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One second he was in that blissful vacuum of dreamless slumber and the next he was sitting in the sunlit courtyard of a café, with a grinning Cordelia opposite him. “Hi Angel”. She said with sunny cheer, and the wide grin got wider.

Startled didn’t begin to describe it and the burn of the sun on the top of his head brought instant terror. A warm hand covered his on the table just as he was going to dive under it. “You’re not going to burn, so stop with the hysterics, Angel”.

Chocolate brown locked with knowing hazel, Angel frowned, turning his hard face into a picture of confusion. “This is just a dream and imaginary sun won’t hurt you. At least mine won’t”. She added artlessly.

Shocked he stared at her, raking his eyes over the cream, almost sheer cotton sundress with the kind of lacy detail that would have taken the dress out of reach of the ex-cheerleaders pocket, a matching sunhat and large designer sunglasses lay on the table beside her drink. What the hell was going on?

Then he spared himself a glance and his eyes widened even more. Where had they come from? He didn’t even own a grey t-shirt and blue jeans. Shocked he jerked his gaze back to the only familiar thing around and latched onto her face.

Cordelia lifted her hand from his and picking up her coffee cradled it in her hands then peeked at him over the white ceramic rim. “Your dream”? Angel finally asked slowly, while he shook his head from side to side. “I don’t get it” he admitted and watched as she took a sip of creamy coffee.

“Well duh! Why would you, this is my dream and you’re in it”. She had that ‘gotcha’ look on her face. The one that told him there was more to come. He braced himself and tried to figure out how to prise it out of her without going all the way round the world to do it.

“And”? He prodded, deciding simple is best. The less conversation you gave her, the less she had to work with he figured. The sun was bathing them in a warm glow and Angel started to feel dizzy at the unaccustomed feel of it on his skin. It made the whole surreal nature of this confrontation feel even weirder.

“And we’re not leaving it until I get some answers from you, buddy” Cordy told him bluntly, her face serious and filled with unshakable determination. “And I should warn you, you’re gonna hate every minute of it” she added, satisfaction dripping from every syllable.

The courtyard was buzzing with people and the low hum of conversation, but not enough to detract from the almost intimate setting of the linen laid table, silver cutlery and fragrant coffeepot. Angel saw nothing but the wickedly pleased brunette opposite him.

Whatever was going on, he had a bad feeling about it. Cordelia looked like the proverbial cat that got the cream and while it was a fetching picture, he wasn’t in the mood to play games with her.

Leaning forward Angel narrowed his eyes to glare at her. “Guess again, I’m leaving” he announced slowly and carefully planting his hands on the table he rose with slow deliberation, giving her a darkly triumphant look while he did it.

Cordelia just looked up at him, her sunlit face serenely assured. “Sit down, Angel” she instructed and much to his intense fury he found he had no choice, his body refused to obey his commands- but did as she instructed.

“Did I forget to mention you have to do everything I say too”? She asked innocently.

Cordelia saw the hot fury the second it blazed to life in those ebony orbs and a helpless thrill sizzled inside. She tamped it down and kept her face neutral. No need to antagonise him more than necessary in her opinion, even if the dumbass did deserve it.

“Okay, let’s get the ground rules established shall we”.

She ticked them off on her fingers. “First, like I said- what I say goes. Second you cannot lie and third- well I’m playing this by ear, so I’ll let you know when it comes to me”.

Angel could hardly believe his ears. There he’d been thinking about how much he loved her and what a wonderful person she was- and now this. Could she never just do things the normal way? Whatever happened to conversation and talking things out? Whatever this was it wasn’t normal- meaning she’d made a deal with someone or something and that pissed him off. These things were dangerous. But he’d deal with that later. First priority was getting her to stop it.

“Stop this now, Cordelia” Angel demanded, his voice a deep throated growl. “Whatever you’ve done, cooked up or arranged. End it here and we’ll forget about it” he offered. Like hell! “Carry on and I swear I’ll make you pay”. He threatened ominously, his powerful frame taut and still.

Cordelia sat forward without a shred of fear and slamming the cup on the table rose up on her hands to lean into his thunderous face. “Are you threatening me, Angel? Hah watcha going to do? Considering when after all of this over. You won’t remember a thing”. Her hands gestured around the scene, taking in the sun, the cafe and the two of them.

At that news, his face darkened even more until fury was evident in every line of his hard, handsome face. Cordelia saw it and pounced. “Oh you don’t like that? Too bad, it’s called payback”.

If possible his body got tenser and his eyes flickered over her flushed face.

“What are you talking about? Payback for what”? From the look of foreboding on his face, Cordy could tell he’d guessed but was hoping he was wrong.

“I had a long chat with a *not* so good friend of your buddy Loki” Cordelia advised him archly, laying the coupe de grace on him with effortless skill. “Trust me there isn’t much love lost between the Greeks and the ‘barbarian north-men’ as she called them”.

Cordelia watched as horrified comprehension dawned; his eyes closed, jaw unlocked and then powerless to stop it his head dropped to the table between his hands. She winced at the thud and caught the mumbled “Dammit”, he couldn’t hold back.

Satisfied he got the picture Cordelia sat back down and nonchalantly picked up her coffee cup, then carelessly donned the sunglasses, hiding half of her face. “Now that’s all cleared up. Let’s get started”.

Angel’s head came back up. “Cordy..” and there was a resigned, yet pleading look on his face.

Don’t start with me, Angel. You brought this on yourself when you lied to me. So just.. don’t even go there..okay” there wasn’t an ounce of mercy in her voice and the glasses hid her eyes from him.

“I didn’t lie to you. It wasn’t up to me. It was just the way it turned out” Angel defended himself hotly. Anger was coming back to take the edge off the shock and guilt. Cordelia snatched the glasses off her face and slammed them back on the table.

“That’s bullshit, Angel. You could have told me afterward and you damn well know it”. Cordelia hissed back inflamed. She could see the return of temper to his dark eyes and wanted to hit him. “And don’t bother with trying to intimidate me into letting this go either- not gonna work this time. You owe me the truth, brood boy”.

Angel could see the condemnation on her face and it hurt. “Truth! What truth- I thought you already knew it all- remember.” He was on a roll and didn’t stop to do more than draw breath to speak. “Besides what was I supposed to have told you huh? That we’d been forced into having.. sex. I didn’t think you’d even want to know”. He snapped out.

They froze, almost nose to nose with eyes locked as awareness flashed to life between them. Cordelia’s own miserable confusion was reflected in his face and memories of their joining teased at the edges of her mind. She dropped her eyes first and sat back in her chair.

“Yeah well, you never gave me the chance to decide one way or the other did you”, she accused, causing renewed guilt to flood him at the hurt in her voice. He tensed dreading what else was coming. “I won’t be kept in the dark- ever. So we either do this and move on, or I’m outta here and you can find yourself a new girl to be tortured by the PTB’s for you”.

Cordelia looked back up only to be caught by the look of fury, tightening his already sculpted face; topaz ringed eyes shot sparks at her over full lips pulled back in a snarl. She’d been banking on that idea bothering him but hadn’t expected such a strong response. Seeing it she couldn’t help an instinctive jump back in her seat.

Angel was instantly conflicted. His first impulse was to tell her to just go, if that was what she wanted and thus protect his privacy, but it was immediately overrun when another part of him wanted to reach out, grab hold and shake her until her teeth rattled for even suggesting she’d leave. The internal battle lasted about two seconds before privacy lost.

“Ask your questions” Angel sat back too and smoothing out his expression, crossed his arms while holding her now wary gaze with manufactured calm. If she could have heard what was going round his head as he vowed for revenge Cordelia may have hesitated- for about a minute.

Taking a deep breath and holding it in puffed out cheeks, Cordy watched him. “Are you still in love with Buffy”? She rushed out, as if the speed of speaking it might lessen the impact.

“No” the answer had popped out before he’d even thought about it. They stared at one another, transfixed at that answer.

“Are you sure” Asked Cordelia shocked, despite herself. All of sudden her palms were sweating. Get a grip Chase and close your mouth it looks dumb. She quickly snapped her lower jaw back into place.

“How the heck do I know? It just came out.” Angel snarled, chagrined. “You’re the one who said I couldn’t lie”. He reminded her sullenly and feeling uncomfortably like a butterfly on a pin, shifted in his seat. “Can we just get this over with”?

“Do you love.. me”? Cordelia asked a little tentatively, feeling stupid for even asking when he was looking at her with murder in his dark eyes. Well she did say I could ask him anything! At the time the idea had been practically irresistible, trust reality to rain on her parade or more accurately a moody vampire.

“Yes” slashing brows snapped down at the second unwilling admission forced out of him. “Though right now I could strangle you” he growled with total conviction ringing in every word. He gave her an unfriendly smirk. “How’s that for a truth for you”? He jeered softly.

“Thanks, but I didn’t ask”. Shot back Cordy with every bit as much snark in her voice. She tilted her head and squinted in thought. “Okay here’s another one” and the evil look on her face had him tensing. “Have you recently had sexual fantasies about me”?

Oh Crap! He tried to keep his mouth shut by locking his jaw hard enough to crack it, it didn’t work. “Yes”. He said harshly, sounding like it was torn from him. His arms dropped and he only just resisted the urge to cover his head and hide.

Cordy’s mouth dropped open in pure dumbstruck amazement, followed by a wide smile with a touch of glee “You have- really“?

He desperately wanted to hit something. “I answered the damn question. Now can we move on” he yelled, veins throbbing in his neck and forehead.

Okay, geeze calm down. I was interested” complained Cordelia with a blush for all the strange looks they were getting from their fellow patrons, not to mention frowns from the staff. Asking for details would have to wait she wisely decided, disappointment made her voice sharp. “And keep your voice down or we’ll get thrown out” she hissed.

Humiliation had him growling. “Your dream remember- turn ’em into frogs or something”.

“Oh yeah-right”. She’d gotten so caught up she’d forgotten this was all a fantasy, only interactive and seriously fun! Making a swift decision she stood up and replaced the glasses with a flourish. “I think we need a change of scene. How abut a nice walk on the beach”?

Angel gaped at her and felt like he’d somehow managed to walk into a mental quicksand. “You want to go for a stroll“? He asked incredulously.

“Yeah” She said airily and flicking back her long hair, jauntily perched the hat on the glossy locks. “C’mon, stop being such a stick in the mud. When was the last time you walked on a sandy beach in bare-feet”? She cajoled.

“Bare feet” Angel echoed in disbelief.

“urghh, stop with the echo. If I wanted a parrot I’d go buy one; except, not cos they talk too much”. She was babbling but wasn’t quite sure how to stop. Already she was regretting the idea of not having a solid table between them in case he decided to get physical. He wouldn’t she assured herself, but kept a good distance between them- just in case.

“Afraid of the competition”? Quipped Angel rising to his feet with ill-grace, a quick glance around the café and patrons provided no helpful clues on how to escape.

“Hah hah, smartass”.

“I’m not going barefoot” he asserted as he followed her out, weaving between the tables feeling as conspicuous as hell in the tight shirt. “Couldn’t you have at least given me some decent clothes”? He groused towards her back.

A bare back, underneath which her hips swayed gracefully in the exquisitely made dress. Angel averted his eyes off the tempting expanse of bare tanned skin, before his body betrayed him too. Not that there was much left to betray; that reminder had his palms itching to wrap around her delicate neck.

The walk to the beach was short and filled with a strained silence they both felt. “Look, just give me one thing” Angel stopped walking to make her look at him. “How does this end. I mean does this just go on until you wake up or what”?

“No, at least, not the way she explained it to me” Cordy blushed and dropped her head, then remembering the sunglasses looked back up and sent him an assured smile. “When I want to end it- I just have to say three words”.

“Which are”? She actually opened her mouth to answer, when clarity hit and she pulled her tongue at him.

His lips twitched at the sight and heaving a resigned sigh he just looked away to scan the area. Blue, green water glistened under the bright sun, sand crunched underfoot and the numerous bodies turning brown under the rays were oiled and glistening on their colourful beach towels.

“Who’s she”?

“Aphrodite” she answered absently, her mind too preoccupied with other things to guard her words.

Angel went still for a moment, a perplexed look on his face. What did the Greek goddess of love want with them?

Cordy could still feel the blush warming her cheeks and hoped he’d think it was the heat. His first question had flummoxed her for moment, bringing back a floating memory of something Aphrodite had told her.

To finish our little game, all you need do is say three words. These being ‘Aphrodite release us’ or and this is my personal favourite. The moment of orgasm, should you decide to make use of him that way; but.. there is one thing you *must* do and that is read the agreement as there exists in it a clause I’m not allowed to tell you.

She hadn’t read the agreement. Dumb very dumb, in fact so dumb it was .. . “Oh shut up, Cor”!

“What”? Angel interrupted her mental dialogue.

“Nothing” She got out as quickly as she could and forced out a laugh. The damn thing was like 10 pages long for chrissake. Gimme a break, and anyway there’s not going to be any of…. that.

“Are we just going to carry on walking? Cos if so, I’d like to go back to bed” Angel told her sardonically.

They stood facing each other on the sand. They’d walked so far along they were all but alone, with the nearest group of sunning bodies being a good fifty feet away. For an instant Angel considered just pouncing on her and somehow, getting the three magic words out of that pretty mouth. But he rejected it, she’d only tell him to get off the minute he released her mouth and then he’d have no damn choice but to obey. It was tempting though.

“Just say the damn words, Cordelia” he growled, injecting every bit of authority he could into the demand. “You’ve had your pound of flesh, be satisfied with that”. He tensed waiting. Their eyes clashed in mini battle of wills and she saw the flicker of something predatory move in the depths of his.

It was hard; harder than she would have believed to resist the command in his tone. Where had her anger gone and the burning need to get her own back? Why did she feel guilty for forcing this on him when she knew he wouldn’t remember any of it anyway and they could just go on as before?

He’s not in love with Buffy. Oh god; that was it wasn’t it? That changed everything. It was even more important than him telling her he loved or wanted her. Even if he didn’t she knew she could make it happen- but only if he wasn’t still in love with Buffy. Not that any of that mattered anyway cos he did want her ..and love her.

She opened her mouth to end it; then shocked herself. “I can’t”. She saw his brows snap down into a black scowl and tensed. He *really* looked ready to throttle her now.

“What do you mean, you can’t” He snarled infuriated and advanced on her until there was only an inch between their stiff bodies. “You said..”

“I know what I said” Cordy snapped, and whirled away needing space to think. She was stopped short and swung round by the hard hand at her elbow. She put out her hands to brace herself and collided with his chest. The sunglasses slid off her face and into the sand, unnoticed by either of them.

Throwing back her head she stared unflinchingly up into his furious face. What the hell; he wasn’t going to remember any of this anyway. “I used to be jealous of Buffy”, she told him flatly.

It took a second for the words to sink into his brain. “No you weren’t” he refuted, shaking his head at her. “You were Queen C. Nobody got to you unless you wanted them to”.

For some reason that stung and she wrenched free of him. “Right, cos I was such a hard-faced bitch, is that what your saying”? Her chin was held high, reminiscent of those days.

“That’s not what I meant” Angel replied, wincing and ducked his head. “I’m not good with words. You know that” he admitted and rubbed a hand over his tense neck. “I just meant that even at seventeen, you were a very strong willed person.”

“Maybe, but I still wanted you”. He stared at her and she stared back.

“I saw you and I wanted you. Thought I could get you too. But you proved me wrong and I blamed Buffy for that”. Cordy kept her head high, refusing to feel shame.


“Let me finish. This isn’t for you; this is for me, okay?” She interrupted fiercely. He shut his mouth, unable to remember ever seeing her look so determined. “But I did blame you for letting her treat you like some kind of.. oh I don’t know, lapdog-maybe”.


“If the shoe fits, buddy” she quipped, a quaver in her voice. “Then you went all Angelusy and I was glad you weren’t mine” she admitted baldly and watched him grimace. He turned away obviously unable to meet her eyes anymore but she hadn’t finished yet.

“I thought I was over you, then my life went to hell and you were the last thing on my mind”. His profile was etched in granite and she saw him nod. “So I came to LA to make a better life for myself. Met up with you and bingo, my life is a circus again”. She laughed, she couldn’t help it. Geeze it sounded so pitiful.

“I’m sorry” Angel told her quietly, closing his eyes and feeling the breeze run over the hairs on his arms that where standing upright as goose-bumps rippled over his skin.

“Get real, Angel, I don’t blame you and I don’t want apologies for it either, so stop with the lame ass guilt trip. I saw you again and even without realising I was doing it, I made you accept me back in your unlife”. She said it with finality and he looked at her to catch the tiny smile tugging at her full lips.

As if in silent agreement they dropped to the sand to sit, a few feet apart. Cordelia with her chin on her knees and Angel with his long denim clad legs spread out before him, making furrows in the sand.

An answering tug pulled at his lips. “I remember it a little differently” he teased.

“Yeah? Well you would being a guy and all. Can’t see past your egos”.

“Hey, again” he exhorted loudly and then shooting off a thoughtful sideways glance turned them back on her. “Ok ,maybe I was a little self-absorbed”.

“Understatement much”. He gave her a quelling look and she grinned. “But that went for the both of us- what a pair huh”?

“Maybe” he admitted softly and lay on his side, his chin cupped in his hand. “So are you sorry you joined the Agency”?

“No” she said thinking about it. “I kinda like what we’re doing- making a difference and helping people. Its good to do, ya know”? The breeze played with her hair, whipping the ends up under the brim of the hat. “That is when we’re not being mentally tortured and blown up” she added with a dark look up at the sky.

“We’ll try and limit that to weekends only” deadpanned Angel, gazing at her with a soft look in his usually aloof dark eyes.

“Gee thanks” she snarked softly but the crinkles round her eyes gave away her smile hidden against her drawn up knees. “Can I ask you something”?

His brows rose at that and his lips tilted mockingly. “I thought I didn’t have a choice”. But she looked so guilty he let her off the hook. “Go on”.

“Were you ever going to tell me what happened that night”? Cordy asked him directly, looking at him archly as if daring him to admit he wasn’t.

“No” Angel admitted keeping his face expressionless. “I really did think you’d hate the idea of me touching you like that”. Hazel eyes seemed to pin him to the spot.

She said nothing for some time, just gazed back at him. “I won’t be second best” she finally spoke up, “and Angelus scares me. Doesn’t mean I don’t love you too though”.

There was a building pressure in his chest, spreading down into his belly. “You’re not second best” he admitted hoarsely and then stopped and sucked in a breath. “As for Angelus..”.

“What about Angelus”? Cordy prodded with a knowing look on her face.

“He’s as much a part of me as the soul”

“Well duh! I know that”

Angel held a finger to his lips, shushing her. Then reaching over he gently grasped her arm and tugged until she toppled to lie next to him. The hat fell off releasing a tumble of glossy locks onto the sand, and a startled Cordy found herself looking up into his face with only inches to spare. Despite herself she started to drown in the warmth of eyes like melted chocolate.

A cool finger trailed around her jaw, to her chin, stopping just under her full bottom lip. Her skin tingled where that light caress had been. “When I touch, he touches you. Does it hurt”?

“No” she whispered, mesmerised by the sensuality surfacing in the both of them. His lips hovered a little lower and her eyes dropped to trace the masculine curves. “Still afraid?” he asked her, and she closed her eyes as the deep caressing timbre of it seemed to sink into her bones.

“Excited and afraid” she admitted and opened her eyes again.

“Loki said my soul is permanent, I didn’t believe him”. The truth was pushed out, past the determination he’d used for months to keep it to himself.

Cordy licked her lips, to moisten them and gazed deep into his soul, seeing the need there. “Aphrodite said the same thing and she hates him. So, not gonna lie”.

Angel gave a tiny groan and closed the distance to brush his lips to hers, luxuriating in being able to relearn the texture of the softly quivering skin. “Kiss me” she demanded against his lips.

It was all he needed to firmly slant his mouth against hers, firmly fitting them together so he could slide deep into her welcoming warmth with his seeking tongue. A spark was instantly lit as the emotions built over the last hour became a mini conflagration. Angel sank into her and their kiss while Cordelia pulled him in.

There was a flash and then.. nothing.

Cordelia woke with a start. Her hands flailed a little as she sat up, searching her darkened bedroom, dawn lighting the sky on the other side of her curtained window. “Goddammit” she yelled and flopped back onto the sheet.

She was so busy silently cursing fate and Greek goddesses that she didn’t hear her bedroom door silently swing open. When she finally realised she wasn’t alone her eyes swung to the half naked and powerful frame of the vampire currently leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Problem”? Angel asked her, his face gently enquiring.

“Erm.. no, don’t think so” replied Cordy over brightly, flushing under his strangely intent gaze.

“Really”? Angel uncrossed his arms and sauntered inside, closing the door behind him. “Might wanna re-think that”, was his softly spoken advice. Cordelia tracked him as he got closer to her bed. He paused, then “What was that about me not remembering a thing”? He finished in a silky purr.

“You remember”? She managed to squeak out before she suddenly found herself pinned beneath him, his long legs straddling her pyjama clad hips. Gasping at the rather helpless position she found herself in she blushed and tried out her sweetest smile. “Hi Angel”.

“Hey yourself” he returned smoothly, bracing himself with a hand on either side of her head. “Guess you got duped” he mocked with a slight grim smile. Cordelia stared up at him, transfixed.

He didn’t *look* angry, but then he didn’t look anything like the usually semi remote, socially inept vamp of her experience either. He looked, dangerous. But only not in a ‘eat’ you kind of way. Scratch that, he did look kinda devouring only instead of feeling frightened her body flooded with heated arousal.

“Are you mad”? She asked testing the water, so to speak. Instead of answering he leaned down and nibbled at her lips, making her gasp again at the feel of those blunt teeth. “Haven’t decided yet” he rumbled back and she could feel the smile he gave all the way to her toes.

Her hands came up to clutch at the hard bunched muscle of his biceps. “What are you going to do”? Her eyes slid closed when he nudged her head over to nip at the soft skin of her neck. “Make you scream…” he came back up and kissed her hard on her open mouth, “my name…”, she stared at his wicked smirk and he finished with a dark purr. “Very loudly” he warned and then taking advantage of her dazed mind, plunged into her mouth.

The possessive sweep of his tongue inside her mouth sent her wits spiralling into oblivion. Her last conscious thought was simply. Oh thank GOD! No more waiting and wondering. Tasting her deeply Angel threw months of pent up emotion into the kiss. Slanting his mouth to deepen it he curled his tongue around hers, teasing the velvety surface with his teeth while he sucked on the sensitive tip.

Cordelia’s hands slid up and down the rock hard strength of his arms, frantically seeking purchase while desire streaked through her. She didn’t even notice she couldn’t breathe as he devoured her lips, but followed him every step of the way as their mouths fused again and again, tongues darting in, smoothing, sliding and entwining as they racked up the sexual heat together.

Still hungry for more of her taste Angel left her lips, pulling away to let her breath in ragged pants while he caressed every inch of her face, rubbing and kissing each gorgeous feature, eyes, nose, eyebrows, cheekbones and that tiny intriguing mole that always seemed to beckon to be explored; before dipping down to trace the shell of her ear.

“Does this mean you still love me, even after..”? Cordelia asked even while she arched under him, desperately trying to reach high enough to brush her vest covered and aching breasts against his naked chest, whimpering when she couldn’t.

Before she could issue a demand that he come down to her, she shivered as a dark thrill splintered inside at the feel of him nuzzling the soft skin at the curve of her neck. She could feel the throb and race of her blood and knew he could too.

“After what? You trapping me in your dream so you could invade my privacy, and then order me around”? His teeth clamped down on the cord of her neck the instant he’d finished speaking. There was a kick in her pulse under his mouth and helpless to stop himself he drank in the heady mix of arousal, tinged ever so slightly with excited fear.

Cordelia gasped and her breathing got choppier at the sharp arousal piercing her core and dazedly she wondered why something normally so terrifying only made her hotter. “Must do” Angel muttered and licked the reddened skin he’d caused. Cordy’s nipples pebbled under the now too rough knit of her vest and she pulled at the hem to lift it up.

“Want it off” she mumbled and struggled to pull the fabric up. Angel left the tantalising flesh of her neck to grasp the vest with one hand and tug it up and off her, leaving her naked from the waist up.

“You are so beautiful” he whispered and helpless to stop it his eyes devoured her lush body. Her breasts where plump and full, enticingly rounded with rosy turgid tips that made his mouth water with greed. He ducked down and Cordelia grasped his dark head as he lowered his lips to one breast, taking the mutely begging tip deep into his mouth.

Angel used one hand to cup the soft flesh for his mouth, the long fingers kneading the plump flesh as he suckled strongly on the velvety nipple. After months of denying himself even the slightest touch, his fingers flexed on her softness as the need for all of her raged higher. It was all he could do not to just rip the rest of her clothes off and gorge himself on a fantasy of memories made real.

Still caged by his body Cordelia writhed under him while soft whimpers of pleasure fell from her open lips. She felt the tug of his teeth on her breast, stinging a little before soothing the tiny pain with the sweep of his wet tongue.

Her loins tingled and throbbed, made worse by being tightly closed between his hard legs. Needing to touch him too, her hands skated over his body wherever she could reach, using her fingers and nails to slide and scrape the hard ridged expanse of his chest and abdomen. Enthralled by the difference to hers, she lingered on his nipples, feeling the small soft skin pucker into hard points begging to be plucked.

The pace kicked up a notch as Angel moved to her other breast, lavishing the same torment with equal thoroughness on it before capturing her lips in another sizzling, soul stealing kiss as a prelude to scooting down her body in search of more hidden treasure.

With her hips now free to move she undulated under him, then felt him slide his arms around and under her hips as he pressed kisses into the indentation of her belly. Angel tightened his arms until she was pressed against him and she whimpered at the restriction that tight hold imposed. To him it was necessary though, a race to finish wasn’t what she needed and his own desires would soon spiral out of control if he didn’t rein it in.

One cool hand slid beneath the band of her pants, pulling it down to the base of spine, so he could cup long fingers around the curve of one cheek, kneading gently. Cordelia reached down to splay her fingers over his broad shoulders, kneading the hard muscle with desperate fingers as his tongue dipped and swirled in her belly button.

Pleasure speared into her belly, so intense she wriggled in his arms, while liquid heat pooled and spread, flooding her aching womb and soaking his exploring fingers as he delved into the soft, damp folds from behind. Panting Cordelia speared her hands into his hair as he went lower, pulling down the plain knit of her pyjamas as he went.

Squirming in earnest now under those skilful fingers, she bucked at the tingling awareness that spread like waves from her centre now he was so close. His firm lips brushed against damp curls, nuzzling and the breathing in the spicy musk of her arousal. “Angel” she whispered his name, pleadingly as she bucked again, desperate to feel his mouth on her.

Angel didn’t hear her call his name; he was deaf and blind to anything but the feel and smell of her, so close yet not close enough. He opened his mouth, feeling the prickle of her pubic hair against his sensitive tongue and groaned, when the scent of her essence teased the back of this throat with sweet promise.

It was too much and his control slipped a notch. In a move so quick she could only wail at it, he spread his palms, long fingers wide on either side of her hips and jerked her up, so he could plunge his tongue down into the hot crease. It was too shallow and hoarsely she demanded more as her head whipped from side to side as the agony of waiting and wanting reached new heights.

She pulled her legs apart with thighs trembling with tension and her feet nestled beneath his erection between his spread knees. The rustle of his sweats and the feel of the crisp cloth was forgotten as he finally set his mouth on her. Desire shot through them both, as oblivious to anything but each other they let themselves be swept away on a tide of consuming passion.

A few seconds later, Angel reared back to pull her free of the last of the pants and threw them aside before lifting her back to his greedy mouth. His face was taut with barely checked passion and his eyes, ringed with demonic gold closed in ecstasy as her essence once again coated his mouth and face. His agile tongue delved between each fragrant fold, circling the drenched entrance to her body and lapping with delicate greed at the creamy evidence of her need.

He ran the flat of his tongue all along her, stopping just short of the hard little bud, protected by the most delicate flesh of all. His fangs tingled and a low growl escaped from the depth of his wide chest, to vibrate against her. Cordelia felt rather than heard it and her fingers left his rumpled, finger mangled hair to slide down and cup his cheek, urging him on.

Lowering her back to the bed, his hands cupped her knees to pull her legs further apart, exposing her fully to his avid gaze. Then his firm lips softly enfolded her clitoris, brushing the heart of her sex with sweet caresses before a darting tongue flicked back and forth, making Cordelia arch up at the resulting lash of pleasure.

Angel scraped his teeth impossibly carefully over that tiny bud and felt the wet heat get wetter and hotter, drenching his chin. Lust and a hunger no human could understand, rose up to rake at him with dark need. Unable to resist the siren call of it, he swooped down to spear straight up into her; then back out, hearing the last of Cordelia wail as her liquid sex flooded into his mouth, dripping down his hungry throat.

Finally he took her clit into his mouth, suckling mercilessly hard and keeping her thrashing body tight to him so there would be no escape from that torturous splintering pleasure. He wanted her to come in his mouth, wanted it all- needed it.

Wanting to see him, Cordelia lifted herself up on her elbows and watched with glazed passion drugged eyes as he devoured her sex, his dark head dipping between her trembling thighs, held open by his hands as with eyes closed he took all she could give.

Cordelia started to come in that instant, as passion overwhelmed her senses, dragging her deep into that carnal whirlpool. She flung back her head and rocked back and forth on her heels, keening wildly from her throat. Finally just as the last peak whipped her up, she screamed his name.

Cordelia was still trying to recover her senses when he left her to strip off his sweats. Still breathing heavily and willing her racing pulse to slow, her eyes widened at the sight he made. Hazel eyes feasted on him, sweeping over wide muscular shoulders, and then down, taking in the hard planes of his chest and the grooved ridges of his abdomen with a purely female admiration that turned her eyes molten with lust.

“Feeling sure isn’t the same as seeing is it”? She admitted huskily.

Angel felt every sweep of that honey gaze like a caress, and keeping a lid on his own needs he stood still so she could look her fill. It was only fair since he’d already done that with her twice now. But seeing her practically eating him with her eyes was sure putting one hell of a strain on his already pushed to the limits self-control.

“Like what you see then”? He asked equally husky and with a tip tilted smile.

“Haven’t finished yet- let you know when I have”

Long muscled legs, with calves like sculpted marble completed the picture but it was the part in between that continued to draw her oh so willing fascination. Boy, was he hung or what! She didn’t remember seeing him in all his glory last time. In fact it just wasn’t possible, cos she sure as hell would have remembered if she had.

A thin line of silky dark hair, starting from his navel led the eye unerringly to his erect shaft. A purely smooth and thick muscle, standing proudly erect from a nest of course dark curls. Cordelia had no idea why her mouth was watering, she just knew it was. “Oh yeah, I like. I definitely like”.

“Thank god, I can now understand the fascination. Erect makes a huge difference to the look, believe me”. Angel choked back a strained laugh and deciding enough was enough, climbed back on the bed with her.

Is that right?” he asked with a chuckle. “good to know”.

Expecting him to climb on top she gasped in surprise to find herself turned over onto her front. “Angel” she started to complain but then the rest was muffled in the pillow. She lifted her head, “Not fair, I wanted to explore” she huffed sulkily.

Angel gave a silent groan and lifting the heavy length of her hair, kissed the back of her neck. “Sorry Cordy, next time. Have to do this my way cos I’m about to explode and having your hands on me will definitely tip the odds”.

“Lame”. She exclaimed and her pout was so provocative he almost rolled her over so he could ravish her mouth again.

“Trust me” he whispered in her ear as he covered her with his big body, then slid muscled thighs between hers to spread them again. Gulping a little as he settled his weight on her and half expecting to be crushed, Cordy pillowed her face on her hands and tried to relax as his lips trailed down her spine, detouring every now and then to nibble on this or that part of her slim back and down to softly flaring hips.

Now he was naked too she could feel the silky smooth and hard length of his erect shaft as it brushed against her bottom and the backs of her legs with each move he made. Sitting back on heels, Angel travelled the length of her spread before him, lingering with honest male appreciation on the pert round cheeks of her butt, and the tantalising glimpse of dark curls where her thighs parted.

Using his hands, Angel cupped the lush cheeks, loving the texture of her silky skin on the tingling palms. “You have a great ass”, better than great, but then he was no poet, being more of hands on vampire really.

“Thanks, I haven’t seen yours” she griped, still smarting. He chuckled knowing she still hadn’t forgiven him, “Next time I promise it’s all yours”, even if it killed him he thought and groaned when his already unbearably aching shaft throbbed at the thought. It was definitely time to move on; lingering would have to wait for another time.

Cordelia jumped, startled when she felt the slow slide of a thick finger deep into her sex, and her eyes almost crossed when he hooked it and methodically started to push and drag at a spot deep inside. Hot licks of fiery pleasure sizzled out of her core, spreading to her belly and thighs.

Already having had an orgasm she was still slick and wet and his finger moved effortlessly in and out of her. “Oh my god! What is that..aahh, don’t- just do . not . stop”. If he stopped she’d kill him.

“I wasn’t going to” an amused deep voice sounded below and she closed her eyes momentarily mortified that she’d said it aloud. Embarrassment was soon forgotten though as pleasure took away everything but the ability feel and move.

Her hips came off the bed to undulate against his hand and that wonderfully invasive finger, moving in time with the pounding rhythm of her throbbing blood as her passion willingly rose for a sequel. Angel felt the rise in her, the softening inside her body that meant she’d soon be ready take him and his shaft throbbed with the painful need to bury itself inside that wet heat.

To both pleasure her more and prepare her, he added another finger and used the other hand to hold her squirming hips in place as he worked them inside her tight passage, twisting them to scrape against the quivering delicate tissues that clamped down with mingled alarm and frantic pleasure.

Pleasure and pain entwined until she could hardly tell the difference anymore and didn’t care as the darker side of passion dragged her deeper into its seductive embrace. Streaks of ecstasy shot from her loins to almost every pulse point in her body, heating her blood and making her ready to beg for more.

He watched his fingers disappear into the dark wet furrow with avid dark eyes. He took panting breaths through lips parted over gritted teeth; desperately grasping his slippery control for the last few seconds before he could finally sink into her. She was so hot and wet it made him ache all over, as muscles already tense, tightened even further at the glistening sheen covering her butt from the liquid coating his fingers and hand.

“God, I need you” he groaned as his control reached the very limits and Cordelia jerked at the growl that was his voice, then gasped when the fingers left her to grasp her hips and pull her up onto her knees. The sheet came with her, still held convulsively in her grasp and she writhed even more when she felt herself impaled from behind.

The moment Cordelia was high enough; Angel fisted his sex then positioned the broad head against her drenched entrance. Just the feel of her flesh, warm and living against his shaft had him surging uncontrollably, seeking more of that tantalising life, needing to feel it around a part of him. She had to take him now.

He ground into her, pushing through the muscles guarding her womb, and stretching her until he could finally sink to the hilt. Cordelia keened at the painless yet hot scrape of that thick invasion, while her body clenched around him in the elemental struggle to accept him inside her much more delicate body.

Harsh grunts were pushed from his lips and his eyes slid closed over gold lights at the rhythmic clenching of her inner muscles on his throbbing shaft. Instinct had him pulling her closer even as he thrust deeper, filling and possessing her in the only way he could.

Pure instinct had her coming up on her hands just as one of his smoothed up her back to grasp the nape of her neck. Her pulse throbbed and pounded under his fingers and he groaned low and withdrew halfway only to thrust heavily back inside, making them both cry out in dual pleasure at the resulting wash of electrifying sensation.

After that each and every invading slide reverberated inside her, setting off mini explosions of pulsing shockwaves through every nerve cell and raising that addictive tension higher until Cordelia thought she’d scream.

That was the end of anything remotely civilised as they surged and retreated, plunging together and apart in the race for even more pleasure. Angel locked an arm around Cordelia’s waist to keep her to him as he pounded into her silken depths, his sex rasping slickly along the sensitive nerves of her passage.

He rode her hard and fast now and Cordelia could do nothing but hold on tight to the bed and feel every possessive thrust. His wildness sending her higher than even the most carnal caress could have possibly done. Her cries joined his as she thrust back onto him, every bit as wild while her nails dug into the mattress with frantic abandon.

Release threatened to take her over the edge before him and she was already convulsing around his shaft when he literally picked her up so that her back was flush with his chest. His pelvis ground into her bottom; lifting her up for his thrusts while his hands reached round her to roughly cup her breasts, fondling the hard tips with his fingers as he continued to pump, getting harder and faster as she milked him.

Angel surrounded her, possessing her completely from the inside out and accepting that was the easiest thing in the world. Her head fell back to rest on his sweat-sheened shoulder and instinctively knowing what he needed Cordelia reached around to grasp his head, bringing his lips to her neck as the orgasm rippled through her, taking her down into that dark abyss and setting of a myriad of tiny darting lights behind her tightly closed eyes.

His fangs pierced her neck, and feeling the sweet blood slide into him was enough to finally drive him over the edge to fall into an explosive orgasm that this time tore Cordelia’s name from his lips as he came apart too. He bucked heavily into her and then still holding tight, retracted his fangs and roared as his seed spilled into her welcoming body.

Still joined they fell back to the bed to lie spooned together, panting and trying to find their sanity again as the fog of passion cleared. Cordelia found her wits first.

“You bit me” she wasn’t accusing cos hello! Accessory to the fact and all.

“Yeah, sorry” his breath puffed on her nape, whispering over the tiny hairs there.

“Will it leave marks”? She asked with a tiny frown.

“No” he sighed, “I sealed it after”

“Oh, that’s okay then” she finished and yawned wide enough to crack her jaw. “Night then”.

He didn’t have the heart to tell her it was daytime and Wesley would be arriving soon.



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Title: When Goddesses Play Games     WhenGPG ficpic
Author: Helen
Posted: 14/01/04
Rating: NC-17
Category: Smutty as I can make it actually!
Content: C/A
Summary: Loki’s little escapade with Angel and Cordy caught the attention of another powerful being.
Spoilers: S1/2. between TSILA and Judgement.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Sequel to When Gods Play Games and is set in S1/2
Thanks/Dedication: This fic is dedicated to Sach for being such a good friend and persistent stalker (wink). Love ya babe!
Feedback: Pretty please.


Angel jerked awake at the usual point in the dream and groaning silently turned on his back. His eyes stung, a common after-effect and he scrubbed them with his hands. The side of the couch pressed into his elbow and growling in frustration he dug back before realising the futility of picking a fight with a piece of furniture.

Damn, they had to find a new office soon. Preferably before he lost any more of his rapidly disappearing sanity. Sighing lustily he twisted back on his side and stared at the archway into Cordy’s kitchenette.

With no obvious distractions his mind wandered back to the recurring dream, that’d been plaguing him ever since Loki’s little joke at the antiques store. As dreams go it was short, vivid and halfway between the hottest dream of his existence and the worst nightmare he could imagine, yet constantly dreaded.

He’d been about to come; could feel the blissful ecstasy start to pull him under to join Cordelia in an explosive orgasm when he’d felt it. That horrific sting and tug at his soul. His back had bowed as unable to stop the stormy onrush he’d hurtled into it, only to come out the other side, anguished and mute with terror. Those few seconds had felt like a life-time, until he’d dimly realised that he was intact still.

The crushing relief had sent waves of exhausted tremors through his body as he leaned over her, still buried deep inside her warmth. Meanwhile Cordelia had lain trustingly underneath him, never knowing just how close he’d taken her to the edge.

Depending on his mood and whether they’d been squabbling or not, the dream came about once or twice a month. Like he needed any reminders about how dangerous love was for him. Obviously even the platonic kind was enough to tweak his curse and as for Loki’s note; he wouldn’t put anything past that sick bastard!

The sound of the key hitting the lock forewarned him of Cordelia’s return and he hurriedly shut his eyes and resumed a sleeping position. He wasn’t up to conversation with the sharp eyed brunette; she had a disconcerting habit of seeing right through him.


“You are just ‘out there’ aren’t you”? Asked Cordy, shaking her head in wonder; though the annoyed glimmer of heated caramel in hazel eyes belied any implied sympathy in the gesture.

She flung back the covers off her legs and swung sun-kissed brown legs over the side. Her feet instinctively hunted for her fluffy slippers before braving the cold of the floor, while she eyes pinned her uninvited and extremely unwelcome guest to the spot with a ferocious scowl.

“Do I have a sign on my door that say’s ‘Freaks and weirdo’s of the universe – welcome’ or something? Cos hello! You’re not. This is my home and maybe I do have a ghost and a vampire living with me, right now. But so what? Doesn’t mean you can all just… waltz in here whenever you want”.

Cordelia stalked over to the cloaked figure and sucking a much needed breath prepared to finish her tirade in true Cordy style; ending with this creep’s ass on the floor *outside* her door. “I want you out of my apartment right this second, are we clear”? Her hand was just reaching for where she assumed the arm would be when she was left blinking and grasping at any empty space.

“You’re nothing if not direct, Cordelia. An admirable trait in any human”. The voice was coming from behind her and Cordy whirled to gape at the cloaked woman- the voice sounded female but in her experience you could never tell.

Cordy found her voice and her eyes narrowed into slits of rage, Oh, you are so gonna regret this. “Dennis” she yelled, spitting fire at the figure sitting on the edge of her bed! No one was allowed on her bed- ever. Where the hell was Angel when you need him? Typical guy, never around when you want some demon ass kicking done.

“You’re phantom can’t help you, Cordelia. Or he would have done so before now. But you must know that already”; was the calm, utterly assured reply. Cordy immediately felt her bloody pressure shoot off the charts and advanced on the figure with a stiff finger stabbing the air in front of her.

“What have you done to Dennis? You.. you lameass freakzoid. If you think you scare me with your big dumb cloak and stupid vanishing tricks then you can think again. I fight demons and crawlies that would make you look like a…” Cordelia stumbled to a halt when a slim hand rose up to pull back the hood of the cloak.

“… beautiful woman” she finished befuddled. Brows lowering thoughtfully, Cordelia tilted her head. “Is that magic, or do you really look like that”? Distracted, the question just popped out, though it wasn’t so much envy as a very real confusion that made her ask it.

Geeze, she looks like a china doll. Not exactly high on the demony scale of intimidation tactics. Reassured if not exactly thrilled Cordelia carefully looked her over.

With hands on hips, her sharp hazel gaze assessed a heart-shaped face, full pouty lips and wide spaced luminous blue eyes, surrounded by golden ringlets and a high braided coronet. Ouch on the curling tongs. Someone desperately needs advice on hair care already.

Golden brows rose in sardonic humour at the question and Cordy gave her a rueful grin and threw up a hand towards her. “I mean, since when do demons look like something straight out of a Cosmo beauty ad”? Cordelia explained “and why the musty cloak. You never heard of, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’? You’re only young once ya know. Well at least humans are”.

“Thank you for the compliment, Cordelia and yes I do look like this without needing to resort to majicks”. Replied the woman with a light laugh. “and I’m not a demon, at least not by your definition”. The golden head lifted and those startlingly blue eyes swept the air before settling back on Cordelia. “Also to set your mind at ease, your ghostly friend is fine”.

“Great, good to know.” Cordelia waved a dismissive hand in the air, wanting to get back to the point. “Anyway, you wanna run that whole. ‘I’m rondite and I’ve come to help you’ ..yada yada yada. By me again; I kinda missed a lot of it what with being so.. ya know”? Cordy shrugged, unapologetic but with a wide smile to soften the blow.

“Irritated”? Asked the woman with a bright smile. “And it’s Aphrodite”.

“Oh yeah- sorry, sounds kind of familiar though. Do I know you from some other time or something”?

“Or something. Why don’t you sit down and I’ll explain it all to you”.


Angel clicked the door closed with as little noise as he could make, then silently trudged into the living area of the apartment he was currently sharing with Cordelia. The light of pre-dawn was just starting to make itself known and he was pretty sure she wouldn’t appreciate being woken so early unless it was a certified emergency.

Exhaustion ached in his bones and for once dawn dragged at him, making the need for sleep even stronger. Shrugging out of his coat, he let it fall on a nearby chair; then stood with shoulders slumped in fatigue, wanting nothing more than to collapse on the couch. But while he might have got away with leaving a shower until after he’d slept; now- living with Cordy he knew he’d catch hell if he left it til later.

Just picturing the hands on hips stance, followed up with sharp caramel eyes zeroing pitilessly on him, had him swinging in the direction of the bathroom; her imaginary voice echoing in his ear.

“…. own fault for staying out ALL night. Geeze, you’d think we weren’t deafeningly quiet around here or something. Don’t think I haven’t figured out what your problem is, Angel. Get over it. So your little hidey hole got blown up- go find a new one”. She’d even be making those little shooing motions with her hands, thinking that had him smiling ruefully.

Not that she’d said anything yet, but it was coming. He could feel it every time she threw that speaking glance his way. What could he say? – He was trying to find a new place but was coming up with a big fat zero. He’d tap into Doyle’s ex-contacts again later, he decided.

The hot water of the shower sluiced over his body, draining away beside his feet while water dripped down his face, running from the dark hair plastered to his skull. He bent his head to let the jet pound at the back of his tense neck muscles; almost groaning in relief at the soothing warmth.

There was another, bigger reason why he needed to move into a place of his own. His head jerked a little and the knuckles of his hands turned white as he pressed his palms into the wall tiles. “Cordelia”. He whispered her name without realising he’d spoken. She was fast becoming his newest obsession, overriding any thoughts of Buffy and Sunnydale.

It wasn’t just the fact that he’d made love to her, though her not knowing it was an irritation that burned under his skin. It was the everyday things, the way she’d move her body around his, curving this way and that in perfect harmony to get past or reach around him for something. Or the way she just handed him his blood, warmed to just the way he liked it- like it was nothing more sinister than tomato juice.

She never forgot he was a vampire and she didn’t try and brush it off or ignore it. She just accepted it with a careless ease that in the past he’d dismissed as Cordy simply being her usual self-centered self. He’d been blind and an asshole and he couldn’t have been more wrong. She was just one classy lady. Strong, resilient and loyal; traits he’d come to treasure and rely on.

The continuous measured rhythm of the spray was having a soporific effect and unconsciously he relaxed both body and soul. His mind stayed on Cordelia. On how her dark straight hair looked like a glossy waterfall; and the times when he could hardly resists the urge to run his hands through it and find out if it felt as soft as it looked. He’d missed that when he’d made love to her.

Too relaxed to worry about that little slip he simply groaned low in his throat and lifted his face into the spray. She had a gorgeous smile. His own lips stretched just thinking about it. Like sunlight it warmed you from the inside out. Being on the receiving end of one was becoming an addiction for him.

His brow quirked, even the guilty one twisted his insides out and that was despite knowing it would always herald trouble for him. Like mangled flooring, expensive shopping on company account, mistaken identifies, unacceptable clients, misplaced files and new boyfriends. The list was endless and yet all but the last held good memories for him.

Unexpectedly, affection and lust pooled in a confusing mix in his gut. He didn’t recognise it in time to suppress it. He was falling for her.

“No”! The stunned denial came out harsh and loud and jerking the shower valve to off, Angel stumbled out of the tub, oblivious to the water forming puddles on the smooth floor. Unnoticed by the troubled vampire an unseen hand, dropped towels on the puddles to soak up the water.

“I am not falling for Cordelia, she’s just a good friend- the best” he insisted desperately. Then, snatching up a towel he wrapped it round his naked hips with hands that shook. “I’m just tired is all- not myself” it was reassuringly possible and he began to relax again.

You were distraught when she went into that vision trance. So much for relaxing. “Like I said- friend” he gritted out, refuting the annoying inner voice; that had gotten way too mouthy over the last few months.

You’d have done anything not to lose her, ANYTHING. “I’m not going to lose Cordelia”. Never said you were- possessive aren’t you.? “Oh shut up- vampire here; comes with the territory, nothing new in that”.

Finished arguing with himself he only just managed not to slam the bathroom door before stalking over to the couch, and dragging on a pair of navy sweats, flopped down on it. Starkly brooding dark eyes burned a hole in the ceiling for almost an hour before they finally drifted shut.


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Two Hours Later

“Okay so we have wait him out. How much time can he waste on us if he’s so damned important” . Cordelia jeered, adding air quotes to the last sarcastic little dig.

Angel looked up from an absorbed contemplation of his boots. He’d been sitting there on the floor, back to the wall and long legs stretched out in front of him, unmoving for over an hour. “I tried that the last time. Time doesn’t run the same if he doesn’t want it to. What seems like hours to us, is just seconds to him. Believe me we’ll go insane before he gives up”. Angel countered reluctantly wishing from the bottom of his dead heart that it could be that simple.

“Urggghhhh, Angel. You’re not even trying to get us out of this are you”? Wailed Cordelia accusingly and needing to vent or go crazy with over stretched nerves and terminal boredom; went over and gave the door one more pent-up kick. Finished she turned around and slammed back against it. Then huffing out a long slow breath; levelled a sullen look out of darkened hazel eyes on him.

“Can’t you do anything? Knock the door down or oh I don’t know…. something. Use that brute vamp strength for something useful for a change”. She sniped bitchily at him, not noticing when his face tightened with a deep surge of anger.

“Gee, Cordelia. Lemme think. Er.. no”. Five feet of sizzling tension filled space separated them. His brows were so low the dark orbs of his eyes were threatening slits in his taut face.

Dumbly, Angel wondered what the hell he’d been thinking when he’d taken her on. No-one had ever been able to rile him up so much or so easily as Cordelia did on a daily basis. Not even Buffy had been able to shake his control like this one aggravating young woman. Sometimes, she got to him so much he had to retreat downstairs to repair the dents she put in his armour with her refusal to let him be.

Like at home she’d roused a need to move or do something to get away from her and that needle sharp tongue that never failed to make him want to shut her up..somehow! Aggravated and restless he surged to his feet.

Cordelia really didn’t appreciate him using sarcasm with her. That was her forte not his. “Why the hell not”? She snapped back. For chrissake! She’d seen him battle huge ugly-ass demons, turn over vans, smash his way through walls.. and he couldn’t knock in a simple door now?

“How about because I’ve already tried that and it didn’t work” Angel gritted out, struggling not to let his re-emerging bad temper get the better of him again.

“Try it again” she didn’t care about his temper. All she cared about was getting out of here alive and still a virgin. Which going off experience- amounted to the same thing.

“Fine- just for you”. Pushed into finally losing his notoriously bad temper the vampire scared the hell out of her by completing a running jump at the door she was still leaning against and landing an almighty kick that would normally have reduced it to kindling. It didn’t even creak.

Cordelia levelled a haughty look at him cold enough to freeze a man’s blood. “Anytime you wanna stop acting like an asshole- is okay with me”! she quipped in a hard unforgiving voice.

“Call me curious”. She said flatly. “What did you have to do to get out of it last time”? Again I ask- do I even wanna know?

As soon as he’d done it, Angel felt bad about letting her push him to losing control like that. He winced at her expression, tone and last but not least the question. Damn he’d known she was gonna ask that. “I had to solve a riddle” he replied shortly, and his closed off expression made it clear that was all she was getting.

“This is insane, impossible, and hopeless. I don’t even know why I agreed to work for you anyway. It’s not like your rich or charming or even funny. Okay so good looking is in your favour but still… I’m not normally that dumb. Did you put the whammy on me or something”?

Angel’s dark eyes narrowed with renewed fury and he had to bite back a sharp retort as hot resentment filled him. Trying to keep calm he told himself she already had enough to deal with without him letting her usual snarkiness get to him. One of them was going to have to remain calm and fighting with her wasn’t going to make this easier.

Then in abrupt change of mood, she surprised him.

Cordelia covered her face with her hands and then said in a muffled teary voice. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that. I’m just scared and … I don’t know what to do”. She dropped her hands and looked at him with hazel eyes swimming with tears and her mouth twisted in self-mockery before she gave in and let a few tears fall. “I’m gonna die anyway so what does it matter”. She finished fatalistically.

Before she’d even finished the first two words; Angel found himself gathering her in his arms so that her head rested on his shoulder. Souled, he never could resist a woman’s tears. They made him feel helpless and filled with the need to do something…anything to make them stop.

Wanting to be comforted, Cordelia raised her hands and clutched his sides. Then laid her hot face on the broad shoulder mutely offered. It didn’t occur to her to wonder why she felt so much better having Angel hold her; when it was him that would be the end of her.

Finally her last words sank into his brain and he jerked his head back to look down at her dark head. “Why would you die”? He asked her blankly and clearly confused. What ideas where running around that fertile mind now? She sighed heavily and he could feel the heat of her breath against his collarbone. Then without lifting her head off the strangely comfortable perch, she answered him.

“Hello- curse. Sex is a big no-no for you isn’t it”? Her voice was muffled but with them being so close he heard every word and almost made the fatal mistake of blurting out a denial. Not really a good plan to just blurt out to girl you have to seduce, that you’re not in love with her, he thought wryly.

Over the last few hours it had become more obvious that was exactly what he had to do, although giving that Norse bastard what he wanted rankled like a sonovabitch. He had to answer her though. So how was he going to reassure her without actually pissing her off?

Angel hugged her closer and ran the flat of his hands down either side of her spine. “Cordy, I care a great deal about you. You’re my friend…but I’m not in love with you and even if I were…” Angel leaned back and willed her to look at him, which she did, reluctantly leaving the solid strength she’d been resting on.

“The fact that you’re not exactly willing would make sure there was no perfect happiness for me”. He admitted in a deep, low voice.

Cordelia gazed up at his solemn handsome face and thought about what he’d said. Mildly surprised to realise she wasn’t offended that according to him she couldn’t give him perfect bliss. But hey- who needed a face to face with psycho vamp and besides, what he’d said was kinda sweet.

“Maybe I was wrong about your lack of charm”. She told him with a watery smile.

He gave a last gentle squeeze and slowly moved back to stand in front of her with his hands now pushed deep into his pockets, looking lost and uncertain of himself. The hug and talk had been incredibly soothing but now, knowing that they’d almost agreed to do it- they were both feeling excruciatingly awkward.

“So how do you wanna do it”? Asked Cordy nervously unconsciously wringing her cold and clammy hands. Then pushing out a strained laugh she awkwardly admitted. “I’ve never actually done this before”. She confessed, with another of those self-mocking smiles that were new to him and twisted his heart with a poignant sadness.

“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about” he pointed out gently although right then he wished it were otherwise. “It’s good that you’re er…never mind” he finished lamely.

Asshole, go ahead and tell her it’s good she’s waiting for the right man. Oh wait, not anymore she isn’t and all without being given a choice.

“Don’t be afraid” it was meant as reassurance but it came out sounding like a plea. Wary of being rebuffed he picked up her hands and cupped them within his larger ones. Jumpy, Cordelia gave a nervy jerk but didn’t pull back. “I promise I can make it good for you”. He said quietly.

Cordelia instantly jerked her gaze back to his, her face filled with tension and a beseeching look in her eyes. “Look I appreciate the thought. But I was kinda hoping for snappy quickly followed by a sharp exit and escape you know”. She said it sheepishly with a cringing look on her piquant face.

Angel pursed his lips to stop the smile that wanted to cross his face. God she looks adorable. How the hell did I not realise how unique she is before. He knew why, he’d been too self-absorbed to really notice her since she’d joined him and Doyle. Well not anymore. He vowed to himself and became aware of a strange all over tingling; tightening his muscles and making him feel… possessive.

She’d felt so warm and alive in his arms..precious! God, it had been so long since he’d held someone that actually mattered to him. He’d had no idea how much he missed it until now; it felt like an eternity even though it had only been a few months at most.

Still holding her hands but now in only one of his; he lifted the other to brush back the long hair from the side of her face and tucked it behind one delicate ear. “Just relax, Cordy”. He whispered and dazzled her with a soft smile.

Oh wow, thank god he doesn’t do that often cos I’d be a Cordy shaped puddle on the office floor by now. How embarrassing would that be? She came back to reality when he started to gently pull her back with him. Guessing he was taking them over to the rug, she just went along with it.

“Who knew when I left today I’d go home a non-virgin. Thank God, I wore the good stuff” she was only half joking.

“Do you trust me”? He asked her gravely, searching her eyes for the truth.

“Sure” she replied then swallowed hard. “So how quick is this gonna be”?

Hmmm, should I tell her not ‘quick’ at all or just let her find out? He asked himself, still kind of revelling in that weird possessive feeling. It felt good and it’d been so long since he’d felt it that he was only now remembering how addictive it could be.

“If you trust me- then trust me,” he countered with another smile that warmed his mysterious midnight eyes to brown velvet. Oh God, she repeated in yet another silent call to the almighty, as he pulled her down to kneel with him on the thick white fur rug.

“Kiss Me,” he demanded with his lips hovering invitingly over hers. His voice was deep and silky and Cordelia couldn’t help but respond to the sinful undertone of a practised seducer. A tiny shiver ran along her spine and the press of his knees and thighs on the outside of hers as they knelt together on the rug felt- encompassing. He was a big man and this close, she felt surrounded by him. It was a strange feeling, as if she were no longer in control of herself. As if by agreeing to this she’d given herself over to him.

Not sure if she liked it and startled by the demand she dragged her gaze off those curved full lips and got caught by his dark pools. Licking her lips she managed to ask “Why? I mean I thought…” That he would do the kissing and that she would be just following or at least trying too, was what she was going to say or at least- thinking of saying.

Guessing what was on her mind, Angel quirked a brow. “You take the lead and I’ll follow” he whispered still in that low voice that soothed and excited at the same time. He knew enough about women to understand she would likely be more afraid of lovemaking itself than him, demon or not. By letting her take the lead she’d relax quicker and enjoy more – until it came to the time for him to take back the reins, anyway.

Hating feeling nervous, Cordelia gave a mental ‘what the heck’ and hurriedly pressed her lips to his. She’d kissed lots of guys before and as far as she was concerned this would be no different, flesh on flesh with a hint of teeth and a lot of tongue to fight off and if you were really unlucky too much drool. His lips were smooth and cool, but not too cool.

Unbidden her hands came up to cup his jaw, the soft pads of her fingers tentative on his skin until pleasantly surprised, she pressed them closer. Not so cold at all, she thought hazily.

His lips slid under hers, teasing her mouth with light brushes that made her seek more, as the need grew for stronger contact. Angel was deliberately teasing her into giving him bolder touches and only let her capture his lips when she attached hers hungrily to his.

Swallowing back a chuckle and groan he met her tentative tongue with his and they tangled and slid together as the heat mounted. Unconsciously shifting closer within the cage of his legs and the arms now closed about her. Cordelia angled her open mouth and slid deeper inside the enticing cavern she’d had to chase to gain access to.

Cool fingers curved around the nape of her neck, lifting free the heavy fall of hair and brushing through the small fine ones to trace the delicate shape with soft sweeps while his thumb gently ran up and down the sensitive skin under her ear.

Every stroke of his fingers increased the sensitivity of her skin until she was made almost mindless by such an unbelievably innocent caress. Cordelia, hardly knowing what to do to ease the tension growing in her belly wrapped her arms around his neck and plunged her tongue deep into his mouth, sweeping along his to taste him deeply.

Instead of easing, it only increased the ache and added charges of heat that pulsed inside Cordelia, causing pools of lust to gather inside her loins and drip into her core in time with the thrust and parry of their tongues.

Angel pulled back to let her breath and trailed kisses over her cheek to her ear before taking the lobe into his mouth to suckle and torment it with his tongue and teeth. Cordelia moaned before she’d taken her first deep breath and swallowed hard as fresh waves of heated chills ran down her torso.

“That was… Wow, you are some kisser” she said dazedly, and then arched her neck and running her hands into his dark hair pressed him closer to her. Her breasts ached and she could feel the pointed tips push desperately against the fine silk of her bra. “God I want.” She couldn’t finish as a gasp escaped her lips when he bit firmly on the cord running down her neck.

“What do you want”? He asked her in a deep rumble that managed to vibrate its way all the way down to her throbbing sex and beyond. Just sound the sound of it and the promise it contained made her toes curl in instinctive anticipation.

What did she want? Oh Lord where to start? Every part of her ached with a demand that was wholly alien to her. “My breasts…ache” she admitted breathlessly and felt him smile against her throat where, after tightening his arm and hitching her up, he was currently nibbling away.

“Here”? He asked her, as he cupped one in his hand to knead her through the barrier of her bra and gauzy blouse. The exquisite relief that firm massaging gave drew out another throaty moan from her as her head fell back and she could do no more than nod.

The warmth of the soft flesh filling his palm made his skin tingle and Angel had to firmly tamp down the impulse to simply rip her free of the clothes barring his from hers. A deep satisfaction filled him when the scent of her arousal flavoured the air in stronger and stronger waves of perfumed musk.

“Do you like that”? He leaned back to see for himself the effect passion was having on her face. The beautiful face he’d seen in his office everyday for the past few months but was only now appreciating for the inner beauty it contained.

Feeling the loss of those wickedly skilful lips she opened drugged hazel eyes and helpless to resist the urge seized his lips in another mind-blowing kiss. Finished she gazed at him again, licking her lips to still the need for more.

“Oh yeah- I like” she admitted and watched his eyes as she arched her back, pushing herself harder into his palm. “Want more too.” She demanded in a breathy whisper and started to nibble on his lower lip.

“Hmm pushy aren’t we”? He accused lightly nibbling back with equal enthusiasm. Angel dipped inside her mouth again to coax her tongue out with long strokes of his. Then taking it into his mouth began to suck rhythmically. Their lips fused and she clasped him to her with desperate hands as arrows of sizzling pleasure shot straight to her womb. Hardly realising what he was doing. Only knowing that it was causing her body to riot.

Desperate to do something to ease the ache between her legs she squirmed on her heels, her hips undulating as needy hunger thrummed through her veins but his hard thighs pressed closer containing her within their steely strength and making her suffer the escalating tension running rampant inside her.

“Touch me” she pleaded and raised her hips as much as she could in mute demand.

Angel released her lips and moved back to assess how best to get rid of her clothes. “Later” he replied absently and grinned when she pouted and hissed out “now” in pure female demand. “Soon” he offered and before she could protest again, pulled her blouse over her head.

He laughed when she didn’t waste a second in returning the favour and soon his shirt joined hers in being tossed over to the wall. Enthralled by the hard expanse of muscular chest and ridged abdomen now displayed for her enjoyment; she ran her hands over him. Happy to indulge her, now it was Angels turn to sit back on his heels and let her explore him; loving the feel of her warm soft skin on his body.

His nipples were a dusky oasis of enticing colour against the smooth creamy colour of the rest of him, and powerless to resist the impulse she lowered her head to taste one with a soft stroke of her tongue. The muscle underneath jumped under her mouth and seriously intrigued she did it again.

She circled the now hard little nub and then following instinct tugged on it with sharp little teeth, making him hiss in both pleasure and pain. Hard hands twisted in her hair then relaxed to run gentle fingers across her scalp while she continued to torment and pleasure him. Angel watched her out of slitted eyes as she lapped and lathed his nipples, her face flushed and lips swollen with their kisses. The urge to push her on her back and simply mount her was strong but he pushed it back. It was too soon and it felt too damn good to end it yet.

Cordelia has been resting her hands on his lean hips and now brought them together to run over the intriguingly hard bulge straining against his pants. Loving how he shuddered and thrust helplessly up into her hands, trying to increase the pressure.

“Do you like that”? It was Cordelia’s turn to ask with a feline smile.

“You know I do” and the deep under growl in his voice was echoed by the dark, glittering, lust filled eyes trained on her face.

She purred happily as pleasure washed over her when having quickly got rid of her bra he cupped her breasts in both hands, tweaking the begging points of her nipples between finger and thumb. They came together in another endless and greedy kiss, dipping and swirling, kneading and tugging at one another in a whirlwind of rising eroticism.

Before she even realised it she was laid on her back with the fur of the rug a soft cushion underneath her shoulders and hips. “My turn again” he told her and she was instantly transfixed by the taut wantonness of his face. Passion changed him so much it was hard to believe this was still her Angel. There was nothing about him that was indifferent to her now.

“You want me”? She asked him dumbfounded and was struck by the hot fire in his eyes when he pinned her with a look

“And you want me” the dark tone didn’t brook refusal and she didn’t offer any.

Angel straddled her thighs and ran powerful long fingered hands up the inside of thighs, pushing her skirt up with them until her all of her was exposed. The lace panties were so sheer they hid almost nothing and she saw his pupils expand until his eyes were the purest black at the sight of her damp dark curls. He licked his lips and she mimicked him, moistening lips made dry by her shallow panting and felt the heat of his gaze touch her intimately.

His already hard, throbbing erection swelled to impossible lengths and he shuddered under the lash of a need that no longer had anything to do with making her accept him, it simply was. Like Cordelia before him, it didn’t occur to the vampire to wonder why something that had seemed so undesirable before was now a grindingly powerful necessity.

Hot dark eyes trailed back up to glazed hazel and locked together as tangible bonds of shared want tangled them in a dual web of desire.

“I want to touch you now” he said in a voice made guttural with desire and she felt his fingers twist the material taut, stopping only at breaking point. Not even hesitating, she nodded her permission and in the next instant the panties were gone.

Cordelia gasped and whimpered when he lowered himself to her, fastening his lips to the tip of one breast while at the same time pushing one long finger through the soft folds of her labia to dip inside the drenched entrance to her sex. She grasped his head and undulated her hips against that stroking furnace as sparks exploded behind her closed eyelids.

“Oh god, what are you doing to me”? She got out on a groan. It wasn’t a question so much as a plea for more; and more she got.

“I haven’t even started yet” he warned her roughly between sharp tugs on the dusky nub, then followed up with a curling tongue and finally sucked the turgid tip deep inside his wicked mouth.

Angel didn’t know when the decision had been made. Only that it had. This was the only time he’d get to do this to her and so he was going to make the most of it. For now Cordelia was his to do what he wanted with and that was exactly what he was going to do. Carpe Diem.

He raised himself up off her on one hand and watched his hand with passionate intensity as he played with her full breast, testing the weight and silky flesh with sensitive fingers that could when he wanted them to crush bone.

Impatient to be rid of the final barrier he levered off her completely and sat up to tug her skirt over her hips and down her long shapely legs. Soon lying in naked splendour with her glossy dark hair a cloud of lustrous locks around her flushed face; she was a fantasy of male lust and he was willingly enthralled.

Long golden legs led the eye to the fragrant curls of her sex, shyly hidden by a slightly raised leg. Followed by a taut narrow waist and gorgeous full breasts topped with nipples like ripe berries.

“You’re so beautiful,” he told her hoarsely and she quivered at the look of barely restrained savagery on his face that spread to every line of his tense, powerfully built frame.

Cordelia had no idea how to calm him down, and even if she did she wouldn’t do it. She wanted him to want her more than was civilised or even …safe. Heaven help her, she wanted him to do whatever he would with her. She opened her mouth to tell him but he covered her again and plunged inside her mouth with every bit of the stormy need raging within.

He wasn’t gentle but she took it and gave it back with every bit as much fervour. The kiss became a duel and they mated with a hungry force that was just a prelude to what was to come- something to sate the beast inside.

Just as quickly he was gone, not that he gave her time to complain before she was gasping in part shock and part fear at the feel of one long finger plunging inside her. Startled she saw him kneeling between thighs kept apart by his. Bright dark eyes watched avidly as his finger was enveloped by pink glistening folds, surrounded by those damp curls that had made his mouth water on first sight.

God, she was so wet it made him ache all over. He’d planned a big seduction and maybe he was going too fast but he was powerless to slow the pace.

“Does that feel good”? He asked, dragging his eyes to her face and getting caught by the warm honey pools of her eyes.

“Yes- I don’t know” she answered honestly and then moaned deep in her throat when he added a second and slowly filled her again. “Yes, yes, don’t stop”.

Hot sticky warmth surged and flooded her sex, then radiated outwards from his deeply held fingers before zeroing back in to pierce her again when he found the sweetest spot of all. Her hands flailed before grasping onto the fur underneath her. Her grip was so tight she pulled the rug up of the floor as she arched into the pleasure.

Angel spread the moisture with worshipful fingers all around her exposed sex. Between every soft fold and crease until he found the tiny hard, begging little nub that was the centre of her sexuality. He ran the pad of thumb over it and watched it flush with warm blood and unfurl like the petals of a flower to the sun. It was an invitation he couldn’t resist and he lowered his mouth to her.

Cordelia bucked at the first touch of his mouth there and her eyes flickered as a sensation every bit as sharp and consuming as an electric charge shot through her body. He flicked her clitoris again and had to hold down her hips when she bucked as another searing arrow of pleasure shot out from her loins.

Her hands speared into his hair, straining to reach him to pull him up.

“Stop! Its too much can’t take it”. This time he ignored her and latching on suckled hard, making her scream as a deep carnal pleasure hit her. Her heels dug into the rug as she strained against his restraining hands and wicked mouth.

Angel curled his hands around the top inside of her thighs and used his thumbs to pull back the luscious lips that wanted to hide her secrets. Not from him, he thought; not tonight anyway. Hungrily he lapped at the creamy liquid arousal that flowed from her sex, using the tip of his tongue to spread it, soaking every part of her sex, readying her for his inevitable penetration.

It was torturous and wonderful and so blissfully erotic she burned to have more, feel more. There was a deep dragging ache spreading through her abdomen making her quiver all over and her belly jump with need. “please..” she panted, and squeezed her eyes shut when her undulating hips dragged her clitoris against that cool tongue and firm lips.

Angel speared inside her, reaching deep for more of that nectar, feeling it coat his mouth and tongue like ambrosia or the sweetest hottest blood- only not. He lifted her to his mouth and pressed deeper then ran his face over her before returning for another taste, and then another.

Coloured lights danced across her vision and she didn’t know that her fingers were holding him tightly to her as a terrible tension built inside. It was like nothing she’d ever imagined and only got worse and sprung tighter when he twisted back inside her with those two same fingers. Thrusting in time with that clever, devouring mouth as it continued to nip and suck her clitoris.

Angel felt her vaginal walls clamp down on his fingers and carried on, faster and faster desperate to feel that final push from her as the orgasm hit. Then, god- the sweet, delicious fall of her hot liquid sex; it came and he felt her come apart as the whirlpool he remembered so well dragged her down into its drugging bliss.

A second or an hour later she simply didn’t know. Cordelia heard the rasp of a zipper and opened passion fogged eyes to see Angel still kneeling between her thighs, watching her face with simmering, molten eyes while he freed his engorged erection from the dark material of his pants. He glistened with sweat, highlighting every dip and valley as the muscles of his arms an chest flexed and rippled with each move he made. Deep inside her another ache sparked to life.

“My turn” he rumbled, the already deep voice roughened by the underlying growl of the demon.

His hard handsome face held a look of predatory awareness and it scared her a little. But the tiny dart of fear only added fuel to her rekindled arousal. Cordelia opened her lips to say something light hearted but she didn’t have time to get the words out before he braced himself over her on one hand and pushed down the clothing to kick them away. Now he was as naked as she was.

Even with his judgement clouded with lust Angel knew better than to let her get a proper look at his fully erect length. He was past the ability to reassure her and he knew it. He covered her body with his, settling himself over her with legs between hers with his sex nudging at the sweetness he’d already gorged himself on.

Swifter than she could possibly follow he pulled one leg up so that the knee was bent and then, fisting his sex, mounted her. Angling his mouth over hers he swallowed her gasp of pain as he pushed inexorably inside her. Past the muscles that guarded her womb. Filling her slowly but surely and surging though and past the barrier that had kept her the innocent she’d been until he’d got his hands on her.

“Angel” his name came out in between the gasping cries and he growled low.

“Won’t stop” he said against her lips, “need this” and a groan tore free from his chest.
Her hot passage closed over his sex and he shook with the pleasure that lashed all along his ultra sensitive nerves at the strength of that clasping motion. He rocked hard and deep holding her tightly underneath him, caging her with his body until it was too late and he was in her to the hilt.

The burning rasp of his hard length as it stretched her brought her to the point where she was begging for mercy, convinced he was too big and would splinter her apart. Hoarse pleas fell from her lips when he let her breath but ruthlessly he carried on.

Angel carried on kissing her, not letting her pull away from him but surging forcefully inside and drawing her back to passion with the slide of his tongue against hers. His palms cupped her face to keep her still for each storm-filled kiss until desire weighted her limbs again and her thighs relaxed and pelvis softened to cradle him against her.

“It’s okay now” she whispered reassuringly against his temple, kissing his eyebrow while he panted against her neck. Then smoothed her hands over the sides of his head to keep him close, loving the heavy weight of his powerful body even as he crushed her into the soft rug.

He rocked his hips into hers and buried his face in the sweet curve of her neck to nuzzle and lave the soft fragrant skin. Each thrust brought a long slow glide that only started where they were joined. Angel rose up so that her breasts rubbed against his hard planed chest and the forceful push of his hard heavy body over and into hers moved her with him so that each smooth thrust brushed them against one another in a constant all over friction.

Cordelia wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted up to kiss him again, their tongues mated in an age old dance. Tasting and exploring, rubbing and massaging, dipping, enticing and retreating with each breath stealing kiss. Their cheeks rubbed together while she breathed then they would search each other out again, filled with needy greed; lips slanted before plunging back into the tempest.

Their skin dewed with heat and passion as they surged together, heedless of anything but each other as their limbs tangled; hers slim and gracefully golden against his muscular ones, honed after centuries of fighting. Needing more, Angel rolled onto his back and took Cordelia with him so that she lay draped bonelessly over him.

His arms wrapped around her, keeping her with him as he thrust up into her, while his hands smoothed over warm skin as downy as velvet; luxuriating in the curve of breast and hips and bottom. Cordelia trailed hot sweet kisses over his nose and then jaw before trailing down to his ear to bite it lovingly, making him groan low in his throat when she followed it up with a long sucking kiss.

The spot under his ear beckoned her to giving long sweeps of the tip of tongue, tracing the line of sinew to muscle where his neck joined his shoulder and then back up. Angel pulled back her dark hair and suckled on the sensitive skin over the cord in her neck, then clamped bluntly down on it, making her gasp and then do the same to him.

Cordelia ran her hands over his sides and up to the back of his shoulders hanging on while he continued to thrust so heavily that each long stroke was like riding a powerful beast. Too soon she felt the ripples start inside her loins as the tension spiralled inside, pulling and dragging at her with heated promise of carnal pleasure.

Cordelia felt as if she were melting, dissolving into him as her frantic body squeezed and milked the hard thick length filling her tight passage. She lost control and tried to brace and lift herself off him as the pleasure built to crescendo that threatened to send her spinning into another void.

Angel felt Cordelia’s frantic efforts to escape the intensity of the orgasm and simply rolled over again to trap her heaving form under his again. Grunting growls escaped him to join with her higher pitched cries until he swallowed them, and her breath with his mouth. He snagged her hands and pinned them beside her head. Then Angel pounded into her depths rising up to increase the strength of each thrust, ramming himself into her until there was nothing left to give and he touched her womb.

Cordelia screamed as the orgasm crashed over her, tossing her into oblivion again only this time he was with her and they clung together for the last few driving thrusts as they both succumbed to the dark swirling pleasure as it sucked them in.

Cordelia woke up with a screech and sitting back had to take a few seconds before her panicked stare could assimilate the fact that she was sitting at her desk; with one side of her face numb from lying on the hard wooden surface.

It was just a dream! She thought dumbly. But before she could decide if that was good or bad her still glazed eyes fell on the tall shadowy figure lurking just beyond the doorway leading from his office to hers.

Cordelia gaped at him and immediately noticed how damp her panties were. Horrified she clenched her thighs closed in a futile attempt to limit the possibility of being discovered. Please don’t breathe, vamps don’t breath- do *not* breathe in, Angel.

“Er, Hi” She said and sat back in her chair while her trembling fingers reached down to gather her purse. Knowing she needed to make a graceful exit she forced a huge smile to cross her face. Then horror of horrors, she saw his nostrils flare and that was it, forget graceful!

Cordelia dived for the door with nothing more than “Sorry gotta go- emergency. See you tomorrow” thrown out as explanation to the silent vampire who’d stayed in the shadows to watch her as she slept.

Angel sighed heavily and leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed and a troubled expression on his broodingly handsome face. Then pushing himself way he sat down in his leather chair and spreading out his long legs, opened the drawer to pull out the letter on old fashioned crisp vellum.

….She may remember the odd thing, but only in dreams that she can dismiss on waking. So you don’t have to worry about your little friend. As for you- as much as you might want to kill me. This little game of mine has helped you. Maybe one day you’ll appreciate it. Why else did the powers let me play with their newest toy! Happiness is not a problem for you anymore, my friend.

Surely that is worth the risk you thought you took?

The End – not quite.


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When Gods Play Games   1 comment

Title: When Gods Play Games     WGPG ficpic
Author: Helen
Rating: N-17
Category: Smut & intrigue
Content: C/A
Summary: This is based in S1 and basically an Idea I had years ago about what would happen if the determinedly celibate Angel was forced to do something he didn’t want to
Spoilers: S1
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GT, AO.
Thanks/Dedication: Thanks to Cali for beta’ing love ya babe!
Feedback: Yeah feed me!!


Cordelia’s nose twitched and an annoyed frown furrowed her smooth brow when the intrusive noise of the phone threatened to wake her up. Remaining unanswered, it soon stopped and she relaxed back into a deep, dream filled sleep.


“I can’t believe my luck. Anyone else would be neck deep in a bubble bath. Getting ready for a fun night on the town; knocking the guys dead with my latest killer designer outfit and not even remotely sensible shoes. But not me – No. I’m out skulking in shadowy alleys with my creature of the night boss”. Cordelia complained. All the while keeping a sharp eye out for less friendly creatures of the night. Not realising her friendly one was less than happy with her just then.

“Hey” he returned sharply throwing her a moodily offended look before returning his gaze to the surrounding rooftops looking for god knows what. Angel felt edgy, doubly so since he couldn’t actually put his finger on why.

“Hey- what”? She asked him quizzically, truly confused. Once a complaint was out it was out and done- who needs to remember them. “Ya know next time I call up with a lead. Take Doyle with you. He has no social life other than the bookies and that can be done in the daytime”. It wasn’t hard to dismiss the half demon’s less than salubrious drinking and gambling lifestyle. Las Vegas it wasn’t.

Angel ignored her other than to give a long suffering sigh, and then stopped outside a grilled storefront with old posters covering most of the windows and half of the strong looking wooden door.

“Is this it”? Cordelia asked disdainfully. But it was a rhetorical question- duh why else would they stop outside it. Restless hazel eyes scanned the front of the building, skittering over the dark patches and trying to ignore a squiggly ‘run for your life’ feeling.

“Why do they always have antiques store’s in the grotty parts of the city. Charming and quaint it isn’t”. She said in a disgruntled voice, not expecting a response from the taciturn vampire.

“If you want to go home, Cordelia then go” said Angel with an impatient edge to his deep voice. He hadn’t wanted to bring her in the first place. It was Cordelia that’d insisted she come too. Saying he needed backup whether he liked to admit it or not. He could even hear her voice echoing in his head from earlier on.

She’d been standing in front of his desk. Hands firmly planted on her hips and a lofty, arch look on her face that few could get away with. Pulling it off easily with her usual confident style and blunt speaking.

“We’re a team and we need to start acting like one. That means no going off alone for you anymore. Except when it’s really squicky, and then your welcome to it”.

She’d then totally ignored his glowering reaction at being lectured to by her and blithely carried on gathering her purse. Leaving him to stand around looking like an idiot and trying to find excuses of why she couldn’t come.

And now she was complaining!

“Like I’m gonna leave you alone to get yourself in trouble; which by the way I would then have to get you out of. Not gonna happen big guy”. Angel stilled for a second, struck by the sheer gall it took for her to come out with something like that- to him!

Get me out of trouble? Forget it, he wasn’t going to get into a debate on that one. It simply wasn’t worth the aggravation. He’d only end up getting more irritated and confused by the convoluted way her mind worked.

He risked a quick glance at her face and found her grinning at him, guessing what he was thinking. She’d been baiting him and was just waiting for him to say something she could pounce on. Helpless to resist her ‘gotcha’ grin, he couldn’t stop an answering grin from twitching at the corners of his lips.

Cordelia could tell by the knowing look in his cool eyes that he wasn’t going to take the bait and so made shooing motions with her hands. “C’mon then less with the lurkage and more with the get it done. I’m kinda in a rush here. Gotta get back home to my yummy TV-Dinner, a la plastique”.

That sounded appetising- not. He winced; great, now even his thoughts were starting to sound like her. Shrugging off a sudden feeling of reluctant bonding and stirring sympathy he turned his attention back on the dark deserted building in front of them, and changed the subject to one he was more comfortable with. “Who was it gave you this lead again”?

“The guy I interviewed under cover for that fake ‘Antiques in Modern life” article that just so doesn’t exist, cos it would be such a sad yawner. Fit only for dweebs with no life- like you for example”. She tossed out matter of factly, and even more insultingly without actually trying to offend him.

So much for fleeting sympathy, thought Angel as his dark eyes automatically narrowed angrily on her. “Cord-el-ia” he growled out the warning with a heck of lot more of a threatening undertone present this time.

“If the shoe fits buddy. Can you get us in”? Cordelia didn’t bat an eyelid at his obvious displeasure. The day he looked happy was the one she’d have to break out the sharpened stakes. Angry, broody and moody was good in her book.

Battling an urge to wring her neck or some other equally hands on damage to the mouthy brunette. He didn’t bother to answer, just moved with incredible speed and strength, climbing up the pipe attached to the wall. All the while assailed with a desperate need to get this finished so he could go back home and brood alone in peace.

“Ask a silly question” murmured Cordelia craning her neck to keep track of the dark shadowy leather-clad figure. Not exactly easy, she thought with a flash of irritation. The whole building was pitch black and there was a serious lack of street lighting.

One he was out of sight she pushed out a breath and hugged her arms, trying to keep warm and futiley wishing she’d brought a jacket. Her thin blouse and skirt looked fabulous but weren’t much good against the night chill.

A few minutes later the door opened from the inside. Which might have been spooky since no one stood on the other side, but Cordy was well used to her boss’s less than gracious ways by now. Knowing him as she did, he’d be stuck in some other room poking around with his super-duper supernatural senses. Urggh, and he can have them. Just average could be a mite too much in their line of work.

Cautiously stepping inside the store Cordelia couldn’t help wrinkling her nose in an attempt to limit the musty smell and stop the dust entering her delicate nasal passages. “Dammit, I knew I should have put on some overalls or something. Can we never get a job that doesn’t involve dust, dust and more dust? I’m never gonna feel clean again” she complained loudly though the hand now placed firmly over her nose and lips. “I suppose I should be grateful there’s no body parts- yet”!

“Cordelia, though here,” Angel’s voice called out, and not thinking twice she gingerly manoeuvred her way around some bulky unidentified objects and over to a doorway she could dimly make out at the back of the store.

She stepped through and then jumped a mile high when it slammed shut behind her. It wasn’t so much the door that shocked her, cos living with a ghost kinda made that a daily occurance.

No, it was finding herself stepping into another world, or more accurately into a spotlessly clean room with nothing more than creamy painted walls, a roaring fireplace and a white fur rug on a pine wooden floor. All in all it looked homey- except for the fact that Angel was tied and gagged, lying on the rug in front of the fire and looking less than happy at the fact.

“Oh my God, Angel. What happened to you”? Asked Cordelia running over as quickly as she could in her high heeled sandals; to kneel beside him as he struggled to sit up. Figuring out which was easier, she went for the gag and pulled it down. Then sat back on her heels to wait for an answer.

“What the hell took you so long”? He groused, and for some reason refused to meet her anxiously enquiring eyes.

“What do you mean? Geeze it’s only been a minute or two” she returned crossly, then scooted round to take a look at the rope tying his wrists behind his back.

He sighed and went still, craning his neck to see over his shoulder. “No, Cordelia it hasn’t just been a few minutes more like an hour”.

“Erm Okayyy, you must have hit your head. There is no way it’s been longer than 3 minutes tops”. She gave him a searching look and stopped plucking at the tight knots. “I give up. These are too tight and I’m not breaking a nail. I just got a manicure and they are not cheap”. She flashed the impressive display of colour before his face in case he missed the seriousness in her voice.

Angels brows furrowed in deep thought. “They must have messed with the time then. Or this room runs by a different one” he muttered and looking forward again, concentrated on stretching the bonds so he could free himself.

It wasn’t long before he’d got them off and tossed the still knotted but now stretched and unravelled rope onto the fire. They both watched it disappear into the hypnotically roaring flames. Ever sensitive to nuances, Cordelia realised Angel still wasn’t looking at her and for some reason that creeped her out. Not that he did a great deal of that anyway, but this time she was getting the sense it was more than his usual indifference.

“Will you stop with the creepy silence? What’s with you? Are you freaking out cos someone got the drop on you or something”? Cordelia accused, worried and resenting that fact.

“No of course that’s not it” replied Angel a little resentful that she’d think that. He forced his eyes to meets hers and braced himself for some pretty awkward explanations.

“Then what? The worlds gonna end- there’s a new hellmouth- or..not oh my god..another slayer“? Cordelia asked dramatically, using sharp impatience to mask her growing unease. If something was bad enough to make unflappable stoic guy uncomfortable- she just knew she was gonna flip.

Angel pinned her mutinous face with a laser sharp glare. “Will you just stop and let me explain”. Cordelia rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms but forebore from commenting that’s what she was waiting for – dumbass!

Angel looked away and the fire reflected orange and gold in his dark brown eyes, warming them to soft melted chocolate orbs. He opened his mouth to speak, flicked a look at her expectant face and then shut it again with a frown. Sighing thickly he tried again and still nothing came out.

Oh god, he mentally groaned, how the hell am I ever gonna explain this. He flopped back onto the rug and covered his face with his hands. That was the straw the broke the camels back- or at least emptied Cordelia’s small stack of patience.

“Okay, that is it! You are going to tell me what’s going on, Angel or I swear I’m gonna…gonna… sing- that’s it. Sing and sing until you tell me exactly what the frickin’ problem is here”. God, sometimes she just wanted to shake him until his fangs fell out. Now was one of those times.

Fully prepared to follow through with her threat she took a deep breath and prepared to launch full throttle into a tune. Only to find a large hand slapped over her mouth and the furrowed, less than pleased face of her boss looking up at her with a mixture of consternation and guilt. Guilt, oh that’s just peachy!

Don’t sing. I give up, okay”. Angel remembered hearing a thing or two about that in Sunnydale.

“We’ve fallen into a trap and this..” he jerked his head to indicate the impossibly clean and homey room with the big fire and soft rug “…is the result”.

It wasn’t even half the story but again he faltered – finding it impossible to tell her the rest and dreading her reaction when he did. She was gonna whig, and then…well they were still left with the same dilemma.

“Whose trap, and don’t get me wrong not happy here…. But ya know- where are the whips and chains and sharp pointy objects”? Only a little appeased, Cordelia surveyed the room just to check she hadn’t missed them the first time round, and then looked back at Angel a clear question on her expressive face.

“The who is- Loki. Used to be big but less well known now”. He stopped again and fell silent as if working out what to say, before doggedly carrying on. “Pretty much the prankster of the universe and not exactly the picture of mental health” he said to the room at large in a raised voice.

Nervously Cordelia looked around again as if expecting some hairy grinning beast to come storming inside the room in response to the insult. “Still don’t get it” Cordelia admitted flatly but she was getting a feeling. “So what does this Loki guy want with us”?

“We have to make a choice, or actually I or… you have to make a choice”. He grimaced and wished he’d kept his mouth shut when his hesitation drove her over the edge and she bounded up to pace around the small space they had. Angel decided to stay where he was on the rug, it felt safer that way.

“Will you just stop with the riddles and tell me it all at once. Geeze it’s like pulling teeth. What choice”? This, no…he was driving her crazy. Cordelia felt a horrible churning anxiety deep in her belly and wanted to scream. Refusing to give into the creeping panic she simply quickened her steps.

Her shoes clickety clacked on the smooth gleaming wood of the floor and from this position Angel had to look away to avoid an eyeful of gleaming tanned thighs under a stylish print skirt that on anyone else would look like an invitation. On Cordelia it was a challenge that you knew you were gonna lose just by looking at the confident brunette.

“I erm” he coughed, she was gonna kill him. “I have to erm…”. If it was possible for Angel to look worried, uncomfortable and creeped out all at once then that’s what he was.

“Spit it OUT”!! She yelled throwing her arms out wide in the universal gesture of ‘put me the hell outta my misery’.

“Okay” he shouted back suddenly irrationally furious with her and vaulting upright himself he stalked over to her until they stood toe to toe; eyeball to eyeball. Narrowed dark eyes met narrowed hazel and Cordelia realised with a jolt that this was the first time he’d ever given her his whole attention.

She wasn’t sure why, but the fact that he was doing so now, wasn’t exactly comforting.

He towered over her much smaller frame with his hands clenched at his sides. Somewhere inside him a little voice was saying he was using anger to shield his fear of her reaction. He ignored the little voice. Was it his fault they where stuck here? This was her lead and she’d insisted on coming along. Why the hell do I always get the blame for everything that goes wrong, he thought bitterly.

“If we wanna get out of here then I either have to kill you…or seduce you. There, are you happy now”? He snarled and crossed his arms over his wide chest. A defensive reaction while he waited for hers. He didn’t have long to wait.

“Come again” said Cordelia , mouth open and eyes almost comically wide in shock. He did not just say what she thought he had. She stayed frozen in mute shock for a full minute while it truly sank into her stunned mind. “You did not just say that- no way. Tell me this is just you, developing a weird-ass sense of humour way late”?

He stayed silent with his eyes downcast and so obviously in full brood mode she had the irrational urge to smash her fist in his face. I would only I’d break my hand trying to impact on that thick hard head of his, she thought as anger unfurled and quickly drove away the mind numbing disbelief.

A thoroughly repentant Angel tried to interrupt her heated thoughts. Cordelia simply held up a stiff hand to silence him before spinning on her heel to stalk over to the door. Just as she got to it she whipped around and with fire shooting out of her eyes, pointed a stiff accusing finger at him. “You… are making this up and it’s…. sick”.

He’d been sorry for losing his temper and putting it so badly but that was out of line. “Hey you’re not the only one who’s not exactly pleased with this you know” he bit out and followed her to the door with a scowl darkening his handsome face.

“Whatever” she tossed over her shoulder and pulled with all of her might on the round wobbly handle. It turned but didn’t open no matter how hard she pulled. Overwhelmed with a panicky feeling constricting her chest, Cordelia started to futilely kick at the door.

Her shoes weren’t exactly fit for kicking down doors and later, when she was calm, she’d be sorry for the damage she was doing to them. Just then she didn’t give a crap about anything other than getting out of this nightmare. Die or die. What choice was that? Except one would be Angel and the other would be..Angelus.

No way! I don’t want to die. Why am I always the one who has to die or nearly die. Somebody up there hates me, that’s what it is. So much for second chances, she thought and felt the sting of tears burn her eyes.

“Cordelia” Angel said from behind her and tentatively touched her shoulders. She shrugged him off and kicked at it again. Taking the hint, Angel backed off feeling helpless to calm the agitated brunette. “Cordy, calm down it won’t do any good. I know”. If she didn’t stop she was going to hurt herself he thought uneasily, and considered just pulling her away.

“Who says? You- hah” She rounded on him and shook her fist in his face. Hers was pale with red splashes of colour high on her cheeks below wide frightened eyes. It was the fright that touched him more than anything else did.

He gentled his voice “I’ve been here before- met him before. For some reason he thinks I’m funny”, he finished with a perplexed frown and an embarrassed shrug. If that didn’t distract her nothing would, he thought looking at her out of watchful, expectant brown eyes.

Cordelia just gaped at him for second before snapping her mouth shut and grinding her teeth. “Well yeah- cos your just a laugh a minute… not! Gimme a break” she shot back sarcastically. It did the trick though. Feeling calmer, Cordelia stepped away from the impervious door and blowing out a breath planted her hands on her hips to give him a half pleading, half suspicious look.

“Okay, so what’s this guy’s story, and don’t give me some crappy half baked tale about Vikings either cos I know that one. Gimme the real deal”.

Angel stepped back too and then needing some distance went to stand with his back to the nearest wall. “The Viking stuff is true as far as I know. Its just not the whole story”. He risked a glance at Cordelia only to find her staring at him with a blank ‘I’m still waiting’ look on her face. He decided to skip that part and go straight for the less known part.

“Thing is and I don’t know this for sure. But he’s supposed to also work for the powers and because of that and the balance he…. supposedly, provides they let him get away with…certain… things that others wouldn’t”. It was the best explanation he could come up that fit the facts as he knew them.

“Things like this”? Asked Cordy, meaning them in this room. “But you work for the powers so doesn’t that mean he’d be in big trouble over this “? Cos BOY! As far as she was concerned this Loki guy better not ever show his face around her.

Angel looked uncomfortable, like he always did whenever she or Doyle made too much of his new status as a force for good working for the powers. Not exactly hard to understand for the former ‘Scourge of Europe’. Yeah and former needs to stay former, no re-emergence of killer-vamp required thanks, she thought and aimed a heated glare upwards at whoever was pulling their strings.

“Don’t know” he replied simply, “Maybe he’s more important to them than a single vampire working for redemption”. He offered simply and laid his head back against the wall to stare unseeingly up at the ceiling.

Urghh! He had that stoic ‘I’m just a monster’ look of modesty on his face. Which never failed to drive her crazy. Geeze could he not just accept that what he did was important. She sighed thickly but decided to just move on.

“So what your saying is that this freakzoid is playing a game with you- I mean us, and the PTB’s will just sit back and do nothing? That sucks”! She exclaimed in disbelief. “Okay, so aren’t dealing with apocalypses. Unlike some who shall remain far away from LA. But what the hell happened to saving souls one at a time and all that stuff”?

Angel just ducked his head and nodded. What could he say, it did suck- big time; more for her than for him. She was the one who… His thoughts veered away from that path and uncomfortable he kept his eyes averted from her. He certainly wasn’t going to kill her. That wasn’t even a consideration, which meant that… He shifted against the wall and then filled with a strange restless and anxious feeling pushed away from it to get even further away from her.

“So what happened before I got here? He knocked you out and then you guys had a big conversation or something”? Asked Cordelia, watching him prowl around the edge of the wall, his impossibly wide shoulders tense as he scrubbed one hand over the back of his neck.

“Pretty much, yeah” Angel admitted. “I walked in. Everything went black and then …he was just there”. Just like last time in fact, he thought, and not for the first time since he’d woken up.

Two Hours Later

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Title: Torrent        
Author: Helen       
Rating: N-18
Category: Very Graphic! So, be warned. If you don’t like smut, don’t read.
Content: C/A
Summary: This is set after WITW. Groo who’s that? Plus no Darla or baby Conner.
Torrent ficpic
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Go team, Angel’s Archive. Anywhere else, please ask
Notes: Its 2.30 in the morning. I am so bloody kerknackerd its untrue. 

Thanks/Dedication: To Cali for being the big-hearted friend she is. Love ya babes. Also the smokin’ hot ficpic here all hers. 
Cali wanted me to do a smutty sequel to her drabble called Droplets
Feedback: Yup, feeding is good, or my muse will sulk. Also, feel free to include criticism, too, if you feel the urge so long as its constructive, always appreciated.

A part of Cordelia knew she was having a nightmare, but lost in a gloom so thick she could almost taste it that awareness was slippery and fleeting. Underneath her bare feet lay freezing and damp stone. The cold discomfort was reassuring since it was her only solid contact to stop the disorientation from swamping her completely. She had no idea where she was supposed to be, only where she wanted to be, which was anywhere other than here.

To achieve that first she had to find a way out. Spreading reluctant and trembling arms, she turned in a circle. Her eyes were wide-open and each breathe came out as a jerky pant. Goose-bumps chased one another as she waited for her fingertips to brush against something, anything.

Ogodogodogod! I can’t feel anything. Sobs worked up from her chest. Don’t panic, don’t panic, just… keep calm and work it out. You can do that. Hauling in a fortifying breath and blinking to clear the coloured blobs floating across her vision after staring into the black void for too long, Cordelia shuffled forward. Her thighs felt like jelly above stiff knees. Each step was terrifying as she inched her way deeper into the darkness with only the sound of her own rapid breaths to fill the vacuum.

Thinking herself alone, the scream when it came shot a charge of pure terror striking deep into her heart. The fine hairs on her arms and neck stood on end. It hadn’t been hers, but in the aftermath she could feel one bubbling up from inside. She recognised that scream. How she didn’t know since she’d never heard Angel scream, but even now it echoed; scraping along every nerve and making her heart lurch with horror. Standing frozen, she was certain that Angel was here, too, and he was in agony.

Oh my God, what are they doing to him? Mouth dry and pulse hammering, she got moving again, quicker this time. She could guess why, but not who. Not that it mattered who was torturing him and they’d better be gone by the time she got there.

Caution was swept away by a surge of molten fury. If he was here then she could find him, and stop whoever was hurting him. The slow shuffle became reckless strides. She had to get to him, but where was he? Frantic to pinpoint that fading splinter of sound her mind began playing tricks on her and any direction seemed possible. She didn’t know where to go! Hysteria had her spinning in circles until a second scream, longer and even more hair-raising helped her focus. Whirling in the right direction she began to run.

God, let me get there in time; don’t take him away, please!

Similar thoughts circled around her head everyday; when the sun came up, because he was dumb enough to go out during the day, and even more so when the sun went down and he went out to fight whatever demony badness was on the night’s menu. The paranoia that one day, or night, he wouldn’t come back had been bad enough when she’d seen him merely as a friend, now, almost convinced she was in love with the dumbass; it was so, so much worse.

Feet slapping on stone and pelting along at breakneck speed with her chin tucked in and arms pumping, Cordelia didn’t realise at first the glow in front of her wasn’t a trick of the light. Then a shadow leaped across the distance and the clank of chains was drowned by a throttled yelp and a deep agonising groan.

Angel, I’m coming, nearly there… just hang on, please…

The stench of burnt flesh underlain by something acrid and chemical assaulted her nostrils. Stomach churning, Cordelia flew across the distance, catching a brief but gut-wrenching glimpse of Angel. His proud head was bowed and limp body stretched up high with manacles at the wrists; chained. Worse, the blisters and welts marring the expanse of his wide chest were thrown into relief by the red glow of a coal burner standing nearby.

It was all horribly familiar, a scene in real-life that haunted her more now after two years than it had at the time. Angel was being tortured and this time she didn’t have a crossbow to hand. It still didn’t matter.

Recklessly catapulting herself onto the shrouded and bent creature as it went toward him again, her fingers clawed and dug, then gripped the thick coarse wool that swathed it from head to toe. Cordelia had no plan other than stopping it from hurting Angel anymore and then maybe, if she could manage it, kill it for doing this.

Instead, she fell to the ground as her momentum sent her sprawling. Dazed and confused, Cordelia rolled onto her back, still clutching the now empty cloak. Eyes darting into every space she could see, she found no sign of anyone, or anything.

“Where did he go?” she whispered and hoped Angel was conscious enough to help her.

“It doesn’t matter,” his deep voice, raspy with pain answered.

He hadn’t even lifted his head. What did he mean it didn’t matter? “Of course it matters. I need to make sure its safe…”

Rising to her feet, she ran her hands over him and felt his shudder. “Are you okay to walk?” He was slick with sweat and he hissed when her palm scraped along raw welts. Cordelia felt tears well and hoarsely she said “I need to get you out of these.”

“Cordelia…” There was something in that tone that she just knew she didn’t want to hear.

Renewed terror and a feeling of doom had her temper flaring, “How did this happen for chrissake. They caught you napping?”

Their eyes met and something in those tormented brown depths had Cordelia freezing and feeling icily sick. Full lips twisted with a pain that went soul-deep. Despairingly he said, “You wouldn’t let me in. I came to you and… you turned me away.”

Her mouth formed a rejection before the first pained accusation was finished. Never! “No!”

Everything she was screamed a denial and she backed away from him, staring. “I would never do that. You’re lying. I don’t-“

“It doesn’t matter it’s, too, late.”

Instantly her gaze dropped to his chest and found a thick wooden stake imbedded in his chest, in his heart. She was sure it hadn’t been there before. Before her horrified eyes he began to disintegrate, cracks appearing to radiate out from that dreaded wound. In slow motion she threw herself forward as if she might hold onto him if she got there before he was nothing but dust. God no. No, no, no, NO!

Cordelia screamed and screamed and knew she’d never stop.


Jack-knifing upright in her bed, eyes wide and mouth open in a piercing shriek. It was a pair of strong hands grabbing her shoulders and shaking her that brought her out of it. Head snapping up she latched onto his face.

Angel. Her mouth formed his name on a silent prayer.

It took a few horrific seconds to realise he was truly here; aliveish, whole and looking so concerned about her she wanted to weep like a baby and throw herself in his arms. Without a single thought of what he would think, she jerked him closer and ran her hands over his blue sweater-covered chest, under his black duster. After a surprised flinch, Angel let her roam and frowning in confusion, ducked his head to try and figure out what she might be searching for.

He was still clueless when her hand dropped to his waist, “Cordelia, what are you-“

“Just gimme a minute, okay? I need to know.”

She could feel his dumbfounded stare and didn’t care. For her own sanity’s sake, she needed to obliterate that dream and the only way to do that was to make sure for herself that he was okay. Slipping a hand under his clothes she did a sweep of his chest without the concealing cover, and sighed at the feel of unmarred skin like cool silk over a landscape of responsive marble. The heavy slab of muscle under her palm jumped at her touch.

Cordelia’s hand was impossibly warm and left a blaze of sensation, centered humiliatingly on his left nipple. It puckered. Speedily pulling her hand away, Angel scooted back and glared, “Hey! Cordelia…what…”

His expression accused her of temporary insanity. Thankfully there wasn’t room for embarrassment in the maelstrom of emotions currently scrambling her brains. What was left of them anyway. All she could think was that thanks to her sub-conscious, she was being given a second chance. That’s what this was. Relief was as devastating in its own way as the horror had been.

Rather than try and answer the silent demand for an explanation, she flopped back to the damp pillow and lifted shaky hands to scrub at gritty eyes, leaving them covered. “Don’t look so outraged, Angel. What, you’ve never been groped before?” Against the odds her lips twitched with a twinge of amusement.

She heard Angel sigh and then his deep voice asking with mild exasperation, “I don’t suppose you want to explain what’s going on?” His tone strongly hinted that he wasn’t going to give up until he got one.

“I had a nightmare,” she admitted finally and then lifted the heel of one hand to peer at him out of a single reddened hazel eye, “The short and scary version is that I thought I’d lost you. Satisfied?”

Her choice of words was possessive and very personal. Transfixed for a few long seconds, Angel felt his face go stiff, an automatic defence to hide his reaction to the news that she really did care that deeply. Lately he’d begun to think their mutual attraction and growing feelings weren’t so mutual after all. More like wishful thinking on his part after that fateful night at the ballet.

That nerve was still raw, so clearing his throat Angel shifted his gaze away so she wouldn’t see the pathetic flare of hope. “I’m fine, it was just a dream.”

From the pillow she snorted, like that’s big news. The hands dropped. “I know that now, dumbass, I’m just saying I needed to check. You woke me up, remember?”

How could he forget? “Yeah, right.”

Brown slid back to hazel. Sleep rumpled and cosmetic free, she was still stunningly beautiful. More so because sleep had given her a heavy lidded look with lips that were freshly plump. The colour returning to high cheekbones didn’t need any blusher to enhance the bloom of creamy skin.

The pervasive odour of fear that had him panicking the instant he’d entered the dark apartment was gone. Now, all Angel could smell was her and the familiar needy reaction to it had tormented him for months rose again; a curse of acute vampire senses. Sitting there with the lingering affect of her touch branding him, he wanted nothing more than to sink into the softness of Cordelia Chase in her bed.

She could feel the reassuring weight of him sitting beside her hip on the bed. So close and yet so far. Then it hit her; her bed in her apartment.

Not that she wasn’t grateful, but… “Angel, why are you here?” Panic dug in again and she went paper-white and bolted upright again in a blur of blue and white stripes, “Has something happened-“

“Dennis rang.” He cut in to say simply.

Lips rounded in an, O, Cordelia relaxed instantly. That explained it. Whenever Dennis wanted one of the guys to come over he rang the hotel knowing they’d check who the silent caller had been. When her number came up, he’d driven over. A quick check of the clock on her bedside table revealed she’d been asleep for maybe an hour max.

In the pause, Angel stood, “Look, you seem fine. I’m sorry,” for what he wasn’t sure, it just seemed to need saying. He shrugged, “This is your day off and you said you wanted to be alone. I’ll just let myself out.”

Cordelia didn’t know who was more surprised, her or him, when she latched onto a wrist. Since she had his attention, she said, “Oh no, you’re not going anywhere, buddy. In fact, you’re staying right here with me.”

There was a stunned silence from both of them. She didn’t let go of his wrist though.

What was funny, if she spared any time to think about it, was that less than two years ago she’d have thought twice about saying boo to him, never mind issuing demands. This was the same vampire she’d worked for, been dumped by, picked up again and who in an irritatingly short period of time had wormed his way back into her heart.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Standing over her and not pulling away, Angel had never looked more intense and strangely intimidating. “Are you in trouble?”

Heart thumping at the humongous step she was about to take Cordelia nodded, “Yes, big trouble, the worst.”

Even in eyes the colour of midnight she could see the pupils dilate at that announcement. Abruptly, Angel sat down again and somehow her hand ended up gripped in his. “Tell me,” He demanded gruffly.

This was it, now or never. Ogodogodogod, she felt drunk and took a breath to blurt out, “I’m in love with you.”


Stunned he reared back but his gaze never left hers. Cordelia wondered if her pulse was deafening him, it was certainly hammering in her ears.

“I’m in love with you,” she repeated, stronger this time.

He was as stiff as a board. “And that’s bad?”

Cordelia’s hair flew around her face at her furious denial, “No, of course not. Look, I’m not explaining this well.” Puffing out a breath she tried to marshal her thoughts, “what’s bad is that I’ve been letting the past get in the way. I don’t want to lose you, or us, because I’m a coward about relationships.”

His reply was automatic, not needing any thought. “You’re not a coward, ever.”

God, she loved him even as blind as he could be at times, dork. She smiled, “Staking vamps and decapitating Arlagon demons trying to suck my face off is a snip compared to this, trust me.”

Angel was lost. He’d hoped, dreamed, agonised over and finally accepted it would never be and now she’d just turned him inside out again. As little as three weeks ago he’d have ecstatic, but ever since the night his soul had been made permanent she’d gone cold, pulling away from him so fast it was obvious to everyone.

Overnight they’d gone from a sort of old style courting; dancing around enforced celibacy with mutual care to Cordelia stonewalling any move he made to get them time alone. The silent sympathy from the rest of the guys had been salt to the gaping wound.

He didn’t trust this about-face, he couldn’t. Rising more like an old man with a heavy weight rather than a powerful vampire, Angel gently disengaged their hands. “I do trust you,” he said looking down at her, “But I think we should save this for another time. Go back to sleep, Cordy.”

She didn’t need to hear what was going on behind that shuttered face. Her heart sank as he headed for the door, until she got a grip on it. “I had fantasies about us months before that damn ballet.”

Angel faltered and then stilled. She spoke to his back, “They got to be the highlight of my day. Hell any excuse and there I’d be dreaming my life away. Rain became us naked and plastered together in the shower. Alone with you in the hotel I used to imagine me coming into your office, pulling out your chair and just climbing onto your lap.”
When he didn’t turn she gave a watery smile, “I’m giving you the PG version by the way.”

“So why did you pull away from me?” She was forcing open a well of bitterness he hadn’t even known was there. Needing to see her face Angel turned.

The gulf between them was deceptive, because she was determined to close it. “I was afraid.” She admitted and clenched her fists. This opening herself up was killing her, but it needed doing. “The guys, the mission, you; you’re the centre of my life and I hate how fragile that makes me feel.”

“I can relate. I’m an immortal in love with a mortal, remember?”

Tears stung thinking at least he hadn’t used past tense. The next part was even less pretty, so she ploughed on, “With the happiness curse gone it hit me that if we made love, I wouldn’t be able to keep that small part of me I still had free, from you. That scared me even more. I’m used to thinking in terms of I, not we.”

The sudden flare of topaz in the brown gave away his clear understanding. Harshly Angel said, “That’s what being in love is all about. You can’t hold back and box parts of yourself off.”

The irony of being lectured on love by the one time, Scourge of Europe, didn’t escape her. The bitch of it was he was right. Yesterday, she’d have given him hell for suggesting he had a right to even question her reluctance to take that final step. Perspective was a weird and wonderful thing, and tonight, hers had changed completely.

Cross-legged, Cordelia spread helpless hands, “Well, I thought I could at first. I have walls, I know that because I built them deliberately, and for good reasons, but…” pausing, she prayed he’d understand what she was trying to say, “…I’m willing to try dropping them if you’ll stop walking towards that door.”

He still didn’t understand what had brought this on and that was only a small part of the problem. Anger and need, want and bitterness clashed inside Angel. He’d suffered in silence rather than risk pushing and losing her completely, but now irrationally it was all rising to the fore and pushing at the barriers he’d hidden it behind. The savage hurt of believing she was repulsed by the idea of being with him was hard to shrug off.

Tipping back his head, Angel reached for a semblance of composure. “Look, its not that my feelings have changed, they haven’t.” Dropping back he caught her gaze, “It’s just that this isn’t a good time. I think it’s better if I go.”

Out of sight Cordelia crossed her fingers, “I’m asking you not to.”

They’d reached an impasse. Heaving a tense sigh and shaking his head, he moved off with hands planted on lean hips. Every tense line of that powerful frame screamed a warning. Angel craved escape to calm down and think logically. Cordelia knew better than to let him. She’d let thinking too much almost ruin what they had; she was damned if he was going to do the same.

“Angel, come here.”

He hadn’t reached 250 plus by not being able to read signals. Face a dark glower he shook his head, “That’s not a good idea. I’m not exactly pettable right now.”

“I’ll risk it,” she said dryly.

“I’m not in the mood for games,” he growled, aggravated.

“Great, cos I’m not playing any. Come here, Angel.”

Some wounds needed more than words and knowing the time for talking was up, a deep throb swelled to life inside. He was pure dark temptation even in a good mood, now Cordelia walked a tightrope between anticipation and trepidation at the sight of him looking about as approachable as a demon. The demon with an Angel’s face.

He closed the distance reluctantly and she refrained from rolling her eyes. Typical Angel, contrary as all hell. Now she was opening the door, metaphorically speaking, all he wanted to do was shut it, or ignore it. Lucky for them both she recognised his resistance only went so deep. Or it would if she had anything to do with it.

Meeting him halfway she came up on her knees and wished she’d picked something a lot slinkier than blue and white striped PJ’s. Snagging his belt she didn’t tug knowing she’d break a nail and embarrass herself before forcing him to move if he didn’t want to. “A little closer,” she said huskily.

Above her his nostrils flared and despite the simmering angry hurt visible in dark eyes, a spark lit. Oh yeah, even pissed I can still reach you. Pleased and relieved Cordelia slid her hand up his chest as she rose to brush her lips along his jaw.

She gave a tiny hum of pleasure and husked, “Hmmm, you smell good.” He didn’t wear cologne, but the clean crisp scent of soap and man turned her insides to liquid.

Heavy lids slid closed and he groaned silently. She smelled pretty wonderful herself and the feel of her pressed along his abdomen, all womanly curves and heat, did things to him she wouldn’t believe. His arms felt useless just hanging down his sides and obeying his instincts Angel cupped her shoulders and pulled her infinitesimally closer.

A smooth cheek brushed along his rougher one. A soft puff of breath feathered along his skin. Both hands were pushing up his sweater, soft palms running along the ridges of muscle protecting his ribs. Just three reasons why he was melting like butter on a hot day.

Following the curve to his ear she blew gently into the shell, hardly more than a wisp of air and felt him shiver. Heat unfurled in her belly at his responsiveness. Not being blind, or an idiot she’d known since forever that he had a fabulous body, now she wanted to explore it without hindrance; meaning the duster had to go.

Nuzzling the sensitive spot under his ear she whispered, “Still mad at me and want to go, Angel?”

That reminder coming from anyone else would have been risking a firm push and a slam of the door as he stormed out. Cordelia loved to push his buttons and no matter what, Angel could only let her. In response, he grunted, an annoyed sound, and nudging her chin up with his shoulder, captured her lips in a quelling kiss. He could feel her smile even as he swept inside.

Angel didn’t even notice the weight of his leather duster slipping away down his arms to drop to the floor. He did notice those hot hands sliding all over, seemingly everywhere at once as if mapping him. He also couldn’t help noticing how they curved around his waist before dipping into the slight gap at the bottom of his spine, sliding between pants and skin to teasingly caress the crease between firm buttocks. His erection, already rock-hard throbbed in delight.

His tongue was cool; an absurdly sensual delight as it flicked and then tangled with hers. Her soft lips moulded to his firm ones and experimentally she scraped along one fang and then the other; human and blunt there was no pain but plenty of dark tinged lust as she revelled in who and what he was.

Breathless, she sucked in air through her nostrils when he wouldn’t release her lips long enough to take a breath. His hands no longer simply held her shoulders in acquiescence. A steely arm like an iron band locked them together from shoulders to knees. Mirroring hers his other hand had slipped below the loose elastic of her PJ bottoms to knead and mould the cheeks of her butt.

Still devouring her lips and as close as they could get, Angel ground his hips into the cradle of hers; trying to assuage the monster in his pants before it drove him crazy. If he could have thought past the storm of lust addling his wits he might have been a little afraid of how quickly she could whisk every thought except her and this out if his head. He wanted her so damn much.

He’d go crazy if she switched off no matter what the reason. That thought was terrifying and infuriating all at the same time. The first Cordelia knew that something was wrong was when he pushed her away, hooked an arm under her knees to flip up her legs and she ended up flat to the bed.

Panting and trembling with arousal she stared up into his taut face. Dark brown eyes bored into hers. A vein throbbed at his temple, “I love you, Cordelia, but that doesn’t change the fact I’m a demon.”

Swallowing to speak past the swelling lump that was her heart after that gruff speech, she whispered, “I know that.”

He carried on as if she hadn’t spoken. “And being a demon means that no matter how terrible it is there will come a point where stopping is not an option.”

Looming over her as he was, Angel’s erection was still firmly nudging her pelvis. The whole time he was issuing his warning his hips continued to helplessly rock, utterly ignorant of the words being spoken.

Lifting her legs from dangling over the side of the bed, Cordelia wrapped them around his hips and then moaned at the painful pleasure of that direct contact on her barely covered clit. Oh God, she wanted him naked. “I get that, too.”

“You have to be sure.”

“Fuck me, Angel, is that certain enough for you?”

It seemed so. Buttons flew in every direction after being suddenly torn from their moorings. Arching up to meet that descending dark head, Cordelia gasped when a nipple was seized suckled hard between his lips as streaks of fire sizzled between breast and loins. The contrast between her scalding reaction and his cool tongue only heightened the sensations. Grasping his head with fingers mangling into his hair as if to never let him go, she moaned long and low as he laved the puckered nub with the flat of his tongue and then circled it again and again. A sweet torment he lavished on the other breast, too, after trailing wet and possessive kisses on the valley between.

Heaving with passion; plump, firm with nipples tightly budded and flushed, Angel feasted with mindless abandon and tried to keep a lid on the desires roaring through his body. A century and a half of seduction, even the sick and twisted kind, should have given him immeasurable patience, but tonight that patience was missing already strained by months of hungry fantasising.

Plunged remorselessly into a swelling of river pleasure under the dual lash of his mouth and rocking hips; a torrent of liquid pooled between her thighs. Soaking through the thin cotton she still wore, it filled the air with the musk of female sexuality. Drawn by it, Angel’s head lifted and smouldering brown met glazed hazel for a long, intense second. Breath hitching, a dazed Cordelia was struck by the fact that he looked almost cruel, only with a sensual twist that blew her away.

Lips rosy from their recent activity plundered hers before lifting so he could say in a guttural voice, “I want to taste you.”

Her single experience with sex hadn’t prepared Cordelia for the instant she grasped his meaning. Oh God, “Angel, wait.”

Too late. The cotton bottoms were whisked off her legs before realisation could filter through the fog of pleasure he’d bathed her in. She tried to snap her legs closed, but strong fingers clamped around her thighs and then held them open for his head to duck between. The first nuzzle was gentle, perhaps apologising for forcing the issue, but if so then the first long lap and then flick of her clitoris was pure sin.

It was incredible. Rearing up with a throttled yelp, Cordelia caught a glimpse of Angel’s dark head burrowed between her trembling thighs, his long fingers lightly, but forcefully stopping her attempts to limit the torment of that skilled tongue. That image alone sent a shock-wave through her system and over the next however many minutes he didn’t spare her. Using lips teeth and tongue, Angel drove her to the edge and then tossed her over, diving headlong into her first real orgasm.

Bucking like a wild thing she came in his mouth and he drank it like the ambrosia it was. Thick, delicious cream coated his mouth and tongue. Head swimming with the scent and taste of Cordelia as it filled him up, Angel almost came in his pants from the sheer joy of it. Shuddering and with his enforced leash straining under the strength of his need, Angel lifted himself up and sat back on his heels.

Sucking in deep breathes that had his own chest heaving and for no other reason than to keep taking in the scent of her orgasm, Angel grunted as he finally managed to work the zipper over his bulging erection and freed it. Then shucking his sweater over his head to reveal a torso that was slick with sweat and roped with heavy muscle, he obeyed the demand of Cordelia’s open arms and mounted her.

Their breath mixed in a frantic wash as his face hovered above hers before dropping down to fuse their lips in a long, slow mating. He tasted of her and Cordelia’s thighs dropped open wider as a renewed lust rushed through languid veins. Lips brushing his ear, she latched onto the lobe and suckled it deep into her mouth before nipping the tender skin. Instantly the thick ridge pressing into her belly throbbed and Angel’s low groan reverberated from where his chest crushed her breasts.

“I want you inside me so bad,” she whispered and swallowed thickly at the stark truth of it. Her first orgasm, geeze, the aftershocks of that carnal rip-tide where still surging through her. Sex had been something she wanted, thought of as pleasant and missed out of loneliness. Angel hadn’t even penetrated her yet and Cordelia knew she was never going to see it the same way again.

It was a sweet balm to hear after the last few weeks, but he wasn’t finished with her yet, not nearly. Once wasn’t going to be enough and for the first time Angel was fiercely glad she wasn’t a virgin and he didn’t have to be a gentleman about it.

That thought was lost as a topaz flare lit deep in fathomless brown when Cordelia followed her instincts and licked her way down his neck, stopping to clamp sharp teeth on the cord running down the strong column. Threading his fingers into the thick brunette strands of her hair, he pulled her away to bear her back to the bed with a searing kiss that bruised.

She didn’t notice, too intent on kissing him back with equal fervour, her hips undulating under his weight in a silent chant of; take me now, take me now.
With his own orgasm threatening to topple his control Angel gave in.

Toeing off his boots and rising so she could help him kick off his pants, Angel kneed her thighs apart and waited for her to look at him. She did and the silence between them lay thick with the same needy tension that infused them both. Hot demands welled inside him, but he bit them back and gritted his teeth. Later.

She was slick and wet from before and so his penetration was easy despite his bulk. Cordelia gripped the duvet twisted under her body and couldn’t help the guttural moan of pleasure that fell from open lips. God, he was so big and thick it was…gorgeous. He filled her completely, almost unbearably so, but that almost made all the difference.

Then he was in her to the hilt and they stared at one another, suspended on the moment. Tears filled her eyes, turning them to molten honey. “I love you.”

It was his undoing, “I love you too,” he whispered and then throwing back his head to show the corded veins thrown into relief on his neck, Angel could restrain himself no longer. His control snapped and growling helplessly, he pistoned between her spread thighs. Having crested so recently the next one formed faster than a summer storm, tossing Cordelia back up with him.

Pleasure lashed them both, zinging out from their where they were joined as the deep inner rasp of her flesh on his and his on hers worked them to a frenzy. Rising up on his knees, Angel grasped Cordelia’s hips with hard hands and then sat back on his heels to hammer into her. Watching out of slitted eyes he saw the second wave hit her; saw the deep flush of blood rise from her chest to her cheeks, and saw her mouth drop open in sheer bliss as she was sucked into the maelstrom again.

That was it, he lost it. The inner contractions that gripped her now claimed him too, and milked him of any veneer of civilisation. His grunts of cresting pleasure fought with her shrill cries and thrusting jerkily Angel vamped out as his own orgasm finally overtook him.


God knows how long it was later, but something pulled Cordelia from her spent daze. Prising open heavy lids, she focused on the large and very male figure lounging next to her as they lay crossways on top of her bed. Since this was the first time she’d seen Angel completely naked she couldn’t help but pause to admire a body made in heaven and moulded in hell to tempt every woman under sixty. And he was all hers.

The thrill of that only added to the tingles he was wreaking from a single trailing finger that skated along her ribs, travelling slowly down to the dark curls of her pubic hair before returning to brush the underside of one breast.

“Angel,” she said.

He looked up and her breath caught seeing the ridges that covered his forehead over gleaming topaz eyes. “Don’t be afraid,” he said low, “I couldn’t help it”.

Well put like that. Strangely her toes curled. “Its okay, kinda kinky, but nice, too.”

His smile revealed what should have been terrifying fangs. Should have been. Almost wonderingly Cordelia lifted a hand and traced them with a slim finger. Kissing it and never taking those feral eyes of hers, Angel opened his lips and carefully took the finger inside, twirling it with his tongue.

Shivering, her heart kicked up a beat and she said, “Wow! That feels wonderful.” She didn’t know it, but her eyes lit up and cheeks flushed.

Releasing the digit with a soft pop, he rumbled, “Glad you think so.” His smile was crooked and so like human Angel she laughed.

Propped as he was on one palm, his impossibly broad shoulders gleamed in the warm lamp-light. Filled with a soft afterglow Cordelia didn’t drop the hand but stoked it through the hairs at the nape of his neck. The heat between them hadn’t dissipated, but there was no hurry now.

The leisurely finger stopped to pluck at the nipple of one breast and they both watched it pucker. His hand was pale against her skin and feeling introspective Cordelia couldn’t help marvelling that a hand that could crush and maim without effort could also be so incredibly skilful at delivering pleasure.

“You’re too good at this,” she grinned and arched a brow at him, “I think I might start getting jealous.”

He cocked his head to think about it and then grinned back, “Tough.”

Now that was very un-Angellike. She bit her lip to stop another grin, “Hey, just cos you can grow a pair of fangs doesn’t make you the boss of me, ya know.”

Looking away he didn’t answer except to skim his way down to her thighs. There he plunged it slowly between her closed thighs to brush along the still damp and swollen lips of her labia. Zings of remembered pleasure had Cordelia sucking in a breath.

“Sore?” he asked.

“Not really; maybe a little tender.”

He nodded, “Good. Open up a bit.”

He made the demand as if he expected it would be obeyed. She thought about refusing simply on principle, but then Angel looked up and mesmerised by the sinfully heated glow of his vampire eyes, she gave in.

His finger was feather-light on the sensitive skin. Caught watching his hand work between her legs, she looked away with an embarrassed flush. Until his deep voice drew her back, soft yet steely. “Don’t look away, watch.”

Since she wanted to, she did. Her pulse was already thick and fast when something out of the corner of her eye distracted her. Blinking away a daze, she focused on his body, and the way he was leisurely pumping his fully engorged shaft. A tug of arousal dragged in her belly, adding to the slow pool of honey already swirling there.

“Didn’t you come?” she asked confused.

“You know I did,” Angel didn’t stop or try and hide what he was doing. “Don’t worry about me, think about yourself.”

That was all too easy. To help he slid a finger into the freshly dewy passage and then added another for extra stimulation. Already sensitised that was more than enough to set off a whole bunch of shivers among other things. She drenched his fingers and as a reward, he scooted over and nuzzled her face with his; catching the gasp she gave with a soft plumbing kiss when he flicked her clit with his thumb.

Electrified, she didn’t notice at first that he had hold of her hand until he wrapped her fingers around something silken and marble hard. It throbbed against her palm in an enthusiastic welcome and Cordelia’s eyes snapped open in wonder.

Wow, tonight was a whole lot of firsts for her. Thick and sinewy it filled her hand and for some reason Cordelia’s mouth started watering. Oh God, I can’t believe I’m drooling over a guys cock. I am in so much trouble.

Sensing her distraction Angel stopped kissing her and lifted his head. “Okay?”

She had never seen such a gentle expression on a vampires face before. No wonder she loved him, he was of a kind wasn’t he? “Oh yeah, don’t worry about me. In fact I could get used to this, so be warned,” she said cockily and drew him down for another kiss, careful not to get nicked.

With a hand now free, Angel cupped a breast and that was just the beginning. Sinking into a gathering pool of want, stroke, have; Cordelia lost track of time and anything else except for what he was doing to her. Drained and replete a short time ago, she would never have believed he could have her a gibbering mass of lust again, but he did.

Mindless minutes later and on the brink yet again, it didn’t sink in straight away that he’d stopped; stopped kissing her and stopped caressing her. When that realisation dawned every nerve in her body shrieked a protest. Then he lifted himself away from her, too, and she struggled up out of the lusty fog. “Angel, what-“

“Turn over, Cordy.”


“Turn over, Cordy,” he cut in to repeat.

Wits and senses still mired in unsatisfied desire, she harrumphed a protest but did as demanded. Her body was still humming when he straddled her hips and bent down to tuck the hair away that had fallen across her hot and sulky face.

If she was expecting a kiss she was wrong. Angel nicked her. Jerking at the unexpected sting, Cordelia whimpered when the lash of pleasure it wrought rippled from where he’d bitten her shoulder all the way to the pulse tucked between her tightly closed legs. Oh God!

Angel didn’t wait to be asked. “Since were being so honest tonight, I thought I’d show you it all. No secrets, Cordy.”

That silky rumble came from over her head. No secrets? He had to be kidding her. Eyes-wide and body wired she was helpless to still a tremble. “What’s happening?”

Above her his fangs flashed in a feral smile, “You’re so hot right now, a little pain only adds to it. Don’t worry though, I know where the line is so as not to cross it.”

“You what?!”

Hands planted to the bed, Cordy tried to lift herself but a hand square in the centre of her back kept her down. Then ducking his head to the line of blood that had welled to the surface, Angel tasted her. Instantly the heavy, drawing sensation of that suckle was mirrored in her womb, momentarily robbing her of speech. Swallowing hard at the resulting rush of blood to her loins, Cordy moaned into the duvet and wished someone would throw a bucket of cold water over them, or something equally icy. This was insane. He was a vampire and he was biting her, okay, so only a tiny bit, but how could something like that be so erotic?

“This isn’t right,” she turned to whisper, trying to gather enough resistance to not respond when he nuzzled into the crook of her neck.

Inhaling the sweet musk of sweat tingled ever so slightly with excited fear, he said, “You’re mine now and I’m yours, this is fine.”

That sounded kind of nice, still…“If you hurt me or give me a scar, I’ll stake you, I swear.”

His reply was deep and scarily dark, “I promise not to hurt you more than you want me to.”

Right now, that wasn’t exactly reassuring. Shuffling back to her thighs, Angel reached over to snag something from the top of the bed, and she gasped when the pillows were pushed under her hips, raising them by several inches. She was so sensitive it was unbelievable.

Without any other touch, Angel plunged inside her and his entry was so easy she had to squeeze her eyes shut in a mute denial of her own susceptibility. Stuck in a morass of guilt, she jumped when strong fingers gripped her shoulders and began massaging the tense muscles at the base of her neck.

“Relax, Cordy. Your body knows what it wants, so let yourself go.”

Setting up a strong sure rhythm that worked the base of his cock against the tight bud of nerves hidden between the stretched folds ensured she had no other choice. Angel gripped her hips. One, two, three, four shallow pumps later she was lost to it again; then gasped when he drove deep and hard, heavy enough that if he hadn’t had hold of her she would have been driven across the bed.

The blood rushed out of her head and she writhed on the spiralling wanton pleasure that impaled her along with her tormentor. It was too good, too much and even before she could take another breath he started it again.

One, two, three, four shallow pumps and then she shrieked as stars exploded behind her lids along with the sparks of mind-blowing pleasure cresting inside.

Ogodogodogod. She simply wasn’t capable of forming any more complex a thought.

Every time he started again, he reduced the shallow until he was driving deep, fast and hard. At last she thought and gripped anything she could hold onto, straining for release from the tension quivering along every nerve. Only it didn’t happen because he stopped before she could climax. Then he began again and pleading didn’t offer any respite. Sensation built on sensation and Cordelia was reduced to offering nothing more than incoherent cries as he rode her.

Finally, dripping with sweat and mindless to anything except that just out of reach pinnacle, she dimly felt Angel lean over her again. Then she heard him whisper, “Who do you belong to?”

“Angel” she moaned, more of a complaint than anything else, but grinning he accepted it.

“Good girl,” he said, then warned, “Hold tight.”

Gripping her wrists next to her head Angel bent over her, driving deep with every fluid flex of his hips. Clearing a path for himself of damp hair, he husked, “Come for me, baby” and then opened a tiny hole in her vein to suckle from.

Transfixed pleasure soon became frantic bucking and screaming. Powerless not ride that wave, Cordelia was swamped by her climax, drowning in it and when the darkness swallowed her whole, she welcomed the respite.


Rising back from blissful nothingness, she felt herself lifted and tucked under something cool and concealing. Waving a hand at him to get away, she cranked open an eye to accuse, “You’re sick, do ya know that?”

Amused brown eyes twinkled back at her from the next pillow, “I know but you liked it.” It wasn’t a question.

Honesty forced her to admit, “Maybe. But not often, I don’t think my heart is up to it!”



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