Lost and Found 22


He hadn’t even looked away to see it land, but she did and then her eyes jerked back to his. An arrow of fear speared her body at the look in his dark and turbulent eyes, only it darted straight towards her loins and not her heart; instinctively she tightened her thighs and then lifted her chin.

He stayed utterly silent and still, tense and poised for even the slightest move she made to evade him so she didn’t even try. What would be the point and anyway she had set this up and now it was obviously time to pay the piper. She’d gone this far and didn’t want to turn back now.

She calmed down, the first horrible spurt of fear retreated to be replaced by feeling of anticipation that helped clear  her mind. She knew what she wanted but she wouldn’t force it, it was up to him now or it would all have been a waste of time.

“So you’ve found me, now what”? She wanted to say it out loud but refused to prompt him; the ball was in his court.

“What’s going on Cordelia”? His voice was so gravelly she couldn’t help checking his eyes and brow to see if he was about go vamp on her but his face remained human.

“Nothing”, she answered him quietly never taking her wide hazel eyes off his face, she saw his jaw clench and nostril flare as the anger bit deeper.

“You’re lying”, he snarled at her, he moved forward crowding her when she refused to back up, they were only centimetres apart now with his wide upper chest blocking everything else from sight.

“Maybe but that’s my business”, she looked up into his eyes, her jaw tight and determined, she saw the fire blaze in the black depths of his eyes as they flickered at her provocative reply.

“Really and does your ‘business’ include Groo”? His mouth curled into a mocking sideways smile as he thought of the half demon. His palms itched at the memory and he felt the demon inside him twitch, impatient and greedy.

“No it doesn’t, he was lying to you”, it was important that he realised that, she didn’t want him thinking that she playing him off against another guy; that would be disastrous, this was just between the two of them.

“Then why the fun and games?keep”, she wished he would fold his arms or something like he usually did to keep a distance, but distance wasn’t what he wanted. His arms were loose at his sides, his shoulders taut under the black shirt and his throat and part of his upper chest visible in the vee left by a few undone buttons.

She refused to answer but started to back away from him; his hands snapped out and gripped her upper arms, pulling her back until they were flush together. He could feel her heart beating rapidly inside her and leaned down until his head was next to hers, his lips to her ear.

“I want to know that the hell you thought you were doing”? She shivered as his deep voice rumbled in her ear, his lips brushing against her. His hands flexed on her arms, still holding her tightly and stilling her slight movement.

“Tough”, she whispered, turning her face so their lips were almost touching, her breath caressing his face as her eyes stared challengingly into his. She felt him tense and saw his glittering eyes narrow as the sculpted yet full lips drew back into a snarl.

Anger filled him, roaring through him and the demon rose up and merged with the soul for just an instant but underneath the anger was both pain and fear. It stilled the demon but fuelled the anger and hardened his resolve. He reached deep inside again and deliberately opened the inner barrier that locked back the demon; releasing it.

Cordelia felt his muscles bunch and his hands became a punishing grip for just an instant as he lifted her up, the air rushed them and the room became a blur, she felt herself being released but could do nothing as she went airborne, landing hard enough to knock the wind out of her; directly onto the centre of the bed.

“What do you think your doing, Angel?” She asked him, trying to keep her voice stern and not become a breathless whimper, this was what she’d wanted but underneath the exhilaration there was a hard core of fear. She had definitely not thought this through properly.

This time it was his turn to refuse to answer her, he had remained at the archway, his body turned toward her but blocking the exit with his large frame. In the half light of dawn and with the curtains drawn all she could see was where the dim light touched him, she could not see his upper face, just the jaw and unsmiling lips.

She watched him take a deep breath, his muscular chest expanded with it and then relaxed as he slowly released the unnecessary air. He was fighting for control, his demon scratching at his mind, frenzied now. He walked deeper into the room then slowly and with deliberate steps, he could hear the beating of her heart get louder and faster.

The light fell on his face but he ducked his head, she heard him growl and nearly leapt off the bed in fright. No, oh no she had not wanted this; she watched frozen with horror as he looked back up letting her see his face again. Sharp fangs glistened and he continued to growl, letting her see them by keeping his lips drawn back, yellow/gold eyes glinted under ridged brows.

“Shit, oh shit, you stop this now, Angel”, she scrambled over to the farthest side of the bed, but didn’t try to get off, knowing it would just set him off quicker, “I mean it”, she was breathing hard and her chest heaved under her clothes.

He could smell her fear and hear the catch in her voice, a part of him, the human side, howled in pain at that; but it was drowned out by the sharp pleasure of the demon that had risen to the surface. “Will you say something?”, she yelled at him her face flushed and hazel eyes wide and dark with fear. No he wouldn’t say a word; nothing could get past the thickness in his throat anyway.

How could she stop him, god this was too much, she’d wanted him to let his darker side out but not the frickin darkest of the dark for gods sake. She had to reach him somehow; she had to make a move. She threw herself off the bed and to the side, not just stepping off it but literally launching herself away hoping he hadn’t guessed what she intended.

He had, he’d seen her body tense getting ready to move and pounced, even before her feet touched the ground he threw her back onto the bed, she rolled over to the other side in one smooth move and grabbed up the lamp off the bedside table, yanking the lead out and holding it in front of her, she balanced on the balls of her feet and watched him, waiting for the next move.

“Who told you, you could move”? He asked with quiet menace, as he walked around the edge of the bed, his demonic eyes never moving off her; focusing on her as only a true predator can.

She would not get out of the room, never mind the hotel and there was nowhere else to go, she was running out of options so fast her mind was spinning. She threw the lamp at him as he approached; he simply smacked it out of the way with the flat of one hand and continued to advance.

She shrieked in fear and anger and skidded backwards away from him, her shoe hit something on the floor, she looked down; it was her bag which must have fallen off her shoulder when he’d thrown her. She ducked down to the floor and snatched something from just inside, pointing it at him and just in time too, he was only about 3 feet away from her. He stopped when he saw the tranquilliser gun. She held it higher, gripping it tightly and trying to steady her nerves.

“Please just stop this OK” She said and hated the fact that her voice shook, “I don’t want to use this”.

“Feel free” he growled at her, unmoving and yet scarier somehow, “Go on Cor, use it – pull the trigger now”, she jumped when the last was shouted at her, commanding her.

“Fine, I’ll have it then” he started walking and she pulled the trigger aiming for his chest, the biggest target, to make sure it hit and it would have done if he hadn’t literally snatched the dart out of the air before it could pierce his skin.

Before she could recover from her shock he snatched that out of her hand too, breaking it into two pieces and then dropping them casually to the floor, they crunched under his boot as he closed the distance between them.

She recovered with a snap of her jaw and started to backup again needing space to try and run, as useless as that would be now. She didn’t get given the chance; as soon as he got close enough he wrapped one arm around her waist and tugged her feet off the floor even before she could think to try and wrestle free again, he toppled them both on the bed and rolled so that she was underneath him.

He pulled her hands out from beneath his chest and pressed them down into the bed coverings, stretched high above her head. One heavy leg covered hers, keeping them and her in place. Helpless to move she looked up at the face of the vampire over her and felt something a shiver race down her body, her skin was covered with goose bumps and felt so sensitive the slightest movement caused her to tremble. The position was so sexual she couldn’t help but feel a hot sticky warmth flood her loins and closed her eyes and groaned.

She kept her eyes closed, it was better that way and worse she discovered when she felt one hand touch and trace her breast, underneath the jacket but over the light cover of the vest top. Again she groaned in denial when the nipple pebbled hard, begging for more. This couldn’t be happening, she thought desperately.

“Look at me”, He demanded in a low growl, that alone was enough to tell her he was still in vamp face. “No”, she even shook her head to back up that refusal. She wasn’t in any position to stop him doing anything else but she would deny him what she could.

She heard fabric tear and jumped in his tight hold, cool air brushed over her chest and she shivered, she clamped her lips together refusing to shame herself by whimpering or worse begging.

His hand travelled down her ribcage and over her belly to her navel, releasing the button and then the zipper with the one hand, she squirmed and tried to push her bottom deeper into the bed, it was no use. His hand pushed under the waist of the now open jeans, long fingers sliding under the lace of her panties and not stopping until he cupped her sex.

One long finger slid between her soft folds and found her wet centre, he rubbed rhythmically and then with long strokes spreading the juice her body was frantically producing, aroused despite her mind. “Stop it” She said wiggling and trying to get away from that finger, feeling herself get wetter and hotter at each stroke.

That same tormenting finger, speared up inside her then and she yelled and tried to free her hands from his remaining one. “Open your eyes Cordelia”, he demanded again, his rough finger scraping the sensitive skin inside her body and then pushing a second one inside too, increasing the pressure and the pleasure.

“Don’t…” she whispered tears pooling in her eyes and she couldn’t stop a few from falling.

“Don’t what” He asked, ceaselessly caressing her, his voice was cold and ruthless that coupled with the fact that he wasn’t touching her in any other way made it seem so impersonal and …. shameful.

She tried again to free her arms but couldn’t move them, he simply pushed down harder on her hands and inside her body, reaching deep and finding the spot that would give her the most intense sensations, her hips arched up instinctively seeking and grinding her clitoris against his hand and she was helpless to stop it with the flooding heat inside.

He carried on, rubbing and pinching and thrusting with either one finger or two, driving her higher but she wouldn’t open her eyes still- but he didn’t care by then; the scent of her arousal was driving him crazy, she was going to come. He withdrew one finger but left one to continue to press against the nerves inside her, his other finger stroked her clitoris and around the sensitive skin of her entrance.

Then he removed them leaving her empty and aching, “open your eyes!”, his voice was raised and bitingly angry, she opened her eyes and looked at him.

“That’s better, now that we’ve got that out of the way, tell me what game where you playing last night huh”, his tone was mockingly playful now he’d got his own way.

“No game” She whispered, her legs quaked with unappeased arousal and she knew he felt it.

“You’re lying and that’s bad, Cordy; you have to do better than that”, he said in a conspiratal whisper, he moved his hand back down to her and circled her clitoris, the shaking in her legs just got more intense, she had been so close.

“You were definitely playing me, luring me on and all the time you knew what you were doing and I want to know why“, he continued to tease her without satisfying her, rubbing gently and making sure she stayed at peak arousal but could not go over the edge, she couldn’t prevent a moan and had to bite her lip to stop any more.

“It wasn’t like that OK, I just wanted…” he stopped waiting for her to continue.

“What”? He snapped when she stopped.

“You to come to me” She finished, unable to go on.

“Well you got that, didn’t you?” he snarled; but he pushed two fingers back inside roughly and then used a strong rhythmic motion to bring her to orgasm. He still held her legs and arms down, so she could do nothing but take it and then her inner muscles started to contract around his invading fingers and she screamed as she came.

She lay there quivering, her breath panting out of her and she turned her head away trying to hide the few tears that squeezed out despite her best effort. She felt him move and found her arms were free now; he pulled them back down to rest limply near her body. She rolled over so she could curl into a tight ball of misery and started to sob, her body quaking with them.

He lay on his back and stared at the ceiling his face human again now, he crossed an arm over his eyes but couldn’t block it out anymore, the demon had receded and with that came the emotions he’d been ruthlessly holding back.

The fear of losing her, added to the pain and anger of possibly having been used and then discarded had been maddening; and then to finally realise that he’d been led around in circles, and deliberately had his feelings manipulated against him! He had been so enraged he could hardly contain it but now her sobbing was tearing his guts out, he couldn’t bear it.

He tried to roll her back over but she pulled tighter into herself shaking her head, not speaking. He tugged harder and then crossed his leg over hers again completely this time. Finally his hard body settled on hers and large hands framed her face, turning it back toward him, she kept her eyes closed.

“Let me go”, she said, tears clogging her throat and making speech difficult.

“No, never”, he whispered, gentle lips kissed the tears off her face and she gasped at that, then those same lips traced her own followed by his soft tongue before it dipped inside to taste her.

“Ssshh baby, you know I would never hurt you”, he continued to kiss her tenderly, over her eyes and nose, drying her cheeks at the same time. Not physically maybe- but he didn’t seem to mind hurting her pride, she thought but was too dazed; feeling a crushing sense of relief that the worst was over.

Wanting and needing to be comforted, she let him; opening her mouth wider and deepen the kiss. His fangs were gone, and she opened her eyes to look at the handsome yet solemn face over hers. More tears gathered and he ducked back down to rub them away again with his cheek, his mouth finding hers again in sweet kiss so tender, it started to melt the hard cold feeling in the pit of her stomach and drove away the tight feeling in her chest.

His body completely covered hers but he kept his full weight off her by resting on his elbows, his legs settled more firmly between hers and he started a gentle rocking motion that rubbed her, oh so lightly, against his bulging crotch. She gasped again and raised her arms to loop them around his neck, pulling back a little so that her small hands cupped the back of his head, holding him to her.

Neither tried to undress the other, this was not lovemaking, this was two lovers comforting one another; loving the contact but being content with just the kiss and feelings of being so close and yet not joined. Cordelia felt the heat rise again but welcomed it this time, arching up into him as the kisses became more demanding and intense.

He thrust his tongue inside her mouth in exactly the same motion as he moved his body over hers, his hands still framed her face and gentle fingers caressed her ears and neck with light strokes; he released her lips only to let her breath before capturing them again, he knew when she was going to come when he felt her tense and thrust deeper into her mouth, swallowing her cries of ecstasy.

Afterwards she tucked her nose into his neck and hid her face, she wrapped her arms around his neck again and kept him as close as she could, trembling with relief more than from the orgasm. He moved to the side and tucked her into the cradle of his large body, keeping her face by his neck and allowing her the time to recover.

She dozed off for a few minutes but awoke when she felt him get off the bed; she opened her eyes and watched him as he went to shut the connecting doors between the two parts of the suite. On the way back he pulled his shirt from his pants and unbuttoned it, revealing that broad muscular chest she loved so much, shrugging it off his shoulders and then reaching down to unsnap his jeans and pull down the zipper.

She smiled and felt a quiver of arousal again between her thighs, all fear gone filled only with anticipation; she couldn’t help but feast her eyes on his naked body, travelling down his long length and stopping at the hard erection jutting out from his groin . He climbed back on the bed as she sat up to remove her now rumpled jacket; he knelt down before her and took it off to throw it carelessly aside. She sat without moving and let him pull her torn vest top over her head, and it followed the jacket without ceremony.

She wore no bra and shook her hair back over her shoulders with a toss of her head, watching as he admired her full breasts; reaching out with both hands to cup them and rub the nipples with his thumbs, she tilted her head back to push them into his caressing hands and he obliged her by dipping his head and darted out his tongue to flick over one hardened tip.

She wrapped a hand around him and ran her fingers down the hard pulsing length, he groaned deeply and suckled strongly on her breasts for a moment, before his hands released her breasts to move down to her hips, pushing her back on the bed and pulling both jeans and panties off with one strong tug, then she was naked too.

He spread her thighs with both hands exposing her as he settled his large body back over her. With no barriers between them now, she felt his smooth tip at the entrance of her body and lifted her hips invitingly, he took it and entered her with one smooth thrust; she was so wet from having already had two orgasms that she had no trouble taking him, the feeling of being stretched was delicious and she purred deep in her throat. He nuzzled her neck and she reached up to run her fingers through his hair and trace his ears, she turned her head and kissed his neck just below the jaw and then ran her tongue over it and up to his mouth.

He raised himself up on his hands deepening the stroking thrusts, grinding down on her loins with his to increase her pleasure, he ducked down to kiss her open mouth, thrusting his tongue inside and stroking the roof of her mouth, her tongue followed his and he sucked it inside his own to playfully tease her with more sucking and then little nips with sharp teeth.

He kissed her nose and cheeks, trailing down to her ears to trace the shell of it and then bit gently on the lobe; she clutched his hips and felt them moving strongly under her hands, rising and falling as he thrust, and she raised her hips and cradled him tightly.

“If you ever run from me again, I’ll come after you”.

After so much silence his voice was a shock, the deep possessiveness vibrated though her and increased the hot licks of fire in her belly. Desire escalated and she moaned unable to reply.

“There’s no place you can go where I can’t find you and bring you back”.

The rough voice matched the increased rhythm as he moved faster, deeper and stronger, branding her with each hard, rough stroke. She arched her back as helpless little cries fell from her open lips.

He thrust his tongue into her mouth and grasped one breast firmly, rubbing the tip with clever fingers, pinching lightly as he demanded hoarsely, “Say my name”.

“Angel” it came out breathless but she tried again and this time she was high with passion and lashed with unbearable pleasure, his possessive words bringing her as close to orgasm as anything else had.

He lifted her bottom up and kept her raised by cupping the back of one knee, his hard body pumped between her thighs and he looked down to watch as his sex as he entered and then retreated inside her wet creamy centre. She started to convulse, and he watched her with lust filled eyes, her breasts and nipples where flushed with blood and veins stood out in relief, the damp dark curls mingled with is own and he ground down to feel every spasm and milking motion of her inner muscles on his sex.

She lifted herself off the bed as she came and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him down to her, “I love you” she whispered into his ear, then she started to come.

He felt the flood of her orgasm, and with her words couldn’t hold his own back any longer. He dropped her knee and reared back up and then over so that his head rested beside hers, his shoulders blocking out everything else but him; her hips raised high off the bed to accommodate him as he bucked hard into her.


Cathy was at the bus station; she had brought her ticket and waited for a ride out of here. They would be OK now, oh sure there would be problems in the future but they wouldn’t be them without a few heated moment, now would they?

The threats of the moment where gone, disposed of, but not removed for good unfortunately. She had noticed the two burly demons arrive, lurking outside the hotel as she watched from across the street, then as she’d known he would she saw Angel arrive; After he’d finished he got rid of the bodies by dumping them down a sewer to dispose of later, then went inside to wait for Cordy.

Cathy winced a little feeling guilty but sometimes needs must when the devil drives and all that. If they didn’t sort it out it, it would fester and to do that they had to fight it out between them. She’d known he wouldn’t hurt Cordy or she would never have come here in the first place, but still she was glad he wasn’t hers, urgghhh, she’d had enough of domineering men in the past, way in the past; she shoved the thought aside.



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