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Title: Mercenary Hearts
Author: Califi
Posted: 25/06/05
Rating: R/N-17
Category: AU
Content: C/A
Summary: Challenge by Impress.
Spoilers: Based Around BtVS 4 timeline- but AU
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: just ask
Notes: Did I ever tell y’all I hate bruddy fight scenes? Grrr Arrrgh! A/N: Some already know that this fic is also a kinda ‘lesson’ that Lysa is overseeing….so I would like to thanks Lysa once more for her support through this fic. I only hope I do the lesson justice.
Challenge: details at bottom of page.
Feedback: Is always nice!



“Are we gonna go in there and kill ‘em, or just act like bruddy virgins at an orgy?” Spike asked; rolling his eyes when Angel lifted a silencing hand in response, his dark eyes fixed on the grubby window of the derelict warehouse.

“There are too many,” Angel finally spoke, his voice a low rumble. “Let’s wait until they split up.” A statement, rather than a suggestion, Spike noticed sourly.

“Then it’ll take bloody forever to find ’em again.” He shifted impatiently on the crate he’d found to sit on; he’d never been one to avoid a fight, regardless of the odds, and he was getting antsy just waiting. He could think of better places to hang out than this particular area of New York. The bleached blonde hated the smell of harbour water. It brought back too many bad memories of his not-so brief reign of terror in the murky Docklands of England.

The dark haired vampire beside him hadn’t so much as twitched a muscle since they’d ended up on the outside looking in, and that just pissed him off more. Oh, he could do the impression of a tree alright, but that meant being still. Which soon led to boredom… “Shoulda brought popcorn”, he muttered under his breath. At least eating would take the edge off.

They’d been tracking the group of demons hiding out in the warehouse for several weeks, and had been more than irritated earlier to find out there were easily half a dozen more than the seven the paperwork had stated.

Although that put the kibosh on ending it tonight, being pissed had nothing to do with being outnumbered, and everything to do with the price agreed upon. Angel was more than tempted to stick to the original number and let the ones who’d hired them sort out the others themselves.

But his decision to wait it out until the group broke up a little and pick out their marks then, was just about to hit the crapper.

In fact, from the second Spike dropped his half-smoked cigarette and rose lithely to his feet. “Sod it. I’m going in.” Angel cursed a blue streak, as the hand reaching out to stop the impetuous vampire wasn’t quick enough and grasped thin air.

“Im gonna kill the scrawny bastard” Angel swore under his breath as he headed rapidly towards the doorway the younger vampire had just kicked open. If he isn’t already dead, he thought as the sound of raised, guttural voices, roars and crashing grew to an ungodly level…


“Fuck it!” the curse tore from him as his blood coated hand slipped on the length of wood jammed between his ribs jolting it higher. Sweat popped onto his brow as he realized how close the buried shaft was to his heart.

Gritting his teeth, Angel eased it out an inch at a time, groaning aloud when it finally pulled free and his borrowed blood sluggishly filled the jagged hole. Dropping the wood to the ground next to him, he finally lifted his dark head and scanned the gloomy warehouse; dilated eyes briefly resting on every dead demon sprawled on the filthy floor.

Counting up seven, a growl of annoyance rumbled his powerful chest, changing pitch as he attempted to get to his feet. Blood starting pissing out of his wound, and with a grunt, Angel slumped back onto the floor, his back propped against a wall.

Resigning himself to the fact that he’d be going nowhere for at least several hours, he settled as comfortably as he could and tried not to think too much about the distinct lack of a bleached-blonde’s head amidst the carnage….

Part 1


Challenge by Impress – “Angel and Spike are highly sought after freelance mercs. They fight for which ever side offers the most lucrative incentive. They come to Sunnydale, why I leave to you.
Cordy and Tara are Scoobies, but not Scoobies. kind of on the outside looking in. The gang is in college. Cordy and Angel meet and Angel is immediately attracted. Their first meeting has Cordy putting him in his place, which only attracts him more. He begins an all out pursuit of her, which she does her best to resist despite being attracted to him.
A big end of the world situation threatens and the Scoobies find they need Angel and Spike’s help to stop it. Angel agrees to help, only if they are willing to pay his price…Cordelia. Musts: *Angel and Spike with souls, but without the brooding, guilty, angtsy. dorky stuff. They should be close to their presouled selves, cocky, confident, etc… just a bit more tempered. ***Angel saving Cordy’s life, preferably when she’s acting as bait girl.***Spike/Tara.***Buffy and Angel animosity. ” I will attempt to cover what I can. Tara is someone I haven’t written before, so fingers crossed I get it *gulp*

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