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05/12/2016: Slowly adding my own fic. *Yawn*

03/12/2016: Season of Solace up to date, and Breathe Again added to Califi fic.

10/10/2016: Lysa has reworked Season of Solace, so until I’ve completed the replacement, all links are inactive, sorry. Hopefully should be back up by the end of the week. 🙂

08/08/2016: Changed header pic; darn got the wrong shade of blue, grr … considering changing theme/colour, but kinda like the blue (which has been on GTC/A for over a decade – yikes! *feels old*).  The daughter has had my 2nd grand daughter, so am still pretty busy lending a hand. Had a mooch through the site and noticed/fixed a few broken links NOT picked up by the Broken Link plugin *sigh* … so, you know the drill: any broken links from one chapter to another and feeling like Angel on a bad Beige day, drop a line. Cheers. 🙂

Oh, and another on-site fic rec (That I fixed the broken links in thru the chapters:  Shadow of the Beast. By Chelle. Love all her fics but damn, this one delish. Enjoy 🙂

24/01/2016: Another in-Site fic rec. This one always has me almost wetting myself laughing. 😀  One Tequila, Two Tequila… by MyC (Ficbitch82 (aka: Angelicgal82)

18/01/2016 (2): noticed there was an issue with mobile-friendly plugin. Good news; all sorted out. 🙂

18/01/2016: Just to warn you: in an attempt to get a little financial ‘help’ keeping this site alive, there are ads – hopefully not too distracting. If you use an ad blocker, I would appreciate dearly  you not using it here (if you find the ads too much; hopefully not, I will understand if you use the block- let me know the impact – below, and I’ll try to minimise it even more).

I have been trying to find a way to fund this site. Paypal has been a bust, sadly, so onto Amazon Deals and the highlighted ‘infolinks‘  on words.  If my circumstances change, the ads will go. Finger’s crossed. Hope to add more of the fic tomorrow. x

17/01/2016: Still have a way to go to add all the fic (arrrgh!), in the meantime, if anyone wishes to rec ‘new’ fic or Authors (make them aware you are reccing here) to add to GTCA, please leave a comment below. Also: if I have missed out updates of fics already here – or Current Authors have more fic they want me to add, you know what to do.*Hugs*


07/01/2016: Happy New Year everyone!. 🙂  Now, a little fun: Going to do a fic rec (from GTCA) every now and then. This one has everything: humour, sexiness and a bit of sober…. The Next Best Thing by the delicious Frazi. Enjoy!.

Will continue with adding the rest of the fic outstanding over the weekend. x


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