Dreaming of You

Title: Dreaming of You
Author: Helen
Posted: 18/09/03
Rating: N-18
Category: PURE SMUT (VERY Graphic)
Content: C/A
Summary: This is set after WITW and features a fantasy of Cordelia’s
Spoilers: S3
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: The dream is within the stars – this has been written of the cuff and not been checked by anyone so hope it reads OK.
Thanks/Dedication: This for Cali who’s feeling under the weather and Scorchy for her Birthday and to take her mind of things
Feedback: Yeah feed me!!

Cordy was dreaming, twisting restlessly on the bed sheet but not disturbing the large muscular shape next to her. Her hips writhed and her bottom dug into the mattress as her breathing hitched.


She dreamt she was back in the old offices, before it had gotten blown up. She was downstairs in Angel’s apartment, lying asleep on the couch. She had no idea where the vampire was but knew he wouldn’t mind her using his couch.

Her thin dress buttoned down the front and she wasn’t wearing a bra, just skimpy panties. She was curled up with one leg stretched out and unknowingly displaying the shapely brown limb to the gaze of the large shadowy figure coming through the door.

In the dream she turned on her back, still asleep and ignorant of the hot eyes skimming over her lush body. Her turning caused the thin material of the dress to stretch over her full breasts. Her hands came up and she stretched and wriggled as if trying to get comfortable and the dress rode up her thighs.

Her breathing was deep and even, not changing even when a cool hand came to rest on her ankle and then glided up her smooth skin, dipping from the knee to caress the soft flesh of her inner thigh. The hand stopped for moment before continuing, brushing the skirt high, seeking the warmth at the apex of her thighs.

The pleasurable streaks of heat that caress awoke had her eyes opening and she saw Angel, looking down at her, his expression strangely heated. Her breathing hitched and she froze for a second. His hand reached her panties and those long fingers, skimmed lightly under the outer lace, brushing her curls.

Then the hand froze and he looked down at the place where she was melting under his touch and then back to her face, enquiringly. She smiled at him, soft and sleepy – knowing this was a dream and her legs dropped open just a fraction. There was something different about him and she was confused for a second before she realised this was the Angel she had known when she first got here.

Aloof and distant but still handsome, not like her Angel who now smiled at her and noticed her whenever she was in the room. It excited her that it was this Angel, whose hands were travelling over her legs, lust clear in his eyes. Then she noticed another figure watching them and her face registered shock when she saw him, identical and yet not.

Two years on had made little to the difference to the vampire physically but she knew him better than anyone – this was her Angel of this time. She looked back at the earlier version and saw he was watching her face intently. He didn’t look up even as the other joined them by the couch.

His only reaction was to push a hand underneath her knees to pull her legs off the couch and then onto his thighs. Her hands fell onto his shoulders and her eyes were wide and heartbeat fast when he leaned in and kissed her, his tongue plunging into her open mouth and sliding over hers.

His hands were holding her up and pressed to him, one at the bottom of her spine and one between her shoulder blades as he continued to drug her senses with deep possessive kisses. She felt other hands pull her hair back and away from her neck, baring it. Cool lips fastened to the heavy pulse at her neck, nipping lightly and then it was as if she were floating until she felt the rug underneath her back.

Drowsy and heavy lidded with passion she saw one Angel kneeling between her thighs as the other spread his knees either side of her head. She felt her panties being pulled down even as hands unbuttoned her dress to bare her breasts to both their hot, dark gazes.

Her knees were raised and then spread as the dress was pulled apart to expose her to them fully. Cool hands rubbed up and down her thighs and dipped to tangle lightly into her dark curls and at the same time both her breasts were cupped and other long fingers smoothed under the heavy weight, lifting and cupping them.

Her lips were captured from above and she swallowed a gasp when he pinched her nipples between finger and thumb. Her back arched when she felt herself being impaled, the finger thrusting up high to withdraw the moisture that had pooled hot and wet inside her core. Then they spread her juice over her soft female folds, circling her entrance and teasing the bud of nerves at the top.

She was light-headed from their dual ministrations and also the continued thrusting kisses that kept her silent so they could enjoy her body. Helplessly she undulated under their hands, as sensations after sensation whipped ceaselessly over her nerve endings.

Her hands came up to his ears and he rewarded her by biting her lower lip and sucking it into his mouth just as the other Angel, fastened his lips to her sex. Her hips came up of the floor as if to evade him and the hot licks of fire that emanated from her core. But his hands gripped her hips and pulled her back down.

Both tongues speared inside her mouth and loins, thrusting in an identical rhythm, driving her mad and her legs trembled under the lash of pleasure so carnal she would have screamed if she could. Two fingers joined the tongue, thrusting inside her as the tongue lapped and laved her clit, sucking the tiny bud hard into his mouth and then scraping his teeth over it.

Hard fingers kneaded her breasts firmly, tweaking the nipples and then he left her mouth and leaned over and all she could see was his dark chest as he took one inside his mouth, pulling and suckling at the hardened tip. The lips at her now drenched centre left her and she felt the blunt broad tip of his penis as he circled her entrance.

Hard hands gripped her hips and pulled her up to meet the hard invasive shaft and she yelped at the scraping push of him as he entered her. Then the other Angel took advantage of her open mouth to thrust inside again, filling her with them both. She felt the rough movement of clothing being removed and felt his hard muscular chest and shoulders over her face with her frantically seeking hands.

The hard measured rhythm between her thighs made her whimper as his cock continued to scrape along her sensitive inner tissues. Her shoulders were lifted so that she lay over the other ones lap. His head dropped to press a kiss to the top of hers as his hands reached down and cupped her breasts, thumbs scraping back and forth over her nipples.

She looked up to him smiling at her, his face filled with tenderness and lust and then looked down to see the other, back on his knees watching his sex as it glided, glistening in and out of her creamy centre. Their wide chests and broad shoulders filled her sight and she wailed and gasped, squirming on both hard thighs as she started to come.

His pace increased when he felt her convulse around him, pounding into her now and his groans joined hers. Her nipples were pinched hard and then one hand wrapped around her throat to tip her head back as a demanding surging kiss was forced on her just as she came apart in an explosive orgasm. She felt the other shudder and the spurt of his semen as he ejaculated in her.

Then he left her and her head was laid on the rug, she was trembling all over from the force of the orgasm and could do nothing when they swapped places and she was turned over. The first Angel held her hands flat to the rug and pushed her hair out of her panting face, while the other lifted her hips so that her bottom was in the air. Cool fingers slicked over the soaked curls and pressed between the soft folds of her sex, searching for and finding the swollen entrance and dipping inside, gentle and knowledgeable.

She moaned when she felt herself penetrated again. The thick head of his cock pushed passed the swollen tissues with inexorable pressure, filling and stretching her again. Once he was in her to the hilt, her face was lifted and arms pushed up to support herself.

She smelt the musky sent of herself as the smooth tip was pushed against her lips, she opened her mouth and he surged inside her, but not too deep that she would gag at the length and thickness of him. They matched each others rhythm with shallow thrusts into her sex and mouth. Hands smoothed over the cheeks of her bottom and slipped between the crease to run lightly over the puckered skin underneath.

She jerked and he chuckled, returning to repeat the caress with teasing fingers, pushing gently but not penetrating. Other hands threaded though her hair, teasing her ears with soft swirling motions as he thrust his hips so that his cock slid in her mouth and against her swirling tongue. She sucked him deep and loved the feel and taste of him.

A hand reached around to rub and pinch at her clit and the other gripped her hip when her inner muscles started to clamp, heralding another orgasm. He thrust harder and higher, pushing and stabbing the spot inside her that caused her to writhe and grind herself back onto him, desperate for release.

Her second orgasm ripped through her and she felt them get bigger inside her and heard their grunting cries as they came with her. She swallowed hard at the cool rush of fluid that spurted into her mouth.

Afterwards they dressed her and tenderly laid her back on the couch before slipping away again into the darkness…


Cordelia jerked awake and looked at the sleeping hulk of Groo in her bed, groaning she turned over to face the other way and plucked at the pajama’s that were too rough on her sensitive nipples.

“God I need sex but why can’t I let it be Groo, why does it have to be Angel?”


Sequel: Dreams Maketh The Man



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