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Title: Unexpected
Author: Smutsluts
Rating: N-17
Category: Pure, unadulterated smutty fluff!
Content: C/A
Summary: A better take on ‘Expecting’, S1 – enjoy and salivate.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Please ask first
Feedback:always appreciated!

In the now…

Angel ran faster than he’d ever run in his unlife, leaving the Plymouth behind in fear of delays as he streaked forward in a blur of black leather, with pounding footsteps scraping the concrete with each powerful, racing stride.

What if I don’t get there in time? Panic grew to towering levels. Dammit; I *have* to! He picked up his pace….

Twenty minutes earlier…

“You know, Merle, I’m not always gonna be around when you get yourself into these scrapes.” Angel threw the dead demon into the dumpster that his snitch held open for him.

“Yeah, well; most of the ‘scrapes’ are cos of you in the first place.” Merle grumbled, letting the lid drop and smirking furtively as he just missed the vampire’s hands. “And I don’t reckon you’ll pay me – as usual” his squeaky voice rose to a harsh whine.

Angel wiped his hands down his leather duster, stepping nearer to the small demon, his eyes intent as he slipped a hand into his pocket and withdrew a roll of dollar bills, waving it temptingly with a twist of his lips.

“You come good with the information I asked for, and I promise you’ll get paid this time.” Merle eyed the money, licking his thin lips; scowling when the vampire drew it back when he snatched for it.

“Okay, okay… this guy your hot little Seer has been seein’? Well, he’s bad news alright.” Angel’s face froze; the few times Cordelia had gone out on dates, check ups had always come back clear – plus, after the first date, they never called her for a repeat.

He’d always nodded sympathetically when she’d bewailed ever finding a guy with date endurance; reassuring her that, no, she wasn’t boring or plain; patting her shoulder comfortingly when she’d sigh heavily and say that with her ‘resume’ maybe it was for the best- always hiding the guilt and relief at her words.

Guilt for his interference that caused the guys in question to keep away “From MY property!” and relief that she would seem to give up. Not that he felt that way about her, cos, no way, uh-huh! He loved Buffy – always would. He was just looking out for a friend. No other reason, he was pretty sure of that. Vampires were just naturally possessive, that’s all. If he said it often enough to himself, Angel was sure he’d believe it- eventually. Buffy was blonde- right???

But this Wilson guy; earlier tonight, she’d left for a third date with him – which he’d only just found out earlier tonight. And he’d burned on the inside. Affronted possessiveness ate like acid into his fake calm, a front that would last about two seconds tops, if he could get his hands on the sneaky brunette. She’d lied to him, and was seeing some guy! God, he had *no* idea who this guy was or just how well Cordy knew him.

Each time all she’d told him was that she was meeting two’ female friends’ for drinks and eats, and it was only due to one of her friends ringing just after she left to remind her they were meeting ‘the guys’ at a popular haunt that he found out. Angel had immediately gone into research mode, and contacted Merle to check him out after drawing blanks about the man.

“What kind of ‘bad news’, Merle?” The Vampire abruptly got in the demon’s face.

Surrogate for demon spawn – and Cordy was a target he’d been working on, along with his friends and hers. In return, the men were paid copious amounts of money – and tonight was the night they made good. They’d already left the wine bar before he got there, and after a little persuasion, the barman had told him he’d overheard the ‘hot’ brunette’ invite her date home.

And now he ran.

Reaching the apartment building, he looked towards her windows, and his head exploded with savage rage, even whilst his heart sank. The only light visible was the gentle glow of a lamp – in her bedroom.

With a burst of speed, he raced to the front door, kicking it open without pause as he went straight for the partially opened bedroom door – then stilled at the sight before him.

Cordelia had sat up in shock, obviously hearing the door burst open. Except for a pair of rich red silk panties, she was gloriously naked; arms crossed protectively around her chest, attempting to cover her ample breasts. The guy, Wilson was stripped from the waist up and his belt hung open.

Relief surged through the vampire as he realised he’d got there in time: then white-hot rage took over that this scum dared touch his property. Ignoring Cordelia’s cry of shocked outrage, Angel lunged for the guy, hooking a powerful arm around his neck, and literally lifting him off his feet as he dragged him out of her apartment.

As he beat Wilson to within an inch of his life round the back of the building, Angel kept reminding himself that the guy was still human, reluctantly leaving him in a bloody heap before returning to his Seer’s apartment.

Cordelia was still in her room, curled up on her bed, now with a sheet wrapped around her, a mixture of shock and growing anger on her beautiful face. His anger narrowed on her. How could she do this to him? Even as rationale whispered he had no right, his demon wanted to leave its permanent mark.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” Cordelia rose to her knees, clutching the sheet around her, facing the vampire who stood motionless at the foot of her bed.

Although not a bruise on him, she knew she wouldn’t be able to say the same for her date – and she couldn’t understand why Angel had forced himself in and attacked the very first man she’d ever invited into her bed. All she did know for sure was that her boss still vibrated with deep rage; and part of that rage was now focused on her. Her chin lifted higher.

“What is your damage, you crazy…. psycho vamp?” she shot at him, then shrieked when finding herself suddenly pinned beneath heavy muscle, her wrists shackled over her head with powerful hands.

“Three dates? – Is that all it takes, Cordelia?” his voice grated along her nerve endings. “Three dates is all that’s needed to climb into your bed?” she gasped at the blatant insult, then glared hotly into the narrowed eyes above her.

“How dare you – get off me, you bastard!” she hissed angrily, her fingers curling into claws and going for his face, screaming at him when her wrists were shoved harder into the pillow behind her head.

Her breath caught in her throat at the strangely sensual smile that curled his beautiful mouth; choking it out when the sheet was ripped away, leaving her exposed to his suddenly hot gaze.

“If you wanted a lay that bad, baby, you only had to ask!” he purred, cutting off her response with hard, devouring lips.

As Angel ravaged her mouth, Cordelia gradually realised that, although he pinned her down, he didn’t actually touch her. This realisation surprisingly subdued her struggles. Feeling his hard body against hers set off ripples of desire that rocked her, and when those hard lips abruptly softened, hers opened like petals to the morning sun. The cool sensual slide of his tongue against hers caused her to moan softly.

She couldn’t resist him; how could you resist someone whose very presence warmed your heart?

Yes, Cordelia had finally decided to take the plunge tonight- mainly to assuage the arousal that burned in her belly for the Manpire who now kissed her with such passion that lights exploded beneath her closed lids. His hands left her wrists and cupped her face like he was handling the finest porcelain, and her heart melted at his gentleness. Even raging as he was, he seemed incapable of causing her pain.

“Angel” she husked when he finally released her mouth to let her breath. At the sound of his name on her lips, he tensed as awareness came crashing down on him with a clarity that hurt!

Cordelia blinked in shock suddenly finding herself alone; the sound of the front door pulling shut behind the vampire galvanised her into action. Shooting up from the rumpled bed, she flew to the window, looking out, not surprised to find no sign of him.


I can’t believe it! I nearly raped my best friend! Angel paced his room frantically tying to calm the arousal that still hardened his taut body; guilt wasn’t working – which just made him feel worse.

Oh, God! What if she leaves me? He would have been surprised if Cordelia ever brightened his door again after what he almost did! I shouldn’t have left. I should have apologised and then done or said whatever it takes to soothe her. I don’t want to lose her- I can’t.

Hardly knowing what else to do other than give it time and releasing a primal snarl, he pulled off his clothes and headed for the shower. Knowing deep inside that the cleansing water wouldn’t be able to wash away the shame of his actions.

-Times two…

Thirty minutes later, he walked into his room with a towel wrapped around his lean hips, another held in his hand as he roughly rubbed the moisture from his hair – stopping in his tracks at the sight before him.

Clad in the same rich red silk panties, but this time with a matching scrap of a bra, Cordelia reclined on his bed, her barely covered breasts heaving with the obvious exertion of turning up here so quickly and preparing herself for …what? He swallowed hard even as his heart lifted at her openly wanton pose.

Silence lay like a heavy blanket as his stunned, yet rapidly heating eyes ran over her from head to toe, then back again, finally meeting hers; desire and shyness shone out of those beautiful hazel orbs, and still he couldn’t speak.

“You said I only had to ask.” Her soft words fractured the silence. “So…I’m asking.”

Her softly spoken words burned him to the bone. The woman he’d fantasised about was now offering herself to him. Did she have any idea what the consequences of this would entail?

Without a doubt, Cordelia Chase would belong to him – and there would be no going back. This thought decided his reply.

“Go home, Cordelia.” His demon screamed denial, and Angel doggedly ignored it; folding his arms tight, and silently praying his arousal wasn’t noticed by the woman so enticingly displayed on his bed.

Cordelia’s mouth dropped open – instant mortification taking over. Had she read him wrong? Humiliation filled her, rapidly followed by anger. Pulling herself to her knees, she crawled to the end of the bed until inches separated them.

“Oh, no you don’t, buster!” she ranted hotly. “I had it all planned tonight – and you ruined it!” she poked him hard in the chest; gasping when he grabbed her wrist in his large hand.

“If I hadn’t have, you would be impregnated by demon spawn now, sweetheart.” Angel snarled, his face so close their noses brushed.

“You-you’re lying!” she stuttered, pulling back and tugging at her caught wrist, but he wouldn’t release her, yanking her towards him once more.

“No, I’m not. He was being paid to find women to carry a demon’s young – and he nearly succeeded.” The growl of possessive anger couldn’t be stifled.

Cordelia stared into amber flecked eyes for long seconds before hers dropped away; she believed him – he’d saved her yet again…but:

“Okay; you stopped me being a mommy- but why did you…” her face flushed, unable to finish.

Angel looked down silently. What did he say? The sight of seeing the girl he regarded as his, half naked in the arms of another brought out his demon; giving in to the need to wipe any trace of another man’s touch?

“I was angry – jealous,” he finally admitted, watching the shock fill her beautiful eyes as his revealing words sunk in.

Angel jealous of her attentions to another? He’d never give her any reason to believe her growing feelings were reciprocated. In fact she’d spent the last few months, ever since Doyle told her about the lack of a happiness clause thanks to Willow; expecting him to walk out and back to Sunnyhell. Only he hadn’t, didn’t even mention it.

“You mean, like a vampire thing? Cos I know vamps get like that over things?” she asked tentatively. He shook his head, and then asked.

“Why are you here, Cordelia?” Angel hoped it was because she too felt the same way as him. If it really were just due to being left frustrated, a part of him would surely curl up and die.

“I. Well…” Cordelia’s head dropped for a second, before looking back up and taking the proverbial bull by the horns.

“I want you.” She swallowed hard as the flicker of amber burned into gold as her bald answer.

“If you want me, then why that…?” he couldn’t even say the name.

“Hello? Like you’d look at me! I knew I was wasting my time even hoping. I mean c’mon you never even told me about Willow’s little joyous slip- like it means nothing that you can go back to being Buffy’s little lapdog”. Her lips curled a little with remembered disdain. She hated the thought of her proud, noble-minded friend going back to being *that*.

Angel’s brows snapped down to stormy levels at the implied or more accurately very definite insult to his previous relationship with the slayer. Then he had to mentally concede she was just being her usual blunt and right- self.

“And then I decided to move on and…” He wasn’t so engrossed in the past that he didn’t immediately catch on to what she was saying.

“And?” her revelation tightened his gut. Unconsciously his hand tightened on her wrist, as hope sparked and incited his already possessive feelings for this girl.

“Well, I thought that if I let someone else in, then maybe how I feel about you, would…. go away.” she whispered uncertainly, her head dropping once again.

“So…this-you being here has nothing to do with frustrated anger at being thwarted?” Even as he asked the question, he knew it wasn’t the case, but his own insecurities were starting to clamour for attention. Her head shot up; her face a picture outrage.

“No! You think I’m a slut or something? Just because I nearly…it doesn’t mean I jump into bed with any guy that comes along!” She was yanking at his restraining hold now and he let her do it a few times before letting go, guaranteeing that she’d fall on her back. Which she did and he promptly followed her down.

Cordelia soon found herself staring up into a hard, intent face looming dangerously close to hers. “No I don’t think of you like… that. But let’s get one thing straight here. No matter what you think of my past. I am *done* with trying to be something I’m not”. Dark eyes bored into confused, startled hazel and his lips became a taut, slashing line.

“Buffy was different, and as much as I loved her. I never want to feel that way again. Constantly *trying* to be worthy, be human, feel and act as if I *were* human”. Angel’s voice dropped deeper, lower and the pitiless look in those dark eyes had her heart beating like a trapped bird in her chest. “I’ll never be that again, even if by some impossible miracle I wake up one morning human. I’ve lived for two centuries as a demon, its as much a part of me- what and who I am, as this soul everyone *loves* so much”.

“Wow, that was long and involved- for you. What are you telling me Angel? That you won’t ever love me as much as you did her”? Cordelia met his gaze without flinching, letting him see how much his answer meant to her- to any possibility of them.

Angel took his time answering her and when he did there was no doubting he meant every word. “No that’s not what I mean. If you let me love you there’ll be no stepping back from me. I won’t be put aside every-time some normal guy comes along who looks promising. Clear”?

Understanding dawned and Cordelia was instantly transported back a few years to Sunnydale seeing all over again Buffy’s habit of picking up attractive guys as if they were on a test run. Only to turn back to Angel when they failed her and she needed him.

“I can understand that. I’m no toy to be picked up and put down on a whim either. So I won’t treat you that way. Fair enough”?

There was no sympathy or pity in her voice, only assurance. He would have hated the first but loved the last. It was all he needed to hear and hesitation disappeared as his mouth swooped down to cover hers in a sweetly endless kiss that instantly clouded her mind to everything but the hard heavy body sheltering hers.

The towel had slipped and gathered between them, rubbing against her skin as they moved together, arms and legs tightening around one another as they both deepened the kiss, sliding in so that their tongues gently duelled and explored. Cordelia ran her hands over his wide, thickly muscled shoulders, revelling in each marble-like curve, dipping into heavy bone.

Angel let himself settle into her warmth, feeling her body mould itself to him, a silken enticement that called to the very deepest part of him in a siren song. Longing filled him to sink further, bury his aching hardness in that feminine softness but he held back, needing to taste more- have more first.

Each stroke of her hand on his body left a trail of heat that wound his already aroused form tighter. Shivers raced along his skin, raising goose bumps as pleasure seeped into every pore. Cordelia wrapped her legs around his hips, using her calves to push down the towel so she could feel all of him over her. Then clinging tightly she undulated her breasts and loins against his ridged and planed chest and *oh god* that hard probing length that surged gently against her belly. Molten heat pooled at her centre, seeping out to wet her panties and scent the air.

Angel levered up and braced himself on his arms, settling deeper into the cradle of thighs, and rubbing against her. The friction of that deliberate caress had spears of fiery pleasure racing inside; curling her toes and making her eyes roll back at the feeling of being whipped up in a current of pleasure. Her bra disappeared and cool fingers cupped one breast, testing the fullness and weight in a sensitive palm while the thumb brushed ever so softly over the already turgid tip. Cool lips tugged at it and her eyes flew open; her hands grasped his dark head, spearing trembling fingers into the thick strands as they continued to move together in a provocative imitation of lovemaking.

Instinct drove Cordelia. Who needed experience when every move he made called to the female inside her, that primal part of her that cared only about the pleasure he was bringing to her craving body. But her heart swelled and pinched as emotion rose above want.

“Is it me you want? Or just sex”? Each panting word throbbed in the air between them.

“I want you” he growled low, passion roughening his already deep voice. “Every gorgeous and aggravating inch of you”. Maybe one day he’d tell her the times when she’d stood across his desk, arguing with him. When all he could think about was dragging her over the wooden surface, ripping her panties off, covering her startled mouth and penetrating her at the same time. Killing two birds by shutting her up, and taking her at the same time.

Blunt teeth tugged sharply at the engorged nipple trapped between them. Angel soothed the sting with a circling tongue and then latching onto the begging berry coloured tip, suckled it deep into the cavern of his mouth. He flicked the tip and heard her hiss and then pushed up further so she could arch underneath him. He felt the pulse between her thighs get faster- heavier and he burned with pure need as his groin tightened unbearably.

Cool fingers brushed over sodden red silk, feeling the soft flesh quiver beneath them. Cordelia tugged at the terry towel and pulled back to demand huskily.

“Take the towel off. I want to touch you”. The demand had him tensing and lifting, helpless to stem the tide of anticipatory pleasure. Her hot hands encircling his throbbing flesh had him groaning deep in his chest.

He felt like cool, pulsing marble, as she explored his thick length, caressing every inch of him while her breath hummed in her throat. “I like the feel of it” she whispered against his throat, then nuzzling deeper, licked the sweat dewed skin to taste his salt on her tongue.

“Like velvet covered steel”. She didn’t give him a chance to unlock his jaw to speak, just captured his lips in another soul stealing kiss that made his head whirl and senses swim.

He slid under the silk to delve inside the moist, slick folds of even silkier living flesh, every soft fold a delight of spicy heat and impossible temptation. Despite not needing to breathe his panting matched hers, and each rise and fall of his still chest met hers in a constant caress. Then he scooted down her legs faster than she could blink, Cordelia gasped as the damp silk was torn off her body and instantly replaced with a seeking mouth that dipped, laved and sucked ravenously at her flesh.

Purring growls reverberated against her loins as he feasted with carnal appreciation on her most intimate place. While her hands tugged on his hair; pressing him down even as her knees came up to cradle his shoulders; mindlessly exposing every luscious part of her sex to his greedy mouth as he lapped at her drenched centre. Her back arched, as electric currents raced over her spine, tugging her under the surface of desire and deep into an undertow that pulled at every sense, drugging her.

His tongue stabbed deep inside her passage drawing out the liquid sex and swallowing the flood of spicy honey that flowed into his mouth. He flicked the tip over the flushed flesh that circled her entrance, feeling her juices flow with living warmth down his starving throat as she aided her own body’s feeding of him with her frantically grinding hips.

“I know what you want” she told him, low pitched and breathy.

She felt his “what”? against the flesh he refused to leave and another current of pleasure had her squeezing her eyes shut against the sight of that dark head nestling between her open, sweat glowing thighs. His hands gripped her hips holding her tightly in place, lifting her up to his mouth as he nipped at the nub of nerves that was the centre of her sexual pleasure.

She didn’t answer directly but simply forced open her eyes and looked down at him. He sensed her gaze, and lifted up so that their eyes clashed in heated arousal.

“Hungry, Angel”? The air sizzled as his eyes narrowed at her challenge.

“Always” he growled back, a knowing look in his glittering dark orbs, he held her gaze and sat back then ignoring her gasp lifted her up over his chest to drape her legs over his hard shoulders, then latching onto her clit suckled it deep, drawing hard into his mouth. Cordelia screamed at the resulting wash of sensation as the feel of it sizzled along her nerves.

Her thighs trembled in his hard grasp as the orgasm built, stringing her up in a web of tension just begging for the release that splintered through her as she lost it and came, bucking hard against his mouth and chin.

Angel took it all, every last drop her body could offer up. Then with his face hard and passion taut he dropped her back to the bed, still kneeling naked between her quivering thighs while his eyes raked her body with an intensity that made her heart kick even as she struggled to reach the surface of sanity.

She’d seen him half naked before, and known he was a feast for the eyes but nothing compared to the sight of him now; sitting back with a predatory grace like she’d never seen. Sweat turned the lamp light into a burnished golden caress on his skin, moulding every rippling muscle as he languidly pumped his cock in one hand.

His hard challenging gaze staring unwavering at her face, breathing still choppy Cordelia licked her lips and deliberately let her eyes wander to his hand as it worked his shaft.

“Not so shy and brooding now, are you, Angel”? His open sensuality stirred her soul and pushed aside the last vestiges of shyness.

“That’s your fault” he quipped but slowly, and quirked a brow, a muscle ticked in his jaw and his nostrils flared with rising excitement. His hard sculpted lips curved into a smirk. “Even Joe Stoic has a boiling point and I reached that before your even got here”.

Laughing throatily Cordelia sat up and crawled over to meet him. Her naked body glistened in the light, as she joined him, twining herself around as her arms wrapped around his neck. She tasted herself on those taunting lips and it only made her wetter, she tucked a hand between her legs and coated her fingers in her own juices, then took over from him, rubbing, and massaging the hard throbbing male flesh and covering him in her scent.

“So what’s gonna make you boil over then, broody boy” her hands cupped his balls in the nest of prickly hair underneath his shaft. Intrigued she rubbed slender fingers between the two sacs, feeling them go tight and close to his body. Angel kissed her back hard, letting her feel his teeth as he changed. Feral topaz eyes commanded hers as he purred silkily between gleaming fangs.

“Suck and see, baby”. His surprisingly crude reply turned her on even more, if that were possible

His hand cupped her neck, gently pushing her head down his ridged body then he groaned and his head tipped back, ridges and fangs highlighted as he growled his pleasure at the hot lips that now enveloped the broad tip of his throbbing cock.

“Ohh yeah, that’s it Sweetheart”. Helplessly his hips thrust into her mouth while his hand massaged the crown of her head through the thick glossy brunette locks that spread over his rock hard thighs.

“Suck me harder” he begged and demanded at the same time and to reward her when she swallowed him he reached over and tweaked a nipple between finger and thumb, then continued to knead while she sucked him off.

His deep cries of pleasure got higher as she sucked hard, pumping her hand down the shaft she couldn’t reach even going as deep as she could, her jaw ached but she wouldn’t stop, she was loving this. He was helpless to do anything but let her do as she wanted and she did it with gusto. Her tongue flicked over the tip, then circled it, feeling the ridges swell and veins pulse in her mouth.

Angels’ eyes were nearly crossing and his balls tightened with the threat of an encroaching orgasm, his eyes shot open and the topaz glittered with volcanic demonic lights.

“That’s enough” he growled and pulled her almost roughly away, only just managing to remember to be careful not to hurt her; something he’d never want to do.

“It’s been a while,” He offered when she shot him a disappointed look. “Guess I need to calm down” he admitted with a strained grin.

Mollified but still determined not to be dominated by him, she kept her hand wrapped around his cock, his face melted back to human and his mouth dropped open as she squeezed him hard and he fell back to the bed with her.

“Cordy! Calming down doesn’t mean make me come- right now”. He complained huskily.

Her grin got wider at his desperate tone and held onto his shoulders tightly when he threw a leg over hers, flipped them over and settled himself firmly between her cradling thighs again.

“You’re gonna pay for that” he mock warned and then expertly nudged between the fold of her labia, widening the entrance to her body but not entering- yet.

“Ya think”? She returned, proud that it came out only a little breathlessly and then started to nibble her way up his strong jaw to take the lobe of one ear between sharp teeth to give it a stinging nip.

“Give your best shot” even as she said it her tongue traced the shell of his ear, making him squirm and sink deeper into her.

The feeling of being stretched and filled was startling but welcome as the dragging ache in her womb reached new heights.

“Hurry up, Angel. I want you inside me” she whispered, making him groan and involuntarily flex his hips, surging deeper as lust flared hotter inside him. She was slick and wet, and he shuddered as his arousal reached new heights when her tight passage fisted him, constricting around the ultra sensitive head.

“You’re tight” he whispered back and leaned back to watch her face, then unable to keep any distance between them leaned back to nuzzle against her face, brushing his lips over her mouth and nose, relishing the wash of warm breath over his skin.

“Well- duh! Virgins are so I’m told” she teased and whimpered a little as the stretching reached uncomfortable levels. He froze and his face turned back to hers. Dark eyes bored into hazel and he saw the truth of her words in her eyes.

“You’re a virgin”? He asked, startled wonder in his voice and expression; an internal ‘yippee’ sounding off in his brain. Cordelia’s brows rose at the question and he winced and kissed her in apology.

“Didn’t mean it like that” he muttered hoarsely between kisses and relaxed when she softened again and kissed him back.

Cordelia wrapped her legs around his hips, locking her ankles, and then knowing what was stopping him, took care of it herself. She couldn’t prevent the scream that tore out of her throat, though when her sharp thrust up tore through the barrier and he filled her completely.

Angel sucked in a breath and subduing his instantly raging libido, gathered her tightly to him and then rolled onto his back. Reasoning, in this position at least, she’d be able to move against him as much as she needed to get comfortable.

“Guess you didn’t want me to go slow and easy then” he quipped lightly.

He couldn’t help groaning a little at the tight, frantic clenching of her indignant passage on his shaft. Keeping still while she quivered on top of him, shifting and wriggling was just about the hardest thing he could remember doing in recent history – added with the joy that he was her first; and definitely her last. He couldn’t hold back the smirk of possessive triumph.

Trying to soothe her and calm himself at the same time, he ran his hands up and down her back, kneading the locked muscles of her spine until they began to relax and melt under his firm, long fingered hands.

“It’s okay, Cordy. Give it a minute; you’ll get used to it”.

“That’s easy for you to say. Geeze, you could have warned me -and I thought the rebar was bad” she groused but didn’t try and get off him. Finally the sharp hot scrape of his penetration began to ease and she stopped squirming over him like a crazy woman.

“Hey, you didn’t exactly give me any time to get into it” Angel defended himself but didn’t stop the slow massage that was slowly but surely melting her over him.

“Yeah well I thought with all the horse riding I’ve done”. Cordelia nestled closer, not that he was particularly mattressy or even that comfortable. But he was *built* and that alone was worth draping herself all over. Hmmmm, her own pin up guy – only without the yucky, greasy oil. She tried not to think too much about the thick intrusion currently throbbing in her nether regions.

“That’s a fallacy. I’ve never come across a virgin who wasn’t one because of a horse” Angel scoffed, all experienced male smugness. It didn’t last long.

“Oh really, and how many have you *come* across”? Cordelia rested her chin on his breastbone and blew a few dark strands off her face to make sure her arch look had no obstacles.

Uh oh! “None in the last century” He winced that sounded even worse. Cordelia obviously thought so too as hazel eyes narrowed in warning. Desperate not to get into it, or put himself in a position where he could *really* make himself look bad. He kissed her open, about to speak mouth to shut off the flow of words.

“Enough talking- the hard parts over”

Distracted by the soft kissing and not to mention the sucking of her bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling part. Cordelia wriggled her hips “Doesn’t feel like it to me” she breathed into his mouth.

He smiled against her lips. “That hard part’s stickin’ around”.

Cordelia’s hysterical giggle was cut short when he flipped them back over so he was on top again. She tensed expecting more pain when the smooth, if abruptly unexpected move sank him deeper into her body, only the pain didn’t come. What did- was an electric charge that sizzled straight from her loins, down her thighs to her toes and whizzing back up to her stunned brain.

When she could unstick her tongue from the roof of her mouth again, she demanded in all seriousness, “Wow, do that again”.

“I plan to, lots of times” Angel assured her with a small sideways smirk and a quick hard kiss on her passion-swollen lips. “Only without the rolling or we’ll get dizzy”. He flexed his hips in a smooth roll that pulled him part way out before surging back into her.

“That do”?

“Oh God, yeah”

Just feeling that heavy, slow and stretching slide had her anticipating all over again the pleasure his penetration had denied her. Passion and desire roared back to life like a spark to gasoline. Her blood began to pump slow and heavy again in a prelude to rising tension, while her breathing deepened. Pressed against his rock hard chest, ripe firm breasts became fuller and heavier as the nipples turned into aching turgid tips, begging for more of his attention.

Angel felt the rising tide of desire in her and felt his own crash against the self-control he was imposing on himself. Not helped by the hard stabbing points of heated temptation currently scraping with maddening teasing bushes against his chest. Pushing his arms under her shoulders to raise her closer he nuzzled into her neck and started to pump shallowly into her velvety heat. She clasped every inch of him in a powerful welcome as the muscles of her sex clenched down, taking him into her rather than just being taken.

Cordelia felt his open mouth against her jugular and instead of scaring her, it turned her on even more, raising goose bumps along her skin and making every screaming pore desperately sensitive. A part of her wanted to tell him to do it, but she guessed, a little disappointed, that he wouldn’t.

Her arms came up to clasp his head, and the fingers of one hand thrust into his thick hair as liquid arousal drenched her core, making them both slick as he worked himself between her thighs. The hard muscled planes of his chest kneaded her aching breasts each time he thrust. They were as close as possible and still it didn’t feel anywhere near enough to Cordelia or to Angel as they surged, locked together in a tight embrace.

Their bellies rubbed, as she wrapped her legs around his hips again and tightened her arms, needing, wanting more of him- all of him. His mouth suckled the skin over the pulse in her throat and she turned her head to give him better access, rubbing her cheek against his dark head as his teeth clamped down on the cord in her neck.

That tight possessive grip had her moaning at the intense sensation of dark edged pleasure that streaked down to her already frenzied loins.

“Bite me” it came out despite her trying to force it back.

“No” he growled it against her skin as he suckled harder, raising the blood to the surface as his mouth watered and shaft swelled and throbbed with need.

Her nails dug into his shoulders as emotion swelled in a rising tide. “I want all of you- not just a part- bite me now” she growled back and dug her heels into the bed, lowering her hips and then slamming them back up so that their hips crashed together, instantly raising the passion in them both to savage and primal levels.

He met her challenge and then some; she felt his growl against her throat as he began to pound into her. Faster and faster until one powerful thrust became two and then she felt nothing but the filling, scraping heat of him slamming and possessing her too fast for her to keep up. She didn’t give a damn and just clung to him, loving his wildness.

Her nails dug into his back with tiny stings, inciting him even as she chanted with her soft lips pressing against the top of his head,

“bite me, Angel, do it. I want it”. She was holding onto him like she’d never let go and calling to his demon, offering herself even as her body flooded with blissfully racing blood as her orgasm rose up, lighting a fuse in her.

Cordelia was vibrating under and around him, every muscle locked and screaming with spiralling tension just begging for release from the too pleasurable torment. She could feel him panting and grunting against her neck, and her breathing got choppier as she started to come, feeling as if she were splintering apart.

Angel went rigid as she heaved and bucked in the mindless throes of orgasm and his control snapped. His fangs elongated against his will and sank into the downy skin of neck, piercing her and then retracted to let her blood flow like ambrosia into his mouth. The piercing pain electrified her and she screamed at the feel of it, but nothing could halt the flow of an explosive orgasm that whited out her vision, setting of sparks of heat in her belly and loins as he drew out her blood with ravenous lips.

His arms were like iron bands around her, gripping her tightly as his tongue flicked against the flowing wounds in her throat, feeling the hot living blood fill his mouth and coat his tongue. He trembled and quivered with ecstasy at the taste of her even as his spine tingled and balls tightened under his pounding thrusting cock. Her juices flowed and coated their thighs, while sweat slicked their bodies as they moved against one another. Their cries of pleasure chanting in the air in a rising crescendo.

She was caged and surrounded by him, stretched and possessed, above and below while he fed from her and she loved it! She held him as tightly as she could, never wanting it to end. He was hers! She’d never let him go. She told him so, her voice hoarse yet resolved and he lost it completely, she could feel the wildness escalate and wasn’t afraid, the bed banged against the wall with every thrust but he didn’t hurt her.

His lips swooped down onto hers, taking them in a rough kiss and plunging his tongue into her welcoming mouth. She tasted her own salty blood and fell into another orgasm. Joining him in his and milking his hard thick length as it frantically released his seed, flooding her already drenched loins as they both dove over the edge of release together



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Title: Sweet Serenade
Author: OhmyGodIt’sThose Two! (A Califi & Scorch Collaboration)
Califi ~ Scorch
Rating: R for language
Category: humour- A Valentine fic.
Content: C/A
Summary: It’s valentines…night and Angel is feeling lonely…!
Spoilers: S2-3
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Angel’s Archive/Go Team, anywhere else, just ask.
Notes: Me an’ Scorch wrote this b/t us aaaages ago, but we never got round to finishing it (lol)…anyhoo, today I happened upon it and decided to finish it off the last 3 scenes and post- one: to share with AO, and Two: to surprise SCORCH and make her grin in remembered fun.
Thanks/Dedication:Hope ya like the surprise and ending, Scorch!!!!! Shnogs!!

“Y’ know…. Women ….Do I know anythin’ bout women? – Come on, buddy, I bet you know a helluva lot more’n me right now.” Staring owlishly at the near empty bottle of bourbon, Angel violently shook it.

“Whassat? Y’don’t? Well, you’re a bloody waste of time.” He snarled, chucking it across his room, barely registering the shattering of glass as it hit the wall.

Levering himself out of his chair, he managed to walk over to the bed with only the slightest stagger, bending down to scoop up the picture frame on his cabinet. “Whoa,” he muttered, as for a moment his large frame swayed to the side, almost sending him falling to the mattress. Straightening up, Angel raised the picture closer to his face and reached out a finger to stroke one of the faces within.

“Cor..deeeeelia; the love of my light, the sweet to my, my, whassit,” he slurred; his tongue slipping out to moisten slightly slack lips with a loud smacking noise. “See what you’ve driven me to? Drink and beducher..deburchar…drunk.” Sighing heavily, he slumped and by pure luck, landed ass first on the side of the bed.

“I mean, what’s a guy supposed to do to get you to… to… hear me? Tell you? I mean, jeeze… talk about *obvilus* ” Angel snickered. “Obvilus…whassat when it’s… mmm….Cor…deeelia.” His dilated eyes glazed over, current track of thought momentarily wandering off on a trail of it’s own- then he sat up straight!

“Right, thas it! Time to get the guns primed and the tongue tonguerised and *tell* her just what I feel, cos I’is *DONE* with..with..kittyfooting around and being all stoke guy and ggryy broody brow.”

His voice got stronger by the second, until, with a fresh surge of energy, he rose to his feet and made his way, pretty smoothly out of the room…. only bumping into the doorpost twice before exiting through the open door…


“What the hell…?” Cordy groaned and rolled over, opening one gritty eye to check her alarm clock. “Three thirty?” she growled, following the roll through until her feet hit the rug.

Lethargic hands came up to scrub her very tired eyes, her mouth following that with a heavy yawn. Shuffling on bare feet, the sleepy seer found herself helpless drawn to her living room window.

And the caterwauling coming from outside it.

With the aid of an equally tired ghost, her curtains were slowly pulled aside to allow Cordy to peer out into the night. Seeing nothing but hearing everything, the brunette cringed and felt for the woman receiving the warbled song.

“I lurve you… From here to eternity… Forever unto eternity… Damn whassa words? Is anybody gonna help me here? I’m tryin tuh tell the woman I love that I love her”

If Cordy had been able to see Angel at that precise moment, she would have seen one hand clutching another bottle of bourbon and the other scratching his chin in deep thought.

Instantly recognising his voice, the seer wondered if there were any asylums capable of successfully holding vampires.

Stumbling a little closer to the main entrance to the apartment building, Angel took a heavy gulp of the bourbon and obnoxiously sighed. “Cordeee, my love… My darlin… I hunger for your bloo… TOUCH! Yeah, that’s what I meant. Touch”

Pausing for second to regain his composure, he took the time to puff up his chest and prepared to put all his ignored feelings into this. “A loonngg looonely time. And ti-ii-ime go-oes by so slow-lee and tiiime can do so-oh much… Arr-rre you-ooh-ooh still miiinnneee….”

As though it were breaking, a strong hand clutched his heart as the finale was delivered with feeling and gusto. “Ieeeeeee neeed your touch, I-eeee need your love. God speed your love to-ooh-ooh me…!” His voice cracked and broke off as cool tears began to fill his already glazed brown eyes.

Red didn’t begin to describe the shading of her dewy cheeks as she endured the remainder of what had been one of her favourite chill-out songs.

“Oh my God…”

Now that his performance was over, Angel found himself blinking and waiting for Cordelia. Impatience took over after a few milliseconds of not receiving any signs that his affectionate song had been heard.

“Cordeeeeelia… Whassa a guy gotta do huh?” His voice took on a growled bark as anger rose up in his chest. Pointing violently at nothing in particular, Angel shook his hand and looked up towards her window. “Wha more d’ya want? I’m a hero fer cryin out loud. I shave kittens and people… Lets not forget the people… All them itty bitty people… Coulda eaten em ya know, but I didn’t cus I’m a good boy” –and then the main door of the Apartment block opened, and a terry- clad arm reached out and grabbed one of his.

“Who the…. CORDEEEELIAAA!” A stupid grin spread on his face when he eventually managed to find his feet after being yanked unceremoniously in. The lovely face that stared up at him did NOT look pleased to see him, but Angel was beyond noticing as he attempted to wrap his arms around her gently and almost crushed her to death.

“MmmmfffANGEL!” A voice squealed in his ear as the love of his unlife wriggled in a way that was waking something up that shoulda been out for the count- for the next two weeks. “LemmegobeforeISTAKEYOURFffmmpnigASS!” Cordy attempted to pull out of the death grip, and when that failed, she kneed him as hard as she could.

Cordelia Chase had seen trees felled on a trip to Canada in her teens…. But boy, didn’t vampires topple even faster! She giggled at the ‘ooff’ and ‘yelp’ that catapulted out of his slack mouth, before recalling that she was supposed to be totally pissed with the great big dork.

“Oh Fuck! I think ya broke it!” Angel wheezed from his place on the floor, vaguely hearing a loud pfft before hands were wrapping round his ears and yanking at them- hard- “Yeeeouch! Woman! Whatcha tryin to do to me… An’ here’s me tryin’ t tell you that my heart is all overluvin’ you and singin’ and…” Cordy continued to yank on his ears until Angel staggered to his feet awkwardly, swaying like a sapling in a storm, but still yammering on incoherently about how much he loved her.

Somehow she managed to manhandle him into her apartment and across to her room [with the kind help of Dennis] before the highly inebriated vampire collapsed face first on the bed and instantly began snoring loudly.

“Jeeze!” Cordy looked up at the ceiling and asked aloud,” what the hell did I do to deserve a night like this? Bad enough I didn’t even get a frikken card” she scowled, letting out a deep sigh, she pulled the comforter over the noisy lump on her bed and wearily made her way to the couch…


Angel woke up in Hell

He wasn’t exactly sure how he got a return ticket; but yup…most definitely he was part of the torture tour again.

“Ohh, mahhh looveeee, Mahhh daaaarlinggg, I hungerrrr for yourrrr touch…” Jeeezus Christ! Why did that cacophony of pain sound so hauntingly familiar? Angel rolled over- then groaned aloud. He was sure that if he checked, the entire contents of his skull would now be left on the pillow.

The very soft pillow…the very soft pillow that smelled like…

“Cordelia?” he muttered groggily from a rusty, aching throat. What on earth was his beloved Seer doing *in* Hell with him?

Various scenarios rushed through his mind like over-thick molasses, and after several long, pain-filled and nauseous minutes, Angel gave up the simple things in life- like thought, moving and thank *God* he didn’t have to breathe too! Then his pain was intensified as a loud crash reverberated through his overly sensitive head. “Oh, God; gonna be sick!” he mumbled thickly, the bile rising even as he formed the words.

“MORNING ANGEL! LOVELY DAY ISN’T IT?” Was the girl using a megaphone? Yup; definitely Hell.

His gritty eyes peeled open- and instantly slammed shut. Not only did this place crucify his eardrums, but light burned down with enough brightness to melt his retinas – and flesh.

“ANGEL? ARE YOU OKAY? YOU LOOK…” Cordy leaned over the quivering lump with a gentle smile of faux concern. “YOU’RE NOT GONNA BARF ALL OVER MY BED ARE YOU?”

“Cordelia…” she barely heard her name as it left gritted lips, “Please, for the love of all that’s holy; please lower your voice…please?” he whimpered pathetically.

Never had it been so difficult to keep a smirk off of her face, but Cordy attempted it and succeeded. “Is that better?” she practically whispered- and still his big body winced.

“Uh huh,” he replied, sounding even more pathetic- and about five years old.

“DENNIS! DON’T YOU DARE!” her eyes widened as she saw, from the corner of her eye, the door sway tauntingly.

Angel’s whole body tightened like a bowstring, a low moan escaping from pallid clenched lips.

Cordy took pity on him- and thumped her ass onto the side of the bed, watching as he literally convulsed, turning an interesting shade of green. “Oops! Sorry,” she grinned unrepentantly.

“s….sokay,” simple words were suddenly and inexplicably seriously difficult to make their way from his tortured brain to his parched throat. What he wouldn’t do for a Bloody Mary, Susan, Jean or even Mabel right now!

“Hungry?” seeing the hard swallow Angel gave, Cordy bounced up from the bed, stifling a snigger at the strangled whimper that shuddered through him as he rocked slightly. Payback was indeed a bitch…. by the name of one Cordelia Chase. “I still got it,” she murmured as she exited the room.


Several hours passed before a slightly hunched figure appeared in the dim doorway of Cordelia’s bedroom.

“Uh…” Angel shifted uncomfortably when the brunette settled on the couch ignored him and continued to read the book clutched in one hand. He tilted his rumpled head and squinted at the cover…a wench draped over the arms of a well-muscled blonde guy …in a pirate outfit?!

“Morning” his voice rose a notch to grab her attention- and then he winced as the jack hammers reminded him again of the night before. Finally Cordelia glanced up.

Afternoon, Romeo.” Her mouth tilted in a small grin. “Feeling better?” At the uncertain nod of his head, the grin widened and her eyes turned back to the book.

A bit put out by her obvious disinterest, Angel made his shaky way towards the couch and slowly sank onto it, tensing a little when Cordy bounced a little too much as she shifted to give him more room.

“Uh…what are you reading?” he asked hesitantly. She shrugged.

“Oh, a trashy romance; that’s about as fun as my love life gets.” Another shrug. Angel’s eyes cleared a little at that.

“You didn’t have a date last night?” Keep the joy outta your voice, dumbass, that little inner poke reminded him sharply.

“Can you at least try to keep the joy outta your voice, Angel?”

He jolted with shock when Cordy more or less repeated what he’d thought. Can she read minds too? Dear God! If she can, I’m in trouble! When she remained silent, her eyes still pinned to the open book, Angel felt a wave of relief- no mind reading, phew!

“But- but… it was Valentine’s Day.” He finally stated the obvious. “I thought someone like you would have had the guys falling over themselves to take you out.”

*That* grabbed her attention. “What do you mean; ’someone like you’?” the book snapped shut and was lobbed onto the coffee table opposite the couch.

Angel shrunk into the cushions at the glint of anger in her lovely eyes. “Just-just-” he shut his flapping mouth and took a deep unneeded breath. “What with you being so beautiful and all, I just figured-”

“You think I’m beautiful?” Cordy’s mouth dropped open. Usually the only descriptive to come out of the vampire’s mouth was ‘nice’ and ‘annoying’. Her earlier irritation dropped a big notch.

Angel shifted again, this time gravitating towards her, his confidence suddenly roaring to the fore at her reaction. “I’ve always thought you were beautiful, Cordy.” She shivered a little at the smooth velvet that had replaced the hesitance in his tone. “And sexy…” he shifted a little closer. “And mi-”

Before he could finish, Cordy edged back with a ‘ewwe’ and he straightened up abruptly. Maybe he was counting his chickens a little too soon? Damn!

“Sorry to interrupt your surprisingly flattering and gobsmacking words , Angel, but your breath smells like stale whisky – and as much as I’m enjoying what you’re saying,” she cracked a light-bulb grin, “It’s kinda off-putting. There’s a spare toothbrush and mouthwash in the bathroom.” She added, with a soothing pat on his knee at the instant expression of mortification on his too-pale face.

“Uh, sorry,” Only slightly mollified by the touchy feely, Angel rose to his feet and turned towards the bathroom.

“And when you get back?” Her words stopped him in his tracks. “We can talk about what happened last night.”

Oh. Fuck.



Cordelia was drowning. Could that vampire kiss or what!

After twenty minutes of bathroom time and halting, awkward explanations from Angel, he’d finally cursed a blue streak and told her he was in love with her- and DUH! Could she be any more clueless? – And then proceeded to devour her with hungry kisses.

She appreciated the minty goodness that now blended with the taste that was pure Angel and attempted to keep up.

When air eventually became an issue, Angel lifted his dark head and watched through gleaming lusty eyes as the woman in his arms gulped for breath. Her dazed, dilated and aroused eyes told him he hadn’t made a mistake, and his heart swelled.

“Happy Valentines Day, Cordy.”

“A bit late for mmphhh”

A long lipsmacking silence and then:

“Not that I’m complaining, big Guy…”

FIN – finally!!!
sorry if the ending is a bit flat, but I was trying my hand at the, yanno, writing thing again, Cali


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Title: Speak In Haste…                                                                                                        
Author: SmutSluts
Rating: R/N-18
Category: WARNING. Non-consensual sex in this fic. Don’t read if offended by a very beige Angel.
Content: C/A
Summary: ‘Don’t Make me move you’: A/C react differently to this scene, with unpleasant results.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Okay! A/N:Sucked in!I decided that if others are being bullied into doing my little challenge, then I really should have a go at it myself! Fair’s fair! This first chapter[Prologue] is practically word for word what was said in Reprisal [the scene in C/W/G’s new agency], with appropriate changes here and there that I’ve AU’d.
Helen was gorgeous enough to pull in and make it so much better than it would have been- by continuing on from Part 1 with an ending that totally ROCKS!!
Thanks/Dedication:I dragged/begged Helen to continue this fic, as some were a bit sad by the original ending. Mawh! Love ya, Hely!
Feedback:always loved


Angel opened the door and walked into the new Angel Investigations office, not bothering to close the door behind him.

“Good Lord.” Wesley swivelled his wheelchair round in surprise, whilst Cordy’s mouth dropped open. She hadn’t expected to see her ex Boss since their last heated confrontation.

“Angel.” Her voice softly hesitant. Wesley wasn’t so uncertain about his feelings.

“May we – help you?” Eyebrows raising indignantly as the Vampire strode towards their, bookshelf behind the desk and started perusing through; not even looking at them. The Ex-Watchers face tightened in shock at Angel’s cheek.

“Excuse me, that – that area is for employees only!” Indignation caused him to stutter slightly.

“Yeah. You took all the books.” Not bothering to turn around, Angel continued to run his fingers along the books. Cordy started forward, anger surging to the surface. He had a damned cheek coming here!

“Yeah, well, you got the waffle iron.” She hovered by his side, not quite sure how to deal with the hulking form ignoring her.
He took a book, and turned to leave, but Cordy, galvanised into outraged action, snatched the book out of his hand.

“Hey! No! You can’t take this, I-I-I’m in the middle of it” turning quickly to put the book back on the shelf and hastily shoved a phonebook at him.

“ Here, take this one.” Keeping herself between the bookcase and the rapidly pissed- looking Vamp. Angel took the phonebook, throwing it to the side; leaning in close to Cordy.

“Don’t make me move you.” He growled quietly. For a moment Cordy shivered at the menace in those dark brown eyes, flickering amber hotly. Lifting her chin, she met his gaze unflinchingly.

“Give him the book, Cordelia.” When Cordy only kept looking at Angel, Wesley pushed himself up out of his wheelchair and to his feet.

“Yeah, like you could do that!- Not a chance in Hell!” The amber light no longer flickering; pure gold irises burned into wide Hazel ones, in a face that tightened threateningly.

“Just give him the damn thing! Let him get the hell out.” Wesley could feel a storm brewing, and felt helpless, knowing he couldn’t be much help stuck in that fucking chair! – Not that he’d fair any better out of it, he silently admitted to himself! But he still stayed half up, ready.

Cordy glanced over at Wesley, and saw the panic in his blue yes. She relented; her whole body screaming out at her rage at having to do so. Pushing Angel a step back, she turned her back on him briefly to take the book off the shelf. Spinning around, she shoved it into his chest hard.

“Here!” She practically snarled at him.

Their eyes locked again, and Cordy had the unpleasant feeling her Ex Best Friend wanted to retaliate. A dark promise shone from eyes that had blackened to coal; then he turned swiftly away to stride towards the door.

“ I don’t even know what you are anymore.” The contempt in her voice caused him to pause for a fraction of a second, before continuing.

“I’m a vampire. Look it up.” His snarl made Cordy’s sound pitiful in comparison. He slammed the door closed behind him, and Wesley slowly collapsed back into his chair, relieved.

“What a jerk.” Cordy reached down to pick up the crumpled phone book, her hands shaking with reaction. She turned slightly away from Wes, hoping he hadn’t noticed. “I mean if it was anybody else I would just say ‘get laid already!” Shocked at her body’s reaction to those words, She shook her head, throwing the book onto her desk.

Wes, glancing down at a tingling sensation, realised that his stitches had burst. Feeling faint at the rapidly spreading red stain, he again tried for the upset Brunette’s attention. “Cordelia…” His voice faltered slightly. Cordy continued to pace, oblivious.

“But – no, not him. One decent boff and he switches to evil psycho vamp.” She huffed. “ Which, in a way, would be better for everyone. Better for him because he’d get some, and better for us because then we could,” making a staking motion; “stake him afterwards.”

“Cordelia, ambulance?” the pain in his voice finally registered on Cordy’s radar; she looked in horror at the growing stain of blood on Wesley’s shirt.

“Oh my god.”


Neither were aware of the dark figure hovering near the door; pale face clenched in anger at the Seer’s harsh words. Striding away, his head reeled, anger spiralling as they echoed through his mind.

“So I can’t move you? We’ll see about that, Cordelia Chase!” Angel muttered under his breath as he changed his original direction; a plan forming rapidly…

Part 1

Cordy got out of the cab and walked tiredly towards her apartment block.
Although Gunn had offered to drop her off, she’d been worried that the limited room in His truck would injure Wesley’s freshly stitched wound. He reluctantly agreed, but insisted on waiting with her for her cab.

Rubbing the back of her neck, she neared her door- then a band of steel wrapped around her middle, yanking her back against even more steel! Before she could yell out, a sharp twinge in her neck caused her eyes to roll and blackness to fill her vision.


Watching her inert form closely, Angel fidgeted in his chair, mentally arguing with himself about what he was ready to do.
He’d lost everything. His Agency, friends…

“Cordelia.” Her name slipped from his lips softly as he surveyed her. Draped on his bed, clothed in a form-fitting blouse and customary short yet feminine skirt, which had ridden up slightly baring her tanned thighs to his burning gaze.

It was her fault, he reasoned. Pushing at him constantly before he fired them. Condemning him when he wanted to help. She deserved this! The need to feel something- anything! What better way than to lose himself in her heat, whilst she lay there unable to stop him! His penis twitched at the mere thought.

Earlier, Darla had turned up. Purportedly to retrieve the Demon’s ring. He could scent her though. For a few brief moments he’d pulled her to him, kissing her savagely, but HER face kept swimming into his head. Finally, with disgust, he’d flung her away and threw the ring after her, warning her to keep away. He wouldn’t hesistate to kill her the next time they met. Darla read the promise in his eyes, backing away and running off with looking back.

Shortly after, Angel left and began a silent vigil in the dark shadows outside Cordelia’s apartment.

He would have her- even if it was the last thing he ever did as a soulled vampire.


Consciousness seemed to return rapidly, but Cordy knew she wasn’t outside any more. Keeping her eyes closed, searchingly she pressed her hands lightly against the surface she was lying on. Soft…a bed? Her nose twitched. Oh No!“ She’d know that scent anywhere.


Sitting up quickly, her eyes flew open, darting around frantically- widening when they connected with dark brown. “What the Hell- did you do to me?” she moaned as she massaged the ache in her neck, eyes widening even more in panic.

“I didn’t bite you. Just an old trick I learnt about pressure points.” Angel smirked coldly at her barely repressed sigh of relief.

Keeping a wary eye on him, she looked around. Only the bedside lamps lighted Angel’s room. Then she noticed her jacket and shoes were missing, and the now-silent Vampire smiled at her nervousness as he reclined in the chair next to the bed, dressed in only in old sweats.

“Why? Why am I here?” Cordy demanded, trying to keep the tremor of fear out of her voice. She remembered all too well the look in his eyes earlier. It was still in evidence, although now there was a trace of smugness too. “I thought we weren’t welcome in you home any more.”

He leaned further back into his chair, outwardly relaxed. But she wasn’t fooled in the slightest. “Would you believe I decided to take your advice?” He purred, flicking those dark eyes over her heatedly, lingering a moment where her short skirt met bare thighs.

Eying him warily, Cordy edged slowly across the covers. She’d have to pass him to get to the door, and didn’t think too highly about her success at such an attempt. Okay, Cordy.You’ve always managed to talk your way out of anything: Do it already! she berated herself silently. As long as he stayed put, she may have a chance. Yeah, right!

“You? Taking advice from me? That’s a first!” Cracking a grin, which faded when he made no response; just sat there contemplating her with an absorbed expression on his face. Clearing her suddenly clogged throat, she slid a little nearer the edge of the bed.

“So, what was it? – The advice? – More colour to your black-on-black wardrobe- or the-not-killing humans advice?” His eyes narrowed for a second; his impossibly broad shoulders tensing before deliberately relaxing again.

A cruel smile curved his angular mouth as he ran a hand down his chest lightly. The smile widened wickedly as her eyes helplessly followed its path, jerking them away when it halted to rest on the waistband of his sweats.

“Nope. Much better than that, Cordy.” He flashed his white teeth wickedly, and his low chuckle seemed to shiver along her skin.

“I think your exact words were “Get laid already!” As soon as he said that she understood with a new and horrible clarity why he’d brought her here. In total panic, Cordy darted off the bed and ran like fuck towards the door. “OOF!” a heavy male arm hooked around her waist, lifting her off the ground. The room tipped dizzily until her back once again landed flat on the bed. This time he followed her down.

“ I had an offer I refused earlier, in favour of you. And you run? Now that just wounds me.” As he spoke softly, his hands were busy. One latched her wrists and drew them above her head; the other slid though her hair to grip the back of her neck. Her futile struggles paused momentarily as his words sank in. She stared into his eyes, confused. He took advantage of her stillness to slide his heavy thighs between hers. Laughing tauntingly at her attempts to buck him off.

“Wrong move.” he groaned with an unpleasant grin, shifting to settle his hips deeper into hers, causing her to gasp at the contact of his rapidly hardening body.

“Offer?” Despite her precarious position, Cordy just had to ask him to clarify. He did.

“Darla. She was hot for it- well, as hot as an Undead bitch can be.” he grinned at the shock, quickly followed by disgust on Cordy’s face. Nuzzling her throat, he slid his tongue along her jugular, trailing up towards her ear and jaw. Drawing his face away to look into her eyes, the heat in his eyes flew straight to her belly. “But I had other …much better plans. I mean; you were my friend, my Seer- Mine. I’m just correcting an unacceptable oversight.” Dipping his head, he nipped at her lower lip, mean and sharp, following it up by drawing it between soft lips and sucking briefly before letting go.

“You Bastard!” her eyes filled with water, but she refused to let them spill. For a split second, something flickered in those hot chocolate orbs, but vanished before she even noticed. The sight of those wide, beautiful hazel eyes drowning with unshed tears tugged at his Soul for a split second, then was again pushed deep with the need for something; whether it be revenge…and the promise of carnal pleasure, or…he refused to finish that thought.

Instead he concentrated on the warm and soft body trapped beneath his. Compared to Darla, Cordelia was lush, warm and golden, and he would have been lying to himself if he hadn’t fantasised about taking her like this in the past. He’d spent too many painful and sleepless nights, unbearably aroused and unable not to think and fantasise of all the things he’d wanted to do to her. The only thing stopping him at the time was their friendship, and the guilt.

Oh, and the Fucking Soul!

Well, he was far from feeling guilt now. And friendship? Hadn’t she said herself that that was over? As for the Soul, he was beyond caring. Angel was damned if he was going to back down now. He needed to feel; Cordy was the perfect catalyst in his mind…

With deliberate slowness, he undid her blouse, one button at a time, his eyes not leaving her face until he raised himself away from her tense body to slide the material to the sides. His cheekbones stood out in relief as the heat surged into his face at the wondrous sight exposed to his burning gaze. A rich blue lace bra that barely contained her plump, golden breasts; or hide the rigid nipples that strained at the delicate material.

Running his tongue over the exposed swell of soft flesh, Angel smiled against her as her torso instinctively arched towards him. Resisting the urge to rip the away the soft fabric, he lathed her sternum, making his way up towards her throat. Opening his mouth wide, he gripped her throat below her chin and applied the slightest pressure against her windpipe. Cordy’s body tensed in fear, waiting for the inevitable pain as he tore her throat out, but after what seemed like forever in her panicked mind, he simply lathed her skin with his cool tongue, and continued his journey into the join of neck and shoulder.

Before she had a chance to react, he’d whipped down her arms and yanked the blouse from her body, casting it aside. Her hands were again anchored above her head before she could blink. Sliding lower, Angel skimmed her breastbone and scattered light kisses over her ribcage and waist. He wasn’t so careful with her skirt. The fabric tore like tissue paper as he ripped it down the middle and tossed it aside.

Running a hand lightly across the front of her matching lace panties, Angel concentrated on her belly, opening his mouth to slide wet kisses along the edge of the lace, his tongue dipping into her navel.

The almost gentle way he caressed every inch of exposed skin made her dizzy with arousal. So far, he hadn’t even attempted to touch her intimately, seemingly content to trace every dip and curve that; in her only other experience of sex, had been ignored for the obvious. She shook her head, groaning silently. How in the Hell was she to fight him when he disarmed her with such tenderness? When this had started out, she’d been prepared for ruthlessness and, possibly, pain.

Angel’s many years of experience had taught him patience. When he finally took her, he wanted her begging for him. In his mind, he’d mapped every inch f her luscious body, and now he was doing it for real. If she’d expected him to force a quick fuck, she was going to be…disappointed? He doubted it without arrogance. Her skin tasted of honey and cinnamon; her scent warm with a hint of fresh spring flowers. He growled deep in his chest as the hot spicy scent of her growing arousal assailed his nose, nostrils flaring, and erection throbbing in reaction.

Sitting up, Angel released her hands, flipping her over, then settled back just below the lush cheeks of her creamy ass. This time, he didn’t bother restraining her arms; content with straddling her and keeping her locked in place with his heavy thighs. His eyes followed the smooth path of her silky back, lingering on the Sun tattoo at the base of her spine. To his mind, this symbol was made for her. It embodied everything about his Seer that he craved: warmth, and the brightness he, as a Vampire, was denied.

At the light touch of his fingers tracing her tattoo, Cordy pulled her scattered thoughts together and drew her hands up. Bracing the bed, she pushed up as hard as she could, her head and shoulders arching upwards in the hope on unseating her captor. No such luck! Angel simply leaned over, using his weight to press her down. As she struggled, he pushed aside her hair, nipping her nape warningly before soothing the sharp twinge with his tongue. His mouth moved on to trace wet patterns over every inch of her skin, nibbling the band of material that spoiled the view. Cool fingers slid up the sides of her ribs, and then moved across, finally unclipping her bra.

To her surprise, instead of ripping the delicate lace, he found and separated the detachable shoulder straps before hooking a powerful arm around her torso, lifting and whipping it from under her in one smooth move. The arm disappeared just as quickly, a large hand again pressing her down. The pressure caused her unbound breasts to flatten against the mattress and push out to brush the insides of her upper arms. Noticing this, Angel slid his hands up her ribs, fingers kneading the sensitive flesh as he continued to worship her soft skin with his mouth. Although cool, the ministrations flicked heat across her flesh.

Cordy couldn’t stifle the low moan that escaped from her parted mouth at the sensations he was causing. The mixture of innocent stimulation, the rhythmic flexing his hard thighs holding her hips in place, and the hard length of his arousal now pressing along her ass was too much. The unbidden sound brought a deep, answering growl rumbling from his throat; mouth watering with anticipation as he turned her again with a quick flick that made her gasp as the room spun dizzily.

Angel froze. Hot brown eyes flickered with amber as they soaked in the sight laid before him. Full, firm golden breasts, tipped with dark rose peaked nipples surrounded perfectly by puckered lighter areolas. Cupping them in his large hands, he dipped his head to engulf first one then the other, switching between sucking sharply and gently lathing the nubs.

Earlier patience fled as he took her flesh deeply into his mouth, squeezing and kneading its twin as he suckled heavily. Heeding the hard pulse of his urgently aroused penis, Angel slid his thighs between her trembling ones, to rub himself against her centre hard. Even through the barriers of her panties and his soft sweats, he could feel her growing heat and moisture. Snaking a hand down her side and outer thigh, he cupped a knee and pulled her tight against him, increasing the friction.

Cordy’s head literally exploded with the bombardment of sensations, and it took her a few minutes before she realised her hands were now free. Reaching deep inside for rapidly dwindling control, she tightened her hold on the thick hair she’s been gripping convulsively, and tugged hard. The Vampire didn’t budge. If anything, he suckled harder, nipping the tip; eliciting a gasp of pained pleasure. Pain was good. Her mind cleared a little more- and the realisation of how this had started; and the fact that, no matter how gentle he was being, Angel hadn’t even kissed her, swirled through her head, strengthening her resolve.

Nails curling, Cordy reached lower and clawed at his face, hips bucking and heels digging into the soft mattress for purchase. The snarl that left Angel’s lips as he jerked away from her assault froze the marrow in her bones; her struggles escalated as panic flooded her.

“You fucking bitch!” Yellow eyes glared into hers, lips drawn back to display wickedly sharp fangs. The pain of the deep gouges on his cheeks brought the Demon screaming to the surface, shoving the Soul aside and taking over.

In a second her wrists were caught and held, so punishingly tight above her head, that she feared the bones would be crushed. He hovered over her threateningly, then ducked his head into the crook of her neck and plunged his razor sharp teeth deep into the flesh of her throat. Her whole body tightened in shock and fear as she waited for the inevitable draining- or worse, for him to actually tear out her throat this time.

Neither happened. Except for the sharp pain of invasion, Angel didn’t even take a mouthful of blood. Instead he pressed impossibly deeper before retracting and lathing her skin to staunch the ready flow that surged to the surface. Lifting his head, Game face still in place, he caught her impossibly wide, shocked gaze, and held it, their faces a whisper apart.

“Every time you look in a mirror, or touch that scar, you will remember and know that you are MINE!“ The savage possessiveness of his words hit Cordy hard.

The Bastard had marked her; claimed her! Her mouth opened to angrily dispute his arrogant claim, but he lunged, taking her lips in a deep, punishing kiss, that was more like a violation than a caress. The taste of her own blood mingled with his saliva, and it was only the stinging of her delicate flesh that made her realize his sharp teeth were inflicting superficial wounds on her lips and tongue.

Pulling back Angel lifted himself away from her and sat back on his knees. Anger and desire raged, and with the need to humiliate Cordelia foremost in his mind, he again flipped her over, ripping her panties off violently. Gripping her hips in cruel hands, he lifted her bared ass high, his knees roughly pushing her thighs further apart. His amber eyes drank in the sight of her drenched core and swollen clitoris, a primal growl tore from his throat as he dived into her and devoured her ruthlessly.

The shock of having her world upended yet again, and the deep embarrassment of being exposed so intimately was too much for Cordy. Her co-ordination failed and all she could do was scream mindlessly at the intensity of feelings caused by his carnal ministrations. Her whole world seemed centred on the harsh lashings of his tongue, the now-blunt teeth nipping her highly sensitive flesh and the heavy suckling of his lips. All the blood in her body seemed to race towards her groin, raising the heat to an unbearable level. Low tingling spread from her clitoris outwards, growing in intensity, her body shaking with anticipation she hadn’t felt before. As the pleasure expanded sharply, her hips bucked into his face spasmodically. Her womb tightened almost painfully before she was blinded by mind-blowing release.

Angel pushed on remorselessly, savouring the fisting of her vaginal muscles against his invading tongue. Drinking everything she gave, he continued to stimulate her mercilessly, still not sated.  Cordy wailed, struggling to pull herself away from his punishing mouth, but he held her tightly to him, milking her relentlessly. Fireworks shattered her brain as another; stronger orgasm wracked her body, almost causing her to lose consciousness.

Finally satisfied, her lowered her hips, hooking one arm around her to keep her off the bed as he rapidly divested himself of his sweats. With one harsh move, he penetrated her core, not stopping until his hips were pressed hard against her buttocks. The growl he released was so far from human, that it shook Cordy out of her stupor. Everything hit her at once: the painful invasion of his engorged penis, her vaginal muscles stretched and fighting to accommodate him comfortably, and the pressure of his hips grinding into her.

Angel panted for unneeded breath as he used all his willpower to keep from coming immediately. She was so tight; almost virginal, and he could feel her cervix nudging his throbbing tip. Her muscles flexed and clenched against him like a scalding hot fist. Holding himself still, he closed his eyes, gathering every scrap of self-control he had.

He suddenly felt like a horny teenager with his first sexual encounter.

Unaware of his thoughts, Cordy silently thanked God that he was giving her a chance to acclimatise. Slowly, her inner muscles unclenched to a level where the pain abated. Pleasure took over, and she instinctively rocked against him. Angel’s thighs tensed at her movement, galvanising him into action. Drawing practically all the way out, her thrust again hard. He got into a rhythm that didn’t cause him to explode; slow retreats and fast, harsh penetration. Her face was hidden away from him, her arms high and hands twisting the covers in unison with his thrusts.

It wasn’t enough; he had to see her expression; see the knowledge in her eyes that it was him making her whimpers, moan and scream in ecstacy! Withdrawing reluctantly, he couldn’t hold back the husky moan the instant loss of heat. Her answering moan echoed his, rapidly changing to a loud gasp as she again found herself on her back and Angel even deeper inside her. One hand angled her hip for better penetration, the other wrapped around a tender, swollen breast.

For a long moment she watched as his features rippled from human to Vampire, then back again. The intense pleasure on his face got too much for her, so she closed her eyes, turning her face away. Immediately, he released her breast to slide his fingers through her hair roughly gripping it to yank her face to his.

“Look at me. Cordy!” his desire-roughened voice sounded a warning as he thrust high and hard, jolting her body. Her eyes yanked open in shock, trying to glare, but unable to stop the keening pushing at the back of her throat.  “I want you to see who’s fucking you.” Angel growled out, his true face winning the battle for dominance. Picking up the pace, he dipped his head to take her lips, plunging his tongue in and raping her mouth.

Cordy felt full to burst! His hips pistoned roughly, mouth stealing her breath, and long, calloused fingers pinched and tweaked her nipples, a fraction away from causing real pain. He mind overloaded with so many sensations, that she could only pant and moan as his lips moved to her ear, laving and whispering crudities as he pounded her into the mattress.

“God! You so are fucking tight, hot…so many plans for this hot little body…” he groaned, shuddering as he felt her walls flutter then grip him spasmodically, pumping him almost to the limit. But still he held off. He didn’t want to leave the wet satin haven yet. It had been so long, and, for the first time in years, he felt warm. Hot. Burning.

Angel rode her orgasm, his thrusting not losing rhythm, yet speeding up to an unnatural level. Stifling her screams with his open mouth, he lowered her hips, an arm wrapping around her back to pull her torso up. Leaning back on his heels, he settled her onto his lap, thrusting as high and hard as was possible. The tip of his penis hit her cervix and he knew that it must hurt her a little; but he was beyond caring. His whole world was now focussed on the intense pleasure she was giving him. Gripping her hips, he took over her weakened movements as the second orgasm took its toll.

Cordy’s head lolled on his wide shoulder, arms embracing him numbly as he rode her hard. It seemed so long ago that he’d first invaded her body that she now felt she couldn’t imagine him not inside her. The pain of the rock hard length of him hitting her womb was overshadowed by the pleasure he was again building up. How many times had he taken her to ecstasy? Cordy couldn’t pull her thoughts together to even try to remember. She gripped his shoulders harder, lifting her head to gaze into his face when she felt the first signs of his orgasm.

Wide mouth clenched, Gold eyes out of focus; he was beautiful. The tempo increased unbearably, his hands brutally slamming her down into him. Her own eyes glazed over at the force of this last orgasm.

The tingling in Angel’s spine expanded, his balls tightening painfully and lifting high to his body as the searing pleasure built up. When he felt her muscles fisting him even harder that before, ecstasy hit, and his seed pumped erratically as his speed became inhuman. Snarling her name, he bucked into her like a crazed animal; his head feeling like it was going to explode as his orgasm felt like it was never going to end. Pushing her down onto the bed, he thrust as hard as he could before his vision splintered…

After what seemed to be like an eternity, Angel became aware of his immediate surroundings. Cordys soft, warm body lay limp beneath him, her arms draped around his neck. Tucking his face even deeper into the crook of her neck, he shook with relief at the pulse beating regularly next to his mouth. Cold harsh clarity forced itself into his sated brain. What the fuck had he done?!

Then he cried.

Note:These Parts are written totally by Helen, as I more or less left it at the end of Part one, and didn’t feel up to writing more…This is a wonderful addition to a fic that started out as a ficlet!

Part 2

He withdrew from her as gently as he could and leaned to the side for a moment head bowed with tears continuing to fall. He was shaking in reaction and struggled to sit up, he didn’t look at her as he draped a blanket over her and then went to retrieve his pants.

He pulled the sweats over his hips and approached the bed again, hesitantly and wishing from the bottom of his heart that someone had staked him before this day. Before he had ever decided to seduce a friend and ended up raping her instead.

She lay entirely still and it was panic that drove him to close those last few feet and reach out to check her pulse, she had one. His wide shoulders slumped in relief before the guilt came back to torment him as he stoked damp hair back from her neck and saw the puncture marks.

“I’m so sorry” his voice was choked with more tears only now he didn’t let them fall, what right did he have to feel remorse? He was nothing but an inhuman monster; even his own skin crawled with the memories of what he had done here, so how would she feel when she woke up?

She must have fainted and he felt yet another stab of guilt, it would take a lot to make Cordelia Chase faint, in all the time they’d been working together he couldn’t recall anything being bad enough to make her faint, until now.

Something stirred in the air and he whirled around instinctively- nothing. He cocked his head to listen with all of his senses attuned to the surroundings, still nothing. But then a clock ticking on a table nearby stopped dead; the silence was deafening. Angel felt something swirling around his bare feet and looked down, only to be blinded by a white light.

He covered his eyes and tried to find his way back to the bed and the vulnerable Cordelia. The light faded and he blinked to clear his vision, and then blinked again in shock. He was no longer in the room with Cordelia. He was in a circular chamber, made entirely of red stones and there was no obvious entrance or exit in sight, flaming torches lit the walls with a red and orange glow and bathed his still naked chest with the flickering light.

He heard a cough from behind him and spun so fast he stumbled, “Graceful aren’t you vampire”, said the creature, it wasn’t a question but sounded more like an insult. Angel frowned at it but it just laughed. It was wrapped in a deep purple and voluminous robe which clashed horribly with its orange skin; startling green eyes shone like beacons out of its craggy face.

“Where am I and who the hell are you”? He snapped angry at being brought here, wherever here was.

“It’s no use trying to intimidate me, I’m no innocent young woman now am I”? Any other day it would have sounded ludicrous to Angel but he knew exactly what it was referring too.

“How do you know about… Cordelia”? Even just saying her name hurt, he ducked his head and stared at the sandy floor for moment before meeting the stranger’s eyes again.

“Why else would you be here, do think before you speak will you; it will make this go so much quicker and easier”, it scolded him without fear of reprisal, but considering he wasn’t in the mood to try and mete out any it wasn’t that surprising.

“You’re in a receiving room, one of many and it doesn’t matter who I am”, it rolled it’s eyes at having to explain that much, really he hated having to deal with the creatures of this one’s dimension, so physical and disgustingly emotional.

“So are you going to kill me then”? Asked Angel surprised that justice could be so swift and wondering who this strange being was.

“Anxious for death now are you, not surprising really considering who you are and what you’ve just done. I’ve never seen anyone so capable of violence and mayhem then follow it up by wallowing in guilt”, he just might have taken offence at that but the tone of its voice was so matter of fact, it was obviously not actually trying to annoy him.

“Why am I here then” He asked baffled.

“Because you have just made a mistake on a cosmic scale and the matter needs to be seen to without delay”. Angel felt no more enlightened by that.

“How, it can’t be fixed I can never undo it”, tears threatened again and again he held them back, his guilt and grief was his own.

“We can do that very simply” It said, still matter of fact as if it was discussing the weather and not his violent molestation of Cordelia.

“How” He asked, sudden dizzying hope blazoning to life in his chest, could they really do that or more importantly would they do that. “What do you want from me, I’ll do anything OK, just tell me what to do”.

“The act can be undone by simply removing her memory of it, not just burying it but removing it completely” it told him. He interrupted it, he didn’t mean too but the hope had blossomed to an impossible size and he was desperate to understand what it meant.

“Like what happened with the ??? Demon”?

“No”, it replied giving him a baleful glance out of those green eyes, “You committed no crime then, it will not be so simple this time I’m afraid”. Angel fell silent and waited for it to continue determined not interrupt again, whatever needed to be done he would do it, it was that simple.

“There are two conditions attached to our offer and both must be agreed too before we can proceed, one of them is simple and your answer now will suffice. The other is something that only you can achieve and will be almost impossible, but it must be done”.

“What are they”? Angel asked quickly impatient to find out what conditions they would demand he meet.

“One, you must agree to return to your mission without delay”

“Done, I agree”, so much for not interrupting.

“We expected nothing less, the other…” it turned and moved an arm in a sweeping gesture and a picture started to form out of the very air in front of them, it was Cordelia lying on the bed, draped by the blanket still in a dead faint.

“The balance must be restored, reparation must be made and forgiveness received before dawn or all will be lost and you will have no choice but to live with what you did”.

“How can I do that” Asked Angel aghast, “What can I possibly do that would make her forgive me”?

“You know her don’t you? What was it you said “Friend, Seer and Mine”? Angel was horrified at having his own words, the very ones he’d said to Cordelia, repeated back to him by this thing. The orange skin around its mouth stretched into a smile that looked more like a grimace.

“But that only gives me a few hours at most”.

“True and you have five minutes now to consider your options or the deal is off” it told him and disappeared right in front of his eyes. He leaned back on his heels and shut his eyes tight.

“This if just fucking impossible”, how could he hope to get Cordy to forgive him with just a few hours to do it, he could talk for a week and she’d still want to kill him at best, the worst would be she wouldn’t even want to get that close ever again.

“OK, think logically”, he paced around the round chamber, bare feet kicking up the sand with each agitated step. He was 250 years old and he knew a lot about women, sex and pain. He given Cordy all three but …

“I didn’t make love to her – I just fucked her”, he winced saying it out loud, in his soulless days he had raped women before killing them, enjoying the pain and torment not of just the act but in making them enjoy it, despite their fear. He didn’t want that for Cordy.

That was it then, he had to go back and reverse it, make love to her properly this time without the pain and fear. God, how could he do that; she would fight him and then it would be impossible because he would have to hold her down again.

“Dammit, I have no other choice, it’s either gonna work or just make it worse, it’s a risk I have to take”. He stopped pacing and turned around as the mysteriously annoying one dropped back in.

“Have you made up your mind”, it asked him conversationally, “Yeah I have”.

“Good let’s get going then”

“You’re going to watch”? Asked Angel his mind rejecting that without any hesitation whatsoever, not so much for himself but there was no way he going to let this guy get a look at Cordy, especially not naked.

“Of course there must be witnesses” It replied eyes blinking “Do not worry we see it as no more than your usual disgustingly physical displays.

“What do you mean, witnesses”? He was growling now and stalking towards the orange coloured creature, demon or whatever, it was dead meat.

“Look vampire you have no choice, to succeed you must except that there must be witnesses to her forgiving you. Now you only have until dawn”, it backed away from him and the white light returned blinding him again, “Wait” he shouted a dozen more questions buzzing around his head, but he was too late.

He was back in the room, he could tell by smell rather than by sight as his vision was still affected by that blinding light. He could smell Cordelia and the musky scent of sex. The clock on the table suddenly resumed it’s ticking, startling him.

He looked at it and frowned in confusion, the time was the same as when he had left he thought dazedly but then Cordelia started to stir under the blanket and he felt a bone deep panic, completely forgetting about the clock. What was he going to do?

Part 3

He stood for moment uncertain, should he let her wake up alone and then go to her or.. He was struck with a mental image of her running for the door again and him having to snag and drop her back on the bed, oh yeah! Great start. Making a decision he stripped the sweats off again and climbed back on the bed settling himself beside her.

She opened her eyes and looked at him in confusion for a moment before remembrance hit, he watched her eyes widen with shock and horror and she bolted upright, ready to dive off the bed. He wrapped strong fingers around her upper arm. “Cordy, don’t run OK”, he had to at least try.

“Get the fuck away from me”, she yelled, heaving backwards to try and get loose, legs kicking at him wildly, frantically. “Get your hands off of me you bastard”. So much for trying to use reason, he was going to have to use harsher tactics or risk letting her get herself so wound up she would be tight and dry and then it would hurt like hell. So quick as a flash he pulled her beneath him. If possible her eyes got even wider and she froze looking up at him, her head shoved as far back as she could manage in his tight hold.

She saw his face above hers and recalled every other time that night she had looked up and seen it, vicious with feral lips drawn back in a snarl. She remembered the pain and the intense pleasure she had felt and the shame of that made her shudder and feel a crawling sensation all along her skin where his body touched hers; which was practically everywhere.

She opened her lips and started to scream as loudly as she could, hoping that somehow, someone would hear her. Angel winced at the sheer volume and placed one large hand over her lips to silence her. She went to bite him so he just increased the pressure a little, but not enough to hurt her.

“Cordy, please don’t fight me; you have to let me make this better”, he didn’t take his hand away just looked into eyes glazed with tears. Her head shook from side to side in denial and hazel sparks shot from her eyes. One hand was wrapped around his thick wrist as she tried to tug his hand from her mouth.

He sighed and laid his forehead to hers for moment and closed his eyes, this was not going to work, he had to tap back into her sexuality somehow and she wouldn’t accept gentleness from him now, at least not yet. His face hardened with a deep resolve and he raised his head again to stare down at her.

His expression was one of ruthless determination and it gave her a sinking feeling in her belly which made her squirm again, his hand slipped off her lips but only to cup her chin and cheeks with long fingers. He tightened them to apply pressure and forced her jaw to open for him, then his tongue plunged into her mouth, sliding along hers and going so deep her head swam with the force of it. She would have tried to bite him again but his fingers stayed tight, keeping her jaw from closing.

He broke the kiss to let her breath, she took one breath and then opened her mouth to scream and rail at him, he didn’t let her but simply covered her mouth with his again. She screamed inside her head instead, the bastard wasn’t even going to let her yell at him. She hated feeling so helpless and weak but had no choice but to just take it from him.

Tears pricked her eyes and her chest heaved, she’d always thought he was one of the good guys. Even after he’d fired them and while still being mad as hell at him she’d still believed he would come back and then she could vent at him and they would get back to being friends. He had been her dark knight, protector and confidante; as much as she had ever let anyone be before.

Any threats had been dealt with by him and her confidence had soared, gently massaged by the growing feeling of love and closeness; friendship. He had been her friend, the tears fell freely now, running down to her ears and she sobbed into his relentless mouth still keeping hers open to allow his stroking tongue access inside.

Angel felt her sobs and tears and a few of his formed and threatened to join them, but he held them back, this had to work. When she was near to fainting through lack of air he released her mouth and trailed wet kisses to her ear, dipping a pointed tongue inside and tracing the delicate shape, nipping with sharp teeth at the lobe before sucking it into his mouth.

She gasped and wrenched her head to the side, exposing her neck; he bypassed the puncture marks he’d left earlier and sucked gently at the spot where sloping shoulders met her neck. Oh God he was going to do it to her again, he was so hard and like this terrifying big, pressing her into the mattress. He swamped her much slighter frame with broad shoulders that blocked out the room so that she couldn’t see or feel anything else, muscular arms and legs caged her in on all sides; what chance did she have of stopping him.

But that was the whole point, like this she wouldn’t be able to block him out or what he was doing to her from her mind. She could taste, smell and feel only him as he caressed her, swamped her body with stimulation, it was another game of dominance but this time without the pain, he just had to get rid of the fear too.

She could feel his pulsing erection, prodding into one thigh and heat seemed to pool on the skin where it touched her, radiating outward causing her to moan in denial, not again; she would not allow him to bring her pleasure again. As if he read her thoughts and would deny her resistance, he shifted his hips to slide his engorged sex between her clenched thighs; not entering her but pushing between the soft folds, rubbing against the hot hard nub of her clitoris.

She felt the pressure of him there between her legs and clenched her thighs harder, instinctively trying to keep him out, but then he lifted himself up off her chest to expose her breasts, leaning on one elbow and with a hand planted firmly on the opposite side. Causing his lower body to settle even more heavily, the tip of his shaft nudged her vagina and she wailed thinking he was going to penetrate.

Instead he took a nipple inside his mouth to suck strongly, flicking it with the tip of his tongue; it hardened and became a rigid pebble of nerves, the breast became plumper as blood rushed to it, her body’s natural response, intended to increase the pleasure. She hated her own body’s betrayal, both before and now.

He groaned deep in his throat, rubbing his face against the soft and fragrant skin, laving the nipple and nipping lightly with his teeth. He could feel her trembling or was it him, maybe it was both of them, her slight and unwilling response was a breakthrough that left him feeling weak with relief.

He lifted his head and looked down at her face, needing to see her expression. Her eyes were tightly shut, her one defence against him, but he knew how to turn that around, not being able to see anything heightened the other senses and he would drown those in intense sensations until she couldn’t bear it anymore and finally looked at him, acknowledged him.

His eyes rose for a second and something caught his attention in the mirror, four figures where clearly outlined and he jerked his head around, he saw nothing and his eyesight perfectly pierced the gloom of night. He looked back at the mirror and saw them again, his witnesses?

Cordy hadn’t noticed that for just second his attention had gone else, was too busy fighting off the hot licks of fiery pleasure brought by his intimate massaging of her sex with his hard length rocking against her.

He shook his head free of the intrusive presence and turned all of his intense focus back on Cordy. Increasing the supple rhythmic plunging of his hips, rubbing and nudging against her continuously, sensation lashed and pulled at her and an ache started deep within her loins.

Helpless to stop them Cordy’s hips rose up to meet him, pumping desperately trying to increase the tormenting friction. She moaned at the same time, as another deep and entirely masculine groan was ripped free from him, he forgot the watchers and even the reason behind this, lost in her.

Every move he or she made squeezed his engorged shaft, rubbing along the hard ridged length and making him tremble as pleasure whipped along his nerves endings.

Her eyes opened and were caught by his, she darted her eyes to the side but he wouldn’t let her get away, following and trapping her gaze again with hot dark eyes and then deliberately giving one sharp thrust, she arched into him and gasped loudly. He took the opportunity and ducked his head to capture her lips in another searingly possessive kiss.

Lifting up one elbow he used his free hand to lift her hip, fingers delving underneath her buttocks to find her already drenched with arousal but he increased the tempo anyway to a speed that a human would have found impossible, rocking ceaselessly and she was already so sensitised by then it felt like each retreat was never finished.

He pulled back just a fraction needing to see her face, “Look at me” he said against her lips, rubbing their softness with his, swallowing her gasping pants. She opened her eyes again and felt another hot surge in her aching loins. His eyes seemed to brand hers with incredible heat, pulling her into their midnight depths. His hard curving lips were full and red from kissing her, his cheekbones and jaw thrown into relief by the taut and passionate expression on his face.

As if to reward her he trailed his hand from their sweeping caresses of her breasts down her ribcage and finally delved into her damp dark curls, dipping between the creamy wet folds to stroke and pinch the bundle of nerves. This coupled with his caressing shaft was too much and she jolted with it; her legs started to tremble. He felt it too and was filled with an intense feeling of satisfaction.

Her arms came up and for the first time she voluntarily touched him, her small hands on his shoulders was more evocative that the most sexual caress could have been, she was responding to him. He had to take breaths to try and hold back, he could not lose control now; he was too close to getting though to her.

“What do you want, tell me”, he demanded his lips hovering by her ear, he wanted her to say it. She shook her head and moaned instead to block the words that pressed on her mind.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it”, he promised, she bit her lip and arched her back, “I want…aarrghhh”, she finished on a high-pitched wail, bucking against him, frantic with need and wanting, the awful empty ache felt like it was killing her. Finally she couldn’t bear it any longer and gave him what he wanted.

“Inside”, she gasped, “now” she bucked again demandingly this time and he didn’t hesitate, he rose up on both arms and lifted one leg from outside of hers to slide it between hers. She opened them willingly and his knee nudged hers up, raising it further and exposing her fully to his mesmerised gaze. He wanted to taste her, suck at her and make her come and drain all the hot spicy cream into his mouth, but he didn’t dare; if he changed the position too much she might come to her senses. So he simply slid the other hard muscled leg so that he was cradled between her thighs and eased into her wet warmth.

Finally he was in her to the hilt and she screamed his name “Angel”, her hands were grasping his neck; clenching and unclenching, mindless with passion and carnal pleasure of the exquisite stretching needed to take him. She forgot everything but him and what he was doing to her now, playing her body like an instrument.

Earlier didn’t matter anymore, only now, the feel of him was different, just as hard and invasive but this time desperately wanted; needed and if he left her now she would surely burst into flames of unquenched desire. It was her hands that brought his face down to her to plunge her tongue deep inside his mouth, twining her tongue with his and sliding over those wicked lips and then returning for more, needing to have as much of herself filled by him as was physically possibly.

She ran her hands along his back, marvelling at the way his powerful muscles bunched and relaxed under her tingling palms as he surged over and into her. Hot twisting furnels of hot pleasure tightened in her belly making her wild.

Like before he was nearly undone just by being inside her tight wet passage and he had to clench his teeth to hold back the orgasm that threatened. His arms trembled with the effort it took and he rested back on his elbows again crushing her breasts with his hard muscular chest, his nipples were tight little points, scraping the delicate skin of her breasts. So she trailed her hands down to rub her palms over them making him groan and helplessly deepen his thrusts; rocking his hips harder into the cradle of hers.

They moved together like a relentless surging tide; him over her matching each other in an erotic dance as old as time. His tongue mimicked his lunging hips and she gasped into his mouth, he quickened his pace and deepened the kiss forcing her to take all of him and not hold anything back.

They moaned together as the air was filled with escalating cries of rising passion, they were both entirely oblivious of the watchers, three woman and one robed male figure, silently watching them rise and fall together as male and female, locked by lips and loins. Her legs gripping him with the frantic demand that he stay where he was. There was no question now that she accepted his embrace.

Outside the sky was getting lighter and night gave way to day, the sun was only a few minutes from peeking over the horizon.

Pleasure rippled through her faster and faster in waves centering on where they were joined, his sex piercing her core with rough demanding thrusts now. She keened as her neck bowed under the intensity of the orgasm as it gathered like sprung coil, only to be released in a savage burst of pleasure spearing up through her body and numbing her mind.

The inner muscles of her vagina clamped down on his throbbing erection, milking and caressing him like fingers, he tensed and shuddered, refusing to let himself come but unable to stop the pleasure from building, he turned his head from side to side as if denial of his own body, gripped now in the need for release.

She came back to herself to find him looking down at her, he was still hard and deep inside her, she looked at him confused why hadn’t come? But she was able to return his gaze without flinching.

“I’m so sorry Cordy” he whispered and cupped her face in both large hands. He pressed soft tender kisses to her open lips. “Can you forgive me…. Please?” there was catch in his voice and that coupled with the plea in those incredible eyes of his made her chest feel tight.

They were still joined tightly locked together, she found a well of tenderness inside herself that she had not felt since he had abandoned her, she lifted her own hand and trailed soft fingers over his eyebrows and then ran both hands through the dark hair over his brow, dampened with sweat.

“Yes” she whispered and then watched enthralled as his own eyes widened and then shut, his head was suddenly thrown back and the veins in his neck corded as he started to come. The intensity of the feelings pouring though his body arched his back and he ground his hips into her, reaching so deep that he felt as if he would become a part of her. Every cell in his body seemed to become fused by the fire and heat of an orgasm like none he had ever had before.

Afterwards they both lay there trembling, holding one another tightly, his head rested so that his face was nestled into her neck and he nuzzled lightly, kissing the puncture marks now but only gently so as not to hurt her.

He stiffened suddenly and a horrible thought occurred to her, he reared back again and shuddered before dropping down again, panting. She lay frozen beneath his big body, all legarthy gone. She waited to find out what he would do next. Angel smelt her fear and came back up, “Angelus” she asked and his tight expression cleared.

“No baby it’s still me” He said and leaned down to rub his nose affectionately against hers, the relief that followed the fear was dizzying. She yawned then and he chuckled. She gazed at him with sleepy eyes, overwhelmed with tiredness all of a sudden.

“Go to sleep, I’ll look after you” he whispered and she did needing no more reassurance than that deep husky voice.

He lifted his head smelling the dawn and the rising sun, he felt weak and not from the night passed but with relief and something else strange that had happened that he couldn’t pin down. He would worry about that later, for now he had a deal to finish. Remembering the ‘witnesses’ he scowled and looked back at the mirror, but they had gone.

Angry thinking they were going to welch on him he left the bed, covering Cordy first and prowled naked around the room. Something caught his eye on the bedside table and he picked it up, it was a bottle, small and brown with a note attached. Frowning but curious he opened the note.

Take her home when she wakes up she will remember nothing about this night. Another gift is the bottle; apply the lotion to the wounds on her neck. It will heal them, not completely and she will always bear a mark, but much better than if left to heal alone.

The Furies


He watched her from a nearby rooftop; she came into view of her window and stretched, relaxed and apparently content. She rubbed at her neck and he watched her walk over to a mirror to examine the mysterious scars yet again. He could guess what her reaction had been when she’d first woken up and his lips kicked up at the corners in amusement at the image.

She would always bear them, his mark and it was useless to deny that thought pleased him down to the very deepest and darkest parts of him. He looked up at the stars and thought about what to do next. He wanted back in, he wanted to be a part of her life again and that meant getting them to accept him, no easy feat.

“I need a drink” he thought to himself, heading back to his car to go to Caritas and have a word with a particularly garrulous green demon about how to find a way to fix another of his mistakes.

Cordy answered the telephone and was surprised to find it was Mrs Sharpe, a woman client whose daughter had been cured of a third eye and then refused to pay.

“Can you come over”, asked the woman in a strange nervy voice. Cordy agreed and snatched up her bag on the way out.


Meanwhile the Furies were getting a tongue lashing from an annoyed orange demon, “Urgh, that is the last time I use you three for something so important, I can’t believe you actually enjoyed watching that”, it shuddered and glared out of baleful green eyes.

They just smiled at him serenely and answered in concert with one another, as was their way, “the objective was achieved; the vampire now has a permanent soul and his hearts desire can be restored”.

“That may well be but still, you like watching these creatures so much you can stay in this dimension until you learn your lesson. I don’t want to see any of you until you are free of this, this … disease”. It turned in a huff, purple robe swinging out and disappeared.

The three furies floating in the air and smiled at one another. “Mmmmmm, Angel”.



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