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Title: The Truth Will Out
Author: Scorch
Rating: PG-16 for language
Category: Angst for Buffy.
Content: C/A(us)
Summary: My version of Sanctuary with a Scorchy twist.
Spoilers: S1
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO and Cal’s place.
Notes: A part of my Quest, anyone no what number I’m up to?
Feedback:Yes please.

Part 1

Kate Lockley dragged Angel through the police station towards her desk, feeling satisfaction at being able to bring some justice to the kind of animal that killed her father. “Give you a cell with a nice view of the morning sun” she told him in a cold-hearted voice.

Buffy Summers walked briskly, directly behind Angel and the detective, pushing her way to stand in between them. “You know what he is?” she demanded, eyes shooting hot fiery accusations at the other blonde woman.

“Yeah” Kate replied, uncaring and ignoring the tiny part of her that still held a smidgen of feeling left.

“That’s murder” Buffy stated angrily, yanking on Angel’s arm to get him to stop walking willingly.

“You can’t kill something that’s already dead” Kate shot back.

“It’s alright…” Angel spoke up calmly, he could escape anytime he wanted but he had a feeling and he wanted to see if he was right about it.

“No it’s not Angel” Buffy yelled angrily at him, “I won’t let you take the fall for her”

Seeing who he thought he would see here, Angel sighed deeply and without looking at the blonde Slayer tugging on his arm, trying to get his attention. “And you won’t have to” he told her, his deep gaze on Faith as she rose and walked towards them.

Kate stood, looking at the face of the girl who had committed murder in shock, she hadn’t been expecting her to just turn up here of her own free will. Buffy was equally thrown for a loop, she looked at the other Slayer, trying to make words come out of her mouth but nothing would.

“I’d like to make a confession” Faith stated simply, though they were the hardest words she ever spoke.


“You should’ve told me what was going on” Buffy stated in a quiet whisper to Angel, her hands in a relaxed grip on her upper arms, her wavy blonde hair wind swept and ruffled around her face.

“Actually, I didn’t think it was any of your business” Angel retaliated. “Why did you come here Buffy?” he asked, keeping his tone free of knowing sarcasm, anger and boredom. How many times would he have to have a confrontation with her?

“Not my business?” she frowned angrily at him and held her upper arms tighter.

“I needed more time with Faith. I’m not sure…” Angel’s words got cut off by her.

“You needed…” Buffy swallowed, looked away for a split second before turning wide, accusing eyes back to Angel. “Do you have any idea what it was like for me to see you with her? That you went behind my back…” this time he cut her off, his voice showing the signs of his self control cracking.

“You think this whole thing with Faith was about you?” Angel snapped, pushing away from the wall he’d been leaning on and was now having another square-off with another Slayer. Was this going to be his destiny? Forever bound to dealing with angry Slayers? God, kill him now. “This whole thing was about saving someone’s soul, this is what I do here and as much as you obviously can’t stand it, you are not a part of my life here”

“Besides, wasn’t it your idea we stay away from each other?” he reminded her, watching as her eyes darkened and saw her flinch at her own words being thrown back into her face.

“I came here because you were in danger” Buffy spat out angry that he was being like this with her. There was a time when he wouldn’t even dream of arguing back at her, and now because of Faith he was throwing some stupid words back at her.

“Bullshit, Buffy” Angel snapped right back, he was done with the polite routine and he was bored with her crap. “You came here because you wanted vengeance on Faith, not because of me. I’m in danger every fucking day and you never even call, never mind popping to the neighbourhood to say hello”

“I have a right to vengeance”

“Not in my city you don’t”

He had hurt her, denying her right to fight back at Faith, now he was telling her she didn’t have any right in his city at all. If he could hurt her then she could hurt him. Stepping a little closer to Angel, Buffy stared up at him defiantly. “I have someone in my life now” she told him, watching him carefully “That I love” something flickered in the recesses of his eyes that she couldn’t place. “It’s not what you and I had, it’s very new. You what’s new? I trust him. I know him”

Angel repressed his need to go find some aspirin, it was the same damn story every time Buffy got a new boy. She would feed him the details and expect a reaction out of him, usually she would get encouragement with underlying subtext filled with jealousy. Only nothing about the last few weeks had been usual.

“You know what?” he sighed, rubbing his face a little not having slept much in the last two days with the whole Faith thing, he was feeling a little wiped. He was too tired to hide or be on the defensive with her or anyone else. “You’re really sounding like a broken record, you know that? Every time you get a new boy toy, you get all eager to play share-share with the details”

He stepped forwards and closer to Buffy, looking down at her face which was filled with wary confusion and silent challenges. “I think it’s my turn to play share-share with the details of my great, new life”

“I have someone in my life too” Angel told her, his voice calm and even, no sign of anger at all in his throaty voice. Buffy’s lips parted in shock at his words, her eyes took in the way his had suddenly sparked with fire. “That I love” he used her own words against her. “It’s nothing like what you and I had, it’s very new. You know what makes it new?” he paused again, only continuing when he was sure he had her undivided attention.

“Every part of me loves her, that’s what’s new. I know and trust her with who and what I am; I live everyday for her and I’m not ashamed of who and what I am. That’s what’s really new. I never thought I could move on, I thought it would cut me up inside seeing you but it doesn’t. That’s new too “ Angel stepped away from her, the look of desperate shock on her face not really causing him to feel any pity. There was one final thing.

“The curse is gone, Buffy” he leaned down to whisper in her ear, “No soul worries”

Too much in shock, Buffy could barely breathe as she took unsteady steps away from the vampire. No, he had to be lying about this, he was only saying this because he thought it was what she needed, wanted to hear. He couldn’t be more wrong. This wasn’t what she wanted or needed to hear, Angel was hers and he was supposed to be hers, he wasn’t supposed to move on.

“Go home, Buffy, you aren’t needed here” Angel told her simply, having had enough. There was somebody waiting for him at her house, probably out of her mind with worry and crazy thoughts.

Buffy walked numbly towards the steps that would take her outside, picking up her jacket in a limp grip, she turned to look at Angel who was watching her with obsidian, unreadable eyes. “See? Faith wins again”

“I’m not talking about Faith, Buffy” Angel dug the knife in a little deeper.

The light dawned, her grip on her jacket became so tight her knuckles turned white, she opened her mouth to say something but he stopped her attempt.

“Don’t even think of bitching about Cordelia when she isn’t here to defend herself, Buffy. I won’t let you do that” Angel warned. The vampire watched silently as the Slayer walked slowly and unsteadily down the stairs.

Wesley Wyndham-Pryce had purposely waited until their heated discussion was over and done with when he heard Angel speak of his relationship with his seer, Cordelia. The ex-Watcher had no idea this had been going on nor any idea how long it had been going on. But he was determined to find out now, after he told Angel he did the right thing bringing Faith to jail.

Having not heard Angel’s whispered words about no curse, Wesley now found sudden and rapidly growing concerns about souls and certain gypsy curses rising in his chest. Slowly, he approached the steadfast vampire who suddenly turned to face him, making him jump a mile.

“Uhhh!” Wesley’s yelped, jumped and clutched his now wildly beating heart in his chest.

Smirking at the suddenly induced fear he caused, Angel raised an eyebrow at the Englishman, amused to practically hear the rattling of the ribcage. Buffy, now forgotten about. “Yeah?” he asked impatiently.

Glaring up at the vampire, Wesley continued to pet his heart, trying to get the rhythm back to normal. “You did the right thing Angel, bringing Faith here” he said.

“I didn’t” Angel replied with a hint of a smile on his face, though he almost had bags under his eyes, the hypnotic obsidian showed pride at Faith’s self-saving.

“I hope she’s strong enough to make it through” Wesley said after a few moments of silent reverie between himself and the vampire.

“Time will tell, Wes ol’ boy” Angel responded as they both watched Kate take a willing Faith down towards the holding cells. Every time he helped save someone, it felt like he was saving himself and it felt good.

Gathering up the courage, Wesley broached the new cause for worry with the vampire. “What you said to Buffy about Cordelia?” he asked point blank.

Eyes turning defensive, arms crossing over his chest and expression hardening, Angel simply looked at Wesley. “Yes, problem?” he asked sharply.

“Not to put a damper on your relationship with her, Angel” the Englishman assured quickly, not really in the mood or wanting to fight with his friend, colleague and rather strong, formerly vicious vampire. “But do forgive my worry. After recent events concerning your vampire side, you can not blame me for being cautious. What about Angelus? What about your curse and soul?”

Stilling instantly and looking at the ex-Watcher, Angel replied. “What soul?”

Part 2

“What soul?”

Time stood still for Wesley as the vampire spoke those words. Words that he feared since the confrontation with Angelus a few weeks ago and words he really never wanted hear spoken, especially within such a close proximately like this. His head was spinning, his heart began to race and he raised a hand to prevent the vampire from speaking anymore.

“What exactly do you mean? What soul?” Wesley asked, uncertainty clearly visible in the Englishman’s blue eyes as he looked at Angel. He still wasn’t sure if he heard right.

“I mean exactly that, I don’t have a soul Wes” the vampire replied, watching with an unwavering and amused gaze. He couldn’t miss the sudden burst of extra fear emanating from the man in front of him and as nice as it was, he hadn’t done anything to cause the fear.

“Hold on just a moment” Wesley snapped, backing up one or two paces to place some distance between himself and the vampire he thought was Angel. “Have you had sex with Cordelia?” he demanded, he didn’t think Cordelia would let it get that far, knowing the danger of Angelus first hand.

“No,” Angelus admitted, stuffing his hands into his pockets and looking at his employer. “Technically, my soul never came back after the Doximal escapade” he explained the questioning in Wesley’s eyes. “I was planning to kill you both” he admitted.

“Comforting to know” Wesley responded dryly, not taking his gaze off of Angelus for a single second, trying to do the impossible and predict what the vampire would do next. “What stopped you from killing Cordelia and I? You’ve had many ample opportunities” he wondered if the vampire was lying and was simply just stalling, waiting for the perfect time to arise.

“I know, I was going to wait and plan everything with precision” Angelus replied honestly, “Then when I went to Cordelia’s with every intention of turning her first, she had a vision and it would have been suspicious if I didn’t kill the bad guy”

“If you had turned her quickly, there would have been no need to fight the vision” Wesley pointed out, backing up a little more. “Or are you planning to kill me first? Do it here and now?”

“No Wes, so can you stand still and quit with the fear, it’s making me ansty” Angelus told him with a roll of his eyes.

“Forgive me, but fear is a natural reaction when faced with a vicious vampire” Wesley snapped in defense.

“I’m more than that, Watcher” Angelus growled slightly, “Haven’t I proved that to you? Am I not good enough because I don’t have a soul?”

“I’m terribly sorry if I seem to be taking the offensive here, but you and good do not belong in the same sentence” Wesley answered, sarcastically polite with his words as he forced himself not to shy away from the building rage behind the vampire’s gaze. He was not going to allow this soulless vampire to walk out of here; he was not going to hand him another opportunity to hurt Cordelia. If push came to shove, she maybe in a holding cell but Faith was within reach.

Angelus got in the other man’s face, “I’m sick and tired of being condemned” he said in a low voice, the calmness belying the threatening manner and body language. “I was going to kill you both, yeah I’ll admit it but I didn’t” he continued, “I could’ve done a lot of damage if I turned a Slayer but I didn’t. I could have snapped Buffy’s neck like a twig if I wanted but again I didn’t”

Wesley locked eyes with the vampire, no matter how Angelus put things and no matter what he said, he couldn’t be trusted. He was the complete demonic version of his friend, without a soul to connect him to humanity and without a soul to lock-down his deadly instincts. “What stopped you?” he asked, “And don’t tell me you had a change of heart”

“What if I did?” Angelus retaliated easily, “What if I just woke up one morning, deciding killing would be a waste of time?”

“Then you would be lying” Wesley replied instantly and honestly, all the while this confrontation was going on, the cogs in his brain were working overtime trying to form some sort of plan to deal with this dangerous situation.

“And you’d be right” Angelus agreed just as honestly, “I didn’t have a change of heart and I didn’t turn over a new leaf. I’m still a vampire” he told Wesley. “I still drink blood, I still want to hunt and kill, that won’t change. I don’t care about the Powers and the righteous, holy mission they had me on, I’m not their little puppet”

The vampire looked at the now silent human in front of him, obviously Wesley hadn’t been expecting him to be so honest. “If I wanted to walk out of here right now and go to Cordelia’s, you wouldn’t be able to stop me because I can do anything I choose to do. I thought you’d be glad I haven’t killed you, not standing here questioning my motives”

“What are your motives, Angelus?” Wesley used the name for the first time and it made him shudder inside. He was facing the world’s nightmare, looking him right in the eye and it was taking all his willpower not to run away and hide. Part of the reason he stood his ground was he was sure the vampire would go straight to Cordelia’s and he sure as hell didn’t trust the demon in front of him.

Angelus stood silently, contemplating his answer for a few moments and regarded the wary man before shattering the silence. “I can be more without my soul and I choose to be more”

“And that’s the only reason? Why do you suddenly want to be more than a killer? It was mere weeks ago, you personally threatened the lives of Cordelia, Ms. Lowell and myself?”

“My soul never returned after the drugs wore off, I played the part of guilty vamp well, don’tcha think?” Angelus smirked at the flash of guilt across Wesley’s face that he hadn’t known any different. “Every time Cordelia got a vision, I thought more and more about the fact I was one of the things that gave her a vision. I was nothing more than something to be disposed of, something that she wanted to be rid of. Something that made her cry at night and if a thing like me caused a vision, then she would be disgusted by the sight of me. I don’t want to cause visions, I’m not like those other demons, Wes”

“For Cordelia? You’re playing good cop for Cordelia?” Wesley asked with a frown of confusion, he didn’t really follow what Angelus was trying to tell him; all he gathered was the vampire saw himself, what he had become, through the seer’s visions and didn’t like what he saw.

Angelus stared at Wesley, “Partly,” he admitted “Like everything, it all starts with a girl, doesn’t it?” he smirked wryly at the flash of agreement on the Englishman’s face. “Even when I was killing I wasn’t just a vampire Wes, I was more than that. That’s how it started, with her, now she’s not the only reason” the truth of his words were acknowledged in the form of a nod from the man.

“What you told Buffy about you and Cordelia, is that true?” Wesley repeated his earlier question, though he was still nowhere near satisfied by the vampire’s answer he doubted he was going to get the real reason behind this charade.

“Yes Wes, Cordelia and I are together” Angelus immediately went back into a defensive stance, waiting for whatever Wesley might say or accuse him of.

“Does she know about your lack of soul?” Wesley asked there would be hell to pay if she did and hadn’t bothered to let him in on it. As it was, he was planning to have serious words with that girl in the morning, the point wasn’t the fact of the lack of soul, the point was she knew the dangers of getting involved with Angel and Angelus was now glaring at him, expression darkening.

“No, and you won’t tell her, Watcher” Angelus threatened lowly, “I’m going to tell her when she’s ready to hear the truth”

“Then what you said to Buffy is a lie” Wesley responded, “You told her that Cordelia knows who and what you are, but she doesn’t. She’s in the dark just as much as I was, if you don’t tell her Angelus, then I will. She has a right to know about this”

“I said I’ll tell her when she’s ready to hear the truth” Angelus growled at him, “You say you overheard my confrontation with Buffy, then you would have heard me say every part of me loves Cordelia. Well I do and I will tell her when I feel she’s ready. Don’t think of ruining this for me, Watcher”

“I won’t have to, you’ll do that well enough without my help, Angelus” Wesley shot back honestly. All hell would break loose when Cordelia found out about this. Unless… “You are planning on telling her? Or are you planning to keep this fact from her, hoping she’ll never know?”

“I’ve already said I’m going to tell her, but only when she’s ready to hear and ready to deal with it. I’ll make sure she won’t be afraid of me when I tell her” Angelus told him certainly and surely. “She’ll accept me the way I am, I know she will”

“Who on Earth are you trying to convince?” Wesley asked incredulously, “After the way you condemned her, what makes you so sure she won’t throw all this back in your face? What will you do if Cordelia doesn’t want to risk her life by dealing in romantic association with you?”

“I’m already with her Wes, she told me she loves me and I believe her, my soul won’t make any difference. I can still take care of her and I’ll make sure she knows that” the truth was, Angelus didn’t want think about what he would do if Cordelia didn’t take to him without his soul. But she did say she loved all of him right? That included the demon aspect of him, that included what remained of the man and that included who he was completely.

“Then go ahead and tell her, Angelus” Wesley spoke the invitation, “But I am coming with you, and if you so much as show the first sign of aggression, I shall be forced to…”

“Wes, just stop okay? Threats really bore me and they piss me off” Angelus cut him off, not letting him finish his threat.

“This is no joke I am serious in my warning. I far from trust you Angelus”


Pacing in her apartment, Cordelia wrapped her lilac blanket tighter around her shoulders, trying to keep the worrying chill from her body. She didn’t have any idea about anything that had happened that night, Angel had forced her to stay inside her apartment and after a very long, drawn out and threatening lecture, she had agreed.

“Why hasn’t he or Wes called?” she asked, voicing her worries aloud to Dennis and she continued her pacing. “What the hell is going on?” her words were broke off when she sneezed slightly, sniffling “Damn cold”

“They’ve been gone all day” she stated with worried glances around her apartment, expecting to see something reassuring or her cell or home phone to ring. Anything to give her some news, but on the other hand no news is good news, right? Cordelia nibbled on the tip of her index finger, pacing back and forth like she had done for the last few hours in between short, resty sit-downs.

“GAAHH!” Cordelia screeched loudly when a banging on her door interrupted her worried pacing. Striding purposely towards her door, remembering to ask who it was before opening it, if it was Angel and she didn’t ask, she’d get another longer lecture and nobody wanted one of those. “Who is it?” she asked loudly through the door, hoping either Wesley or Angel would answer.

“It’s us, Cordelia; Angel and I” Wesley’s voice replied through the door, glaring at Angelus when he used the name Angel. He hated to lie to Cordelia but when one had a vampire daring you to go against his wishes, then lying becomes a necessity.

Relief almost caused her to collapse, the brunette swung the door open to face Angel and Wesley, not noticing the looks they kept sending to each other. “Oh thank God you’re both alright, I was worried!” she accused sharply even as she flung her arms around the vampire’s neck in a short, affectionate hug and pressed a secret kiss on his neck. She pulled away after he returned her affection with an acknowledging squeeze.

“I beg your pardon” Wesley replied dryly and focusing his eyes on anything but Angelus and Cordelia. “We only had enough time to take care of a rogue Slayer, so sorry we couldn’t call to let you know we’d be late for dinner”

“It’s not funny” Cordelia snapped, moving away from the door to let them both in, “Even if you were dying, you could still find the time to call. We should have one of those little code systems, where one ring means we’re knocking at death’s door, bury me next Tuesday, two rings mean I’m alive but in the middle of something and three rings means pick up, I’m free to talk”

When she finished her little speech, she finally noticed Wesley’s expression and the tranquilizer gun in his hand, when she looked at Angel, his face was unreadable and in his eyes shone nothing. “What?” Cordelia asked, a feeling of wrongness crept up on her slowly, her spine stiffened and she prepared herself for whatever would be said.

“What’s wrong?” she asked when silence was her answer. Looking to Angel with eyes now demanding to filled in on whatever had gone down. “Angel?”

“I’m not Angel”

Part 3

“I’m not Angel”

“I’m sorry- what?” Cordelia blinked and turned her eyes from Wesley holding the tranquilizer gun to the mumbling vampire next to him. “For a minute there I thought you said you weren’t Angel”

“I did say I wasn’t Angel” Angelus replied, looking her directly in the eyes and forced himself not to shrink away from whatever version of hell was coming his way. He waited for her fear to pierce the air, he waited for her yelling to sting his ears and he waited for the inevitable shouts for him to get the hell away from her.

So why was she laughing?

A silvery laughter poured from Cordelia, “If you’re not Angel, then who are you? Mister Stay Puft? You look like Angel and you’re acting like Angel so you must be Angel” she pointed out.

Wesley looked to Angelus, eagerly awaiting his response to that statement, his finger remaining on the trigger of the gun.

“I don’t have a soul Cordelia, I’m not Angel” Angelus repeated with a little more explanation as he continued to hold her gaze steady and locked on his. Obsidian orbs wide and devouring, he took in her disbelief and, was that worry? He wouldn’t be surprised if she was questioning his sanity right about now.

“Did you hit your head? Did Faith hit your head?” Cordelia asked bluntly, not hiding that she was in fact questioning his sanity. She went to move towards the vampire to check for injuries when Wesley moved to hold her back. Looking up at the ex-watcher, she blinked and looked back at Angel.

“No, I didn’t hurt my head” Angelus told her, his gaze now drawn to where Wesley’s hand lay restraining on her arm. “Wes…”

Wesley let go, clutching the tranquilliser gun tighter in his other hand.

“How can you not have your soul?” Cordelia deadpanned, “You haven’t experienced any moments of perfect happiness… Have you?” now she was accusing him of adultery it seemed.

“No, I haven’t been happy” Angelus affirmed his fidelity then saw how she mistook his words.

“So you’re not happy?” she asked, sounding hurt as the main topic of conversation got put aside in favour of this new, more dangerous topic. “Are you trying to tell me” a pause “That you’ve never been the least bit happy?”

“That’s not what I’m say…” Angelus quickly responded, throwing a glance towards Wesley and conveying a silent plea for help. The almost unseen shrug from the man came complete with a tiny smile filled with mocking apologies and Angelus was left to get himself out of the mess he made.

“Then what are you trying to say, hmm?” Cordelia asked, the soft thud-thud-thud sound was her foot against the carpeted flooring. “That I’m not happiness-inducing girl?”

“If you shut up, I might be able to get a word in edgewise” Angelus growled, watching with some satisfaction when her jaw dropped ever so slightly. The vampire rubbed his own jaw with a hand for a single second before stopping more of her words with the same hand. “I’ve told you but you don’t seem to listen. I don’t have a soul, it never came back after the Doximal and Rebecca Lowell”

“Oh, and I suppose she was the one who induced happiness” Cordelia mimicked a snaky, high-pitched voice. “Never mind the girl who you’ve been secretly dating for weeks now, lets think of the little slut who tried to get you in an exchange of bodily fluids”

“I said shut up, and she didn’t want to screw me… Okay, so she did” Angelus corrected off Cordelia’s knowing look. “Don’t you even care that I don’t have a soul?” he practically yelled at her.

“Don’t yell at me, we’ll get to your lack of soul in a minute” she snapped, “Right after you tell me who’s panties you lost it in cus it certainly isn’t in mine”

“I didn’t lose it in anyone’s panties” the vampire growled in response and took a slightly menacing step forward towards her. “So if you shut the fuck up…”

“You’re telling me to shut up?!” she gasped in shock.

“Yeah, so why won’t you do it? All I’ve gotten since I’ve come home is yelling and yapping, how I’ve managed to restrain myself from killing you is anybody’s guess”

Cordelia’s jaw dropped a little further, her eyes darkened, her arms became folded over her chest and her shoulders squared up. Chin raised defiantly, she silently dared him to talk like that to her again.

Not in the least bit intimidated by her, Angelus got in her space and effectively popping her bubble, he drew his own arms over his chest so they were equal in their show of defiance. He spoke slowly, clearly with each word accompanied with punctuated growls.

“I. Don’t. Have. A. Soul”

“Who. Did. You. Lose. It. Too?” Cordelia’s own words held a growl.

“It never returned after the Doximol wore off”

Cordelia’s stormy eyes narrowed so very dangerously as she prepared to respond. “If you say you don’t have a soul then that means you’re Angelus. Angelus is a lying, mean bully and that means you’re lying. If you’re lying then that means you lost your soul in some little, blonde floozy’s pants”

“I didn’t sleep with Buffy, she came for Faith…” oh shit! Angelus inwardly flinched and kicked his own balls, he somehow got the feeling it would be less painful than what was obviously coming to him.

“Well done!” Wesley muttered just loud enough for the vampire to hear.

“Buffy came here?” Cordelia asked quietly, “She’s the little, blonde floozy? Oooh! You are sooo dead!” she growled. Turning to Wesley, she snapped her hand out and wrapped it around the tranquilizer gun and tugged. “Gimme that thing, I wanna shoot the lying, cheating undead asswipe!”

“Cordelia!” Wesley tugged back on the gun, trying to wrestle it out of her grip. “I think you should know…”

“Who are you to tell me what I should and shouldn’t know? Gimme the gun!”

“Cordelia!” Angelus joined in, moving to get her away from the tranquilliser gun and Wesley.

“Don’t touch me! You’ve probably got some contagious disease! I don’t know where you’ve been, I don’t wanna know where you’ve been!” Cordelia yelled at him, still frantically tugging on the gun.

“Will you just calm the fuck down?” Angelus barked at her, his and Wesley’s hands both trying to get a hold of the tranquilliser gun and take control of the out-of-hand situation. Cordelia used her free hand to slap Angelus’ hand and kicked him in the shin, causing him to hop on the spot.

“You insufferable brat!” he hissed, leaning over to rub his injured shin.

“You cheating vampire” she hissed back.

“Cordelia, stop it!” Wesley yelped now using both hands to get a hold of the gun, “Let go”

“No, I’m gonna shoot his balls before I crush em” Cordelia growled and yanked once more on the gun. Her finger caught the trigger, a small whooshing sound pierced the arguing and she stood still when she realised she had fired the gun.

Angelus, Cordelia and Wesley all looked down towards the floor and saw the needle lodged in the Englishman’s foot.

“Bloody priceless” Wesley managed to say before his eyes crossed and he began to fall limply to the floor. Angelus caught him before his body hit the floor in a dead weight, Cordelia watched and bit her lip as the vampire laid the ex-watcher out on her couch. Both vampire and girl looked down at the passed out man in silence, she chewed on her lip and gave Angelus an accusing sideways glance.

“Look what you did!” she snapped at him.

“Me? You were the one who pulled the trigger” he snapped right back “I was trying to get you to let go but like always, you never listen to a word I say!”

“I…” Cordelia began her defence.

“I-I-I what?” Angelus stalked up to her, “It’s true, I’ve been here for the past ten minutes telling you I don’t have a soul and all you can think of to do is accuse me of screwing the Slayer. Tell me Cordelia, don’t you think you’re enough for me?”

She drew in a sharp breath but he continued to talk and he started to pace. “I’ve been patient, waiting for the right time to tell you. I wanted to wait a little longer, until you wouldn’t be afraid of me but now I’m like ‘what the hell was I thinking?’“

Cordelia gasped in outrage, “You’re the one trying to tell me that you don’t have a soul. If anyone should be thinking ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ It’s me!”

“Can we get back to the subject?” Angelus half yelled at her, frustration pouring from his being. “I don’t have a soul!” he repeated for the umpteenth time since getting to Cordelia’s apartment.

“So you keep saying! If you didn’t sleep with Buffy, which little, blonde floozy did you sleep with? If you say crazy cop lady…”

“I didn’t sleep with any floozy Cordelia, the only floozy I want to sleep with is you! I’m in love with you!” Angelus really did yell at her this time and his angered words caused her retaliation to lodge in her throat. “I can not believe I fell in love with you!”

“What the hell is wrong with me?!” she demanded, his words not really registering in her head properly, probably because her head was swimming with the no soul confession. If he really was telling the truth then that meant she had been macking on the evil half of her boss! Sure, the secretary-boss thing was kind of kinky, but when it was with the evil version of her boss, the kink grew into a curl!

“What’s wrong with you? What wrong with you?” Angelus asked, his voice getting louder the more this went on between them. “I think you should be asking what’s right with you!”

“You-you…” Cordelia felt her jaw drop like a ton of bricks and hit the floor with a thud. “If there was nothing right about me then you wouldn’t be in love with me” she countered with her own loud voice. “What you should be asking is why the hell I would be in love with the likes of a lying vampire like you! Because I sure as hell can’t work that one out”

“I didn’t lie!” he yelled back at her “I never slept with anybody, not even you I might add”

“So you never slept with anybody, big whoop!” Cordelia flung her hands high in the air to exaggerate her words. “You still lied about who the hell you were”

“It doesn’t matter because you’re in love with me” Angelus yelled right back at her, “You’re in love with me, Cordelia” with those words, all his anger seemed to deflate, leaving him breathing hard and sharply as he looked at her. His low, husky voice a shocking contrast to the fiery one used up to now as he repeated those words to her. “You’re in love with me, Angelus” he stressed his name.

Angelus saw Cordelia search his eyes and expression for something, probably deceit and signs of lying or trickery. “No lies or tricks,” he told her “I love you and you love me. Nothing else matters”

“It does matter, you never told me. You let me believe you had a soul, why?” she asked, her own voice now as soft as his and Cordelia continued to study his expression intently.

“At first I wanted to plan everything, get every detail perfect then go in for the kill” Angelus told her honestly and openly. “But I was always more than a simple vampire Cordelia, even before I got my soul the first time. I can be what you need, I am what you need and I’m definitely what you want”

“You said I was honest, not relaxing to be around but I was honest” he reminded her “Are you going to be honest about what you want or are you going to deny yourself?”

Should she give him up? Yes, the truth is she definitely should. Would she give him up? Probably not. Would she give up on him? Last time she checked, there wasn’t a chance in hell. Could she give him up? Again, no chance in hell.

“Are you?” Angelus pressed again when she stayed silent.

“You haven’t tried to kill me, granted you probably had things worked out in that head of yours but you didn’t go through with it. That I can at least be grateful for and you didn’t even punch Wes, that really deserves some brownie points too” Cordelia responded. “But Angelus, if the name matters all that much…”

“Not when you say it” Angelus interjected with a tiny smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth, he knew she loved him and that was all that really mattered.

“What about my visions and helping the helpless? Are you still going to do that?” she asked, could he do that? If he loved her, then would he do that for her?

“Haven’t I been doing exactly that?” he retaliated easily.

“I guess you have” Cordelia agreed, he had been fighting her Technicolor headaches but he still lied to her. “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“No, that’s the big secret” Angelus responded, wisely keeping quiet about the fact about his things, that would be moved in tomorrow.

Nodding, she pursed her lips and regarded him silently. “You’re in love with me, huh?”

“Yeah, and you’re in love with me” he shot back, not sure if he should expect more yelling and screaming.

“I guess I could give you a chance, but you have some serious making up to do buster, and you have to apologise to Wes for shooting him” Cordelia told him righteously. “I know you didn’t mean to do it, and that it was an accident but you still need to say you’re sorry”

“I didn’t shoot Wes, Cordelia, you did” his voice showed signs of rising again and hands began to clench.

“It’s okay, he’ll understand it was an accident, hell with half the weapons you play with I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before now” she contradicted his statement defending his innocence. Technically, it was Angelus fault, if he hadn’t used his vampire strength when she was trying to get the gun, Wesley would never have gotten shot.

“You shot him, not me!”

“That’s oh…”

A demanding kiss cut off the rest of her words, Angelus took advantage of her shock-parted lips and flicked his cool tongue across her warmer one. Cordelia’s eyes fluttered before drifting shut, a soft sigh escaped as the vampire tilted her head to one side, deepening his kiss. The pressure from his mouth on hers was commanding but not forceful, he took control but still gave her freedom.

Expert lips covered her glossy ones, large male hands sliding through her hair to touch the long, satin tresses while his thumbs caressed the apples of her cheeks. Cordelia reacted with instinct, feeling her smooth hands glide under his jacket to wrap around his neck, well-kept nails tickling the nape. A masculine half-purr half-moan told her he was enjoying this as much as she was, Angelus continued to stimulate her with a lovers’ kiss.

Pulling back with reluctance, Cordelia looked up to him licking her lips and tasting him with a hungered passion. “Wes’ll be out for a while, right?” she asked.

“Not nearly long enough sweetheart, how ’bout we leave the Watcher here and go to my place for the night?” Angelus suggested in a low, husky and melodious voice that almost had her in a hypnotic trance filled with erotic fantasies.

She wanted to, but she had to tell him something first and she wanted to be honest about it too. “I know you said you’re in love with me and all. I’m trusting you with my life, how do I know I won’t wake up dead?” she asked, her typical logic coming forward.

Angelus made her look deep into him, past the demon and let her see part of the man still inside him. “I’m asking you to trust me, if you don’t trust me then you can’t love me”

Nodding in understanding of his words, Cordelia reached down and took his hand in hers. “I need a little time to fully trust you and if you love me then you’ll understand that. But I love you, you know me better than anyone Angel-us, that’s going to take some getting used to…”

“Don’t get used to it, after tonight the only thing you’re gonna be calling me is God”

The END?


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Title: Tequila Mockingbird
Author: Scorch
Posted: Mar 2 2005
Rating: PG-16 for language
Category: Humour
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Damned summary fairies
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: inging it yet again!

Swirling the amber liquid round and round, Cordelia Chase unseeingly stared through the glass and contents at the table under it. After Angel’s soul never returned from the Doximol palava, she and Wesley had gone their separate ways in the hopes of finding a way to counteract Wolfram and Hart’s spell in order to get Angel back.

The visions had stopped, leaving her thankfully without headaches but unfortunately without purpose.

Shrugging off any and all melancholy feelings before they began, the brunette took a heavy swig and downed her drink in one. Having grown so used to tequila when she felt a little under the weather, the bitter taste didn’t make her wince or choke, thus garnering her with proud glances from a group of demons.

“Dipshits.” Cordelia muttered and looked at her watch. Every night, since It happened, Angelus would come to Caritas and try to get her into bed. It was no wonder she took solace in drink, not that she paid for it of course, workers’ discount and all.

Feeling him sauntering up behind her, she fingered the small stake she always carried with her and grimaced, dreading the day she might actually have to use it. As long as Angelus was alive, then the hope of returning his soul was still there.

“Cordy, babe.” Angelus greeted merrily, licking his fangs in anticipation. “Are you brooding again?”

“I would say drop dead, but ya know..” Signalling to Lorne, who was watching everything warily, “Two tequilas, make em doubles”

“I’ve tried, but that spell Wolfram and Hart placed on me prevents it. Sorry.” Patting her on the back and settling onto a stool next her, the vampire took out a few bills and placed them on the bar. “My round. So, how is my darling Cordy tonight?”

“Bite me”

Angelus grinned wickedly, “Tell me where and I will.”

Anger flared in her hazel orbs and she glared at him, desperately wishing the No Violence spell wasn’t working.

Chuckling at her reaction and tweaking her nose, “Chill out, I’m just rubbing you the wrong way. Or trying to”

“Why don’t you go away?” The bastard had the nerve to come into her bar and interrupt her brooding.

“No” Nodding his thanks to Lorne for the drinks and relishing in riling her up, Angelus demurely took a sip and relaxed against the bar top.

“Fuck off”

Smiling oh so happily, “I would, but you’re in the room. On the other hand, if you’re offering to help?”

Slamming her second glass down and glaring at him, Cordelia seethed with fury. “What the hell happened to the psychotic jackass I know and hate?”

“I flushed him down the toilet. Being perverted is so much more fun these days”

Growling low in her throat and knocking back the remnants of her tequila, the brunette picked up her third. “Either get smashed with me or take a hike”

Grinning widely at how poorly she handled her liquor, Angelus signalled for another round. Spying the stake her left hand was toying with, he clasped his heart dramatically. “A twig!” He stated loudly, drawing attention from other punters who soon lost interest. “She’s got a twig”

“It’s a stake, asshole, come closer so I can beat you to death with it”

“Hey, if you’re that hard-up for it sweetness, I gotta twig you can use.” Crudely, Angelus ran a large hand down his lethally set form to grab the place between his thighs. Watching her eyes track the motion and widen at the sight, “Told ya being perverted is much more fun. But didn’t believe me, did ya?”

“Oh, I believed you.” Cordelia replied, a slight purr to her voice. “Just don’t give a flying fuck”

“How ‘bout a laying one? They’re much less awkward.” Removing his hand and daringly, placed it on her shoulder, blunt fingertips playing with the ends of her feathered hair.

“God, and I thought Marquis De Sade was sick.” Shifting her head towards Lorne, she made it known another round was needed. “He’s paying”

“You’ll be pleased to know it’s for your benefit.” Angelus smoothed his hand down her spine and smiled serenely at the helpless shiver he caused.

“Oh yeah, colour me ecstatic.” Reaching round and snatching his offending limb away, Cordelia let it unceremoniously drop to the bar. “Don’t touch what ya can’t afford”

In lieu of feeling her through the barrier of clothes, he trailed a fingertip down her bare arm. “How about what I can?”

Suddenly, her head hit the bar and for a second, a single moment in time, Angelus thought she was having a vision.

But the sound of forehead meeting wood, slowly but often, cut that thought short. After one or two moments of constant banging, he slipped a palm under her head and effectively blocked her from doing it again.

“Careful there, you’ll give yourself a headache.”

Opening a blurring eye and offering a sarcastic smile, Cordelia nodded once. “No, you’ll be giving me a headache”

Angelus grinned. “I’d much rather give you an orgasm”

“The day you do that is the day hell will be the hottest ski resort on the planet.” Returning her head to the bar top, the brunette tried to ignore him.

“You got the hot part right”

“Go back there, would you?” Muffled by wood and tequila, her voice spoke to the bar.

“No thanks babe.” The vampire sighed unnecessarily and gave a reminiscent smile. “Best vacation I ever had. Soul didn’t think so, of course, but for me? Yeah, baby! I saw that film ya know?”

“Believe me when I say this,” Cordelia brought up her face and looked him squarely in the eye. “I do not care”

Angelus, suddenly the perfect image of wounded soldier, dramatically clutched his heart and gave a low groan of pain. “You really know where to hit”

“Stand still and I’ll show you just how much I know”

“I keep telling you, sweetness, standing can be a little tricky. How about if I lay still? Could be fun”

Another groan sounded, only this one was louder and a lot more feminine. All she wanted to do was first, make it so sitting would be impossible and secondly… There was no second, she’d settle for shoving her stake so far up his ass he’d be picking splinters out of his fangs for eternity.


“What?” He purred.

“Stinks.” Yeah, it was a stupid and childish joke, but who really cared? Cracking her face slowly but surely, a smile appeared as she watched his expression. So, stupid and childish games could work to her advantage?


“What d’ya get if you cross a kangaroo with a sheep?” Cordelia asked, resting her cheek against her palm and watched the flicker of amusement wash over his features.

“I dunno, what?”

“A woolly jumper.” A chorus of groans came from the group of demons, causing both vampire and girl to glare at them in silent chastisement for listening.

Angelus signalled to Lorne for another round of tequila. “A man walks into a bar and brags about his wife’s Christmas presents. He got her slippers and a vibrator.” Waiting patiently until she replied.

“Why the vibrator?”

“If she didn’t like the slippers, she could go and fuck herself.”

Holding back the chuckles was useless.

Her shoulders shook and her lips spread just that little bit wider. “Figures you’d come out with something crude.” What the hell, it was funny.

“I could come out with something, if I’m so bold to say, bigger and better. Angelus merely smirked when she rolled her eyes. Oh yeah, no cheesy lines would ever work on her.

“There ya go, Peachpie.” Lorne, pretending not to quiver at the soulless one’s presence, simply popped a bottle on the counter. “On the house.” At his most angered, Angel had stung his head but Angelus?

That guy had things in his aura that’d make him aqua and that would definitely not go with his new suit.

“Who needs glasses?” Cordelia snatched up the bottle and took a heavy swig. Unfortunately, her cool show was interrupted by an untimely nose full and she choked, spluttering the liquid all over the vampire.

Completely unaffected, Angelus affectionately patted her back before wiping his shirt down. “How’s about you take me home to get me out of these wet clothes?”

“How about I hope you catch your death?”

“Why? Did it run away? Damn death.” He snapped his fingers and looked on in grave disappointment.

“Drink and shut up.” Shoving the bottle into his hands and yanking her hand away when he took the liberty of touching, Cordelia shot him a disgusted look and wiped off all vampire germs on her jeans. “No touchy”

Noting how she was scrubbing her hand, Angelus covered it with his own and smoothed circles on the softer skin. “Cordy, Cordy, Cordy” he sighed with a shake of his head. “What am I to do with you?”

Trying and failing to remove his caressing digits, the brunette glowered and glared, but eventually relented when all she seemed to do was amuse him all the more. “Leave me alone?”

“Now see, that’s just something I can’t do.” His grip tightened and she tensed, the sudden change in attitude evident to all. “Leaving you, drunk and alone in a club, just wouldn’t be a very nice thing for me to do”

Soulless or not, he’d never allow her to walk home drunk. After all, the streets of Los Angeles weren’t safe for a vulnerable and inebriated young lady.

“Thanks for your concern, but really, I don’t want it.” This time, a stronger tug on her part ended with her hand being free.

He smiled demurely. “Tough shit, sweetness. I can’t have you wandering around, unguarded. Who knows what might happen to you. Rape, murder, mugged, beaten… The list is endless”

Cordelia rose her brows and ignored the way her fingers missed his. “Half of that list are things you’d do to me.”

“That’s different and you know it.” Angelus, showing the first signs of snapping, growled at her. “I wouldn’t do it because of hate or for the weird need for power, as most rapists do, I’d do it out of pleasure for the pain”

Spluttering tequila once more and coughing on the liquid now filling her lungs, the brunette tried to see through the hot water burning her eyes in an attempt to read his face.

Surely he couldn’t be serious, right?

Staring long and hard at his expression, she came to the conclusion that he was indeed serious. There was a twisted sense of nobility in what he said, it creeped and comforted at the same time. “You are so weird”

He shrugged and tossed back another drink, his tongue licked up stray drops of alcohol from his lips. “I do what I can.” He grinned wolfishly, both lightening and darkening the atmosphere between them a little more. “But with you, I’d do it out of love”

This caused her to laugh out loud and clap both hands across her mouth. “Love?” Cordelia finally stated, her eyes bright and sparkling with a pretty rosy tint to her cheeks. “You would torture me out of love? Love for what? Death wishes? Cus that’s what you obviously have”

“And given half the chance, you’d kill me out of love for the good natured and half-witted other self.” He knew he’d torture and he wasn’t afraid to use it if it got him what he wanted. “So what’s wrong with my wanting to do you out of love? Same thing”

She shook her head enough to make the room spin. “No, it’s completely different. I don’t want your good natured other self to suffer for things you do. But you on the other hand? Give me chains and a cattle prod. I’d show you loved-up torture”

Grinning smugly and folding his arms, Angelus clacked his tongue. “That’s torture, but not kill,” he pointed out. “If you were gonna dust me, sweetness, you would have already done it. You can’t, because to get rid of me would be admitting my good natured other self has gone bye-bye forever. Oh, the shame!”

Sending him a glare that had the capability to stop wars, Cordelia inwardly cursed his astute self. “I hate it when you’re right. Come to think of it, I hate you full stop.” Frowning when she went to reach for the bottle and missing, she made another and much more successful attempt.

“Yet, I on the other hand.” Ignoring her jibe to continue, “I’m the evil natured half and I haven’t been able to degrade you, never mind harm one hair on your pretty little head”

“Why haven’t you?” Call it morbid curiosity, but she had to know. “It can’t be for the scintillating conversations we have over tequila and side order of fries. Speaking of, I’m hungry.” The hand he had previously touched went to her stomach, fingers rubbing against her abdomen.

“I’m not surprised. That crappy low fat Greek yoghurt salad couldn’t have filled you. Truth?” Angelus wondered how badly she wanted to hear the answer.

“As always and no, I don’t wanna know how you knew what I ate for supper.” Checking her teeth for remnants of lettuce just in case, Cordelia’s face scrunched up into an unflattering expression that earned her a genuine grin.

Pausing to take the bottle from her and deciding not to tell about the white mark on the side of her pants, he drank and continued to give the elusive answer. “Because I don’t want to”

The brunette glanced at him, “That’s it?” Cordelia asked incredulously, with wide eyes and a disbelieving smile. “Because you don’t want to? No ‘Because I enjoy getting drunk off my ass with you?’ Or no ‘Because you and I have been friends, and I’d hate to lose you’?”

Angelus simply shook his head. “Don’t expect me to be sentimental.” Another drink was taken and he was starting to feel the effects a little. A slight giggle escaped as a few drops trickled down his chin. “Let’s go to Vegas and play Blackjack”

“With what? Brass buttons?” Since Angel Investigations had put investigating on hold, she had absolutely no spare cash at all and the pay from Caritas wasn’t fantastic, the only things she could do was pay rent and eat. “Besides, what if halfway there you suddenly decide you want to kill me?”

“Take a chance Cor,” he nudged her with an elbow. “Life’s full of risks. Makes it exciting, don’tcha think?”

“No.” She shook her head again and stopped when the room didn’t spin, tilting on it’s axis was more accurate. “We’re both drunk and getting done for it is not on my list of things to do. And anyways, the sun will be up in a few hours and you’ll go bye-bye”

Angelus sighed at her reluctance. “Like I said, life’s full of risks. Come on, sweetness, ya know ya want to.” He wanted to play and would absolutely not take no for an answer.

Throwing her hands high in submission and relenting, Cordelia ignored the voice that told her she was making a huge mistake that could end up in her untimely death, but what the hell. She was bored and lonely, not forgetting drunk, and around her favourite psycho. “No biting, killing, maiming or torturing of anyone including me?”

“That’s no fun” he sported a spectacular pout.

“Consider it a vacation from your chosen career, Norman. Agree and I’ll go”

“Norman?” Angelus mused for a second and quickly got the reference with a scowl. “I hate that name”

“Better than Dracula, wouldn’t you agree? Now help me off this stool, my legs don’t seem to be working.” Almost tripping in her shoes, Cordelia latched onto his offered arm and gave Lorne a sheepish grin. “I’ll call”

“Make sure you do, my little lamb. Good service is hard to come by nowadays.” The reference to slaughtered animals not lost on either Angelus or Cordelia.

“I hope to get some of that good service personally.” The vampire stated, his voice full of promises that made the listening demons snigger and give him the thumbs up. A stone cold look sent their way had them instantly cramming their mouths firmly shut.

A huff from the ex-cheerleader got his attention. “Are you ready or are you wanting to yap some more?”

This time when he grinned, it sent a sliver of fire through her veins and she wondered what the fuck she’d gotten herself into.

The End


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Title: So, You’re a Vampire?
Author: Scorch
Posted: Aug 21 2003
Rating: Light R
Category: Humour
Summary: Cordelia reacts differently when she finds out Angel is really a vampire.
Spoilers: Set directly after the Halloween episode in BTVS
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, GT

“So, you’re really a vampire?” Cordelia asked in surprise as she adjusted the cat ears on top of her head and looked at Angel, waiting for his answer.

Angel nodded, “Yeah, thanks for what you said in there” he replied and turned to walk away.

“Hey!” Cordelia hurried to catch up with him, “Wait just a minute pal, you can’t just tell me you’re part of the legion of the undead and just walk away. Spill”

Halting his steps, the vampire looked at her in confusion “Spill what?” he asked, his brow wrinkling with his confused expression.

“The drink you’re holding” she replied sarcastically, “I wanna know stuff and since you’re the only care bear with fangs, I’m asking you”

“Stuff? Wha, uh, what kind of… Stuff?” Angel asked uncertainly, why was she so curious? And why did a 17 year old have a body like that? It was distracting.

“You know, stuff” Cordelia replied, she rolled her eyes as he just continued to stare at her in confusion. “How long have you been all grrr for?” she made a little movement with her hands to symbolise her use of the word ‘grr’ a half smile cracked his face a little.

“I’m 247” Angel conceded and began to walk away again, he wasn’t one for socialising or talking about his vampirism.

Once again, Cordelia trotted to keep up with the vampire “Wow, you only look 30, maybe middle aged”

Stopping, Angel gave her an annoyed glance “I was 26” he growled “Not middle aged”

“Alright, geez issues much” she responded “You growled, why do vampires growl?”

“I didn’t growl”

“Yes, you did. I heard it, you went grrr”



“Is there any particular reason why you’re asking me this?” he asked her, he had two modes with people; bite and avoid; the way she was going he’d end up biting and not avoiding. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t wearing a skin-tight cat costume that showed her every curve. He shouldn’t be looking, but that wasn’t the point.

“Damn right there is” Cordelia replied instantly, “You’re the only vampire I know who wouldn’t bite me”

Don’t be so sure of that pussy cat His inner thoughts rang clear. “Don’t you have a home to go to?” Angel asked hopefully.

“Nah, I’m a stray” she joked lightly, hurrying to keep up with his fast walking. “You drink blood?”

Sighing unnecessarily, “Yes Cordelia, I drink blood” he replied and resigning to the fact that she wasn’t going to go away.

“Ew and if you don’t drink human blood, what do you drink?” she asked, her heels click-clicking against the concrete as she picked up her pace in order to keep up with him.

“Pigs blood” Angel replied tersely as he headed towards his black convertible.

“Ew, what about cows blood? Or even lambs? Is there a difference?” Cordelia asked and began to get a little out of breath, she became grateful for her fitness programme and countless cheerleading that enabled her to keep up somewhat.

“Yes, there is a difference. Lambs blood is sweeter than pigs blood where cows blood is… Look, I’m not too comfortable with this conversation” Angel appealed to her, hoping she would stop talking and asking questions.

“Don’t be embarrassed Angel, come on spill the juicy stuff” she urged, “What’s the difference between pigs blood and human? Besides the obvious I mean”

“If I tell you, will you leave me alone?”

“Sure” she lied easily.

“Human blood is rich, warm, sticky and coppery and pigs blood is not as sweet. Happy now?” Angel hoped, he wanted to get home all this talk of food made him hungry.

Cordelia paused by his car, distracted by it for a moment and then thought about a cheesy programme she used to watch when she was a kid. “This your car?” she asked, startling Angel with the sudden change in conversation.

“Yeah, it’s a Plymou…” the vampire began.

“Plymouth 69 convertible, I know” Cordelia finished his sentence for him “It reminds me of the Kit car”

“Kit?” once again, he was confused.

“You don’t know about Kit?” she asked in shocked surprise “Every living person on the planet knows who Kit is”

“I’m not a living person Cordelia” Angel corrected her.

“Pfft” she waved his words away “That’s just semantics, Kit was a talking car who belonged to Michael Knight and you’re just like him in a sense”

“Michael Knight?”

“Totally” she confirmed, “You drive around in a black car, okay it doesn’t talk, but you save people and stuff. You are so Michael Knight. Anyway, is there a difference between human blood types?”

Trying to keep up with her rapid subject changes, Angel’s hand paused on the drivers’ door and looked at her in extreme annoyance. “This isn’t something I want to talk about” he told her gruffly.

“But I do, it’s only a few simple questions” Cordelia pointed out, her lower lip popping out in a little pout and hands going behind her back. “You wouldn’t want me to go out and find a dangerous vampire to ask would you? What would happen if they decided to show me the answers to my questions? I’d be dead, and you would have my blood on your conscious while my ghost would haunt you for eternity”

“Oh the torture” Angel muttered and sat in the drivers seat, preparing to start his car, a movement to the left of him caused him to look at Cordelia now sitting in the passenger seat. “What are you doing now?”

“Coming with you” she answered easily, “I’m not letting you off the hook so easily, I got questions and I want answers”

“Won’t your parents be wondering where you are?” he asked lightly, hoping she would take her questions and go away.

“They aren’t home, they’re in Paris or somewhere in the European continent they won’t be home until next month” she replied a little too easily. Cordelia brightened “You’ve probably been around the block more than a few times, have you ever been to Europe?”

Yes Cordelia, I was there for ten years while destroying half of the population before getting cursed with a soul he thought bitterly. “I was there for a little while, didn’t stay in Paris long”

“Wow, I love the Eiffel tower, you can see for miles up at the top” she told him wistfully before going back to the original subject of blood. “And you haven’t answered my question” she reminded him.

“What was the question?” Angle asked, having got caught up in memories of his killing days he had totally forgotten what she had asked.

“Are there differences in human blood types, I’m O pos would I taste different to some who is AB Neg?” Cordelia asked all too interestedly for his liking.

“Why are you so interested?” he asked without answering, thoughts started forming inside his head and they weren’t good. What if she was thinking about becoming a vampire’s donor? It wasn’t unheard of for humans to do that, a vampire bite can be pleasurable and also addictive. Now he had images of Cordelia shoving her wrist into a vampire’s face, demanding he drink.

That image led to Cordelia shoving her wrist into his face, demanding he drink and that image suddenly turned to him denying her wrist and drinking from her neck. Angel was lost, he would take her blood then lick the trail down to her breasts and bite her there…

“Angel? Hellooo?” Cordelia snapped her fingers in front of his face, bringing him back from his fantasies. “I’m talking here. God, even the undead are so male I swear I’d pay half my life savings to meet a guy to talk to me and not my breasts” she crossed her arms over her well-developed chest to hide from his heated gaze.

Cursing inwardly, Angel shook his head a little and returned his eyes to hers, “Sorry, I got distracted…” he began to explain about his distraction when Cordelia rolled her eyes at him and relented.

“Alright alright” she sighed, “I get the message okay? I’ll leave you to contemplate your life in peace. I’ll see you around no doubt” she quickly exited the passenger side of the car before Angel could stop her and began the walk to an empty house.

Angel sat there and literally contemplated his life, the silence in and around the car was golden for all of five minutes before he realised that he was going to be surrounded by silence all night. He would be alone in his apartment until the next night when he’d be surrounded by Buffy and her two sidekicks. He listened to the now-distant sound of Cordelia’s heels as she hurried away from him, he didn’t mean to scare the girl away, she hadn’t done anything wrong and he’d treated her like an annoying pet.

The car rumbled to life as Angel carefully drove away from the sidewalk and followed her footsteps, hoping to find her so he could apologise for his rude behaviour. The vampire saw the teenager in question walking by herself with the first real emotion he had ever seen across her pretty face. She was just screaming to be attacked.

Moving his car up alongside her, Angel slowed the car down to a crawl “Cordelia, get in” he told her.

“No thanks, I wouldn’t want to distract you” she replied haughtily, the emotion quickly replaced by an icy exterior.

“I didn’t mean it like that” he told her, “I’m sorry, please just get in so I can take you home safely. You’ll be attacked if you get seen dressed like that” his words made no impact on her at all. Angel tightened his mouth into a tense line of frustration at her stubbornness, “You’ll ruin your shoes” he blurted out.

The look she gave him was enough to put him in a deep freeze for a lifetime or two and he mentally searched for inspiration on how to get her into his car, Cordelia gave him a sly look before she spoke.

“You’re not gonna ask me if I want to go see some puppies are you?”

“Puppies?” she lost him immediately.

“A strange guy pulls up to a strange girl and the first thing he asks her is does she want to see some puppies. It’s a classic way to kidnap somebody” Cordelia explained as if he was stupid or dense.

“I’m not going to kidnap you and I’m not a stranger” Angel told her, getting more and more frustrated with her, why wasn’t she getting into his car? “Are you going to get in or what?”

“Are you going to be nice to me?” she asked and stopped walking.

“Yes, I’ll be nice and I won’t stare at your, uh” he gestured to her chest.

Taking a deep breath, Cordelia looked at him trying to judge if he was just humouring her before hopping into the backseat and following through with jumping into the front seat next to him. “Great, where were we?” she asked straight away.

Angel increased the speed of the car and began to drive, not intending on going anywhere specific, he just drove where he wanted. Something he hadn’t done in a long time. “I think you asked me about the differences between blood types” he replied.

“Oh right. So what are they?”

“O pos is sweet but not too sweet, sort of like a medium red wine while AB neg is a little thicker in consistency but it’s just as sweet as O pos” Angel replied and turned a corner.

“Wow” Cordelia studied her wrist intently, “Does blood taste better if the victim is on a health kick? Like if they eat a ton of green stuff and take iron?”

By now, Angel just decided to go with the flow. “It does, but then vampires make a point of not drinking from an unhealthy human”

“Were you always a cuddly care bear with fangs?” Cordelia asked, twisting round so she could look directly at him.

His body tensed visibly, hands gripped the steering wheel and eyes turned pained, “I’ll answer your questions but can we not talk about my past?”

“Okay, it must be painful if you really don’t want to talk about it” she replied ruefully, relenting on that subject.

Oh it was painful, but that pain belonged to people other than me Angel thought. “Why so interested?”

“No reason really” she replied easily “Just curious, I mean there’s this whole other world I know nothing about and here I have a chance to learn about it. Sure vampires are all big and scary, but after being told my whole life that Big Scaries don’t exist, I find myself in a car with one”

Realising the way her words sounded, Cordelia quickly went to apologise to the vampire “I didn’t mean it like that Angel, I was just…”

“It’s okay, I gathered you didn’t mean it the way it sounded” Angel quickly waved her apology aside, “Really, you have no reason to apologise”

“But I do, I’ve just called you a Big Scary thing and I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. So I’m sorry I hurt your feelings Angel”

“Thanks” he responded, “You’re really curious aren’t you?” he realised suddenly.

“Hell yeah!” Cordelia exclaimed with enthusiasm that made her seem like a little kid at Christmas. “Like I said, I’ve grown up thinking that fairy stories about vampires aren’t real and it’s like major WOWness you know! It’s like being told that pots of gold really do exist at the end of rainbows or something”

He laughed a little at her child-like outburst, “Leprechauns carry the gold” he told her and watched as she threw her head back, laughing delightedly. His need to be alone was barely there anymore, he found himself wanting to tell her about everything just see how she would react. He wanted to tell her about his past and wanted to see if she would still be this way around him.

“Leprechauns really exist?” Cordelia asked, her eyes alight with sheer excitement and undulated joy, “I’d love to see one and maybe run off with their gold!”

“I don’t think you would, they’re vicious things that bite when you get too close” Angel told her, he turned the car round a corner and raised an eyebrow when salt drifted into the air.

“Like vampires” she said more to herself, “Cool…” the girl eyed with a sudden realisation of something. “How do you know Leprechauns bite when you get too close?”

“I tried to run off with gold” he confessed, not looking at her when she started to laugh again this time at his expense. “The damn thing bit me on my ankle, it hurt for days”

“Serves you right!” Cordelia expressed, “The least you could have done is asked nicely, then run off with the gold”

“It might have worked, maybe I’ll try it one day” Angel agreed, feeling another smile crack his face. “I never thought you’d be like this” he confessed to her.

“Like what?”

“You know what I mean, you’re nothing like what the others say”

“What do the others say exactly?” Cordelia asked with raised eyebrows, “Let me guess, shallow and something that rhymes with rich?”

“Something like that, but you’re not” Angel pointed out, “You’ve surprised me Cordelia Chase, you really have. I did believe you were how they said and I shouldn’t have judged you, for that I need to apologise. I’m sorry I judged you when I had no reason to”

“That’s okay, not like they have any reason to believe otherwise is it?” she pointed out realistically, “I know how I am around them, but that’s what they expect of me and I can’t help but live up to that. I’ve spent so long being like that around them that they don’t expect anything less”

“But why? They’d love you if they saw you like this” Angel replied then sucked in a breath when he realised how his words sounded, but Cordelia didn’t seem to notice.

“Nah, if they saw me like this they just think I wanted something from them” she responded with a smile that told him she accepted the way things were for her. “But on a lighter note of conversation, we’ve hit the coastal road you know?”

“I know” Angel responded, “It’s been so long since I went for a drive, doing just that. Driving, with no purpose of going anywhere”

“It’s nice isn’t it? Just being able to relax and let the mood take you away” Cordelia commented, just then she realised the cat ears were still on the top of her head. Blushing furiously, she reached up and felt the velvet ears “Oh God, how embarrassing” she laughed taking off the ears.

“They looked…furry” Angel said to her, glancing at how her entire appearance seemed to change as she took off the ears. Her smile grew larger and her eyes brightened, her mood was intoxicating and contagious, finding himself smiling at her the vampire shook his head and returned his gaze back to the road.

“What?” Cordelia demanded with another big smile.

“You, you’re just…” he made a gesture with a hand.

“I’ll take that as a compliment” she let him off the hook. Settling back into the passenger seat, Cordelia leaned her elbow on the window, sighing with bliss as the wind brushed her hair off her face and the companionable silence between relaxing her more so.

“You like music?” Angel asked suddenly as he decreased the speed to take a small curve in the road.

“What do you have?” she inquired immediately.

“Um, you’ll have to look in the glove compartment or I could put the radio on” he replied, he wanted to know what music he had as much as she did.

Leaning forward a little, Cordelia rummaged around the glove compartment and took a handful of tapes and CDs. Going through them, she told him what was there “You have some Beethoven, I love Moonlight Sonata, that’s so good to listen to though my favourite is Fur Elise” she explained to his surprise.

“I would never picture you as liking that kind of music Cordy… C-can I call you that?”

“Yeah, it sounds nice when you say it” she replied shyly, “I like all kindsa music, especially Frank Sinatra. Daddy made sure I grew up on the ‘golden oldies'”

“Do I have that?” Angel asked, he agreed with her father “Frank Sinatra is great, I saw him perform in Las Vegas once”

“Really?” Cordelia asked, “Don’t tell Daddy, he’d get all jealous and stuff. Can I put it on?”


“Great” slipping the CD into the player, Cordelia kept the volume low so they could continue their conversation. The music floated out quietly, adding to their peace and relaxation as they enjoyed a simple drive along the coast. “So, back to vampires”

“You have more questions?” Angel asked, not really sure why he was surprised by this but he never pictured she would be as curious as she was.

“Yup! I know you people have all this super duper kick ass strength and everything, but do you have other super duper stuff?”

“All vampires have heightened senses, we can see and hear better, we have a heightened sense of smell…” he began and got cut off.

“I can’t even imagine some of the stuff you can smell” Cordelia shuddered as her imagination ran wild, “It’s bad enough being around a bunch of guys after a game, it smells bad to me so God only knows how stale body odor would smell like to you. Ew”

“I don’t really want to know” he agreed, wrinkling his nose up a move which caused her to laugh a little. “What?” Angel asked when she laughed, the sound was warm, light and silvery and he found himself responding to it with a small laugh of his own.

Repeating his earlier words, Cordelia gave him a sly look “You, you’re just…” she mimicked his hand gesture and gave him no details.

“I get that” he told her, noticing the time on the clock he was amazed to find that sunrise was only a few hours away, they had been driving all night.

“Wow, is that the time?” she exclaimed, just as surprised as he was “There is no way I’m getting up for school tomorrow. I’m gonna be so dead on my feet”

“I better get us home before the sun rises, I don’t think a ball dust will be able to drive you home” Angel joked, easily turning the car round and heading back in the direction of Sunnydale.

“A ball of dust wouldn’t prevent me from taking possession of this car either” Cordelia commented wickedly.

“No, but my ghost would haunt you for eternity” he deadpanned, making them both laugh. Looking at her, the vampire noticed her yawning a little and her hazel eyes fighting to stay open. Why hadn’t he noticed her eyes were hazel before? They had flecks of green and gold that highlighted them to the color of melted toffee. “You can use me as a pillow, I’ll wake you up when I get you home”

“No, I’m supposed to be keeping you company not falling asleep on you, besides no girl ever fell asleep on Michael Knight”

“He was the guy who had Kit, right?” just making sure he was on the right track with her conversation.

“Yeah, Kit was the talking car and everybody wanted a Kit, I woulda been happy with Michael!” Cordelia said suggestively. “Though Kit would’ve been a big bonus”

Angel simply smiled at her suggestive leer and wiggling eyebrows, “You have a dirty mind, don’t you?”

“You have no idea Angel, you have no idea!” she replied, her answer telling him all he needed to know about the way her mind worked sometimes. Hell, it was the same way his own mind worked a lot more than sometimes.

“I may be a vampire Cordy, but I’m a male vampire so believe me when I say I have some idea” he responded with a suggestive, husky whisper to his voice that made her laugh again. “Like the way my mind is working right now”

“Yeah?” she asked, leaning over and resting her head on his shoulder, “Should I be worried about being in a car with a dirty-minded, middle-aged vampire?” she teased, looking up at him through thick eyelashes and sporting a teasing pout that plumped out her lower lip.

“Cordy, just go to sleep and I’ll wake you when we get to your place” Angel replied, choosing to avoid her question on purpose, knowing the curiosity alone would drive her nuts. Instead of her bugging him, he felt her snuggle into his shoulder and smooth her cheek over the leather of his jacket before her breathing evened out, signalling she had drifted into sleep.

The drive back was peaceful, Frank was now singing about a girl in Portland who he used to court, the vampire glanced down at the sleeping girl on his shoulder her face serene and peaceful. Shifting his arm as lightly as he could, Angel curled it around her side and tugged her closer to him. “Cordy” her name rolled off his tongue like a sweet caress, “Cordy” he said again before smiling and accepting the girl in his arm.

It wasn’t long before he arrived at Cordelia’s house, once again he looked down at her serene expression and debated on whether or not to wake her. Angel shook her gently, “Cordy, you’re home. Wake up”


“You’re home, come on wake up. Invite me in and I’ll get you inside” he whispered to her quietly, easing both his arms around her smaller body, cradling her in his protective embrace.

“Um-hmm, invitation given. Happy hometime, um-hmm” Cordelia muttered sleepily, wrapping her arms around his neck limply, nuzzling his jacket. “You staying?”


“Guest room, dust can’t drive, you’d float away in the breeze and then no Angel”

“If that’s alright” Angel easily moved to the front door and wonder how he was going to get in without a key. “I need a key, I can’t get in without breaking down the door”

An annoyed sigh came from the now half asleep girl, “Okay” Cordelia sighed, waking up a little more “Put me down, I’ll get us in” she quickly found herself settled firmly on the floor, hands still holding her waist. Angel watched as she reached inside her top and between her cleavage, pulling out her house key. “No purse” she explained.

The vampire shook his head again, “You’re resourceful aren’t you?” he asked in amusement.

“Yep, I was a girl scout” she stated proudly and led him inside her house, “Welcome, make yourself at home, you can use anything you like. I’m tired so I’m just gonna go to bed”

“Thanks and go, get some rest. Where’s the guest room?” Angel asked as he started yawning too, stretching his arms out, he relished the way his muscles expanded and contracted with the movement.

“Right next door to mine, I hope it’s okay for you. If you need anything, just pick up the telecom and buzz the button that says C” Cordelia explained, then at his look of astonishment she explained the reason why. “When Harmony and I had sleepovers, it was easier than getting out of bed and meeting in the hallway”

“Oh, right” he replied, shaking off the image of Cordelia in bed. Watching her though now heavy-lidded chocolate eyes, Angel followed her through the hallway past the living room up the spiral staircase and down the second floor hallway. He couldn’t help but think he’d like to have a spiral staircase someday, they were fun.

Pausing outside her room, Cordelia stood awkwardly and sleepily “Well, I’ve had a good time tonight Angel, thanks for putting up with me and thanks for bringing me home safely”

“I enjoyed your company Cordy, besides isn’t that what Michael Knight would do? See a girl home safely?” Angel asked with a half smile.

“Of course, how could I forget?” she teased, turning the handle of her door she paused in the doorway again. “Goodnight Michael, see you when I wake up. Sleep tight, if you find any bed bugs, feel free to growl at em!”

“I don’t growl” Angel growled at her before winking playfully at her, “Goodnight Cordelia, and thank you”

“No, thank you Angel. Goodnight” she replied softly and closed her bedroom door.

Touching the heavy oak, the vampire could feel her on the other side of the door, standing there and catching her breath as the whole surprising night caught up with her. Angel was just as surprised, he’d enjoyed every minute of tonight if he was honest and he’d like to spend more time with the beautiful brunette.

Tomorrow was another day, so who knew what would happen?

The End


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Title: Skills of Observation
Author: Scorched
Posted: Dec 05
Rating: PG
Category: Humour
Content: C/A implied
Summary: My mini-series for the TIO Confessions theme.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GTTIO, AO.
Notes: *sigh* Here we go again LOL!


Cordelia turned towards the window and stared up at the darkening skies, her shoulders sagged under the threat of an obscene amount of rain. It was too wet to go out, too wet for demons to cause havoc, and therefore no visions.

There was absolutely nothing to do and everyone at Angels Investigations was, in a nutshell, bored to tears.

Angel kept wandering around and sighing about rearranging his room so many times, his back was aching. Wesley was currently dusting the office, Gunn was cleaning his axe away, and Fred had reached her thirtieth turn of Solitaire.

While Cordelia, being the super seer she was, was busy using telepathy to try and move the clouds. At least then they could go somewhere without getting soaked to the bone.

“Urgh,” she turned from the window in disgust. “Whoever invented rain needs killing. Angel, go find them and bite them dead.”

The vampire glanced at her. “Love to.”

Cordelia smiled at the glimmer of longing in his gaze. Angel liked violence far too much. “You need to get out more.” Her feet took her to the small circular sofa and she haphazardly sat down with a thump. “There has to be something to do.”

Fred looked up from the nine of clubs. “Any ideas?”

Wesley groaned and interrupted Cordelia’s reply by throwing the dust rag across the lobby. “This is bloody…” He growled under his breath and joined the seer on the couch. “The books have been balanced thrice, the office would reflect Angel, and the books are now in order of size.”

The seer patted his thigh and Angel’s glare went unnoticed. “There, there Wes.” Cordelia let her head drop onto the Englishman’s shoulder, and again the vampire’s black stare was ignored. “You could always make us all some of the breakfast tea you like so much.”

“I’m not quite that bored, but thank you for the suggestion.”

“We could always sing songs.” Fred piped up helpfully from her place on the floor. “That was one of my favourite ways to pass time in Pylea. Row Your Boat can be fun.”

“Fred,” Cordelia’s eyes travelled to the Texan, “Have you heard Angel?”

“Hey!” The vampire in question defended. “I’m not that bad, I mean I got a round of applause last time.” Maybe it was just a two or three claps, but he got claps just the same.

“I meant that in a sensitive way.” The brunette smiled a smile that showed she clearly didn’t. “Oh come on, people! Look at us. Two brainiacs, a 250 year old vampire, a homie, and a beautiful seer. We have got to come up with something. Gunn?”

Cordelia got silence. “Gunn!” Her voice rose, but still she got nothing. She reached down and removed her shoe, carefully aiming before throwing at a jean covered shin bone.

“Ow!” Gunn yelped and sent a glare her way, a hand rubbing the sting away. “What did you do that for?” His glare went from Cordelia to a sniggering Wesley, and finally to a quietly chuckling vampire. “Crazy ass white chick.”

“How many times have you listened to that Sean Paul album in the last three days?”

Gunn scratched his head and took an earphone out of a bruised ear. The relieved eardrum could be heard sighing across all states. Judging by the way his brain was saying the words before Sean, the appropriate answer was, “Too many times.”

“Okay Mz Ideas, what do you think we should do?” Wesley pitched in before she could start on him.

Cordelia shrugged. “I don’t know, what do you think we should do?”

“I don’t know. It’s entirely up to you.”

Angel saw where that conversation was going and put a stop to it before it turned contagious. He dragged his bored feet over too where he could stand behind Cordelia. “Are you sure you don’t feel a vision coming on? Maybe a kid is stuck in the sewer…”

Hazel eyes met his as her head rolled back. “Angel honey, don’t go there.”

Wesley sniggered again and nudged Cordelia with his elbow. “Remember when you cut off…” The hard stare he received had him shutting up.

“My hair,” the seer finished, not entirely too convincing. She laughed oh so falsely. “Yes, I remember when I cut my hair. I also remember it taking ten days for you to notice.”

“I noticed,” Angel fibbed. Any way to gain points with Cordelia was a good way. “I just didn’t want to say anything.”

Both Wesley and Cordelia glanced at him. “Of course you did.” She stated disbelievingly and rolled her eyes. “Because nothing gets past you.” Her voice clearly said the opposite.

Angel didn’t miss the sly little glance exchanged between the seer and ex-watcher, nor did he miss the identical way they both fought a grin. “What?”

Cordelia cleared her throat. “Nothing.”

When Wesley spluttered a cough, the vampire just knew there more than nothing going on here. It really better not be what he thinking, because that wouldn’t be very wise. “What?” Angel’s lopsided grin hid the way his brain jumped to conclusions, “Did I miss something?”

“No, no.” The brunette schooled her features into an expression of innocence. “Honestly Angel,” her hand patted the large one resting on the back of the sofa. “You haven’t missed a thing.”

Yeah. Of course he hadn’t missed a thing. He laughed lightly, “I’m 247 years old Cordelia, I didn’t come down in the last rain shower. I know when something’s going on.”

Wesley rubbed his lips and the vampire was sure he just saw a smirk appear. Paranoia instantly set in. “What’s going on?” Angel’s tone was serious. He really hoped Wes wasn’t stupid enough to even think of doing anything he shouldn’t with Cordelia.

“Like I said,” his seer stated with expressive hand motions, “Nothing.”

He wasn’t gonna fall for that. She looked far too innocent for there to be nothing going on. “Yeah, and I’m a fairy Godmother.”

Cordelia looked back and up at him, “Would I lie to you?”

Oh, now that stung. Angel stood straight with muscled arms folded across his chest, deep brown eyes pouring two centuries worth of cruelty and torture into hazel eyes. He held her stare until she shivered under the intensity. His threatening glare always hit the spot.

Sometimes, being a vampire with a bad rep was useful when it came to handling Miss Chase.

Unlike the seer, Wesley didn’t enjoy being the focus of a potentially dangerous vampire and he turned away with a cough. “I think I may have missed a spot dusting…”

“The missed spot can wait a minute.” Angel clipped out, never once removing his gaze from Cordelia. “Wes, you mentioned something about cutting something off, and then all the looks started.”

Hazel eyes darted away and a curved body nervously shifted. “What looks?”

“There were looks. I saw them. Like this…” Angel imitated the looks exchanged between Wesley and Cordelia. Gunn’s chortle was cut short when the vampire’s silent threats were turned on him.

“I didn’t say a word.”

“You didn’t have too.” Angel went back to the two conspirators. “I know there’s something to do with cutting.” When he said it like that, it almost sounded like the cutting had to do with him. There were a few choice places he knew Cordelia wanted to cut off sometimes, but that couldn’t be what was implied. Right?

“Paranoia doesn’t suit you.” Cordelia braved the glare and returned her attention to the vampire. “It’s nothing for you to worry about. Really.”

“After all, you didn’t notice and it grew back… Ow, Cordelia!” Wesley held the back of his head and shot her a piercing look through his glasses. Slowly, he glanced up at Angel who was now concentrating totally on him and he gulped.

“What didn’t I notice that grew back?”

There were two things that grew back after being cut, and they were nails and hair. Angel couldn’t really imagine Cordelia cutting nails, especially not his. That left his hair…

“You wouldn’t?” The vampire tipped his seer’s chin up and made her look him in the eye and deny his thoughts.

“Wouldn’t what?” Cordelia squeaked and turned on the charm. Eyelashes battered and her smile was one that had the possibility to stop wars. Still, it looked like Angel was unmoved. “This is so not working is it?”

“Not one little bit.” Angel let her face go and walked around the sofa, purposely taking his time just to let her fret. When he was directly in front of the quaking brunette, he knelt down and notched up some his personal charm. The kind of charm that took 250 years to perfect.

Again, she shivered and again averted her eyes, but two hands grasped her cheeks and turned her face to him. If she was going down, then Wesley was going with her. “He knew all along.” A manicured finger jabbed at the ex-watcher. “He saw me do it.”

He gasped and cowed under the vampire’s stare. Damn that girl. “You tell-tale.” Wesley sniped and jabbed a finger right back. “Whatever happened to friendly loyalty?”

“Yes,” Angel’s smile was razor sharp, “What happened to friendly loyalty?”

By now, Fred and Gunn had abandoned their respective boredom killers, and were now watching the debacle with avid interest.

“So what did Wes here watch you do?” Angel’s gaze went back and forth between two of the people he used to trust.

“I cut your hair,” Cordelia stated after a minute trying to find a way out of it. “But it was only a few spikes. See? It was nothing. And they did grow back.” Well, they did after six months. “Besides, it technically wasn’t you, so you have absolutely no reason to be angry.”

Although, she’d rather face his anger than the wrath of the evil twin.

“When, uh, exactly did you cut my hair?” Apart from the short two times he’d lived with her, Angel couldn’t figure out when she would have had the opportunity to take the scissors to his hair.

Wesley looked at Cordelia, and then the vampire. “It really was a long time ago, there’s no use in dredging up the past. Let sleeping dogs lie, as they say.”

Taking candy from a baby was easier than throwing off Angel. “The only long time ago when I wasn’t technically myself, was when Rebecca put something in my dri…” He drifted off. That sneaky, underhanded seer of his was really overdue for a spanking. Before he had a chance to say anything in retaliation,

Cordelia had jumped off the couch and stared at everyone present. “Don’t pull the holier-than-thou on me, Angel! So I cut your hair and Wes watched, but you totally deserved that a-and more! There isn’t one person in this room that doesn’t have something to confess, so don’t slam us down for getting a little revenge.”

When she was done, hands went to hips and jaw was raised, hazel eyes dared people to deny what she said wasn’t the truth.

“Well, there was that time in Sunnydale when I let you get slimed…” Angel mused thoughtfully, then realised his blunder when those daring hazel eyes turned deadly.

“You did what?!”

End of One


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Shades of Attraction 3   1 comment

Hobbling on one good foot and one aching one, the brunette made her way across the bedroom as fast as her hobble would allow. “Oh shit, ow ow ow… OWW!” Was the heart felt noises coming from her mouth now as she limped towards the bedroom door. She was so close to escaping that she could taste the freedom on her lips.

She didn’t want to think about what was causing her inner thighs to feel moist, that didn’t particularly matter right now. The only thing that was of any true importance was getting the hell away from the vampire who seemed determined to make her his.

Her hands were within reach of the rounded door handle and Cordelia latched both hands tight around it and yanked it open. “Ahh, freedommmm AYEEEEE!”

Just as suddenly as the door was hauled open, it was violently slammed shut again when the vampire caught his runaway just before she made herself fair game to Spike and Drusilla. Crushing his palms flat to the solid wood, Angelus used his full body weight and strength to crunch it shut. “You think you can get away from me baby? Think that’d I’d let you go without a fight?”

His chest was pressed right up to her back, hips pinning hers to the ridged angles carved into the wood and hands at either side of her head. Cool, sensual lips expressed harsh breaths as his body still recovered from the fist to his sensitive erection.

“Shouldn’t have done that. Now you’ve gotten me all riled up, wanting things you aren’t ready for. Tell me baby, what did you think you were doing?”

“Running from your perverted self maybe?” Cordelia managed through her winded state. Manicured nails scraped the surface of the door she was pinned to as her body instinctively pushed back, trying to get his large body from applying so much pressure.

Her strength and build was nothing compared to his unnatural resource and only served to rub his hardened state against the firm curves of her ass. Angelus responded to her attempt with a quick thrust of his powerful hips. “Don’t start something you wouldn’t like, Cordeee” he warned seriously, his voice carrying a deadly undertone that caused her to still instantly.

He exerted more pressure on her when she tried to squirm away from the insistent press of his erection. “You don’t get it, do you? Why do you think I wanted you tonight huh? Your magnificent looks and good breasts?”

“No actually, I thought it was my blinding and wonderful personality” Cordelia retorted quickly and forced herself to relax under the cage of his unsafe body.

“The scent of that sweet, female nectar burning hot between those soft thighs drew me in. Reeled me right in. Made me want to taste and touch you so much, I damned my plan to destroy the Slayer. If you walk out this door, full of all that juice baby, what do you think will happen? What do you think would have happened if you’d been bait girl tonight?”

Leaning down to softly kiss the shell of her ear, Angelus carried on. “Spike isn’t like me Cordeee, he already has a lover in Drusilla. He won’t even glance at another so you wouldn’t get the royal treatment off him baby and as for Dru…” he chuckled deeply. “As far as I know, she has a fond love of young women as you are now”

The weight of truth in what he was saying sank into her spinning head and Cordelia was inclined to agree with the vampire that waltzing, unprotected, around the mansion was a pretty dumb idea. Especially since her clothes still lay in a heap on his bathroom floor.

“If I let go, are you gonna try any stupid tricks?” he enquired lightly.

Slowly, her head shook from side-to-side; having more vampires to deal with wasn’t her idea of a fun time. Swallowing back the forming lump in her throat, Cordelia waited patiently to see how far away from her Angelus would move.

His intimidating presence gradually eased as the vampire took a few steps away from her, the space between them gave him a good opportunity to properly observe the back view of her body. “I like what I’ve seen and felt so far baby. Turn around and show me the rest.” It wasn’t a request, that much was obvious.

Using her palms, Cordelia pushed away from the door and walked a few steps backwards, putting room between her and it. Once again it seemed, Angelus was determined to humiliate her by dishing out tempting, erotic orders as though he were God.

The sound of that voice was almost hypnotic as the low vocals drifted over to her on the deceptively calm air, embracing her in a wave of masculinity.

Turning to face the dark haired vampire, the brunette shoved a stray wispy strand of hair away from her forehead as it fell loose from her ponytail. Completely naked and open to whatever it was he wanted, the cheerleader picked up on the hidden domination when his fully clothed state actually registered.

Angelus locked his golden gaze on hers, satisfied to see the sparks of passion he’d lit still simmered within those beautiful orbs. Only this time, there were sparks of fury bringing an extra something to her aura. Following her features, he studied each portion of her vixen face before dropping down to the perfect breasts adorning her chest.

Tipped off with pink pebbles, her breasts looked perfect to him. Full, rounded, curvy but still firm and soft; he licked his lips in anticipation of taking each bud into his mouth and sucking until they were red and solid. Going further, the vampire paused on the swell of her abdomen and purposely inhaled, letting her know how much he was enjoying this.

Carrying on with his study, Angelus now lingered on the dark curls glistening with arousal and the hot red liquid that enhanced her femininity. A slow, thin droplet of sweetness tainted the tanned skin of her inner thighs, the scent and sight once more causing hungered lust to bubble up inside him making him crave for a better taste.

He’d licked her off his fingers twice but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to what he needed, wanted and was going to get from her. It wouldn’t be enough until he had flat on her back, legs spread wide open and his tongue deeply embedded in the soft heat he’d experienced briefly.

Just the thought of all that juice, all that richness warming his tongue and lips was the catalyst Angelus had been waiting for.

Starting with the first closed button, he opened each one in turn, slowly giving Cordelia an idea of what his clothes kept from her. Pale skin, smooth as marble was exposed as his shirt hung loosely off his broad shoulders, the edges skirting the muscular physique as his arms dropped down by his sides.

A thin line of downy hair decorated his lower abdomen, leading her widening hazel eyes down towards the leather belt holding his pants secure. The same fingers that had been inside her now worked on that belt, pulling it through the loops before the buckled was unfastened.

Cordelia’s breathing turned heavy as the top button of those pants was opened and zip slowly lowered, she had never considered that sound could be so erotic or so full of promises. It was those unspoken promises that caused a hot flush of arousal to increase the wetness already coating her sex, the sudden wave of fresh heat had Angelus looking right there.

She wanted him as naked as she was, wanted to see more of the body she was trying so hard to imagine. As if to read her mind, the vampire shrugged out of his shirt, throwing it carelessly over one shoulder before placing his hands back on the open portion of his pants, allowing her to study him like he had her.

His arms were thick with heavily set muscle, pale skin stretched over the rippling hard lines of broad shoulders and the ridged contours of neck. His pectorals flexed responsively under the admiration she gave, drawing her attention to the two small dark brown nipples contrasting with the pallor of his complexion.

Not pausing, Cordelia swallowed as she kept going down his solid, well built body until the trail of downy hair teased her eyes. She wanted to see if it was as soft as it appeared to be, wanted to tease him with her fingers like he had with her. Wanted to give some of the erotic torture back. The black leather was perfectly suited to him, she thought, all sexual and sensual, the material would probably feel good against his skin.

When he had been behind her, it had felt good on hers, sliding over her own flesh like oil. Carrying on, Cordelia travelled down his covered legs until she saw those dangerous combat boots. “Your boots” the cheerleader murmured, “You’ll trip over if you don’t take them off first”

Angelus raised an eyebrow at the hidden meaning behind her words. Now she wanted stay? Did she see beating him as foreplay or something? He shrugged, hell he could live with that. “Get on my bed baby, spread those luscious legs wide for me”

There was an understandable hesitant expression on the brunette as a wave of trepidation rushed through her at the thought of what would happen once she got onto his bed. She knew what went where and what happened after, but she didn’t know how it would feel. What if she didn’t like it? What if it, she, wasn’t good enough to satisfy him? What if it turned out she wasn’t the one to be satisfied?

There were so many questions she wanted answering and there was one sure-fire way she’d find out. Biting her lower lip, Cordelia walked the few feet to the large king size bed and sat on the edge of it, feeling the soft mattress below her bounce to the addition of her weight.

Angelus watched through a hooded gaze as his pet got used to his bed, running her hands over the top sheet as though it would help erase the reluctance rising up in the pit of her stomach. Not dwelling on her reluctance, the vampire kneeled to remove his boots and straightened once the task was complete. The reluctance was present on her pretty features, he guessed it was down to silent musings.

Boots kicked off, socks came next until he stood barefoot in front of the brunette and tilting her face up to look at him. “I told you to get on my bed and spread your legs, baby” his voice thick with slipping control and arousal increased by the innocence written all over her face. “Move up towards the pillows Cordeee, I’ll spread your legs for you”

Shuffling up further onto the bed, Cordelia used hands and feet to move her body to the instructed position. Her legs were shaking, inner thighs drenched with sex and honey, feminine muscles were unable to keep her knees bent and closed so she lay them flat.

Anticipation soon replaced the reluctance within the hazel orbs as she watched the vampire crawl up onto the bed until he was peering down at her closed legs. Gripping both thighs just above the knee, Angelus eased her open to his gaze and shamelessly let his eyes wander up to the shining, red folds that drew his hunger higher.

“Mmm” he purred in satisfaction at the delicious sight of the fine sheen of mixed juice sparkling at her entrance. “Just what I wanna see, that tight pussy all slick and wet, waiting for me to taste”

Fisting the top sheet in her hands, Cordelia yelped loudly when her legs were moved up so her feet kept her balanced as the vampire dipped his head right between her legs. The first sweep of his tongue over her petals was enough to bring her hips high off the bed, arching into the oral sensation.

“So fucking hot, want more” Angelus growled as the full taste of her blood and arousal covered his mouth and tongue. Delving back down, he removed his hands from her knees and used thick fingers to pull her open and, without a moment’s hesitation, penetrated the cavern of her body.

Rough skin rasped along the sensitive outer folds as his tongue entered and left repeatedly, drawing out every bit of liquid heat into his ravenous mouth. Savouring the elixir, the vampire eagerly swallowed and went back for more. Dipping inside, he slipped his tongue as deep as he could, relishing in the way those silky walls held him in a tight, moist kiss.

Her clit became harder and harder as heightened blood flow throbbed and made the little bud buzz with pleasure as fingertips teased, taunted and toyed with the overly responsive spot. God, she was so sweet and hot, he wanted to lick her all over and eat her out until she wildly screamed out his name.

Alternating between dipping in and out of her pussy, he flicked the cool tip of his tongue up to circle the bundle of nerves placed between soft inner lips, garnering him with a little squeal of excitement as he made her sex pulse with sexual energy. That was the sound he wanted to hear from her, only he wanted it louder.

Not caring how she must look, laying there wide open with his head between his legs, Cordelia fell onto her back and snapped her eyes tight shut. Her hips rose up off the bed, pushing her throbbing sex harder against him as the throbs gradually became heavier, heightening the pressure of her blood racing through her veins.

Hands left the sheet to grab purchase on his strong shoulders, nails creating red welts in the flawless marble surface.

Pulling away from her, Angelus glanced up at the brunette hearing the panting, breathy moans as they got louder with the intensifying and closing climax he was gunning for. “You want me in you, don’t you baby? Want me all hard filling you up, want to feel your tight sweetness wrapped around me?”

Even as he took time to speak, he couldn’t refrain from licking the red honey from his lips. Would he ever get enough of tasting her in his mouth? Already, he wanted more. Wanted his tongue back inside just to feel those walls crunching down around him, begging to be stroked with something harder, more fulfilling.

“Tell me you want me Cordeee, tell me you want to be mine. Mine to protect mine to play with… Mine to keep”

When Cordelia never replied, Angelus treated her to another burning lick of his tongue and tugged on the solid bud of her pulsing clit, eliciting a quiet scream from the brunette laying splayed for him. “Tell me or I’ll stop”

Part of her head refused to acknowledge he had stopped when she was so close. Close enough her walls were clutching the empty space he’d left, so close her ass was moist with expelled arousal and so close her hands itched to take up where he left off. Then he uttered the threat of stopping unless she answered.

How was she supposed to answer? What did he expect from her? Seven days a month? What would she get out of it?

“Lemme have you, lemme own you Cordeee and you can have anything you want. Just tell me what I wanna hear” Angelus urged darkly, his eyes avidly watching and gauging her response as she shook away the thick of the haze he had her in. “I want you baby”

“Anything?” His expression was the silent answer and Cordelia struggled to make the decision at the most inopportune time. Why was he asking and not simply taking like he had been all night? Not that it mattered of course, she knew even if she got away he’d find her. Did she want to get away? “Can’t you ask me in the morning?”

“You don’t let me own you and I can’t guarantee you’ll see tomorrow morning” came the honest statement. “The taste of your innocence, your blood has me hungry. I take good care of my possessions but not of things I have no attachment to”

That wasn’t very comforting of him, the ultimatum of being completely owned or possibly killed weighed like a lead ball on her foggy mind until she pretty much came up with the decision she did not want to die but she didn’t want to be forced into it either.

“Why me? Is it just because I’ve got…” her eyes glanced downwards, “I know plenty of other girls who would be more than willing…”

“I don’t want other girls” this time, Angelus snarled out the words, definitely getting her full attention. “I want you. Yes or no, last time I’m asking. Before I simply take you for myself”

Swallowing what was left of herself, Cordelia nodded her consent. Guess choices didn’t come into it when a vampire wanted you. “Good girl” was her reward from him as he moved away from her unsatisfied core. She watched as the vampire got off the bed and proceeded to finish removing the last of his clothes.

Black leather was shoved down over his waist, first giving her a tantalising hint of dark hair nestled at the base of his shaft, standing out amazingly to the paleness of his sex. As the pants were lowered and finally completely thrown away, leaving all of his body naked for her to look at and see who she belonged.

Just like the rest of his build, his thighs were strong and solid enough that the ridges of muscle were evident under the stretched flesh. Settled between powerful thighs, Cordelia let huge eyes travel the full length of his erection from base to tip.

He looked soft to touch, like pale velvet but she knew he’d be hard as steel when he was inside her. Already, her body was preparing for him slick walls growing softer and wetter as slow acceptance of him crept through her.

His erection had lessened somewhat with his concentration being utterly focused on working her up but now, standing there under her sultry inviting gaze, Angelus found himself responding and growing harder.

Deep in the pools of melted hazel, traces of red shone brightly as the feminine sweetness consumed the brunette and made the blood pour from each inch of her tight body. Curling a hard grip around the sensitive shaft, Angelus slowly slid his hand up; easing the flesh down past the blunt tip as he worked down. Now, he really had her attention and he could visibly see her nails stroking her sides.

“Don’t” he stopped her with a single word and let his hold go in order to rejoin Cordelia on his bed. Licking remaining traces of her juice off his mouth, the vampire kept her gaze for a split second before engulfing the rosy pebble of her breast between his lips, sucking hard.

His tongue flicked rapidly back and forth over the turgid little peek, sending jolts of energy down to her core and set the throbbing shockwaves begin all over again.

Sharp points scraping over her nipple indicated the change that came over the vampire, replacing the handsome features with that of his true face. Finding herself looking at him curiously despite the high pressure building up slowly, Cordelia saw the ridges, prominent cheekbones, nose and outline of his jaw. It wasn’t ugly or horrible like other vampires, there was a strange kind of beauty there too. He was still Angelus no matter what he looked like.

He sucked hard on the peek, constantly laving it with sweeps of his tongue and sharp nips of his fangs, letting her know the pleasure a little pain could bring. Her hips began to rock, raising up off the bed and touching her sex to his before the dual stimulation had her jerking away. Every time, his cock lightly kissed her clit and the tip teased her outer lips with penetration, telling her body what it was missing out on.

Lifting his hand, Angelus lavished attention on her other breast, rolling and caressing her nipple with same treatment his tongue was giving it’s twin. Her nipples being overly-sensitive, responded more heavily to his erotic torture and Cordelia moaned deeply when a stinging sensation had her begging for more.

Snaring one little bud firmly between his teeth, Angelus bit down enough to send a harsh, vibrant buzz all the way through her body, making her arch her back tight like a bowstring as his teeth scored the tip until he released it. “Ready for me yet baby? You want me inside you? Fucking you till dawn?”

His answer was her legs relaxing, inviting him into the feminine cradle, inviting him to make her his. “Good answer, Cordeee” moving his body, the vampire situated the edge of his cock at her entrance his hand stroking it up and down her folds. The reddened, desire swollen lips parted enough to embrace the very tip and he slipped it up to hit off her clit with sharp, bouncy kisses that had her clutching his hips.

“I want you” Cordelia stared into those piercing demonic orbs and told him straight what it was she wanted him to do. “Please? I can’t hold out much longer”

Keeping her gaze, Angelus slid his cock back to where he wanted to be and eased the broad tip down along the lower inner lips until he felt her opening all tight and wet and ready. Pushing forward, his mouth swooped down to smother the moan as he inched further into the hot passage fisting his rigid shaft mercilessly. Right around him, silk velvet wrapped around his cool sex heating him up. Slowly, Cordelia felt her muscles expanding almost painfully around the thick feel of his excitement until a dull ache spread throughout her hips and stomach. Holding herself still, she waited for it to pass but it didn’t and she glanced down to see if he was fully inside her yet. “Oh… I can’t take… Ow!”

“Ssh baby, lemme just…” Angelus was quaking with the amount of control it took to suppress his need to simply thrust high, hard and fast into her, branding her the right way.

No, not yet, that could come later. If she associated him with bad sex, he’d be forcing her all the time and she’d never beg for it. Withdrawing from the tightness, he gave her a brief reprieve before penetrating deeper.

The dull ache was disappearing leaving a wicked pleasure in it’s place. Flexing her hips timidly, Cordelia moaned quietly when his shaft stroked a place inside that had a red hot flush of liquid spilling down his thighs. Repeating it, the brunette pushed a little harder this time and the move had him groaning, calling her a vixen.

Taking back the control his pet had once again stolen from him, Angelus used a controlled strength to rock into her core, delving a little deeper each time he entered. Rough, dark curls brushed over the pearl, tickling her enough to make her wiggle and squirm below him.

His balls were getting heavy as the pressure gradually built, forcing them tight to his body as his cock got harder. The feel of her soft folds teased the sensitive parts with wet caresses whenever he entered the over-heated alcove. “C’mon baby” he whispered, “Ride me”

The little slice of encouragement was just what Cordelia needed to boost her ego. Placing first one leg around his back and then the other, she locked her ankles at the small of his back, using her legs she pulled him completely down on top of her, the move driving him fully into the hilt.

Sweat covered them both, each sipping kisses from lips, neck and wherever else they could reach. Hands gripped, touched and urged as actions became faster, heavier and harder. Feminine moans mixed with distinct growls as the mood changed from gentle and introducing to feverish and greedy.

Beneath his solid body, Cordelia was arching and bucking up to equal each thundering thrust with a one of her own. Above her, Angelus ground his teeth together as he willed away the climax threatening to happen all too soon.

His balls were painfully tight and his cock was pulsing in the wet fisting hug of her delicious sex. In and out, he moved with a fluidic grace that left her breathless and crying out his name.

Hearing his name fall freely and willingly off her lips was a shocking catalyst that threw his control out the window and he made her pay for it. Tilting her hips up, Angelus smirked down into the desire-filled features of Cordelia as he used every bit of passion he had in order to make her scream and cry out his name again. “That’s it baby, tell me who owns you. Who do you belong too?”

“You, I belong to you! Argh!” Cordelia let go as her body went stiff and all moving apart from the violent, harsh fisting of her muscles around his shaft stopped.. Throbs ran right through her, blood pressure seemed to go rocket from her heart to everywhere all at once and her lungs burned with the shallow panting breaths.

“Good girl” one hand left her hips to tangle in the damp strands of hair and he yanked her head to the side. “You’re mine baby” sharp, deadly fangs sliced the sweat-slicked skin covering her jugular and her blood poured into his mouth like a hot shower of tropical rain.

There was a momentary stab of pain from his bite before she seemed to drift as though she were floating out of her body.

All she felt was the burst of cool liquid soothing her core as his cock throbbed and pulsed wildly against her tightly clenched muscles. Angelus groaned as the pressure left his body, ejaculating in long, luscious bursts that left him feeling replete, sated and warm.

Once, twice more and he stopped, everything halting as he dropped on top of her, his softening sex still held deeply in place by her but he wasn’t gonna complain. Slipping fangs out of her throat, he sealed the newly made puncture wounds with healing saliva; kissing, nipping and licking them until he was perfectly content.

Rolling his body to the side, the vampire took her with him and caged her to his chest, allowing her to feel the vibrations of low purrs rumbling in his chest. Fingertips stroked length-ways down her spine, soothing and comforting for both Cordelia and himself.

Cordelia could barely keep her eyes open, the night’s activities slowly catching up as exhaustion began to replace the after-glow of having sex for the first time in her life. Laying there in the arms of a noted killer, she couldn’t help but feel safer than ever as he tucked her closer into him.

“My Cordeee tired?” Angelus mused, his voice gruff and hoarse as he turned his head to look down at the obviously shattered brunette. Something occurred to him as the scent of her honey lingered strongly around him. “You’ll need things, won’t you?”

“Things?” She asked distractedly as her eyes took in the sight of his facial features still in that of a vampire. “You’re not so ugly like this, or so scary” if he’d approached her like this earlier that night, she’d have run screaming for the hills. Now, laying with him like she was, she couldn’t see what her problem had been.

“Mm-hmm, so you don’t bleed everywhere and mess up my bed”

Her sleepy eyes popped wide open at the realisation she had absolutely no protection against clothes ruination on her. Her bag with all of her supplies in had been left by the fountain and it wasn’t as if she could wander out to get stuff either.

“Great, just great. This is all your fault you know. You and your ‘Or do you want me to do it?’ self. Now I’m totally stuck and my clothes are gonna be ruined!”

“I take care of my possessions baby, you’ll learn that soon enough. Now tell me what you need”

It was a nice night he decided, the crescent moon shone down on the streets the Hellmouth, illuminating all the dark alley ways, creating shadows here and there while twinkling stars were speckled along the midnight sky.

Whistling merrily to himself, Angelus picked up his pace as he moved in the direction of the chemist on emergency 24 hour duty that day. He’d left his Cordelia in a relaxing piping hot bath and his toiletries, shampoo, body wash and other stuff that would completely cover her in his scent.

Ahhh. He couldn’t think of anything better than having your own personal pet waiting for you at home. It felt like such a homely thing to him, it was high time he curbed his womanising ways and settled down to enjoy the pleasure of a good woman. He couldn’t play the field forever, could he?

After all, if he did then he might get damned by another soul if he played with the wrong chick again. The happy vampire shuddered at the thought “Satan forbid” he mumbled and carried on with his upbeat walking.

The bright light of the chemist shone out through the large windows, lighting up the darkened street better than the orange lamps on the edge of the sidewalk. Making a sharp turn, Angelus turned and entered the shop, his whistling being replaced by humming.

His obsidian orbs glanced above the aisles at the signs, seeing where he needed to be and followed the correct directions to the 5th one. Those eyes scoured the female sanitary products lining the shelves until he found the first item he was here for.

Cotton silk, easy applicator, small fitting, expanding ones. There was a lot of choice, heavy, medium, moderate or light flow; basically everything a woman could need was there.

With a wicked lick of his lips, he made the choice. “Heavy!”

The Bloody End.


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Shades of Attraction 2   1 comment

The sound of the heavy door closing behind the vampire felt so final to the brunette standing in what appeared to be a foyer like room. It was large, sparsely furnished and dark. The colours couldn’t be described as colours unless you counted the dark plum, deep mahogany and rich red as the shades of the rainbow.

Cordelia almost felt intimidated by the building as it towered over her, the glow of the crescent moon cast shadows all over the grey pavement and the gargoyle looked simply foreboding.

Angelus watched her intensely, black icy irises travelling over the whole of the female package standing with her back to him. The burgundy skirt enhanced the gentle curving of her ass, enhancing the firmness that seemed to be her all over.

Tanned skin decorated her legs, smooth and soft, the bronzed flesh glistened under the reflecting shine from his gaze. Dark hair was scooped up into a high ponytail, leaving slightly waved ends to float around slim, defined shoulders.

The scent of arousal had naturally decreased as he’d stopped touching and speaking to her, leaving only the scent of the oh so sinful innocence-filled blood to consume his senses. Looking at her now, seeing how she forced herself not to watch his every move, the vampire figured he would have to tap into the anger she wore better than panties.

Feeling the chilly yet hot gaze boring into her, Cordelia clenched her hands into tight fists and spun round the face Angelus head-on. “I won’t let you make me your victim. I’m better than that, better than you”

Relaxed male hands reached out to take upper arms in a good grip as he tutted his disapproval of her arrogance. “Spoilt, little rich girls like you only piss me off Cordeee. Back in the day, I wouldn’t even give a girl like you a second glance, never mind thinking of fucking her.” Angelus took another long, hard look at the visibly angry girl in front of him.

“Now, spoilt little rich girls like you really make hard. Getting into your panties is a challenge, I like that baby, being challenged. Being teased, being shown what I can’t have. It makes it so much the sweeter when I take it”

Tease? Challenge? Spoilt little rich girl? The descriptions he used only served to A small clenched fist uncurled as Cordelia aimed a well-deserved slap directly at his right cheek. Her face was turning red with anger as she listened to him arrogantly expecting to get into her panties as he so delicately put it. “I’d rather die before I…”

Her wrist was snared in his hand as Angelus caught it with perfect accuracy. “Not much better than an angry woman. Especially not one in your condition anyway”

His words smashed into her like a lead weight, the confusion riding round her brain in circles was almost enough to make her dizzy. Moving shaking legs slowly, Cordelia took a step away from the vampire. “My condition? I don’t have a condition” surely, he couldn’t mean… No, that was just wrong in all senses of the word.

Angelus’ eyes flashed for a second as he moved so quickly, she didn’t have time to escape. Caging her in an unmoveable prison, the vampire teased her mouth with the tip of his tongue; sweeping over the tightly closed lips almost lovingly.

“It draws me in baby, all that honeyed sweetness makes me crave to spread you wide open and eat you up.” The ever-present smirk on his face merely widened as he splayed his hand out, roaming down the slender arc of her spine to disappear under the hem of her skirt.

Fingers rubbed and stroked her ass, tips taunting her with the removal of her panties by first sliding under the edge and letting the elastic snap sharply back, sending a shocking little wave of stinging sensation through her. A hiss sounded through gritted teeth as Cordelia looked away from his amused, hungry gaze in an attempt to hide her blushing face.

“Interesting” Angelus commented as he traced the highly sensitive crease of her ass down to where she was burning. The hot wet heat seared his skin, making his leather pants tight around his solid erection. Soft and dewy, the folds of her sex were coated with a fine layer of arousal, the naked feel of her telling him there was no outward protection.

He pushed hard against the petals, the tips of his fingers teasing her tightness with penetration. The friction he caused had her body opening up a little, giving him the answer he knew but wanted anyway. “So whatcha wearing Cordeee? Have you been a bad girl and put something in that hot little pussy of yours?”

This time when her face blushed, Cordelia turned bright red then she blanched and tried to jerk away from him. Placing her hands flat on the vampire’s well-built chest, she pushed but only succeeded in making his fingertips brush over her sex.

Hazel eyes widened at the sweet sensation that came from that move and her hands fisted his shirt. Oh, that felt…

He was getting to her quicker than what he thought he would. Not that Angelus was surprised of course her body, especially her tight pussy, would be oh so sensitive and responsive that he doubted she’d be able to do anything but sit back and enjoy the ride.

“I better get you upstairs Cordeee, you’ve got something to do” a perverted yet sensuous grin worked it’s way across his face as he entwined the telling feel of cotton around his exploring fingers. Making a swift motion with his hand, he stated “Unless you want me to do it of course and believe me, I’ll be more than happy to oblige”

A shocked yelp sounded as Cordelia physically felt his threat. There was still time to redeem herself before she came out looking like a total ‘ho. Girls weren’t supposed to do things like this when they were mensing, right? It was dirty and whorish, at least that’s what her mother stated anyway.

She didn’t want to be known as the town trollop, she didn’t want a reputation and she didn’t want to be made too feel dirty either. Maybe if she explained nicely to Angelus, he might stop and let her go.

It was bad enough everyone thought she was the football team’s personal slut but… God, she wasn’t a slut or anything remotely like that. “Please stop Angel” Cordelia turned huge, teary orbs up to meet piercing dark gold irises staring down at her. “I can’t let you do this, I don’t want to be anyone’s whore”

Angelus could still feel the arousal slick on his fingers as he stared down into her sad, unsure doe gaze. “One mistake you just made baby, is confusing me with the soul, name’s Angelus. For the record, I don’t go for whores these days. I prefer a tight fit in my women. As for you being a whore; we both know you’d only be mine, no matter what anyone else thinks,” he shrugged easily. “Good enough for me”

“Yours?” Cordelia made a point to ignore the reassurance his words gave her and found herself focusing on what else he said. Could she feel anymore like a silly, naive little girl? Where were her cutting remarks? The sarcasm she religiously lived her life? The ability to reduce those who dared oppose her to tears?

Her brain obviously decided to do an Elvis impersonation and left the building.

“Now get your ass upstairs baby, before I… Fuck it” Angelus shrugged again and removed his hand from her panties, much to her disappointment. Lifting his honey-coated fingers to his lips, the vampire inhaled the drugging elixir before sweeping his tongue from knuckle to tip, licking her up.

Seeing Cordelia transfixed on his erotic actions, he swooped both arms around her waist and hauled her over his shoulder. She yelled out loud in shock, the shrieking pierced his ears painfully and Angelus winced, rewarding the hellcat with a good, hard slap directly on her ass.

Her hands belted his in retaliation as he took the spiral staircase two at a time. She wriggled violently within the stronghold he had on her, forcing the vampire to pause on the top step. “I’m up for anything Cordeee, so don’t try me.” Another slap landed, this time on the bare skin of her thighs as he skirt was lifted high, revealing the pink flush that decorated her tanned skin. “Someone bathes naked!” he noted.

Again Cordelia retaliated by way of slipping her hand down the contours of his ass and dangerously cupping the vampire’s balls through the leather. “Try that one more time, I dare you” she growled and purposely flexed her fingers around the sensitive body part.

What she was not expecting was for Angelus to slam her down onto her feet, push her hard into the closest wall as he covered her mouth with his. His tongue still held the faint taste as he forced her lips to part, letting him take the right to punish her for her daring, bold action.

His tongue sliced past the dry lips and into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. Hands slammed at either side of her head as he savagely took control of her with a kiss that left her lips red, bruised and swollen.

Cordelia’s moans were lost as Angelus began pushing his large frame further into her smaller, more fragile one. The solid wall of his chest crushed her breasts, her nipples chafed against the suddenly rough material of her sports bra and the ache between her legs got increasingly hot.

As his kiss rapidly cut off her air supply, his caging cut off all common sense leaving the brunette moaning weakly under the powerful surge of sensation he forced on her. Her hips experimentally circled against his, the hard evidence of his cock nudged deliciously at her centre, urging him to get closer.

At the feel of her chest heaving for breath, Angelus tore his mouth away and trailed moist, icy hot nips and licks down to her throat. Hands took tight hold of the curve of her ass and thighs; lifting her high, he ordered her to wrap her legs round his waist. “Good girl” he whispered thickly before slamming his erection hard off her core.

“Oh God!” Cordelia mewled loudly, threading her hands through the spikes of his dark, gelled hair and tugging his mouth back to hers. Another loud moan was heard as he repeated the sexual action, this time it him who groaned.

The scent of sex was everywhere, the air was thick with it, the taste of mixed arousal almost made him choke with the hunger it gave him. He was starving for it, thirsty for a taste, desperate to sink fully into the tight, hot body bucking wildly against his.

Her skirt rode high to bunch around her abdomen, allowing the leather material of his pants to tease her through the silk of her panties. Manicured fingernails dug through his shirt and into hardened muscles, silently asking for more. If this was the result, she was calling him next month.

A low growl started to vibrate through Angelus, as he began to tighten his hold on her, moving with her as he gave into her urging. That low growl changed into a snarl as pure a pure molten gaze focused viciously on the little nymph in his arms. “No” he growled at her, swiftly detaching her from his body and pushing her away. “Not yet”

Glazed hazel eyes stared up at the vampire, noticing his chest was rising and falling as heavy breathing caused the motion. Black ice had been replaced by piercing gold orbs that brought fire to wherever they touched. His body was tense, shoulders were square and his hands flexed into fists by his sides. Her own breathing was shallow, sharp but no less heavy as Cordelia felt naked standing there.

Between her legs, the responsive heat throbbed and pulsed, inner muscles feeling the void as the excitement had her clutching nothing but emptiness. “What?” her voice, usually loud and never missed, was a shy husky whisper that gave away the desire that enhanced her innocence.

Closing his eyes against the passionate portrait in front of him, Angelus searched for the control she’d taken from him. All he could hear was the blood thrumming through her veins, heart slamming hard in her chest and oxygen being inhaled. Arousal, his and hers, drowned him in sin and his nostrils flared as he took the aroma in deep.

On opening his eyes, there was a controlling gleam that had been missing for the latter half of the night. “Turn around baby” his voice was cool and calm as he gave out his order. “I’m tired of playing kiss-chase”

Striding towards the slightly startled cheerleader, the vampire simply booted a door wide open and left room for her to walk through it. “Ladies first”

Cordelia felt a shudder go through her as she walked slowly and carefully past Angelus into his bedroom. She flinched a little at the sound of another door closing behind her. Excitement warred with nervous uncertainty as she looked around the bedroom, noting it held more furniture than downstairs did.

Drawers made of a dark cherry wood held silver candle holders with a vase between them, a large wardrobe lay opposite the foot of the bed and there was a door to her right. Her eyes came turned back to the bed, taking in the size and colour of the sheets covering it.

Like the rest of the room, they were a dark shade with an embroidered pattern done to perfection and she couldn’t help but admire the work.

Two hands covering her slender shoulders startled Cordelia out of her reverie, jolting her back to the situation she was in. The feel of his chest against her back, his cool lips brushing her ear and the breathless whisper tantalisingly soft against her heated skin.

“I believe, you’ve got something to do Cordeee” Angelus murmured as he stroked his hands down the contours of her arms. “Want me to do it for you?”

Cordelia never had time to reply before the vampire propelled her body forward, making her shaking legs stumble a little as he pushed a little to hard on the base of her spine. Angelus licked his arid lips as anticipation of following through with his threat gave him a thrill.

To say he wanted to do it was an understatement, it was humiliating to the point of degrading for her but he didn’t really care about that. All he wanted was for her tight pussy to be ready for him to fill.

The heavy door was pushed open and the brunette guided into a clean, decent sized bathroom. A mirror was perched above an old-fashioned style sink with silver taps, the white porcelain was clean to the point of being perfectly shiny, the bath tub was just like it and stood on silver pins. Once again, his touch jolted her out of her gazing and he spun her to face him.

“Time to play” Angelus uttered seductively as he ran both hands across the clothed landscape of her lithe body. Gathering the hem of her sweater, the vampire told her to raise her arms and lifted the top clean off in one single, smooth sweep leaving her in her skirt and burgundy bra. The deep shade complimented her tanned skin while the cotton curved over the pebbled buds, making them an instant attraction for him.

The cups of her bra were obviously designed to keep those pert breasts in place but they did nothing except emphasize her cleavage. Glancing all over her half naked torso, Angelus couldn’t decide where to place his bite mark. That cleavage, the flawless throat or her toned stomach which was slightly swollen. She looked positively edible everywhere, all golden smooth skin and softness he couldn’t wait to touch and taste.

“Sit” he instructed, nudging his head in the direction of the closed lid on the lavatory. Cordelia went to open her mouth to tell him he can stuff his help where she hoped the sun would shine but a daring glare from him quickly shut her up. “Sit Cordelia, unless you want me to skip the preliminaries”

Shaking hands clutched the sides as she sat down, peering up at him through long dark lashes that involuntarily battered invitingly as she waited for him to make his next move. Angelus clacked his tongue as he went over each move step-by-step before kneeling at her feet enabling him to take off her sports trainers and socks.

He looked down in amusement at the pretty nail polish and jewel decorating each toe, before checking her nails to see if they matched. They did.

Next, calloused palms slid up the gentle slopes of her calves, grazing the surface of that satiny smooth skin until he gripped her knees tightly. The effort Cordelia put into keeping her legs closed was no match for the extra strength he used on spreading them wide. Her face turned purple as she understood what he was obviously looking at.

The grip on the lavatory sides turned white-knuckle as those palms drifted slowly up her thighs, sliding down to caress where the edge of her panties clung to her flesh. Around his wrists, the skirt flirted and kissed until Angelus shoved the material away in annoyance before it disturbed him anymore.

“Bad skirt” Cordelia mumbled, not able to tear her eyes away from the vampire. Under his firm, confident touch her thighs quivered as the cool sensation of his hands soothed the heat threatening to burn her up. She was aching there again, not just there but her breasts were tender and she wanted him there, her mouth was tingling and reeling from the controlling of his brutal kiss.

“Lift up baby, lemme undress you” though he spoke to her, he kept his gaze trained on the wetness making her panties cling to the shape of her sex. He’d been wrong, they weren’t virginal white but a matching burgundy. Times had certainly changed since he’d been human. Women in those days never had panties or bras or things to prevent blood flow.

Lifting her ass up a little, Cordelia allowed him the room needed to slide her skirt over the curve of her hips and down her legs, revealing pretty much everything to those, hot hungry irises that seemed to devour her whole. Each part of her skin that was felt by his steely gaze burned with fire, bringing her flesh out in goose bumps with the sensation of being visually caressed.

Exhaling heavily, Angelus finally left the heart of her body and let his gaze travel slowly up. The swollen stomach, the curve of her breasts, throat and paused when he reached her blushing heart-shaped face. “Aww” he cooed patronisingly, “My Cordeee gone all shy? It makes me feel good knowing I can make you blush, but then making an innocent girl blush can’t be that hard can it?”

“You arrogant, conceited…” Cordelia hissed down at the vampire, thanking whoever for giving her the ability to speak. She had a few choice words for him and he was going to hear them before he humiliated her any further. “I’m not here for your enjoyment, I’m here because you kidnapped me and I am not your Cordeee”

“True, you’re not my Cordeee” Angelus agreed in a light, airy tone that gave away his indifference to her words. She almost relaxed in relief when he agreed with the truth she’d spoken but instantly tensed when he spoke.

“But you will be” the light, airy tone was suddenly replaced with a much darker, promising underlay that she couldn’t help but shiver at the implications he bestowed on her. “After tonight, I’ll own you. You’ll be my little pet, the one who’ll keep me happy”

“Until I can get out of here then Buffy’s kick your ass before she stakes it” Cordelia snapped right back, once again attempting to close herself off to gaze but his hands on her thighs prevented her from doing so. A big hand moved down her leg to skim over the slick folds hidden behind burgundy cotton, the tips once again teasing her most sensitive place accurately. Her hips jerked a little, sliding her core harder into his hand sending a wave of pleasure thrumming through her.

“You think I care about the Slayer? You really think I give a fuck about some whiny, insignificant blonde when I have you to play with?” Angelus enquired with a smirk forming on his cruel mouth. His fingers made slow circles over her covered mound, pressing down each time he felt a delicious throb vibrate through her heat.

“You’re so full of it Cordeee, I can smell it on you. The heat, the blood; it’s like honey. Thick, rich honey that I wanna taste on your slick, sweet lips”

Cordelia gulped at the explicit way he spoke about his wants, naughty words poured past that heartless mouth of his while his eyes flared up with a light show of desire. A wave of arousal alerted the dazed brunette to the fact he’d gotten more responses from her and the sadistic, knowing smirk on his face she knew Angelus knew he’d turned her on just that bit more.

Leaning forwards, the vampire closed his eyes and inhaled the strong, intoxicating scent of femininity in it’s purest form. A low groan of appreciation sounded out as he pressed his mouth to her thigh, flicking his tongue out to taste the salt covering her flesh. Nipping gently, he moved closer to where the scent was sweetest, Angelus increased the strength behind his grip and pushed her legs farther apart.

One small hand left the white porcelain to take hold of his broad shoulder, fingers clenching around the muscle under the silk shirt unwittingly testing his masculinity. Cordelia watched him through bright, shining hazel orbs as Angelus nuzzled her right there.

A sharp gasp slipped out when his lips casually but sensually brushed over her sex, making her hips buck up to his face trying to get more. All she received for her response was a chaste kiss on the very middle of her core before he pulled away, leaving her more than unfulfilled and an increased ache between her shaking thighs.

Gracefully uncurling his body from the kneeling position, Angelus stood and towered over the panting brunette as her hand slid down from his shoulder to press flat against the hard muscle on his stomach. “Stand up baby, I wanna see more”

Her legs were all but numb as she rose to her feet, ignoring the startling chill of the cold floor on her bare feet. The hand on his stomach was taken into a mock gentlemanly hold as the vampire helped her up. Her breath was coming in quick pants that left her chest heaving, pushing her bra tight around her full breasts while the dark cotton stretched around perfectly pebbled areolas.

“I think I’ll start with this…” Angelus let go of the hand before he carried out the insane urge to hold it and latched onto her upper arms. Turning the silent young woman round, the aroused vampire smoothed his hands up her arms to sweep his rough fingers down the feline arc of her spine until he reached her bra strap.

A quick, arrogant smile flickered right before he unclasped it with one hand. “Don’t turn yet baby, I wanna watch you take off those panties”

A moan escaped her still tingling lips as she heard him tell her exactly what he wanted her to do. Slipping her slim fingers inside the waist band, Cordelia pushed them down and was about to let them fall when he stopped her. “Not like that, you know what I want you to do baby. Don’t play pretend”

“Pervert” she uttered under her breath. A feeling of vulnerability swept over her as he took her hips and brought her back against him, swaying his hips gently into her making her feel his erection.

“Seeing you like this gets me so hard Cordee” he whispered what she already figured out. “Be a good girl for me, I won’t have to force you”

Closing her eyes and heart against the sheer humiliation of it all, Cordelia pushed her panties down, bending at the waist to do so. She was expecting him to take advantage of her and simply go onto to further degradations but he didn’t. To her surprised relief and a strange disappointment, Angelus stepped away from her and simply looked.

The hot, erotic sight of her core crushed between shut legs was enough to heighten the arousal in his body, pushing his regained control to the limit. He could clearly see her pink folds glistening with juice and a hue of an intimate red blush decorating the softness. “You look so pretty baby” he breathed, his hand cupped his hardness as he attempted to relieve the pressure building under his skin

A wicked smirk flashed as he watched the brunette raise her body upright and kept her back to him as instructed. “You know what I want from you, are you willing to give it to me or do I have to take it and make you enjoy it? I’ve got you wet and slick, made you moan and had you riding me, you know I can pleasure you better than anyone on this planet. What’s it gonna be Cordeee? Give me what I want or should I take it from you? Either way, you’re mine”

Thank God he couldn’t see her expression Cordelia thought as panic began to well up in her stomach. If she didn’t willingly submit then he’d made it clear he’d…

She shook her head slightly, forcing that word out of her brain quickly before she tempted fate and he went ahead with the threatened promise. Snapping her eyes shut, the brunette hated what he had made her into in just few short hours.

She was aching, tingling and burning everywhere, her stomach was filled with hunger and fear at the same time while her centre was buzzing with anticipation. Was this what half the world raved about? Was this what turned Harmony and Aura into men-hungry sluts?

If so then she wasn’t sure if it was what she wanted. There was no out and out pleasure, it was a mix between a hard, pounding desperation, a need and a cry for help all at once.

“Too late to speak now baby, time’s up. I’m gonna take you and it’s up to you if you like it” Angelus told her as though he was bartering over something. Closing the gap he’d put between them, the vampire shoved her a little too roughly towards the lavatory. The lid was flipped open and he moved her further forward, placing her right at the edge, his intentions so embarrassingly clear.

Cordelia shrieked a little and she rebelled against him, trying to get herself to a safe distance so that he couldn’t do… That. It was unthinkable, allowing him to do what no man should ever be allowed to do was more than unthinkable, it was… Surely there was a law against that.

“No, you can do whatever the hell you want bub, but like hell am I gonna let you… No! Absolutely not, no way!”

A dark, wicked laugh shattered the silence following her words as Angelus found humour in her firm declaration. Who was she to stop him doing what he wanted? If he wanted to have her tightness open for him, then he would. Didn’t she see he was offering her a reprieve from more humiliation?

Oh well, if she wanted to play it like that, he had no objections.

Besides, he’d never done that to a girl yet; tampons had sadly been invented after he suffered the damnation of a human soul. Now, he was himself again and fully in control of his wants, desires and needs. Maybe the little fire cracker in front of him needed to learn he always did and got what he wanted.

She didn’t have time to figure out what that dark, dangerous laugh meant before Cordelia found herself straddling the lavatory with his hands exuding enough strength to keep her in that position. “No, I’ll do it myself. Really, I can do it. No need for you to…”

Ignoring the rapid-fire words, Angelus kept one hand on her shoulder and reached down in front of her with the other. “You’ll learn not to make me wait. And you’ll also learn not to tell me what I can and can’t do baby, I always do what I want.” His hand stroked down an invisible line marking the centre of her body until neatly trimmed curls tickled the tips of his fingers.

“Natural brunette” Angelus commented, adding fuel to the anger now swallowing any fear Cordelia had felt. His fingertips delved and parted the folds, dipping down into the wet place where he quickly located the thin strip of cotton. Entwining it around his index finger, he slowly eased the tampon out of her sensitive core.

His fiery gaze was completely locked onto it as Cordelia tensed and gasped with fury and the odd sensation removing one always gave. This was just beyond a joke, beyond what she was willing to take from any sadistic vampire. Let alone one growling and breathing with arousal.

This was so much more than a turn on for him, every part of his being was loving this. Watching her, seeing, scenting, feeling it all as he left her body free of anything that might prevent him from sinking into her. Discarding the unwanted thing, the vampire was immediately drawn to the place previously full and latched a firm, healthy grip over her pussy as a whole.

From his position, the heel of his palm grazed and rasped against her over-sensitive clit, his fingers teased the opening with slight penetration and his cock could be felt against her back. “I knew you’d be this hot, knew you’d be this ready. Think I can make you cum on my hand baby? Think I can give you your first climax with these?”

Slipping the tip of one thick finger, Angelus pushed inside the entrance and groaned when her hot, silky walls instantly caved in around his touch, clutching him a hot grip.

Her hazel gaze was no longer clouded by a mix of fear and arousal. A tempestuous storm of sheer fury raged within the irises as she watched his hand slowly move between her spread thighs. His fingers dipped inside, pushing up before massaging her walls in long, deep strokes that set off more than her anger.

Cordelia moaned as her head rolled back, hips bucking up against the vampire’s touch forcing him deeper and higher inside. God, she was so close to cumming right there and then. She was so sensitive everywhere that every single stroke, caress and thrust of his hand garnered a responding moan and arching of hips.

The pale skin on his hand was slowly washed with red honey as he coaxed the feminine juice out of her body, increasing the slick, heady wetness making his entry easy. Angelus couldn’t take his eyes from there if he wanted too.

He was entranced by the way his finger was swallowed whole by her pussy. “You like it huh? You like me touching you here? You like me, don’tcha baby? You love that it’s me making you moan for more”

Cordelia gritted her teeth together at the stretching feel of a second, thick finger being worked inside her untried tightness. Her body slowly expanding to glove the intimate touch in a soft cushion of silk that scorched his skin. The slow, teasing thrusting stopped and he focused all his attention of making her climax.

Penetrating knuckle-deep, Angelus felt the throbs of climax shudder around his fingers as her heavy breathing turned into quiet, sultry moans and he worked harder, faster. Pushing in deeply only to pull out, each move increasingly more pleasurable than the last.

Latching a shaking hand around his wrist, Cordelia held him still as she ground her hips down hard onto his hard, riding through each wave of her climax. Eyes were now trained on the action between her legs as she let herself go.

“Oh… You… Fucking… Bastard!” Then she was lost as the waves, harsh throbbing washed through her body. Her inner muscles fisted his fingers violently as he let her do what she needed.

“That’s it baby, good girl. God, you’re so hot when you cum” Angelus breathed heavily, smirking when she screamed out at him in the heat of the moment. She was riding his hand hard, her head had once again fell against his abdomen and he was able to get a good look at her face and was pleased with what he saw.

The waves gradually died down to an erotic and pleasurable memory that she was sure wouldn’t go away for a very long time. Her hold on his wrist relaxed and her body became lax as relief flooded her system. That vampire was going down as soon as she was able to move.

Through her pants, she heard him whispering in her ear, signalling he was now leaning over her. Probably wanted to sate the perverted old man in him no doubt. Well, if he wanted sating, she’d certainly oblige.

Opening her eyes, she treated Angelus to a sweet, awed smile that belied her cunning plan. “That was… Um… Yeah. You were the one that made me orgasm, so I figure you know how it was.” Her air was demure, soft and oh so temptingly feminine as she gazed up at him in wonderment. “Don’t suppose I can get up now?”

Angelus offered her to a delicious grin as a reward for her good behaviour. That grin got wider as she hissed at the feel of his fingers leaving her body, neither he or she could resist staring at the pale skin coated in a fine sheen of rich, warm liquid as it mingled with creamy arousal.

Angelus wanted to taste and so he did. Lifting his hand to his mouth, his tongue darted out of his mouth and he cleaned the juices off before sucking them deep past his lips.

Seeing his distraction and feeling his hold on her shoulder let go, Cordelia stood up and forced her legs to stop their shaking. She took a deep breath as she steadied herself in preparation to fight back against him.

“Sing” she whispered to herself and put it into action.

The sharp, bony edge of her elbow became rammed into his solar plexus “Oomph!” he grunted as he slightly doubled over.

Following through with a good, hard stomp to his foot. “Owowowow!” Cordelia hissed angrily as her foot throbbed with pain as her bare foot connected with his steel-toe capped combat boots. Her fist went flying back and up to land directly on his nose, causing his eyes to well with tears “Ow!” she yelped again in anger.

Then came the finale, her fist swung downwards and between her parted legs to connect with the vampire’s pulsing erection, causing his watering eyes to cross.

“Who says TV isn’t educational?” Cordelia sarcastically muttered before pushing back against a very surprised and pained vampire to make her escape.

Unfortunately for her, having hurt her foot in the surprise bout of self defence, she could only hobble away as a shooting pain rushed up her foot every time she placed it on the ground. Behind her, all she heard was a “Now that I respect!” just before she slammed the bathroom door shut behind her.


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Shades of Attraction 1   Leave a comment

Title: Shades of Attraction
Author: Scorched
Rating: N-18
Category: Dark, delicious smut. Nowhere near fluff
Content: C/Aus
Summary: In her eyes, shone traces of red.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: My Angelus smut muse wanted to play again. Who am I to say no?!?
Thanks/Dedication:Big thanks to Cali who helped me too much to mention.
Feedback:This fic is definitely NOT for the faint heart or for young eyes. If you don’t like strongly rated fics or rather naughty ones, then turn away now.

Obsidian orbs watched obsessively from the shadows as the brunette took time out from encouraging the home team to get herself a drink. His hypnotic gaze absorbed her flushed face, well developed breasts and hazel irises that shone under the artificial floodlights. An eyebrow lifted as the vampire saw her exuberant energy almost instantly dissipate as she left the other girls.

Her feet trudged in the loose sand as she wandered to the water fountain hidden near the back of the bleachers, her bright sunny smile turned into a pout and her glance went from the game to the floor. A small, delicate hand went to her lower abdomen to massage in slow, comforting circles that he saw offer no relief.

The corners of his pale, sinful lips twitched with the beginnings of a smirk as her sweet scent increased with the closer she unknowingly got to him. Keeping himself cloaked in the shadows, Angelus locked all senses onto the brunette and tracked her every move.

He could hear the fast pace of her heart beat as it stood out from the rest of the crowd. Her scent was a heady concoction of innocence and femininity and her body held the grace, the poise of a woman in her twenties.

Staying so well out of sight was second nature to the vampire and he used every predatory ability he had learned to watch Cordelia Chase. As the brunette eagerly gulped down a cup of water from the fountain, his rapt attention became totally focused on the column of her throat. Soft, supple flesh looked so delectable, so tasty he had to keep firm hold on his patience and not give into indulgence.

He could see her jugular throbbing with heightened blood pressure just below the delicate, fragile casing of flesh and imagined how easily that delicate flesh could be marked. His sharp fangs would pierce the skin, sinking in deeply while his tongue and lips would coax her life force into his mouth.

Would he turn her or simply drain her?

Angelus would have to wait and see to answer that question honestly. But for now, he was happy to watch and learn all about his prey so he knew what method to take in chasing her. It was never the catch that thrilled him, it was always the chase. He loved it when a woman made him chase her, it was a challenge and he loved challenges, especially the winning.

Turning away from his musings, the dark haired vampire refocused avid attention back onto Cordelia Chase and quizzically watched as the brunette bent at the knees to lift something from a large bag. His gaze narrowed and turned studious as he looked at what it was she held in her hand.

He was about to make his presence known when she rose and began walking back in his direction. Angelus gazed at her through the gaps in the bleachers, the male in him responded to the way her natural rhythm.

The maroon and gold sweater she wore clung to her upper figure, the material pulled tight and enhanced the swell of her breasts. A matching skirt kissed the slender curves of her thighs as she walked, allowing him the opportunity to skim fathomless orbs over her legs.

A rustle brought Angelus out of his appreciating thoughts and he once again focused on the box Cordelia held. What looked to be two little white capsules landed in one palm as she used the other to work the water fountain. The vampire inhaled deeply but couldn’t place the scent through the other ones around him.

Slowly, those fathomless orbs drifted down her athletic yet curved form, taking in the signs he hadn’t immediately picked up on. The scent emanating from her was honey sweet, making the air drugging but addictive to breathe. The abdomen she had soothed was rounded as were her breasts. Heart-shaped face was flushed with a pretty hue of rose and hazel irises held a sparkle of something only known to his kind.

Obsidian orbs glinted like black jewels as Angelus flickered his attention from face to legs, his mouth watering at the mere thought of how she would taste. How long had it been since he had indulged in this pleasure? He may have changed but one thing always remained the same. He was a vampire, a demon, and he took pleasures in all life had to offer.

Including a virgin’s blood.

The vampire could already taste her, could already feel his tongue opening her up and could hear the soft moans slipping past her bruised, redden lips. A slow, calculating smirk tilted his mouth up as he returned his attention to Cordelia.

Determined intent bore within the dark eyes as he decided then and there what it was he wanted tonight.

There weren’t many options open to him in the plan to take her. Angelus figured she might head first to the showers and then the library for a night of being what would be the most delectable thing on the Hellmouth.

He doubted Cordelia had any idea of the effect she would have if she played the victim tonight. Thinking of it more clearly, he knew he had to take her now or not at all and with that in mind, the vampire executed his plan.

Moving away from shadows of the bleachers, he smirked as he sauntered out from behind a stone pillar only to hide behind the next, catching the brunette’s curiosity and making her wonder who was making out behind them. Tilting his head to the side, Angelus listened as footsteps crunched against the ground as Cordelia went against her instincts in order sate her curiosity.

Turning his body to one side, he leaned a broad shoulder against the stone pillar as he waited to see if she came any closer. The beating of the heart picked up a little, causing him to smirk, her breathing quickened and just when he thought was about to appear, the footsteps began to move in the opposite direction.

Turning his body to one side, he leaned a broad shoulder against the stone pillar as he waited to see if she came any closer. The beating of the heart picked up a little, causing him to smirk, her breathing quickened and just when he thought was about to appear, the footsteps began to move in the opposite direction.

It was a stark reminder to the vampire Cordelia Chase was not as stupid as she made herself out to be. Angelus moved quickly from behind the pillar in order to prevent her from total escape. A large, cool palm closed off the startled scream as it bubbled up in her throat, a strong arm curled tightly around her waist pinning her back against his body.

The fear that suddenly hit the air was delicious as it mixed with the feminine aroma, creating something akin to ecstasy for him. With an ease that rendered the brunette both breathless and stiff with fright, Angelus carted her back to the safety of the shadows behind the bleachers. Keeping his hand pressed firmly over her mouth, he removed his arm from her waist to turn her round to face him.

Hazel eyes were fully black as the pupils dilated in terror, harsh pants of oxygen was inhaled through her button nose and her body trembled. Tanned skin became as her vampire captor as the hand of fate slowly squeezed the life out of her chest. Her heart hammered hard against her ribs as muffled screams did nothing but allow her to lose the air remaining in her lungs.

Icy black orbs bore with an intimidating gleam down into wide frightened doe eyes, his intent was perfectly clear within the dark pools. Dipping his tongue past pale lips, Angelus leaned his face close to hers and inhaled the delicious scent emanating strongly from her.

Cordelia snapped her eyes tight shut and flinched away from the vampire, turning her face to the side before he could touch her mouth with his. She willed herself not to cry at the thought of being the victim of Buffy’s ex beau.

The soulless vampire nuzzled the delicate juncture of her throat, deeply inhaling not only the scent of blood throbbing there but also the scent of innocence that surrounded her, the sweetness and now, the scent of him. His cheek brushed lightly over hers as cool lips descended to curl around the sensitive pulse point.

Blunt teeth biting down hard enough to stimulate but not quite enough to break the skin. Behind his smothering hand, she tried to gasp in desperately needed breaths before she passed out but only succeeded in drawing his attention with a yelp.

Satisfaction coursed through the vampire as he tucked his hard, lean body into the softer one he held prisoner. Firm, pert breasts became pillowed against his chest, toned, long slender legs were parted by large, male thighs as he slid into the hot cradle.

Angelus swept the tip of his tongue across the delicate contour of her throat, delighting in the way Cordelia tensed and shivered with fear. Her pulse was throbbing against his lips the taste of her already coating his mouth and tongue as he sucked lightly on the sensitive point.

The heat from her core melted around the hardening cock, making him ache to simply lift her skirt and go for it then and there. The scent of the hot, spicy liquid between her thighs was really effecting his self-control. Angelus wondered what she had there and wondered if he was somewhat gentle with her, if she’d willingly let him touch her.

Thinking about it, he decided her being willing wouldn’t be half as much fun. “Whatcha wearing baby? Something in a pretty shade of red or virginal white?” Angelus’ whispered words breezed breathlessly across the delicate shell of her ear. “Tell me or I’ll find out for myself”

He laughed in a low, thick tone as he looked down into her hazel orbs, satisfied to see fear was still highly present. The large hand covering her mouth never moved, it wouldn’t help his case if she started screaming for help. “On second thought, don’t say a word. It’d be more fun for me if you don’t tell me. My guess is, you’re wearing white panties. Soft, silky white panties”

Cordelia froze into a statue, his melodious voice ringing through her ears and drowning out the hard pounding of her racing blood. Angelus free hand could be felt skirting the sides of her lithe body until roughened fingers lightly scraped across the bare skin of her upper thighs. His strong, trim thighs kept her legs parted making her unable to close herself off to his touch and she had to settle for wildly shaking her head in denial.

His large, cool hand closed strongly around the upper, feminine thigh as he relished in the increasing heat coming off her. “That’s my girl, getting all hot and ready for me” he chuckled at the sound of her unwilling but responsive gasp. “Your scent is so fucking sweet, it makes me wanna lick you all night long. Drink you in, taste you on my lips, make you come on my tongue, in my mouth”

The pressure over her mouth had relaxed a little, allowing Cordelia to take in delicious gulps of oxygen that sharply stung her lungs. The tips of his fingers moved slowly over her lips, his skin felt like sandpaper as they smoothed over the plump female mouth.

“And look at these breasts” Angelus turned a ravenous gaze to the full, pert breasts hidden from him by her sweater. “All full and round. Bet your bra matches your panties”

“You’ll never have the chance to find out” Cordelia’s cutting remark came on a shaky version of a normally strong, self-assured tone. “I’d rather let your ex give me a make-over”

“Now that I’d pay to see” Angelus mouth curved up into a smirk full of deadly promises as his fingers took hold of her defiantly set jaw hard enough to leave red marks. Forcing the brunette to look at him directly, the vampire leaned close to her pale face and snagged her lower pouting lip between blunt teeth. “As much as I love an audience, I don’t share my things”

A strangled half moan escaped parched lips at the feel of the vampire shamelessly cupping her breast. Angelus carefully gauged her reaction as he firmly massaged the plump mound in his palm. This is more like it,” Angelus purred, “Substance”

“They’ll come looking for me if I don’t go back,” she warned him in a voice that shook with each sensual stroke of her breast.

“You won’t be here to find baby, so let em” he retaliated easily, her attempt to get him too let her go failing miserably. “I’ve been making plans for us tonight baby, it’ll be so special. I just know you’re gonna love every second of it.” He purposely ignored the way she was involuntarily arching into his caress, not relieving her with a harder, more satisfying touch.

Strong, thick fingers stroked and caressed until a humiliating ache began to build up between her thighs, making her slick in reaction. A moan slipped out, catching his attention to the enjoyment she didn’t want crossing her heart-shaped face. “Mmm” he purred, wickedly licking his lips suggestively. He upped the torture, increasing the pressure on her body and sweeping the pad of his thumb over the hard, little peek tipping her breast.

The heady scent of arousal increased, cloaking his senses to everything but the wet heat making her panties cling to her core. Her spread legs squeezed his thighs rhythmically, trying to pull him closer to her body before he suddenly stopped the manipulating.

Ignoring the frustrated and swallowed moan, he let his hand resume it’s course. “You want something from me Cordeee?” he asked teasingly, drawing the brunette deep into his sinful gaze with erotic promises.

Cordelia flushed, her pale cheeks regaining some of the lost colour as he clearly stated he knew her responses to his elicit touch. “Stop it Angelus, just leave me alone. I’m nothing to you so don’t waste my time or yours.”

“I’ll stop wasting time then” Angelus yanked on her bound wrist, tugging her forwards until she stumbled into him. His heavily muscled arm slid around her curved waist, forcing her to move too his side. “Why have a rut around in public when I have a perfectly large bed at my place? C’mon baby, promise to let you have a little fun before I take what I want”


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Title: Services Rendered
Author: Scorch
Rating: N-17
Category: Humour/Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: hate these.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Thanks/Dedication:Thanks for giving my arse a good kicking Kimmers. This is for you!

From the dark, shadowed area, the vampire’s gaze roamed over the luscious female figure highlighted by the artificial orange street light that dulled the creamy glow of the moon. The orange shone down on the long, espresso shaded loosely waved hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall.

Her legs were long and slender, the gentle shape of the calf muscles were defined by the five inch heels adorning her feet, making the hem of the black leather mini reach no further than mid-thigh. The silver-studded black belt drew his obsidian gaze to the tempting flash of bronzed skin of her flat, toned stomach. A halter top, rich red in colour, decorated her upper body and hid the delicious cleavage that the material clung tightly to.

Even in Summer, there was a chill in the air, not much but enough to give him a tantalising view of dusky rose nipples as the silk material curled round the hardened buds. The erotic sight made his mouth water with the want to tease and taste those sensitive peaks with his tongue.

Edging closer, the vampire could now see her features outlined in the street light and the hard lines of his mouth tilted up in a smirk full of male appreciation. Her jaw was defiant, with good bone structuring that caught his gaze and made him notice the subtle glimmering of the bronzing powder used to characterize the apples of her cheeks.

The soft, full lips were shaded in a deep red which was a natural attraction for him given what he was and his appreciative smirk got bigger. He watched as her hands came up in an attempt to bring warmth to her skin by smoothing her palms over her deceptively slim arms with rapid heat-inducing strokes. If he looked close enough, he swore he could see chill-bumps appearing over her exposed body.

A quiet click-clacking sound alerted him of her movements and, remaining unseen, the vampire followed her with predatory skill honed and perfected throughout his existence. His eyes tracked the way her thighs brushed together teasingly and the way her hips swayed expertly, letting him know that she had something he definitely wanted.

Moving quickly, Angel appeared in front of the brunette and placed an unbreakable iron grip around her upper arm, startling and making her jump.

“Geez, you scared me” Cordelia snapped, her voice brimming with annoyance at both having been scared half to death and being in the chilly night air for the last twenty minutes.

“How much?” Angel asked gruffly, his pale pink tongue darted out to wet dry lips, giving her an idea of just what he wanted from her.

“Depends” Cordelia replied coolly as she inspected the well-manicured nails on her free hand. Flipping her long, chestnut hair over her bare shoulder, her lower pouting lip was bitten softly before she soothed her mouth with a long, sweeping lick of her tongue.

“On what?” Angel wasn’t surprised that even like this, his seer had some form of demands for him to agree too. His onyx gaze swept over her barely covered figure and a low, throaty groan escaped his parched mouth. She looked so good in leather and, dare he say it, that little bit slutty.

“On what you want” the brunette purred up at the vampire, hazel irises lowered until she peered at him through darkened eyelashes teasingly. The leather pants fit him in an illegally perfect way, black supple material clung to his powerful legs and solid thigh muscles while his black velvet shirt skimmed flawlessly over the broad expanse of his chest. His ever-present leather duster was draped over the hard contours of his shoulders and down his heavy, thick arms.

The vampire eyed her steadily for a moment, wondering if he should tell her to ask what he didn’t want. “You” Angel went with the simple answer to her stated retort, “How much for you?”

Cordelia licked her lips again, making the red shine and turn his gaze to one full of hunger at her provocative move. “I don’t come cheap, baby. Don’t take anything less than $500 hundred a night”

Why didn’t that surprise him?

“That’s a lot” he commented easily, watching as her perfectly shaped eyebrow rose in a regal arch as she returned his gaze. “How much for a blow job?”

“$150” she answered and popped her chewing gum, “I always say you get what you pay for. If you can’t afford me then don’t waste my time” Cordelia easily removed his hand from around her arm and went to walk away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Angel spun his insolent seer back to face him, annoyed she had turned away from him. “I just hope you’re worth it”

“You’ll find out, won’t you?” she smirked at the flicker of a knowing smile that threatened to put him off his game. “Where do you want me, honey?”

“There’s a motel a black from here. Come with me”

“A motel” the word rolled off Cordelia’s tongue sarcastically, “My, my aren’t we classy” it wasn’t a question as much as it was a statement. “Lead the way”

The walk to the motel was quick, once inside the pre-booked room Angel locked the door and stood facing his brunette seer with his arms folded across his chest. Cordelia copied his stance and crossed her own, slimmer arms over her own chest.

“Well?” she asked, “You brought me here, what do you want me to do?”

“You’re an expert at this and you don’t know?” Angel walked in a slow, controlled footsteps until he stood behind his seer. “I’m starting to think you might not be worth my time and money”

His lowered voice was breathless against the hollow of her throat, making the chill-bumps reappear on her now sizzling flesh. She felt his larger body behind her skimming her back with a delicious foretaste of how he would feel against her naked skin. Cordelia’s breath hitched in her throat when his hands lightly took hold of her shoulders and he turned her round.

“You know what I want you do” Angel’s eyes had darkened, the hypnotic black orbs were beginning to melt with underlying molten lava as his body began to harden with excitement. The vampire shrugged his jacket off, tossing it too one side while never removing his eyes from hers.

“Money first” Cordelia felt a hot flush start between her thighs as she looked at the vampire standing in front of her with the open invitation to do as she wished with him. However, this was his night and his fantasy, who was she to ruin it by taking control?

There was a flutter of movement and a pile of cash was flopped onto the bed to the side of them. Moving back a little, he sat down in an uncomfortable old chair and waited for her to make the next move. “You have the money, now give me what I want” Angel husked out, trying to keep the smile from his face as he watched the brunette lower herself to her knees.

The sound of his belt unbuckled and swooping through the loops of his pants had never seemed so erotic, even to him. As his chest began to rise and fall with the movement of breathing, Cordelia raised her hazel gaze to his amber one she licked her lips sensually and ran her hand over the hardness of his sex, causing Angel to clench his fists at his side.

“Excited baby?” she purred, her core was burning with the need to through this game and fantasy out the window, throw him down and do bad things to his body. Her fingers roamed the hardened erection hidden beneath the soft Italian leather, the feel of him gave Cordelia the image of what he would look like.

Every inch of Angel was hand carved in marble, his shoulders and arms rippled with thickly set muscles that flowed gracefully with every move he made. His chest was solid, the pale skin contrasted starkly with tiny dark nipples that pebbled under her touch. On his well-toned abdomen, he had a light, feathery treasure trail which ended just above the waistband of the Calvin’s she bought him.

Slender fingertips slowly lowered the zip, both Cordelia and Angel bit back equally pleasured moans when the leather was moved away, allowing her hot breath to float across the marble velvet length of him. The sensitive tip was glistening with pre-come, delighting her with the knowledge he was enjoying this as much as she was.

Angel entwined strands of hair around his large, male fingers while his thumb brushed over the glowing apples of her cheeks. He loved to watch her whenever she did this to him, loved to watch as her lips wrapped around his cock and brought him to orgasm. The amber gaze focused entirely on her mouth, watching as her hands began the sexual stimulation with smooth strokes and adoring caresses.

Cordelia flickered her orbs up to meet his unnatural ones and flashed him a sultry smirk before sweeping her warm tongue from the base of his erection to the tip, eliciting a deep groan from the vampire. “Just relax baby” the brunette breathlessly ordered before swirling the tip of her tongue over the tip and licking up the masculine arousal.

Angel’s hand tightened around her hair, forced his eyes to stay open and his to stay seated on the chair. “You’re good, but not quite worth what I paid” that was a deliberate insult to fuel her passionate anger, hoping to remove all traces of her somewhat prudish nature.

Cordelia pulled back a little, giving herself enough room to make sure he got a clear view of her raised eyebrow and wickedly cunning smirk. “Oh baby, I haven’t even started on you yet” without wasting a second more, the seer wrapped her lips tight around his cock and glided slowly down.

The vampire hissed in pleasure as she took him deeper into her mouth inch by agonising inch, he wanted to fuck her mouth so much right now, make her give him the release he wanted and needed. Angel’s other hand came to rest on her shoulder while his fingers slid down to the nape of her neck, massaging gently.

He was so hard it almost hurt, the heat of her mouth was burning him from the outside in and he wouldn’t mind if he died because of it. Every second, Angel felt the pressure slowly build in balls until the intensity made him moan out her name loudly and buck into her mouth, demanding more.

Cordelia’s throaty moans had vibrations making his cock throb against her tongue as she glided up the hard shaft. Her hand holding the base moved down until she could cup the softness of his balls in her palm, Angel swore harshly when he felt her fingernails scrape lightly along the sensitive skin.

“Deeper” he ordered thickly, never removing his gaze from the sight of his cock securely held between her lips. The human breath flowed across the cool length, warm and exotic, as she lowered her mouth once more and stroked her tongue over the sensitive underside of his erection.

Angel removed his hand from her shoulder, dancing the roughened skin on his fingertips down across the smooth décolleté until he felt the hard bud of her breast pebble with the caress. The vampire taunted and teased her with first gentle touches before he got rougher. With a loud groan, his head fell against the back of the chair and his teasing brought a quiet keening moan from her throat.

Cordelia took him deeper until her nose brushed the soft curls at the base, Angel couldn’t help his reaction and bucked up hard into her mouth with a loud growl. Relaxing her throat, she swallowed him whole and continued to use her tongue to stimulate the tip of his cock, always licking up the droplets of pre-come that laced his sex.

The scent of combined arousal hung heavily in the air of the motel room, serving only to drive him on to want to do more to his seer. He knew she’d be wet for him now, he could taste it on his lips as the sensual aroma got more tangible.

Suddenly, Cordelia increased the pressure around his cock and began to move faster, “Cordy!” Angel forgot all about their game and growled her name again, louder this time, when the throbbing in his body began to intensify. His hips pushed his length into the hot cavern of her mouth over and over, his hand roughly held her breast and teased the pebble with his thumb.

She took him into her throat once, twice more and then felt him swell inside her mouth as his orgasm hit hard. Angel lost the slight control he had, his human visage gave way to that of the vampire as ejaculation spilled from his sensitised body into hers. A pained expression crossed his face as his climax peaked, yanking his hand from her breast he pulled her wrist to his mouth and didn’t wait for permission he knew he would get.

Sinking his fangs through the delicate skin, Angel’s eyes snapped shut when the taste of rich, human blood bathed his tongue with pre-climatic tint. Cordelia’s pleasure at the intensely erotic feeling of her lover feeding from her and pushed her wrist harder to his lips. The hot red liquid rained down his throat and filled him with everything she was. Retracting his fangs, he lovingly licked up stray droplets of blood and sealed the puncture wounds until the bleeding stopped.

Cordelia took everything he had to give, not stopping the oral pleasure until he began to calm down. Releasing him from her mouth, she pressed a chaste kiss on the tip of his softening sex and looked at the vampire with a smug and satisfied expression.

“I told you that you get what you pay for” she purred and planted another kiss on the tip of him.

“That was very nice, Cordy” Angel smiled down at her before lifting his seer from her knees to settle her on his lap. He toyed with strands of her hair for a few silent moments, enjoying the closeness they shared. “I love you”

“Mmm, I love you too” Cordelia replied with a little smile, “I know this is a dreary motel and everything, but can we get some sleep? You wore me out before we left the hotel” it wasn’t the exact truth but it would do, besides it was the best she could come up with.

“Sleep would be a good thing I suppose” Angel mused with a soft smile, “Come on, we’ll sleep for a while and then go back before dawn”


By the time Angel awoke, it was around noon and the sun was still shining brightly and fatally in the big blue up above. With a contented purr, the vampire rolled onto his side, fully expecting Cordelia to be there.

When he noticed there was an empty space where his seer was supposed to be, Angel bolted upright and listened for her heart beat, tried to catch her scent anything to tell him she was in the dingy little motel room. When he got nothing, he immediately got out of bed and a white piece of paper with his name on caught his eye.

“Dear Angel” Angel read in confusion, “I hope you liked my services last night, thanks for the money. I’ll see you at the hotel when you get back. Love, Cordy… What the hell?” he snarled, throwing the note to one side.

Snatching his leather pants up from the floor, he immediately retrieved his wallet where he had safely put the money back before they had gone to sleep. Angel’s deep eyes widened as he realised there was only two twenty dollar bills in there and stared dangerously at them.

“She took the money! I can’t believe her!” the vampire shook his head in disbelief “She actually took the money and left me stranded in this place”

The disbelieving gaze turned to one that held mirth, love and vengeance as he swore down she would get hers. “Cordelia Chase” Angel’s calculating voice sounded, “One of these days…”

The End


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Sensory Perception   1 comment

Title: Sensory Perception
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Duh!
Content: C/A
Summary: I’m crap at summaries. Part one of a mini C/A series.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO & Cal’s place
Notes: Introducing my redeveloped smut, hope you likey!! P.S. Curse? What curse?!!
Feedback:Is the Pope Catholic?

Angel settled back on the couch in Cordelia’s living room, simply enjoying the peace and quiet while she was in the shower. The old, worn book crinkled down the middle showing years of use and the yellowing pages showing the age. His brown eyes scanned the room; landing on the books owned by his seer and felt a smile tug at his lips. The silly romance novels lay in a heap on her cabinet, he vaguely wondered if she ever tidied or if Dennis did it all for her.

An intriguing scent floated on invisible waves from the bathroom, catching his interest and Angel tilted his head to one side as he tried to place the scent. It reminded him of pine cones and cedar wood, like a forest of coniferous trees. Musky, lightly spicy and nice to smell, it was different to the perfume Cordelia wore during the day. The perfume she wore was a mixture of orange and pomegranate, equally nice to the cedar and pine.

The vampire inhaled deeply, letting the scent bring a crystal clear image to his mind. Angel painted a picture in his fantasy, a rich lush forest in winter; the soft white snow covering the still green trees while the tiny flakes fell in a light rain to the ground. The air would be crisp and refreshing, mingling with the pine cones and cedar to create the perfect winter feeling.

Cordelia would be dressed in something typically unsuitable, a short powder blue dress with kitten heeled mules, complaining about how her toes were cold. Even in his fantasies, she was herself. The waterfall of snow flakes would glisten like tiny pearls against her dark, chestnut hair contrasting magnificently. Long, wavy chestnut hair that would tickle the flesh of her back, Angel fantasized running his fingers through it, watching as it fell in a cascading wave from his touch.

Her hair would be warm, soft and inviting; a welcome blanket against the cool winter chill, Angel nuzzled the tresses and inhaled the fragrance she held. The snow flakes would surround them as he turned her in his arms, so she was facing him; long eyelashes captured some flakes and he would brush them away gently. Her nose would be pink with the chill, her cheeks flushed with a rosy blush and her lips would be shiny with natural coloured lip gloss.

Angel was lost in his fantasy, but not so lost he missed the new and much headier scent that invaded the air. Brown eyes darkened to a deep onyx as his pupils dilated; snapping his attention towards the closed bathroom door in wonder.

The light sweet scent of feminine arousal hit him, shattering the gentility of his fantasy and replacing it with a wicked one. Spice circled the air around the vampire; it was intoxicating and caused his mind to go into overdrive, making him wonder what had Cordelia aroused.

Getting up from the couch, Angel moved in predatory silence towards the bathroom and stood outside. His unneeded breathing deep and constant as he took in the spicy aromatic scent of her arousal on the air. Captivated by it, his body reacted instantly and evidently, male and female arousal mixed in a concoction that would leave his willpower none-existent.

The feminine arousal began to heat up, making the air bubble with electricity and making Angel give in to his desire to see her as she touched herself. Before he could open the door, a soft throaty moan pierced the silence and went straight to his cock. The vampire clenched his jaw tight, stopping his responding moan from spilling past his lips.

“Uhh” Cordelia whimpered quietly, obviously trying not to catch Angel’s attention, not knowing she already had it undivided.

Large, male hands pressed against the door, listening to the sound of her imminent climax, the scent of thick, screaming arousal leaving him no doubt she was close. So close he could taste it. His tongue flicked past his parted lips, testing the air for the taste of her and reeling when it hit him. Angel closed his eyes, letting his sense of smell; taste and sound take him inside the bathroom.

“Oh God…” another quietly whimpered moan forced his eyes back open, large hands pressed heavily into the wood as Angel leaned his forehead against it. He was so achingly hard, throbbing with delicious foreshocks of tantalising pleasure. Removing one hand from the door, he traced his lips and followed a line down the centre of his body, stopping when he got where he wanted Cordelia’s hand to be.

“Mmmm… oh” Angel heard. His head was dizzy with everything, the smell the sound and the taste, driving him to sweet insanity. Unzipping his pants, he took his cock in a firm grip, wrapping his hand around himself and looking down to watch. His mind saw Cordelia on her knees, warm hands holding him as her pink tongue swirled around the tip of his erection, teasing him with oral stimulation.

Moving his hand slowly down, Angel hissed and let out a held unnatural breath; to his own touch he felt smooth and hard, like marble. The delicate flesh of his cock encased in an equally smooth grip, the vampire watched as his hand slid up the shaft and felt the rush of a shuddering foreshock course through his body.

“Angel…” Cordelia yelped quietly, causing Angel to open his eyes in shock, startled at being caught masturbating over her. Shock quickly turned to welcome surprise when he saw the door still tight shut in front of him.

“Angel, please more” she was begging for him now, the feminine arousal whirling around him making him feel as though he were in a cyclone of heady pleasure. She was touching herself while thinking of him. Angel couldn’t help the low moaned growl from sounding aloud as he moved his hand faster. Up and down, up and down, creating self-induced relief from the building pleasure of what he was doing.

“Inside” Cordelia cried louder now “Inside me, Angel please, I need to come”

The vampire stilled his hand, making his cock demand he continue but he needed something more now. If he wasn’t inside her before then what was she fantasizing he was doing to her? Angel had to know, he had to see how he was touching her, had to see what was getting her worked up into a frenzy.

Not bothering to zip his pants up, Angel easily and silently inched the door open, moving inside the bathroom, he prepared himself for the sense of sight to be teased just as his other senses had been mercilessly teased. The steam from the hot water shrouded Cordelia in a mist of heat that didn’t cloak her from his clear vision.

His now amber eyes roaming over the unknowing girl in the shower, Angel watched as her tongue ran across her fingers before moving them down to where he wanted to be. Cordelia circled her fingers in a rapid circle over her visible clitoris, he’d been right she had worked herself up so much that her body couldn’t keep it’s secrets.

She was body beautiful, the soft curve of her waist exaggerated by the slight swell of her hips; her long, sun bronzed legs immaculately defined by strong feminine calf muscles. Equally toned thigh muscles led up to the warmth of her, held totally from his gaze by the closed legs. Her breasts were full and round, bronzed skin there set off by the dark pink areolas, pebble hard from arousal.

“Angel don’t tease me, please don’t tease” she begged of the vampire in her fantasy, completely oblivious to the fact he was in the room with her. Angel saw she was unaware of his presence, so he took a risk and spoke to her.

“What do you want me to do to you, Cordelia? Tell me and I’ll do it” Angel said, his voice thick, low and wild as he began to touch himself again. Watching as she slipped her slender finger inside her body, he waited for her to answer him.

She was going wild, her head was rolling against the shower wall, her eyes squeezed shut and the delicious nipples of her breasts erect. That mouth parted, sharp breaths being expelled from her lungs as she moaned loudly. It was as if he was really with her, here in the shower, it was so realistic that she couldn’t help but react to the feeling.

“I want your tongue in me Angel, I love it when you do that to me” Cordelia breathed deeply, removing her hand from her body with a cry of frustration. Angel watched as she brought her hand back up to her lips, sliding into the open cavern of her mouth and tasting her liquid sex and using her tongue to create the imaginary feeling of the vampire’s mouth.

“You’ve teased me for so long, Cordelia” Angel growled at her gruffly, “I wanna tease you back. Make you beg and scream for my touch, my tongue and my cock. I wanna see you get on your knees, taking me into your mouth”

He watched with unbridled lust as she fell to her knees, her breasts jostling deliciously with her movement. Cordelia licked a line along her palm before encircling her fingers, imagining it was his cock she was teasing. The pink tongue flicked out with rapid, little licks, Angel felt her warmth on his shaft and he wanted more of it.

“Like that?” she asked throatily and deep, her lips wrapping round those delicate, slender fingers and her tongue pressing hard on the underside of them.

“Deeper sweetheart, take me in deep” Angel ordered, keeping his eyes open to see her obey his every command, not feeling the slightest bit guilty for doing this. He watched as Cordelia moaned around her fingers, sucking deeper and harder as she was told to do. He felt every move, every lick and kiss from her, but still he needed more. His hand moved rapidly up and down his erect shaft, while he watched her fantasize about orally pleasuring him.

“Cordelia stop, too fast” Angel hissed out, forcing the pleasure to be halted though his body screamed otherwise. He took his hand from around his cock to begin the removal of his clothes.

“I love doing this to you, Angel” Cordelia whimpered, removing her fingers and running both hands over her breasts, tugging on her nipples and making them perk out more. “I love the way you harden in my mouth, I love the way you taste and I love to swallow you whole”

He wanted to touch her properly now, the senses of sight, scent and sound already overloaded to the max, now he wanted the real sense of touch. “I’m gonna touch you now, when I do I want you to tell me how it feels, how I feel”

“Please Angel, so close” Cordelia moaned in response, “Touch me” she begged.

“Open your legs, let me look at you, let me see how wet I have you” Angel told her as he slipped into the shower with her. The hot water raining down, showering his body with droplets that added to the stinging erotic pleasure of this. Joining her on his knees, the vampire watched through hooded eyes as she leaned back, using her hands as support and parted those toned thighs, opening herself to his hungry gaze. “Are you hot sweetheart?”

“So hot” even to her own ears, she sounded desperate for him, sounded needy but she didn’t care. All Cordelia cared about was the anticipation of the vampire’s expert touch on her body.

Angel watched as he slowly trailed up her thighs, parting them a little more and pleased to see the smooth skin of her sex. The tip of his fingers touched her outer labia, causing Cordelia to keen and rush of shivers to race through her. He felt so real. The vampire looked longingly at her, glistening with arousal and muscles clenching with anticipated orgasmic release.

She was explicitly wet, as he knew she would be and he didn’t find any restrictions in slowly inching his finger inside her. Her vaginal muscles instantaneously contracted in the first wave of climax; Angel growled and moaned as he moved his body down to taste the liquid sex. A second finger accompanied the first, his tongue dipping out to toy with her clitoris as Cordelia bucked, writhed and screamed from it all.

“Angel, oh God, harder”

Angel moved his fingers deep inside, curling to massage her inner G-spot, his tongue sliding down to catch the drops of her orgasm. The taste rocked his being as he hungrily devoured everything she gave.

Cordelia’s head was spinning, intense wave after intense wave of the climax made her body scream, made her flesh rise and her eyes to slam shut tighter. Harder and faster she felt Angel move within her, making her come hard against his tongue and hand. “Oh God…”

Her muscles contracted like a vice around his fingers, the musky rain poured onto his tongue and her legs wrapped around his shoulders. Angel took everything, savoured the drugging high and revelled in the fact he was the one to make her come so hard. “You taste delicious Cordelia; you’re so wet I wanna drown in you”

The burning, stormy throbs gradually decreased and her hazel eyes opened, seeing Angel was really in there with her caused momentary panic and shock to raid her senses. “Angel, what the hell are you…”

“Ssh” Angel hissed, shushing her quickly as he moved from between her thighs so he could look at her. “I had to, I knew how aroused you were, and I had to know if it was me doing this to you. Had to know if you really wanted me. Do you? Or is this just a fantasy?”

Looking at the face of a demon, the amber eyes staring intently back at her as he waited for her answer. Cordelia looked up at him and responded.

“What do you think dumbass?!” she snipped, bringing a smile of both relief and amusement to his face. Only she could turn a seriously erotic moment into a funny moment and still keep the mood singing.

Angel shook his head and smiled secretly to himself. After all this time, his fantasy was here in front of him, Cordelia and nothing more. Just her and her wonderful personality that shone through the arousal, which made his fantasy pale in comparison to the real thing and the easy-going friendship they had. It was still there and would never diminish no matter what happened between them. It was that friendship that made Angel love and want her more, because of who she was and how she made him feel as though he were somebody worthy of life.

“I think you only want me for my body!” Angel teased right back, easing the slightly uneasy tension between them. He was rewarded by a blinding smile as Cordelia visibly relaxed, well as relaxed as a person could be on a hard, shower floor.

“You think right” she replied, her voice going a little shy and her voice going a little coy. “Are you done yet? Because as nice as that really was, I kinda had hopes about you and vampire stamina…”

The vixen was back apparently. Angel smiled at her, a smile that showed his fangs, how he managed not to look goofy and cute at the same time, Cordelia would never know. He moved again so his masculine body kissed and completely covered hers, his cock making sweet, needed contact with her core.

“Uhh” Cordelia moaned in a sultry tone that enticed and urged the vampire to push against her once more. “Inside me Angel, I want you inside me now” she told him with a needy but commanding tone of voice.

Angel grunted his agreement, taking hold of his erection and guided himself to the entrance of heaven. He watched as Cordelia forced herself to keep her hips still, letting him take control of this. He slid the tip along her labia, up to her clitoris teasing the tiny, pink bud with circling movements. He was sensitive from his self-touching, she was sensitive from his oral sex and they both moaned deeply at the contact.

“Play with your breasts, Cordelia” he told her, slipping the tip of his cock down her labia, lubricating himself with the misty rain of her arousal. Angel watched as she brought her hands up, circling her distended nipples with a feather light touch, he heard as she sucked in a gasped breath and held it. He felt her heat nuzzle his erection torturously, he saw her eyes darken with desire and he tasted her climax on his tongue and the scent of their arousal permeated his senses all at once.

Cordelia licked the tips of her fingers and took them back to her nipples, her gaze seeing Angel watch her every move and relishing the raw hunger in his amber eyes. The pebbled areolas sparkled with wet stimulation as she massaged her fingers around the swollen peaks; the vampire licked his lips and slid his cock further down her sex.

He lowered his mouth, his eyes pinning hers with a piercing stare as he flicked his tongue out to tease those sensitised nipples, making her whimper in a high-pitched moan. Cordelia squeezed her breasts together, creating cleavage that he nuzzled, licked and kissed hungrily. The male hardness between her thighs seemed to pulse with anticipation as Angel moved closer to her centre. “Inside now” she choked out desperately, breaking her silent promise not to move.

The vampire instantly responded to her plea, one powerful thrust and his cock was enveloped in the heart of her body. “Fuck, Cordelia” Angel rasped out, holding his body perfectly still, only the rippling heavy muscles of his back showed the strain of self-control slowly slipping away.

She screamed a little, wrapping her legs high around his back and locking her ankles together, Cordelia used her own strained muscles to pull him tighter to her body. The edge of his cock connected sharply with her cervix. “Angel, more”

“More?” he growled at her, repeating the first powerful thrust, slamming his cock in deeper, making her feel every inch of male arousal he had. The move made him touch her cervix again, causing her push down when he pushed up, initiating Tantric sex. The base of his erection French kissed her clitoris, the shaft filling her perfectly and the edge brushing her G-spot was incredible. “Like that?” Angel repeated her earlier words.

“Like that…” Cordelia cried out, raising her hips to keep them intimately locked together. “Oh God Angel, harder”

Angel withdrew completely and slowly before driving himself back in deep, each and every muscle fisted him over and over with every repetition. In and out, in and out, in and out; eliciting cries, pleas and words so naughty he would have blushed. The moves grew faster and smoother, longer and deeper, the room grew hotter as the water turned colder, the room turned as the world began to stop.

Her nails scored his back, legs pulling him closer, lips parted and eyes fluttered, Cordelia felt it all. Angel leaned down, capturing her mouth with his in frantic kisses, each time he entered her he would swallow the reacting scream. His hands moving from her hips to cup her ass, deeper was the penetration and closer he pulled her.

“Harder?” he snarled down at her.

“Harder, so close so close”

Angel penetrated her heart, feeling the dam crack, break, splinter and shatter; he felt her open up, the rush of climatic rain coating his shaft. Cordelia screamed his name, her nails creating her mark on his back, bringing blood to the surface. The vampire watched her closely as he continued to fuck her with animalistic instinct.

She was so hot now, her vaginal muscles clutching and holding him deep. Cordelia reached down, grabbed his ass to hold him still while she rode him hard. Throbbing passion chased through Angel as she took over, riding him and bringing his own climax closer. Coming hard and fast in his arms, she trembled and shook as the orgasm ripped through her, reducing her to shaking in his arms. Angel felt the sting deep, his balls tightened as he pushed in deep, feeling out of control as she held him tight.

“I… Love… You…”

That was the catalytic chemical needed for him to break wide open.

Angel took her mouth, swallowing her words, screams and cries as he ejaculated within her, pouring from his body in long, agonising bursts. His mouth went from hers to her throat, fangs sinking into her jugular and the thick, luscious human blood filled rich in tumultuous passion flowed into him. Warming him, coursing through his veins and making him feel alive.

Body burning with the blood, head empty of all thought Angel collapsed, still locked with Cordelia, his body crushing hers to the floor. Heart pounding through her ribcage, breathing laboured and weak, legs limp and arms now splayed out by her sides, Cordelia stared up at the ceiling, swearing she saw stars.

Angel was just content to watch the birds flying past his eyes, hearing the little tweeting noises they made as they flew back and forth for his entertainment!

Seconds, minutes or hours passed before either one moved when it all came back to her. Angel must have overheard her in the shower, how embarrassing! Cordelia sniggered a little, oh God what must he think of her?!

“Cordy?” Angel spoke up, his voice coming out in a lazy but contented drawl.

“Hmm?” she replied, managing to keep her embarrassed little giggles to herself as she looked up at him again, fighting to keep the blush from creeping up her face.

“I love you too”

The End of this one!!!


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Second Time Lucky   Leave a comment

Title: Second Time Lucky
Author: Scorch
Rating: NC-17
Category: Adult
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Sequel to These Things Happen
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AA, NF, anyplace else just ask
Thanks/Dedication:Burnt out am I? Califi, this one’s for you, enjoy!

Angelus looked at Cordelia, face expressionless and eyes that told her nothing. Premature ejaculation did not happen to him. Ever. He couldn’t stand the sympathetic look on her face and he couldn’t stand the fact his manhood was in question.

His ochre eyes looked down her sheet-protected body, the shape of her crossed legs making him boil with self-anger and that look in her eyes making him want to stake himself. No, no and no again, Cordelia Chase’s first impression of him was not going to be this.

Cordelia, still biting her lower lip, glanced at the vampire laying motionless next to her, unsure of what else to say. She wasn’t sure of what she expected but it wasn’t that. “So…” she went to speak up after having enough of the awkward silence.

Angelus looked at her, the expression that finally crossed his face immediately stopping her words. The narrowing of his eyes and the tilting of his head indicated he was deep in thought. That worried Cordelia, in fact the whole situation was worrying her.

What if he decided to take his self-anger and direct it at her? What if he thought it was her fault? There were so many what if’s about this situation, so many she didn’t want answers to.

Her protective sheet being pulled out of her tight grasp broke Cordelia’s thoughts and she looked at the vampire.

Angelus stared at her naked body again, “This time Cordelia” he breathed, “You’re gonna be screaming before I fuck you”

The deadly seriously look on his face told her he wasn’t lying or trying to worm his way out. Cordelia felt a rush go through her body as his gaze ate her up once more, liquid arousal dampened her inner thighs and her blood ran cold. He rolled over to her side of the bed, placing his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply. Angelus closed his eyes so all his other senses were more tuned in.

The fresh scent of her perfume lingered on her skin, the shampoo she had used still strong on her chestnut hair. Mostly, all he could taste in the air was the thick, heady scent of Cordelia’s natural scent. Intoxicating, arousing and unique to her.

He ran his hand down her arm, the skin feeling like fine Japanese silk and just as smooth. Warming, invigorating and soft. Angelus opened his now chocolate eyes that seemed onyx with desire. Deep, hypnotic onyx eyes that captured Cordelia’s hazel eyes, making them turn to the colour of melted toffee through desire.

The feel of his cool lips against the delicate skin on her neck, Cordelia jumped a little at the difference in body temperature. Her skin prickling with heat that seemed to sizzle when he touched her. Angelus smirked, brushing his lips along the column of her throat and turned her back to his chest.

Moving her thick, dark hair away from the nape of her neck, Angelus bit lightly, flicking his tongue out to sooth the invisible bite mark. Seeing and feeling Cordelia flinch, he spoke up in a low, melodious purr, “Not going to kill you” he told her. “Yet”

“Not inspiring a whole lot of confidence” Cordelia replied, her voice shaky and words coming out in little pants. She felt his lips glide smoothly down her back while his large, male hands pushed her thighs apart to allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. It felt so good, his tongue tickling the back of her thighs, the coolness of his body not doing anything against her increasing body temperature.

Angelus shifted slightly, moving Cordelia onto her back and slid between her thighs. Her clitoris glistening with female arousal, so tempting and so delectable. The vampire placed his hand to cup her, teasing her and making her whimper his name.

Cordelia couldn’t take her eyes from the vampire who was making her like this, turning her into somebody ready to beg to be touched in anyway possible. Her inner muscles already contracting from the eroticism of watching Angelus taste her so intimately. She couldn’t stop the moan escaping her parted lips when his tongue touched her there.

That one, single taste was all Angelus needed. He brought teasing fingers to hold Cordelia still while he drank her in. Angelus moved his tongue deeply in, kissing her more intimately than she had known. The warm arousal coated his lips, her hips bucked in silent pleas, asking for more.

Cordelia had to force herself to breathe as she continued to watch through heavy lidded eyes. Nothing had felt more erotic, more naughty than watching a man, a vampire, kiss her like that.

Angelus replaced his tongue with two cool fingers that made her whimpers turn to loud moans and arching hips. He felt her muscles contract around his fingers, squeezing them tightly and arousal scorched his skin. He had never known a woman to be as responsive as Cordelia, it was positively enthralling to watch her reactions and feel it from the inside.

“Angelus!” Cordelia cried out loudly, his fingers repeatedly hitting her G-spot, his tongue taunting her clitoris drove her to the brink. It was when Angelus sucked on her sensitive clitoris that sent her over the brink, crying out for him and pressing her hips to his hand.

He moved from her, penetrating her deeply and going completely still. Angelus panted harshly, absorbing the heat from Cordelia as she adjusted around him. The vampire pushed once, “Cord…” he mumbled, his head dropping to rest on her forehead.

“Please” Cordelia begged in a whisper, so unlike her to beg for anything much less the touch of a vampire. Her hands clutched his back, nails scraping his skin lightly when Angelus moved steadily inside her. Sliding inside smoothly, withdrawing fast and continuously tormenting her over-sensitive clitoris.

Angelus hooked her legs round his waist, Cordelia got his meaning and gripped tightly. Her arms brought his body completely down on top of hers, “Tell me you like me fucking you” he whispered in her ear as he moved harder and deeper.

“It feels good, you feel good” Cordelia whispered back, finding it highly arousing to hear him talk that while being inside her. Her nails dug deeper into his skin, leaving red scratches along his shoulders.

“Tell me you want me” he demanded, he could feel the pressure rising as his balls tightened against his body. It was everything, she was responding too well, he was too close and she was still feeling her last peak. He moved harder, hearing her scream, feeling her muscles fist his erection deep inside.

Hot liquid coated his upper thighs as Cordelia choked back her screams, Angelus pushed once more before. Her body trembled beneath his, her legs ached and light flashed behind her eyes. His vision blurred, her name spilling from his lips and body shook with the force of his orgasm.

Angelus had vamped long ago, the last thing he needed was her blood to make him complete. He lowered his face to her bared neck and took what she openly offered him. Cordelia threw her head back and screamed his name at first in pain then pleasure as he drank her life.

The next few minutes were a blur, Angelus collapsed, sated, crushing her body to the bed, breathing hard and unevenly. Cordelia’s head spun with bloodloss and dizziness, trying to find the way back to reality.

He slipped from her body and spooned around her, pulling her close to his chest. Promises to keep her safe, promises to keep her locked away from everyone, promises she would be his forever were whispered to her.

Cordelia turned her face to Angelus, “Second time lucky huh?” she asked with a slow smile.

The End


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