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39.23.59.   12/? (NC-18) Unfinished                                                                                                  Scorched fanfic cover

Blessing of the Son   10/? (R/N-17) Unfinished

Circle in the Sand    7/? (PG-15) Unfinished

Dead On Arrival   15/? (N-17) Unfinished

Force of Instinct.   reworked 1/? Unfinished

House Guest   (N-17)

Hypnotic Suggestions   2/? (N-17) Unfinished

Immaculate Conception   5/? Sequel to House Guest (N-17) Unfinished

Love Potion #9 1/3   1/? (N-17) Unfinished

Moved   (R/N-17)

Parental Guidance.   1/? (PG) Unfinished

Ronin   2/? (N-17) Unfinished

Three Vampires and a Princess. 8/? (PG-13 onwards)

Turning the Tables   (N-17)

Under Your Spell (N-17)




After Dinner Mint 1 3rd Smutathon vignette (N-17)

After Dinner Mint 2 4th Smutathon vignette, also sequel to ADM1 (N-17)

All You Need (PG)

Book and Dagger.  (PG-13)

Boy Needs Some Colour (PG)

Christmas Kisses (PG)

Cordy’s Secrets 2nd Smutathon Vignette (N-17)

Eye-to-Eye (PG-13)

Eye-to-Eye…(2) sequel to EtE (PG-13)

Falling.   (N-18)

Five O’clock Shadow. (N-17)

Flurry.   Sequel to Falling (N-18)

Food Of Love. (N-17)

Hand-to-Hand…(3) sequel to EtE (2) (PG)

Here’s to Hoping. Sequel to The Oscar Goes to… (PG-13)

Humanity Strikes. shanshu series (1) (PG)

I am Your Father (PG)

I Need You. (PG)

Keep on Truckin’ First in A series of Smutathon vignettes. (N-17)

Monkeys and Gravy (PG)

Natural Disaster. sequel to Humanity Strikes.

Omega Man and Popcorn sequel to Presents and Thank You Notes (PG)

Presents and Thank You Notes sequel to Monkeys and Gravy (PG)

Ring My Bell. (N-17)

Second Time Lucky. sequel to ‘These Things Happen‘ (N-17)

Sensory Perception (N-17)

Services Rendered. (N-17)

Shades of Attraction. (N-18)

Skills of Observation. (PG) First of a mini series

So, You’re a Vampire. (Light R)

Tequila Mockingbird. (PG-16)

The Oscar Goes To… (PG-13)

The Truth Will Out. (PG-16)

These Things Happen. sequel to Things Uncommon (N-17)

Things Uncommon. (R)

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? Sequel to Here’s to Hoping (PG-13)

When Spells Go Very Wrong. 1/? (N-17 overall)

Winter Nights. Sequel to SP (N-17)



Passion Personified Series


This is a series that came about after Sunscorched wrote an Angelus/Cordelia Standalone.

Readers were so impressed, that more were added until the C/Aus Passion Personified Series developed.   It is an ongoing endeavour.

All are rated at N-17/18                                                            Passion Personified



Xmas Special: Passionate Christmas.

01: Paradise at Sunset

02: Champagne & Roses

03: Euphoria

04: Ride in the Night

05: Pillow Talk and Fights

06: Ice Cool

07: Always

08: Only Time

09: Forever Starts Now

10: Food & Vampires






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