Title: Convergence  Convergence ficpic
Author: Helen
Posted: 31/05/05
Rating: NC-17 Smut
Category: Smut
Content: C/A
Summary & notes: Sequel to Eclipse and my second (deliberate) p-w-p and like its prequel its all smut. That’s pretty much all you need to know. See notes at end for more
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AA/GT/FSB. Anyone else, please ask.
Notes: This is now complete, and partially re-written. Also as it is now standalone.
Thanks/Dedication: To Lysa for the wonderful ficpic on Eclipse and to make up for me being such a ditzy friend *more severe grovelling*:love: And this faboo ficpic is by the lovely Laurencedec.*hugs*
Feedback: Yup, feeding is good. Usual stuff on constructive criticism:kiss:

“How the hell did we get into this conversation, or this position?”

Cordelia shrugged, “You getting snippy ‘cause I pointed out vampires don’t have a sex-drive.”

Amused, Angel asked, “Changed your mind yet?”

Straddling him with the red silk of her dress spread out around their thighs, Cordelia gripped the back of the couch next to Angel’s head. Staring into onyx eyes with a challenge sparking in hazel depths, she ground down on the hardening bulge. There wasn’t so much as a hint of surprise on his face.

“Maybe,” she conceded and licking her lips, shivered with spiralling excitement. “You don’t seem surprised. Do girls climb onto your lap a lot?”

Full lips quirked, “Not so as I’ve noticed, no.”

A slow gyration sent pure heat flaming from her centre. Breathless, she replied, “I think you’d notice something like that, wouldn’t you?”

Gripping her hips with both hands and flexing his upwards, Angel managed a straight face. “I guess it depends on the girl. There’s more than one part of me notices you no matter if you’re in my lap or not.”

Cordelia was mesmerised by the slow, heated sensuality in his eyes. Whoa, where had all that impassiveness gone. Then some shutters came down and it was back; reminding her of his notorious self control. Wondering if she had the power to break that control had her own arousal streaking, and she said, “Should I be flattered?”

“You decide.”

They both knew he wasn’t just talking about being flattered. The urgency thrumming where they were pressed together posed a demand all of its own.

Rather than reply Cordelia curled her free hand around his neck, and leaning in nuzzled her nose against his. Breathing in deeply the scent of soap, cologne and man before brushing his lips with hers, she murmured, “I want to be in control this time, Angel. Tonight, I make all the decisions, okay?”

Drowsy sensuality lit dark depths and his tip-tilted smile drew her gaze to full lips, “Go for it.”

Bolder this time, Cordelia ran the tip of her tongue along the seam of his mouth. When Angel didn’t open to the silent demand, she took his bottom lip between her teeth and nipped sharply. His deep chuckle pissed her off and only made her more determined. She might have been a virgin until a few weeks ago but she was pretty darned good at research these days. Angel was about to find out just how good.

Pouring every bit of pent up passion into their kiss; she felt him throb under the silk of damp panties and moaned her approval. The thrill of knowledge was deeply visceral. No matter how much control he had over the rest of his body, there was one part of him that would always give Angel away.

She was getting to him big-time.

But this wasn’t all about Angel. This was about her too and what she wanted. Cordelia wanted more of what she’d tasted at his mansion. Their meeting at the Bronze had been accidental and pretty embarrassing for the former Queen of Sunnydale High, but locked away in the single furnished room in her parent’s house, Cordelia forget about anything except for what her impulsive move had gained her – Pleasure.

Using his broad, jacket covered shoulders for support she lifted herself and locking gazes with him, circled that intriguing throb with only the barest brushes of her panties. As she did his hands bit into the cheeks of her bottom, the fingers contouring the ripe curves.

“Can you feel that, too?”

“You know I can. Plan on tormenting me do you?” he asked, the remote look on his face belied by the roughened tone of his deep voice.

Two could play impassive, “Always. You might have heard of me. I’m Cordelia Chase.”

Angel’s “Hmm,” was swallowed by another kiss slow, this time deep and hinting of a duel. She’d taken down her hair when they got here and now it spilled over her bare shoulders and tumbled down her back. One of his hands gripped a fistful of the glossy mass, pressing her closer and mutely urging her on.

Cordelia needed no urging and instinctively slanted her mouth to deepen the kiss. Her hips circled faster with the movements becoming erratic as her center turned molten at the torturously brief and teasing caresses. Tendrils of lust curled up and surged like molten honey through her veins. Dazed, she broke the kiss and opened heavy-lidded eyes to see the slight smile curving that clever mouth.

She was losing herself in her own pleasure. She needed him to keep up. Gasping, Cordelia lifted up and ignoring the screaming protest between legs as weak as noodles, lifted both arms to open the dress’s clasp at her nape.

Free, the silk slithered down to catch on tightly budded nipples. Accepting the invitation cool hands cupped both heavy globes, pinching the rosy tip between thumb and finger. It was unbelievably erotic. Cordelia’s head tipped back as pleasure streaked from breast to loins.

“God, I’ve wanted your hands on me for weeks. I nearly called you so many times.”

The admission seemed pulled from her. A flick of thumbs over the sensitive peaks had twin jolts of electricity shooting directly to her core. Eyes never leaving her flushed face, Angel returned the favour, “I’ve stood by and watched men undressing you with their eyes and wanted to rip them right out. You should have called me. It might have saved me some pretty violent daydreams.”

Cordelia had no time to wonder at that stark admission uttered so casually before he clasped her wrists. Eyes glittering with dark and sensual appreciation, Angel flattened her hands under his on his knees. Arranged like that she was artfully displayed with the taut peaks of her breasts revealed in their full glory.

“You have beautiful breasts,” he murmured, bringing one hand back into play; testing their weight and trailing a whisper soft finger along the sensitive underside.

Goosebumps chased over her skin and a clever comeback was impossible. Swallowing hard, she settled for a simple, “Thanks,” and trembled in her restrictive position. She groaned low with anticipation when that dark spiky head came off the couch, capturing a rosy nipple and suckling it deep into the cool cavern of his mouth.

Hotter streaks shot from breast to loins and she muttered, “Oh God! That feels so good.”

Unknown to Cordelia that signaled the end of her brief dominion.

Releasing her hands powerful forearms guided her over his rigid shaft. Then ruthlessly if gently, Angel rocked her delicate flesh, shielded still by silk panties, over the stretched fabric of cotton pants that barely restrained the burgeoning flesh that ached to be buried in her damp heat.

She was still new to the seductive and weakening thrill of lovemaking and buffeted by rocketing pleasure, Cordelia could only latch onto whatever solid part of him she could reach and hold on as the sensual assault on her senses continued unabated.

Choppy breaths and incoherent moans filled the room as Cordelia clutched Angel closer, pinned in place by a building tension, gathering and blooming in a mini inferno between her thighs. Everything conspired to keep her lost in the moment.

Half dressed, with him fully dressed and sprawled on her parents couch; all alone in the house, the strangely erotic, slightly seedy nature of this encounter called to something wild and reckless inside Cordelia. Too soon it became too much. Swept inexorably along, stars burst behind hazel eyes squeezed shut as the tide of her release tossed her up and over the edge of orgasm.

It was his deep voice that called her back to earth, “So, you think you’re up to calling the shots, tonight?”

Unthreading her fingers and trailing them down his shirt, Cordelia sucked in a trembling breath and tried to still her quaking thighs, “Yeah. You’re a guy as well as a vamp, should be a snip.” He didn’t need to say this was far from over. The demanding throb of him offered all the warning she needed.

To Angel, Cordelia was a sensualists dream with a face and figure that had unneeded breathes catching in his chest. He hadn’t been kidding earlier when he’d told her that the facts about vampire sexuality wasn’t something Rupert Giles would have ever gotten into with the teenage scoobies. Vampires are sensual if base creatures designed purely to feel and sate every physical desire, only warped by the need to inflict pain. He would never hurt Cordelia, but the want was there, a dark thread running beneath the thrumming of his reawakened sexuality.

Her pounding pulse with the blood racing under the thin veneer of fragile skin was a delicious and terrible siren song. Mesmerized, dark eyes travelled over the beautiful, rumpled female straddling his lap, mapping the hectic flush of physical completion that spread from her heaving chest to the throbbing vein in her temple. Under her, his erection was exquisitely painful and the musk of her arousal; moist, warm and fragrant dampened them both where she sat. Aroused beyond bearing, it was all he could do to lock down the urge to throw her down on the nearest flat surface and ravish her.

It was a far cry from a few hours earlier. Seeing her in the Bronze; alone, proud and hurting from the way she was being ignored had called to him in the strongest way. Half expecting a sharp rebuff he’d obeyed the impulse to comfort and gone to her, ignoring the impatient call of Buffy who hadn’t expected him to leave straight after delivering the message from Giles.

However, duty done, Angel hadn’t seen the need to stick around. After a few face-saving minutes of forced laughter and conversation, Cordelia had agreed to let him escort her home. Once there she’d invited him in and guessing that she didn’t want to be alone he’d agreed to a coffee.

The mug of bitter brown was cooling on the low table now standing a few feet away from the couch. The contents of that table had nearly been sent scattering when Cordelia, following some nameless impulse to ensure she had his full and undivided attention had made her move. Unknown to the intent brunette, Angel had pushed it cautiously away with his foot while she got comfortable on his lap.

Now relaxing his arms to lay harmlessly across his middle and leaning back with a tight smile, Angel conceded all, “In that case, give it your best shot. I think I can take it.”

He saw the challenge register and the smile twisted, realizing he’d just given her all of the incentive she needed to really drag this out and drive him crazy. Face expressionless, Angel gave a silent groan of mingled despair and anticipation.

She didn’t keep him in suspense for long. Stepping gracefully off him to stand barefoot on the carpet, Cordelia shimmied off the dress to stand gloriously naked except for the skimpiest pair of red silk panties he’d ever seen. Unbound and wayward, waves of long glossy dark hair tumbled over her shoulders and curled around pert, full breasts.

Jesus, he was going to explode. Only centuries of experience kept the strain from showing on his face. Fingers curling into his palms to calm the tingling need to touch, Angel kept his heavy lidded gaze on Cordelia’s sultry face as she approached to grasp his belt and tug him to lie lower.

Nimble fingers undid his belt and he had to hiss in a breath when she brushed against his mutinous erection. Pulling down the zipper was better and so much worse all at the same time. Any thoughts that she may have done this before were squashed when his flesh sprung free and Cordelia’s eyes rounded with stunned surprise. Rosy full lips formed an ‘O’.

He grinned despite being racked with unsatisfied need. “I never got used to so many layers,” he said to explain the lack of underwear, adding, “Didn’t you see me last time?”

“Yeah, but I had other things on my mind,” like his tongue where she’d never been kissed before, Cordelia added silently. “Besides, this is a lot more…y’know up close and personal than last time.”

“You don’t have to-“

Hazel eyes rolled before he’d finished, “I know that. I want to. Now shush, you’re distracting me” Sitting back on her heels and supremely comfortable with being naked, Cordelia surveyed him and a moment later she grinned, saying, “I like you semi-clothed. It makes it seem more…” pausing, she searched for the right words.

“Clandestine and furtive?” suggested, Angel wondering if she had any idea how much of a temptress she was. “You surprise me, I always got the impression you liked being romanced in a big way.”

Embarrassment chased cross expressive features. Suddenly needing to be busy she sat up and began attacking the buttons of his shirt. A large hand covered hers, stopping the agitated action. Looking up under her lashes, Cordelia met his enigmatic look and felt her flush deepen.

“Sunnydale’s a small town. Hot men aren’t exactly lining the streets and meeting new guys that aren’t a pathetic waste of manhood is practically impossible. Why do you think I took up with a total loser like Xander-”

At the mention of that name, Angel pushed up from the couch and grasping under her arms, pulled her close and between his spread thighs. “I wasn’t accusing you or judging you about anything. Everybody has fantasies. It’s human.” Done talking and swooping down, Angel claimed her lips in a kiss intended to re-ignite the passion he’d stupidly doused.

It worked. Reassured Cordelia relaxed and the seductress returned. Kissing him back, Cordy got back to opening the buttons that hid him from her. Finished, she spread the blue silk wide and smoothed her palms over the hard slabs of muscle contouring his chest. They jumped under her touch and emboldened, she swirled her tongue around his and sucked it into her mouth.

Suckling, sipping, sweeping and chasing one another the kiss became torrid as more than just Cordelia’s passion was relit. To make amends, Angel let her win that intimate battle and docilely resumed his former position when she pushed at his shoulders.

“In that case,” she said breathlessly, finishing the conversation with a reckless glitter warming hazel eyes, “You can keep the rest on until I tell you take them off.”

His “Yes, Ma’am,” became strangled when Cordelia wrapped her fingers around his shaft and gripped him hard. An exploratory swipe with the flat of her tongue across the broad head later, and dimly he heard her tease, “I think we’re done with conversation. Don’t you?”

Oh yeah.

Mere seconds afterwards sweat was beading on his forehead and chest. Slumped on the couch and holding the sagging cushion in a twin death grip, Angel watched helplessly enthralled as those rosy lips enveloped him and then sank down until the velvet of her upper mouth convulsed gently along the super sensitive head.

Inside that moist molten cavern her tongue fluttered over the upper ridges and swirled across the smooth tip. Grinding his head back into soft loam, Angel groaned and closed his eyes, reaching for control even as it slipped further and further out of reach. Panting and opening his eyes again because closed the sensation were too acute, Angel’s vision blurred as pleasure whipped through his taut body.

Because he was afraid of making her gag, Angel tried not to buck but in the end he was helpless not to; trying to drive deeper into that sinful warmth as the last vestiges of civilised man started to shred. While the hot, wet suckle of her mouth blew off the top of his head, her hair tickled his skin and her nails dug into the undersides of his thighs as she used her weight to hold him down.

Cordelia was trying to control him and neither cared that she was failing miserably as she took him deep, again and again. Coldness fled as torrid heat raced under his skin. Dark eyes feverish, Angel watched that dark head bob relentlessly between his thighs; the widely stretched carnal mouth devouring his flesh with complete abandon.

Swathes of dark hair tumbled down and obscured his view. Before Angel could unscramble his wits enough to reach down and smooth it away, Cordelia flipped the glossy mass aside without losing her stride.

She was a dream he’d been begging to come true for a century; wanting, giving, taking, and wild and utterly shameless in her delight over the pleasures of the flesh.God! He wanted to fuck her so hard it hurt. The air was redolent with sex and none of it was coming from him. Every lungful of air was thick and spiced with her excitement and it was just one more blissful torment he could do without.

Grunting against the unbearable pleasure, his knuckles turned white and the sole’s of his feet burned. Cordelia was supposed to have been a novice. All he could think amongst the white noise blaring in his head was that either he was losing his edge, or high schools were now doing oralsex101.

His beautiful girl better not have been trying this out on anyone else, or he’d have some castrating to do. His knuckles cracked and the fabric tore as Angel strained not to come. He had no idea he was groaning her name in a mindless chant. His girl? The echo of a memory refused to surface and his hooded gaze never strayed from the intent, incredibly sinful picture she made.

He was doing okay- not great, but okay, until one hand cupped and rolled the soft sacs nestled under the base; then all thought fled. When the other gripped him harder and rode his length as if feeding the stunningly ravenous mouth and flickering tongue waiting above, Angel was catapulted to the point of explosion.

“Jesus!…Fuck! he exploded hoarsely, arching his back as surging ecstasy threatened to undo him completely. He was about to come in about one…two…

Desperate, Angel jacknifed upright and snatched her up under her arms. One moment Cordelia was glorying in her ability to make Angel lose it- and loving every millisecond of it- and the next she was airborne and then bouncing into the cushions of the old couch.

Coming up from a triumphant and carnal fog, Cordelia blinked and focused on Angel, kneeling between her legs now with his hands braced on either side. He was shaking like an addict gone cold-turkey. In a way she supposed he had. She’d felt him swell even more just before he’d wrenched her away.

With his dark hair matted and damp and head tucked into his chest, Angel was breathing raggedly as if he actually needed the oxygen. Licking her lips and eyeing him warily, she asked, “Why did you stop me?”

In answer, Angel gave a broken laugh and gripping the edges of the couch, dropped his head to rest on her belly, shaking it in mute denial of what had nearly happened. “Cordelia…” he finally rasped, his voice muffled, “Where the hell did you learn how do that?”

That one was easy. “I found a copy of ‘The Joy of Sex’” she didn’t mention it was Xander who ‘accidentally’ left it in her book bag as a hint they should get a bit more physical. Whoo boy wasn’t she glad she’d hadn’t had an empty house back then? The only reason Loser Harris was still groin-intacto was they’d never actually acted on it.

Disappointed, Cordelia crossed her arms under her breasts and glared down at that head still buried under her ribs. “So, what happened to me being in charge and you being able to take it?”

That at least got him sitting up and scrubbing a hand over his damp face. Angel even had a slight flush decorating those to-die-for cheekbones. “I overestimated myself,” he admitted baldly, “either that or I underestimated you. Either way, my estimation was way off and we’re changing the game plan.”

Hearing that, Cordelia’s jaw dropped. “Just because you’re trigger happy, doesn’t mean we have to change the game plan. I happened to like the game plan as it was-“

“Tough.” The leather jacket went sailing into the corner by the empty magazine stand.

Next the shirt was peeled off and sent flying with a flick of a hand. Caught by the impressive play of heavy muscles on Angel’s torso she had to think why that wasn’t acceptable either.

Cordelia remembered just as he stood to shuck off his pants. “Hey! I never said you could get undressed.”

“What can I say, it’s a wacky world.”

“Well…unwack it.” Pausing, she eyed him balefully as he hunkered down in front of her as naked as she was, “Why are you grinning at me like that?”

“Nothing… it’s just,” Caught, Angel shrugged, “That sounded dirty is all.”

He caught one foot and had to chase the other one as Cordelia decided to be obstinate. When he did catch it, she glared again, “Pervert.”

“Careful, I’m not the one with a fetish for clothes.” Cocking his head, Angel flicked her an unreadable look as he slowly dragged her down to meet him, “is that why you had all those accounts at clothing stores, feeding your obsession?”

“Haa haa, can we dial down on the humour? It isn’t funny and doesn’t suit you.”

Naked and fully aroused, it was obvious her being upset about the sudden turn around in dominance wasn’t going to stop anything. It didn’t occur to her to tell him she didn’t want this. If she tried they’d both know she’d be lying.

Close enough to lock an arm around her waist; Angel was content not to penetrate yet. Brushing some wayward hair off her rebellious face, he sighed and planted a quick kiss on the tip of her nose. Then solemnly he said, “I’m sorry this isn’t turning out the way you planned. Best way I can explain it is I haven’t had regular sex for a very long time, and for some reason that luscious body, or that feisty mouth of yours, I haven’t decided which…can send me to the edge a lot quicker than I like.”

Mollified despite herself, Cordelia refused to give into him so easily. “You’re only saying that so I’ll let you get away with it.”

Kissing her sulky mouth, Angel shrugged a broad shoulder, suggesting tongue-in-cheek, “maybe we can try again after I’ve come a few times.”

She didn’t let him down and soon enough, Angel got the response he was expecting. It was surprising how quickly he’d gotten accustomed to her brand of affection. Arching her neck to give him access to nuzzle, she muttered, “Maybe I won’t feel like it then and won’t you be sorry, asshole.”

Rather than reply, he simply scooted down and sliding his hands around and under golden-skinned thighs, bent down to kiss the damp curls nestled between them. Cordelia’s instant melting belied her words. Gently, Angel burrowed to reach plump flesh already begging for a firmer touch. He didn’t give it. Instead he continued to nuzzle and kiss, supping only very rarely at the liquid arousal pooling at her centre.

Her fingers speared into his hair. “God, Angel don’t tease me.”

He didn’t answer her- couldn’t. Him tease her? She couldn’t know how much the scent of her was going to haunt him. For weeks after the last time he’d woken up with his palm fisting his aching sex, sobbing with frustration as the dream faded taking with it the taste of her. The taste he gorged himself on now- very slowly.

His thumbs parted her labia for the long pointed swipe that had Cordelia arching with a hissing moan at the final flick over her clitoris. Angel didn’t feel the dig of her nails into his scalp. Quivering thighs were kept wide apart by broad shoulders. Open and vulnerable, Cordelia was helpless to stop the mewls that fled her lips as swirling eddies of pleasure threatened to suck her under.

Blunt teeth gripped and held the flushed bud in place for more tormenting flicks while a long finger slid up and down dripping flesh; spreading the creamy juice to coat her thoroughly before thrusting deep without warning inside her. Cordelia’s bottom lifted and she gasped at the unexpected intrusion even as her senses went into a wild spin.

Moving her hands to grip his shoulders, Cordelia felt the quake of her womb and knew she was going to come again. Instead of a demand it came out a whimper. “I don’t want your finger- I want you, dumbass.”

Angel’s head came up, dark eyes gleaming with feral lights. A second finger joined the first and thrust deep. “And your going to get me- lots of times,” he warned in a rough, low voice, “More times than you can count until you don’t remember what’s it’s like not having me inside of you.”

At any other time that statement would have sounded dumb; a hackneyed quote from a cheesy romance novel. Now, with the deadly serious light in his eyes it propelled her to the edge.

Oh God The quake intensified and he must have seen it in her wide eyes because Angel made an abrupt decision. Before the first wave of her orgasm hit, he lunged up and unerringly speared into her. Cordelia screamed at the intensity of the pleasure and their combined weight dug hollows into the couch under her back and head.

Hard hands gripped her wrists painlessly and his lips ground down on hers as Angel finally lost control and hammered into her. The slap of their loins was drowned out by the drumming of her pulse as she was swept up and over, cresting on a rip-tide of pleasure that crashed over every nerve. He was thicker and harder than his fingers, rasping the delicate tissues of her sex in a remorseless rhythm that intensified her contractions even as it brought him to orgasm, too.

Cordelia would never be sure if she lost consciousness for a second. The only thing she did know was coming back to earth to find a heavy, sweat dampened vampire sprawled over her upper body, and that her hands were free.

Sliding one up to his nape and threading her fingers into their favourite place, she closed her eyes and smiling, asked, “Are you okay, or have I just found a new way of slaying vampires?”

His lips moved into a smile against her shoulder, “Talk about dying happy.”

“Is that what you are- happy?”

“That depends on whether you have a bed we can move into,” Angel said, still muffled, “My knees are killing me, here.”

She couldn’t help it. Peels of laughter had her legs curling up around his ribs.

When it went on too long, Angel pushed up and warned, “Shut-up, Cordy, or I swear I’m finding a gag.”



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