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False Claims   95/? (R/N-17) (Unfinished)

Inevitable 1. 2-part sequel to Indisputable. A Darkness Within Fic. (R/N-17)

Inevitable 2.     2nd of a Trilogy. A Darkness Within Fic.(R/N-17)

Lessons in Love. 1/3 (Unfinished, sadly.

Love Long Denied.    (12/?) A Pure Darkness fic. (R/N-17) (Unfinished)

Too Little, Too Late.   (7/?) (N-17) (Unfinished)



Indisputable   A Birthday pressie to Califi. A Darkness Within Fic. (R/N-17)

Life’s A Picnic.   (PG-13)

Mix & Match   (R)


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