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A Change of Season      Pt 3/? {Fic is in Parts with their own chapters.} (R) Unfinished.

Displaced.    A Darkness Within Serial Fic Pro-4/? (N-17) Unfinished.

Equality.   1/2 (R/N-17) Unfinished

Everybody Hurts.      (R/N-17) ~*~ A Cali challenge fic (A DW fic)

NightMoves.     1-3/? A Darkness Within Fic. (R/N-17) Unfinished

Sin      2/? A Darkness Within fic (R/N-17) Unfinished

Stirred Not Shaken.     1-2/? A Darkness Within Fic. (N-17) Unfinished

“Was it Good for You?”      (N-17) ~*~ A Cali challenge fic

Where There is Love     5/? (N-17) Unfinished


A Labor of Love.     (N-17)

Fever     A DW standalone (N-17-ish)

Hard Choices.   A Darkness Within ‘Short’. Sequel to New Beginnings (R*)

HeatWave.     Sequel to Fever. A DW standalone (N-17)

New Beginnings.   A Darkness Within ‘Short’. Sequel to Searching for Yesterday. (R*)

Searching for Yesterday.   A Darkness Within ‘Short’. (R*)

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