brushing against his sensitised skin, as her trailing lips travelled down to his nipples where she lavished attention, licking and sucking until all he was nearly mindless with need.

Helpless rage and pure need boiled inside him, driving his frustration far too high until suddenly the pain drained away as the demon asserted itself – wanting the woman – needing her as much as the soul but without the conscience that usually tempered his natural ruthlessness.

He tried to swallow and found he was able to and then one large hand clenched into a fist. She didn’t notice and lifted the other hand off the bed – laying it over hers so that the flat of his palm covered her own; he concentrated hard on not moving that one.

He twitched a thigh and nearly growled in savage satisfaction when it moved at his command – again she didn’t notice; too caught up in what she was doing. His aching arousal swelled even more and he was tormentingly aware that she could leave him like this and he wouldn’t be able to stop her – not unless he could get back control of his body. Then she was his.

He could smell her arousal – the air was thick with it and it was just another torture that he could nothing about it, other than suffer the almost wild need to taste it, his throat ached – tight, needy and starving.

She pressed a kiss to the centre of his palm before tracing his index finger and then –sucked it into her hot, wet mouth. OH GOD! It was too much a deep throated groan escaped his tense lips and he felt her freeze like a doe suddenly confronted by a predator.

She shot up and away – No Fucking Way!, that was the final straw and the scalding heat of his fury blew away the last of the drug’s effects. He lunged for her, every vestige of civilised thought and self-control stripped and shattered.

He flattened her to the bed underneath him, pinning her with his weight and glaring down at her hotly with teeth clenched and lips snarling; furious with her for thinking that she could tease him like that and then leave him wanting. His arms trembled for a moment as if under strain, but he stilled them.

He took a deep breath and his chest expanded – “You left me once before, I won’t let you do it again”, He didn’t care what he had to do – he was going to have her, take her – drive inside that tight, hot body and lose himself in her

He didn’t let her respond but lowered his head and took her mouth in the kind of kiss that until recently he’d only dreamed off. Almost roughly he thrust his tongue into her mouth, forcing apart her lips and plunging inside – possessing her there as he would every part of her before he was through.

He ground his thick erection into the soft cradle of her hips, seeking relief from the painful throbbing and then ducked his head to her neck, biting down in an effort to satisfy a primal need to claim and only just managing to suppress the impulse to break her skin. He soothed the sting with a long lick of his tongue, feeling her life’s blood rush beneath it with a frantic pulse – a pulse echoed between her thighs.

His mouth found a nipple through the lace of bra, but that was too much of barrier and so he ripped the middle open to get at her naked flesh. He took the tender flesh in one hard hand, kneading it with his longer fingers and suckling the hard nub deep into his mouth, scraping with his teeth before doing it again – and again.

She was panting hard and squirming beneath his confining weight so he recaptured her hands in case she thought of fighting him. She arched her back and raised her hips and not caring if she was trying to break away from him – he simply pressed her down again with his weight; shaking his head in mute denial of even the thought of letting her go “never”.

She thrust her hips and thighs against him and their lips met and clashed again in a battle of wills, tongues tangling until the kiss became a wilful duel. Sitting up he yanked her pants and underwear off with one strong tug and in less than a second she was naked except for the remains of the blouse and bra that he’d ripped earlier.

He left them on and took off his shorts before pulling her beneath him again. He groaned long and deep at the feel of her almost naked body under his – skin to skin, with no more barriers. He forced a knee between her thighs and then the other one too, parting and opening her to him as he settled himself between her trembling thighs; the broad head of his sex nudging the soft damp folds of hers.

He suckled hard on her nipples again and prickles of heat raced over his skin at the taste of her soft plump breast; the feel of it in his mouth and between his tingling teeth. Suddenly starving for the taste of more, he gripped her hips in his hands and scooted down her body.

She screamed when he started to lick, nip and suck at her clitoris between the luscious folds of her dripping core. He stabbed his tongue inside her as deep as he could to draw out the creamy moisture of her arousal. She began to buck hard against him – so he gathered her closer, lifting her so that he could thrust harder into her.

When she started to come in his mouth, he growled against her sensitive and swollen flesh and wrapped his arms around her hips to still her thrashing body, intent on taking every drop and he didn’t stop until she lay shaking and exhausted; drained by him and her orgasm.

He stared at her mesmerised by the sight of Cordelia – soft, vulnerable and wet and his – at least for now. Feeling as if he would die if he didn’t get inside her, he crawled up her body to mount her and then had to grit his teeth at the hot wet clasp of her tight passage on his engorged shaft.

Only the fact that she was already so wet made his penetration possible without really hurting her. She moaned and thrashed her head from side to side when he continued to push and rock himself remorselessly into her, not stopping or retreating until he was finally in her to the hilt.

He pulled back for his next thrust at the same time as he found the cord on her neck and clamping down on it with sharp teeth in an unconscious imitation of possession; he then started to thrust heavily into her. She keened deep in her throat as she was wracked by a second orgasm.

He felt a burning pleasure spread from his loins to every part of his muscled body and stiffened, growling almost too low to be heard as his body tightened unbearably, desperately trying to not succumb to his own orgasm – brought on by hers. Wanting it to continue and have it never end, but he was helpless to prevent it as her hot wet passage squeezed and milked his swollen shaft, taking everything he had to give.

On the bed his back arched as his balls tightened – the orgasm imminent and he woke up to find he was alone. Well, shit!

After he’d recovered he started to chuckle, so that’s where I remember that from the chuckle became a laugh and then a groan. He knew damn well that Cordelia was planning some retribution for this morning when he’d refused to make love to her in favour of feeding her instead.

So the question was – how did he get round her stubborn determination to do the same to him?


It was dark and she was pretending to be asleep, not that he was even there to see it – asshole, where the hell was he? How was she supposed to teach him a lesson if he wasn’t there to suffer through it?

Then she started to fret; wondering, as women do, if was he getting used to her now – too much of a good thing and all that crap? “Better frickin’ not or I’ll stake him through the heart and dance on his dust” she thought with vicious fury at the thought.

Then she heard the door open and forgetting her plan, she grinned with relief. Memory returned and with it a frown of disappointment – then she stiffened her spine and berated herself for thinking of just giving it up.

She had it all planned down to the last detail. Well actually it was simple – she was bruised from this morning’s case; painless really if a bit colourful in places – but he didn’t know that and she was gonna play on it for all it was worth. Starting with pretending to be asleep, so she deepened her breathing and concentrated on slowing her heartbeat – she hoped anyway.

She listened as hard as she could but still didn’t hear his approach, and the bed dipped beside her before she even knew he was there. That was strange, why was he sitting beside her on her side, rather than getting in on his?

Something cool and slick tickled her hands, before slipping to her wrists and she had to squeeze her eyes shut or give into curiosity. A big mistake, before she knew it her hands were bound by the silken cloth which was then secured to the bedrail over her head.

Shocked, she opened her mouth to start yelling at him and call him names like pervert and… “Whoa, what the hell was he doing now“? She wondered in total shock as another cloth was pressed over her mouth and tied behind her head, gentle fingers checked she could breathe, “Duh – kinda necessary for me, Angel”. Then she felt something cold and metallic against her warm skin and shivered.

He cut away every scrap of clothing she’d worn – Uh Huh, OK and thank god she’d deliberately picked out the most unflattering and unyielding PJ’s she could lay her hands on, or she would be getting seriously pissed right now.

“Hold it, wasn’t she pissed anyway”? Actually if she was honest – she was kinda intrigued and then she blushed at that particular admission not to mention thankful for the concealing darkness that hid it from him.

When he was finished he left the bed and her eyes widened – No he wouldn’t dare – would he? She sagged back with relief when he snapped on the bedside lamp and then averted her hot face, embarrassed to be seen like this even by him. OK less intrigued and more pissed now.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him round the bed and the other lamp came on “Geeze, enough with the lights already”. The minute she got free she was going to kick his ass for embarrassing her like this. The bed dipped on his side this time and she turned her head to face him with hot hazel fire spitting out of her eyes.

He chuckled when he saw her hot anger and brightly flushed cheeks. He lay on his side, supporting himself on one elbow with the hand cupping his cheek and looking at her with a wicked smile curving his sensual lips. He raised a brow when she made incoherent noises from behind the cloth.

“Sorry what was that, Love”? He asked tongue in cheek and with a brow raised in mock query, “you’ll have to speak up I can’t hear you”.

She scowled at him with narrowed eyes and raised a long slim leg to hoof him off the bed with all of her might and considerable fury. He caught her foot and held onto it for moment, laughing at her and knowing that with every second her emotions were rising higher and higher.

Anger was passion – it just needed converting and was a hell of a lot quicker than persuasion with a stubborn nature like hers. Her eyes were practically glowing with frustration by now; but not fear and that was the important thing, if she got free he was dust and he knew it – his grin widened.

“Shall I let you in on a secret”? He asked her in a conspirital whisper close to her ear, but other than deadly narrowed eyes he got no response.

“I was thinking today of the first time we made love, do you remember”? She looked at him warily now and her hazel eyes clashed with his before she finally shook her head, denying him.

“Tut tut, Cordelia don’t lie – I know you remember it”, he lifted a hand and trailed his fingers in the valley between her breasts, stopping to softly rub at the delicate curve of the underside of one and then running that single finger along the crease and over to the nipple, which immediately puckered as if begging for attention.

Cordelia shut her eyes to close out his face, hard and somehow ruthless despite the full lips and sinful dark eyes. She also couldn’t help but notice that unlike her he was fully clothed. She flexed her arms, testing the bonds that kept her captive; they were soft and didn’t cut into her skin – but unbreakable for all that.

He saw the movement of her arms and pursed his lips, looking thoughtful for moment, then he cupped a breast in his large hand and squeezed it before rubbing his callused thumb over the sensitive tip.

She moaned at the predictable response of her body and watched his hand slide over the pump mound until the rigid pink bud was caught between two long fingers. Expertly he kneaded and plucked at the nipple at the same time until goose bumps raced along her skin at the hot licks of pleasure that coursed from the centre of her breast directly to the pooling heat between her legs.

She clenched her thighs tightly together to try and stop it, but already knew it was useless. So she closed her eyes again, his hand smoothed its way down her ribs in firm strokes – heading to her belly and abdomen.

His hand stopped over her bellybutton, kneading gently at the warm flesh and then circling it with his fingers, the strokes feather light but getting closer until he dipped inside and she sucked in a breath for a moment as prickling heat radiated outwards and then settled once again at her dampening core.

Still not touching her in any other way, that hand travelled further down her body; sifting through her curls to dip fleetingly inside her wet folds making her jerk and whimper. Only relaxing again when he moved on, following the outline of her pubic hair to stroke her inner thighs. She tensed again, when the journey led back to those curls but he stopped just shy of her sex.

Heat continued to unfurl inside her and she was forced to open her eyes as the stimulation was only increased by keeping them shut, desperately she tried to feed the anger that was rapidly changing into another kind of red hot heat.

He lifted a leg firmly and dimly she thought she should refuse to let him, but the thought of getting into a tussling match, which she would surely lose or just hurry him along to other things, stopped her. The raising of her leg exposed her more and this time he didn’t stop with a quick little forage.

He was stilling lying stretched beside her and watching her watch his hand as it ducked between her legs, over those damp and fragrant curls to the secrets underneath them. He slipped between the soft luscious folds to run a finger along the length of it. Returning back up to her clitoris, he rasped the sensitive bud with his callused finger and then soothed it by dipping into her now moist depths and then transferring the sweet slippery cream to it.

Helpless to prevent it, her hips rose in a plea for more – needing firmer contact and maddened by being unable to insist on what she wanted. She watched his hand and saw him push a finger into her, feeling it at the same time was incredibly erotic and with no other stimulation she was utterly focused on it – so much so that her muscles clamped down in excitement at the contact and she moaned as further streaks of pleasure lashed her.

She writhed beneath that impaling finger that was thrusting now in a strong rhythm between her thighs, she could feel him watching her and desperately tugged at the bonds again – seeing it he plunged a second finger inside her and increased the pace. Then she felt his mouth at a breast, tugging at her nipple and drawing it into his mouth to suck strongly in exactly the same rhythm as below.

The tip of his tongue teased the delicate bud inside his mouth with tight flicks, causing sensation to follow sensation – her breast and loins were on fire and bursts of pleasure streaked through her body. Unconsciously her hips started to undulate against his fingers and her body tightened with both tension and desire – the pleasure heightened now rather than diminished by being bound.

“Oh God,” she was so close – she could feel it buildingthen she wanted to scream when the fingers pulled out and left her – she ached for more, having been just shy of the blissful pleasure she craved. He sucked the fingers that had been so close to giving her an orgasm with definite enjoyment, his eyes blazing now with hot sparks of lust in those dark ebony depths.

“Oh my God, I don’t care about anything anymore – just get naked”, she wanted to yell at him, pound on him and then flip him over and impale her achingly empty body on his hard length. Infuriated all over again she twisted wildly on the bed – thrashing and yanking at the bonds and screaming hoarsely.

Hastily he straddled her hips, trapping her lower body between muscular thighs and grabbing her wrists with one hand to prevent her from hurting herself, using the other to remove the gag from her mouth. He didn’t give her chance to speak though but cupped her chin with two fingers and covered her mouth with his.

The kiss was frenzied and wild and rough, just as she wanted it and she gave as good as she got, her passion had been skilfully risen and was now at fever pitch – breathless she pulled away and afterwards when he captured her lips again the kiss was different – the tip of his tongue teased the inside of her mouth with delightful strokes rather than devouring bites.

“Get undressed” she told him, demanding and yet asking at the same time; he didn’t answer her but sat back to survey the result of his handiwork. Finally he undid the buttons on his shirt, one by one, to reveal that chest and eventually those shoulders when he shrugged the garment off and flicked it away, the muscles in his upper body flexing and bunching with the sharp movement.

Then he moved to his belt and he watched her expression carefully as he undid the buckle and pulled it free of the loops around his waist – her eyes widened at the implication – as he knew they would and satisfied with that response, he smirked and then threw the belt aside.

She really tried to be angry, especially after that smirk but she ended up laughing instead – releasing some of her tension so that she could grin back at him, she raised her arms again in a questioning gesture, “Untie me” she demanded, still with a wide smile and then following it up with a hopeful look.

But the infuriating vampire just shook his head, “I’m not finished yet” and scooted down her legs until he could rest his chin on her damp curls, looking at her over the length of her body – “I’m hungry” he explained and then lifting her legs over his naked shoulders, set his mouth on her.

As far as rekindling flames goes it was like setting a match to dry timber, she went up. Her back arched off the bed as with unerring instinct he went straight to her clit and sucked hard and fast, flicking with his tongue until she cried out. Then he laved it with a long slow lick – dropping back down to lap and suck at her now dripping centre, before dipping inside and then stabbing deep, drawing the moisture out again to do it again.

Hard hands gripped her thighs to stop her from thrashing too much and he lifted himself up, which raised her of the bed and brought her closer to his ravaging lips and tongue. He swirled through the soft folds with it and then circled again to tease her with the promise of rougher strokes.

She dug her heels into his back and surged against him, dimly she heard a zipper being pulled down and nearly sobbed in relief at the promise in that sound, god she felt so empty and achy with the need to be filled.

He reared back and over her, releasing the ties from her hands and pulling her arms down between their charged bodies, immediately she reached down to finish the job of freeing his straining erection.

Running her fingers along the hard, smooth and ridged length and then grasping the pulsing shaft she started to pump up and down – he hitched a breath and groaned at the sensation of her warm hand enclosing him. It was Angels turn to be helpless now and hung over her like a large animal, shuddering at the touch of her hand on his sex.

She scooted down so that she could reach under him with her other hand and cup him, rubbing and rolling between skilful fingers in the way she knew he liked it. Then she hooked a leg behind his knee and pulled it towards her, bringing him down on his side so that she could push him onto his back.

She growled when she realised he was still wearing his pants and started to impatiently tug them down his hips, he lifted them to help and was soon as naked as she was. He pulled her back up to kiss her, plunging his tongue deep inside her mouth, sliding against and then twisting round hers to draw it out to suck on it.

She grasped a one of his hands and pulled it back to between her legs; he obliged her by stabbing two fingers up inside her, retreating and then thrusting high and grinding his knuckles against her clitoris. His other hand grasped a breast to squeeze and tug at the nipple and she moaned into his mouth at the fiery pleasure.

Desperate to taste him as he’d done to her she sat up and then ducked down to take him deep in her mouth, trying to swallow the thick length whole, licking the broad head already slicked with moisture. Now it was his turn to arch up, driving his swollen shaft deeper into the welcome heat of her mouth.

Not content with just fingering her; he lifted her almost completely off the bed and over him so that her sweet wet heat was over his face, exposed and accessible. He tongued her as she sucked at him and they pleasured each other with devouring mouths, flicking tongues and nipping teeth.

Within seconds of orgasm, he wrapped muscular arms around her hips and lifted and twisted her so that she lay sideways over his lap – then in a move so swift it didn’t even register with her, he levered up, pulled her thighs over his and lifted her body so that they were pressed chest to chest.

He didn’t need to ask her to look at him; she knew he liked to watch her face as he penetrated. Hazel and brown met and stayed glued together as he slowly lifted and then lowered her onto his throbbing sex. They both grunted at the pressure and her head drooped to rest against his shoulder while his came to rest atop hers.

They stayed like that for a while, resting and enjoying the feeling of being joined. Before long though the urgency returned and he started to rock them both. His hands on her hips guiding her in his rhythm. Pushing and reaching for completion, she ground herself down on him and he lifted her up more to lunge higher and harder, until the squeezing motions of her convulsing loins drove away the last of his self-control.

He thrust her down on her back and balancing on his arms, pounding into her depths – riding through her orgasm but then following her into oblivion almost immediately. He collapsed on her, crushing her into the mattress but Cordelia, relishing the weight of him – wrapped both legs and arms around him to keep him there.

Hmm, my demon lover – every girl should be so lucky.



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