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Angel Fanfiction Resources

Angel’s Archive – C/A Fiction. 

“ca_atlast LJ Comm

Chipmunk Robots On Ice: fanlisting

Darkness & Daylight- Lysa’s personal C/A Fanfic/Art site.

DarkStarFic. B/A site links amongst other links. Why not? we are all fans of the show/s 🙂 

Essay– And When the Sky Was Opened: The Passion of Cordelia Chase.

Fanlore. “Welcome to the Fanlore wiki!”

Just Fic – C/A. C/A Fanfic Archive (Connected with Stranger-Things)

Layout Whore (Live Journal)

Secrets of Angel  Fanfic Archive.

SKauble’s C/A Fanfiction & other fandom fic

Stranger-Things – Cordy-centric forum with C/A fiction

Tales from a FanGirl  (Live Journal)

Tangled Destiny.  Creator (JuliaL) of the lovely Angel font used in my head pic.


xlivvielockex.(Live Journal)

Handy Site Links…

Amateur to Amateur. (Re: fanfic)
Tell Me a Story Forum (various fandoms/pairings)

TSU Social Media with no Adverts.

PCPitstop-PC scans/virus scans/help forum

AVG- a free Edition antivirus

Avast- free antivirus


Free Avast cleaner

Malawarebytes. Spyware/Trojan Remover. Highly Recommend

AdaWare-SE version free for Home Use

Spybot-Search & Destroy



Firefox Browser

Thunderbird – Email client

DeepBurner – Powerful CD & DVD Burning Package. Pro & Free version

Open Office

Free TrendMicro Housecall

Animal Rescue – click (free) to feed an animal

click (free) to feed the hungry

(free click) fundhealthcare for children

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