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All Days & Nights to Follow   Sequel to A Night to Remember    5 (N-17)

(Double or Nothing Direct Chapter links)

Double or Nothing   50 & Epilogue (N-17)

Promise of the Night   Sequel to Open Invitation   10 (R/N-18)

Season of Solace   Scenes 179/? (N-17) Unfinished- also rework.

True Confessions.   2/? (Ratings will vary from G onwards) Unfinished

Wavelengths   10 (PG-13)



A Night to Remember    (R)

Atonement   (PG-13)

Baiting a Master Vamp    (N-17) First in the Baiting a Master Vamp Series.

Because.   (N-17)

Blinded with Love    (R)

Crisis at Crater Lake   (PG)

Double Take    (N-18)

Friendly Persuasion   (N-17)

Friends & Neighbors   (N-17)

Hellbound   (R)

Hooked on the Bait.  Third in the Baiting a Master Vamp Series. (N-17)

Immortal Beauty   (N-17)

Mastering the Bait    (N-17) Second in the Baiting a Master Vamp Series.

My Share of Miracles   (PG)

Open Invitation    (R/N-18)

Phantom Hand of Fate    (N-17)

Puzzle Pieces   (N-17)

Red Velvet Ribbon    (N-17)

Revelations    (PG-13)

Santa’s Gift.   (R)

Seeing is Believing   (N-17)

The Mirror Crack’d.   (R)

Threads of Love    (N-17)

What the Dickens?    (PG)

What the Heart Wants.  (N-17)

Darkness & Daylight

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