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Bait.   1/?   A Pure Darkness fic. (R/N-17) Unfinished

Flintstrike.   1/?   (R/N-17) Unfinished

Pandora.   4/5   (R/N-17)

Persephone series. 4 shorts.

Underneath the Drowning Water. 6/? (R for now) Part of my Persephone series of fics, this is Book 2. Unfinished



A Deeper Burn.   A Darkness Within Fic. (N-17)

Angel, Hear My Cry.   (N-17)

Black Days.   A Darkness Within Fic. (R/N-17)

Body Art.   A sequel to Eternity My Way.(R)

Clawing His Way To Grace.  (R)   Sequel to Outsider. ~ A Darkness Within Fic.

Changing Seasons.   (PG-13)

Drawing Lines.   A Darkness Within Fic. (R)

Falling Like Rain.   (PG-13)

Folie a Deux.   (R)

Green Eyed Monster.   (mild R)

Ghost Hunting Cordelia Chase.   (R)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cordelia.   (R)

How To Break Up A Tuesday Afternoon.   (G)

In the Company of Wolves. (R)

In The Pale Moonlight.   (N-17)

La Petit Morte.   (N-17)

Like An Animal.  (N-17)

Lost to Her.   (R)

Love Like Hate.   A Darkness Within Fic. Sequel to Drawing Lines.

Mourning The Dead.   (PG-13)

Never See The Day.   (R)

Not Alone.   (PG-13)

Real.   (N-17)

The Doctor, The Vampire, & Little Blue Boxes   (R)

The Memory Remains. (R)

Too Close.  (R)

You Promised.  (R-N-17)

Uninvited.   a Darkness Within Standalone. (N-17)


A Woman’s Work.   (R)

Beloved.   (PG-13)

Boom.   (N-17)

Cora and Hawkeye.   (G)

Dont Need You.   A Darkness Within ‘Beige Short’. (Hard R)

Doughnuts & Jam.   (PG)

Eternity My Way.  A Pure Darkness ‘Short’ (R)

Merry Christmas, Angel.   (PG-13)

Need Me.   A sequel to Don’t Need You.   A Darkness Within ‘Beige Short’. (Hard R)

Outsider.   A Darkness Within ‘Beige Short‘. (R/N-17)

Staving.   A prompt Fic. (PG)

She Goes.   A very, very short Drabble. (PG)

That Mouth.   A Darkness Within ‘Beige Short’. (R)

True North.  (PG)

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