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Great Minds.   (N-17)

LA’s Angels.    25/26   (R)

Taken   (R)

The Art of Seduction.   (N-17)



A Conflict Of Interest.  N-17

Closet Shenanigans.   (N-17)

Dangerous Temptations.   (Hard R)

Drunken Demeanour.   (PG-13)

Fields of Gold.  (PG)

Girls, Ghosts & Green Eyed Monsters.  (PG)

Hero.   (PG)

More Than Enough.   (R)

Perfect Day.     (PG-13)

Revelations.  (PG-13)

Sway.   (PG)

Sweat.   Repost (N-17)

Fine Line.   (R)

Wood.   (N-17)

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