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Title: Memories
Author: Helen
Posted: 29/08/03
Rating: NC-17 HARD
Category: Little bit o fluff, some dark Angel and erm more smut!!!
Content: C/A
Summary: 3rd in the L & F Series This is in response to Cali & Scorchy’s request for another ficlet sequel to L & F – also Cali wanted Angel’s POV from a smut scene from L & F so that’s included too.
Spoilers: S5 AU
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GT/AA, anywhere else, please ask.
Notes: In L & F Angel got sicced with a ‘lust spell’ by Eve, Cordy intervened and got stuck with the results!
Notes 2: Dream sequence is in italics to make it easier to tell the dif!
Feedback: Yes Please – feed me I’m starving!


Cordelia woke and stretched slim brown arms high, to work the kinks out of her warm drowsy body. Then groaning in protest she rolled over and slapped a hand down to silence the bleeping alarm. After a moment she peeked over the top of covers, blinking and trying to wake up. Dragging herself to sit up she yawned hugely and fought back the temptation to simply lie back down and go back to sleep.

Angel smiled at the deliciously rumpled sight and then turned back to the stove, his grey sweats hugging his hips but the rest of him bare. It was the smell of food that finally got her moving – well that and the gorgeous guy cooking it. She padded over to him and wrapping her arms around his waist, laid her still sleep laden head against his wide cool shoulder – pressing a soft kiss there as a hello.

“Hi sleepyhead”. His voice was a deep rumble and she yawned again; “What time did you get here”? She asked him, rubbing her nose between his shoulder blades in an artless caress.

“Just got here – took a shower to get rid of the gore and started breakfast” she wrinkled her nose at the mention of gore this early in the morning. “Yuck” but didn’t move, he felt so good and solid to lean against.

“I hate having to get up this early, it should be illegal or something” she complained bitterly and felt him chuckle but all he said was “Breakfast will make you feel better” in a sympathetic tone, smoothing a hand over one of the arms draped around him.

“I wish I could go back to bed with you” she sighed against his broad back; Angel grinned and looked over his shoulder at her glossy dark head. “Are you sure you’re right about this Sasenark demon being a dawn riser”? He teased, reaching over to the toaster to pop down the bread – but slowly so he didn’t dislodge her.

“Yeah I’m sure – you think I’d be up otherwise”? Which meant an obscenely early start for her today-and I’m so gonna kill it just for that … OK maybe not since these things were more pesky than dangerous but it was still a pain in the ass.

Finally starting to wake up properly she was unable to resist running her hands up and down his ribcage before drifting down again to run light strokes over his belly. Helplessly fascinated she returned to draw teasing circles around his abdomen and navel – loving the feel of hard muscle and soft skin. She hummed in her throat and smiling against him, admitting “I love your belly”.

Angel looked down and watched her stroke him, the muscles tensing as the now familiar liquid heat of desire unfurled underneath her palms. He wondered absently what was so special about his belly – but was distracted by a teasing flash of memory at the back of his mind.

Turning off the gas he turned around, keeping within the circle of her arms and placing his large hands on her shoulders, massaging them with gentle care as he dropped a kiss on the tip of her nose and then another on full rosy lips.

She leaned in and turned her face up towards his in a silent demand that he was more than happy to comply with. Their lips met in a sweet kiss that gradually deepened, changing from soft brushing motions to foraging open-mouthed kisses, tasting each other with growing hunger.

Angel pulled back a little to let her breathe and nibbled on her full lips, brushing his face against hers and feeling her soft panting on his cheeks; reluctantly he pushed her back and looked down at her now flushed face and passion glazed, heavy lidded eyes. Angel’s long fingers traced the delicate bones of her neck and jaw before cupping her chin and rubbing a thumb over her swollen lips.

“Your breakfast will get cold” he murmured “Sit down and eat it”. She shook her head “It’ll wait” she told him, reaching up to clasp his head and pull his lips back to hers.

He just about managed to resist, a first for him but getting her fed was his number one priority, “You need to eat, Cordelia – you’re losing weight”. She’d been so busy lately that she had barely had time to do anything other than get though the day and he was worried about her.

Instantly annoyed she pushed at his hard chest in a silent demand for release, he refused to let her go and she glared at him then, a brow raised in angry question. He clasped her head and kissed her pouting lips– hard. “You know I’m crazy about you; so don’t get mad at me for wanting you healthy”.

There was a determined look on his hard, handsome face and concern in his deep brown eyes, she didn’t exactly melt but she did relax against him. Nodding and thinking wryly to herself, that she was in some serious trouble if she was getting annoyed because he thought more of her than a convenient release. Yeah well, its his fault I’m addicted to sex so I’m entitled to be mad.

He’d been nagging her for weeks about eating better and had taken to cooking her meals whenever he could come by during meal times. She knew he’d been getting increasingly worried about how much she was taking on, even sending along her newest employee under the guise of a man desperate for a job – a guy he’d vetted and approved first of course, not that she was supposed to know that.

Thinking of George, she lifted his heavy wrist to check his watch and stepped back “Fine, so feed me”. Pulling out a chair she plonked herself down, still sulking a little.

He crouched next to her chair and pressed a kiss to her forehead “I’ll make it up to you later” he promised. She gave him a dark look, still smarting from the missed opportunity for a quickie and responded with a sneering “that’s what you think”, and then an arched look when he just laughed at her and stood up.

Hah – you just wait, Dumbass; you’re not the only one with willpower; she ignored the twinge of arousal that echoed inside and started to eat the eggs and bacon he placed before her.


He lay on his front, head tucked into the crook of an elbow, her pillow clutched tightly and half covered by his wide chest; he took a deep breath and then immediately released it in a deep-throated groan.

He rolled over onto his back, his face taut with some kind of fierce emotion; his restlessly moving hips twisted the sheet both under and over him as memories washed over him in his dreams.

The tranquilliser had only been a fraction of the amount needed to put him under properly – he was awake but paralysed for the time being. The lust spell put on him by Eve was still running rampant through his system, but less now than earlier.

He’d felt every move Cordelia had made, including bathing him to get rid of all traces of Eve and he’d loved her for it. But it was a torment too – he could smell her, his Cordelia – that special scent that was uniquely hers and that never failed to drive him crazy with wanting her.

Despite the spell having loosened it’s strangle-hold over his overwrought senses – just having her so close kept him hard and aching down to his very soul, and with his softer side being repressed by unsatisfied desire – a dark hidden well of passion still poured through him.

She had no clue about him really – at least not that side of him; the intense sexuality that was as much a part of him as both demon and soul. Like the others she thought that he’d been celibate for decades before Buffy – the opposite was true. His celibacy had only started when he’d returned to this dimension from the hell the slayer had consigned him too.

After that he’d hardly missed sex – until Cordelia had thawed him out and now he was on fire for her – burning with a lust that had nothing to do with spells or magic.

It was killing him to have her so near and not be able to touch her or even speak; then he felt her finger running over his thigh- from the knee up to the top and brushing past his straining groin.

She continued to run her fingers over the cloth of his shorts, avoiding the bulge of his arousal, to follow the line of his hips up to his belly button; there she swept her soft palm over him and he heard a soft-delighted laugh. Hot chills would have roughened his skin if they could – but he couldn’t even respond that much.

Helplessly he lay still unable to do anything but feel as she leaned over and pressed soft lips to his bellybutton, running her tongue around and then dipping inside it – Jesus, this was Cordelia – the woman of his dreams and she was touching him like she really wanted too – or couldn’t help herself.

He felt like weeping, if only that were true; he would gladly lie down and die for just one night with her – able to touch and make love to her like he’d dreamed of doing countless times.

Her hot lips and tormenting tongue carried on down to his navel and he howled inside his head at the pleasure and awful anticipation that he couldn’t suppress. His head started to swim with the intensity of the feelings that intimate caress arose within him and he wanted more – much more.

The fingers of one hand started to twitch and a terrible hope blossomed inside him – would he soon he would be free of the drug? But then reality crashed down and he howled again as pain flickered through him; even if he could, she wouldn’t want him – she was only doing this because she thought he was unconscious.

She kissed him on the lips and he cursed the response that he felt but she didn’t– but she wasn’t finished. He felt her hot breath feather his face as she kissed him all over – eyes, ears, and neck and then trailed her hot wet tongue down his throat to his chest. Burning pressure built in his chest even as hot licks of pleasure singed him from the inside out.

Her hair added to the torment, the silky strands brushing against his sensitised skin, as her trailing lips travelled down to his nipples where she lavished attention, licking and sucking until all he was nearly mindless with need.

Helpless rage and pure need boiled inside him, driving his frustration far too high until suddenly the pain drained away as the demon asserted itself – wanting the woman – needing her as much as the soul but without the conscience that usually tempered his natural ruthlessness.

He tried to swallow and found he was able to and then one large hand clenched into a fist. She didn’t notice and lifted the other hand off the bed – laying it over hers so that the flat of his palm covered her own; he concentrated hard on not moving that one.

He twitched a thigh and nearly growled in savage satisfaction when it moved at his command – again she didn’t notice; too caught up in what she was doing. His aching arousal swelled even more and he was tormentingly aware that she could leave him like this and he wouldn’t be able to stop her – not unless he could get back control of his body. Then she was his.

He could smell her arousal – the air was thick with it and it was just another torture that he could nothing about it, other than suffer the almost wild need to taste it, his throat ached – tight, needy and starving.

She pressed a kiss to the centre of his palm before tracing his index finger and then –sucked it into her hot, wet mouth. OH GOD! It was too much a deep throated groan escaped his tense lips and he felt her freeze like a doe suddenly confronted by a predator.

She shot up and away – No Fucking Way!, that was the final straw and the scalding heat of his fury blew away the last of the drug’s effects. He lunged for her, every vestige of civilised thought and self-control stripped and shattered.

He flattened her to the bed underneath him, pinning her with his weight and glaring down at her hotly with teeth clenched and lips snarling; furious with her for thinking that she could tease him like that and then leave him wanting. His arms trembled for a moment as if under strain, but he stilled them.

He took a deep breath and his chest expanded – “You left me once before, I won’t let you do it again”, He didn’t care what he had to do – he was going to have her, take her – drive inside that tight, hot body and lose himself in her

He didn’t let her respond but lowered his head and took her mouth in the kind of kiss that until recently he’d only dreamed off. Almost roughly he thrust his tongue into her mouth, forcing apart her lips and plunging inside – possessing her there as he would every part of her before he was through.

He ground his thick erection into the soft cradle of her hips, seeking relief from the painful throbbing and then ducked his head to her neck, biting down in an effort to satisfy a primal need to claim and only just managing to suppress the impulse to break her skin. He soothed the sting with a long lick of his tongue, feeling her life’s blood rush beneath it with a frantic pulse – a pulse echoed between her thighs.

His mouth found a nipple through the lace of bra, but that was too much of barrier and so he ripped the middle open to get at her naked flesh. He took the tender flesh in one hard hand, kneading it with his longer fingers and suckling the hard nub deep into his mouth, scraping with his teeth before doing it again – and again.

She was panting hard and squirming beneath his confining weight so he recaptured her hands in case she thought of fighting him. She arched her back and raised her hips and not caring if she was trying to break away from him – he simply pressed her down again with his weight; shaking his head in mute denial of even the thought of letting her go “never”.

She thrust her hips and thighs against him and their lips met and clashed again in a battle of wills, tongues tangling until the kiss became a wilful duel. Sitting up he yanked her pants and underwear off with one strong tug and in less than a second she was naked except for the remains of the blouse and bra that he’d ripped earlier.

He left them on and took off his shorts before pulling her beneath him again. He groaned long and deep at the feel of her almost naked body under his – skin to skin, with no more barriers. He forced a knee between her thighs and then the other one too, parting and opening her to him as he settled himself between her trembling thighs; the broad head of his sex nudging the soft damp folds of hers.

He suckled hard on her nipples again and prickles of heat raced over his skin at the taste of her soft plump breast; the feel of it in his mouth and between his tingling teeth. Suddenly starving for the taste of more, he gripped her hips in his hands and scooted down her body.

She screamed when he started to lick, nip and suck at her clitoris between the luscious folds of her dripping core. He stabbed his tongue inside her as deep as he could to draw out the creamy moisture of her arousal. She began to buck hard against him – so he gathered her closer, lifting her so that he could thrust harder into her.

When she started to come in his mouth, he growled against her sensitive and swollen flesh and wrapped his arms around her hips to still her thrashing body, intent on taking every drop and he didn’t stop until she lay shaking and exhausted; drained by him and her orgasm.

He stared at her mesmerised by the sight of Cordelia – soft, vulnerable and wet and his – at least for now. Feeling as if he would die if he didn’t get inside her, he crawled up her body to mount her and then had to grit his teeth at the hot wet clasp of her tight passage on his engorged shaft.

Only the fact that she was already so wet made his penetration possible without really hurting her. She moaned and thrashed her head from side to side when he continued to push and rock himself remorselessly into her, not stopping or retreating until he was finally in her to the hilt.

He pulled back for his next thrust at the same time as he found the cord on her neck and clamping down on it with sharp teeth in an unconscious imitation of possession; he then started to thrust heavily into her. She keened deep in her throat as she was wracked by a second orgasm.

He felt a burning pleasure spread from his loins to every part of his muscled body and stiffened, growling almost too low to be heard as his body tightened unbearably, desperately trying to not succumb to his own orgasm – brought on by hers. Wanting it to continue and have it never end, but he was helpless to prevent it as her hot wet passage squeezed and milked his swollen shaft, taking everything he had to give.

On the bed his back arched as his balls tightened – the orgasm imminent and he woke up to find he was alone. Well, shit!

After he’d recovered he started to chuckle, so that’s where I remember that from the chuckle became a laugh and then a groan. He knew damn well that Cordelia was planning some retribution for this morning when he’d refused to make love to her in favour of feeding her instead.

So the question was – how did he get round her stubborn determination to do the same to him?


It was dark and she was pretending to be asleep, not that he was even there to see it – asshole, where the hell was he? How was she supposed to teach him a lesson if he wasn’t there to suffer through it?

Then she started to fret; wondering, as women do, if was he getting used to her now – too much of a good thing and all that crap? “Better frickin’ not or I’ll stake him through the heart and dance on his dust” she thought with vicious fury at the thought.

Then she heard the door open and forgetting her plan, she grinned with relief. Memory returned and with it a frown of disappointment – then she stiffened her spine and berated herself for thinking of just giving it up.

She had it all planned down to the last detail. Well actually it was simple – she was bruised from this morning’s case; painless really if a bit colourful in places – but he didn’t know that and she was gonna play on it for all it was worth. Starting with pretending to be asleep, so she deepened her breathing and concentrated on slowing her heartbeat – she hoped anyway.

She listened as hard as she could but still didn’t hear his approach, and the bed dipped beside her before she even knew he was there. That was strange, why was he sitting beside her on her side, rather than getting in on his?

Something cool and slick tickled her hands, before slipping to her wrists and she had to squeeze her eyes shut or give into curiosity. A big mistake, before she knew it her hands were bound by the silken cloth which was then secured to the bedrail over her head.

Shocked, she opened her mouth to start yelling at him and call him names like pervert and… “Whoa, what the hell was he doing now“? She wondered in total shock as another cloth was pressed over her mouth and tied behind her head, gentle fingers checked she could breathe, “Duh – kinda necessary for me, Angel”. Then she felt something cold and metallic against her warm skin and shivered.

He cut away every scrap of clothing she’d worn – Uh Huh, OK and thank god she’d deliberately picked out the most unflattering and unyielding PJ’s she could lay her hands on, or she would be getting seriously pissed right now.

“Hold it, wasn’t she pissed anyway”? Actually if she was honest – she was kinda intrigued and then she blushed at that particular admission not to mention thankful for the concealing darkness that hid it from him.

When he was finished he left the bed and her eyes widened – No he wouldn’t dare – would he? She sagged back with relief when he snapped on the bedside lamp and then averted her hot face, embarrassed to be seen like this even by him. OK less intrigued and more pissed now.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him round the bed and the other lamp came on “Geeze, enough with the lights already”. The minute she got free she was going to kick his ass for embarrassing her like this. The bed dipped on his side this time and she turned her head to face him with hot hazel fire spitting out of her eyes.

He chuckled when he saw her hot anger and brightly flushed cheeks. He lay on his side, supporting himself on one elbow with the hand cupping his cheek and looking at her with a wicked smile curving his sensual lips. He raised a brow when she made incoherent noises from behind the cloth.

“Sorry what was that, Love”? He asked tongue in cheek and with a brow raised in mock query, “you’ll have to speak up I can’t hear you”.

She scowled at him with narrowed eyes and raised a long slim leg to hoof him off the bed with all of her might and considerable fury. He caught her foot and held onto it for moment, laughing at her and knowing that with every second her emotions were rising higher and higher.

Anger was passion – it just needed converting and was a hell of a lot quicker than persuasion with a stubborn nature like hers. Her eyes were practically glowing with frustration by now; but not fear and that was the important thing, if she got free he was dust and he knew it – his grin widened.

“Shall I let you in on a secret”? He asked her in a conspirital whisper close to her ear, but other than deadly narrowed eyes he got no response.

“I was thinking today of the first time we made love, do you remember”? She looked at him warily now and her hazel eyes clashed with his before she finally shook her head, denying him.

“Tut tut, Cordelia don’t lie – I know you remember it”, he lifted a hand and trailed his fingers in the valley between her breasts, stopping to softly rub at the delicate curve of the underside of one and then running that single finger along the crease and over to the nipple, which immediately puckered as if begging for attention.

Cordelia shut her eyes to close out his face, hard and somehow ruthless despite the full lips and sinful dark eyes. She also couldn’t help but notice that unlike her he was fully clothed. She flexed her arms, testing the bonds that kept her captive; they were soft and didn’t cut into her skin – but unbreakable for all that.

He saw the movement of her arms and pursed his lips, looking thoughtful for moment, then he cupped a breast in his large hand and squeezed it before rubbing his callused thumb over the sensitive tip.

She moaned at the predictable response of her body and watched his hand slide over the pump mound until the rigid pink bud was caught between two long fingers. Expertly he kneaded and plucked at the nipple at the same time until goose bumps raced along her skin at the hot licks of pleasure that coursed from the centre of her breast directly to the pooling heat between her legs.

She clenched her thighs tightly together to try and stop it, but already knew it was useless. So she closed her eyes again, his hand smoothed its way down her ribs in firm strokes – heading to her belly and abdomen.

His hand stopped over her bellybutton, kneading gently at the warm flesh and then circling it with his fingers, the strokes feather light but getting closer until he dipped inside and she sucked in a breath for a moment as prickling heat radiated outwards and then settled once again at her dampening core.

Still not touching her in any other way, that hand travelled further down her body; sifting through her curls to dip fleetingly inside her wet folds making her jerk and whimper. Only relaxing again when he moved on, following the outline of her pubic hair to stroke her inner thighs. She tensed again, when the journey led back to those curls but he stopped just shy of her sex.

Heat continued to unfurl inside her and she was forced to open her eyes as the stimulation was only increased by keeping them shut, desperately she tried to feed the anger that was rapidly changing into another kind of red hot heat.

He lifted a leg firmly and dimly she thought she should refuse to let him, but the thought of getting into a tussling match, which she would surely lose or just hurry him along to other things, stopped her. The raising of her leg exposed her more and this time he didn’t stop with a quick little forage.

He was stilling lying stretched beside her and watching her watch his hand as it ducked between her legs, over those damp and fragrant curls to the secrets underneath them. He slipped between the soft luscious folds to run a finger along the length of it. Returning back up to her clitoris, he rasped the sensitive bud with his callused finger and then soothed it by dipping into her now moist depths and then transferring the sweet slippery cream to it.

Helpless to prevent it, her hips rose in a plea for more – needing firmer contact and maddened by being unable to insist on what she wanted. She watched his hand and saw him push a finger into her, feeling it at the same time was incredibly erotic and with no other stimulation she was utterly focused on it – so much so that her muscles clamped down in excitement at the contact and she moaned as further streaks of pleasure lashed her.

She writhed beneath that impaling finger that was thrusting now in a strong rhythm between her thighs, she could feel him watching her and desperately tugged at the bonds again – seeing it he plunged a second finger inside her and increased the pace. Then she felt his mouth at a breast, tugging at her nipple and drawing it into his mouth to suck strongly in exactly the same rhythm as below.

The tip of his tongue teased the delicate bud inside his mouth with tight flicks, causing sensation to follow sensation – her breast and loins were on fire and bursts of pleasure streaked through her body. Unconsciously her hips started to undulate against his fingers and her body tightened with both tension and desire – the pleasure heightened now rather than diminished by being bound.

“Oh God,” she was so close – she could feel it buildingthen she wanted to scream when the fingers pulled out and left her – she ached for more, having been just shy of the blissful pleasure she craved. He sucked the fingers that had been so close to giving her an orgasm with definite enjoyment, his eyes blazing now with hot sparks of lust in those dark ebony depths.

“Oh my God, I don’t care about anything anymore – just get naked”, she wanted to yell at him, pound on him and then flip him over and impale her achingly empty body on his hard length. Infuriated all over again she twisted wildly on the bed – thrashing and yanking at the bonds and screaming hoarsely.

Hastily he straddled her hips, trapping her lower body between muscular thighs and grabbing her wrists with one hand to prevent her from hurting herself, using the other to remove the gag from her mouth. He didn’t give her chance to speak though but cupped her chin with two fingers and covered her mouth with his.

The kiss was frenzied and wild and rough, just as she wanted it and she gave as good as she got, her passion had been skilfully risen and was now at fever pitch – breathless she pulled away and afterwards when he captured her lips again the kiss was different – the tip of his tongue teased the inside of her mouth with delightful strokes rather than devouring bites.

“Get undressed” she told him, demanding and yet asking at the same time; he didn’t answer her but sat back to survey the result of his handiwork. Finally he undid the buttons on his shirt, one by one, to reveal that chest and eventually those shoulders when he shrugged the garment off and flicked it away, the muscles in his upper body flexing and bunching with the sharp movement.

Then he moved to his belt and he watched her expression carefully as he undid the buckle and pulled it free of the loops around his waist – her eyes widened at the implication – as he knew they would and satisfied with that response, he smirked and then threw the belt aside.

She really tried to be angry, especially after that smirk but she ended up laughing instead – releasing some of her tension so that she could grin back at him, she raised her arms again in a questioning gesture, “Untie me” she demanded, still with a wide smile and then following it up with a hopeful look.

But the infuriating vampire just shook his head, “I’m not finished yet” and scooted down her legs until he could rest his chin on her damp curls, looking at her over the length of her body – “I’m hungry” he explained and then lifting her legs over his naked shoulders, set his mouth on her.

As far as rekindling flames goes it was like setting a match to dry timber, she went up. Her back arched off the bed as with unerring instinct he went straight to her clit and sucked hard and fast, flicking with his tongue until she cried out. Then he laved it with a long slow lick – dropping back down to lap and suck at her now dripping centre, before dipping inside and then stabbing deep, drawing the moisture out again to do it again.

Hard hands gripped her thighs to stop her from thrashing too much and he lifted himself up, which raised her of the bed and brought her closer to his ravaging lips and tongue. He swirled through the soft folds with it and then circled again to tease her with the promise of rougher strokes.

She dug her heels into his back and surged against him, dimly she heard a zipper being pulled down and nearly sobbed in relief at the promise in that sound, god she felt so empty and achy with the need to be filled.

He reared back and over her, releasing the ties from her hands and pulling her arms down between their charged bodies, immediately she reached down to finish the job of freeing his straining erection.

Running her fingers along the hard, smooth and ridged length and then grasping the pulsing shaft she started to pump up and down – he hitched a breath and groaned at the sensation of her warm hand enclosing him. It was Angels turn to be helpless now and hung over her like a large animal, shuddering at the touch of her hand on his sex.

She scooted down so that she could reach under him with her other hand and cup him, rubbing and rolling between skilful fingers in the way she knew he liked it. Then she hooked a leg behind his knee and pulled it towards her, bringing him down on his side so that she could push him onto his back.

She growled when she realised he was still wearing his pants and started to impatiently tug them down his hips, he lifted them to help and was soon as naked as she was. He pulled her back up to kiss her, plunging his tongue deep inside her mouth, sliding against and then twisting round hers to draw it out to suck on it.

She grasped a one of his hands and pulled it back to between her legs; he obliged her by stabbing two fingers up inside her, retreating and then thrusting high and grinding his knuckles against her clitoris. His other hand grasped a breast to squeeze and tug at the nipple and she moaned into his mouth at the fiery pleasure.

Desperate to taste him as he’d done to her she sat up and then ducked down to take him deep in her mouth, trying to swallow the thick length whole, licking the broad head already slicked with moisture. Now it was his turn to arch up, driving his swollen shaft deeper into the welcome heat of her mouth.

Not content with just fingering her; he lifted her almost completely off the bed and over him so that her sweet wet heat was over his face, exposed and accessible. He tongued her as she sucked at him and they pleasured each other with devouring mouths, flicking tongues and nipping teeth.

Within seconds of orgasm, he wrapped muscular arms around her hips and lifted and twisted her so that she lay sideways over his lap – then in a move so swift it didn’t even register with her, he levered up, pulled her thighs over his and lifted her body so that they were pressed chest to chest.

He didn’t need to ask her to look at him; she knew he liked to watch her face as he penetrated. Hazel and brown met and stayed glued together as he slowly lifted and then lowered her onto his throbbing sex. They both grunted at the pressure and her head drooped to rest against his shoulder while his came to rest atop hers.

They stayed like that for a while, resting and enjoying the feeling of being joined. Before long though the urgency returned and he started to rock them both. His hands on her hips guiding her in his rhythm. Pushing and reaching for completion, she ground herself down on him and he lifted her up more to lunge higher and harder, until the squeezing motions of her convulsing loins drove away the last of his self-control.

He thrust her down on her back and balancing on his arms, pounding into her depths – riding through her orgasm but then following her into oblivion almost immediately. He collapsed on her, crushing her into the mattress but Cordelia, relishing the weight of him – wrapped both legs and arms around him to keep him there.

Hmm, my demon lover – every girl should be so lucky.



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In Love & War   Leave a comment

Title: In Love & War     IL&W ficpic
Author: Helen
Posted: 23/05/04
Rating: N-17 – Warning, dark in parts: may not be to all taste!!!
Category: Tiffs & Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: Smut sequel to L & F and Cat in Hells Chance. No need to have read tho, just accept Cordy woke up, started her own Agency and despite Angel being boss of W & H LA, they are a couple!
Spoilers: Based in an AU Post S5.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GT/AA, anywhere else not first posted in a fanfic Forum, please ask first.
Thanks/Dedication: Thanks to Cali my wonderfully scrumptious beta, lotsa licks coming your way babe!
Feedback: Always hugely appreciated

*PC is great, don’t get me wrong and I agree with it 100%. Without political correctness I’d be stuck to either the kitchen sink or the cooker and then very likely spending 20 years in prison for killing the guy who thought he could keep me there.*

But- It does have its drawbacks.

Cordelia sat back and gently swung the executive leather chair in tight little semi circles with one bare foot on the floor and the other curled up beside her knee. The lamps glow caressed her face, tracing the full glossy lips and smoothing over the cascade of glossy dark tresses as they cascaded down from her tilted head, currently leaning back against the luxurious brown leather.

One finger twirled a lock of it absently, smiling ruefully at herself, a dreamy light in her hazel eyes. Angel loved her hair longer, so she grew it and put up with the sometimes inconvenience of looking after it just so she could bask in the admiration so obvious in his dark eyes.

See, that was another thing. PC said a woman shouldn’t give a damn what a guy thinks of her looks, that it should be about common likes and good brains and mutual respect. Ugh, yeah right, like *that* sounds exciting in the bedroom? Not!

To Cordelia it was simple. Angel liked her hair long, and she liked to know without a doubt he lusted after every inch of her, she shrugged and sighed heavily. So sue me!

That was nothing really, she admitted wryly to herself. There were some things a girl just couldn’t admit out-loud, even if you were with a bunch of girlfriends. Something just stopped you, pulled the words back and made you blush and pretend you were going to say something else.

This was one of those and she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

They’d had a fight, a pretty big one with lots of yelling and accusations flying all over the place as they alternated between stalking off only to storm back and eyeball each other as they fought. To put it mildly, it hadn’t been fun and the roof had literally gone orbital. The problem was neither of them would admit they were wrong. Well no- that wasn’t exactly right either. The problem was… neither of them had been wrong.

It was the same old story: Angel being over protective and her being reckless. Only this time it had got so heated the fall out of it was they’d ended up not speaking for over a week. It was dumb, once her temper had cooled she’d seen his point, but would the stubborn Jerk see hers- hah, like hell he had.

Her eyes fell on the photograph framed on her desk. She’d taken it when they were in bed. She’d hidden the camera behind her back and woken him up with the hottest kiss she could manage, which she knew just by his response was damn hot, then pulled back to surprise him by taking the picture.

She loved it; it was one of her favourites; capturing his handsome face while it was still slightly bemused and boyish from sleep; his hair ruffled and lips rosy from their kiss. But it was his eyes that turned her insides into a puddle of molten lust.

Deep down in those onyx depths there was a dangerous gleam. A dark impulse, as the demon reacted to losing that kiss before he was good and ready. When she’d pressed the shutter, she’d caught him just before he’d tamped down the urge to pounce and take.

Anyway, Cordy shook her head to clear it and got back to the none-PC. She kinda liked it, cringe yeah, she knew it was bad but she liked it when he got all riled up about her. God! How bitchy was that? But she couldn’t help it, she’d always gotten a kick out of making people react to her and it was still true now.

Only more so cos, hello! This is Angel, we’re talking about; my demon lover. Cordy laughed throatily and covered her mouth with a slim hand, nervously twitching her foot faster so that the chair swung that little bit more wildly with her in it.

As much as she loved the dork in him, it was his flip side that had her breath hitching in her throat. In a bad mood he was the original Prince of Mean and pretty much the definition of mad, bad and dangerous to know and just because they were lovers didn’t mean she was exempt and vice versa.

It was always there, even though he hid it well, so well only someone who knew him intimately would spot it. For instance, when something bad happened there’d be a moment, just a moment when the darkness in him would rise to the surface. Then his face would go blank and he’d taken a mental step back to rein it in.

Most times people who pissed him off had no idea how close they’d come to being mauled. As for her, she just loved tweaking him; in fact it was almost a compulsion- like it was something she had to do to make sure he was still keeping that tremendous self-control well oiled.

But if you thought that was bad, it got worse. She’d had this fantasy; you know the kind; dark and wild with a sharp of edge of dangerousness to it. The type that made you wanna hide under the bedcovers come morning so the bright light of day wouldn’t expose it to the world.

She’d been convinced she’d never admit it to him, just the thought of that had made her palms sweaty in horror. Nope as far as she’d been concerned this was a woman thing, and about as non-PC as you get!

Until they’d had that fight and after a week of sullen silence and phone calls from the guys begging her to make up with him before they staked his irritable ass, as Fred put it, she’d been determined to make him snap out of his sulk…..

Lazily Cordy lifted up her watch and squinted at the face. She had time, there were no clients waiting and as for Angel she wasn’t expecting him until later. Smiling, she settled a little deeper in the wide, deep chair and closing her eyes, prepared to indulge herself in the memory of making a fantasy come true.

…..She’d walked into his conference room, right there at Wolfram and Hart while they were in a meeting. Waltzing in she’d shut the door behind her as if she’d every right to be there and waited for the ‘oh so’ predictable response.

She’d gone dressed to kill and with every intention of making his eyes bug out of his head. After a week of not seeing each other, driving him crazy was a must.
So after much searching and quite a few shopping trips she’d pulled together the perfect costume and then gleefully used it to its full effect.

A bright red silk suit with a thigh high skirt and camisole top with lace, the kind that looks like it could double up as lingerie with no bra; add a jacket that only just hides the fact; and finally killer shoes with a heel that makes every your ass sway with every step.

She’d had every male in the place ogling her and Angel; hardly able to not notice the effect she was having on his staff, promptly smote them with his eyes, while silently cursing her like crazy. Then he’d tried to get rid of her.

“Cordelia, I’m kinda busy here,” he’d announced pointedly, staring steadily at her with an expressionless face that nevertheless seethed underneath.

“So I see” she’d answered back sweetly, “but it doesn’t matter since I’m here to talk to Marc”. The room went deathly still at that announcement and suddenly every single person seated at the polished oval table found something urgent to write in their until now pristine notepads.

Angel’s eyes had narrowed into slits at the mention of another guy, and then his brows snapped together in a scowl as he restlessly searched the table for the hapless Marc.

Marc didn’t even notice the heated glare settling on him from the head of the table, he’d only had eyes for her as she smiled encouragingly at him and jerked her head to the doors. Marc was sweet looking, with neat blonde hair and an innocent face; in other words the complete opposite of his fuming boss.

Marc is busy too” Angel had growled pointedly, glaring at the young man until he sat back down again. Then he’d pinned her with a warning look, all ideas about keeping his face expressionless flying out the window. “Guess you two’ll just have to catch up later”. Not if he could help it, she’d read on his thunderous face.

“Okay, my mistake”. She’d replied with a disdainful lift of one brow, before dismissing him with a flick of her lashes and turning back to the transfixed blonde. “Marc, be a peach and phone me with that information we talked about will you. You’ve got the number, right”?

She’d ignored Angel’s indrawn hiss of breath and concentrated totally on the dumbstruck Marc until he nodded, hardly knowing what he was doing under the warmth of her gaze and totally under the spell of her best winning smile.

Mission complete, she’d sashayed right out of there, leaving a deafening silence and a table full of cringing people who just knew their day was gonna suck with the boss feeling meaner than a rattle snake who’d just got its poor widdle tail stepped on.

The door had hardly closed behind her before it opened again, but by then she’d been in the elevator, reaching for the switch and ignoring his shout, to press for down, she refused to look up as he just missed diving between the closing doors. Ho hum, timing was a bitch wasn’t it?

Back in the chair, Cordelia giggled and gnawed happily on a thumbnail, opening sparkling eyes to sneak a peek at the photograph again before sinking happily back into reminiscing.

Of course she’d had to hightail it outta there and into the sun before he reached the lobby, but that time Lady Luck had been on her side and she’d made it, dashing out of the swing glass doors just as she’d felt that whoosh of air that warned of imminent swooping. Laughing and pretending not to hear his commanding shout, she’d felt both his palpable frustration and the dark eyes boring into her back as she walked across the sunny concourse, every step jaunty with success.

She hadn’t gone back to the Hotel though, no sirree; she’d only just started and knew nothing would wind him up more than raging over there only to find it empty of his prey and staying that way until way late in the middle of the night- which ended up being about 4am-ish….

Her lips curled in a wicked smile that was pure female satisfaction while a spurt of heat flared in her belly. The leather creaked under her as she shifted a little in response to that dart of excitement.

…..She’d walked in the door, slipped off her shoes and gone barefoot down the steps with not a care in the world and knowing she still looked fabulous. Only this time in a slinky black sheath that highlighted her breast and hips, dipping deep in the front to reveal her cleavage, and stopping mid-thigh to reveal every glorious inch of long golden legs.

And he’d been waiting for her, watching her with hooded dark eyes that glittered with suppressed fire and his powerful frame sprawled in an armchair, still, silent and predatory. “Where the hell have you been”? His voice had that dark rasping growl that never failed to send shivers down her spine.

Only she hadn’t shown it, and instead acted surprised to see him; letting her eyes widen to just the right degree, then shrugged nonchalantly before putting her hands on her hips, to push up her breasts even more; finishing it off with a less than impressed expression her face.

“Out” She’d answered simply and flipped her hair out of her face, “living in LA and not partying every now and then is a crime against womanhood”, she’d finished flippantly tossing in a smirk for good measure.

“Not to mention a waste of a fabulous dress”. Then she’d cocked her hip as if to show it off, watching his furiously hungry eyes rake her body, before striding towards the stairs. “Don’t let the door smack you’re ass on the way out, Angel”. She’d thrown over her shoulder deliberately inflaming him.

She hadn’t made it to the stairs before a hard hand grabbed her elbow, using her own momentum to swing her round to face him again. “Why the big rush, Cordy? It’s a bit late for an early night” He’d gritted out, pulling her away, before letting go and using his large frame to block the stairs.

His cheekbones had been prominent from the taut control he was exerting, while his eyes already dark were black under the shadow of thunderously lowered brows and focused unerringly on her.

She’d been able to feel the waves of angry energy pouring off him, and every time she’d moved his body had too, just a twitch of muscle really but enough to tell her any move to escape was doomed from the get-go. Not exactly surprising since even in a good mood Angel’s civilised veneer was a thin covering for the pure predator he was.

“What’s it to you”? She’d asked confrontationally, with her hands on hips so he’d know she wasn’t intimidated by him; his bad mood, or the ferocious scowl.

“I answer to me, Angel. Not to anybody else and especially not to you”. It was a lie, being part of a couple made that impossible but since he hadn’t been exercising those rights recently she felt justified in using that to aggravate him.

He’d always hated it when she’d thrown her independence in his face and that was back when they’d first hooked up. Throwing it up again then, after everything they’d been through and come to mean to each other, had been like waving a red flag at a bull.

The lobby felt as if the walls shrank under the heat of his fury, and his hands clenched causing the long muscles of his arms to bunch and harden, bringing the sinews flush to his skin under the black shirt.

“You need a reminder”? His voice had been grinding and aggressively low, like it always was just before he let rip. “Don’t push me, Cordelia,” he warned, shaking his head from side to side, slowly, his burningly angry eyes never leaving her rebellious ones.

“Don’t threaten me, Angel. I do what I want when I want to. You don’t like that then kiss my butt, and take your cave man prehistoric ass out of my place”.

Even as she’d said it she known it wouldn’t happen. He was simply too possessive and territorial to take that from her, and she’d been banking on just the suggestion being enough to rip away the last vestiges of his tame façade, leaving his eyes smouldering with outrage. She hadn’t been wrong.

A year ago, maybe even six months ago he might have just stormed off and stewed for a while then come back when he was calmer, but that was before he’d officially put his stamp on her. The bite, his mark laid carefully and lovingly on her throat proclaimed her as his, at least to his vampire mind.

If another vampire had suggested otherwise it’d be dust and a demon had its head ripped brutally of its shoulders for the offence, with her- well that was the whole point.

Their argument, his sulking and her acid remarks meant to wound at the time and since regretted would all be forgotten over the next few however many hours. She knew her vamp, including exactly which buttons to push to force him to clear the air…..

Back in the chair, Cordelia could feel her heart rate increasing, feel the blood starting to fizz with excitement and closing her eyes tighter, she licked her lips to relieve the sudden dryness. If there was one thing having a vampire as a lover taught you about sex was to milk every sensation and revel in every aspect of physical love, even alone.

Her breasts felt too full and heavy, almost mindlessly a hand trailed up to cup one through the material of her shirt. Her lips opened and her teeth sank gently into her full bottom lip as she slowly brushed the thumb over the turgid tip, then shivered as a dart of pleasure shot straight to the liquid heat pooling between her thighs.

Her breathing got a little ragged as she sank back into the memory until everything else faded and she was reliving it totally, as if she was there again ….

Cordy anticipating his lunge saw the tightening of his body as he gathered himself, and dived to the side and away from the spot where she’d been standing. The problem with provoking a reaction out of him like this is risking him calming down too soon, getting even more pissed and storming off or … having him get too antsy.

She was banking on neither situation happening. It was a delicate balance and she was just gonna have to go with her instincts. Currently they were telling her to run her ass off. So she did.

She flew up the stairs, head down and chin tucked in with her arms pumping like pistons, an Olympian couldn’t have put more guts into that flight. Still she was amazed to reach the top and spared a spin round to check where he was.

Then nearly stumbled when she saw he was only half way up them, she regained her balance and didn’t stop to wonder why. She was halfway to her room when it occurred to her that she was going straight to a room with a very big bed. Heart pumping with exertion and a weird kind of tense excitement she decided it was way too obvious and ran straight past it.

She got about five foot past her door and that was it before she was caught up by impossibly strong arms and hoisted up a rock hard chest. Wriggling in that tight grip she had to hold back a belly laugh as helpless admiration filled her. Even as pissed as he was he still had the presence of mind not to chase after her too close so long as she was headed in the right direction, and for some reason that reassured her.

Still she had a part to play. “Can we just talk about this”? She panted and pushed at the hard arm encircling her waist. If he said yes she was gonna flip. “Geeze, I was only joking”. She half lied and kicked back with bare heels.

“You hear me laughing?” his voice growled low in her ear. “And no; I’m done with talking”, and this time that shiver did chase itself down her spine.

Angel shouldered open her door and pushed them both inside, once free of the door, he released her again. Cordelia whirled to face him, brushing away the hair covering her face and back stepping away in the face of his slow purposeful advance.

“Don’t ever come to my offices again, waltz into a meeting and then flirt with another guy. Are we clear”? Angel demanded aggressively, walking closer with a slow heavy tread that had her heart skipping as she cautiously retreated.

“Flirting? Hey that was *not* flirting. That was-” She wracked her brains for suitable scenarios that fit the facts and came up with a blank. “I was-“

“Flirting” inserted Angel flatly.

“Working,” corrected Cordy triumphantly finally hitting on one and smirking in self-congratulation.

“Working *him*, maybe” agreed Angel with a cold smile back, still relentlessly following her around the room.

“Hey I object to that” exclaimed an outraged Cordy now standing stock still and stabbing a finger in the unmovable wall of his chest.

“Good then we agree” Angel shot back sarcastically and ignoring her best attempts to poke a hole in his chest, snatched her up by simply wrapping both long fingered hands around her ribcage and effortlessly lifting.

Several things passed through her mind as the room blurred and she went airborne, including the errant thought that if he broke her bed again he was dust. Then she landed on it with an “oommffh”.

She rolled- they’d play tussled enough times for her to know the folly of waiting to get her breath back. So she twisted over and simply carried on going, aiming to roll right off and leave the bed between them.

It was a good plan and could have worked too, except for the fact of supernatural reflexes, unnatural speed and a seriously riled vampire riding high on outraged possessiveness. Okay so maybe as a plan it sucked, but it was all she could think of at the time.

He caught her flailing feet by the ankles and yanked her down the bed towards him. She caught a glimpse of his stone faced expression and darkly molten eyes and recklessly decided to up the stakes. If there was one thing the last week had shown her is that they both needed a way to vent and she knew just the thing to stop their inevitable squabbles from festering.

Not giving herself time to think she relaxed her body so it flopped, then the second his tight grip lessened a fraction yanked one foot free and pulling back drove it mercilessly into his solar plexus. To a normal guy that manoeuvre would be crippling; with Angel it doubled him over only long enough for her to complete her escape and leap off the bed.

Chest heaving in the half light of the poorly lit room she faced him, hazel eyes focused yet watchful and body loose, battle ready. Angel stiffened and his chin lowered in answering aggression.

“Dumb move, you’re gonna regret that” Angel snarled, low and darkly menacing. He wasn’t talking about an ass kicking and they both knew it; the sexual tension already rife in the air after a week of forced abstinence suddenly went stratospheric.

Feeling it rising up and heating her blood with giddy seduction was electrifying, egging her on. “Get real” Cordy scoffed her tone deliberately offensive.

His teeth ground together, tightening his jaw. Seeing it Cordy attacked again. “Ya know for someone sworn off talking you’re just full of it tonight aren’t you darling”? She sneered, following his circling moves to keep him in her direct line of sight.

“Word of advice. Try less talk and more action, broody boy. Unless you wanna just storm off and find something to pound on that’ll *let* you dominate it”. She prodded while a single arched brow rose in sarcastic query.

The reference to his habit of pummelling the ever lovin’ crap out of a punching bag when he got upset was deliberate and something Fred assured her had been a large part of his daily routine since their fight. She smirked unrepentantly when he snarled at her.

“I’m not the one with the big mouth, remember” Angel jibbed, looking for an opening that would bring the first stage of this confrontation to a swift end.

“Oh geeze, well *that’s* original. Did you just think that up? Like I haven’t heard it maybe a gazillion times before”? She derided, acidly mocking. Then seeing the blur, yelped and dodging back narrowly missed being swept off her feet by a curving leg at floor level.

Angel gave her an evil grin and jumped agilely back up from his crouch. “Talking, Cordy”, Angel warned with a low browed smirk. “Stop yacking and let’s get this over with; I have a yen to practice my less than impressive dominating skills”. He added silkily.

With that said his insolently hard smirk became even more twisted and inexplicably the pure dark promise it silently threatened wrought a thrill deep inside her core.

Shaking off the mesmerising distraction of his cruelly handsome face, Cordelia refocused on the fight at hand, knowing she’d need every skill he’d helped her develop. Escape didn’t occur to her, and if it had she would have dismissed it, she needed this every bit as much as she knew he did.

Taking the offensive Cordy threw out a left hook and when he ducked whipped up her right leg aiming straight for his ducked head, only to find it smacked out of the way. Then leaping back in case he retaliated she re-grouped, waiting for an opportunity.

She threw a flurry of punches at his head and torso, hardly hesitating with each careless block he made before throwing out another, alternating between left and right. While Angel, blocking her with either a palm or rock hard forearm, and letting her set the pace, felt the air quivering with electric tension.

A tension that notched up his own violent arousal past the point of anything remotely civilised. His lips curved in a feral grin and abruptly he turned the tables, ruthlessly determined to wear her down. Submission wasn’t an option but a necessity.

After tonight she’d never throw her independence in his face again. She belonged to him, just as he did to her. There was no going back or changing her mind. He’d already warned her once that he’d follow her into hell to bring her back if she tried it, obviously she needed a reminder.

When Cordelia was fighting for her life, her blood pumped with adrenaline and fear. This time with Angel it was the same- yet different, too. Now her blood literally zinged around her body, bringing clarity and an intense focus that was exhilarating like nothing she’d ever felt before during their practice sessions.

They clashed time and again, moving in a synchrony that was instinctively erotic despite the inherent aggression. Weaving and dodging, lashing out with hands and feet, blocking and parrying in stretches of time that they both drew out to savour the unique eroticism of their conflict.

It was like foreplay with both of them knowing the outcome was already decided, the finale written and the fireworks just waiting to go off. Panting, Cordelia spun and raising her leg in an arc, leaped into the air and followed through with a jump kick to the head.

This time Angel caught her foot instead of knocking it away, grasping her slender ankle he slid his hand up her calf and before she could respond, gathered his strength to lift her clear in the air in a smooth move that would have done ice skaters proud.

For the second time that night Cordelia went airborne, landing in almost exactly the same spot as before, except this time Angel didn’t wait to follow her down. Her back hardly hit the covers before she was flattened under his heavy weight- pinned helplessly to the bed.

Startled hazel eyes opened wide to be caught by intent almost black, only to widen further at the harsh ripping sound of fabric being ruthlessly torn open.

Feeling the cool wash of air on her naked chest Cordelia’s breathing hitched, and for a microsecond her heart lodged in her throat to beat thickly with mingled passion and trepidation, then all thought took flight as her lips were taken in a plundering kiss by his marauding mouth.

Savagely elated, Angel wrapped his fingers around her wrists then dragged her hands up to her head, pressing them into her tangled hair to lock her head in place for his deeply possessive kiss, repeatedly penetrating the vulnerable cavern of her mouth with his sweeping tongue.

Cordelia moaned at the fierce pressure he exerted to keep her jaw unlocked for his possession, then tangled her tongue with his, making him soften instantly if not slowing his greedy foraging. Cordelia spread her fingers, testing; but he wouldn’t let up the restraint, caging her tighter under his heavily muscled frame.

All she could do was take what he gave her and give what he wanted to take. Pent up anger and frustration born of anxious loneliness burned high in them both, refusing to let them slow the pace.

So the kiss was duel, a continuation of their fight only the advantage lay with Angel as he refused to break the kiss long enough for her to take a breath until finally she was drugged and dizzy through lack of air. Then he let her breathe.

Pushing up Angel straddled her hips, keeping his weight on the tops of her thighs while he ripped off his own shirt rather than waste seconds with buttons. Then scooting down a little he dragged the material of Cordelia’s ruined dress down her arms to the elbow then fisted the material in his hands to pull it in, effectively keeping her arms tied uselessly to her sides.

Cordelia felt his fingers snag the elastic of her panties and then the sharp tug that heralded an ignoble end to the delicate scrap of black silk. She opened her mouth to say god knows what, but ended up letting out a choked gasp as his lips latched onto a nipple, sucking it deep into his mouth.

Fiery licks of mingled pleasure and pain cascaded down her body in a searing heat-wave from breast to womb as he roughly tugged at the tender bud with blunt teeth, then lathed the tip with a hard flat tongue before torturing the rosy flesh with rapid flicks sending white hot charges chasing over her already heated flesh.

Rebellion warred with the desire thrumming in her blood at being held captive making Cordelia violently buck under him, raising her hips and jerking to try and dislodge him even as she ached to clasp him closer to her over heated flesh and her loins throbbed with the need to be filled.

Wildness escalated in her at being kept helpless, heightening every sensation while Angel, angered by her resistance tightened his thighs to subdue her and lunged back up with a growl to her neck, clamping down on the skin where his mark lay in a stark warning.

One she ignored even as she felt the vibration of that growl against her skin. Let him storm at her, rage at her, that’s what this was all about. Left up to him he’d brood for weeks and then.. maybe, talk to her. Not gonna happen.

Free of his grip the slinky dress was looser but not enough to free her arms as it lay trapped under his knees and she felt like screaming with frustration. So she did, bringing his lips back to hers in yet another clash of wills, teeth and tongues that only aroused her more as he forcefully plumbed the velvety depths of her mouth.

By the time he’d finished kissing her senseless again he’d somehow managed to rid himself of his pants and now he was as naked as she was; which in their current situation upped the stakes yet again. The sweat slicked expanse of his naked skin sizzled where it slid against hers, a deceptively silky covering for the heavy muscularity of his starkly masculine frame.

Angel braced his arms next to her shoulders and leaned down to break the taut silence that had held sway ever since their fight had started. “You asked for this so you’re gonna get it” he snarled into her ear, making her jerk at the wash of air over the sensitive lobe. “I’m gonna fuck your brains out” he finished crudely.

Cordelia barely got over the shock of hearing him swearing before her legs were kneed apart by one heavily muscled thigh and then spread wide by another; just as a hand roughly snagged one knee to fluidly push the limb up as high as it could go, fully exposing her already drenched centre for him to position the broad head of his rigid cock against and promptly slam into her.

For the first time in their relationship Angel didn’t care if she was willing, his emotions were too overwhelming and all he could think about was reclaiming what was his. He’d do whatever he had to without limit to brand her as his, including fucking her until she forgot what it was like to not have him inside her and then, maybe- he could relax again.

“You ignored me. I can’t believe you did that” he grated, his voice like sandpaper as he hung over her vulnerable form, braced on trembling arms sculpted with muscle, his wide shoulders blocking everything but him as he plunged heavily into her silken depths.

“You’re lucky I didn’t kill him. God I wanted to. You were looking at him”, outraged possessiveness was rife in every gritted out word and she could feel the fine trembling in him as it took over.

Her leg was hooked over one of his arms to keep her from attempting to block his driving thrusts and with her arms still trapped she was powerless to do anything but push up her shoulders and nuzzle into his neck, whispering “Shush” against his sweaty skin to try and calm him. It didn’t work; there was only one thing that would accomplish that now.

The frenzied rhythm of his lunges picked up even more and every thick stroke scraped his marble hard and ridged length against the delicate walls of her tightly clasping passage. An intense pleasure reverberated in Cordelia, coming in waves that gathered momentum as the strength behind each powerful thrust drove her up the bed; so much so she had to hook her other leg around his flexing, plunging hips or be pushed up too far.

“You’re mine” Angel forced out in voice made thick and guttural with mingled temper and carnal need, tightening his vocal cords along with every muscle in his body. Cordelia opened her mouth to speak and found his teeth pressed against her swollen lips as he repeated the intensely possessive statement in a way that brooked no argument.

“Mine, Cordelia” Cordy gasped as the cage of his body seemed to get heavier and the surging flex of his invasive thickness more demanding as he worked himself between her thighs, thrusting and retreating faster than a human could ever hope to match.

The tickle of his dark spiky hair and the rasp of his chain against her neck was the only warning she needed to push back her head on the pillow in mute acceptance of the sharp fangs that pierced her throat. She hardly noticed the heavy weight of him crushing her to the bed, focused on the overwhelmingly dominant feeling of that dual invasion.

A dark bliss threatened to splinter her consciousness as the strong drawing sensation of his suckling at her throat sent her reeling, struggling to stay grounded as a sparking dizziness assailed her, along with a pulsing pleasure that seemed to sizzle and arc between their surging bodies; tugging at her racing heart while his lips still worked against the sensitive skin of her exposed throat.

The orgasm spiralled and blossomed inside her before breaking, tossing her up and then bringing her plummeting down before throwing her back up again in its own unique tidal wave of sensation.

Angel felt the frantic clamping of her slick channel on his sex and reared up from the addictive sweetness of her blood to melt back to human and watch her as she lost herself to that unbearable release. “Say my name”, he growled the command out and saw her eyes fly open.

Their eyes caught and held just as she reached that final towering peak and the savagely exultant gleam in his obsidian orbs was what finally flung her over it, crying his name as she did before falling dizzyingly back to earth down the other side.

Angel heaved and surged erratically inside her, never fully withdrawing before thrusting back in a swift friction that was his undoing and his own back bowed under the lash of his own splintering climax, dragging him down and down until he exploded and spilled his seed in her womb…

Cordelia came back down to earth in her office in the present day and blushed like crazy at just how far she’d sunk in that memory. “Geeze, Chase get a grip already” she reproved herself, face still flaming and sat up to try and compose herself. It wasn’t the most graphic memory she could call up, missing a lot of the lingering leisurely feasting of other times, but for some reason it still packed a punch.

“At least its memories and not frustrated fantasies due to lack of sex life” she muttered to make herself feel better. It worked but still didn’t calm the heavy beat of her heart. She knew what that was like too and thanked god for sexy vampire’s.

Scanning the lobby in case of stunned witnesses she sighed with relief to find it empty and switching of her desk lamp got ready to go upstairs and wait for her own lusty vamp to arrive. “He’d better not be late tonight of all nights” she warned in a low voice as she climbed the stairs to the upper levels.

Reaching her room she pushed it open and stepped inside, already undoing the buttons on her crisp business like blouse. Then she halted to stare at the display spread out before her disbelieving eyes. She blinked in case it was a mirage and found it didn’t change.

Then she heard the door shut slowly behind her. Turning round, smiling hazel met melting dark brown. “Did you do this”? Cordelia asked Angel, her head tilted and lips curved in delight.

This- was a room full of flowers, light pink, hot pink, red and deepest burgundy all dotted in an extravagant display of voluptuous and sweetly fragrant blooms. “What did you do? Buy out a flower shop”? Her gaze bounced from tables to dresser, and finally to the red silk draped bed.

“Not quite” Angel replied with a wry smile and a strong trace of indulgence in his deep voice. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Cordy” he said huskily and brought up a single red rose with a flourish of one hand. The rose was beautiful but nothing compared to the smile on his handsome face.

“Oh Angel” she exclaimed and flung her arms around his neck, heedless of the delicate petals as she plastered herself along his silk shirted front to press her lips to his in a determined bid to kiss *him* senseless. Finished she nuzzled her nose along his and then down to his strong defined jaw.

Then a horrible thought struck her. Oh crap! “When did you do this- I mean I didn’t hear you come in”?

“I wanted to surprise you so I snuck in a first floor window” He admitted with a grin, his eyes faintly questioning her poorly concealed horror.

“You didn’t have to do that” she assured him equally husky. His lips quirked and she pressed a forefinger to the velvety skin to keep back the words. “Not that I don’t appreciate it” she added as a disclaimer and smoothed her hands around his neck, then down his front, lovingly tracing the marble hard chest under the slinky red silk.

“Wow, you even dressed up for me; don’t I feel like a slob”? She joked lightly sniffing back some happy tears and slipping her fingers between the buttons to lightly stroke the smooth velvety skin underneath.

Angel clasping her lightly to him and massaged a soothing hand into the base of her spine, making her feel like purring and arching into that casually skilful hand.

“You’re excused, you’ve been working” Angel crooned into her hair as he pulled her in for a proper hug. Cordy felt another guilty blush stain her cheeks and leaned back to look up into his face.

Whatever she might have said got lost when she caught his expression. She knew that look, He had something else up his sleeve, she was sure of it.

“What”? She asked only mildly suspicious. She could tell he was dying to show her and whatever it was she was resolved to be pleased with it. If effort went for anything he was on a winning streak.

“Wanna take a bath”? Angel asked with a wicked smile, and not waiting for a response pulled her over to the bathroom. Impatient to show off the warm soapy bubbles, novelty soaps, chocolates and champagne awaiting her.

Cordy was more than willing to be tugged along with only a heartfelt, “Do I ever”, as a reply.



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Repercussions   Leave a comment

Title: Repercussions
Author: Helen
Posted: 10/03
Rating: R/N-17
Category: Angst, smut
Content: C/A
Summary: This is the final sequel to ‘Aftershocks’ & ‘Aftermath’ and likewise is set during Epiphany – changed it a bit as Wes is still in hospital.
Spoilers: AU. S2 beige- Epiphany
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Thanks/Dedication: Thank you to Cali for being the bestest beta in the world.
Feedback: Yeah feed me!

Their relationship quickly developed a life of its own within just a few short days and nights. Cordelia’s life ran to a pattern of going to the office, and when Gunn was there waiting until five in the evening to shut up shop – earlier if he was away, and then running in to visit Wesley in the hospital. The nights she spent with Angel.

That would change she knew when Wesley was released. Which would not be long, now. And while a part of her was dreading that, another saner part looked to that day as being the day that saved her from a dreadful mistake.

For some reason, she just couldn’t make the decision on her own to stop seeing him. Maybe Wesley would be able to help her – convince her to leave Angel. She knew she was treading on thin ice with him. There was darkness inside him that no amount of light could brighten. Compared to now, the broody guy she used to know was Santa Claus and all the elves rolled into one. He frightened her sometimes and he knew it too.

Wesley was getting better; he could feel some strength returning and with it his wits. There was something troubling Cordelia and today wasn’t the first time he’d noticed it. Over the last few days as they were talking, she would become silent. A reason for worry in itself with the talkative young woman; then suddenly she would take a breath, open her mouth to speak only to falter and stop, shaking her head and smiling at him too brightly.

He’d had enough of waiting for her to spit it out, “Tell me what’s bothering you, Cordelia? Please”. He spoke quietly, interrupting her silent brooding and making her hazel eyes dart up to his, a flush staining her cheeks.

“Don’t tell me ‘nothing’. I know you better than that” Wesley’s blue gaze seemed to bore through her. She felt his concern and affection and without really wanting them too, her defences start to crumble a little.

“Gunn’s worried about you too you know. He tells me you come in later and later every morning and looking more tired each day – are you in trouble of some kind? We can’t help you if you don’t confide in us you know”. His voice was so gentle and compassionate that Cordelia felt herself well up.

“It’s Angel” Cordelia whispered and that was the start of the dam falling completely. Wesley felt a pain deep in his chest that had nothing to do with his gunshot wound.

“What has he done now”? Dread filled him as he waited for her to tell him, each second of waiting nerve-wracking. “Has he hurt you”? He prompted unable to bear the silence when she didn’t reply immediately.

“No – no, nothing like that really”, Cordelia looked down at her lap and when she looked up there was a strange, embarrassed look on her face, “I’m sleeping with him”.

If there was one thing more guaranteed to shock Wesley, he couldn’t think of it. Horrified he stared at her, when he spoke his voice was hoarse. “Are you insane – you know what the possible repercussions of that could be? Do you want to die”?

“If course I don’t” She hissed back at him, standing up to pace the miniscule space between the bed and the wall. “I know better than any of you about the risks of Angelus. I’ve met him remember, up close and personal too”.

“So why risk being his first meal, followed by thousands when you free him”? Snapped Wesley. Still reeling from the knowledge that Cordelia had risked everything they stood for. When he’d thought of the possible problems she might be having – this surpassed them all and then some.

“Stop worrying, Wesley. Angelus isn’t a risk”.

“How can you say that – you know what happened the last time” replied Wesley, incredulous that she would even think that, never mind say it.

“Yes I do, but it’s not the same. He isn’t in love with me and I certainly don’t make him happy”. Cordelia told him with a sad little smile and turned to look out of the window, hiding her watering eyes. Get a grip; you want him happy like you need a hole in the head.

“Nevertheless, feelings grow and before you know it, you’re dead or worse”. Wesley left that sentence hanging. “You must stop seeing him at once. Do you understand me, Cordelia”?

Cordelia nodded her head, still looking out of the window at the bright sunny day. It was nothing she hadn’t already told herself a hundred times a day. Only coming from a friend she trusted; it sounded much, much worse.

Wesley relaxed a fraction; Cordelia was an intelligent and brave woman and he knew she would do the right thing, for all their sakes.


Angel sat back in a chair with one leather clad arm laid flat on the wooden table in front of him, waiting for Cordelia to show up. His eyes were staring unseeingly at the table next to his. His blank continuous stare seriously unnerving the occupants, until at last they moved away. He hadn’t been looking at them and never even noticed them scuttle off.

He’d gotten Cordelia’s message when he returned from the fiasco at Wolfram & Hart and the damn worthless ring. He’d been bone deep tired and aching all over his body from the fall of several floors, clutching the fucking thing like it was the entrance to heaven, or more truthfully- hell. He’d been wrong, he was already there.

Or at least he’d thought he was but then he’d gotten back to the hotel and there it was, blinking at him with screaming insistence he listen to it; a message on the answerphone. Not exactly the first time but he’d ignored the others. Only this time he had listened to it, because he’d hoped it was Cordelia. The thought of hearing her voice had drawn him to it.

Angel, it’s me, Cordelia. I need to speak to you about something important.

Just by the tone of her voice he’d known deep in his gut, what it was she wanted to tell him. It was the way she always used to sound when she knew he wasn’t going to like what she had to say- hesitant to hurt him. He’d been frozen in place, literally.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t been expecting this, he had. No, what ripped through him was realising that he’d hoped to be able to have her for a little longer. Maybe even long enough to thaw him out. After the nightmare of the ring and Holland’s little surprise the only thing that had comforted him was thinking about her.

Her voice continued even as he stood blank-faced and frozen, unable to move from the crushing disappointment.

Not at the hotel though. Meet me at (sigh), how about Caritas at 1 am? Let me know if that isn’t good for you OK- save me a wasted trip.

He smiled mirthlessly in remembrance; she didn’t want to meet at the hotel I wonder why that is? The smile became a humourless chuckle and he raised the glass of blood to his lips and drank deeply, his eyes still staring unseeingly, while his mind wandered.

After the message he’d gone up to his rooms only to find Darla there, waiting for him and wanting the ring. He’d gladly let the stupid bitch have it. Not even bothering to try and persuade her it was useless, he hadn’t cared enough. He didn’t care about anything anymore and never would ever again- he’d make sure of it.

“Yeah well, it’ not like I have much of a choice”, his own voice drew him back to the present and he glanced around, his face unreadable but his dark brown, almost black eyes flickered with a restless, unfocused anger.

“Where the hell is she”? He growled to himself and then sighed, rubbing a hand over his face. He thought about just leaving but that would only delay the inevitable and make his own mood worse. Better to get to over with now and then get back on with doing … nothing.

“Hi”. Said a voice next to his shoulder and he looked up to her face and simply pulled out a chair next to him.

He watched her sit down and almost absently noted the unusually subdued outfit of jeans and sweatshirt, she needn’t have bothered to dress down, he knew what lay underneath far too intimately to be put off by it being covered up, but it was yet another sign that he wasn’t wrong about the reason behind this ‘talk’.

“What’s this about, Cordelia”?

He didn’t want pleasantries, and he saw her slight flinch at his cold abrupt tone. Too bad, Sweetheart. The coldness was creeping back and he welcomed it with open arms. He’d let her make him believe he could feel something again, draw away from the cold. Now he was paying the price but at least he knew the coldness would then go bone deep, unreachable.

“We should stop seeing each other”. She told him bluntly and her expressive face was serious and direct, Cordelia at her no-nonsense best.

She’d rehearsed this so many times since she’d left the message for them to meet. Should she demand, ask, talk around the subject and then introduce it or what? But nothing had seemed right so in the end she opted for bluntness and hoped he’d just accept her decision.

Her eyes never left his but her breathing seemed to get stuck in her throat when he just stared at her face, his own unreadable and incredibly distant. Never breaking her gaze he leaned forward making her jump a little, to rest his crossed arms on the table. He looked away for a second as if checking out who was nearby.

When he turned back she felt an arrow of something akin to fear prickle inside her belly. “You only just figured that out”? Angel allowed a slight smirk to cross his face and raised mocking brows in question.

“So tell me Cordelia, why the sudden change of heart”? So what if he’d guessed right, that didn’t mean he had to make it easier for her. He ignored the last of the receding pain and concentrated on the numbness.

“This has nothing to do with my heart” snapped Cordelia goaded by that smirk and the mocking look on his coldly handsome face.

“Sex sharing then or fucking, whatever you want to call it. Why call a halt? It seemed to suit you yesterday. Just think not about having to bother with all the messy romancing from some klutz”.

“Ya think? I happen to want romancing thank you and since your cold dead heart can’t cope with that, I’m gonna look elsewhere”. So much for being civilised, the claws were out already and she didn’t regret it. It just strengthened her resolve to end it.

His eyes narrowed dangerously at her barb and he almost vamped out when that comment managed to pierce through his newest shield and made him feel a renewed surge of pain at losing her. None of it showed on the outside as he toyed with the delicate glass in his hand and pursed his lips as if in contemplation of something, his white teeth pressing on his sculpted lower lip.

“Got a replacement in mind already huh”? He asked nonchalantly, hiding his reaction as he waited for her answer.

“Maybe or maybe not but it makes no difference, Angel. We’re finished”. The second time she said it was easier and she started to relax and sat back to let him say his piece and then get ready to leave.

“Wesley been preaching in your ear? Good ole Wes, I’ll have to go visit and say Hi”. He didn’t bother to hide another smirk when she gasped and narrowed her eyes at him threateningly.

“You leave Wesley out of this, Angel. He’s sick and can’t deal with you right now”. She’d slapped a hand on the table and her face was only inches from his. “I mean it”.

He let his eyes roam over her angry features, still beautiful, maybe even more so with fire shooting out of her hazel eyes. He was on target again, Wesley had gotten to her or she wouldn’t have reacted so hotly to the ideas of him confronting the injured man.

“Deal with what? I was only thinking of visiting an old friend and saying Hi, catching up on old times”. Plus ‘thank’ him for his interference in something he should have kept his nose out of. He let the sentence hang, knowing she wouldn’t let it go.

Yeah right. She ran through all the threats she could muster but they were too lame and he’d just shrug them off or laugh at her. Refusing to give in she simply repeated her demand, “Stay away from Wesley” she spaced each work out for emphasis and glared into his face.

“OK, no need to get so bent out of shape about it, Cordelia”. He was deliberately being as obnoxious as he could, knowing it would rile her up.

She sat back again and angrily bent to pick up her purse, stopping short when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back up. “I’ll keep out of your lives, Wesley and you. On one condition and it’s non-negotiable”. She tugged on her captured wrist but he didn’t release her.

“Which is what”? She snapped, to an outsider she looked unafraid, but inside her heart was beating hard and heavy at the slightly cruel look he wasn’t bothering to hide. Her belly sank to the floor when his lips kicked up at the corners in a wholly satisfied smile.

He could feel her pulse flutter under his fingers and was fiercely glad she was unnerved, good. He let the silence lengthen until she was starting to fidget and her temper rise. “I want one more night”. She’d just known he was going to say that but she jerked back anyway.

“What? no way Angel. Forget it, not gonna happen.”

“Non-negotiable remember. I can make life pretty awkward if I wanted”. He left her to decide what he meant by awkward. He was tense; she had no idea how tense, while he waited for her answer. He didn’t know what he’d do if she refused.

Angrily she yanked at his hold and after a second, he let her go. “I’m not afraid of you, Angel”. She told him defiantly and rubbed her wrist.

“Then what’s the problem”? He shot back.

“Me, I’m not the one with the problem here. I just don’t want you anymore. Get the picture”? She told him sharply. “Geeze, could you get any more lame?” She was praying she could anger him enough to change his mind. She couldn’t let this happen, if she did there was a definite possibility she’d be right back where she started.

“I can change your mind. Not like I haven’t done that before”. She struck the nerve she’d intended to with that harsh statement, but he didn’t let his reaction show. He’d save that for later.

She hesitated, it was true. Things only got this far because she’d let him persuade her to carry on seeing him. She shivered at the recollection of just how persuasive he could be.

Then there was Wesley and Gunn, could she trust her own instincts that told her he was bluffing? Maybe, but then if someone had told her 4 months ago that he’d fire them and go postal, she would have scoffed in disbelief.

“If I agree to this you’d leave us alone from now on”? She asked quietly, the sadness behind the words surprising her. He didn’t hear it, too intent on getting what he wanted.

The words rang hollow in her heart. Despite all that had happened over the last couple of months; she still found it still impossible to reconcile this cold stranger to the friend she’d come to love. Until Darla had appeared, ruining everything with her poison;, and ably assisted by the law firm from hell.

“Did Darla mean so much to you, Angel”? She couldn’t help asking and hated the weakness inside herself that wanted to understand why he’d turned on them, on her!

“Leave Darla out of this” he snapped at her and then crowded her back in her chair with his arms caging her in, one on the table and one on the back of her chair. “What’s it gonna be”? He self-control was pushed to the limits and he’d be damned if he’d let her change the subject and try and wiggle out of it.

“When”? She turned her head and found his lips were only centimetres from hers, his brown eyes full of dark purpose and focused entirely on her. I am insane, no question about that.

“Now” he told her, determined that she wouldn’t have the time or opportunity to change her mind or get reinforcements. He kept the leap of victory out of his face, keeping it expressionless in case she changed her mind again.


At his insistence she left her car at Caritas and sat beside him in the Plymouth for the short drive to the hotel, accomplished in uncomfortable silence while she hugged her arms around her chilled body. When they got there she didn’t give him time to open the door for her, but got out and stood awkwardly on the sidewalk that led from the parking area to the back of the hotel.

Angel pocketed the car keys in the inside pocket of his coat to make them less accessible in case she decided to make a run for it and then ushered her inside. Not stopping until they were inside his rooms and he’d shut the door behind him. He stayed in front of the door and watched her with a predatory look on his face, as she walked away from him and towards the centre of the living area.

She was incredibly nervous and hated that. It was as if every noise was exaggerated and that was making her jumpy. She decided seeing where he was, and what he was doing was much preferable to guessing, so she turned to face him with her head held up and chin high.

“So now what” she damned with a haughty toss of her hair.

“After the past week you still need instructions?” he asked her, well growled at her. That alone caused her to look more warily at him. The vibes coming off him had changed in a heartbeat and suddenly Cordelia felt lost at sea. “What’s your problem”?

His problem? Simple. All the emotions that he’d kept so deeply buried back in Caritas were coming tumbling loose now he had her here, alone. His back was still pressed to the only exit from the room, apart from the balcony, useless unless you could survive a hell of a drop. He walked towards her with deliberate grace, the stride smooth and with hands loose at his sides.

It looked more like a stalk to her but she held her ground and tilted her head up as he got closer. “The problem is that you’re still dressed, need help with that or can you manage that on your own”. He said challengingly but without the usual smirk, which worried her because she would have preferred that to the intent almost angry look he wore now.

“So are you, fairs fair, Angel”. If there was one thing she’d learned about this vampire was never back down or he’d walk all over you.

That went double since she’d started sleeping with him. He hated docility and preferred her to give him back what he dished out and so far she’d no trouble with that, and didn’t intend to start now. She started to yank at her sweatshirt and swiftly pulled it over her hand and dropped on the floor. He shrugged out of his coat and threw it in the far corner without taking his eyes of her.

As they unzipped and peeled down, he carried on herding her backwards and with his unnatural speed, was finished before she was. He didn’t wait but picked her up under the arms and tossed her on the bed behind them. She bounced and watched him prowl the last few feet, unashamedly naked, to climb on the bed with her.

He pulled the rest of her clothes off her and then throwing one hard muscular leg over her, straddled her hips. Cordelia took a deep gasping breath as she felt his familiar weight settle over her. Her skin sizzled where his touched her and she felt again that strange sensation where her body got hotter as if to counteract the coolness of his.

He was all hard heavy muscle, surrounding and covering, taking and giving all at the same time. Instinctively her body softened to accommodate his hardness and she felt the prodding of his thick erection at the apex of her thighs. Immediately liquid heat pooled into her sex and looking up into his face she knew he was aware of her body’s response.

“I thought you didn’t want me”, he said his voice tight with satisfaction. “You think I don’t smell that”?

He didn’t wait for an answer she couldn’t give, but ducked his head and forced her chin aside, then bit at the soft skin of her neck before sucking, open mouthed and strong on the sensitive skin. She shivered and goose-bumps rose all over her body as the sucking motion of his mouth at her neck continued.

Her hands came up to his shoulders and her nails dug into his skin, he shrugged them irritably and bit her again, not hard enough to break the skin, but threatening anyway. So in retaliation she scored her nails down between his shoulder blades as far as she could reach, not breaking the skin but making him growl, rear back and snatch her hands away.

He pinned them next to her head and glared down at her, the mutinous look in her eyes making his arousal harder and with a snarl he crushed her mouth with his. But what started out as a punishing kiss soon, despite his worst intentions, became a sensual exploration.

His lips softened and his tongue slid inside to tangle and curl with hers. Freeing a hand he grasped her jaw and opened her mouth wider so he could go deeper, angling his head to fuse their mouths in kiss that heated and heated until she was moaning into him. She speared her fingers through his short dark hair and pressed him closer wanting more.

She lifted her head and evading his, thrust her tongue inside his mouth, sliding over his teeth and then tongue with teasingly darting caresses, exploring and tasting him. When she went to retreat he stopped her by sucking on her tongue, the rhythmic motion of his lips a deliberate imitation of penetrative sex. It was such an erotic feeling that she writhed under him, rubbing his abdomen with her damp pubic hair.

The hot spicy scent of her arousal saturated the air around them on the bed and his head started to swim with the dizzying strength of his hunger. He pushed a hand between their bodies and forced two fingers between her clenched thighs. His fingers threaded through the damp curls to find her already hot and wet. He parted the soft folds, and using his index finger pushed inside the source of that honeyed scent.

He was big all over and she gasped at the feel of that thick impaling finger and undulated against his fist, rubbing her clitoris against him as the heat increased and she drenched his finger as it rubbed and thrust inside her tight passage. He leaned up one arm and thrust harder with the other hand, watching her face as the flush of arousal deepened.

She saw his taut face and glitteringly intent eyes watching her every nuance of expression. Helplessly her own eyes flickered as the sensations built and tightened to an unbearable degree. He found her g-spot and pushed against it ruthlessly; then hooking his finger he ground down on it, nearly bringing her hips of the bed, as the resulting electric currents of hot pleasure that speared out from her core.

The hot centre of her loins already slick and wet was drenched now and satisfied he withdrew from that hot clenching of her inner muscles and ignoring her cry of dismay, brought them to her breast, spreading the fluid onto the nipple before fastening his lips there and greedily sucking it off. Cordelia watched him as he lathed the tight bud of her nipple with his tongue and her loins jolted in aroused response at the erotic sight.

He circled the achingly tight nipple with the tip of his tongue, before his eyes closed in hungry enjoyment as he caught the turgid flesh between his teeth and started to suckle, drawing strongly on the sweet flesh and tugging with his teeth at the same time. The hot pressure of his mouth made her hiss and arch up into his pelvis with hers, trying to press her throbbing sex against him, desperate for some release from the incredible tension that was almost painful.

He reached down and dipped inside the honeyed depths of her again, repeating the torment of before until she was almost ready to come. He felt her clamping down on his fingers and withdrew them to smear her other breast. Cupping the soft mound in his hand, he tormented that one too, using all of his centuries of skill to raise her passion higher.

Aggravated at being denied and provoked to beyond boiling point she latched onto his bulging biceps, and used them to help free herself, and scooted down under him and between his legs. Angel snarled infuriated and tightened his legs, trapping and stopping her descent. Wild anger flooded him thinking she’d been trying to get away and he hauled her back up and fisting his hand in her hair, forcefully plunged inside her mouth again.

Feral joy pierced Cordelia, at the knowledge that she’d pushed him past his limit with her antics and met his marauding tongue with hers in a wilful duel for dominance. He kissed her until she was dizzy with lack of air and then leaned up to stare down in carnal satisfaction at her swollen lips and dazed eyes.

Knowing she was in no state to try anything else he let go and returned to her breast, rougher now, the pleasure bordering on pain. A distinction that made the throbbing in her loins tighten even more as her body lost the ability to feel the difference and her sex clamped down emptily in frantic need and lust, flooding her again with fresh spicy heat. He gentled after a few seconds and kissed the reddened tip before going on a nibbling journey down her ribcage and stomach.

He held her hips tightly as he worked his way down her quivering, gleaming body. Her skin was salty with musk and perspiration, glowing with life and passion and his chest ached with a pressure he couldn’t identify as he worshipped every delicious inch of her.

Her chest heaving and heart pounding with rising passion she raised her hips in his hands, and grabbed a fistful of his hair, pushing him down towards her navel, needing him there before she went mad. Strands of hair clung damply to her neck and face and she bowed back when he gave her what she needed.

He buried his face in the hot wet fragrance of her sex, nuzzling hard and parting the soft folds of her labia with his tongue, licked hard up to her clitoris where he flicked it sharply. A hoarse cry of approval broke free from her throat and she dug her heels into the bed, her thighs trembled and tremored as the pleasure streaked up and down her body, draining and inciting her at the same time.

Angel pulled back and lifted her thighs to drape them over his shoulders, stopping her from retreating if the pleasure got too intense, and then using his fingers he pulled back the folds of her labia to expose her fully to him. Slowly and delicately he traced the engorged begging little nub of her clitoris, circling and flicking then driving down to dip inside the drenched entrance to her vagina. He lapped hungrily at the liquid heat, feeling it warm and sweet on his tongue and inside his tingling mouth.

His fangs itched to elongate and started to, before he forcefully retracted them and then carried on feeding, and sipping at the nectar nature had designed to drive males wild. Cordelia’s head whipped from side to side, with incoherent chants that he go stronger, faster harder, falling from her open mouth.

Finally he gave in and latched onto the bundle of nerves, making her scream at the force he applied with his tongue, flickering around and over it so fast her vision blurred and she literally saw stars. He thrust two fingers straight up inside her, twisting them hard and pushing deep, stretching her and scraping along the sensitive inner walls.

Unconsciously her legs pushed at his shoulders as the tension tightened to snapping point, hot spirals of pleasure whipped along her nerve endings as she started to come apart. The chant had become wordless cries and her tongue came out to lick at her parched swollen lips before biting down as the orgasm ripped through her.

The instant he felt it start he straightened but kept her legs up high on his shoulders, keeping her there with his hands on her thighs. Without a single hesitation he thrust straight into her convulsing depths making her scream as the orgasm reached another level mid-flow.

Again she arched off the bed but could do little in the position she was held, he thrust heavily into her, piercing her core again and again, faster and faster; riding her through the orgasm until she lay limp in front of him, but still he didn’t stop. He lifted her higher and she felt his thighs nudge her bottom as he glided in and out of her slick heat.

The stretching fullness of him inside her was indescribable and she dug her hands in the coverlet underneath as if to try and anchor herself as her body accepted him with rapturous difficulty, the need to stretch to accommodate him satisfying rather than painful. A relentless tide of throbbing pleasure made her ache as she felt it build again.

Angel was forced to grit his teeth as she started to come, the milking grasp of her tight passage tearing at his willpower not to. Until finally, left with no other choice he pulled out of her. Before she could complain he flipped her onto her front and lifted her bodily up again, sitting back himself so that she was sitting in front of him.

Her pulled her until her legs were between his and bending her forward he thrust inside again with a single powerful flex of his hips. Then he straightened them both, her back flush to his chest with him still inside her. He pulled both of her arms away from her body and pressed them to the wall over the headboard.

“Do not move them”, he growled low in her ear, making her shiver.

He gripped her hips and started to thrust up into her, the position making it shallow but constantly rubbing and nudging her g-spot. She groaned and tossed back her head, her hair falling down her back in a glossy tumble. “Brace yourself harder”, he demanded and let go of her hips. She pushed at the hard, cold wall and felt his hands wrap around her body to cup her breasts, kneading the soft mounds with ruthless thoroughness. He squeezed the sensitive tips between finger and thumb, making her squirm at the darting hot licks of fire that shot from breasts to loins.

One wandered down her body and pressed into her belly, pushing her back against him even more. They were literally skin on skin and every thrust he gave, rubbed her bottom and back against his hard thighs and chest. She felt the muscles jump against her as he moved with fluid powerful strokes and leant her head against his shoulder.

It was an invitation he couldn’t resist and he bit down on the cord of her shoulder and neck, she moaned and pressed his head closer with her hand next to his ear on the other side. He complied with her unspoken demand and started to suck strongly on the sensitive spot.

His hand left her belly and found her clitoris again, hidden by the soft curls. He rubbed over it with skilful fingers, the skin slick with her own juice. She moaned harder and felt his growl at her neck and then the fangs that pierced her skin.

She tried to wrench herself away but he held her fast to him and sucked at the blood oozing from the shallow wounds he’d made. Cordelia wailed when she felt the drawing sensation and suddenly it was too much. The combined thrusting, sucking, kneading and caressing splintering her control as another orgasm hit.

He twisted them both so that she fell on to the bed and then started to pound into her, his lips still fastened with hungry ferocity at the bleeding wounds. Her blood filled his mouth and dripped like honey down his throat, shivers of pleasure became a merciless crescendo of pulsing ecstasy and he shuddered and ground deeper with every thrust, not driving for orgasm but to brand, stake his claim, mark her his.

Not to the outside world but to her, so that she would know she belonged to him and only him. Dimly he heard her scream his name and felt her convulse, squeezing his cock like a wet fist. He jerked as the orgasm hit, his powerful body arching into her as he came, but still he wouldn’t let go.

Afterwards, before he let himself relax, he closed the wounds and pulled her to him, spooning around her. Cordelia, lay with him behind her and drifted in a daze, one heavy arm was draped over her middle and she held onto it like it was a lifeline. Dizzily she wondered if she would survive the night.

He let her rest and doze for a while before waking her again with him already inside her. “This time you’re gonna scream harder”. That was the start of it again and when she got dry he would wet her himself with his tongue, until finally she was too sore to take him even one more time. Then he let her sleep.

Cordelia awoke at dawn, exhausted and tender, sitting up she winced and looked down at the sleeping figure of the vampire next to her. She was so tired she could feel her arms and legs shake as she got dressed, fumbling with the fasteners of the jeans and fractiously pulled at the hem of the sweatshirt when it got stuck on her head.

Tears stung her eyes as she walked slowly to the door and opened it with her heart in her mouth, expecting him to appear before her to stop her escape. But he didn’t, he lay listening to her, awake but still. Once she’d reached the point where she couldn’t take him anymore he’d watched her sleep and gradually he’d come to realise that he had to let her go.

How could she be his without her willingness, he couldn’t force her or he would truly become the kind of monster he despised. So he just listened to her leave him without moving a muscle to prevent it, despite the pain that was twisting his insides into knots.

Cordelia was in the lobby when the vision hit her, only this time she sank to the floor without falling. Images rushed through her brain almost too fast for her to follow but it was enough to make her almost gag with bile.

It was the future- hers, his and the others too. Pain and betrayal, and a nameless something that wanted to take them over from the inside out. She saw Angel disintegrate with bitter loneliness and the pain of that alone almost made her faint. “Oh God”.

She swallowed hard and got up off the floor in a daze to sit on the chair nearest to her. This vision had been different from all of the others, as if it had come from another source, but whatever it was it couldn’t be ignored. She stayed there for almost half an hour, until making her decision she got up and marched determinedly up the stairs and back to his room.

He still didn’t move as she approached the bed in the pre dawn darkness. She sat down next to him and reaching out a hand pushed him over onto his back. She looked into his alert brown eyes, and found them wet with tears, tracks down his sculpted face, testified to the fact that many had already fallen.

“I’m not going to leave you, Angel” She pressed a kiss to his wet cheeks.

“But you have to change, do you hear me. If we’re going to be together, you have to come back from the darkness, are you listening”? She demanded with firm compassion.

He didn’t say anything just curled an arm around her waist and pulled her closer, to bury his face into her lap. She let him cry and soothed him with gentle hands running through his short dark hair.

Somewhere, in another dimension an enraged scream rang out as plans crumbled, hopes where quashed and there was only the permanent darkness to hear and understand.

The End


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Dreams Maketh The Man 2   1 comment

His silence that followed her big announcement soon got on her stretched nerves. “So, do you want me or not”? She snapped at him.

“Or are you so hooked on this – dark brooding ‘monk’ thing you have going for you to try it with a real woman”?

Her face was one big ‘dare you’ scowl, which quickly changed to gaping surprise, when – quick as a flash he snatched up the bottle and unstoppered it with a quick twist of strong fingers.

“You might wish you hadn’t asked me that, but you did, so” with that statement hovering in the air between them. He tossed back the whole bottle and then throwing it over one wide shoulder – unsmilingly stalked towards her.

“Monk, Cordelia?” He asked silky smooth.

“Well if the shoe fits” she replied breathless all of a sudden. Oh yeah this is more like it.

“Before I’m through – you’re gonna be eating that shoe” he said, his voice ripe with promise.

She gasped and laughed at the same time so that it came out like a gurgling chuckle. Pull a tiger by the tail – Oops. “Promises, promises. Are you sure you don’t wanna just read a good ole musty book or something”?

She backed away from him as he continued to advance, loving him but not so happy with having control of the situation taken off her so easily. Trying to wrest it back she pushed at his looming chest.

“Oh please, Angel c’mon what’s with the pouncing” she taunted secretly egging him on, “We need to talk”. If he agreed to that he was in some serious trouble from a very pissed off seer.

“Do you love me”? He asked her. “”Yes” Cordy replied eyeing him carefully and still backing away, until her knees hit the bed and forced her stop.

She’d been so absorbed in watching him come closer and reeling a little from the sexual energy that was literally scorching, her that she’d missed the little fact that he’d been herding here exactly where he wanted her to go. The bed Well DUH.

“And I love you, that’s enough talking” he told her suddenly solemn and took hold of her shoulders. Her heart was pounding and he could hear every beat in her chest and flutter in her neck.

“Are you afraid of me, Cordy”? She gave him a startled, wide eyed look from her expressive hazel eyes and then resolutely shook her head, not even bothering to reply to that nonsense. Absorbed she ran an exploratory hand up his neck to his jaw and then down to the vee of his shirt.

He relaxed a little at her silent admission. He hated to think she was afraid of him touching her. God, he’d wanted to touch every part of her for so long that given the slightest hint of willingness on her part; he’d gladly spend the next few weeks just learning all the delicious secrets of her body, and then start all over again.

But if she wanted time to wait and get used to the idea – he’d give it to her even if it killed him.

“If you want to wait, I’ll understand” He said gently to the top of her head only to nearly get his teeth smacked together when her head came up with a jerk.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Angel! Don’t you dare put this off”, she gave him a pointed glare. “Ignore me I was just – you know egging you on a bit, giving some incentive”.

She gave him a cheeky, mock innocent look “Besides I’m not really used to this ya know. It’s been a long time and I only did it once with you know who”. Apart from some seriously hot fantasies that is; but she wasn’t going to admit that to him – Yet!

Before she said anything else inflammatory he cut her off in the best way possible, with his mouth slanted firmly over hers. Having no choice and with her mouth now otherwise occupied, silence reigned. At the touch of his lips on hers her eyes slid shut and if she was the poetic type she might have said her world tilted on its axis – but she wasn’t so all she could think was WOW- Jee-zusss, and where else can you kiss like that! .

His tongue curled around hers, pulling and sliding as he sucked the taste of her from her mouth and into his. She felt a rumbling vibration coming from him and it took a few seconds for it to sink in that he was .. purring? Then her toes curled up as he plunged deeper with that impossibly nimble muscle.

He changed the angle of the kiss and tasted her deeply; taking her breath into his mouth and giving it back rather than release her lips. Her knee’s started to buckle so she leant against his solid length, her hands gripping his shoulders like a lifeline. Tentatively she allowed her tongue to be coaxed out of hiding by his and they tangled together in a heated dance that was purely a prelude to mating.

She did some purring of her own, deep in her throat and rubbed herself along his front. Becoming instantly intrigued and excited to feel his bulging erection, currently and not so subtly nudging her in the cradle of her hips. Heat poured like lava into her loins and instinctively she ground her hips into his, trying to ease the swift ache between her thighs.

“Angel, lets get on the bed” she suggested throatily, between kisses only to feel his chuckle as he told her, “We’re already on it; didn’t you notice”? She felt a flush rise up when she realised that she was now on her back on the soft mattress of his bed. No she hadn’t noticed being way to busy with what was on top to worry about what was underneath.

“Sneaky vamp” she told him accusingly and bit his lower lip before pulling it into her mouth to suck sharply. He got his revenge by turning the tables with an endless devouring kiss that left her dizzy and mindlessly wanting more.

A long time later he leaned back to survey her flush face and red swollen lips, his brown eyes sparkling with lusty affection. He ducked down to press another kiss on her luscious lips and then ran a hand over the soft material of her blouse.

“I like this on you, but if you want to wear it again take it off now or lose it forever” he warned gruffly and smirked at her dazed expression.

She almost lost track of the words too mesmerised by the sensual curve of his smiling lips and heated eyes. “I can’t believe that you want me”? She admitted wonderingly, unable to hide her insecurities about him. It was an abrupt reversal from earlier but he understood.

He framed her face with his large hands and leaned his forehead against hers, with him on top and his arms, hands and face over her she felt wonderfully caged and nuzzled her nose against his. Inhaling softly and then blowing out so that her breath whispered over his sensitive lips and nostrils.

“Believe it Cordy, and you’re damn lucky I haven’t proved it before now”. He grinned at her disbelieving look and wantonly thrust his obvious and overly eager erection into the notch at the apex of her thighs. “How can you doubt it”? He asked with a decidedly wicked look in those sinful dark eyes of his.

He wanted to do things with her that just might shock her silly, and he fully intended to. Before she left his bed she would have no more doubts about how much he wanted her with every fibre of his being, demon and all.

He came up on his knees to straddle her hips and then ripped the blouse off her, too impatient to wait any longer, and knowing that deep down it would go a long way in convincing her he meant what he said. If there was one thing that he’d learned about women over the last two and half centuries was that despite any civilised protests to the contrary, sometimes it was better just go with the darker instincts and let them wallow in it too.

She didn’t care about the blouse but she did care about his shirt – it was in the damn way. She reached up and grasped the top of the vee that had frustrated her earlier and tugged with both hands – hard. Buttons scattered the bed around them and dimly she heard him laugh at the inadvertent growling noise she’d made when she did it.

“You call that a growl” he teased her and nipped at the tip of her nose; she wrinkled it and grinned at him, reassured and confident again.

“Get your pants off Angel, or lose them too”. She threatened, all female aggression and pushed up off the bed to grind her hips against his. He groaned at the friction and obediently leaned up so that her nimble fingers could reach his fly. The pressure of her fingers there made his arms shake and it was his turn to growl.

Crap, need to slow down, he thought panicking a little that she really didn’t appreciate just how sensitive vampires can be in certain places. It wasn’t just lips, tongue and teeth that were supernaturally sensitive to touch. Excitement could and did turn his whole body that way. Each nerve soaking up the lightest sensation, like water on desert sand.

It didn’t matter if the excitement was caused by the hunt, kill or sex so long as it was pleasurable. Of course this was a double edged sword taking into account Vampire strength and stamina. Satisfaction could either be minutes or hours away and right now he preferred the latter.

He pulled her hand away and brought the fingers to his lips and playfully bit the tips with sharp teeth before sucking one deep into his mouth and making her hiss and arch up in both pleasure and pain.

To get him back she wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him down to her. Whispering in his ear “I dreamed of you doing this to me” and her lips curved in a purely female smile when he groaned and shook at the knowledge that she’d fantasised about them too.

“Shut up, Cor” he growled into her mouth, but he was pleading for mercy really “Or I’m gonna come in my pants – how’s that for vamp stamina?”. She laughed throatily and asked “Don’t you want to know the things you did to me in them”?

He leaned up to stare down at her dancing eyes, “What did I do”? He asked, helplessly intrigued by this glimpse into how she saw him. She arched her back to help him get rid of the lacy scrap of her bra.

“Everything”, she told him and closed her eyes at the memories that played across her passion drugged mind. Her lips were full and swollen from their kissing and now he watched mesmerised as the tip of her pink tongue came out to lick her lips.

Oh shit, I had to ask didn’t I. “That’s it, time to get naked” he said desperately and suiting actions to words he crouched over her legs. With one tug he whipped both her skirt and panties down and lifting himself up and off her body for moment, pulled them away from her legs – Cordy was naked in seconds.

He stayed by her feet and devoured her body with hot eyes, inch by naked inch. His face was taut with lust barely held in check and his sculpted lips were full and sensually curved. Entranced by look of needy greed on his hard face she pulled herself up and prowled over to him on her knees.

To him she was all feminine grace and provocation. His palms itched to cup those full breasts and test their weight and responsiveness to his touch. But he was torn too in wanting to feel the tender skin and flesh of other less obvious places.

Her hips were sweetly curved, flaring out from her narrow waist in a way that just begged for exploration and as for the dark curls nestling between creamy thighs – he swallowed hard and jerked his eyes back up to her face.

He twitched sharply as if suppressing some gripping emotion which was actually the desire to just pounce, and let her come to him. She placed her hands on his as they rested between his open thighs and then ran them along and up his long and heavily muscled arms to rest on his broad shoulders.

Anchored now she pressed her aching breasts to the hard planes of his chest and rubbed slowly back and forth, pleasuring them both with their first real skin on skin contact. The friction electric as both their nipples tightened with heightened arousal.

Cupping his jaw in her palms, she ran the tip of tongue over his lips. Tracing them and then tugging with playful teeth at the lower lip until he opened his mouth to her sliding tongue. God, she was so hot, her heat seemed to radiate through his entire body and it seared his soul with the powerful and dark urges it awoke inside his darkest recesses.

He was wracked with the need to rush headlong to part where he could sink himself inside her hot body, not letting up until he’d gotten deep enough to brand her. Trembling with the effort of holding himself back but wary of frightening her, he gripped her waist instead and pulled forward until she straddled his thighs.

He felt her, hot and wet on his still clothed shaft and his hips moved restlessly, mindless of the fact that penetration wasn’t possible or even desirable yet. She felt it too and ground down on him, the friction sending both their heads back as cries of carnal need fell from their lips. They started to thrust together, his hips meeting hers in a erotic, yet ultimately frustrating dance with hot licks of fire burning them both where there bodies met.

Her luscious breasts spilled into his waiting palms, plump and soft and making his mouth water and sex harden even more. She ground her hips down harder on him, needing the friction to try and ease the dragging ache inside her aroused body. His hands dropped to her waist and then travelled up her ribs to cup and fondle her breasts fully, his palms circled and kneaded the soft flesh, while his fingers tugged and pinched the tightly beaded nipples with tormenting skill.

Their mouths fused in a heated clash of tangling tongues, until dizzy with lack of air, Cordy pulled back. Then nudging her head to the side, he nuzzled her neck and she whimpered when he nipped sharply at the fragrant curve. Then sighed when he soothed the sting by gently sucking on the abused skin and knowingly left his mark there.

Feeling unbearably sensitised all over by that playful and yet serious bite, she pulled at his waistband and ducked her hand through his open fly to run her hand down the hard, silky smooth length of his thick shaft. He twitched against her hand and she marvelled at the feel of him in her palm, cool marble that somehow burned at the same time.

She grasped him in her fingers and squeezed, making him groan and buck against her. She rained open-mouthed kisses over his jaw and neck, while her hand continued to fondle and caress him, loving the thrill the size of him gave her. Lord help her, she wanted him inside her NOW, the dragging ache had gotten worse and all she cared about was being filled by the hard muscled length that throbbed enticingly in her hand.

She pulled at his pants and tried to drop down but he pulled her back up and toppled her back onto the mattress and then leant over her. “Stop or I won’t last” he told her his voice guttural with need. “I don’t care I won’t last either” she told him panting and then tried to push him over onto his back.

Sheer necessity forced him keep her down and snag her hands to pin them over her head. “I have some fantasies of my own to take care of. So don’t worry about lasting” he warned her darkly, and kissed her now pouting lips forcefully.

It was true, she had no idea of the times he would just look at her sitting at her desk working and doing nothing provocative but still managing to drive him crazy with wanting her. Most of the time he managed to keep it clean and just imagine the pure sensory pleasure of being able to kiss her, long and slow.

But other times, when he was angry with her or just plain horny, then he would have to leave and go someplace dark and empty. Those where the times when he had to release his death grip on the demon and let it rise or risk it all with stronger and longer surges of the creeping darkness.

There in the darkness he would close his eyes and think about doing things to her that in the bright light of day would make her run screaming from him. He would likely never do those things, or want to with some. Maybe one day, when she was more used to him and trusted him enough to give herself over to him completely.

He could still hardly believe she was here, naked and willing and lying on his bed, but she was and he planned to make the most of it. She pushed fretfully at his restraining hands and demanded. “What about mine. I want to feel you inside me”.

“You will I promise” he muttered and shut her up before he lost it completely.

The feeling of helplessness both excited and aggravated her at the same time in a volatile mix of arousal. She pushed her hips up and dug her heels into the bed, raising herself up to rub against him, inciting him to drop his self-control.

The hot musky sent of her arousal was too much for his starved senses and he scooted down her body and cupped his hard hands around the cheeks of her bottom to raise her up to his hungry mouth. Her thighs wrapped around his dark head and soon shook with the spiralling tension and intense sensations of his voracious mouth on her sex.

Angel ran his tongue along the length of her and his eyes closing ecstasy at the taste and texture of her soft flesh. Convulsively his hands gripped tighter and pulled her closer to him. He licked and parted the soft folds with the flat of his tongue and then used the tip to circle her dewed entrance and lap up the sweet fluid that flowed from her into him. He swallowed hard and groaned as the heated flow dripped into his starved body and spread down to his rock hard and aching erection.

Even with her hands now free of his shackling hands she felt powerless to escape the currents of pure pleasure that flickered throughout her body, emanating from her loins and spreading to her quivering thighs and abdomen. Just the incredible intimacy of it being Angel doing this to her was enough to make her cry out incoherently.

He flicked her clitoris, teasing the hard little nub with tugging bites and then latching on and suckling her hard. The carnal caress lasted longer than her overstretched nerves could take and her hands clenched fretfully in his dark hair as she undulated against his mouth and chin, frantic for release. Hoarse cries of pleasure and need pushing faster and faster out of her throat on each gasping breath.

She felt the vibration of his low growl against her sex and then the resulting rush of hot warmth that poured from her. His rampant tongue dipped, circled, lapped and thrust inside her vagina and was joined by his thumb. He pressed it deep inside her while his fingers stroked along the cleft between her cheeks. All together it was too much and the tension snapped inside her, and so screaming his name she came.

He’d fed on cold blood, both human and animal, for over a century and it had been at least half that time since he’d been able to feast guilt free on something as hot and delicious as this. Her hips plunged and bucked in his hands and he would not lose even a drop of her body’s hot release.

He devoured and gorged himself on her, wrapping his arms tight around her hips to hold her still while he drank from her willing and pleasure wracked form. Afterwards, utterly drained she watched out of dazed eyes as his fingers hooked into the waistband of his pants to push them down over his hips, freeing his throbbing shaft to her gaze.

She looked at his proudly erect shaft, rising from its nest of course dark hairs and the post orgasmic haze that she’d read about- but hadn’t believed until now lifted. Her eyes widened in a weird kind of alarm that was half excitement and half trepidation.

Oh Crap, they didn’t look like that in that Cosmo article . Trepidation won and she didn’t dare look at his face as her mind whirled, seeking with a desperate lack of inspiration for some excuse to not go through with this.

Knowing at this stage that there was none, she looked up at him with wary eyes and caught his pained and amused look. “Trust me, you can take me” he told her in an intimate whisper.

That’s easy for you to say she thought caustically. Then ashamed of herself for even thinking of welching she smiled and nodded her head. Not trusting her voice which she just knew would sound rusty with tension.

He could sense her fear and re-covered her body with his trying to reassure and give her time to get used to the size and feel of him along and over her. Supporting himself on his elbows, he kept the weight of his upper body off her smaller frame and then leaned his head down to her, brushing her lips with his own in a whisper soft caress.

“Let me love you, Cordy that’s all I want to do”. That single sentence, uttered so longingly had her melting like ice-cream on a hot sticky day. “I want you to love me too” she told him and leaned up to kiss him back. “Make love to me, Angel”?

He shuddered at the sweet invitation and its slight note of worry and unable to hold back any longer, kneed her thighs apart and settled himself between them. With one hand he guided the broad head of his sex to her drenched centre and nudging through the dewy folds he flexed his hips and slowly started to push inside her.

She was so tight he had to clench his teeth to stop himself from giving the plunging driving thrust he ached to do. Her hands came up to grasp his wrists and anchor herself as he rocked into her, pushing past the muscles that guarded her sex, trying to surge inside and fill her.

She panted and then moaned as she felt him stretch her. She dug her nails into his forearms and writhed at the hot scrape of his invading shaft as it rubbed against the delicate inner tissues of her tight passage. Instinct drove her to push down with her hips and bottom, trying to limit the depth he could go.

He hooked an arm underneath her bottom and raised her to meet his thrusts, holding tighter when she squirmed and then pushing harder, forcing her to take more of him inside. The frantic cries of both pleasure and distress that she gave drove him on rather than making him stop.

Frenzied now to possess her completely, he reared back until only the tip was inside and then with a final powerful thrust was in her to the hilt. She arched her back and twisted, trying to ease the burning invasion and he swallowed her scream with his slanting mouth.

Cordy finally started to relax after a few moments and she turned her head so that her lips were next to his ear, his head was next to hers with his brow pressed into the pillow. “Tell me I’ll grow to love it”. She demanded with an ironic twist to her lips.

“You’ll grow to love it”. He repeated obediently, his voice was muffled and she noticed a fine trembling all along her front coming from him, so she absently ran a soothing hand up his spine.

He lifted his head and gazed down into her flushed face with those luminous and hotly narrowed hazel eyes. “Are you finished”? She asked him, her arching brows lowered in confused question. Was she serious? his eyes widened and lips twitched helplessly into a tip-tilted, if a little strained smile.

“No” was the only answer he could muster at the moment.

Impatient to be free she shifted under him and the resulting clenching, clamping motion of her passage made him groan at the exquisite all over tightening on his sex. Involuntarily he reacted to resulting rush of feeling and pushed up inside her.

Cordelia stiffened, jolted by the electric surge of feeling and lust that swamped her from that inadvertent pushing thrust. Her mouth formed an ‘O’ and then a slow feline ‘cat got the cream’ grin spread over her face.

“That’s Okay then” she told him and the grin became a smirk.

Cordelia wrapped her hands around his neck and brought his lips back down to hers and then to test if it had been a fluke, moved her hips to see if she could get a repeat and when she did the smirk got wider.

Deciding a reward was in order she kissed and nibbled her way along the length of his strong masculine jaw and down one side of a corded neck until, unable to resist she bit gently on the muscle of his shoulder causing him to jerk.

Still holding onto him like he was her anchor she came back to nuzzle under his chin. Rendered powerless to move, purely by the sheer delight of those caressing little touches of her face and lips, Angel moaned and rubbed his cheek against her much softer one- luxuriating in the downy softness of her skin.

Needing more she undulated her hips, working herself on him in an instinctive dance that very soon nearly blew the tops of both their heads. Her heels dug into the mattress, pushing up, and giving her more leverage. Her hot hands clutched his sides as he joined her in the grinding and shallow rhythm.

Dark brown met and held hazel eyes and neither broke that invisible, bonding contact even when Cordy’s breathing started to hitch and eyes roll and flicker as the tension heightened, starting from her core and spearing up to jolt her heart into a jack hammer rhythm.

A sizzling heat wave of feeling sucked her into a dark pool of sliding bliss and the painful- scraping, stretching of his penetration was forgotten with the rasping, gliding pleasure of the here and now. She was so wet and slick that each of his long, slow thrusts was a journey of sensation that whipped her up and dragged her down, making her clutch him to her with frantic hands.

They moved together and then apart in a surging mating of bodies, rubbing against each other until the next thrust drove them apart- only to come together again. Lips tangled and caressed, as did limbs as each sought to get closer to the other.

Angel rolled them over so she was on top and then moulded her to his muscular length with firm strokes of her back and the luscious curves of her butt. Unable to resist he explored her there, running his hands around the sweet curves, dips and valleys before giving in to her impatient demands.

Knowing what she needed he pressed down with one hand on bottom curve of her spine and then thrust up with his hips, going fast and hard now- impaling her and making her ride him. She wasn’t exactly a religious person but suddenly found herself entreating the almighty in a repeated chant as hot pleasure engulfed her.

Angel pushed her up and supported her until she instinctively braced herself with both hands on his chest. She could feel the smooth ripples of muscle under her tingling palms and that subtle reminder of the restrained power of the man between her thighs only added to the wash of sensation pulling at her.

That internal pull got stronger as her body wound tighter with the approach of another orgasm. All too ready to give into it, her head dropped to her chest and her arms turned into limp noodles. Dazed she hung onto him and gasped when he rolled her underneath him again, before the orgasm could reach its explosive peak.

“No you don’t- not yet”. He whispered somewhere over her dizzily spinning head. “I need you to keep up, Cordy – stay with me”.

Cordelia dug her nails into his chest in protest even as her legs wrapped around his hips to move with him, each powerful flex and thrust echoing inside her frantically clamping sex and rubbing against the tiny bud of nerves hidden under the soft folds of her labia, constantly rising her higher at the too subtle friction.

She felt a wet tugging at one breast and her eyes flew open and skittered down over her heaving upper chest to see Angel’s dark head bent to the soft mound, enclosed and cupped in his large hand. Still with that relentless glide into her, he latched onto the dark turgidly erect nipple and pulled into his mouth. His tongue flicked and laved the sensitive tip and he heard her hissing moan followed by her frantic repeated whispering of his name.

Her hands left his shoulder to cup his jaw while he ministered to the other breast in a repeated torment that rose goose-bumps all along her skin as prickling heat shot over every nerve ending. She felt his jaw working under her fingertips as the suckling pressure became stronger and he drew more of her aching flesh into his mouth.

She speared her fingers through the short hairs at his nape and crushed him closer, and arched wanting him to take it all with his devouring lips and nipping teeth. Her rising passion stretched his control to almost breaking point and his tempo increased as his mouth left her breast to kiss her mouth with bruising force, parting her lips with one forceful plunge.

Her head was forced back to the pillow as he loomed over her. Hard hands snagged her wandering ones and pinned them on either side of her head again, pushing down as he rose over her on braced arms to stare down at her.

She looked up into his face and her blissful passion induced haze lifted when she saw for the first time the stark, frighteningly powerful desire stamped on his taut features. She felt a tiny spurt of fear, laced with excitement, as she looked back into glittering, almost black eyes.

“Do you love me”? Angel asked her, his voice guttural with need as if the question was forced out of him- needing to hear it again.

“Yes” her voice was high and wafer thin, thready and breathless but he heard it anyway. He stiffened and the muscles of his arms, shoulders and neck hardened and corded. He shuddered and his head twisted to the side as he tried to control the surging emotions that one word unleashed inside him.

When he kissed her again she half expected to be mauled but instead the open mouthed kiss was whisper soft. He blew softly over her lips and dipped only the tip of his tongue inside to swirl over hers. That was good, very nice in fact, but it had nothing whatsoever in common with what he was doing down there.

Hard heavy thrusts pierced her core and the recoil and would have pushed her against the headboard if not for his hands keeping her where she was. The rhythmic pounding of his loins against hers, and the slick rasp of his hard shaft against the delicate tissues of her passage as he continuously surged and filled her was too much and hurtled her into another orgasm that this time he let her have.

Angel flipped her over before she could recover and positioned her so that the cheeks of her bottom were flush to his abdomen while he straddled her closed legs from behind. He ran his hands over the soft globes, stroking and kneading over and then between the sweet curves making her shiver and squirm back into his hands, seeking more of that fleeting touch.

He pushed two exploratory fingers into her drenched swollen entrance and twisted them, she jerked in his hands so he pushed harder, reaching and kneading the raised spot that could make her scream and beg for more.

Which she did, he wasn’t gentle now and the more she writhed against his hand the more he stretched her. Two fingers became three and she bucked hard enough that he had to wrap an arm around her hips to keep her in place.

Face hard and drawn he watched mesmerised by the erotic sight of his fingers thrusting into her dripping wet entrance. Mercilessly he fingered her until she got close again; obvious from the incoherent sounds falling from her lips and the clamping of her inner muscles on his fingers.

Then he pulled them out and while sucking the moisture off them with hungry enjoyment, replaced them with his throbbing erection. The feeling of being stretched and filled inch by inch had already begun to feel familiar and her loins clenched in welcome over his engorged length, squeezing him as he pushed deep inside as far as he could until his pubic hair mingled with hers.

He leaned back with one hand behind him and watched himself glide in and out of that hot wet sheath, pumping hard and fast. Then he began to alternate, one hard plunge followed by half a dozen shallow pumps and then a long massaging grinding one that threatened to blow his mind.

The pattern got faster as the harder plunges got more frequent and then he was riding her hard, driving for an orgasm that began with hers. Their cries mingled together in a wild sound of mating until he too got dragged down into that dark oblivion.

Cordelia was utterly spent, shaking uncontrollably with exhaustion and as for thinking, well later- maybe. Angel was slumped over her, his chest over her back and they were still joined with her bottom tucked into his lap. His arms came around her and his long fingers wrapped around her clenched fists on the pillow. Then he squeezed in a gentle all over body hug and kissed the nape of her neck.



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Dreams Maketh The Man   1 comment

Title: Dreams Maketh The Man
Author: Helen
Posted: 04/01/04
Rating: NC-18
Category: Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: Set after WITW, Groo is around but Cordy realises there’s a very good reason why she hasn’t taken that last step to making love with Groo- she wants Angel and sets out to get rid of the curse so she can have him. Sequel to Dreaming of You
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: The idea that vamps are more sensitive than normal guys was hinted at in another fic I read a while ago and I loved the idea so much I expanded on it a little bit. The fic is called Asphondel by Stephanie A. Sorry I don’t have a link but it was recommended here ages ago.
Feedback: Yeah feed me!

It was 2 am in the morning and on any normal day she’d have been tired and irritable at not being home in her comfortable bed. Especially with the day she’d had. First was the total mortification of being caught drooling over Angel – by Angel. God almighty, talk about cringe much.

But she’d managed to cover it up by starting to squabble with him, an excellent diversionary tactic that always worked like a dream. Aggravating and making him forget she’d been staring at him with hot and lust filled eyes. A common occurrence these days, but one she’d managed to keep hidden until today. She blamed last nights dream for her slip up. One Angel she could handle – but two?

Then came the inevitable argument with Groo; which in turn had set this whole thing in motion and was the reason why she was now on her way to the hotel to confront the vampire plaguing her dreams.

She’d done the right thing in letting Groo go and she knew it, if a bit late in the day. “God; sometimes I could smack myself” she muttered under her breath. Clueless much, and she thought Angel was bad? But as clueless as he could be and despite driving her crazy with his broody stubbornness she was in love with the big dork.

“Yeah and when did that happen”? She was still as dumbfounded as when the thought had first popped into her head.

Right smack bang in the middle of a training session. She’d been sitting on his chest having finally managed to bring him down, and on impulse had decided to keep him there with her slight weight pinning him down. Okay yes, she did know he was letting her – but that was sweet too, right?. He’d had this dumb grin on his face and hers had been twice as wide.

In no rush to get up she’d kept her thighs on either side of his ribs and simply sat on him, flushed with success and dizzy with a feeling of being powerful and .. control. Well, it wasn’t often a normal girl could say she’d captured her very own vampire.

Then she’d started to feel other – really bizarre feelings. The dizziness had gotten worse and she’d felt a warmth steal all over her body. Settling with sharp intensity between her thighs and making her want to squirm to get rid of the itch. Then before the impulse had registered on her mushy brain, she was leaning down to kiss those inexplicably irresistible lips.

Thank god, she stopped herself in time. Stunned, she’d babbled an excuse; vaulted up and streaked up the stairs of the basement – wasting no time going home where sanity lived, or at least used to dammit!

How could I fall in love with him- tragic farce remember? Hundreds of reasons had floated through her head ever since then. All of them logical and sensible of why she couldn’t or shouldn’t be with Angel. So she’d ignored her feelings and tried to get her relationship off the ground with Groo, who’d been more than willing.

But every time Groo had kissed her or touched her she would eventually close her eyes and then he would magically transform into Angel, at least in her minds eye. That was so yucky that she’d end up pulling away from him with muttered excuses.

She’d been kidding herself in thinking it would go away and finally she’d confronted it and Groo with the truth. As for the multitude of reasons why she shouldn’t be with Angel; well – she’d just taken care of the main one, and hadn’t that been enlightening. As for the rest, she’d decided they could take care of themselves.

Her tummy was doing somersaults in nervous protest just thinking about what she had to say to him, but she wasn’t going to put it off any longer. Realisation might have been long in coming but now she knew, she wasn’t willing to play the ‘does he or doesn’t he’ game and wait for the big dork to make a move. She preferred a more direct approach.

She opened one of the glass doors and closed it herself to keep the noise down. A quick scan of the lobby revealed all was clear and as deserted as she’d hoped it would be. Sighing in relief she smoothed her skirt and checked the neckline of the blouse she’d brought that day. Not exactly designer but it was flattering and almost gossamer thin.

Thinking about the sheer material had her wanting to check her appearance one last time, or more honestly the hundredth time. Hating the insecurity she resisted the temptation to duck into the restroom behind the reception desk, but it was a close run thing. Quit stalling and get up there, she commanded – irritated with herself.

God, what if he doesn’t want me like that, maybe I’ve got it all wrong. She almost bolted then, but the taste of retreat in her mouth was too unpleasant for her to contemplate keeping. So straightening her spine, she took a deep breath and marched up the stairs to the upper floors.

She reached his door and stopped to stand utterly still with her hand raised to knock but not connecting with the wooden panel. Doubts came flooding back and she could feel her heart hammering away in her chest. She took yet another deep breath and fisted her sweating palms, striving for her usual nonchalance. For craps sake, Cor get a grip – he’s not gonna eat you.

“I wish” she muttered and then her face flamed when the door was pulled open and she couldn’t stop a startled yelp.

“Will you not do that – Geeze you scared me” she scowled at him, irritated and angry at having her carefully planned entrance ruined by ‘super hearing vamp’. “Can’t you just wait until I knock”?

Angel stood inside the doorway looking at her with bemused brown eyes, a clear question on his handsome face. Cordy froze, unable to believe that things were already going to hell and irrationally she wanted to blame him for it. She strove for calmness, squeezed her eyes shut for an instant and then gave him a big bright smile.

“Hi, I was just in the area – oh wait its 2am isn’t it”, she stammered to a halt and gave him a sheepish smile, then tried again. “Look I know it’s late and all, but can I talk to you about something”? Her voice was a mixture of wheedling and cajoling.

“Sure, come in” he said and pulled back the door in invitation. She walked through it and stopped, hit by another wave of panic. I can’t do this, he’s my friend and I know I’ll hate him if he turns me down. “Erm, Angel I think this may have been a bad idea”. She looked up into his face and to find him frowning and staring intently at her

It was too late to back out now. Angel had caught the obvious signs of nervous tension coming off her. The pulse at her neck was beating a rapid tattoo, so hard and loud that he’d been able to hear it before he’d even opened the door. In fact that was the reason he’d pulled it open instead of waiting for her to knock.

“What’s the matter, Cordy? has something happened to you”? His sharp voice and grave expression gave away his concern and he snagged her hand when she went to walk past him and out again. “Tell me why you’re so frightened”. His grip was light but unyielding and when she didn’t turn back he tugged, trying to make her look at him.

She turned too quickly and stumbled against him. His other hand came up to steady her and that was it – she was caught. Not by his hold but by the look of caring concern on his hard face. His usually fathomless dark eyes were filled with worry about her.

She felt a melting sensation in the region of heart and her mouth spread in a beautiful smile of relief. I am sooo, not wrong about us. Her confidence boosted, she lifted the hand not held by his and traced a line over his dark brows.

Angel was instantly distracted by the softness of her hazel eyes and when she reached up to touch his face, he simply froze not knowing what to think or do about it. He felt the gentle touch of her fingers as the warmth of the tips travelled over each and every hair. His face tingled under her touch and he shivered at the curling heat unfurling inside his chest.

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out so shut it, took a breath and tried again. But Cordelia got there before him. “Have I told you how handsome you are”? That softly worded question was enough to tangle his tongue in knots again so he just numbly shook his head at her.

Cordy blushed and laughed at his dumbstruck expression, “What’s up Speechless, have I never complimented you before?” She tilted her head as if in contemplation. “Come to think of it, maybe not so much”. Her light teasing laughter brought him out of his funk enough to push her further into the room and close the door.

He hated putting distance between them, but after her teasing affection he needed it to stop his tongue from sticking to the roof of his mouth. Knowing it would probably shake loose only long enough for him to say something absurd if he wasn’t careful.

He walked into the tiny kitchenette and mindlessly put the kettle on, acutely aware of where she was standing in the room. Trying to be casual he hid his helpless response behind a blank mask – except for the single raised brow.

“Nice diversion Cordy, but that’s not what has you so stressed out that your heart is almost jumping out of your chest”.

He leant back against the counter and fixed his dark gaze on her face as she followed him into the kitchen to stand in front of him. “Actually, Angel you have it wrong”.

She stopped and winced, suddenly unsure how to proceed. Angel’s only response was those slashing brows of his climbed halfway up his forehead. Baffled, he waited for her to explain what the hell she meant by that.

“What do you think of Groo”? She asked him after a few moments of total mental breakdown followed by blessed inspiration. Cordelia watched his face intently, looking for those nuances of expression that always gave him away, even if only to her.

His mouth tightened, dark brows drew together and his midnight eyes flashed with aggravation before he smoothed his expression out to one of polite but distant interest. “He’s Okay – I guess” he answered her carefully.

Yeah sure, for a big dumb, clueless Asshole, who wouldn’t know how to please a woman even with diagrams. None of his jealous thoughts showed on his face though, at least not after that first unguarded instant.

Cordelia’s lips twitched in amusement, not fooled in the least by his show of indifference. She’d known him long enough to be able to tell when he was truly aloof to something – now was not one of those times. Time to test the rest she decided and gave him a big flirtatious smile. The megawatt one that always had him melting, and even against his better judgement sometimes – giving in to her.

His answer to ‘the’ smile was to raise the other brow and cross his arms over his wide chest and then sigh heavily – dramatically considering he didn’t breathe. He knew her at least as well as she knew him. She’s up to something, of that he was convinced but ‘what’ was the question he wanted the answer to, and damn quickly too.

Annoyed that just when she needed it to the smile wasn’t working. She decided to up the ante. She knew she’d, inadvertently or maybe deliberately, aroused his interest with her question and Angel being Angel – would follow her around like a bloodhound to find out what had prompted it.

So utterly confident he’d follow, she turned to walk back into the living area; her hips swaying provocatively, an action highlighted by the carefully chosen clinging, dark gold skirt. Afterwards she would swear she could literally feel his eyes checking out her butt in a heated caress, without even needing to turn around and see it.

Buoyed up with fresh confidence she turned to face him again and leaned against the back of a couch, pushing back on the red upholstery with both of her hands so that her chest was thrust out. Subtly was wasted on Angel especially when it came to women and relationships. So wanton would just have to do.

Oh yeah, he is so struggling to keep his eyes above my neck, she grinned elated at her success and just about resisted checking out his fly for further evidence.

“Did I thank you for fetching the tonic for me”? She asked him lightly.

There was actually a point to this topic, as she was trying to steer the conversation the way she needed it to go. It had sounded logical to bring it up when she was rehearsing but now she wished she hadn’t when his face turned thunderous.

“Yes – you did”. Angel replied abruptly.

He did not want to get into yet another conversation about how ‘helpful’ he’d been in her aim to have sex with the Groosalugg. Just thinking about what they might have been doing over the past week had him fantasising about gelding the half demon.

“Look, Cordy I’m kinda busy here so …” he said with deliberate emphasis and raised a brow, waiting for her to take the hint and leave him alone to brood; over her again – thanks for the refresher Cordelia.

He did manage to forget about it for maybe an hour at a time if he was lucky. But now thanks to her ‘visit’ he knew he was heading for a brooda-thon and wanted to be left in peace to wallow in it.

But of course she didn’t take the hint. Not exactly unusual for Cordelia he thought wryly and considered making up a reason to leave himself, either that or give into the urge to wring her neck for coming here, to his place to talk about Groo.

His brooding dark eyes refocused on her and then sharpened, having finally noticed she’d been rummaging around on her purse. Obviously finding what she was looking for she pulled something out. He stared in shock at the sight of the full bottle in her hand.

“I never used it” she told him. Her hazel eyes bore into his and she walked over to lay it carefully on the table between them.

“Why not”? Angel asked her uncrossing his arms and blocking out the urge to snatch it up and smash it against the wall. He hated the damn thing, although less now he knew she hadn’t used it.

There was only a small occasional table between them and this close, her perfume teased him and he wasn’t thinking about chemicals just then but the scent that was all her own. His nostrils flared and pupils dilated with a surge of powerful hunger. Trying not to be obvious about it he drank it in, keeping his inhalations shallow so that she wouldn’t question the unusual rise and fall of his chest.

“Because I’m not in love with him and it wouldn’t be fair to use him as a substitute for another”. Her face shone with candid honesty as if she was saying something that he should be happy about.

Yeah, sure Just when he was starting to relax and enjoy the idea that she hadn’t been intimate with Groo. She hit him with another man – fuck!

“Who”? He shot at her, not even realising he’d stepped over the table and was now crowding her against the couch.

When he did realise it he backed away, ducking his head to hide the taut anger he knew was on his face. Stalling for time he walked over to the chair in the corner, as far away as he could get and sat down heavily into it.

Another disgruntled sigh passed his lips, genuine this time and he pressed two fingers to his eyes. Hating to know but needing to at the same time, he forced the question between gritted teeth. “So who’s the lucky guy”?

Cordy was stumped by the dumbness of that question. She shook her head in pure amazement at his incredible lack of perception. “Well you should know, Angel – the two of you are very close”.

He was so miserable he missed the sarcasm in her voice and hearing it was someone he knew, changed his mind about wanting to know who it was. He didn’t care who it was, he lied to himself. He’d had enough and just wanted her to leave before he lost it completely and did something he’d never forgive himself for.

Cordelia found herself bundled towards the door with such speed that she had to grab hold of him to keep her balance. “Angel, will you just stop” she yelped.

Just having his hands on her was giving his darker side a thrill as aggravation loosened his soul’s hold on his demon instincts. He loved her so much, maybe too much as no one else on the planet could drive him to such extremes. One minute he’d be feeling all soft and fuzzy after a warm look from her or something and then the next he’d be seething with some roiling emotion he could barely contain – like now.

Unknown by Cordelia he was having some trouble resisting the temptation to simply drop her on his bed and ravish her – willing or not, and damn her and this guy whoever the hell he was. Only the fact that he’d rather stake himself than force himself on her saved her. But she had to get out of here now.

Cordelia was powerless to stop the headlong flight to the door but she wasn’t known for her cutting tongue without damn good reason. She used it to good effect now. “If you don’t let me go right now, then kiss me goodbye cos I am out of LA for good”.

She found herself free so quickly she stumbled but managed not to fall on her ass. As for Angel, she found him across the other side of the room. He couldn’t be further away from her unless he left the apartment.

Her threat to leave him had been like a douse of cold water. Pain had exploded in his chest at the thought of never seeing her again and the look she’d given him had been hot enough to convince him it hadn’t been an idle threat. So he paced, not looking at her and trying to shackle the demon that was still threatening to erupt. If she left LA he didn’t know what he’d do but he know did one thing, he wouldn’t be far behind her.

“Do you love me, Angel”? It was the last thing he’d expected her to ask him or even hint at. It threw him for a loop and his demon retreated a little, strangely appeased.

“What”? He asked her, sitting abruptly back down in the chair, his head whipped up and mouth dropped open in shock and then his brows drew together again in a sort of horrified confusion before he stammered. “Of course I love you, you know that”.

Her feet felt like lead, mainly because that was where her stomach was right now. Ignoring that she ploughed on anyway; “yes I know that, but how do you love me? As a woman or as a friend”? She had to know if she was in with a chance. If she was wrong she would just have to get over it and get on with her life.

He vaulted back to his feet thrust his hands in his pockets, looking everywhere but at her. His reaction and body language wasn’t exactly encouraging and Cordy’s heart squeezed painfully as she stared at his stony profile, feeling slightly sick.

Seeing his jaw was locked and coupled with that dark forbidding frown – it was too much and stricken, she picked up her purse and got ready to deliver the ‘forget I asked’ speech that she’d rehearsed just in case.

“I love you in every way, as a woman and a friend” Angel answered her from somewhere in front and over her head. She blinked at finding herself blocked by his large black clothed body.

Angel had moved with all of his vampiric speed the moment he saw her pick her purse, obviously getting ready to leave. “Why are you asking me all these questions, Cordelia”?

It wasn’t a request so much as demand that she explain herself. She’d opened a Pandora ’s Box with her questions and he was damned if she was leaving before he knew why. He didn’t relax his stance even when she dropped the purse again and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly before speaking.

“I sent Groo away; well actually he left when I told him the truth”. She held up a hand when he opened them to speak. “I told him that I was in love with someone else”. She shrugged lost and uncomfortable under his unreadable, enigmatic stare.

“It’s taken me a like ‘forever’ to realise it, but I think I’ve loved this person for a long time. Groo was just handy and adorable and I wanted to love him. Easier to handle ya know”. She smiled in self mockery and pressed her hands together to still the nervous trembling.

She knew she was babbling but couldn’t seem to stop. “I went back to the brothel and they told me that I could use the tonic in two ways. Either on myself and have Groo or give it to you and then..”. She stumbled to an embarrassed halt and blew out a breath.

She tried to drop her face but his fingers caught her chin in a gentle grasp that nevertheless forced her eyes back to his dark ones. “And then”? He asked her with quiet intensity. Other than that he stood totally still, as if waiting for something.

“My visions can only pass to a living being or so she told me. If you take the potion it will prevent the curse from kicking in while you’re with me but – and I quote ‘we’ll be stuck with one another then or else lose what we want to keep’ – end quote”.

She could feel the blush as it spread from her chest, up her neck and then spread over her hot cheeks. She had never felt so vulnerable and embarrassed before in her entire life. Just from knowing that she’d all but told him that she wanted him to become her lover.

“What are you trying to tell me, Cordelia”? He needed it straight from her and not roundabout, mixed up in garbled explanations.

“For cryin’ out loud, Angel – what, you need pictures”?

“Cordelia” his warning growl might have intimidated anyone else but her. All she felt was exasperation with him.

O-Kayyy” she snapped back and their eyes met and clashed in a heated and charged dual. Cordelia felt like hitting him for being so stubborn and …dense. “I’m in love with you and I want you to make love to me – is that clear enough, Geeze”? Her eyes rolled in exasperated annoyance and both hands slapped onto her hips.

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Dreaming of You   1 comment

Title: Dreaming of You
Author: Helen
Posted: 18/09/03
Rating: N-18
Category: PURE SMUT (VERY Graphic)
Content: C/A
Summary: This is set after WITW and features a fantasy of Cordelia’s
Spoilers: S3
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: The dream is within the stars – this has been written of the cuff and not been checked by anyone so hope it reads OK.
Thanks/Dedication: This for Cali who’s feeling under the weather and Scorchy for her Birthday and to take her mind of things
Feedback: Yeah feed me!!

Cordy was dreaming, twisting restlessly on the bed sheet but not disturbing the large muscular shape next to her. Her hips writhed and her bottom dug into the mattress as her breathing hitched.


She dreamt she was back in the old offices, before it had gotten blown up. She was downstairs in Angel’s apartment, lying asleep on the couch. She had no idea where the vampire was but knew he wouldn’t mind her using his couch.

Her thin dress buttoned down the front and she wasn’t wearing a bra, just skimpy panties. She was curled up with one leg stretched out and unknowingly displaying the shapely brown limb to the gaze of the large shadowy figure coming through the door.

In the dream she turned on her back, still asleep and ignorant of the hot eyes skimming over her lush body. Her turning caused the thin material of the dress to stretch over her full breasts. Her hands came up and she stretched and wriggled as if trying to get comfortable and the dress rode up her thighs.

Her breathing was deep and even, not changing even when a cool hand came to rest on her ankle and then glided up her smooth skin, dipping from the knee to caress the soft flesh of her inner thigh. The hand stopped for moment before continuing, brushing the skirt high, seeking the warmth at the apex of her thighs.

The pleasurable streaks of heat that caress awoke had her eyes opening and she saw Angel, looking down at her, his expression strangely heated. Her breathing hitched and she froze for a second. His hand reached her panties and those long fingers, skimmed lightly under the outer lace, brushing her curls.

Then the hand froze and he looked down at the place where she was melting under his touch and then back to her face, enquiringly. She smiled at him, soft and sleepy – knowing this was a dream and her legs dropped open just a fraction. There was something different about him and she was confused for a second before she realised this was the Angel she had known when she first got here.

Aloof and distant but still handsome, not like her Angel who now smiled at her and noticed her whenever she was in the room. It excited her that it was this Angel, whose hands were travelling over her legs, lust clear in his eyes. Then she noticed another figure watching them and her face registered shock when she saw him, identical and yet not.

Two years on had made little to the difference to the vampire physically but she knew him better than anyone – this was her Angel of this time. She looked back at the earlier version and saw he was watching her face intently. He didn’t look up even as the other joined them by the couch.

His only reaction was to push a hand underneath her knees to pull her legs off the couch and then onto his thighs. Her hands fell onto his shoulders and her eyes were wide and heartbeat fast when he leaned in and kissed her, his tongue plunging into her open mouth and sliding over hers.

His hands were holding her up and pressed to him, one at the bottom of her spine and one between her shoulder blades as he continued to drug her senses with deep possessive kisses. She felt other hands pull her hair back and away from her neck, baring it. Cool lips fastened to the heavy pulse at her neck, nipping lightly and then it was as if she were floating until she felt the rug underneath her back.

Drowsy and heavy lidded with passion she saw one Angel kneeling between her thighs as the other spread his knees either side of her head. She felt her panties being pulled down even as hands unbuttoned her dress to bare her breasts to both their hot, dark gazes.

Her knees were raised and then spread as the dress was pulled apart to expose her to them fully. Cool hands rubbed up and down her thighs and dipped to tangle lightly into her dark curls and at the same time both her breasts were cupped and other long fingers smoothed under the heavy weight, lifting and cupping them.

Her lips were captured from above and she swallowed a gasp when he pinched her nipples between finger and thumb. Her back arched when she felt herself being impaled, the finger thrusting up high to withdraw the moisture that had pooled hot and wet inside her core. Then they spread her juice over her soft female folds, circling her entrance and teasing the bud of nerves at the top.

She was light-headed from their dual ministrations and also the continued thrusting kisses that kept her silent so they could enjoy her body. Helplessly she undulated under their hands, as sensations after sensation whipped ceaselessly over her nerve endings.

Her hands came up to his ears and he rewarded her by biting her lower lip and sucking it into his mouth just as the other Angel, fastened his lips to her sex. Her hips came up of the floor as if to evade him and the hot licks of fire that emanated from her core. But his hands gripped her hips and pulled her back down.

Both tongues speared inside her mouth and loins, thrusting in an identical rhythm, driving her mad and her legs trembled under the lash of pleasure so carnal she would have screamed if she could. Two fingers joined the tongue, thrusting inside her as the tongue lapped and laved her clit, sucking the tiny bud hard into his mouth and then scraping his teeth over it.

Hard fingers kneaded her breasts firmly, tweaking the nipples and then he left her mouth and leaned over and all she could see was his dark chest as he took one inside his mouth, pulling and suckling at the hardened tip. The lips at her now drenched centre left her and she felt the blunt broad tip of his penis as he circled her entrance.

Hard hands gripped her hips and pulled her up to meet the hard invasive shaft and she yelped at the scraping push of him as he entered her. Then the other Angel took advantage of her open mouth to thrust inside again, filling her with them both. She felt the rough movement of clothing being removed and felt his hard muscular chest and shoulders over her face with her frantically seeking hands.

The hard measured rhythm between her thighs made her whimper as his cock continued to scrape along her sensitive inner tissues. Her shoulders were lifted so that she lay over the other ones lap. His head dropped to press a kiss to the top of hers as his hands reached down and cupped her breasts, thumbs scraping back and forth over her nipples.

She looked up to him smiling at her, his face filled with tenderness and lust and then looked down to see the other, back on his knees watching his sex as it glided, glistening in and out of her creamy centre. Their wide chests and broad shoulders filled her sight and she wailed and gasped, squirming on both hard thighs as she started to come.

His pace increased when he felt her convulse around him, pounding into her now and his groans joined hers. Her nipples were pinched hard and then one hand wrapped around her throat to tip her head back as a demanding surging kiss was forced on her just as she came apart in an explosive orgasm. She felt the other shudder and the spurt of his semen as he ejaculated in her.

Then he left her and her head was laid on the rug, she was trembling all over from the force of the orgasm and could do nothing when they swapped places and she was turned over. The first Angel held her hands flat to the rug and pushed her hair out of her panting face, while the other lifted her hips so that her bottom was in the air. Cool fingers slicked over the soaked curls and pressed between the soft folds of her sex, searching for and finding the swollen entrance and dipping inside, gentle and knowledgeable.

She moaned when she felt herself penetrated again. The thick head of his cock pushed passed the swollen tissues with inexorable pressure, filling and stretching her again. Once he was in her to the hilt, her face was lifted and arms pushed up to support herself.

She smelt the musky sent of herself as the smooth tip was pushed against her lips, she opened her mouth and he surged inside her, but not too deep that she would gag at the length and thickness of him. They matched each others rhythm with shallow thrusts into her sex and mouth. Hands smoothed over the cheeks of her bottom and slipped between the crease to run lightly over the puckered skin underneath.

She jerked and he chuckled, returning to repeat the caress with teasing fingers, pushing gently but not penetrating. Other hands threaded though her hair, teasing her ears with soft swirling motions as he thrust his hips so that his cock slid in her mouth and against her swirling tongue. She sucked him deep and loved the feel and taste of him.

A hand reached around to rub and pinch at her clit and the other gripped her hip when her inner muscles started to clamp, heralding another orgasm. He thrust harder and higher, pushing and stabbing the spot inside her that caused her to writhe and grind herself back onto him, desperate for release.

Her second orgasm ripped through her and she felt them get bigger inside her and heard their grunting cries as they came with her. She swallowed hard at the cool rush of fluid that spurted into her mouth.

Afterwards they dressed her and tenderly laid her back on the couch before slipping away again into the darkness…


Cordelia jerked awake and looked at the sleeping hulk of Groo in her bed, groaning she turned over to face the other way and plucked at the pajama’s that were too rough on her sensitive nipples.

“God I need sex but why can’t I let it be Groo, why does it have to be Angel?”


Sequel: Dreams Maketh The Man



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Happy Families   Leave a comment

Title: Happy Families
Author: Helen
Posted: 15/07/05
Rating: PG
Content: C/A
Summary: Part of the FSB/AO Fanfic Challenge No 1
The element chosen was: ATS Theme 1 – Cordelia tries her first fake tan- a potion concocted by a friend of Lorne’s and guaranteed to not fade or streak.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Cordy’s agitated voice dragged Angel from his unhurried scan of that day’s newspapers.

“Have you seen this?”

Something wafted in front of his nose, between his face and the printed sheets. Blinking to get rid of the resulting blur, he looked up into her flushed face.

“Look at the difference,” she demanded and caramel eyes flashed with impatience.

“Okay,” he said in a reasonable tone, “If you’ll stop waving it around so I can focus on it.”

Taking it off her, Angel saw it was a photograph- of Cordelia sometime the previous year. Uh oh! Every male instinct he possessed started yelling a warning. A photograph meant it had something to do with her appearance and that was dangerous ground. Afterall there were a few differences; shorter hair, fuller bust, less cosmetics and more. If he picked the wrong one…

Wisely, Angel opted for the safest route- clueless, “It’s a picture of you,” he said, “What’s the problem?”

Cordelia snatched it back off him and tossed up her hands. “Ugh! I should have known better than to ask you-“

“Hey!” Angel objected to her back as she stormed off across the lobby.

“…Mr I can spot evil at a hundred paces and blind to everything else guy.”

Whoa, she was really mad, the longer the title the more pissed she was. Frowning, he took comfort from the fact that it wasn’t all that offensive- or true. One of his more recent pastimes was looking at Cordelia for as long as he could get away with.

Okay, so she’s not mad at you- per se he thought, but she was definitely unhappy about something. Curious and alarmed Angel decided this needed investigating.

Standing up he followed her and called out, “Cordelia, cut me slack here and just explain, huh?”

Cordelia ignored him and marched over to the counter. Behind it, a chirpy Lorne resplendent in a canary yellow shirt and purple necktie that somehow didn’t clash with his green skin, said a cheerful ‘toodlepip’ and dropped the phone back onto the receiver; then looked up just as the two of them reached him.

“What needs explaining, cherubs? Come to Uncle Lorne and have your problems answered- sorta.”

His patient glance sliced into Angel who obediently closed his mouth. Cordelia still riding high on upset slapped the photograph on the counter’s polished surface. “Lorne, look what’s happened to me. Can you believe it?”

Ruby lips pursed as Lorne flicked her a glance before picking up the snap, “Okay…dial back on the dramatics, princess, and let me have a lookeelou.”

A few beats later he gave up and shrugged, “Okay, I’m as a clueless as big brown eyes over there.” Lorne cocked his head toward Angel, “which has got be a first and hopefully a last. I guess you’ll have to explain after all, chooka.”

Cordelia’s jaw dropped; then snapping it shut again, she frowned thoughtfully, “You mean you really can’t see it?” she asked; then shook her head, “maybe it is just me-“

Angel snatched the picture back up just as Lorne planted his hands on the counter, “What’s you?” they asked impatiently in unison.

Pinned between twin glares, Cordy thrust up a slim arm, “Look at me I’m so…so pale. I used to be a golden girl…the sun loved me and I loved it. This is California-”

“Oh, that!” Lorne relaxed.

“What do you mean ‘oh that’?” Cordy’s voice turned sharp again, “since when does me being as a pale as Angel, not figure in anybody’s important stakes?”

Then a thought struck and she turned a glare of her own at said vampire, “Have you been biting me?” Hazel eyes narrowed and a finger jabbed towards his chest, “Maybe its not lack of sun, but lack of red blood cells.”

Flailing under that attack, Angel, stared and stuttered, “What…No!…as if…”

Thinking better of it, Cordy waved him off, “Forget I asked,” She said, “I’d know if you were.”

“Gee, thanks, but the fact that I wouldn’t anyway doesn’t figure in there?” Angel finally worked himself up enough to complain with a dark scowl. Feet braced apart and hands on hips, he looked aggressively unhappy with her dismissive statement.

Unimpressed, Cordy slid him a look, “I’ve seen you eyeing up my neck, so don’t try and kid a kidder.”

But not your face, ass and legs? Put on the spot, he only just managed not to defensively blurt the words out. “You’re imagining it,” Angel said firmly instead, and refused to connect with Lorne’s smirking face.

“Okay, so I’m imagining it, big whup…doesn’t change the fact that I rival a walking corpse for paleness.”

“Go out in the sun,” suggested Lorne with a shrug.

“Hello! UV rays- bad!”

“Use a sunbed,” growled Angel, shoving ultra pale hands into his pockets.

“Duh! More UV.”


“Here you, princess, now don’t say I never buy you gifts. That bottle of sunstuffed goodness did *not* come cheap.”

Chin lifting up of her palm where Cordelia had been sitting and staring glumly at the screen, she eyed the little paper bag with suspicion, “What is it?”

“Your ticket out of glumcentral and our salvation from a vampire with a steadily deteriorating mood,” replied Lorne easily.

“What’s wrong with Angel’s mood?”



Picking up the bag and following the tall demon as he strode off, Cordy struggled to keep up with his much longer stride. “I haven’t noticed any mood,” she argued.

“What mood?” snarled Angel coming down the last steps into the lobby, “And what’s that?” he asked pointing to the bag, “It stinks.”

“Afternoon, cheerful,” chirped Lorne with a pointed backwards glance at Cordelia. He didn’t have to say ‘that’ mood.

Cordelia’s lips formed on ‘o’ and she grimaced. Flashbacks of the previous day came flooding in. Crap. She’d been in a bitch of a mood yesterday and even she could see she’d aimed it mostly at Angel. It had started out badly and got worse until he’d disappeared down the sewers to get away from the hotel. And you didn’t realise this until now because?

“The bag,” prodded Angel, looking about as approachable as a grizzly.

“It’s vampire fake tan,” announced Lorne, rocking back on his heels and wearing a beatific smile, “guaranteed not to fade for at least a century,” he added.

Cordy quirked a brow, “Is this a gift for Angel or me…and fake tan– ewww streaky orange peel.”

“Not this one,” assured Lorne, “that’s what’s supposed to be so great about it- no streaking of any kind- and 100% natural looking. It’s all the rage according to Quiggin’s.” At Angel’s enquiring look, he explained, “He’s my source. A great guy, too,” he sighed, “pity about the missing leg.”

Cordelia looked intrigued. “Really? You’re sure about that- the 100% natural part, I mean?”


Angel’s door slammed open without even the pretence of a knock. Lifting his eyes but not his head, Angel eye-balled Cordelia and didn’t stand-up. He was still pissed.

“Does this look *natural* to you!” she fairly shouted.

He quirked a brow, “Now you mention it- not really, no.”

There was no other way of describing it other than orange, plain and simple.

“Arggh,” she growled and slammed the door shut again to begin pacing around the room. “You wait until I get my hands on that slimey, good for nuthin’-“

“Why are you coming to me with this?” Angel inserted, “go bug Lorne.”

“I would,” she whirled on him and threw up orange hands, “Except Wesley said he wandered out half an hour ago mumbling something about his breeze needing some sea.”

She stamped a foot, “I hope he gets drunk and then hit by a bus.”

Angel almost smiled at such blood thirstiness. Heaving a sigh, Cordelia began pacing again, “Okay, so maybe I don’t want the- him squished- but still…Angel *look* at me!” she wailed, “I’m orange for cryin’ out loud.”

“You are that,” Angel said unfeelingly and slouched down, pulling up his book and preparing to settle back into a relaxing read. “You’re the one who didn’t want to be pale anymore,” he pointed out.

Hazel eyes narrowed, “You’re enjoying this aren’t you,” she said slowly, “This is you getting revenge for me being such a bitch, yesterday?”

“I didn’t slap that stuff on your skin- you did,” Angel refuted smoothly, “and it was uber bitch.”

There was a stunned pause long enough to draw Angel’s gaze. The moment his eyes lit on her, Cordy’s face crumpled and she turned with her shoulders hunched. “Fine, I’ll just go and hibernate for the next century- it was nice knowing you,” said a muffled voice with a telling hitch in the middle.

Remorse slam-dunked him. Angel was on his feet and crossing the room before she got a grip of the handle. Hands firm but gentle on her shoulders, he pulled her back. After a seconds resistance Cordy finally let go and turning, stepped up and tucked her face into his shoulder. She clung so hard he couldn’t see her face and everything inside him squeezed at having her in his arms. “I don’t want to be orange, Angel.”

“You won’t be,” he assured her, rubbing his hands soothingly up and down her spine. “I’ll find Lorne, this Quiggins and anyone else I need to sort this out.”

“You will?”

His head rested on her briefly, feeling the tickle of her hair on his cheek and neck, “You know I will,” he assured her gruffly.


Three hours later, covered in soot and half charred after a fight involving rolling into a burning trash can, Angel climbed the stairs and hoped the stink of sewer wasn’t as potent as he feared it was. His footsteps dragged.

At his door, Angel sucked in a deep unneeded breath and marshalling his thoughts on how he was going to comfort and reassure a distraught Cordelia, entered his room. He sagged when he saw it was empty, until the sloshing of water caught his ears coming from the bathroom.

Another heartbeat coming from the crib next to his bed had Angel’s steps faltering as he took a detour to stand over and gaze down at his infant son. Three month old Connor was asleep with one tiny fist clenched next to a velvet, rounded cheek. The soft swell of love pushed back the bitterness of failure. Wesley must have brought him back from their day out and left him in Cordy’s care.

A burst of singing from the slightly open bathroom door jerked his attention back to the surrogate mother of his son and the woman he secretly loved. Crossing the room, Angel frowned wondering why the sudden happy when as far as he knew she should still be competing with a tangerine for brightness.

Dawning suspicion had him walking inside rather than being a gentleman and staying outside. The sight that met his eyes would stay with him for a long time.

Squeezing a sponge of water and frothing bubbles onto bobbing breasts, Cordelia was still orange but decidedly less so. She was also as wet and sleek as an otter and looked a world away from the distraught and humiliated woman he’d left earlier in the night.


She gasped, “Angel,” and the next instant the sponge was flying straight at him. Angel didn’t both trying to step aside and simply let it splat onto his filthy coat.

In the bath, Cordelia had sunk deeper into the water and glared indignantly at him over the rim of the bath, “Get OUT!!” she yelped and crossed her arms over her body.

Irritated beyond memory, Angel did only because Connor started to cry from his crib. Striding over and shucking his coat and shirt so as not to get him dirty, Angel picked up his son and called over his shoulder, “You have some explaining to do, Cordelia.”

“*I* have some explaining to do-“ she seethed, “Who just waltzed in on who?”

“That ironic coming from you,” he called back, “You’re lucky I’ve stopped sleeping naked, the number of times you’ve just barged in here.”

That silenced her and sitting down in his favourite chair, Angel grinned down at his bright eyed son. “Got her,” he mouthed. Connor gurgled and stuffed a fist in his mouth.

Cordelia rallied, “Fine I’ll stop coming in here when I hear Connor crying so you don’t have to get up.”

Angel wasn’t fazed, “She’s lying,” he told Connor, “We both know she can’t resist you.”

An extra loud of splash of water indicated aggravation, “Hey! Don’t be bringing, Connor into this. It’s tacky for parents to drag kids into arguments.”

That statement did a lot towards soothing his temper at being sent on a wild-goose chase, still… “I want to know what’s happened between before and now, Cordy. I hate wasting my time; especially when it involves fire demons.”

“What’s the big deal,” she griped, “Lorne came back and we sorted it out. Apparently it’s only permanent for vamps because you guys don’t shed skin, or your cells don’t change or something. Me being human means, I can get rid of it- hence the long soak in a tub with some serious exfoliation going on.”

“Okay,” sighed, Angel lifting Connor so he could nuzzle the solid little belly, “I guess that makes some sense. I’m still going to be having a few strong words with Lorne though- did you know Quiggins has only one leg ‘cause he’s always upsetting the wrong customers. One day another vamp is gonna rip off the other one, too,” he prophesied grimly.

“Eww, TMI.”

There was another pause. “Angel…”


“Thanks for the white knight routine- even if it was a waste of time.”


“Its lucky you love me, huh?”

That caught his attention, “What?”

“Its lucky I love you, too.”

“You do?” asked Angel staring towards the bathroom with a blaze of hope before remembrance set in, “Oh, like you do Wes, Fred and Gunn.” Damn

“Exactly,” replied Cordy brightly, then added, “Except you’re my favourite vamp.”

“Nice to be special,” murmured Angel with a sigh, a wry smile curving his lips as he settled Connor who was now blinking sleepily into the crook of his arms.

“So, do you think you could pass me back the sponge and shut the door?”



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