Dreams Maketh The Man 2

His silence that followed her big announcement soon got on her stretched nerves. “So, do you want me or not”? She snapped at him.

“Or are you so hooked on this – dark brooding ‘monk’ thing you have going for you to try it with a real woman”?

Her face was one big ‘dare you’ scowl, which quickly changed to gaping surprise, when – quick as a flash he snatched up the bottle and unstoppered it with a quick twist of strong fingers.

“You might wish you hadn’t asked me that, but you did, so” with that statement hovering in the air between them. He tossed back the whole bottle and then throwing it over one wide shoulder – unsmilingly stalked towards her.

“Monk, Cordelia?” He asked silky smooth.

“Well if the shoe fits” she replied breathless all of a sudden. Oh yeah this is more like it.

“Before I’m through – you’re gonna be eating that shoe” he said, his voice ripe with promise.

She gasped and laughed at the same time so that it came out like a gurgling chuckle. Pull a tiger by the tail – Oops. “Promises, promises. Are you sure you don’t wanna just read a good ole musty book or something”?

She backed away from him as he continued to advance, loving him but not so happy with having control of the situation taken off her so easily. Trying to wrest it back she pushed at his looming chest.

“Oh please, Angel c’mon what’s with the pouncing” she taunted secretly egging him on, “We need to talk”. If he agreed to that he was in some serious trouble from a very pissed off seer.

“Do you love me”? He asked her. “”Yes” Cordy replied eyeing him carefully and still backing away, until her knees hit the bed and forced her stop.

She’d been so absorbed in watching him come closer and reeling a little from the sexual energy that was literally scorching, her that she’d missed the little fact that he’d been herding here exactly where he wanted her to go. The bed Well DUH.

“And I love you, that’s enough talking” he told her suddenly solemn and took hold of her shoulders. Her heart was pounding and he could hear every beat in her chest and flutter in her neck.

“Are you afraid of me, Cordy”? She gave him a startled, wide eyed look from her expressive hazel eyes and then resolutely shook her head, not even bothering to reply to that nonsense. Absorbed she ran an exploratory hand up his neck to his jaw and then down to the vee of his shirt.

He relaxed a little at her silent admission. He hated to think she was afraid of him touching her. God, he’d wanted to touch every part of her for so long that given the slightest hint of willingness on her part; he’d gladly spend the next few weeks just learning all the delicious secrets of her body, and then start all over again.

But if she wanted time to wait and get used to the idea – he’d give it to her even if it killed him.

“If you want to wait, I’ll understand” He said gently to the top of her head only to nearly get his teeth smacked together when her head came up with a jerk.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Angel! Don’t you dare put this off”, she gave him a pointed glare. “Ignore me I was just – you know egging you on a bit, giving some incentive”.

She gave him a cheeky, mock innocent look “Besides I’m not really used to this ya know. It’s been a long time and I only did it once with you know who”. Apart from some seriously hot fantasies that is; but she wasn’t going to admit that to him – Yet!

Before she said anything else inflammatory he cut her off in the best way possible, with his mouth slanted firmly over hers. Having no choice and with her mouth now otherwise occupied, silence reigned. At the touch of his lips on hers her eyes slid shut and if she was the poetic type she might have said her world tilted on its axis – but she wasn’t so all she could think was WOW- Jee-zusss, and where else can you kiss like that! .

His tongue curled around hers, pulling and sliding as he sucked the taste of her from her mouth and into his. She felt a rumbling vibration coming from him and it took a few seconds for it to sink in that he was .. purring? Then her toes curled up as he plunged deeper with that impossibly nimble muscle.

He changed the angle of the kiss and tasted her deeply; taking her breath into his mouth and giving it back rather than release her lips. Her knee’s started to buckle so she leant against his solid length, her hands gripping his shoulders like a lifeline. Tentatively she allowed her tongue to be coaxed out of hiding by his and they tangled together in a heated dance that was purely a prelude to mating.

She did some purring of her own, deep in her throat and rubbed herself along his front. Becoming instantly intrigued and excited to feel his bulging erection, currently and not so subtly nudging her in the cradle of her hips. Heat poured like lava into her loins and instinctively she ground her hips into his, trying to ease the swift ache between her thighs.

“Angel, lets get on the bed” she suggested throatily, between kisses only to feel his chuckle as he told her, “We’re already on it; didn’t you notice”? She felt a flush rise up when she realised that she was now on her back on the soft mattress of his bed. No she hadn’t noticed being way to busy with what was on top to worry about what was underneath.

“Sneaky vamp” she told him accusingly and bit his lower lip before pulling it into her mouth to suck sharply. He got his revenge by turning the tables with an endless devouring kiss that left her dizzy and mindlessly wanting more.

A long time later he leaned back to survey her flush face and red swollen lips, his brown eyes sparkling with lusty affection. He ducked down to press another kiss on her luscious lips and then ran a hand over the soft material of her blouse.

“I like this on you, but if you want to wear it again take it off now or lose it forever” he warned gruffly and smirked at her dazed expression.

She almost lost track of the words too mesmerised by the sensual curve of his smiling lips and heated eyes. “I can’t believe that you want me”? She admitted wonderingly, unable to hide her insecurities about him. It was an abrupt reversal from earlier but he understood.

He framed her face with his large hands and leaned his forehead against hers, with him on top and his arms, hands and face over her she felt wonderfully caged and nuzzled her nose against his. Inhaling softly and then blowing out so that her breath whispered over his sensitive lips and nostrils.

“Believe it Cordy, and you’re damn lucky I haven’t proved it before now”. He grinned at her disbelieving look and wantonly thrust his obvious and overly eager erection into the notch at the apex of her thighs. “How can you doubt it”? He asked with a decidedly wicked look in those sinful dark eyes of his.

He wanted to do things with her that just might shock her silly, and he fully intended to. Before she left his bed she would have no more doubts about how much he wanted her with every fibre of his being, demon and all.

He came up on his knees to straddle her hips and then ripped the blouse off her, too impatient to wait any longer, and knowing that deep down it would go a long way in convincing her he meant what he said. If there was one thing that he’d learned about women over the last two and half centuries was that despite any civilised protests to the contrary, sometimes it was better just go with the darker instincts and let them wallow in it too.

She didn’t care about the blouse but she did care about his shirt – it was in the damn way. She reached up and grasped the top of the vee that had frustrated her earlier and tugged with both hands – hard. Buttons scattered the bed around them and dimly she heard him laugh at the inadvertent growling noise she’d made when she did it.

“You call that a growl” he teased her and nipped at the tip of her nose; she wrinkled it and grinned at him, reassured and confident again.

“Get your pants off Angel, or lose them too”. She threatened, all female aggression and pushed up off the bed to grind her hips against his. He groaned at the friction and obediently leaned up so that her nimble fingers could reach his fly. The pressure of her fingers there made his arms shake and it was his turn to growl.

Crap, need to slow down, he thought panicking a little that she really didn’t appreciate just how sensitive vampires can be in certain places. It wasn’t just lips, tongue and teeth that were supernaturally sensitive to touch. Excitement could and did turn his whole body that way. Each nerve soaking up the lightest sensation, like water on desert sand.

It didn’t matter if the excitement was caused by the hunt, kill or sex so long as it was pleasurable. Of course this was a double edged sword taking into account Vampire strength and stamina. Satisfaction could either be minutes or hours away and right now he preferred the latter.

He pulled her hand away and brought the fingers to his lips and playfully bit the tips with sharp teeth before sucking one deep into his mouth and making her hiss and arch up in both pleasure and pain.

To get him back she wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him down to her. Whispering in his ear “I dreamed of you doing this to me” and her lips curved in a purely female smile when he groaned and shook at the knowledge that she’d fantasised about them too.

“Shut up, Cor” he growled into her mouth, but he was pleading for mercy really “Or I’m gonna come in my pants – how’s that for vamp stamina?”. She laughed throatily and asked “Don’t you want to know the things you did to me in them”?

He leaned up to stare down at her dancing eyes, “What did I do”? He asked, helplessly intrigued by this glimpse into how she saw him. She arched her back to help him get rid of the lacy scrap of her bra.

“Everything”, she told him and closed her eyes at the memories that played across her passion drugged mind. Her lips were full and swollen from their kissing and now he watched mesmerised as the tip of her pink tongue came out to lick her lips.

Oh shit, I had to ask didn’t I. “That’s it, time to get naked” he said desperately and suiting actions to words he crouched over her legs. With one tug he whipped both her skirt and panties down and lifting himself up and off her body for moment, pulled them away from her legs – Cordy was naked in seconds.

He stayed by her feet and devoured her body with hot eyes, inch by naked inch. His face was taut with lust barely held in check and his sculpted lips were full and sensually curved. Entranced by look of needy greed on his hard face she pulled herself up and prowled over to him on her knees.

To him she was all feminine grace and provocation. His palms itched to cup those full breasts and test their weight and responsiveness to his touch. But he was torn too in wanting to feel the tender skin and flesh of other less obvious places.

Her hips were sweetly curved, flaring out from her narrow waist in a way that just begged for exploration and as for the dark curls nestling between creamy thighs – he swallowed hard and jerked his eyes back up to her face.

He twitched sharply as if suppressing some gripping emotion which was actually the desire to just pounce, and let her come to him. She placed her hands on his as they rested between his open thighs and then ran them along and up his long and heavily muscled arms to rest on his broad shoulders.

Anchored now she pressed her aching breasts to the hard planes of his chest and rubbed slowly back and forth, pleasuring them both with their first real skin on skin contact. The friction electric as both their nipples tightened with heightened arousal.

Cupping his jaw in her palms, she ran the tip of tongue over his lips. Tracing them and then tugging with playful teeth at the lower lip until he opened his mouth to her sliding tongue. God, she was so hot, her heat seemed to radiate through his entire body and it seared his soul with the powerful and dark urges it awoke inside his darkest recesses.

He was wracked with the need to rush headlong to part where he could sink himself inside her hot body, not letting up until he’d gotten deep enough to brand her. Trembling with the effort of holding himself back but wary of frightening her, he gripped her waist instead and pulled forward until she straddled his thighs.

He felt her, hot and wet on his still clothed shaft and his hips moved restlessly, mindless of the fact that penetration wasn’t possible or even desirable yet. She felt it too and ground down on him, the friction sending both their heads back as cries of carnal need fell from their lips. They started to thrust together, his hips meeting hers in a erotic, yet ultimately frustrating dance with hot licks of fire burning them both where there bodies met.

Her luscious breasts spilled into his waiting palms, plump and soft and making his mouth water and sex harden even more. She ground her hips down harder on him, needing the friction to try and ease the dragging ache inside her aroused body. His hands dropped to her waist and then travelled up her ribs to cup and fondle her breasts fully, his palms circled and kneaded the soft flesh, while his fingers tugged and pinched the tightly beaded nipples with tormenting skill.

Their mouths fused in a heated clash of tangling tongues, until dizzy with lack of air, Cordy pulled back. Then nudging her head to the side, he nuzzled her neck and she whimpered when he nipped sharply at the fragrant curve. Then sighed when he soothed the sting by gently sucking on the abused skin and knowingly left his mark there.

Feeling unbearably sensitised all over by that playful and yet serious bite, she pulled at his waistband and ducked her hand through his open fly to run her hand down the hard, silky smooth length of his thick shaft. He twitched against her hand and she marvelled at the feel of him in her palm, cool marble that somehow burned at the same time.

She grasped him in her fingers and squeezed, making him groan and buck against her. She rained open-mouthed kisses over his jaw and neck, while her hand continued to fondle and caress him, loving the thrill the size of him gave her. Lord help her, she wanted him inside her NOW, the dragging ache had gotten worse and all she cared about was being filled by the hard muscled length that throbbed enticingly in her hand.

She pulled at his pants and tried to drop down but he pulled her back up and toppled her back onto the mattress and then leant over her. “Stop or I won’t last” he told her his voice guttural with need. “I don’t care I won’t last either” she told him panting and then tried to push him over onto his back.

Sheer necessity forced him keep her down and snag her hands to pin them over her head. “I have some fantasies of my own to take care of. So don’t worry about lasting” he warned her darkly, and kissed her now pouting lips forcefully.

It was true, she had no idea of the times he would just look at her sitting at her desk working and doing nothing provocative but still managing to drive him crazy with wanting her. Most of the time he managed to keep it clean and just imagine the pure sensory pleasure of being able to kiss her, long and slow.

But other times, when he was angry with her or just plain horny, then he would have to leave and go someplace dark and empty. Those where the times when he had to release his death grip on the demon and let it rise or risk it all with stronger and longer surges of the creeping darkness.

There in the darkness he would close his eyes and think about doing things to her that in the bright light of day would make her run screaming from him. He would likely never do those things, or want to with some. Maybe one day, when she was more used to him and trusted him enough to give herself over to him completely.

He could still hardly believe she was here, naked and willing and lying on his bed, but she was and he planned to make the most of it. She pushed fretfully at his restraining hands and demanded. “What about mine. I want to feel you inside me”.

“You will I promise” he muttered and shut her up before he lost it completely.

The feeling of helplessness both excited and aggravated her at the same time in a volatile mix of arousal. She pushed her hips up and dug her heels into the bed, raising herself up to rub against him, inciting him to drop his self-control.

The hot musky sent of her arousal was too much for his starved senses and he scooted down her body and cupped his hard hands around the cheeks of her bottom to raise her up to his hungry mouth. Her thighs wrapped around his dark head and soon shook with the spiralling tension and intense sensations of his voracious mouth on her sex.

Angel ran his tongue along the length of her and his eyes closing ecstasy at the taste and texture of her soft flesh. Convulsively his hands gripped tighter and pulled her closer to him. He licked and parted the soft folds with the flat of his tongue and then used the tip to circle her dewed entrance and lap up the sweet fluid that flowed from her into him. He swallowed hard and groaned as the heated flow dripped into his starved body and spread down to his rock hard and aching erection.

Even with her hands now free of his shackling hands she felt powerless to escape the currents of pure pleasure that flickered throughout her body, emanating from her loins and spreading to her quivering thighs and abdomen. Just the incredible intimacy of it being Angel doing this to her was enough to make her cry out incoherently.

He flicked her clitoris, teasing the hard little nub with tugging bites and then latching on and suckling her hard. The carnal caress lasted longer than her overstretched nerves could take and her hands clenched fretfully in his dark hair as she undulated against his mouth and chin, frantic for release. Hoarse cries of pleasure and need pushing faster and faster out of her throat on each gasping breath.

She felt the vibration of his low growl against her sex and then the resulting rush of hot warmth that poured from her. His rampant tongue dipped, circled, lapped and thrust inside her vagina and was joined by his thumb. He pressed it deep inside her while his fingers stroked along the cleft between her cheeks. All together it was too much and the tension snapped inside her, and so screaming his name she came.

He’d fed on cold blood, both human and animal, for over a century and it had been at least half that time since he’d been able to feast guilt free on something as hot and delicious as this. Her hips plunged and bucked in his hands and he would not lose even a drop of her body’s hot release.

He devoured and gorged himself on her, wrapping his arms tight around her hips to hold her still while he drank from her willing and pleasure wracked form. Afterwards, utterly drained she watched out of dazed eyes as his fingers hooked into the waistband of his pants to push them down over his hips, freeing his throbbing shaft to her gaze.

She looked at his proudly erect shaft, rising from its nest of course dark hairs and the post orgasmic haze that she’d read about- but hadn’t believed until now lifted. Her eyes widened in a weird kind of alarm that was half excitement and half trepidation.

Oh Crap, they didn’t look like that in that Cosmo article . Trepidation won and she didn’t dare look at his face as her mind whirled, seeking with a desperate lack of inspiration for some excuse to not go through with this.

Knowing at this stage that there was none, she looked up at him with wary eyes and caught his pained and amused look. “Trust me, you can take me” he told her in an intimate whisper.

That’s easy for you to say she thought caustically. Then ashamed of herself for even thinking of welching she smiled and nodded her head. Not trusting her voice which she just knew would sound rusty with tension.

He could sense her fear and re-covered her body with his trying to reassure and give her time to get used to the size and feel of him along and over her. Supporting himself on his elbows, he kept the weight of his upper body off her smaller frame and then leaned his head down to her, brushing her lips with his own in a whisper soft caress.

“Let me love you, Cordy that’s all I want to do”. That single sentence, uttered so longingly had her melting like ice-cream on a hot sticky day. “I want you to love me too” she told him and leaned up to kiss him back. “Make love to me, Angel”?

He shuddered at the sweet invitation and its slight note of worry and unable to hold back any longer, kneed her thighs apart and settled himself between them. With one hand he guided the broad head of his sex to her drenched centre and nudging through the dewy folds he flexed his hips and slowly started to push inside her.

She was so tight he had to clench his teeth to stop himself from giving the plunging driving thrust he ached to do. Her hands came up to grasp his wrists and anchor herself as he rocked into her, pushing past the muscles that guarded her sex, trying to surge inside and fill her.

She panted and then moaned as she felt him stretch her. She dug her nails into his forearms and writhed at the hot scrape of his invading shaft as it rubbed against the delicate inner tissues of her tight passage. Instinct drove her to push down with her hips and bottom, trying to limit the depth he could go.

He hooked an arm underneath her bottom and raised her to meet his thrusts, holding tighter when she squirmed and then pushing harder, forcing her to take more of him inside. The frantic cries of both pleasure and distress that she gave drove him on rather than making him stop.

Frenzied now to possess her completely, he reared back until only the tip was inside and then with a final powerful thrust was in her to the hilt. She arched her back and twisted, trying to ease the burning invasion and he swallowed her scream with his slanting mouth.

Cordy finally started to relax after a few moments and she turned her head so that her lips were next to his ear, his head was next to hers with his brow pressed into the pillow. “Tell me I’ll grow to love it”. She demanded with an ironic twist to her lips.

“You’ll grow to love it”. He repeated obediently, his voice was muffled and she noticed a fine trembling all along her front coming from him, so she absently ran a soothing hand up his spine.

He lifted his head and gazed down into her flushed face with those luminous and hotly narrowed hazel eyes. “Are you finished”? She asked him, her arching brows lowered in confused question. Was she serious? his eyes widened and lips twitched helplessly into a tip-tilted, if a little strained smile.

“No” was the only answer he could muster at the moment.

Impatient to be free she shifted under him and the resulting clenching, clamping motion of her passage made him groan at the exquisite all over tightening on his sex. Involuntarily he reacted to resulting rush of feeling and pushed up inside her.

Cordelia stiffened, jolted by the electric surge of feeling and lust that swamped her from that inadvertent pushing thrust. Her mouth formed an ‘O’ and then a slow feline ‘cat got the cream’ grin spread over her face.

“That’s Okay then” she told him and the grin became a smirk.

Cordelia wrapped her hands around his neck and brought his lips back down to hers and then to test if it had been a fluke, moved her hips to see if she could get a repeat and when she did the smirk got wider.

Deciding a reward was in order she kissed and nibbled her way along the length of his strong masculine jaw and down one side of a corded neck until, unable to resist she bit gently on the muscle of his shoulder causing him to jerk.

Still holding onto him like he was her anchor she came back to nuzzle under his chin. Rendered powerless to move, purely by the sheer delight of those caressing little touches of her face and lips, Angel moaned and rubbed his cheek against her much softer one- luxuriating in the downy softness of her skin.

Needing more she undulated her hips, working herself on him in an instinctive dance that very soon nearly blew the tops of both their heads. Her heels dug into the mattress, pushing up, and giving her more leverage. Her hot hands clutched his sides as he joined her in the grinding and shallow rhythm.

Dark brown met and held hazel eyes and neither broke that invisible, bonding contact even when Cordy’s breathing started to hitch and eyes roll and flicker as the tension heightened, starting from her core and spearing up to jolt her heart into a jack hammer rhythm.

A sizzling heat wave of feeling sucked her into a dark pool of sliding bliss and the painful- scraping, stretching of his penetration was forgotten with the rasping, gliding pleasure of the here and now. She was so wet and slick that each of his long, slow thrusts was a journey of sensation that whipped her up and dragged her down, making her clutch him to her with frantic hands.

They moved together and then apart in a surging mating of bodies, rubbing against each other until the next thrust drove them apart- only to come together again. Lips tangled and caressed, as did limbs as each sought to get closer to the other.

Angel rolled them over so she was on top and then moulded her to his muscular length with firm strokes of her back and the luscious curves of her butt. Unable to resist he explored her there, running his hands around the sweet curves, dips and valleys before giving in to her impatient demands.

Knowing what she needed he pressed down with one hand on bottom curve of her spine and then thrust up with his hips, going fast and hard now- impaling her and making her ride him. She wasn’t exactly a religious person but suddenly found herself entreating the almighty in a repeated chant as hot pleasure engulfed her.

Angel pushed her up and supported her until she instinctively braced herself with both hands on his chest. She could feel the smooth ripples of muscle under her tingling palms and that subtle reminder of the restrained power of the man between her thighs only added to the wash of sensation pulling at her.

That internal pull got stronger as her body wound tighter with the approach of another orgasm. All too ready to give into it, her head dropped to her chest and her arms turned into limp noodles. Dazed she hung onto him and gasped when he rolled her underneath him again, before the orgasm could reach its explosive peak.

“No you don’t- not yet”. He whispered somewhere over her dizzily spinning head. “I need you to keep up, Cordy – stay with me”.

Cordelia dug her nails into his chest in protest even as her legs wrapped around his hips to move with him, each powerful flex and thrust echoing inside her frantically clamping sex and rubbing against the tiny bud of nerves hidden under the soft folds of her labia, constantly rising her higher at the too subtle friction.

She felt a wet tugging at one breast and her eyes flew open and skittered down over her heaving upper chest to see Angel’s dark head bent to the soft mound, enclosed and cupped in his large hand. Still with that relentless glide into her, he latched onto the dark turgidly erect nipple and pulled into his mouth. His tongue flicked and laved the sensitive tip and he heard her hissing moan followed by her frantic repeated whispering of his name.

Her hands left his shoulder to cup his jaw while he ministered to the other breast in a repeated torment that rose goose-bumps all along her skin as prickling heat shot over every nerve ending. She felt his jaw working under her fingertips as the suckling pressure became stronger and he drew more of her aching flesh into his mouth.

She speared her fingers through the short hairs at his nape and crushed him closer, and arched wanting him to take it all with his devouring lips and nipping teeth. Her rising passion stretched his control to almost breaking point and his tempo increased as his mouth left her breast to kiss her mouth with bruising force, parting her lips with one forceful plunge.

Her head was forced back to the pillow as he loomed over her. Hard hands snagged her wandering ones and pinned them on either side of her head again, pushing down as he rose over her on braced arms to stare down at her.

She looked up into his face and her blissful passion induced haze lifted when she saw for the first time the stark, frighteningly powerful desire stamped on his taut features. She felt a tiny spurt of fear, laced with excitement, as she looked back into glittering, almost black eyes.

“Do you love me”? Angel asked her, his voice guttural with need as if the question was forced out of him- needing to hear it again.

“Yes” her voice was high and wafer thin, thready and breathless but he heard it anyway. He stiffened and the muscles of his arms, shoulders and neck hardened and corded. He shuddered and his head twisted to the side as he tried to control the surging emotions that one word unleashed inside him.

When he kissed her again she half expected to be mauled but instead the open mouthed kiss was whisper soft. He blew softly over her lips and dipped only the tip of his tongue inside to swirl over hers. That was good, very nice in fact, but it had nothing whatsoever in common with what he was doing down there.

Hard heavy thrusts pierced her core and the recoil and would have pushed her against the headboard if not for his hands keeping her where she was. The rhythmic pounding of his loins against hers, and the slick rasp of his hard shaft against the delicate tissues of her passage as he continuously surged and filled her was too much and hurtled her into another orgasm that this time he let her have.

Angel flipped her over before she could recover and positioned her so that the cheeks of her bottom were flush to his abdomen while he straddled her closed legs from behind. He ran his hands over the soft globes, stroking and kneading over and then between the sweet curves making her shiver and squirm back into his hands, seeking more of that fleeting touch.

He pushed two exploratory fingers into her drenched swollen entrance and twisted them, she jerked in his hands so he pushed harder, reaching and kneading the raised spot that could make her scream and beg for more.

Which she did, he wasn’t gentle now and the more she writhed against his hand the more he stretched her. Two fingers became three and she bucked hard enough that he had to wrap an arm around her hips to keep her in place.

Face hard and drawn he watched mesmerised by the erotic sight of his fingers thrusting into her dripping wet entrance. Mercilessly he fingered her until she got close again; obvious from the incoherent sounds falling from her lips and the clamping of her inner muscles on his fingers.

Then he pulled them out and while sucking the moisture off them with hungry enjoyment, replaced them with his throbbing erection. The feeling of being stretched and filled inch by inch had already begun to feel familiar and her loins clenched in welcome over his engorged length, squeezing him as he pushed deep inside as far as he could until his pubic hair mingled with hers.

He leaned back with one hand behind him and watched himself glide in and out of that hot wet sheath, pumping hard and fast. Then he began to alternate, one hard plunge followed by half a dozen shallow pumps and then a long massaging grinding one that threatened to blow his mind.

The pattern got faster as the harder plunges got more frequent and then he was riding her hard, driving for an orgasm that began with hers. Their cries mingled together in a wild sound of mating until he too got dragged down into that dark oblivion.

Cordelia was utterly spent, shaking uncontrollably with exhaustion and as for thinking, well later- maybe. Angel was slumped over her, his chest over her back and they were still joined with her bottom tucked into his lap. His arms came around her and his long fingers wrapped around her clenched fists on the pillow. Then he squeezed in a gentle all over body hug and kissed the nape of her neck.



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