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Part 18

“Anything?” Angel placed the folded charred blanket on the nearest chair.

Wesley just shook his head, his eyes still on the book in front of him.

Angel bit down his growl going into the kitchen. He gulped a cup of blood before going back out.

“Cordelia’s security in non-existent granted, but I didn’t smell or sense anyone in that room except us. One unfamiliar smell, but it was older- talc powder with a hint of …ben-gay …lemon polish and … chilies- all over the house.” Angel lifted his head.

“I’m saying that it was Marie, Cordy’s maid. No one was there, so how’d the bastard leave the letter ” Angel paced the room.

Wesley’s head shot up, blinking. The vampire was animated and angry surely, but he was also coherent with logical questions and train of thought. “Still no vision?”

“No.” Angel shook his head. His growl was full of frustration that he would have one before the danger to Cordelia had been dealt with. He had to stay sane until then. Nothing could happen to her. She trusted him.

“I can not find the meaning to these words. I do believe that they are evidence that the Cordelia’s stalker is from another dimension.”

“Gunn said as much upsetting Cordy,” Angel glared in disapproval.

“Yes, well.” Wesley shoved his glasses. “I may have an idea, though. Little out of the box, but…”

“What.” Angel stood.

“A while back, you had a vision- one of a young girl missing, dark hair, glasses, in the university library with a book and a portal.”

Angel shook his head.

“Yes, unfortunately, you probably don’t remember, we never found the woman. The vision was not completed and you were incapacitated longer than usual.”

“Wesley,” Angel’s voice choked with sorrow and anger.

“At the same time, our services were needed by an the owner of a Karaoke/Sanctuary bar. It’s seems that a Drokken, a dimensional demon, came through a portal in his club. We were able to kill that particular demon with the help of a warrior from its dimension that ended up being Lorne’s, the client, cousin or something. Actually, you’ve met him. Lorne I mean, he’s an anagogic psychic demon- I asked him to read you after I realized his talents. He got nothing of use, but then again,as I said you were very incapacitated.” Wesley shrugged.

“Wesley,” Angel growl was now just exasperation.

“Yes, well, see, Gunn, Lorne and I, went to the library, the coincidence of your vision and the Drokken seeming too much. Lorne was most uncooperative, but he did help in the end. Anyway, we found book and it did open a portal and it brought Landok, Lorne’s cousin. No dark-haired girl of your vision though. It could very well be she was shown only to get us to the library and the book. Landok was pivotal in killing the Drokken.”

“Wesley, do you have a point.” Angel continued to pace, his gait getting more aggressive.

“I suggest taking the notes to Lorne. His enterprise houses various demons and information. He could help.”

“Why are you still here?”

“Because this was a conclusion I came to only five minutes before you arrived.” Wesley stood.


“There is a sewer route if you wish to accompany me.” Wesley was slightly amused at the sheepish look that came over the vampire. Wesley studied Angel. Was this the real Angel? He hadn’t seen this in Sunnydale and definitely not when Wesley came across the vampire in LA struggling with his inner demons, guilt, sorrows and visions.

Angel looked down at his formal wear. “Give me a minute.” Angel went to the his room.

Wesley gave a slight smile and answered the phone as it rang.

Angel stood in the doorway taking in the contents of the room. One bare mattress strewn on the floor, iron manacles hanging from the ceiling, barred windows….Angel looked again. Wesley must have fixed the window. Dark heavy shades and a make shift closet…or rather boxes filled with clothing. Angel shook his head. Barren and alone, that had been him- but now he wanted more, even bright windows filling with sunshine that could kill him. He wanted a life rather than this prison. Angel strode to the boxes pulling out dark clothes, heading to the bathroom to take a shower. The room disgusted him.

Wesley hung up the phone, staring at the instrument as if it was a two-headed beast that needed to be dissected.

“Who was that?” Angel returned to the living room clothed now in all black.

“Cordelia.” Wesley said still staring at the phone.

“Cordy, why didn’t you get me? Is she all right? What’s wrong? Where’s Gunn? We’ve got to go.” Angel grabbed at the leather coat hanging by the door.

“Angel. Angel,” Wesley said again louder. “Cordy’s fine, she’s at the studio and Gunn’s with her.”


“She called to ask what your favorite blood type was.” Wesley took off his glasses and contemplated the vampire.

“Uh?” Angel’s coat fell to the floor as his jaw gapped.

“Yes. It seems that she has decided that if you are to come back over to protect her this evening, you should be able to have dinner. She said it was only fair since you cooked her breakfast, she wants to cook for you.”

“Cordelia wants to cook my blood?” Angel’s jaw dropped even further.

“Do I even have to comment on how truly disturbing this whole conversation is?”

Angel tried to shake the thought of Cordelia in his shirt…watching blood warm…It was surreal. “What did you tell her?”

Wesley took a deep breath and deadpanned. “That you liked Chinese.”

“What?” Angel glared.

“Angel, I told her not to worry about it. You would eat before you came over. However that didn’t quite satisfy her, she was worried that you would…”shrivel up and waste away like some poor Ethiopian child that had to live on a dollar a day”, I quote. I explained that vampire’s can’t starve and that you would be fine, but to avoid any more possible whining take some blood with you this evening, otherwise, you will be trying to keep her out of every demon blood shop in LA.”

“I don’t want her too see me drink blood.”

“She doesn’t seem to mind.” Wesley deadpanned again.

“Cordelia wanted to make me dinner.” Angel was still amazed. No one ever wanted to touch his blood.

“Euphemisms won’t help. The image of blood cooking is still prevalent. Angel, just what happened between the two of you? I know Cordelia or thought I did at least. All things, demon and bloody were not on her top ten. Money, style, status, and looks pretty much filled up her list of wants and needs. I can’t see that changing much now that she’s a TV star.”

Angel narrowed his eyes. “Cordelia is not superficial.”

“Angel, you do remember that you barely know the woman, except as a teenager that was associated, by a thin thread, to Buffy.”

“I know who she is,” Angel growled. “Where’s this demon we need to go see.”

Part 19

“Howdy, stalwart leadermando of Angel’s Investigation,” the green demon in an eye-hurting bright purple suit bobbed to Wesley. “And helllooo, tasty cake, love your coat and you’re standing.”

Lorne’s eyes shot back to Wesley. “His aura’s looking mighty fine. Almost….not bad. Damn, you can wear leather,” Lorne cocked a head back to Angel. “We’ve met, but you were doing the ‘I so want to beat my head on the padded walls thing’. Eek, Sweetcakes, got bite,” Lorne jumped back at Angel’s growl.

“Lorne, we need you’re help,” Wesley interrupted.

“My vibes are your vibes, after all you did rid my club of that nasty portal to the hell dimension of all dimension- no music.” The green demon shivered. “Is it the leather bound hottie? Have him sing, I’ll try again.”

“No.” Wesley shoved some papers to the demon. “Have you ever seen these words before?”

Lorne shrugged reading the notes.

Both Wesley and Angel looked on in interest, as the green demon got greener.

“You have.” Wesley yanked the papers back.

“Where did you get those?” Lorne searched from Wesley and Angel.

“A friend of ours has been receiving these notes.”

“The words, what do the mean, you obviously recognized them, tell us, what dimension are they from are they from yours. What?” Angel moved his voice cold and insistent, overriding Wesley’s explanation.

“Whoa, big guy, Okay. Um.” Lorne licked his cherry lips. “They’re Plyean- Kye-rumption- when two great heroes meet in the field of battle and recognize their mutual fate…or the eloquent, NOT, writer is comparing ‘your friend’ to a kind of grog made from Yox-dung. He’ll win no hearts with that archaic definition, so I’m going with choice A. As for Moira- gut physical attraction between two larger that life souls. Guys, whoever wrote these tidy words has put your ‘friend’ on a very high pedestal, very high, mythic, Ike and Tina high, okay, he beat her and was an abusive son of a bitch but they sounded great together.” Lorne shrugged. “And my fellow dimension- man may just be another Ike or not, I don’t know.”

“Who is he?” Angel growled.

Lorne held up his hands and scooted behind Wesley. “I don’t know, Sweetcakes. No body from my backwater town has come through since my very distant unwanted cousin and he went back. Anybody else, I don’t know about.”

“Can you help us at all?” Wesley asked calmly.

“Wasn’t I just?” Lorne rolled his eyes. “Fine. A friend of mine, Aggie, has sensed some wavering and spouts in the dimensional framework recently. How ‘bout I give you her address.”



“Angel.” Wesley hands gripped on the steering wheel. He did not like the vampire’s tone.

“Wesley, we have the book, we know now what dimension….Why aren’t we opening the damn thing and going.”

Wesley took a deep breath. “Angel, going into an unknown dimension is ludicrous and potentially suicidal.”

“It’s Cordelia.”

“No, Angel. It’s Cordelia’s stalker-maybe. Cordelia is safe here with Gunn. No reason to traipse off risking god knows what. If Cordelia was actually taken, well then, that’s a whole different consideration. But she’s not. We stay on this side of the dimensional wall. If the stalker is in this Plyea- who cares- as long as he doesn’t hurt her- if he’s here than we’ll find him.”

Part 20

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Part 16

Cordelia moved her fork around in her eggs. “Angel?”


“When is Gunn coming over?”

“Wesley said he was going to pick up some books that Wesley needed to research the notes, I gave him the contents of the last. Probably an hour.”

“How do you research a note? Hmmph. An hour.” Cordelia nodded, shoving her plate away. “So, I guess you’ll want your shirt back, uh.”

“I’ll need it when I leave.”

Cordelia nodded,” But you’re not leaving for an hour, so perfect, uh?”

Angel looked at the graceful fingers unbuttoning his shirt, slowly exposing golden perfection. His body tensed as his mind deciphered Cordelia’s actions. Angel was going to be able to touch and taste again. “Bed covered in sun. You don’t believe in curtains, do you?”

Cordelia shrugged the shirt to the floor. “I’m beginning to, I guess we can’t leave downstairs.”

Angel’s eyes darkened, moving slowly giving the woman a chance to change her mind. But she wasn’t moving. Well, she was but not running away. Angel caught her waist in his hands covering the flesh as helped her off the stool.

“Cordelia, you don’t believe those polls do you?” Angel gazed up into her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what I believe, not really, the fans that answer those things are the ones that pay my bills. They think I’m fat, I’m fat, they think my last haircut sucks, I change it,” Cordelia shrugged. “It’s the price I pay to be here, that’s all.”

“That’s not right.”

“Yes, no, maybe, but the truth is….I’m in the entertainment business and the days of an actress saying screw you all and let me do my craft are gone, well, they are if you want to be rich, popular and famous.” Cordelia shrugged. “Now, it’s all advertising and ratings and that is publicity and what people want. And, honestly, I’m a celebrity rather than an actor. Vanessa Redgrave, I’m not.”

“And you’re okay with that you? That’s not you.”

Cordelia looked at the vampire moving away, turning slowly, a sad smile on her face. “Of course it is.” She waved down her body. “All my life, I’ve played to the crowds, at first just my parents, then their friends, then the kids at school, I was what I was because it was expected. And I was good at it. Now, on a broader scale the public that writes me letters and make my show a hit, expect something, so, I’ll give it too them. That’s what I am. Why aren’t we making love?”

Angel stepped back resisting the urge to grab her in his arms. He wanted to feel her warmth. But, he wasn’t sure about this. Cordelia had said something wasn’t right. And in this instant Angel really had to agree with her. The woman he had enjoyed and wanted was the one that made him smile, the one that had showed independence, strength and sensuality, not the one that bowed to what was expected. That wasn’t the Cordelia Chase he knew. But did he even know her. He wanted to.

“Are you offering yourself because you think I expect it?”

“Geez, what- it’s now your turn to be hesitant and flighty. I want you because I just…want you. That’s all.”

Angel gazed at the young woman. So much in those hazel, glittering eyes. So much hidden, so much expressed. Angel suddenly realized he wanted it all. Angel reached out again, pulling the young body towards him. “I want you. I need you as you really are, not what you think is expected.” He growled, leaning into her lips, devouring the taste that he experienced the night before.

Cordelia urged her tongue and lips to meet Angel’s desire. Her hands moved up against the solid chest. She leaned in closer at Angel’s growl as her fingernail rubbed his male nipple. She giggled as Angel pushed her up into his arms, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist.

She whimpered as she held on. Angel moved them both towards the long couch.

“Angel.” Cordelia asked softly as she was deposited on the leather furniture. Her body lay out, but Angel just knelt on the floor leaning over her.

“Shh” Angel lifted a hand. “Fat?” he laughed, his tongue brushed against her lower lip. Angel laid a hand at Cordelia’s neck, his palm and fingers trailing down along her soft skin. “Not, fat, not skinny, very nice, very perfect, see,” Angel urged Cordelia to look at his hand playing and cupping the full breast then moving as he pulled, tugged and fondled the layer of delectable flesh over the firm muscle of her stomach. Angel breathed in as he nuzzled into Cordelia’s belly. “It’s so soft, so strong, so warm. Perfect.” He murmured as he nuzzled again.

Cordelia blinked at the dark head rubbing against her. His voice sounded so sure so sad. She didn’t want him to be sad. It…was…Cordelia didn’t know. She just knew that she didn’t want the vampire to be sad. It tugged at something deep inside her. Cordelia pulled at his hair. “Angel, come back to me,” she whispered, urging his face to hers. “I…it will be alright.”

Angel let her move him. Back to the those lips, lips that were soft and giving, ones that broke out into the most enticing smile the one that said the right words. Angel needed to possess them; maybe then he could find their wisdom.

“I want to be in you, I want to feel every part of you.” Angel growled, all pretense gone, if it was ever there.

Cordelia grabbed his jaw, her smile slight. “You’re waiting for?” her eyes twinkled.

“Nothing, I guess.” Angel smiled lunging, covering her body, guiding the long legs that had already moved to surround him. “ Cordy?”

“Now you become Mr. Motor-Mouth?”

Angel chuckled deep in his throat or maybe it was a growl as his thrusts filled the young woman to the core.

Cordelia gulped clutching her legs moving her hips.

Angel met the movement, his thrusts creating a rhythm that Cordelia complemented. Angel wanted to yell out at the sounds of the gasps and whimpers vibrating in the woman as her body squeezed and teased him relentlessly.

He leaned up trying to slow down, he was ready to burst and give in totally to the woman. Angel licked his lips and withdrew.

“Angel,” Cordelia gasped.

“Shh, baby,” Angel kissed her forehead quickly, and then descended down her body with speed and purpose. He gasped, suckling at the warm center that he found. Angel clinched as the warm nectar sipped onto his tongue. He used the delicate folds for his pleasure as he made sure that the young woman’s whimpers increased and became more wanton. This was almost perfect. Angel moved, ignoring Cordelia cry at the loss, he centered over her thrusting again.

Angel growled as his name screamed out on the woman’s lips and her thighs clenched tightly against him, her center violently shuttering around him.

Cordelia stopped her scream against Angel’s chest. Her body trembled, as Angel’s thrusting finally crushed her with his spent body.


Angel’s head jerked off the soft cushion at the sound of knocking.

“Gunn.” Cordelia said with a deep sigh.

Angel groaned and hid his head back into the pillow of Cordy’s malleable breasts.

Cordelia giggled. “He’s getting impatient.”

“I’m annoyed.”

Cordelia laughed. “Move you big lug.” Cordelia squirmed from underneath the larger body.

Angel grunted rolling off the softness.

Cordelia scooted away. “Shoes and jacket upstairs protected by the sun.” She shot over her shoulder as she ran up the stairs.

Angel sat on the floor his back against the couch watching the sun leave him. Angel wondered if the young woman knew how appropriate that tattoo was. He sighed and grabbed at his clothes.

He glanced at the door. Gunn was yelling now.

He jerked as his shoes and jacket came flying down the stairs.

He picked them up as he went to the door.

“Angel.” Gunn stomped in. “Is everything all right?” Gunn looked around the darkened room. “Wes said you sounded sane.”

“No other problems,” Angel said safely from door’s shadow.

“Cool. Where’s Cordy?”

“Upstairs. Did Wesley find out anything?”

“Naw, he couldn’t find any translation to the words. He’s back at the apartment re-reading for the millionth time the books on other dimensions that I was ordered to get. This shit is weird.”


Both men looked up as Cordelia descended into the room, blood red silk wrapping her body.

“Are you telling me that my stalker isn’t your everyday crazy-type? Damn. I wanted him to be everyday crazy. Hmmph.”

Gunn coughed. “Don’t know, but Wes thinks the possibility exists.”


Cordelia handed Angel a blanket. “In case of sunburn.”

“Thank you.” Angel took the blanket and his shoes back to the sofa. Once full dressed he got up. “Gunn…”

The other man nodded. “I saw a garage. Cordy could you open it.”

“Uh. OH, sure.” Cordelia went to a panel in the kitchen. “Um. Here,” she scrambled through a drawer. “It’s kind of full.” Handing the black man a key. “You’ll need to move one of the cars, if you want to bring Angel’s in.”


Cordelia waited until Gunn disappeared back outside before she went to Angel. “I guess you won’t need the blanket then.”

Angel shook his head. “I don’t think you should go out.”

Cordelia raised her brow. “Well, I do, I’ve commitments.”

“Gunn will go with you.” Angel scowled.

“Fine.” Cordelia glared at the vampire’s expression then relented to a small questioning smile. “But, you’re protecting me tonight right?”

Angel didn’t say a word; he just moved encompassing the young woman in his arms, answering her question with a deep kiss.

Cordelia stepped back, her tongue rubbing her lips. “Good.” She smiled.

Angel studied the woman, his hand on the tie of her robe. “You ARE trying to kill me.”

“Oh, you like it.” She motioned to her garment.

Angel moved to bring the smiling woman closer and stopped as he heard Gunn’s footsteps.

“Tonight.” Angel growled grabbing his jacket and heading for the door the other man beckoned him to.

Part 17

“Did you believe him?” Lilah asked.

“I think that final scream there in the end convinced me. Torture, Lilah? Wasn’t that just a bit over the top? He’s a client.”

“Professor Sidel hadn’t been a client for years. Anyway, had to be sure.” Lilah perched on the corner of Lindsay’s desk flipping through an old book. “So, the Professor hasn’t been playing ‘hide the promising student in a swirling hole’ in awhile and he hasn’t shared his ‘hobby’ with anyone else.”

“The clairvoyants have tracked recent hot spots-though, none strong enough to support the contention of a large portal opening. The last one they sensed of any strength was about six months ago.”

“Maybe the stalker popped through then and can’t find the way home with his princess, thereby curing his frustration by writing badly composed little notes.”

“Possible, or maybe he’s using the small breaks in the hot spots for mail delivery until he can open a larger portal.”

“We could sit here and speculate all day. We need a plan of action- Holland’s getting impatient.”

“Don’t tell me what I already know, I’m not one of your boy toy assistants, remember that.” Lindsay retorted. “Look, Cordelia’s been watched ever since the first letter showed up and there has been no sign of any one following her or watching her. The stalker can’t be in this dimension, one of our men would’ve seen him.”

Lilah flipped through the book again. “If he’s trying to open a portal, let’s help him,” holding up the book. “The Professor’s book is full of equations.”

“We don’t know what dimension or equation.”

“Do them all, starting with the ones he’s used most recently. The Professor has been fiddling with dimensions for the past 6 years, only stopping within the last year, must have had an exceptionally below par class the last couple of semesters. Chances are one of those portals some how brought the allure of Ms. American Pie to the attention of the stalker. If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll pop out and we can hand him Cordelia and say bye bye to her and whatever connection she has with the vampire with a soul.”

“Luck.” Lindsay shook his head.

“Do you have a better idea?”

“No.” Lindsay conceded.

Lilah nodded. “How’s it going on the other front?”

“Not too bad. But it will take more than a few unflattering articles to put a dent in her popularity. Rebecca Lowell has been some help.”

“That 20 year old wanna be is still around?”

“Fighting age like the classy lady she isn’t. More than willing to spread trite and gossip for a youth restoration spell.”

“She does know that those spells are only temporary and the body is older when the magic wears off.”

“That’s my problem, how?” Lindsay raised a brow. “The real help are the reporters that will do anything for money.”

“Not that I care, but how will damaging Cordelia’s career help us?”

“She was a mega-star without Angel’s presence in her life, with it she’s plummeting. Maybe she’ll break the connection herself.”

“You’re assuming she has the brains to figure it out the correlation.”

“I’ll agree that Cordelia Chase is no rocket scientist. But, she does have an instinct for survival and popularity. She’ll figure it out.”

Part 18

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Part 14

“’Increasing unstable mental state’ ‘ babbling idiot’-“ Lindsay said scornfully repeating Lilah’s earlier words describing Angel.

“He was having a good night. A rare good night.” Lilah countered, throwing a file and tape on Lindsay’s desk. “This is Angel the majority of the time. His mental state IS deteriorating.”

“I could tell when he threatened you so succinctly,” pushing the items back towards the woman.

Lilah sighed, rolling her eyes. “There is no way that the vampire portrayed in these tapes and reports is suddenly sane. If he’s coherent, it’s temporary.” Lilah insisted.

“Temporary, would’ve been long enough to have your neck snapped, Lilah. Those reports are irrelevant, these are the important ones.” He threw a folder on the desk.

Lilah fingered through the papers. “The discrepancies in the balance of power are increasing.” Lilah looked up. “You agree with Holland, that it’s the connection between the vampire and Cordelia Chase that’s the cause.”

“It is seeming more and more probable. They knew each other in Sunnydale, came to LA at approximately the same time, which was the same time of the mystical insurgence- separated the balance was shifting in our favor, Angel was no threat, together it’s going the other way and the vampire seemed pretty coherent last night.” Lindsay tapped his pen against the desk.

“They need to be separated again.”

The other lawyer nodded staring at his moving pen. “Her stalker mentions other dimensions.”

Lilah sat on the corner of the desk. “Do you think the mystical surging was caused by interference from another dimension? Is her stalker trying put things back to normal?”

“Normal? Lilah, this isn’t normal, normal was what would’ve happened if the surge never appeared. I don’t have any idea what the stalker wants….”

“Do you have the love notes?”

Lindsay pulled out some more papers from his desk. Lilah leafed through them. “He wants his Princess. Jesus. The bimbo nobody is a Princess and a TV star? What do these words mean?” Lilah pointed. “Moira…Kyerumption…” Lilah turned the letters over. “These aren’t copies.”

“Intercepted them before Cordelia found them.” Lindsay shrugged, pointing to the papers. “The linguists are working on it. But so far no match to any known demon or other language.”

“Have we been messing with any dimensions lately?”


“How would a ‘champion’ from another dimension even know about Cordelia Chase? What- he’s got a satellite dish?”

“If we ever find him, I’ll be sure to ask.”

“Well, if this loon is from another dimension and wants his lady love- I say help him carry her back into a swirling black hole. Keep America’s darling twit away from ‘our’ champion, let her play with the one that wants her.”

“Interesting concept, Lilah. Do you have any black hole in mind.”

Lilah shrugged. “If there’s a portal around that we didn’t create, somebody did and I’ve an idea on how to find out.”

“I’m listening.”

“A while back a certain Professor inquired about the possibility of portals and dimensions- sold his soul for the ability to send his more special students into never never land- professional jealousy to the extreme. I think some one should talk him. See, if he’s been getting rid of any competition lately.”

“If a portal has opened it’s come and gone- the notes are here. One would assume, the ‘champion’ of the other dimension’ was too.”

“Then why is Miss Starlet still here and not reigning Princess over his home dimension?”

Lindsay studied the female lawyer with something less than his usual disdain. “I suggest we ask the Professor for a conference.”

Part 15

Cordelia stretched in the bed. Wow. She hadn’t felt this relaxed in forever. Cordelia shot up. She made love to Angel. Angel- the vampire with a soul. Cordelia flopped back down on the bed, remembering.

Double wow and oh my god. It had been pretty damn amazing and totally mind boggling in concept. Hell, in execution too. Cordelia curled over to her side. Where was the vampire? Cordelia shot up again as she noticed the bright very bright morning sun shining through the many bare windows of her bedroom.

Cordelia jumped to her feet, grabbing the sheet, looking frantically for any signs of dust piles. She would’ve woken up if the vampire burst into flames wouldn’t she? Cordelia slammed onto her stomach leaning over the edge of the mattress, trying to see under the bed and the floor around her.

Oh my god, how was she going to explain to Wesley that she made love to Angel all night and the let him combust. She jumped off the bed scanning the lush carpet, grabbing a shirt off the chair and shoving her arms in it.

“Angel,” she whispered walking out into the bright sunny hall. Oh god, why did she design the place with so many god damn windows. Please, don’t let the vampire be dust. Vampires knew to get out of the sun, didn’t they? She squeezed her eyes shut. If they didn’t she’d probably have to tell Buffy.

Oh man. The slayer would kill her. Sure, Angel and Buffy may have been broken up- but Cordelia didn’t think Buffy would take the news too well. Angel wasn’t supposed to die after making love- only other people. Angelus, maybe he turned into Angelus and left…not killing her but running too Sunnydale to go after Buffy.

Yeah. No. Maybe he just ran out on her. Got is nookie and left. That could work. Cordelia would much rather be righteously angry than responsible for the vampire’s dust buster condition. Cordelia bit her lip staring at each step as she descended buttoning the shirt close. Cordelia paused looking at the shirt. Man’s white tuxedo shirt.

Okay, if Angel left, he did it without his shirt. Cordelia scrunched up her face. Maybe he was just really in a hurry to leave her- full of broody regrets and stuff. She could hope.

Cordelia peeked around the corner into the living room. The morning light was blocked from the room by the large wooden shutters covering the expansive windows. Whew, she didn’t remember closing them but at least one room in the damn place was dark.

She looked around. “Angel?” Cordelia searching the corners and then bent down looking at the floor, under the couch, picking up a cushion, looking everywhere for Angel or his remains.

Angel leaned up against the doorframe admiring the long legs showing under the material of his shirt and wondering what in the world Cordelia was doing. Best he could figure by the way she was whispering his name was that she was searching for him-but under cushions?


“EEK,” Cordy jumped squealing at the voice and presence immediately behind her. “Don’t do that, give me a heart attack why don’t you?” she glared and then grabbed Angel in a tight hug. “You’re not dust.” She said happily.

“No.” Angel pulled away holding her shoulders.

“I woke up and you weren’t there, sun, windows. Sorry about no curtains.” Cordelia shrugged. “I didn’t kill you.” She hugged him again.

“Not for lack of trying last night, though.”

Cordelia reddened looking at the small smirk that accompanied the words. “You’re not evil? You just made a joke.”

Angel frowned. He had a sense of humor with a soul too. “I….”

“Stammer, good. Figured so, no love right.” Cordelia smiled up at the vampire.

Angel’s frowned deepened. “Cordelia…”

“Pooh, Angel, no one wants you evil.” Cordelia shivered. “No love, is good.” Cordelia peered up to the vampire a teasing smile dancing on her lips. “But maybe just a little bit of joy or something similar?”

Angel reached out, brushing at strain of dark hair. “Something like that, something very much like that.” Angel sighed, staring at the young woman. God, she was beautiful and last night had been more than unexpected it had been something close to miraculous.

It wasn’t even that Cordelia Chase was a generous and welcoming lover, she was, she accepted with amazing ardor each of his touches and thrusts. It was that she had done so knowing exactly what he was. Angel’s encounter with Cordelia had been full of warmth, extreme pleasure and surprising laughter.

It had been fun and in a very impossible way it had seemed right as if he found a missing part of himself in those few hours of warm intimacy. Angel didn’t understand, all he knew was that he hadn’t wanted to leave the young body wrapped around him but Angel had sensed the rising sun and to stay would’ve been fatal.

“Yeah, it was wasn’t it,” Cordelia’s teasing turned into a beautiful blush.

Angel leaned in wanting to feel the warmth again.

Cordelia jerked away. “Do I smell food? Eggs. You cook? You were cooking? You can cook? Do you eat? You can? I had eggs? I smell coffee.” Cordelia searched around Angel’s body towards the kitchen looking for the source of the tantalizing smells.

Angel smiled. “Yes, to all of the above. Hungry?”

“Starving. Wow. I can’t cook. Marie must’ve gone to the store yesterday. Marie’s my maid. Is it ready?” She pushed past the vampire.

Angel kept his smile, wishing that he had waited a little longer before exploring her kitchen. “Sit,” pointing to the marble counter.

Cordelia happily sat on a stool watching as the vampire went back to the stove. Surrealism again. The handsome vampire with a soul was standing barefoot, shirtless in her kitchen cooking omelets. Cordelia blew out a deep breath. That was one sexy sight. She had made love to that. Whoa.

“Are you done yet,” Cordelia rested her chin on her elbow.

“Patience, Cordelia.” Angel said over his shoulder.

“I don’t know if you picked up on it, but patience when I want something isn’t my strongest trait.”

“I picked up on it.” Angel smiled flipping the omelet. He sure and hell felt it. Any patience Cordelia may have had in making love had disappeared as soon as her hesitation had.

Cordelia looked up. “Yeah,” staring at the apparent scratches on the strong back facing her. “Sorry,” she winced.

Angel moved the iron skillet to an unlit burner, walking over to the counter. “You’re sorry,” he questioned, his stomach clenching. Was Cordelia regretting her passionate responses?

She waved towards the scratches also apparent on the muscled chest. Good lord, she gave the vampire a hickie, more than one. God, was she 16 again? “Sorry.”

Angel looked down to where she indicated. He smiled at the evidence of her enthusiastic lovemaking. Cordelia had marked him. His smile turned into confusion why did that make him happy.


The vampire shot his eyes up, to the questioning ones of the young woman. His smile returned. Angel reached over to the young woman, gently moving the collar of his shirt away from her neck and chest. “I guess we’re even.”

Cordelia looked down. “Hey, you gave me a hickie.”

“Hey, you gave me more than one.”

“Right.” Cordelia moved the vampire’s hand away, looking down her shirt. “There’s one on my stomach, too.”

Angel shrugged, still smiling. “Hungry?”

“I told you I was. Hmmph.” Cordelia pulled the shirt tight around her.

Angel put the omelet on the counter.

“Aren’t you going to eat? You said you could.”

“I can, but it doesn’t fill me up.”

“Oh.” Cordelia dropped her fork. “I don’t have any blood for you.” Cordelia bit her lip. “Are you hungry? You’re not going to snack on me, buster.”

Angel frowned until he saw the twinkle in her eyes. “I’m fine. I called Wesley, as soon as Gunn gets here, I’ll go home and get blood.”

“It’s daytime.”

“I’ve my car and maybe you’ll let me have a blanket.”

“So, you’re going to leave, uh.”

“I’ll be back.”

Cordelia stared, her face scrunched up.

“What is it?”

Cordelia furrowed her brows to accompany her wrinkled nose. “I..” Cordelia bit her lip. Angel would think she was crazy. Except he hadn’t before. “Angel, I don’t think this is right.”

Angel’s stomach did more than clench it tightened into a complicated choking fist. “Cordelia, I’m sorry…”

“Sorry?” the furrow brow was gone leaving surprise. “Sorry for what?”

“For…” Angel looked up at the young woman. “You weren’t talking about us…last night…not being right,” Angel got out after a few unsuccessful attempts.

Cordelia studied the vampire, she hadn’t been but now that he mentioned it. “It..I wasn’t but, Angel it isn’t but it was, does that make any sense. I was talking about everything – like this, you cooking and me eating. It feels right, almost familiar- a deja vu, but how can that be…you’ve never cooked for me before, I never knew you could cook. And well, last night, didn’t feel familiar but it did feel right but not. I’m not making any sense am I?”

Angel thought about what she was saying, it was reminiscent of what she said the night before. He was just grateful that she wasn’t reacting the same way. She wasn’t rejecting him, just questioning. “I…” Angel stopped. “Are you expecting someone?” Angel moved around the marble counter closer to Cordelia facing the door.


“Cordy,” Nevin said opening the door and entering.

Cordelia shot a hand to the vampire. “It’s okay. I was. Nevin.”

Nevin blinked, taking in the scene. Cordy sitting at the counter wearing nothing but a man’s dress shirt and the man that it obviously belonged to was standing protectively next to her, in nothing but tuxedo pants.

“I’m interrupting…” Nevin cleared his throat in surprise. Cordy wasn’t one to sleep around. Nevin shrugged. Last night, the private investigator had seemed more interested in Cordelia than just a job warranted. Cordy must have noticed and appreciated it. Nevin studied the couple, looking down at the newspaper in his hand, thinking about the picture in the entertainment section.

The camera had loved Cordelia and her private investigator or what the reporter had labeled ‘America’s Sweethearts Mysterious Date’. Nevin’s mind worked overtime thinking of the publicity for his charge- the press was dying to have Cordelia involved in a relationship and those two did look hot together.

“Yeah, but it’s okay. What do you got?” Cordelia glanced at the bundle of mail in her assistant’s hand.

“Fan mail, gone through and checked no scary notes,” Nevin said for the benefit of Angel, who seemed ready to pounce on the mail. “Picture of you and Angel and your article came out.” Nevin held up the paper and a copy of a fashion magazine.

“Great pictures, the article read well, I think it’s okay. Um, you might want to take a look at the poll at the end of it though.”

“Poll, what poll? Gimme” Cordy held out her hand.

Nevin handed her the magazine.

Cordelia flipped through the pages, skimming the words. Her nose wrinkled up. “Geez, my hair again?” Her eyes widened, “32% polled think I’m fat. Last year, they thought I had anorexia. Now I’m fat.” Cordelia looked down at her body. “Am I fat?” Cordelia raised her gaze to Angel.

“Fat?” Angel was completely clueless. “Fat?” he repeated. Angel touched Cordy’s body all night and it wasn’t fat. Cordelia was wonderfully curvy, plush, trim, strong and damn limber. He looked again. It was perfect, though, he would’ve been happy with a bit more golden flesh to fondle and caress.

“You think I’m fat, too.” She glared. “Shoot,” grumbling looking back at the poll. Her eyes shot up. “I bet you’re part of the 67% that think I should let my hair grow long again. Damn, I got rid of the highlights what more do they want?”

Angel gulped, shaking his head. “Perfect.”

“Body or hair?” She narrowed her eyes.


Cordelia pursed her lips, wrinkling her nose. “Hmmph. Is that all Nevin? Any other flaws in the morning mail.”

“You didn’t get to the last question did you?” Nevin shifted on his feet.

“Uh.” Cordelia scanned the poll, searching. “I’m too sexy for ‘Cordy’” Cordelia’s eyes shot up. “What kind of question is that? What do they want from me? I’m truly beginning to hate this- last poll- I wasn’t. I give up.” Cordelia threw the magazine on the counter. “Anything else?”

“Um, the Breast Cancer shoot is in three hours, the studio wants you back no later than an hour after that.”

“Hmmph. Okay. Go away.”

“Cordy, we…”

“No, we don’t, whatever you were going to say. Go. Bye.”

Part 16

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Part 12

“You know that wasn’t what I was asking.” Cordelia leaned up against the back seat of the limo, her knees close to her chest her hands clenched around her, the only thing touching the vampire was her gaze.

Angel flinched as the gaze penetrated his body, triggering nerves and feelings that had been dead for years. The need was overwhelming. Angel was suddenly scared. He searched his memory of the teenager that had been the woman before him- talk aside, he was certain Cordelia hadn’t been a whore, Angel had been around her enough to have noticed and sensed the telling signs if they were present.

Christ, Angel knew that in the brief time of their re-acquaintance. What was the complexity of this woman- innocent, wanton and all alluring in her very gaze? How was Angel going to answer their desire correctly, because Angel couldn’t lie, well he could, but he never lied to himself- he wanted her.

And suddenly, he wasn’t at all sure that he wanted to lie about the desire he sensed flowing from Cordelia.


“Don’t,” Cordelia curled up closer to the side of the limousine. “This is stupid. I know what you are. I don’t want that. I could never risk that…. I know love, contentment, joy and sex are needed to trigger the extreme leather wearing evil of the night. And sure, I know I wouldn’t be chancing the love, joy part, but you never know about the sex part, do you? Nevermind, so no, sorry for bringing it up.” Cordelia curled further into herself.

She peeked out from her knees. “I’m so sorry,” she sniffled. “I know I was bitch and some say…” Cordelia waved her hand in the air,” I’m not a prick tease.” She looked at Angel, “Oh god, I am” she buried her face in her body.

Angel stayed on his portion of the seat. He leaned in once giving the driver a note; one explaining to the one-armed man and the black man that everything was okay. Make sure, Angel said, that they get it, he growled. The driver shrugged and said of course.


Cordelia wandered around her expansive apartment. She looked at the vampire that followed her in. “I see it bigger, do you see it bigger.” She pointed to the bookcase against the far wall. She gulped. “Oh god,” she said softly.

Angel was behind her in an instant. “What?’ Cordelia was choking up again. He’d hoped that had stopped when she calmed down in the limo.

“Angel,” Cordelia turned in the arms that embraced her.


The young woman bit her lips. Trying to say the words, she didn’t want to, but deep down she knew some how the man she was with would accept and understand anything she said. Some how. Cordelia took a deep breath.

“Angel, this…. I…. I see this room as bigger, wide a lobby almost, you, Gunn, Wesley with two arms, but not happy, a girl, friendly, strong, nuts and… I can’t.” Cordy pushed away from the vampire. “No, I’m wrong, it’s the stress of everything. I don’t know you. You’re a vampire. You were Buffy’s love toy. You went evil like in a switch of an orgasm. Why are you here? Leave. I don’t want you here. Go.”

Cordelia moved pushing away further from the vampire who remained rooted to his spot stunned. The brunette glared and flopped on the leather sofa.

Angel stood still. Rejection wasn’t unexpected. But this was sort of a shocker. He stepped closer, and then moved back. What was he doing? He didn’t need to try to comfort her or to try to figure her out. Angel looked at the young woman. Damn. She was crying. “Cordy, talk to me.” Angel said softly.

Cordelia peered up, hesitating her voice choking. Angel felt fear and uneasiness in the young woman.

“Cordelia.” He demanded.

Cordelia licked at her lips, trying to decide, with a deep breath she spoke. “Something is really wrong. I remember, like really remember stuff- I also think I remember stuff- I’m not making any sense, I know. God, I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere doing something else, but I can’t remember what, it’s so not there but there. But you’re there in both, please tell me which is true, please. Why am I suddenly going crazy, you’re not contagious are you?” Cordelia buried her head in her hands.

Angel knelt. Cordelia was curled up on the couch, her amazing dress now looked out of place and uncomfortable, her face scared. What was Cordelia scared of?

“What do you remember?”

Cordelia licked her lips. “I remember you showing up in Sunnydale, the dark brooding salty goodness stranger, I remember that I flirted outrageously even for my high school self but you were only interested in Buffy, life went on I dated Xander,” Cordelia scrunched up her brow, tears squeezing out of the corners of her eyes.

“I don’t know, I think I loved him, then pain, horrible pain.” Cordelia laughed suddenly. “Sorry, what really happened was Xander decided that Willow was one step closer to ‘Miss likes too Slay’ than the many steps I was, and that blonde dead evil Billy Idol want a be or was it the other way around, whatever, couldn’t even let me break up gracefully. Nope, had to provide me with a wide eyed view and a rusty pipe in my stomach.” Cordelia looked at her stomach.

Anger, fear, loss and all the past memories washed over her. “I haven’t thought about that in over three years, any of it.” Her head shot up to Angel’s gaze. “Go away, for whatever reason the last three years, maybe more, I haven’t remembered, not really and I like it that way. Sunnydale is a distance memory, Buffy, Willow, Xander, are gone, let them choke on my stardom. You go away, I don’t know you, I didn’t even like you. You’re a vampire. I don’t trust you. Don’t like you. I want you gone. I want you…..”

Cordelia gulped her knees giving out her arms grapping for the cushions on the sofa, grabbing them tight.

Angel was ready to run from the vulnerable angry display of emotion. But he stalled and listened. He heard the young woman’s ranting. He wanted to get mad; she was being mean to Buffy’s memory. Sunnydale was…. Angel looked again at the young woman wiping her tears standing gathering her strength.

He watched amazed at the control the young woman exerted over her emotions. It hit him at the same moment as the knowledge of her ability to deny anything had upset her. Angel had to agree with the young woman, something was definitely not right-from Cordelia’s emotional swings to his reactions to them.

“Angel, thank you for seeing me home. I’m fine. I think that the stalker threat was just the typical, risks of the trade, but not dangerous, just a poisonous pen pal. Thank you and Wesley and Gunn, send me the bill and now please go. I’m truly sorry if I said or did anything to upset you, leave now, please. Thank you.”

As amazed as he was at the turn around time, between crying and icy determination, Angel also knew that it wasn’t real. He started forward but stopped at Cordelia’s glare. A part of Angel just wanted to yell, she started it, she’s the one that started talking about the past as painful as it was…. start it finish it…. just like she started the touching and wanting…she’s the reason his cock was straining against his rented pants.

Angel was getting mad, the crying girl on the sofa started all of this, she made him smile when he didn’t want to, she made him talk when he didn’t want to, she some how made him stay still while she grabbed his hand his arm his leg his shoulder –it was her fault.

“Go away.”

“No. You hired us for a job, remember.” Angel said coldly wishing for the smiles back. What the fuck happened?

“Fine.” Cordelia strode up the stairs.

Part 13

Cordelia didn’t want to yell, really she didn’t. She had made a grand exit away from Angel. Screaming for him now seemed like a wussy contradictory move. But as she looked again at her bed, it was also really stupid not to yell. “ANGEL” she called out.

Wow, he was quick. Cordelia pointed to her bed. Angel pushed the young woman behind him his one hand always on her as he sensed the room. He relaxed only slightly as the air seemed free of scent of present danger. Angel went to the bed and picked up the letter amongst the roses.

He read the contents once then again. Angel looked at Cordelia. “Did you read this?”

Cordelia stood arms hugging her body. “I screamed.”

“Read it.”

Cordelia scrunched up a distasteful face and took the letter. Her scrunch got even scrunchier.

“Princess, the beast is not true, don’t believe, I’m the one, don’t allow the beast to draw you in…I will come soon. Your true champion, your fate is with me, ours is the Kyerumption.

“Okie dokie,” Cordelia looked at Angel. “I don’t know what the beast is but I’m saying it’s better than this champion leaving freaky notes. And how did he get in. And what the hell is Cryingupsion” She stamped demanding an answer from Angel.

“How am I supposed know, I was with you, and your security here is non- existent.”

“Great detective you are. Pooh. Won’t save me, won’t have sex with me. Pooh, Nev was right I should’ve gone to the ‘bs’ or the ‘cs’.

Angel turned slowly towards the pouting woman. A few things were popping through his head. One, he’d not had a vision in two days, and in those vision free days he’d been driven crazy by a very beautiful woman, who talked too much and second, he hadn’t had a vision in two days and he felt non-paranoid urges- ones that centered on the young pouting stamping foot woman in front of him.

Then there was the pure vampire/ male- Angel wasn’t sure which-urges, but he really wanted to shut the woman up with a kiss. Did she just say sex? Oh god, she was bringing it up again.

“Cordelia, I won’t let anything happen to you, okay.”

“Fine, sure, won’t have sex with me either, no problem, goodnight, sleep tight, keep all the bad guys out, I’m going to bed.”

Angel stood still watching the young woman stomp towards the bed, tearing the top comforter and all the floral debris to the floor. She stood, shifting her shoulders. Oh, she was playing with something she had no idea about. Angel watched the golden dress fall to the floor. He did not know that Cordelia had a tattoo. It hadn’t shown up in the movie.

Angel picked up the shimmering dress taking a deep breath before folding it up in the chair. He walked out into the hallway, pulling out his cell phone, calling Wesley telling him again that they weren’t at the Bel Air, but that everything was fine. Liar.

Angel stood at the doorway of the bedroom. Since Buffy and Doyle, Angel had never been tempted to want for a connection to life and humanity. The attempt with Buffy and love ended in tragic failure.

Doyle had showed him friendship was still possible, but Doyle died and that pain and loneliness had just compounded on the loss of Buffy. Wesley tried Angel knew that but something was missing, maybe it was the time of coherency that made talking beneficial and gave the seeds of friendship, something Angel lacked when Wesley came into his life.

Was he crazy? Angel didn’t feel like it now. He hadn’t sensed the last vision, since Cordelia came back into his life. Angel looked into the room. He wouldn’t be taking anything she wasn’t willing to give. It wasn’t love- joy, happiness, how could he feel that when if he went to her it would be sex only. Cordelia knew just slightly more than any whore on the street knew about him.

Except Cordelia wasn’t a whore and she did know what he was and she knew to be afraid. But she wanted him. Why? Yet, she couldn’t accept him totally or love him, she would be safe from Angelus, the vampire reasoned. She couldn’t love him and he didn’t love her. But he did want her.

Angel went in.

“Change your mind.” Cordelia said from the bed, her body sitting up against the backboard. “Or just watching in case another note shows up.” She gazed at the vampire.

Angel stared at the young woman. “Which would you prefer?”


“Was that a yes or no.” Angel smiled moving closer.

“Does it matter?”

“Yes.” Angel stopped.

“Yes, then.” Cordelia bit her lip, her eyes caressing the dark figure before her.

Angel really wanted to fall to his knees and shout hallelujah and thank god, not realizing how much he wanted to be there until the moment she said yes. Angel paused and knelt on the bed, silently staring at the young woman. Cordelia had taken her ‘star’ make up off, the shimmering gown had been exchanged for a cotton sleeveless t-shirt and boxers.

Boxers? Angel stalled in his movement, sitting on the bed, just looking. Where was ‘Cordy’ America’s sweetheart, the girl with a million dollar smile? What he saw was so much more, almost too much; she was real, innocent, beautiful, sexy and waiting. God, he wished she would stop looking at him with such longing. Where did that come from? Angel thought he should run, leave, but then again the beautiful, enticing woman was waiting.

“Changing your mind? Okay,” Cordelia gave a soft smile turning into the sheets. “It’s probably for the best anyway.”

“Yeah, probably,” Angel said, his mind throwing away the last vestige of doubt as he followed his body’s desires.

“Angel,” Cordelia blinked at the vampire that had some how managed to move her completely under him with out her yelping out or even realizing it.

“It will be easier to watch you, if I’m in you and holding you.” Angel whispered, his hands moving quickly under her t-shirt and down her boxers.

“Angel,” Cordelia leaned up, gasping small breaths. Cordelia shook a little at the dark gaze that penetrated her down to her soul, pushing up sparks from her toes.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Cordelia stalled a moment shivering at the growl and force behind the words. “I want you to kiss me.”

Angel leaned in further, brushing the dark strands from Cordelia’s face, his thigh breaching the barrier of the closed soft thighs. “You hesitated Cordelia,” Angel wasn’t sure why he was pushing his luck or why he was letting the confidence of Angelus intrude.


“You did,” Angel leaned up, his thigh still making its presence known but that was it.

Cordelia moved as much as she could and studied the vampire, she scrunched her face in contemplation.

Angel suddenly wanted his hand to join his thigh in teasing the young woman’s center because he had the eerie feeling that his confidence was premature.

Cordelia lifted up her hand to Angel’s face. “Don’t make me a game, Angel, you do that, I’ll leave so fast and if I can’t then….”

“Stake me.” Angel said helpfully, pulling her closer.


“Cordy,” he moved his hand touching the juncture his thigh had been pressing.

Cordelia froze. This wasn’t a pick up or even a friendly date, or god forbid somebody that even loved her. It was an unrealistic dream from high school, one that she had forgotten as soon as she knew the truth about what the dark handsome stranger was.

Nothing was different now- except that Angel was interested- he was also crazy. She didn’t need this. Now how to tell a vampire No, god how stupid could she be.

Angel stilled his hand. The welcoming body had tensed freezing, god he wanted in. Angel didn’t want to leave. It was so goddam warm and real.

Cordelia realized then that she couldn’t say no. She had already said yes. She brought her hands around the vampire bringing him closer.

Angel suddenly didn’t want to be near the young woman; she was colder than he was. He moved away.

Cordelia scooted sitting up, tears filling her eyes, feeling like the fifteen year old that told the quarter back yes, then no, then realized that no meant nothing after you said yes. Only this quarterback didn’t even want to bother forcing the issue.

Was that bad or good? She really wanted the still man on her bed to hug her, but how was she supposed to ask that. She felt so stupid. Cordelia wasn’t 15, she was a TV star and she couldn’t have a one-night stand correctly.

Angel was ready to just leave, except, Cordelia was crying. Not big tears, he wondered if she even knew they were trailing down her beautiful face. He didn’t think so; she did nothing to brush them away or the moisture dripping down her nose. Angel didn’t know Cordelia as well enough to deserve being in her bed, but he did know that Cordelia would never let anyone see her in such vulnerable state. He almost felt honored except that he caused it.

“Cordy, I’ll go. It’s okay.” He tried.

Cordelia shook her head; she ran a tongue around her lips. “I’m sorry, I ….” Cordelia bit her lip and stared at the vampire. “I want you to kiss me, I want you to hold me, I want you to make love to me, I want…. I just want Angel, I’m a TV star but hey, I’m still just a stupid girl from Sunnydale.” She smiled tentatively. “Sorry, don’t go. Please.”

Angel turned. He wasn’t equipped to deal with the varied emotions he saw running through the young woman’s eyes. He wanted to leave. He had to leave. Angel turned to tell her somehow and then he saw it again. Trust. For some reason, somehow Cordelia Chase trusted him. He knew he hadn’t earned it Sunnydale, he didn’t know her in LA, but she was completely open to him. God, those eyes could say so much.

“Kiss, uh,” he slowly smiled, reaching for the young woman. Cordelia moved, her face leaning in as Angel touched her lips.

The kiss moved and grew on its own. Angel swore he had just wanted a little taste to take the situation slowly. He wasn’t going to leave, he had decided that but he wasn’t going to go beyond what Cordelia directed. Except, Cordelia wasn’t directing anything but the ravishing of her mouth.

The initial kiss had been awkward and simple in execution, but now- as soon as the lips met, something else took over. Angel wanted to say lust. It was the closest thing that he could name. Cordelia murmured cradling her body closer into his as her fingers entangled into his hair. Angel growled as the heat seeped in through the fabric of his pants. God if she stopped, she couldn’t. Now he was the one pleading.

Cordelia leaned up, her pink tongue darting along her swollen lips. “No games.” She said, pulling off her t-shirt.

Angel watched as breasts, the breasts he had been glancing at all night in their shiny prison came free. “Oh, Cordy, there’ll be games, but of the fun kind,” Angel smirked, pulling her under him, his mouth attacking a nipple.

Cordelia moaned, pushing her body closer. “Angel.”

Angel lifted his head, his chin on her chest, his hand caressing her face brushing away angry strains of hair. “Trust me.”

Cordelia scrunched up her face and small disbelieving hopeful smile centered on her face. “Okay.”

Angel smiled up at her consent.


Angel cocked his head at the young woman.

“You need to do that more often- Smile silly,” she said at the vampire’s perplexed expression. “You’re really adorable when you do that.”

Angel was unprepared for the flush of heat that accompanied her words. He fought the unfamiliar feeling. “Is that better than being a dork?”

Cordelia laughed, tugging Angel up. “You’re not done kissing are you?”

Angel brushed his fingers again along her face. Cordelia’s eyes were amazing. He could get lost in them. He scrunched up his forehead as his fingers gently touched the skin around the beautiful gaze. Angel was getting lost. He closed his eyes and he knew every color, the brown the golden hues, even that spark of green- that gaze was as familiar as any memory but the touch was unfamiliar.


He looked up at the worried tone.

“No, never.” He leaned into capture her lips answering her question. And god forbid, he meant it. Angel’s hands cupped possessively around Cordelia’s face as he explored, his kiss deepening to take in all of the young woman’s taste.

Cordelia gave a small whimper in her throat as she allowed the vampire to move her body closer to his. Cordelia crept a long leg up and around Angel’s hips drawing him even closer, her hands quickly tugging at the shirttails still secured by pants.

Just as quickly, Angel’s hands divested Cordelia of the boxers that hid the rest of her body from him.

Cordelia squirmed; Angel’s hands and lips were everywhere, creating burst of sparks along her skin, making her want to scream out. She choked biting on his shoulder.

Angel growled pulling up, tossing his shirt overhead. His pants followed on the floor. His body went immediately back to the warm soft one so willing and beautiful on the bed. Angel wanted to bury himself with no thought, but the soft hands and rain of kisses along his face and torso brought him up.

He stared at the hazel eyes that were so familiar. The changing eyes had stilled into an intense deep brown full of desire. Angel slowly kissed at the dark orbs. His desire suddenly supplanted with the need to please the woman beneath him. Angel knew deep down he wasn’t being magnanimous.

He just wanted to make sure that both Cordelia and ‘Cordy’ the TV star would remember and want this lovemaking more than any others.

Part 14

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Part 10

Wesley and Gunn stood on the periphery of the circle of press that enclosed Cordelia and Angel.

“The vamp seems to be okay.” Gunn whispered.

“Yes, he only looks like he wants to kill two or three of them.”

“They shouldn’t keep asking him what his last name is.” Gunn said, nodding towards the reporter in front of Angel.

“’Angel’ what kind of name is that…are you a model, is that how you met our Cordy. Where are you from? How’d you meet? Do you even have a last name? Come on, the fans want to know.” The persistent report fired the questions at the motionless tense vampire.

“He’s going to blow.” Gunn whispered, recognizing the silent growls and anger building in the vampire’s being. “Where’s the steel net?”

“No. Look,” Wesley urged somewhat amazed.

Both Gunn and Wesley watched as Cordelia placed a delicate hand over Angel’s arm while chatting to another reporter. She ended that conversation with a bright smile and turned towards the reporter that was badgering Angel with incessant questions.

“Did she just do what I think she did?” Gunn said.

“If you mean did Cordelia just touch Angel and he accepted it without flinching or growling but rather calming down. Yes. Amazing. Angel doesn’t like people touching him. Interesting, Cordelia and Angel weren’t that close in Sunnydale at all. I don’t think I ever saw just the two of them talking. Then again, Angel didn’t talk to anyone really, except Buffy.”

“Well, they’re talking now.” Gunn nodded his head in their direction.

Wesley shook his head and wondering what in the world Cordelia whispered into the vampire’s ear that made him not only lose his former tenseness but also made him shove his hands in his pockets and look at his shifting feet. Wesley moved closer to the couple, listening to what Cordelia was now saying out loud.

“Justin, Justin,” Cordelia tsked. “Go away, you’re annoying my date and I do want to go out with him again. So, all of you go away. I promised him a fun night, not the Hollywood’s version of the Spanish Inquisition.”

“But, Cordy, why doesn’t he have a last name? Is he the dark version of Fabio? Or maybe a hairdresser? Who is he? Where did he come from?”

“Of course, he has a last name. Fabio, dark or light, Good God no, look at him. Hairdresser- look at his hair. Angel’s my date. And he came from pretty much everywhere, settling here making me happy and feeling safe, so do a girl a favor, go bother Jennifer Hewitt, I understand she sings now- go.”

“Cordy’s in love, the male population of America is going to be heartbroken.”

“Shoot guys, when the female population get a gander at Angel, they’ll be the ones heartbroken. Now, shoo and let us enjoy some of the night. Before we both have to go home to get our respective beauty sleeps. And remember spell Angel right and keep him properly mysterious.”

“Cordy,” the reporters rolled their eyes, groaning at the same time. “You’re pulling our leg aren’t you? He’s an upcoming and you’re showing him off. When will you ever fall in love and give our ‘Cordy’ the happy ever after she deserves.”

Cordelia smiled softly. “I’m just an old fashion girl, I’m waiting for my very own hero. Good enough?”

“For now, but some day you’re going have to seriously answer our questions.”

Cordelia kept smiling as the laughing reporters wandered off to find their next victim.

“Cold day in hell,” Cordelia whispered harshly after the reporters. She looked up at the owner of the arm she was still clutching.

“Sorry, I should’ve warned you. Are you okay? You did really well. Honest. They won’t be coming back. They’ll go after the A-list now. The second string they go to first, but the A-list they hope to get with more than a few cocktails under their belt. You did very well,” Cordelia smiled reaching up with a small caress to the staring vampire.

“Can you talk? Or did they scare my brave ‘grr’ guy into silence, they are pretty scary and vultury.”

Angel pulled her hand away from his cheek, forcing a smile on his lips. “I’m okay. You got rid them very well.”

Cordelia shrugged. “Used to it. Though, Damn.” She hit her forehead.

“Cordy” “Cordelia” Both Gunn and Wesley called moving closer.

“What?” Angel’s arm that was no longer being held by Cordelia’s snaked around her waist bringing her up and behind him in a reflexive protective move.

“I should’ve told the truth. Stupid.”

“Uh?” “ Cordy” Wesley and Gunn responded.

“What?” Angel said again, not yet releasing her from his secure hold. That’s wasn’t happening until he understood her meaning. Which he acknowledged based on past experience could be awhile. He held Cordelia tighter.

“Angel Investigations, sillies, I should of at least said Angel was a private investigator- who wouldn’t hire him to keep them safe. Look at him tall, dark and imposing, when he’s not a dork, but for most of the pictures I bet you good money and a Prada bag, it looks like he’ll kill someone just like that.” Cordelia snapped her fingers, then wiggling as she noticed how tight Angel’s hold was on her.

She wasn’t sure if she liked being pressed up against him. Okay, now she’ll just call herself silly. Gee, being pressed up against a hard male body- a really awesome hard body.

Remember. Vampire, Buffy’s, Buffy’s Vampire, Buffy’s, oh, evil possibilities can’t forget that, whoa big one. Cordelia nudged harder moving out of Angel’s embrace.

Angel slowly released Cordelia. No danger, just Cordelia babble. Good lord, he wanted to smile again. Impossible. Angel hated this place-too many people, too many fake smiles, just too many of everything. Cordelia was….well… okay, but the rest- Angel wanted to be able to kill or leave.

“Thank you for you concern, Cordelia. But, bodyguards- to the stars is not our goal. We fight the evil in Angel’s vision, that’s our mission.” Wesley offered.

“I get that, really I do. Noble. Worthwhile. But to help the helpless you need money. Hey, I work, get paid tons and because of that I can eat and wear really great clothes and shoes as well as give money and promotion to Breast Cancer Research, Humane Society, Amnesty International, Friendly Stars of the Homeless, actually, I think I’m getting out of that one. I’m not sure all the money goes to the shelter. Hey, you’re private investigators; maybe you could find out. Oh.” Cordelia’s eyes got big.


“Wolfram & Hart, they gave me a whole list of charities, how much do you want to bet I’ve been subsiding evil, oh- that’s not right. They need to be stopped. If I give you the list, you can find out right? I’ll pay.”

“Cordy, we don’t want your money.” Wesley shook his head.

“Stupid, I’ve got money, you could stand some, how can you concentrate on saving the helpless, if you can’t pay rent for a office and salaries for staff.” She blinked. “You don’t even have an office do you? You’re all the helpless, got a name, but no office. Geez. Hey, look, that’s Oliver Simm and Rebecca Lowell. What’s she doing here?” Cordelia looked up at Angel.

“Stay away from her. Her career is so gone and she refuses to do age appropriate parts. She finds out you’re a vampire with the whole eternal life giving thing- she’ll go for it- cheaper than plastic surgery and surgery only lasts so long. Hmmph. Go with grace, I say.” Cordelia glared at the older dark haired woman.

Angel blinked at Wesley and Gunn. Was he supposed to answer or comment on any of Cordelia’s monologue? Wesley and Gunn shrugged. Gunn’s eyes got big. “Hey, is that J-Lo?”

Cordelia looked to where he was pointing. “Yeah, she came with her honey, you know the star of the movie. I never got to sleep with him.” She sighed.

Gunn jerked his head towards the brunette as Wesley choked on his champagne. Angel just stared at the man holding the hand of the movie star that Gunn had pointed out. He didn’t seem so great. Probably couldn’t kill a D’xoial demon or any other kind.

Angel looked again. The guy couldn’t save a cat out of a tree. “Cordy, do you want to?”

“Yes, well, my glass seems to be empty.” Wesley held up the flute. “I think maybe I’ll just get some more. Gunn?”

“I think I’ll go with you. You’re going to the bar over there right?” Gunn pointed to the area that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck were standing.

“Just don’t embarrass me.”

“Cordelia,” Angel asked again.


“Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Want to sleep with him,” Angel pointed.

“With Wesley, eww, kissing him was enough. Not fun- humiliating even.”

“Not him, the other guy?”

“Gunn, hardly know him, but he is hot.”

“The other one.” Angel growled his frustration. Why he wanted to know was again beyond him. Like almost everything, since he was drawn into ‘Cordy’ the TV Star’s orbit. Where exactly was the teenager that he could ignore.

“Oh, you mean the multi -million dollar mega star- that I just met on the movie set. He was the star. You know the one I didn’t sleep with. My best friend’s boyfriend. Weren’t you watching the movie at all?”

“Didn’t recognize him.” Angel said quickly, not mentioning that he hadn’t seen any of the movie except when Cordelia was on. And he didn’t have a clue who her character had sex with, since every man’s face had been bloodied, beaten and screaming in terror as he watched the scenes, happily administering the horror.

“Eww.” Cordelia grimaced moving closer to Angel.

“What?” Angel blinked away blood and torture thoughts. She couldn’t know or she would be running not pressing into his side.

“Satan’s most charming toady, Lindsay McDonald, how much do you want to bet that woman with him is evil too, she’s got the look. The vicious bitch look, like her dress and shoes though, great, their coming this way. Wesley said that you had dealings with Wolfram & Hart before. You’re not going to be violent are you? I’m mean- are you going to have to?”

Angel directed his attention to the stylish couple heading their way. He didn’t know them but he did know about the law firm that they worked for. Angel had run up against them when he first came to LA, he’d actually threatened a conference room full of their lawyers before Doyle died and gave Angel the visions thereby leaving him increasingly useless in the fighting and threatening area.

But Wesley and Gunn had told him that they were still running up against Wolfram & Hart occasionally.

“Cordy,” Lindsay, held up a flute of champagne. “You were wonderful, another hit I imagine and this must be Angel,” the lawyer studied the vampire.

Angel straightened, pulling Cordelia closer. “I don’t know you.”

“Well, we you know, hi, I’m Lilah Morgan, one of your greatest fans,” she cooed to the vampire. “Well, that was until you became completely worthless in the ‘champion’ arena. Now it looks like the apocalypse will just have to go on without your input. What a waste of a soul, uh. Bet you wished you were still evil. How’s the craziness going? We had such hopes for you. Hello,” Lilah turned to Cordelia.

“Love your shoes. How did you manage to get the vampire out of his babbling and banging at the walls for the night.”

Cordelia stood straight, her eye’s leveled at the other woman. “Thanks. Love your shoes, too, and the dress; I saw it on the rack at Anthony’s but figured it wasn’t quite the thing- kind of last year. I wouldn’t worry about Angel, he IS the champion, be careful, he may just bite your evil ass one night and he won’t even be evil; just pissed at your arrogance and culpability of the evil in the world. Go away and watch out for those bumps in the night, it could be an angry vampire.”

“Right,” Lilah ran her eyes up and down the vampire. “I imagine you’ll have to lock him up in a closet before the night is over.”

Angel narrowed his eyes stepping closer to the female lawyer. “Lilah, right? Cordelia’s correct, don’t worry about me. Closets have doors and I’m feeling pretty good right now. Good enough to squeeze the life right out of you and toss you over the balcony. I can do it, too, really quick. Vampires are like that -quick and quiet and easily pissed off. Take Cordy’s advice and go away.”

“Let’s go, Lilah, we can be gracious and allow Angel to enjoy his one brief moment of sanity and vampachismo. Good-bye, Cordelia, you really should re-think your connection with Angel. He’s going nowhere fast. You need to concern yourself with your career. Hollywood is so fickle.” Lindsay said pulling Lilah away.

“Yeah, whatever, minions of hell. Hmmph.” Cordelia turned to Angel. “Are you okay, they didn’t upset you did they? You’re not crazy, screw them.”

Angel stood still staring at the young woman; confidence and surety were clear on her face. “Cordy, the visions, Wesley explained right?”

Cordelia waved her hand at his words. “Angel, you survived being shish kebabed into a hundred years in hell by Buffy dearest and you weren’t real ‘all wheels spinning’ when you popped back into Sunnydale from that little side trip.” Cordelia’s hands wildly demonstrating her statement.

“But you got over it, fine. Maybe a little broodier and amazingly if possible wearing more black, but all oars in the water, you’ll get over this too.”

“Cordelia, the visions make me…. I don’t ever want you to be around when one hits.”

Cordelia scrunched up her nose. “Pooh, Angel, you’re my friend, I don’t abandon my friends. I’ll always be around.”

Part 11

Cordelia sipped at her champagne and leaned over the rail, glancing up at the vampire next to her. “Sorry, this has been so horrible. Nevin, says I only have to stay to 12:00, then we can leave. I wish there was a demon or stalker you could beat up to have more fun or something.”

Angel stared, not having a clue what to say, but knowing somehow he should be saying something, anything to get that frown off Cordelia’s face. That beautiful face was made to smile and to light up a room or even a dimly lit balcony.

“You could’ve let me beat up Justin.” Angel said, praying that his statement wasn’t dorky or stupid or frightening. God, Angelus was the worst, meanness funniest psychopath in centuries. He could charm, entice and captivate.

The talent must have gone when the soul came in, because Angel just felt mortal- awkward, and 17 again, and eternally alone and souled, and hopeless at the same time.

Cordelia bit her lip, her eyes lighting up as she turned resting her back against the brace of the iron balcony. Small sounds of giggles and then laughter came from her chest. She lifted a hand back up to the vampire’s face. “Now, that would’ve been funny. He’s just a prick, but probably not the best picture to have on the front page. I’ve got an idea.”

Cordelia shot up, grabbing the vampire’s hand. “Lets go for a walk. Maybe if my stalker’s out there you can find him and beat him up.” She nodded encouragingly.

“Let’s not.” Angel shook head.

“Why not? Out there, beat up, case over.” Cordelia nodded.

“You aren’t going to be bait.”

“Hate to tell you this, Angel, but I already am.” Cordelia shrugged. “Weird, I so much wanted to get away from Sunnydale, vampires, death, weirdness in general. I had managed actually to forget it all. Hmmph. Thank you very much stalker-guy.” She complained into the night.

“I’m sorry.” Angel felt an overwhelming sense of guilt forming in his toes expanding up to squeeze his undead heart and thoughts.

Cordelia scrunched her nose looking back at the vampire. “Why? You didn’t bring the weirdness back. I feel safe with you, so you are a good thing. Eww.” Cordelia sighed under her breath, standing straight.

Angel watched as the Cordelia that he had been talking and staring at changed into “Cordy’ the girl with the million dollar smile. He looked for what brought on the change.

“Cordy, darling.” Oliver Simm and Rebecca Lowell came sliding on the balcony.

“Remember, femme fatale, stick with me ‘Raven’ my ass. ” Cordelia leaned up on Angel’s shoulder whispering furiously.

Perplexed, Angel looked at said Femme Fatale then back at Cordelia. The issue was? He wasn’t going anywhere. Angel didn’t know when or exactly why, but sometime over the night, maybe it had been the first thing, he didn’t know anymore.

The point was, his rambling mind decided, that he didn’t want to be anywhere except where he was- beside Cordelia Chase. Angel didn’t understand it. He lost count of the times she had touched him over the night. Pats, caresses of assurances, smacks of silliness, all soft all her and why in the hell didn’t he mind, why in hell did they feel right?

For that matter, why hadn’t he had a vision and why was he still sane?

“Cordy, sweetie, it’s been way too long, you’ve just shot up there haven’t you. But then such a pretty face and such a simple format, it’s amazing now days how far you can come when you’re young, pretty and willing to do anything, I mean anything for anyone. I wish you the best.” Rebecca held up her glass. “Who’s your friend?” she purred over the top of her glass.

Angel waited for Cordelia to respond. He sure didn’t want to. But the young woman seemed to be still, her nails piercing into his hand. He shot a look at the lovely brunette. The smile was there. Angel blinked. It was false and somehow he knew it. He breathed for the first time around Cordelia.

Angel had decided that Cordelia’s scent wasn’t something he needed to experience once her saw her in the flesh. But now he had to figure out Cordelia’s brave face and panicked reaction in his hand. It was fear. This was new and Angel didn’t like it.

Angel gently released Cordelia’s grip from his hand. He felt the increased panic in the young woman’s form. He cupped a hand quickly to her neck, soft fingers caressing as his released hand got a more secure grip around the young woman’s waist.

Angel smiled, ignoring the relief in the soft body that fell against him in trust. “Angel” he told the intruding older actress.

“You sure are,” Rebecca purred.

Angel moved his fingers on Cordelia’s neck and pressed in harder giving a tender massage.

“Just a name, Mother was biblical in the bizarre sense of the word.”

“Are you in the business?”

“I’ve seen you before,” the short suited man said suddenly. “I saw you. …what…. three years ago….the party where I met you,” he pointed to Cordelia.

“Right, the one where you laughed at me and told me to go running back home to a fast food job and community theater- maybe.” Cordelia gave a tense smile.

Oliver Simm gave a fake smile in return. “Well, look at my mistake. So, Angel, I haven’t seen you on the rounds, maybe you would like another card?” the little man looked hopeful.

Angel fingers started working overtime as Cordelia’s body tensed even more. Angel narrowed his eyes. “Right, you gave me your card at…what was her name, Cordy…Margo’s? Good thing you didn’t get one otherwise you could’ve ended up on a stinker of a show like Raven’. Angel smirked.

Cordelia blinked up at the vampire. Who was Angel? Swooping down in black leather she sort of expected, that’s what he did in Sunnydale when he wasn’t smooching on the slayer or in a dark corner fading into nothingness. Cordelia had stopped trying to find him in the shadows of the high school library. Cordelia had figured he’d come out when Buffy was threatened and if he turned evil then some one would tell her eventually.

Eek. Now she was pissed- how many times could she have been killed in that hell burg of a hometown.

Cordelia studied the vampire. She wasn’t pissed at him and anyway he was saving her from the evilness of Hollywood, how he knew she needed saving, why he was saving her, and why was he looking at her like she could save herself, she didn’t know.

Cordelia bit her lips and looked at the man and woman before her. They were the first in the ‘business’ she’d met, the first with power and the first that went out of their way to smash her confidence and who she was.

They individually and together tried to destroy her. Cordelia blinked up, her smile getting less fake but more poised- the bitchy duo had failed. She was the star now. Hmmph.

“Now, Angel,” Cordelia cooed, tapping her finger up to his jaw as she settled even more comfortably against him. “That’s not nice. ‘Raven’ was already on the air when I came to Hollywood. And it was silly of me to even think about auditioning for the show. Sure, I know they were auditioning much younger actresses to take the part of ‘Raven”. I mean, Geez, even Sean Connery and Roger Moore had to retire-too old for the franchise. But, I should’ve realized that Rebecca still had a couple of years left in her, hell with surgery and a personal trainer, the show could’ve lasted a little bit longer. What was it Rebecca, couldn’t find a surgeon or trainer that could work with you?”

“Smile it up, little girl, I’ve still more pull in this town than you ever will,” Rebecca smiled up to Angel. “I can open doors.”

Angel forced down his desire to throw the woman off the balcony. Cordelia was calmer, but all was not right with the young woman. Tension and tendrils of fear ran through the body pressed against him. She needed him. It was….

It brought out a part of him that he had hoped was dead, buried when his soul took hold and precedence. Angel felt the smile come over him, the one he hated but the one he could use with such lethal skill.

Angel leaned up, tightening his hold on Cordelia. Cordelia wasn’t going to leave, but the overpriced self-important whore with promises of nothing and- god who dressed her -would leave, if he had to toss her over the railing on her purchased fake ass.

Cordelia whispered up, her arms still cradled along the vampire’s arms that encircled her waist. “You do realize that you said that out loud and scared the shit out them with surround sound growling and everything, well except for the ‘visual’ aspects.” She looked at the empty space where the couple had been.

“Cordy, why were you scared of them?” Angel turned, his arms holding on to her shoulders. Ignoring his part in driving the annoying Hollywood people away.

“I…what? I’m not…”

“Cordelia.” Angel said sternly.

Cordelia glared, then relented. “Will you stop pinching my shoulders, I’ve an early shoot tomorrow and “Cordy’ is suppose to be in a strapless gown for part of it.”

Angel’s hands shot in the air, his eyes zeroing in to Cordelia’s shoulders trying to see any bruising.

Cordelia grabbed the vampire’s hand and pulled him to the wrought iron bench on the balcony. “It’s not that I’m scared of them- exactly. It’s just…I was really scared when I moved here from Sunnydale, my parents in jail, fighting the IRS, leaving me with nothing, which okay, tons of people have nothing and build themselves up, but it was a shock to me, I was a spoiled bitch.”

Cordelia took a deep breath. “And then, I get here, find out that my parents actually avoided real prison and after some deal were off to an island somewhere, I was alone…broke…boring…I’m sorry, but you asked. Anyway, those two, the barracuda and her toadstool, were nasty, mean and hateful. I…only met them once but they tried to black ball me, make me feel worthless, etc.” Cordelia shrugged,

“it only had a small effect because lucky I had gotten a card that night and an interview with Stan Anderson, who while not in the trade papers as much as Oliver, didn’t make my skin crawl. And Stan does have the gift of gab and magic, not icky Sunnydale-type but just a gift for the business. I’m okay, better than okay, because of Stan. But it still …effects me how easy some of the people I met believed all the shit Rebecca and Oliver spouted. Hollywood is so not real. Maybe, Rebecca reminded me too much of what I had been, but still…I wasn’t that person anymore,” Cordelia rolled her eyes.

“I’m sure many would say I deserved their treatment. Oh well, it hurt and if I ever did that to some else, which I probably did, I’m really sorry. Whew, wow, I hadn’t spurted a vent like that in a while.”

Cordelia paused and then looked up. “Thank you. You were great, really, my hero.” Cordy smiled bringing her hand back up to caress the vampire’s face. Angel caught it before it completed its intimate caress. He brought it gently down between them.

Angel leaned a little back, wondering what to do with the delicate hand that he held. It was now clenched around his. It wasn’t going away on its own. It just kept getting tighter around his and the body it belonged to kept getting closer.

He looked. Cordelia’s eyes were staring out to nothing, remembering maybe, whatever she was thinking about caused her to want him close. What he should do was push her away- yeah, on what world? Angel pulled her closer.

Cordelia peeked up to the vampire. “Oliver Simon gave you his card?” she smiled slightly. “You must’ve loved that.”

“It was interesting.” Angel answered. Noticing that a small smile had returned. He wasn’t sure what to do but he wanted the young woman in his embrace to feel safe…and happy…. he would follow her lead.

“Three years ago, I’m saying it was the same party,” Cordy scooted back. “Why, didn’t I see you, I can’t believe I’d miss you. I’ve got hottie radar.”

Angel looked at his hands in confusion, where did the warmth go. He looked up. He wanted those wringing hands back. What good were they doing to Cordy just squeezing each other? He grabbed.

Cordelia blinked as her hands were suddenly seized. Okay.

“They can’t hurt you now. You said Rebecca Lowell was a has-been. And I’ve never seen ‘Raven’ but I have seen ‘Cordy’- and I can’t imagine it was as near as good.”

“You watch my show?” Cordelia looked at her hands encased in the larger ones, trapping them but also caressing them. This was so surreal. Angel watched a sitcom, her, and he was holding her hand. Angel had made her feel better.

What the hell was going on? This wasn’t possible. She didn’t know Angel, except as the ‘salty goodness’ guy, and Buffy’s undead potentially evil broody silent boyfriend. Why was he helping her?” Why did she want him too? Why did she expect it? Why did she want him? He was a vampire, for god sake, and not even a sane one from what Wesley said. But she wanted the vampire from her toes to her hair.

“Angel,” Cordelia licked her lips. “Something’s not right.”

Angel would have to agree, the need he had right then to decipher every nuance of emotion on the beautiful face as well as the desperate need to keep Cordelia Chase safe, as well as fearing the prospect of just ‘her’ was slightly world rocking. Angel slowly nodded.

“Angel, I want to leave….” Cordelia paused looking straight at the point in between Angel‘s collar and first tuxedo button. “You can take me home without calling in ALL the guards, right. You can protect me at home. No sign of a stalker, maybe there wasn’t one, can you just take me home now, please.”

Angel looked at the head that some how became buried into his chest and his own arms and hands were doing their best to comfort the body within their immediate dominion and control. Angel gulped, wanting to push the body away.

His sanity hadn’t been the most stable thing…oh hell, be truthful, the visions turn him into a homicidal suicidal lunatic. What comfort could he give this woman?

“Angel,” Cordelia leaned up, her hand back to his face. God, Angel wished she would stop doing that.

“I’ll take you home.” Angel gave in to the eyes that flickered between deep brown and gold and locked into his soul.

Part 12

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Part 8

“Lilah, Lindsay, please have a seat.” Holland Masters beckoned the young lawyers to the chairs in front of his desk.

“Holland,” Lilah acknowledged sitting down wondering why both she and Lindsay were being called to the carpet. She glanced over at Lindsay. He wasn’t wondering. Great. The other lawyer screwed up somehow and she was getting caught up in it.

Lilah sat straighter. She didn’t do anything. Lindsay can sink on his own. “Holland, has something happened? Did Lindsay make a mistake, possibly a fatal one?”

“Killing me off a little soon, aren’t you Lilah?” Lindsay shot over to the other lawyer before turning to Holland. “Obviously, you’ve heard.”

Holland raised up a fax- the words were clear and bold. ‘Satan Toadies should stay in hell- You’re fired, Cordelia Chase’. “Lindsay, I would’ve appreciated finding out from you rather than from this somewhat colorful note.”

“I was on my way to tell you.”

Holland nodded. “So, tell me now.”

“Cordelia has hired Angel Investigations to find her stalker. It seems that she does know Angel, quite well. Trusts him, not us.”

“Angel?” Holland’s gaze rested on Lilah. “It was my understanding that the vampire with the soul was in no condition to investigate anything.”

“He isn’t. All the reports say that he’s a babbling idiot most of the time. He hasn’t been seen outside his apartment in almost a year. He’s been leaving the fighting to those associates of his- Wesley Wyndham-Price and Charles Gunn. They’re somewhat effective but not a danger to us. If Cordelia Chase hired Angel Investigations- she hired them, not Angel.”

“Charles Gunn was at the studio this morning and Cordelia said that Angel, not Gunn or Wyndham-Price, was escorting her to the Premiere tonight.” Lindsay countered.

“Find out. This could be very disturbing to the Senior Partners. They’ve been relying on Angel’s weakening role as a champion. I wonder…”


“Lindsay, you say that Cordelia knows the vampire. They both came to LA from the Hellmouth. Did they know each other there?”

“Yes, she admitted that Angel had saved her and her high school friends before.”

“Yet, this is the first time they’ve been connected in LA, correct.”

“First time I’ve ever heard her mention him or Sunnydale for that matter.”

“Lilah, in your surveillance of the vampire have you seen any indication of a connection.”

“With Cordelia Chase. No. There’s been no evidence of him even knowing her before now.”

“Interesting.” Holland tapped his fingertips. “The seers have sensed an upcoming change in the balance of things, not in our favor. The surge within the mystical forces occurred not very long before receiving this.” The older lawyer held up Cordelia’s fax.

“It seems possible that this renewed connection between Ms. Chase and Angel is causing it and that is not in our best interests. It must be severed.”

“She’s not going to listen to us, not now.”

“Any information on this stalker of hers.”


“Find him. He may be a danger to Ms. Chase and if she died it would be such a shame.”

“But any connection between Cordelia Chase and Angel would be severed.”

Holland gave a half smile to Lilah. “Now that would be interesting.

Part 9

“I’m saying you’re not thinking this is a good idea.” Gunn tugged at the sleeve of his tuxedo. “Why do I’ve to wear this monkey suit, damn.”

“I think that it is necessary that we accompany Angel and Cordelia to the Premiere tonight-that means tuxedos. If Angel has a vision tonight we’ll need to be there. Cordelia won’t be able to handle his possible violent reaction.” Wesley shook his head. “A very public event is not the place for Angel to be.”

“Could always chain him up.”

Wesley shot a look over at the other man. “Chaining up a lucid determined Angel is definitely not a good idea.”

“Yeah and he’s already left anyway, so no chance of that- we’ll just have to have the steel mesh net when and if it happens. So now what?” Gunn searched around his rented formal jacket trying to find the perfect places to hide his stakes and small hatchet.

“Wait for Cordelia’s driver to pick us up and hopefully just watch a movie.”

“Hey, Cordy’s in this movie, isn’t she? Wonder if we’ll see any Cordy-nakedness.”

“Oh lord, that was not the thought I needed.”


Cordelia trailed an appraising glance over the vampire. “Geez, you can be dressed up. Lookin’ very spiffy there ‘grr’ guy.” Cordelia smiled. Wow, Angel looked more than just spiffy- old words of ‘salty goodness’ floated through her memory.

Too bad, the man before her was a tragic vision-racked vampire prone to bouts of extreme antisocial and insane type behavior; otherwise he’d be a catch. But, Angel would look good on her arm or was it she would look good on his. Whatever.

Angel cleared his throat as he tugged nervously on the collar that had some how managed to tighten into a noose. Why was he here? He didn’t belong out in public much less escorting Cordelia to a movie premier. He belonged in the shadows.

What if he had a vision? What if he tripped? The way Cordelia kept staring at him seemed to make every coordinated bone in his body uncoordinated so tripping was a distinct possibility.

“You’re going to talk at least a little aren’t you? Granted, I’ve been known to carry conversations before and quite well, actually. Entertain myself even, tell quirky anecdotes, spread harmless fun gossip and other nonsense, touch on current events and what‘s new in the ‘in‘ scene, don‘t do religion or politics but will give myself compliments- you know like, Gee, Cordy you look spectacular tonight, love the hair and the dress. And the shoes, to die for,” Cordelia kicked out a strappy sandal clad foot in Angel’s direction.

“Oh, Geez, never mind,” Cordelia rolled her eyes at the vampire. “Well, at least stop gaping, looking dorky isn’t going to scare off any crazy stalker-type. Put on that dark mysterious broody face that was oh so intimidating back in Sunnydale.”

Angel blinked trying to catch her rapid fire speech and its meaning. Something about harmless fun, nonsense, politics, no not politics, shoes…why was Cordelia showing him her shoes? Dork, she called him a dork. Again Angel wondered what he was doing there.

Wait. Stalker. Angel’s expression became a scowl. He knew why he was there- to protect Cordelia from her stalker. To keep her safe at all cost. Angel didn’t understand but his need to keep Cordelia safe had screamed to a priority even more so than his pressing need to save the victims of his visions.

Only, that need didn’t cause Angel pain or drive him crazy. His need for a safe Cordelia made him feel stronger. He needed to be.

“That’s the face I’m talking about- the no-nonsense take no prisoner-type, scary and the ‘grr’ sound, a great ad-lib. Doubly scary.” Cordelia nodded enthusiastically.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you, Cordelia.”

“Wow. You can speak. Come one, my silent dark hero. I’ll just assume that you find me irresistibly gorgeous and the extreme emotion of it all took away your coherent thoughts as well as your ability to say that I look nice in my new dress and shoes,” Cordelia shoved her shoe once again at the vampire.

Cordelia shook her head; the soft curls floating around her beautiful face.

Angel stared at Cordelia’s expectant face. The young woman was doing it again. Maybe she was driving him crazy. What was she talking about now? Hero. Gorgeous. The shoes again. Wait. Compliments. She wanted him to say something nice about her dress and shoes.

Angel studied the gold high-heeled sandals and the sun-colored shimmering dress that hugged around Cordelia‘s body. How did she walk in those shoes? How did she keep that dress up? It sure wasn’t from over use of the shimmering material. Where was it’s back? Angel gulped, he didn’t remember the young woman in person, as being quite so…. so curvy and well…gorgeous.

Beautiful, sure- but the woman before him wasn’t the tactlessly rude lovely teenager he knew in Sunnydale, though she did still talk a lot and it seemed about anything and everything that was on her mind. No, this woman could take a man‘s breath and words away.

But Angel tried anyway. “You look…very…um.. Nice in your new shoes and dress- the dress, it’s very….sunny….nice.”

Cordelia blinked, her smile getting bright and wide, her shoulders starting to shake as giggles then finally laughter burst out of the smile.

Angel stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at his feet. God. He just told the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen she looked ‘nice’. He was a dork. Not only was he a borderline psychotic he was a borderline psychotic dork. When did he become a dork? The psychotic he had pretty much figured out, but dork? What was that exactly?”

“Thank you.” Cordelia beamed, her laughter slowing to a halt. “I think you actually meant that. Good. You look nice. I look nice. We’re a damn ‘nice’ looking couple. Do you even like movies? What’s the last movie you saw?” Cordelia slid her arm under Angel’s to hook her elbow in his.


“Moving pictures with sounds. Color now-days even.” Cordelia tilted her head up at the vampire.

Angel glanced down into twinkling hazel eyes. She was about to start to laugh again. He could feel the chuckles of her breath rolling up his body, squeezing his groin. Angel gulped again. That wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be here.

He shouldn’t want to smile. “Omega Man.”

Cordelia paused, tugging at his arm. “Really, Charlton Heston, Hmmph. Loner, lonely guy in post-apocalyptic LA, turning hero with the wise cracks and kicking ass- okay, for you just the kicking ass part. Did you read the book? The creepy guys in black robes- book version- vampires- not that I wanted to read it mind you, but it was required in Sunnydale, I realized why when I saw my first vampire bite the dust- is that why you liked it. A feeling of empathy, vampire with a soul, solo-isolated- the hero-, fighting the evil creatures trying to save the remaining innocents.” Cordelia looked up expectantly.

“I just like Charlton Heston.”

“Oh, you know that he’s got Alzheimer’s- the hero turning crazy- is that why you like him. Empathy, cuz you’re a hero going you know- bonkers. Not that I think your crazy but Wesley said…”

“I just like him.” Angel stared.


Angel followed blindly into the waiting limousine. Wait. He should be sensing the area for any strange and intruding scents. Instead he was thinking about a dark theater and a movie seen alone too many years ago and now another movie, the woman next to him who somehow stated his life in a quick movie review and the smile that seemed to be threatening to break through his habitual scowl.

“This movie, the one we’re going to – what kind of movie is it?” Angel tried in an attempt to distract him from the odd feeling of true confusion flowing through him.

“Wow. Three sentences all together. Well, sorta three, almost a conversation, definitely a question- which I’ll answer.” Cordelia nodded reassuring, “but, it’s not a lonely guy hero film and definitely no Charlton Heston, so no backing out, it’s a romantic comedy set in- hey, you’re an old guy- early 19th century, maybe you’ll like it, remind you of old times. Oh wait -old times for you were evil killing sprees- this isn’t horror. Where were you in the 1800’s?”

“England.” Angel said simply, deciding after a tense moment that Cordelia wasn’t inquiring about Angelus and his killing sprees, just his whereabouts.

Cordelia shook her head. “Nay, this is set in United States- New York area- which is good, since my British accent needs work or at least that’s what my acting coach says, what do you think do I sound British, you’re old-time Irish-like, right, that’s close, sorta of right?”

“Now?” Angel squirmed was he suppose to answer that? Cordelia sounded horrible.

“I take that as a no, then- I hate it when he’s right, he can be such a little Lord Fauntleroy-type. I play the heroine’s best friend. I’ve played best friends before- well, once I was a best friend and once I was an old girlfriend- but I died in both. Those movies did pretty well and the critics seemed to like me dying.” Cordelia glanced up.

“That’s why I’m nervous tonight. I’m not in this one- dying I mean. What if I’m only good at dying? I don’t what to be the girl that’s always dying, boring.” Cordelia shrugged. “My agent didn’t really want me to take it since I sleep around a lot in it- but I say I make it to the closing credits. But he says it goes against, ‘Sweetheart of America Stuff’- which is kind of funny that now my reputation is ‘sweet’ when in high school it was bitch.” Cordelia shrugged.

“Things change, look at you- evil/soul, me – bitch/sweet…. though, I can still be a bitch when need be, it just that I don’t seem to want or need to be one as much, weird, uh, though honestly I don’t think I’m all that sweet. But, hey, it pays the bills and buys expensive shoes,” Cordelia kicked up her foot again for an appreciative glance.

“You…what do you mean you sleep around a lot in the movie?” Angel thought it was easier to just block out most of what Cordelia was saying and just concentrate on the statement that caught his attention. For some unknown reason, Angel really hoped that Cordelia meant she had some weird sleeping illness in the film.

“I’m a major slut in this movie. Seducing pretty much everyone, well not the heroines’ boyfriend, because well, then I wouldn’t be a very good best friend and my character was given some scruples, just not that much to wear.”

“Not…” Angel gulped looking again at the young woman and the curves accentuated by the form fitting dress. Angel didn’t want to see her in less. Angel looked again. He didn’t think he did. He knew he shouldn’t. “Women wore a lot of clothes in the 19th century, layers and layers of them.”

“Really, in the bedroom too? Cuz, the director wanted me to run around nude like in all of the scenes. I was just thinking he just wanted my ass on the screen. Eek was I wrong, should I’ve said yes to the nude scenes. I’m just not real comfortable with that yet, so I have a no nudity clause in my contract. Maybe for the right part.” Cordelia shrugged again. “Well?”

Angel gulped at the idea of a naked Cordelia running around on wide screen. Movies were seen by a lot of people. He stared at the woman. She asked him something. “What?”

“Well, should’ve I have said yes to the nudity- you know for historical accuracy in the bedroom?”

“No, you made a good choice. No nude scenes.” Angel was definite in his answer. For the first time that night he was truly certain about something. Though, he wasn’t so sure why he was so sure about that.

Cordelia nodded happily. “Good- we’re here. Hey,” Cordelia leaned over Angel, pointing through the window, “There’s Wesley and Gunn. We can go join them after the picture-shooting-frenzy.” Cordelia scooted back to her side of the limo.

Angel’s back was stiffly pressed against the seat his eyes closed trying to get rid of the imagines of Cordelia’s breast floating near his face as she leaned over. How she kept those lovely full rounded bits of flesh inside that sunny shimmering dress was beyond him.

Part 10

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Part 5

“Wow,” Gunn repeated over and over again. “That girl is DAMN hot. You messed up that- man that sucks.”

“Yes, Charles, Cordelia Chase is a very attractive young woman and I’m eternally heartbroken that our brief non-relationship didn’t evolve into an happy ever after fairytale.”

Gunn shrugged at Wesley’s caustic tone. “Just saying, she’s hot.”

“Cordelia is a client and friend in trouble can we please concentrate on that particular issue.”

“Why didn’t you want her to see Angel? Given his reaction to Cordy on the box, seeing her live might just be what the vamp needs to keep him this side of reality.”

Wesley nodded. “True, ‘The Cordy Show’ does seem to have a calming influence on Angel. However, one cannot be assured of his reaction to actually seeing a live Cordelia. His interest is borderline obsessive as it is. There is no telling how he would react. Cordelia Chase already as one overly enthusiastic fan, I don’t believe we should give her another and it’s that fan we need to be concerned with now.”

“Are you even going to tell him about our new case?”

“What new case?”

Gunn and Wesley started at Angel’s quiet question coming from the darkened doorway.

“Angel, how are you doing? You look well.” Wesley studied the vampire. Angel did look much better. The Cordy Show, sleep, blood and the successful completion of his previous vision seemed to bring Angel back to reality.

Wesley shook his head. Hopefully, Angel wouldn’t receive another vision for a while, allowing the vampire some period of lucidity.

Angel merely nodded, moving slowly to the armchair sinking into its depths. “The case?”

“Angel, you needn’t concern….”

“Wesley, I’m fine for now. I would like to do something productive for as long as I can before another vision hits. Please.”

Wesley took a deep breath and made his decision. He knew that when Angel was able to have coherent thoughts, the vampire hated the knowledge of his bouts of insanity and feelings of uselessness.

“Angel, you remember Cordelia Chase.”

Gunn looked up in surprise- 0ne because Wesley seemed to have changed his mind regarding telling Angel about Cordelia hiring them and second- why Wesley would ask the vampire such a stupid question. Remember her? The vampire watched The Cordy Show every week. Angel couldn’t get the woman out of his mind.

Angel blinked, slowly nodding at Wesley. “From Sunnydale. She’s in LA acting. I’ve…I’ve seen her show.” The vampire frowned as if he was trying to remember something else.

“Yes” Wesley agreed. He had suspected but hadn’t been sure until now that Angel wasn’t completely cognizant of his obsessive habit to watch Cordelia’s show.

“What does she have to do with our new case?” Angel said his speech still slow his face now expressionless.

“She is our case. Cordelia’s assistant contacted us, it seems that she has acquired a stalker. Gunn and I met with her earlier today, she gave us the copies of the letters she has received.”

“Cordelia is in danger?” Angel looked up, something akin to anger flickered in his solemn gaze.

“That is not clear at this point but the letters are disturbing in content and unsettling in that they have the ability to show up in highly secure locations as well as her home. Whoever is sending them has access to her.”

Angel stood. “Where is she now?” looking at Gunn and Wesley. “You left her alone?” His voice uncharacteristically tinged with anger as well as being disapproving.

“I was going to check in on you, then go over to her house. Though, Cordelia was highly unreceptive to the idea of a bodyguard. Tomorrow, Charles is going to her studio to watch over her and question those there.”

“I should….”

“Angel, it’s true that as a vampire you possess the greatest strength however we can not be sure when a vision will hit. And under those circumstances it would be best for you not to be around Cordelia.”

Angel closed his eyes, his body becoming stiff; he turned on his heels and retreated back into his stark bedroom. A large resounding crash came from behind the closed door.

Gunn glanced worriedly over to Wesley. “He didn’t take that well.”

Wesley shrugged. “Angel’s inability to control the effects of the visions angers and frustrates him when he can actually remember that he’s not a useless lunatic. They’re killing him. I’ll see you in the morning.”


Angel paced in the darkened room. He knew that Wesley was right. The unpredictability of the visions and the debilitating effects of them made his usefulness outside the safety of his locked bedroom and comforting restraints practically non-existent.

Yet, he couldn’t just stay in this room waiting to see if Wesley could protect Cordelia. Angel didn’t understand, he and Cordelia hardly knew each other in Sunnydale. He just remembered the beautiful teenager standing on the outskirts of Buffy and her friends, sarcastic, tactless, and lovely- and having the unique ability to make him laugh on a few rare brief instances.

Angel remembered more, Cordelia Chase, the star of The Cordy Show, even more beautiful and…god forbid…making him laugh when he wasn’t out of his mind from the visions. An act, not real but it called to him. Angel couldn’t identify the feeling or know the source of his need but Cordelia must be protected at all cost.

It was as if her existence, even through a TV show, held the remaining portion of his sanity. The vampire strode to the iron bars sealing the lone window in the room.

For the first time since the bars had been secured, Angel tugged using his strength to remove the barrier to him and the world.

Part 6

“Oh, hi,” Cordelia let Wesley into her multimillion dollar home.

“You don’t have any guards. A security gate would at least be expected.” Wesley dropped his duffle bag filled with weapons in the foyer.

“I’m rich not a prisoner, eww.” Cordelia waved away Wesley’s concern. “Anyway, this is the first time anyone has actually bothered me here.” Cordelia sighed, sitting on the leather couch. “So, have you solved the case yet?”

“No,” Wesley sat. “It’s only been six hours.”

“Hmmph.” Cordelia leaned back crossing her arms against her chest. “I don’t like this.” Cordelia sat back up. “Are you guys any good?”

“We’ve been known to solve a case or two.”

“Losing the arm was that a successful case.” Cordelia raised an elegant brow.

“It was a miss calculation.” Wesley squirmed, getting up. “You have too many windows in this place.” The man walked around the room studying the expansive windows overlooking beautiful scenery.

“I told you I’m not a prisoner, Geez. So what’s Angel, the broody dead private eye doing? No offense but a vampire, while ‘eww’ would be just the thing to scare away any crazy fan.”

“He’s still resting off the effects of the visions.”

“Visions, too weird. I can’t believe I’m being subjected to such weirdness again. Hmmph. Want some wine or anything?” Cordelia moved to the kitchen.

“No thank you.” Wesley took another turn around the living area. “Do you have any help, live in or otherwise?”

“Cleaning crew comes in every day, sometimes Nevin stays over if stuff gets too busy.” Cordelia shrugged. “I’ve been having to go to a lot of talk shows and stuff for the pre-Emmy press-fest. Tonight, he’s at the Bel Air Hotel, setting up the commendations for the ‘A Season Is More Than A Time Of Year’ premiere. Though, why I can’t just sleep at home, I don’t understand, but Nev says I have to go to all the parties and stuff.”

“You have a part in that movie.”

“Yeah, the female lead’s best bitchy bimbo girlfriend. Almost on the ‘A’ list, but not quite. But, at least in this movie I get to stay alive for the whole thing.” Cordelia flashed a great big smile, convincing Wesley that Cordelia and the ‘A’ list were not long to be separated.

“Maybe until we find out who has been sending you those notes, you shouldn’t go.”

“Not go to a top ‘A’ list movie premiere. Duh. Don’t think so. Hey, did you hear that.” Cordelia left the kitchen area and wandered to the large plate glass window.

“Cordelia,” Wesley pulled at the woman, placing his body between the young woman and the glass.

Cordelia pushed and peered again into the darkness. “Hey, isn’t that the dark dead guy?” pointing out into the darkness.

Wesley looked more closely, slowly opening the plate glass door. “Angel?” Wesley pulled back as the darkness materialized into the form of a man.

“I thought…”

“I needed to be sure. I’m alright.” Angel said stepping closer into the light from the living room.

“Angel.” Wesley’s concerned tone was obvious.

“Wow.” Cordelia stepped up. “It is you. Still ‘grr’ and everything, uh.” The young woman faced the vampire.

“Cordelia.” Angel stepped even closer to the young woman.

“Angel,” Wesley said again. “I don’t think…”

“I told you I was fine.”

Wesley blinked back at the anger in the vampire’s tone.

Cordelia looked back and forth at the men. “Well, are you going to come in or just lurk and blend into the darkness?”

“I have to be invited.”

“Oh, right.” Cordelia scrunched up her brow. “You haven’t received the joy or anything have you? No way am I inviting the evil ‘grr’ guy in.”


“Oh, good. Okay, you can come in. But hey, wipe your feet.” She pointed to Angel’s mud coated boots.

“Yes, Cordelia.” Angel obediently brushed his feet against the outdoor mat before coming in.

Cordelia nodded. She moved towards the counter as her phone started to ring.

“Angel, I thought we…”

“No, Wesley, we didn’t. Look, I’m okay. I just needed to make sure that Cordelia was safe.”

“I…Angel, I understand that you would be worried since she is a remembrance of a better time for you, but you two were not close in Sunnydale.”

Angel turned looking at the beautiful brunette holding the phone to her ear. “I know.”

“Nev, I don’t know. Okay…. I ….who? No way. Of course I can’t go alone, but I’m not going with him, egoistical idiot, I’m not. Anyway, the Private Investigators you forced me to hire don’t think it’s a good idea that I go to the Premiere. I realize that…. Hold on.” Cordelia covered the mouthpiece of her phone.

“Okay, which of you stalwart protectors will go with me to the premiere tomorrow night.” Cordelia looked straight at the vampire, jerking away as she realized that she was silently wishing the dark handsome man to say he would be the one.


“I’ll go,” Angel said over Wesley’s attempt.

Cordelia bit her lips. “Okay.” She turned back into the phone. “I’m going and I already have a date, a tall, dark and broody one, so tell what’s his names’ agent to go find a ditzy blonde. Hmmph. What? No, that’s a go. The breast cancer commercial needs to get on the air as soon as possible. I’ll be there tomorrow. Bye.”

Cordelia hung up the phone. “Well, I’ve got plenty of rooms, make yourself comfortable, I’m going to bed. Night.” Cordelia went up the circular staircase.

“Angel.” Wesley said again to the vampire.

“Christ, Wesley, I said I’m fine.”

“For how long?”

“If you feel the need to stay than stay. But, I’m not leaving.”

Wesley narrowed his eyes at the conviction in Angel’s words. “Okay. I’ll take the couch.” Wesley slumped down on the sofa.

Angel nodded as he sat in the corresponding armchair.


Cordelia tossed and turned. Wow. Weird dreams. Dreams of her and Angel actually being…she didn’t know….close…like friends…like almost more…Cordelia shot up in bed. She blinked around, her gaze settling on the chair. “Angel?”


“Oh.” Cordelia scrunched up her face and pulled herself up against the backboard of her bed. “You’re in my bedroom. Why are you in my bedroom? Is Wesley here too.” Cordelia looked around. “Okay, he’s not. So why are you? You sure you’re not evil? Damn, I threw out all the vampire killing stuff when I moved away from Sunnydale. If you’re evil stay put while I scream for Wesley.”

“Cordelia, I’m not evil. I…I just ….Wesley said that you received the last note in your bedroom.”

“Oh.” Cordelia wrapped her arms around her legs. “So, how are you? Wesley said you were getting really weird nasty visions and you broke up with Buffy, again and you’re still dead, but not evil just a bit insane. So, other than all that- you doing okay?”

“I’ve not seen Buffy in three years.”

“Eek, hence the craziness. Yuk, guess that explains the whole Angel whacked years. Why not? Granted, that love wasn’t a barrel of laughs more like a Shakespearean tragedy, but you left Buffy?” Cordelia scrunched up her nose.

“I…Go to sleep Cordelia. Nothing, no one will touch you. Sleep.”

Cordelia stared at the dark vampire. “Okay, don’t want to talk about it- still playing the dark mysterious loner card, uh,” lying back down. Cordelia shot back up to the seated position.

“You said you would be my date tomorrow night. You’ll need a tuxedo. Not that you don’t look good in the skulking leather ensemble, but tomorrow night a tuxedo- don’t worry- tuxedos are black.” She watched as the vampire reluctantly nodded. “Good night then.” Cordelia curled up into her covers.

Angel watched as the young woman settled into sleep. He tentatively reached up bringing a hand to his mouth. He was smiling.

Part 7

“Can I help you?” Lindsay stood at the open doorway.

Gunn looked up from the drawer he was searching. “No,” going back to his search.

“I’m calling security.”

Gunn straightened. “Who are you?”

“I believe I’m the one that has the right to ask the questions.”

“Yeah, whatever, who are you? Do you work here?” Gunn moved his larger frame towards the smaller man.

“Oh, Mr. McDonald, I see you’ve met Mr. Gunn.” Nevin ran into the office. “Here, Mr. Gunn, these are all the personnel files.”

“Thanks.” Gunn took the papers.

“Nevin, who is this.”

“I thought you met, this is Mr. Gunn, he’s one of the private investigators Ms. Chase hired.”

Gunn raised his head. “Just Gunn, two ‘Ns’ no mister, damn man.”

“Private Investigator? When did Cordelia do that?”

“Yesterday,” Cordelia entered into the office. “Nevin, could you please go and make those phone calls we talked about earlier. Thanks.” She said as her assistant ran from the room.

“Lindsay what are you doing here? Did we have an appointment?”

“No, I just wanted to make sure that you hadn’t received anymore letters. I told you the firm would investigate the matter there is no need to hire outside help.”

“Who are you?” Gunn repeated his earlier question.

“Lindsay McDonald, Ms. Chase’s lawyer. Your services are no longer required.”

“Ain’t that for the lady to decide.”

“Yes, it is.” Cordelia glared at the lawyer. “And they are staying on the case until the creepy letter writer is caught.”

“Of course, I apologize, Cordy. It’s just that I’m sure that Wolfram & Hart has the better resources to identify the stalker. There’s no reason to waste your money on yellow page investigators.”

“That’s my decision. If that’s all,” dismissing Lindsay with her tone.

“Of course it is, again I apologize. But, also I was hoping that you would allow me to escort you to the premiere tonight.”

“What doesn’t Wolfram & Hart get free tickets?” Cordelia raised a brow.

“I think that you shouldn’t go alone, especially with the stalker about.”

“Who said I was going alone.” Cordelia raised both of her brows.

“Nevin informed me that you refused the studio’s request to go along with their choice of a publicity date.”

“Well, then he should’ve also told you – I have a date and protection. Angel.”

“Angel?” Lindsay frowned.

“Angel of Angel Investigations. I’m sure you heard of us. We’ve got the lady covered, Wolfram & Hart can just sit their evil asses out on the sidelines. Cordy’s protected from the stalker and anything else skanky and vile.” Gunn promised.

Lindsay studied the other man then slowly turned to Cordelia. “You hired Angel?”

“Sounds like you know him.”

“He’s worked on some of the cases that Wolfram & Hart has had interest in. It was my understanding that Angel wasn’t the most mentally stable investigator out there. Really, Cordelia, if you want to hire a private investigator, I’m sure I can provide you with a sane recommendation.”

“Angel’s not crazy, just reclusive and I bet he looks damn good in a tux.”

“He’s potentially very dangerous, there are aspects of his personality that you are unaware of.”

“Is that your round about legal way to warn me that he’s a vampire? If it is don’t bother- knew it- know it. Still trust him. He’s saved my life and the lives of my friends on more than one occasion in Sunnydale.”

“It seems you do know him.” Lindsay considered the young woman.

“Yeah, soul and everything- Angel’s one of the good guys. Oh, and Lindsay, this seems the right time to tell you, at this moment Nevin is making the arrangements to cut all ties between me and your evil law firm. You’re fired. Tootles.”

“Cordelia, I’m sure that any information Angel has told you about any prior dealings that he may have had with Wolfram & Hart have been exaggerated. I’m sure I can explain away any concerns you may have been misled into believing.”

“I’m sure you can’t. Wesley and Angel say you’re a bad guy -that’s good enough for me. Angel- Wolfram & Hart,” Cordelia lifted her hands weighing her next words in the air. “Who to trust.” Cordelia studied her hands, her right palm dropping.

“Look, not Satan’s law firm.” Cordelia shrugged. “Out, Lindsay, and as of now, I’m telling security that you or any Wolfram & Hart employees are not welcome in the studio.”

“You’re making a grave mistake, Cordelia. Wolfram & Hart can be a great benefit to your career.”

“Hey, evil shyster, you heard the lady, leave.” Gunn stepped up closer to Lindsay.

Lindsay shot a look at the black man. “You’re kidding aren’t you, physical intimidation?” You are so out of your league. Remind Angel of that if he’s attempting to get back into the game.”

Part 8

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Title: Cordy the TV Star
Author: anneb aka OnlyAnne
Posted here: 08/05
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Birthday (Cordy’s options were to go with the TV fame or death, (for now I’m forgetting the demon choice- so-there)
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: NF- yes of course, whatever…. the rest- while I’ll always say yes, please just ask. Wow. I almost felt important.

Part 1

“I don’t get it, man.” Gunn jerked his head towards unkempt lumped figure staring at the TV screen. Wesley glanced at the black man then back to the vampire huddled directly in front of the television.

“Definite hottie, but him- I don’t get it.” Gunn urged.

Wesley sighed and straightened. “I’m not sure. But, he knew her in Sunnydale, as well. Perhaps it’s just that she is familiar to him. A face he can remember. The show seems to calm him for a few days at least.”

Both men looked back at the TV as the credits rolled and the theme song faded along with the imagines of the beautiful young woman.

Gunn rubbed his face. “Got to hope that syndication deal with the WB goes through. ‘Cordy’ every night would be a nice break from his raging crazy mad hatter routine. Maybe allow him to actually make it through a vision without descending into the rabbit hole and maybe even sleep.” Gunn shook his head.

“If not WB, then UPN, both of them want it.” Wesley shrugged his shoulders, making obvious the loss of one arm. “Angel, the vision?” The vampire turned and took the cup.

Wesley sighed, still amazed. Every week, the vampire sat glued to the TV set watching a sitcom starring Sunnydale’s own Cordelia Chase. Once the credits ended, Angel almost seemed to be normal. Or as normal as a vampire with a soul and visions+ and centuries of guilt producing package can be. But, still there would be no need for restraints for at least a couple of days.

“Taken care of.”

Angel nodded, slowly moving back into his bare room settling on the lone mattress on the floor. “I’m tired,” handing Wesley the empty mug.

Wesley motioned Gunn to the door. “Good night, Angel.”

“Hey, Wes,” Gunn said as soon as the door was closed. “You know her, call her write her, maybe she’ll send an 8’ by 10’ glossy we could have better than the screen version for him.”

Part 2

“Cordy, you have to call the police.” The young man waved a letter around in the air. “It’s the third one. From the same sicko, no doubt.”

The beautiful young woman scrunched up her face. “Nevin, they don’t really threaten me, they’re just the usual. Don’t be such a worry-wort.”

“Cordy, he’s a sicko, pure and simple. The creep somehow has the ability to just drop this crazy fan notes off. He’s got to have an in on the inside.” The young man looked suspiciously out the door of the office to the sound stage. “Cordy, you’re a big star and that causes all the crazies to come crawling out from their rocks. And this guy is crazy.”

“Calling me a princess, isn’t necessarily crazy, it’s kind of sweet.”

“Sweet? How about ‘your life is a lie, your destiny is with me. I am your champion. Demons or dimensions won’t separate us. The beast will never touch you’, Uh? Not real high on the sane scale. ‘I’m coming’- not reassuring. Jesus, Cordy, you know the stories- some crazed whacked fan kills or shoots the ‘star’ they adore. Call the police.”

“Nevin, I believe you are over reacting. The firm agrees with Ms. Chase. There is no need for police involvement. Wolfram & Hart can conduct a discreet investigation into this matter. This is not the time for sensational publicity. The Emmys are not far off. Lindsay McDonald stood. “Cordy, if I could have that letter. I’m sure it is nothing to worry about, I’ll handle everything.”

Cordelia reluctantly gave the letter over to the lawyer.

Lindsay flashed a smile. “Maybe dinner next week?”

“Ah, my schedule is pretty booked. I’ve got to make the talk show circuit, the Emmy’s.” Cordelia shrugged and smiled regretfully.

Lindsay nodded and left.

“Nevin, who recommended Wolfram & Hart? Remember, please, so I can cross them off my Christmas list. I just don’t get warm fuzzy feelings from that group. Even Lindsay with all his good looks and charm gives the heebie jeebies.

“They’re lawyers, they’re not supposed to make you feel warm and fuzzy.” Nevin commented. “Cordy, I still think….”

“No police. But, if it makes you feel better- a compromise, give me the phone book.”

Cordy flipped through the yellow pages. Her eyes were drawn to the first listing. It was smaller than the rest. Not big on the advertising. It was very simple, really, just a name. Angel Investigations. Angel? Lord, Cordy hadn’t thought about the Sunnydale vampire in ages. In fact, she had pretty well blocked all of the memories of the Hellmouth out of her head.

It seemed so far in the distant past, more a nightmare, not her reality. But, she couldn’t deny that the recent letters had sort of freaked her. The usual mash notes she received as a celebrity didn’t mention demons, dimensions or beasts. All things that reminded her too much of her hellish hometown. Well, Buffy wasn’t around and her boyfriend vampire wouldn’t be swooping down in all of his ‘salty goodness’ to fix this.

God, Cordelia was glad she was away from all that. She scrunched her nose at the listing. Still, it could be an omen. And things were getting kinda of weird and maybe she did need help. Whatever, Cordelia pushed the yellow book forward. It was the damn books fault. Can we at least try to bypass the ‘B’s and go straight for the ‘c’s. Or any other odd combination of the alphabet.

“Talk to me Nevin.” Cordelia glared.

“I…look….the guy I talked to didn’t seem real professional. He wants to meet you at a coffee shop. Not the sign of high rent. He didn’t even discuss a fee. Just seemed anxious to see you. He’s another crazy, I bet. I say don’t go.”

“Nevin, give me the address.” Cordelia held out her hand.

“Fine,” Nevin handed the paper to Cordy and spoke into his cell phone at the same time. “Josh, bring the car around for Ms. Chase and don’t let her out of your sight.”

“Oh, Nevin, did this guy have a name?”

“Yeah, Wesley Windy- Price or something. Sounded great, had that PBS voice, but still he sounded crazy?”

“Wesley…” Cordelia turned. “Wesley Wyndham-Price?”

“I guess that could have been it.”

“Oh.” Cordelia walked to her waiting limousine in a daze. Wesley working for a private investigation firm named ‘Angel Investigation’. That just seemed very weird. An uneasy feeling settled in the pit of her stomach.

Emmys or no Emmys, Cordelia was beginning to feel that she hadn’t left Sunnydale as far behind as she hoped.

Part 3

“Are you comfortable?” Lindsay said from the doorway of his office.

“Very, I like this office. Better view.” Lilah Morgan smoothed the expensive silk of her suit skirt, her long legs resting on Lindsay’s desk.

“Too bad, honey. It’s mine.” Lindsay pushed Lilah’s designer clad feet to the ground.

“We’ll see. Well, what’s up with the bimbo starlet? More ‘fan’ letters?”

“That’s not your concern.”

“Actually, it is now. Holland just gave the word. I’ve been assigned to help you baby-sit America’s TV sweetheart. So, fill me in. Why is Wolfram & Hart interested in a nobody actress.”

“Nobody? She’s won two Emmy’s; her show has been the highest rated show since it aired. And she’s been able to crossover into films, as well. Both that she starred in broke box office records. There is talk of an Oscar for the last one. Cordelia Chase is golden.”

“Fine, she’s the next Sally Fields, what’s Wolfram & Hart’s interest?”

“That’s it- she’s golden. She exploded onto the Hollywood scene with a powerful agent and a hit TV show within two months of arriving in LA. About the same time, the big heads in the basement sensed a major surge in mystical energy right here in LA. The type that can create or destroy universes.”

Lilah tapped her long nails on the hard surface of the desk. “She caused it? I find that hard to believe.”

“No, but she was the center of whatever happened. Someone or something has provided Cordelia Chase with her very own little garden of fame and fortune to play in.”

“And since it wasn’t us, we need to know.” Lilah said understanding.

“And make sure it remains, so.” Lindsay added.

Lilah raised her brows.

“The statistics on the balance of good vs. evil spread sheet has been swinging to our side since the little occurrence. It’s marginal, but the slide is there. They want it to stay that way. Why were you reassigned? I thought you were monitoring Project ‘Angel’?”

“It’s been de-prioritized.”

“Really? I thought it was number one because of the prophecy.”

“The vampire with a soul came on the scene strong, but his increasingly unstable mental state has made the fruition of the prophecy skeptical. It’s projected that his influence on the balance will be non-existence in another year.”

Lindsay looked out across the city, thinking. “Angel came to LA, when? Almost three years ago?”

“Yes. Why?”

“That’s about when Cordelia Chase showed up. Her career skyrockets, Angel’s effectiveness as the ‘champion’ plummets and the balance is swinging in Wolfram & Hart’s favor.”

“You’re seeing a connection.” Lilah shot up straight in the chair.

“I’m seeing a possibility of one. Cordelia Chase grew up in Sunnydale, where Angel was before he came to LA.”

“She’s a Hellmouth babe? Did they know each other?”

“No clue. Maybe we should find out. But, first we need to make sure that whoever or whatever is sending Cordy love note’s is not a threat.”


“Yeah, most human stalkers don’t mention demons and dimensions in their fan mail. Oh and Lilah, you maybe resigned to this project, but remember it’s my project, just like this is my office. Now, please get your ass out of my chair.”

Part 4

Cordelia searched the shop for the tweedy presence of Wesley Windiem-Price. She blinked as her eyes shot back to the two men sitting in a booth. The tough black man was definitely not the pressed stuffy young watcher.

But, neither was the other man. It couldn’t be. But it was. “Wesley?” Cordelia walked up to the rumpled man. “What happened to the prim and proper attire?” She glanced at the worn jacket and t-shirt underneath. “For that matter what happened to your arm, it’s gone.”

“Hello, Cordelia.” Wesley stood. “Still stating the painfully obvious, I see.”

“You had two the last time I saw you. Now you have one. Two minus one is one. I can subtract.”

“Yes. A Kungai Demon a couple of years back. I don’t like to talk about it.”

“Then don’t.” Cordelia shrugged and sat down. “So, you’re a private investigator, uh and fighting demons. How does that work with your habit of screaming and fainting like a girl.”

“I resist the urge.”

Cordelia shrugged again. “Hi.” She turned to the black man. “You can close your mouth.”

Gunn’s mouth slammed shut.

“I’m sorry, Cordelia this is Charles Gunn, my partner. Gunn, this is…”

“Dawg, I know who this is. You do know her. Wow.”

Cordelia smiled. “Yeah, we go way back.”

“Is it true that you and Wes…you know. Had a little thing…”

“…Humiliating kiss. Where he drooled all over my chin? Though I’ve worked really hard to repress it.”

“Right. Cordelia, your assistant called and said that you had a stalker or was this just your way to get me to enjoy a forced death march down memory lane?”

“Yes to the stalker. No to the stroll down memory lane. I didn’t know you were ‘Angel Investigations’ until Nevin told me your name. ‘Angel’? In tribute to broody dead guy? I never took you as a fan of Angel’s.”

“No, Cordelia.” Wesley hesitated. “It’s not a tribute. It’s Angel’s agency.”

“Angel? Here? A private investigator, too? What’s Buffy, his girl Friday? Better be careful, Wesley, you know how bosses and secretaries are. One minute of groiny joy after hours and wham- Angelus. Great and I’m in LA. They were supposed to stay in Sunnyhell with all the rest of the weirdness.”

“As far as I know, Buffy is still in Sunnydale as the slayer and Angel is in no condition to be getting joy from anyone.”

“Really? They broke up, again? How many times would this make it?”

“The last. Angel came to LA after graduation.”

“Wow, so did I. How come I didn’t know? Granted, I was barely talking to the Scoobies at the time while blowing up the school. Still, you’d think I would’ve heard the whole traumatic scene. Must have happened after I left.”

“I’m not aware of the exact timing. Cordelia, your stalker?”

“How’s Angel? I want to see him.” Cordelia said. Cordelia wasn’t sure why, but she thought seeing the vampire was some how important.

“Cordelia, Angel is not the same vampire you knew in Sunnydale.”

“What, he’s no longer the big jokester always the un-life of parties? Gee, how unusual.”

“Cordelia, Angel came to Los Angeles in pain, vulnerable- and when Doyle, his only friend died he just…retreated into himself.”

“His getting the visions didn’t help either.” Gunn added.


“Angel sees visions of people who are being attacked by demons, etc. And we go save them. Most of the time.” Wesley rubbed his face.

“Let me get this straight. Angel has visions about people who are going to die. He tells you, you go out and slay, and this is how you make a living? That’s got to be the suckiest job in the world.”

“Pays, the bills. Occasionally.” Gunn shrugged. “We do regular PI on the side to help with the whole living and eating thing.”

Cordelia nodded. “Which is what my case is- regular- no demons, no weirdness just a nut job writing crazy letters. So how much?”

“Excuse me.” Wesley rubbed his face again.

“Money, fee? How much?”

“Cordelia, we couldn’t’ charge you. You’re a friend in need of help.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “No wonder you can only pay the bills ‘occasionally’. That’s sweet, Wesley, but I’m a friend with money. Overcharge me. So, when do I get to see Angel? Guess not now is good, the whole daylight issue and stuff.”

“Cordelia, I really think that should wait. He recently had a vision and well…it takes a lot out of him. He’s not up for visitors. We’ll tell him hi for you. Now, back to your stalker. Please describe each instance.”

Cordelia scrunched up her face. She wanted to see Angel. Though why she did was a bit confusing. Cordelia shook her head. “It really isn’t a stalker. Just somebody writing crazy letters like I said. I get them sometimes. But these are weirder and have Nevin freaked. And my lawyers. This last one got me a impromptu visit from Lindsay.”

“Your lawyers?” Wesley repeated. “The firm?”

“Wolfram & Hart,” Cordelia shivered. “I don’t really like them. For the life of me, I can’t remember who recommended them. What? Why are you looking like that?”

“Wolfram & Hart. We’ve run across them. They seem to have a connection with many of the situations Angel’s vision portray.”

“As in a bad connection?”

“We have information that we believe indicates that Wolfram & Hart’s main cliental are of the demonic nature- evil. It is disturbing that they are your lawyers.”

“Disturbing? Disturbing? I’m being represented by Satan’s toadies- I say it was more than just disturbing. I told Nevin they gave me the heebie jeebies. Are you sure? Damn’t, I left the Hellmouth for more than just fame and fortune. Well, they’re fired.”

Part 5

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Boxers or Briefs? 17-Epi   1 comment

Chapter 17

Cordelia had barely gotten through with tossing the last piece of clothing in her bag when Angel grabbed her by the arm and propelled the young girl to the door.

Just as Cordelia was about to go through the open door she tensed. Angel gathered his seer in his arms as she started to tremble in pain, Cordelia’s head falling on the vampire’s shoulders. Finally, she looked up trying to clear her mind of the pain of the vision.

“Angel, we both have to stay. It’s not just the psycho love confused human Elliot, it’s Eros, well, it’s not Eros, but some sort of demon with illusions of godlike grandeur. It’s coming down there.” Cordelia pointed to the floor.

“We have to stop it, otherwise, next year, it will be the same thing. It will keep killing and tearing apart soul mates. We have to end it.” She pulled away from the vampire.

“Cordelia, I will come back, but you have to go.”

“No, Angel, the demon won’t come unless it is called and that will be only if we are both there.”

“Cordelia, I will not risk you, I will…”

“Angel, you can’t do anything if the demon is not raised, or nothing that will matter, anyway. We have to both be there.”

“No,” Angel growled more to himself that at her.

“Angel.” Cordelia caressed his handsome face. “The vision. We have to…

Elliot’s voice interrupted her. “Cordelia, Angel, you weren’t planning to leave us,” Elliot called from down the hall, gesturing at their clothes and bags.

“Uh, no, I just wanted to see Angel in his black on black ensemble, it was what attracted me to him in the first place.” Cordelia forced out a laugh ignoring the guru’s motion to the bags.

Elliot smiled. “Well, I am glad that you both are here, I want to talk to you both.”

“I thought the sessions were over until tomorrow.” Cordelia smiled gripping Angel’s hand attempting to prevent the vampire from attacking.

“The formal sessions are, but I think that you both still need some private counseling,” the pony-tailed thin man said walking closer.

Angel turned quickly as he sensed another presence coming up behind him. The handsome vampire smothered a growl as he saw Gerard and two other Center’s employees moving up from behind.

“Angel,” Cordelia whispered caution. “We have to get to the ceremonial site and stop the demon. They don’t know you are a vampire, now. It’s is an advantage,” she quietly reminded the enraged vampire. Angel forced his demon down and slowly nodded.

“Follow me, please,” beckoned Elliot in a smooth voice.

“Sure, why not? It might be fun. Come on, Angel, everything else has been pretty cool. We were just about to go for a moonlit stroll, maybe stop at the pool, go for a skinny dip. Bob and Carol were right; the non-clothing thing becomes easier. But I guess, we could do that later, I mean your impromptu talk won’t take too long, will it?” Cordelia babbled.

“No, of course not,” the guru said smiling as he came along aside the couple. “But, Cordelia, I am sensing that Angel isn’t quite as willing and that won’t do.” Elliot smoothly pressed a hypodermic needle in the vampire’s neck.

Cordelia cried out as Angel slumped to the floor. “What did you give him?” She yelled going to the floor terribly afraid remembering the Rebecca incident. Oh wait, she thought, no more Angelus, but still…

“What have you done to him?” Cordelia jumped up striking out at the long haired guru.

“Now, calm down dear child, he will be fine, he will wake up soon enough. Just as you will,” Elliot said soothingly as Gerard inserted a needle in the side of the frantic young girl’s neck.

Chapter 18

Cordelia felt strange. She could hear her name drifting through the fog the that clouded her mind. She shook her head trying to clear the confusing haze. Cordelia heard her name again, this time it seemed to be coming from close by. She strained to focus on the voice.

“Cordelia, Cordy,” Angel called again.

The dark haired girl slowly opened her eyes. “Angel,” she mumbled.

The vampire sighed in relief. Cordelia had been unconscious for what seemed like hours. Angel knew that it was not actually that long, but he had regained consciousness fairly quickly, the sedative working through his system at a faster rate, and each minute that he was awake and his seer unconscious induced panic in his soul.

Cordelia groaned as she tried to stand. “Ow,” she complained as the chains around her wrist dug into her skin as she moved. “Angel?”

Cordelia looked around the room. Obviously, they were in the ceremonial site. The big room was filled with candles; a large stone altar was in the middle of the room. Directly in front of the altar on a raised platform stood Elliot and Gerard.

Gerard was lighting the candles as the tall gray haired man beckoned hooded black robed figures into the room. Elliot’s plain white robe was replace with a black silky one, covered in the gold embroidered design that was tattooed on his forearm.

“Come, children.” Elliot gestured for the worshippers to take their place around the altar. “It is almost time for ‘HE’ to arrive. Prepare yourselves.” The followers all bowed their heads and started chanting quietly.

“Angel?” Cordelia whispered repeating herself.

“Yes, Cordelia.”

“Do you have a plan? I mean how are we going to get out of this? What?” she said at the vampire’s raised eyebrows. “I said that we needed to be down here, sure. But, I meant as the ‘avenging’ hero type good guys, not as the sacrificial love lambs. Geez.”

Angel smiled. Even chained to wall and facing possible death, Cordelia didn’t quit. God, he loved her. He better start thinking of a plan or he would never hear the end of it.


“I am working on it, Cordelia.” Angel said testing the strength of the chains.

“No, not that. Angel, where are our clothes,” she asked quietly. Cordelia had to ask why they both were chained up to a wall naked, even though she just knew that she wasn’t going to like the answer.

“Over there.” Angel motioned to the pile of neatly stacked clthes by their bags.

“That’s not what I meant,” she whined.

“I know, but I am not sure and I doubt seriously that you really would want to know the answer, if I did.”

“Your right. I don’t. Get us out of here,” she demanded. “Goody, look whose coming,” she grumbled.

“Cordelia, Angel, welcome. You both are about to be a part of a wondrous event, the raising of ‘HE’.”

“‘HE’?” asked Cordelia.

“Yes, ‘HE’.”

“What, your demon doesn’t even have a name, what is this? A sacrificial rite being held for the demon ‘formally known’ as Eros,” she sniped.

Elliot stared in momentarily surprise. “You know of Eros?”

“Duh, Greek god of love, or more commonly know as the Roman version, a fat baby with a bow and arrows. Somehow, I just don’t see that little love arrow piercing toddler a part of all of this.”

“The Romans,” Elliot said in disgust. “They bastardized Eros’ true godhood, they commercialized ‘HIM'”

“Right, the ancient Romans were really big on the Hallmark sales, get real. You and your freaky offshoot are the ones that bastardized the meaning of Eros. Love god, not soul sucking bad demon want-a-be god,” Cordelia huffed.

“Cordelia, shut up,” Angel ordered.

“She does talk alot, doesn’t she,” Elliot said to the vampire. “Interesting, not many, actually, none of the chosen knew of the sect. How did you know?”

“Lucky guess,” mumbled Cordelia. Damn, she really did have a big mouth sometimes, she chastised herself.

Elliot looked speculatively at the chained coupled. “Angel, why do you carry around these wooden stakes?” Elliot held up the handful of stakes that had been hiddin on his body and in his coat. Cordelia and Angel were silent. The priest guru kept looking at them waiting for an answer.

“Vampires,” Cordelia finally said.


“Sure, you know Dracula, the Lost Boys, Lesat and Louis, blood sucking creatures of the night, etc. They are out there you know. Haven’t you ever watched the X-files, it’s all true. We never leave home with out the appropriate protection; you know stakes, garlic and holy water. Right, honey?” Cordelia turned to Angel.

Angel didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he did neither. “Yes, vampires are real, one should always be prepared,” he said calmly.

“Vampires,” Elliot said in disbelief. “Foolish children, vampires are just old myths made up to explain the more ancient barbaric cults,” he said patronizingly.

“Uh,” Cordelia exclaimed. “You believe in a whacked out version of the love god, but you don’t believe in vampires. Let me tell you…”

“Cordelia, shut up,” Angel said loudly. “Elliot does not want to hear our beliefs on the existence or non-existence of vampires. I am sure he has something he wants to explain to us.”

“Oh, right,” she said a little sheepishly.

“Angel, is correct. You both are here because I found you two to be the perfect soul mates for the gift. ‘HE’ will be pleased by your sacrifice.” The pony tailed priest smiled. “‘HE’ will be here soon, but first you both must be prepared to call him.” Elliot leaned into the vampire injecting the vampire in the neck with another drug.

“Now, what did you give him,” Cordelia yelled.

“Don’t worry, Cordelia you won’t be left out.” Elliot moved towards the young girl. Angel growled and lunged towards the robed man. The sound of the vampire’s growl stalled the man momentarily. Elliot looked back at Angel. He turned back to Cordelia, as he saw nothing out of the ordinary about the struggling handsome man.

Elliot pressed the needle into Cordelia’s neck. “There, now you will be relaxed and receptive to the upcoming ceremony.” Elliot smiled and walked back towards the altar.

“Angel, what did he give us? I feel funny.”

Angel’s body tensed as he felt the effects of the drug take effect. He looked at Cordelia and clenched his eyes shut as he saw her nude body and heard her voice.

“Cordelia, don’t make a sound or move in anyway close to me,” the vampire struggled.

“But, Angel?” she asked trying to get closer to the vampire.

“Don’t.” Angel’s vampire visage flickered on and off his face. “Elliot gave us an aphrodisiac. Don’t do anything,” he growled. Angel fought to gain control over his demon. The drug was effecting him instantly. His lust was becoming unmanageable.

Angel’s demon was crying for release, the smell of Cordelia, the sight of Cordelia was unbearable. Everytime, she spoke or moved a flame of intense desire ran through his body.

Cordelia watched as Angel struggled to maintain his human countenance. Shit, she thought, as a warm need spread through out her body as she stared at her naked vampire. Cordelia closed her eyes and tried to ignore the the feelings of desire arising in her, just as she tried to ignore the vampire chained up next to her. Cordelia could feel the aphrodisiac take effect.

Obviously, it influenced Angel faster, she thought, as she heard him growl to himself. God, Cordelia needed him in her. No, she tried to calm herself; she would not lose control here, in front of the nutty weirdoes.

Chapter 19

“Well, that was quick,” Elliot said. “Take her.”

“No,” Cordelia yelled as the robed men unchained her and dragged her thrashing to the stone altar. Elliot looked again at Angel as he heard a low menacing growl. But as before, all he saw was the young handsome man straining against the chains.

Cordelia fought against the metal clasps snapped on her wrist and ankles.

“Soon,” Elliot promised.

“Angel,” Cordelia whimpered both in artificially stimulated sexual need and in real fear. She gasped as Angel’s nude body was thrown over hers.

“Angel,” she whispered, tears pooling in her eyes.

“I am sorry.” Angel fought against his demon’s desire to take the beautiful you girl violently and his desire to save her. Cordelia saw the pain that the vampire’s inner battle was causing him. All thoughts of how horrible it was for her flew out of her mind as love and commonsense took over.

“Angel,” she whispered straining up to meet his body. “We have to do this, the drug, the demon. If this is how it is called, then we have to. Don’t worry. I am okay. Just make sure that when the demon is called you go all bad ass ‘grr’ guy and kill it, really meanly,” she demanded, thrusting her body again up against the vampire’s tense body.

Angel heard his seer’s words and felt her body push towards his. Angel growled and thrust into her warm center, moving in and out in a rough rhythm. Cordelia closed her eyes at the sensation. It wasn’t the same gentle love making that she had experienced earlier, but it was just as intense and satisfying.

Cordelia forgot about the room and the onlookers; she just concentrated on the vampire and the exhilaration he was causing through out her body. It wasn’t until she heard Angel’s grow that she came to her senses. Angel was loosing control of his demon. Elliot and gang couldn’t know that he was a vampire, not yet, she thought.

“Angel,” she whispered. Angel growled and lunged towards her chest.

“Angel,” she whispered again yanking her breast from his descending fangs. Angel growled and forcibly brought her back.

“Angel, no,” she whispered again. “Neck,” she ordered throwing her head back. Angel stilled in his descent toward’s the young girl’s breast. He stared at the neck, memorized by the pumping pulse underneath Cordelia’s delicate skin. His eyes glowed yellow.

“Now,” Cordelia urged. Angel lunged into the slim column of her neck and drank. Cordelia gasped at the penetration and leaned into his embrace. Her dark hair covering his demon face. Cordelia gasped again as her orgasm filled her. As she slowly came back to earth she heard the chanting of the room.

Angel’s weight fell on her trembling body as he got his release. “Cordy,” he growled

“Angel, the demon,” she whispered.

Angel could only stare at the woman he loved tethered to the stone altar with his body over top her. Angel felt a flash of shame at what he had done, that he hadn’t been able to control his urges. Cordelia immediately saw the remorse and guilt flicker over Angel’s deep brown eyes.

“Now, you are just being stupid, Angel. Big, bad, evil, love DEMON, is now entering the building,” she whispered harshly.

Angel growled as he felt his body being pulled away from Cordelia. The room darkened and an eerie voice filtered through the air.


“Angel,” Cordelia screamed. But she needn’t have worried. Angel reached out and broke the chains at Cordelia’s wrist and ankles, as he pulled away at the humans that grabbed at him. Angel pushed Cordelia to the floor as he took off flying towards the demon, his own demon loose.

The vampire and the large demon battled violently against each other.

The worshippers looked in shock as their ‘god’ was being attacked by their supposed sacrifice. The room errupted in chaos as the followers started scrambling for the exit.

Cordelia frantically felt around on the floor, she grunted in truimphant as her fingers found the heavy candlestick holder that was at the side of the altar. She grasped at the heavy object swinging it towards Elliot who was standing tranfixed at the sight of the two combating demons. Her blow hit him in the legs, knocking the priest to the ground.

“I told you there was such things as vampires, and my ‘grr’ guy is going to so kick your stupid demon’s ass.” Cordelia paused in her next swing. “To be fair, I guess I should thank you for binding Angel’s soul. So, thanks,” she cried belting the man again with the candlestick, this time on his head.

Cordelia ran towards where the demon and the vampire were battling, running past the other occupants of the room’s panicked flight.

“Oh, you sick middle aged robe wearing freaks,” Cordelia yelled as she noticed Bob and Carol in the retreating group.

Angel in full game face was pummeling the larger demon with all of his vampire strength. But no matter how powerful Angel’s blows, the demon remained standing. Cordelia looked around desperately for any possible weapon that was more lethal that the candlestick. Cordelia dropped the candlestick as she saw her and Angel’s bags and clothes nearby. Cordelia rushed to Angel’s bag scrambling inside.

“Angel,” she yelled.

Angel looked up a caught the sword as it came flying through the air. With a quick turn and flick of his wrist, Angel plunged the blade into the demon’s torso, ripping the sharp edged metal up to it’s throat. Angel growled in victory as the demon fell gutted to the ground.

Cordelia slumped down her hands on her knees taking great deep breaths of relief. Angel came to her and lifted her up tenderly. Angel stared intently at his seer searching her face and body for any injuries.

“I am fine,” she said softly. “You?” Cordelia asked rubbing her hands along her chest.

“Fine,” he answered pulling her into his arms.

“We can go home now,” she whispered into his chest.


Angel woke up in his bed alone. The vampire growled in frustration and disappointment. He had hoped and somewhat expected that Cordelia would still be curled up over his body. Angel read the note left on the bed.

‘Had to go do some stuff. Be back, soon. Love C.’

The night before, Cordelia and Angel had met up with Wesley and Gunn on the road from the Center to LA. Wesley and Gunn had followed them back to the Hyperion, to get the details of what happened at the Eros Center.

So, after Angel called Kate to give her the information about Elliot and Gerard and their connection to the murders of Betty Macdonald and Bill, he sat down to go over the events of the night.

Both Cordelia and Angel decided that the vampire would be the one to explain everything to their co-workers. Cordelia ignored their questioning looks as she went straight up to Angel’s suite when they reached the hotel.

After Wesley got over his initial shock at the news that Angel and Cordelia’s souls were bound, he became philosophical about the matter. “I am really quite pleased for the two of you,” was all he said as he and Gunn left for the night. Cordelia had already been asleep when Angel went upstairs.

She had rolled into his body as he got into bed.

“Angel,” she said trying to open her tired eyes.

“Sh, sleep,” he said kissing her on the head, pulling her body over his to blanket himself with her warmth.


Angel went downstairs to wait for Cordelia’s return. He kept looking at the clock getting more and more anxious at her absence. He was about to call Wesley, when the young girl came breezing into the hotel.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Where have you been?” he growled impatiently.

“Don’t get all growly. I just had some stuff to do.” Cordelia dropped her bags going up to the vampire and kissing him on the cheek. “Now go away.” She pushed the vampire towards the sewers.


“Go wander the sewers for awhile. I have to do stuff.”

“What stuff have you been doing and what stuff do you have to do?” Angel growled.

“It’s a secret. Now go,” she said mysteriously.

“Cordelia, I don’t want to go,” he said pulling the young girl into his arms. Cordelia returned his kiss passionately.

She sighed and pulled away. “Go, Angel,” she ordered.

A confused and frustrated vampire left the hotel. How did Cordelia do that, the vampire wondered. How did a twenty year old mortal girl so completely wrap an almost 250 year old vampire around her finger? Angel growled in self-deprecating disgust as he wandered around in the sewers.

As soon as Angel left Cordelia went out to Angel’s car and got more packages. It took her a couple of trips up the stairs before she got all of the bags into the empty room beside Angel’s suite. Cordelia busied herself in the room, humming a happy song as she worked.

Finally, she was done. Cordelia smiled at her accomplishment. She quickly changed her clothes and waited for Angel to return.

Angel returned back to the hotel. Cordelia better have done whatever she had to do, because he was not leaving her again, he growled to himself. His seer could whine, pout, huff and order, but he was not going to leave, Angel promised himself.

It had been too long since he had held his beautiful seer in his arms. Angel sensed that she was upstairs. He went straight towards the bedroom.

“Wrong room, ‘grr’ guy,” Cordelia said from the doorway of the next room. Angel turned and stared at the beautiful girl wearing nothing but a white robe.

“Yours.” She handed him a matching robe. “Clothes are just one of the many distractions to true relaxation,” she lectured with a slight teasing smile on her face. “When you are ready.” Cordelia went back into the room.

Angel looked at the robe then at the closed door. A low growl vibrated in his throat as he tore off his clothes. Dressed only in the robe he opened the door. The vampire stood in the doorway amazed at Cordelia’s preparations.

The room had been transformed into a replication of the Center’s mediation room, down to the massage table, water fountain and large floor pillows. Cordelia was standing in the middle of the room with a bright smile on her face.

“I believe it is my turn,” she said patting the massage table.

Actually, the vampire knew exactly how the beautiful mortal wrapped him around her little finger. Angel smiled and closed the door.



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Chapter 15

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you all have been sufficiently relaxed. Each of you will now take the next hour relearning your partner’s bodies. Each of you will receive and give the other a massage, 1/2 hour for each. Enjoy.” Elliot’s voice came through the speakers.

Cordelia stared wide-eyed at Angel. ‘A massage’ she mouthed. No way, she thought. There was no way, she was going to lie down and let Angel run his hands all over her body. And god forbid, she couldn’t touch his body.

It was one thing to tease him about being a cuddly bear, it was one thing to touch his bare chest briefly as she bandaged him, it was another thing to love him and lust for the vampire from across a room, she could handle all that.

But this, Cordelia knew she couldn’t handle. Just the thought of being able to touch his bare skin, feel the muscles under her fingers made her nerves tingle in anticipationn and her mind scream in panic. Cordelia shook her head trying to dampen the warmth growing in her belly.

“Angel, why don’t we skip this part. We should go up and check the computer for any messages from Wesley. Yep, that’s what we should do.” Cordelia tried to keep her growing desire and hysteria from breaking through to her voice.

Angel heard Cordelia’s rapid heart beat and increased breathing. He sensed that his seer was both scared and excited about the Elliot’s instructions. Angel felt is own desire responding to her burgeoning arousal. His demon was reacting to her scent. Angel automatically went to force down his demon when he realized that it was not Angelus he was struggling against but just his vampire lust.

Angelus was gone; that was what was different within him. Angel was still a vampire, but his soul was permanent. Angel had no idea how his soul became bound, he just knew that it was. Angel studied his nervous seer. He wanted her. The vampire’s instinct was screaming for him to take her and make Cordelia his.

And now he could, he could touch and taste every part of the woman he loved. Angel smiled as he realized that it was true, he did love his beautiful, caring, frustrating best friend. He moved towards Cordelia.

The vampire stopped as he felt her fear again, the beautiful girl maybe aroused, but she was also scared. But what Angel didn’t know was whether Cordelia was sacred of Angelus or him. Cordelia had always accepted Angel with out question, but did she accept him enough to love a ‘grr’ guy?

No, Angel thought letting his lust control, vamping out and taking his seer would not be the best route to take with the nervous girl. Angel had to know if she could actually love a vampire.

Angel turned from Cordelia and went to the side of the massage bed. “Cordelia, it has been only a half hour since we last checked. I think we can spare an hour. Anyway, you said this room was relaxing, why not take advantage?”

“Relax?” she squeaked. “Angel, are you sure that you are okay? You just went all ‘grry’ don’t you think we ought to find out why?”

“The scent is gone. We could go searching for the aroma of sweet incense, but I think that would not be really effective. So, why don’t we just enjoy the next hour.”

“Enjoy?” Cordelia squeaked again.

Angel smiled and patted the massage table. “Come on, Cordelia.”

Cordelia’s mind was at war with her desire. Jumping up on that table would probably not be the smartest thing to do. Letting Angel touch her body could do nothing but torture her. But, she countered it would probably be the only chance she would ever have to feel Angel’s touch.

“Okay.” Hoping that she made the right decision.

Cordelia lay on the table her hands clenched around the side of the bed.

“Relax,” Angel said pulling her robe down past her shoulders.

“Angel,” she gulped. Cordelia jerked up her hands still grasped on the bed.

“Well, that helps a little bit,” he smiled as he was able to pull the robe further down. “But, if you want me to do this right you are going to have to let go. Just for a minute.” He teased.

“Angel are you sure you are alright?”

“Yes, Cordelia I am fine. Now, please,” he asked moving his hand along her raised arm down to her clenched fist. Cordelia nervously nodded and settled back on the table releasing her hold. Angel quickly removed the robe from her arms and pulled the material down to her waist.

“Cold?” he asked gently as he noticed her shiver. Cordelia shook her head, which she had cradled in her crossed arms. Cordelia didn’t trust her voice to speak.

“Oil or lotion?”

Cordelia shook her head again. If this was actually happening and not some dream, she was going to be damned if she would let anything come between his skin and her skin, even lotion.

Angel placed his fingertips along her shoulders. Cordelia shivered and jumped slightly.

“Cordelia, I can warm the oil, if my hands are too cool.” Angel lifted his hands from her back. Cordelia shook her head vigorously.

“Are you sure?”

“Angel, please, I am fine,” she grumbled in frustration at the loss of his touch.

Angel smiled in relief; he didn’t want anything between his fingers and her skin. He placed his hands back on her shoulders. His large thumbs pressed into her shoulder blades making small circular motions into her tense muscles. Cordelia sighed relaxing a little.

“That’s better,” he soothed, spreading his strong hands on her back. His fingers kneaded at her skin. Angel moved his strong hands along the small of her back rubbing and pushing at her skin. The tactile sensations that the vampire was experiencing were igniting a fire in his loins. Angel took a unneeded deep breath and stroked at her sides. Cordelia’s breathing became more ragged. Angel caressed along her sides stopping to fondle and push into the soft flesh of her breasts pressed into the table.

“Angel,” she murmured as her body squirmed against the table. Angel slid his hands lightly down her back. Cordelia instinctively arched her back trying to push her flesh back into his firm touch.

“Sh, Cordy,” he said lowly running his fingers down to the curve of her buttocks. Angel leaned into her body drinking in the sweet and spicy scent of her skin and increasing arousal. Angel bit his lips trying to keep his tongue and mouth from tasting and kissing her flesh.

“Cordy?” he growled.

“Mmmmm?” Cordelia struggled to form words. She had never felt so relaxed and aroused. Angel’s touch was soothing her muscles while inflaming sparks of desire. Cordelia could feel the warm moisture pooling in her center.

“Cordy, could you ever love a ‘grr’ guy?”

Cordelia tried to concentrate on Angel’s words, but it was too hard. “Uh?” she moaned into the bed. Angel lifted his hands from her body. Cordelia whimpered at the loss. “Angel, please,” she pleaded.

Angel knelt down at the bed by Cordelia’s head. “Cordelia, look at me,” he growled gently pushing her hair away from her face. She raised her desire-laden eyes to his yellow demon eyes. “Cordelia, do you want me?” he growled.

The young girl bit her lips and nodded slowly. She was too aroused to even try to lie to the vampire. Angel leaned in reverting to his handsome human face, his lips softly pressing into her. He applied more pressure as his tongue begged entry to her mouth. Cordelia sighed parting her mouth, her lips and tongue meeting his eagerly. She moaned into his mouth her fingers entwining into his dark hair.

“Angel,” she whimpered as she pulled away to take a breath, her hands trailing down his face. Her wide eyes were questioning as she stared in Angel’s passion filled ones.

“Cordy, do you trust me?”

Cordelia nodded.

Angel stood and gently pulled Cordelia up until she was on her knees; her robe fell to the table. Angel’s hands splayed out over her shoulders moving briefly down to her full breast his thumbs caressing her erect nipples, then back up to her shoulders.

“Angel? How? When?” she asked softly her hands reaching up to caress his handsome face. Angel leaned into her soft touch his hands stroking up towards her face. The vampire shook his head shrugging.

“I don’t know, but it’s true. Angelus is gone.”

A wide smile of wonder grew on her beautiful face. “And you want me?” she whispered.

“No, I love you,” he smiled tracing his fingers along her lips. “You grew on me, like some sort of fungus, I guess,” Angel teased gently.

“Jerk.” Cordelia pulled the vampire to her. “I love you,” she said softly right before her lips captured his.

Angel returned the kiss with passion relishing the taste of Cordelia. His large hands traveled down her sides until they reached her hips and with a gentle tug he urged her body closer to his. Cordelia gasped as her breast made contact with his chest. Her exploration of his mouth became more demanding as the heat in her belly spread through out her body.

Cordelia’s hands fervently reached for the tie at Angel’s robe. Once the robe was open her hands slid around to the vampire’s back. Angel groaned a he felt the small trail of fire follow her touch up and down his broad back. He tugged again at her lower body lifting it off the massage table. Cordelia wrapped her long legs around his waist, bringing her moist center in direct contact with his groin. Angel growled in almost painful pleasure as the heat from her moisture seared into his skin.

Cordelia tightened her legs around him as Angel moved them away from the table. Cordelia turned her lips away from his mouth, resting her lips against his cheek as she gulped in much needed air.

“I love you,” she whispered again, planting small kisses along the vampire’s jawline up to the sensitive area behind his ears. Angel with a low growl separated their bodies as he lay her on the plush floor cushions. Cordelia gazed up at him, her eyes and arms pleading with him to join her. Angel quickly knelt down beside the flushed young girl. Angel stopped her eager hands from pulling him towards her.

“No, not yet,” he growled. “I have to relearn, correction, I have to learn my partner’s body,” Angel growled repeating the supposed goal of this particular session.

Angel knelt down picking up each of Cordelia’s feet; he rubbed at her soles, then slowly caressed upwards until his hands encircled her slim ankles. He pushed her feet further apart as he leaned in between her long limbs. Angel stroked both of Cordelia’s firm calves as he alternated kissing and tasting each leg. Cordelia’s slight whimpers became gasps as she felt his mouth on the inside of her thigh.

Angel took his time, savoring each inch of Cordelia’s skin as his hands caressed and fondled her hips. The vampire growled lowly as he reached the apex of Cordelia’s thighs. Angel gazed at Cordelia’s center soaking in the scent of her arousal. Her fragrance was intoxicating to him; he blew gently on her dark curls, his thumbs tracing the line where her curls began.

Cordelia’s breath caught in her throat as the pressure of her need intensified. She jerked her hips forward. “Angel,” she pleaded in a broken whisper, her hands clutching at his broad shoulders.

The vampire growled again, taking in another deep whiff of her scent, forcing himself to ignore his longing to bury his mouth into the source of the inebriating aroma. Cordelia moaned in frustration, her small fist hitting his back as Angel’s lips moved further up her body. The vampire’s tongue swirled in and around her belly button as his large hands reached for her breast. Cordelia wrapped her legs around trapping the vampire and pushing her center into his chest. Angel released her breast and moved his hands back down to her hips urging her to relax her grip while his mouth continued tasting the taunt skin of her belly.

With a whimper of frustration, Cordelia relented and slightly loosened her hold allowing the vampire to continue the upward ascent of his body and mouth. The young girl’s hands flew to Angel’s head as the vampire lips captured an erect nipple, his hand molding and fondling the other breast. Cordelia moaned and pressed him closer as his teeth scraped the sensitive bud. Angel switched his lips to her other nipple, his strong fingers taking over teasing and tweaking of the abandoned nipple. Cordelia’s fingers kneaded and tugged at the vampire’s hair.

Angel moved his head to the crook of Cordelia’s neck, nuzzling and licking at her pulse point. Angel thought he was going to explode, as he smelt her heated blood. The vampire struggled against his own needs as he placed tiny kisses up along Cordelia’s chin and cheek.

With a sharp tug of her hands, Cordelia brought Angel’s eyes to hers. “Angel,” she moaned. Angel captured her lips his tongue gaining immediate entry. Their tongues exploring and tasting the other’s mouth. Cordelia tightened her legs around Angel’s hips as she felt his hard member on her body. She frantically rubbed her wet heat against the vampire, begging for him.

Angel growled at the sensation as he pulled away from Cordelia leaning up on his arms.

“Angel, please,” Cordelia moaned. The ache in her belly was unbearable.

“Not yet,” he growled. The vampire saw his seer’s bottom lip start to quiver.

“Angel,” she whined.

Angel ran his tongue over her trembling lip and looked uuup. “Pouting won’t work,” he said with a smile.

Cordelia bit his lip in annoyance and frustration. Her mind couldn’t think of any other retort. All words or the ability to make coherent phrases had left Cordelia. The only thing she could think of was her desperate need to have the vampire inside her.

Again, Angel pulled away, this time he moved down her body and positioned himself back between her thighs. Without preamble, his mouth descended on her wet cente. Cordelia gasped out loud, her hands swinging out to her sides clutching wildly at the pillows as her hips thrust forward.

Angel’s tongue and teeth teased at the small bud in her folds. He drank in as much of her uniquely flavored juices as he could. The vampire’s ministrations became more frenzied as his own hunger to be sheathed in Cordelia’s heat became painful.

He forced himself to focus only on the writhing girl’s engorged clit. Angel tugged and scrapped the bud with his teeth. Cordelia’s ragged breath caught in her throat as every nerve in her body exploded. Angel pressed in further as Cordelia screamed her release. The vampire gentled his mouth tenderly kissing and licking at her center as his large hands soothingly ran over Cordelia’s trembling body.

Angel leaned back over Cordelia. Her eyes were closed; small tears were pooled in the corner of her lids.

“Cordy.” The strain of his own need was apparent in Angel’s growl and face. Cordelia opened her wide hazel eyes into his. She smiled as her small hands reached for the vampire’s shoulders and her hips moved upwards to meet his fluid thrust.

Angel stilled in wonder at the feel of his hard shaft fully embedded in Cordelia’s heat. Cordelia smiled in acknowledgement and in agreement at his wonder. She tensed her inner muscles making her tight channel even tighter around his member. Her action spurred on Angel’s aching need, he started to move against her body forcefully. Angel growled as his body tensed and his balls tightened as each plunge carried him deeper into Cordelia’s warmth.

Cordelia urged her hips forward meeting everyone one of his powerful thrusts. With every movement, she could feel her body spiraling out of control. Angel marveled at Cordelia’s fervent responses, as she encouraged and accepted his body into hers. His desire and hunger became intolerable as his need for release approached.

Angel fought to retain his human visage. Cordelia grabbed at either side face of his face seeing his struggle. “I love you, all of you,” she whispered. Cordelia gazed lovingly into his now lust filled demon eyes. Angel growled as she pulled his head to her neck. Cordelia’s inner walls began to contract fiercely around his shaft. With her love and permission, Angel gently pierced the delicate skin on her neck. Cordelia moaned at the sensation, her orgasm intensifying as Angel took small sips of her blood.

“Angel,” she cried as the vampire growled. Both lovers reaching their releases simultaneously. Angel, never withdrawing from Cordelia’s warmth rolled onto his side taking the shaking girl with him. He licked and kissed at the small puncture wound as his broad hands soothed Cordelia’s trembles, the growls emitting from his throat sounding more like soft purrs.

“Oh my,” Cordelia said in wonder.

“Oh my, indeed,” Angel agreed. Angel held the young beautiful girl tighter, amazed at the feelings within him that his seer inspired. He had thought that with Buffy, he had reached the pinnacle of love and joy.

But now, after making love to Cordelia, holding her, and knowing that she loved and accepted all of him, the vampire knew the what he had with Buffy was just a pale reflection of real love. Real love didn’t just come from the heart, it came from the soul and Angel knew without a doubt that his heart and soul belonged to Cordelia, just as hers belonged to him.

Cordelia stirred against him moving to sit up. She sat hugging her knees to her chest staring at the vampire. “This is real, isn’t?” she said in soft amazement.

“Very. I love you, Cordelia Chase.” Angel reached out to tenderly brush aside a dark strand of silky hair that had fallen over her face.

A large happy smile exploded on her beautiful face as she laughingly lunged back on the vampire. She enthusiastically planted small wet kisses all over Angel’s grinning face. Just at the moment loud bells sounded through the speakers on the wall.

“No, no, no,” Cordelia whined. “Not fair, I haven’t had my turn.” Angel brought them both up to their feet, smiling at Cordelia’s pout.

“Your turn?”

“Yes, I didn’t get my turn to learn your body,” she huffed pointing to the massage table.

Angel laughed. “Cordelia, there is no need to get all pouty. I don’t need to be convinced to give you your turn. Just later.”


Angel smiled as he got her robe and put it on her. He sighed and gazed one last time at his seer’s lush body before he tied the belt, knotting it tightly.

“Angel?” Cordelia looked questioningly at the triple knot.

“I have wanted do that all morning. I am taking no chances, that robe stays closed until I take it off.” Angel growled possessively.

“Oh,” she said happily watching the vampire put on his robe. “When?”

“Soon, I hope, real soon, but first we do need to check in with Wesley.”

“Wesley?” Cordelia said puzzled. “Oh, Wesley, right.” Cordelia had totally forgotten about the former watcher, her vision and why they were even at the Eros center.

“Right, Wesley. We better go.” Cordelia pulled the vampire out of the room.

Chapter 16

Angel pushed Cordelia behind him as he sensed Elliot and Gerard coming down the hallway.

“Angel, Cordelia, I hope you found the session beneficial?” the gray haired guru asked pleasantly.

“Umm, Yes…,” Cordelia stuttered blushing.

“Wonderful. Well as there will be no more sessions this evening, I hope you will take advantage of the many pleasures at the Center.”

“Right,” she nodded from behind Angel’s back. “Bye.” Cordelia hit the vampire on his shoulder urging him to go forward.

Elliot nodded and with Gerard moved on past the couple.

Angel turned back and watched as Elliot turned the corner.

“Angel, what is it?”

“The sweet incense I smelled before. It is all over Elliot.”

“What do you think it means?” Cordelia scrunched up her face.

“I have no idea,” Angel said puzzled.

“Do you want to follow them or go check for messages?”

“You go up to the room and wait for me.”


“Go, Cordelia, I won’t be long.”

“I don’t want to. What if you need another distraction?” She complained.

“Cordelia, go, and don’t let anyone into the room. The full moon is tonight.” Angel said unequivocally.

“Ummph. Okay, but be careful,” she warned.

Angel kissed her cradling her face in his large hands. Cordelia leaned into his embrace, her hands clutching on to the vampire’s shoulders responding enthusiastically to his kiss.

Angel broke away trailing a finger along her swollen lips. “I won’t be long,” he said moving down the hallway.

Cordelia stood there touching her mouth trying to recapture the feel of Angel’s lips.

Angel stopped sensing that Cordelia hadn’t moved. “Go, Cordelia.”

“Right,” the lovely brunette said coming out of her daze and running in the opposite direction.


Wow, wow, wow, was all Cordelia thought as she ran into the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. She couldn’t believe it.

Angel loved her. Wow, she thought, hugging a pillow close to her. Cordelia squeezed harder as she recalled every kiss, every loving caress that Angel had placed on her body. Cordelia didn’t know that it could be possible to be this happy. Her far away gaze landed on the laptop computer.

Oh damn, she thought, getting up. Cordelia really needed to get her mind focused on the mission at hand. Her eyes widened as she read Wesley’s e-mail. This was not good, Cordelia thought, reading the message intently.

The dark haired girl jumped as she heard the suite door close. Cordelia quickly reached for the stake under the mattress. She stalled in her movement when she sensed that it was Angel in the other room.

How did she know that, she wondered. Cordelia had been getting better at sensing him when the vampy snuck into a room, but she had never been able to sense him when he was totally in another room.

“So, what were the enlightened duo up to?” she asked as Angel walked into the bedroom.

“I am not sure. But they went down onto one of the lower floors. It looks like they are setting up for some sort of ceremony.”

“Well, I don’t think it is a love-in type get together,” she responded turning the computer screen towards the vampire.

“Wesley found out something?”

Cordelia nodded scooting over as the vampire sat on the bed behind her. Angel leaned in and rested his head on her shoulder, taking a moment to breathe in his seer’s scent and glance down her gaping robe. Angel sighed and reached around Cordelia and closed the robe tighter around her neck.


“Distracting,” he said almost wistfully. “What does Wesley have say?”

Cordelia sighed in return and leaned into the vampire’s chest wiggling her bottom closer to him.

“Stop,” Angel growled but didn’t move away.

“Ummp, former watcher guy extraordinaire and the street vamp hunter with an attitude found the two couples.” Cordelia scrolled up to the beginning of the message.

“The first couple, the Macdonald’s had been married for 5 years before they came to the Eros Center and took Elliot’s program. The other couple was unmarried, but had been together for over a year. But as ‘coincidence’ would have it, one of each of the couple’s died shortly after the last night of the seminar, a full moon night in January.” Cordelia paused and scrolled down farther.

“Betty Macdonald was found dead 3 days after in the woods about 10 miles away from here. The exact time and cause of death were undeterminable, because her body had been burnt. The police questioned everyone at the Center and actually held the husband for awhile as a suspect. But they found nothing to link the Center or John, that was the husband. At the time, John swore he didn’t remember anything after they entered the Center up until some campers found him wandering in the woods.”

“Does he remember anything now?”

“Don’t know. He is dead. Killed himself six months later. Bill, a part of the second couple supposedly died in a car accident just a mile down the road. Joanne, the girlfriend was supposedly thrown from the wreckage. Like Betty, Bill’s body was burnt to a crisp and like John, Joanne didn’t remember anything after entering the Center.”

“Did Wesley talk to the girlfriend?”

“They tried but Joanne has been completely loony tunes and in the mental institute pretty much since the ‘accident’. Our intrepid investigators did manage to talk to some family members of both couples.” Cordelia paused again.


“It seems that the two couples had a several things in common.”

“What?” the vampire asked.

“First, they were fairly young, 20’s-30’s, considered to be very attractive, they were as all would describe madly and wildly in love, but experiencing some difficulties in their relationship. So, they came to the Center. And they both came back a partner dead and some majorly important gaps in the survivor’s memory. The family members of John and Betty described John as literally wasting away after her death.

They said it was horrible to watch the pain he was in. They all agreed that the tragedy of Betty’s death was too much for him and he ended his life, as they said, and Wesley quotes,’so their souls could be together’.” Cordelia stopped speaking and pulled Angel’s arms tighter around her. She took a deep breath and continued.

“Joanne’s sister describes pretty much of the same thing, except that Joanne didn’t kill herself; she just went completely bonkers. The sister says that Joanne just sits in the crazy bin, medicated to the gills, otherwise she would just scream continuously in agony at the loss of her ‘other half’. It’s so sad,” she whispered leaning closer into Angel.

Angel squeezed Cordelia tighter. “Is there more,” he asked softly.

Cordelia sighed. “Yes, Wesley also found the tattoo, the right tattoo. It is an offshoot of the original Eros cult. Like the original it believes that true love is a powerful force worthy of worship. But where, the original could was satisfied by the ‘live sex show’ between the chosen soul mates, the other version believed that Eros need more as a proper tribute. They believed that the agony of a lost love or soulmate was a more powerful tribute to their god.

The worshippers believed that sacrificing one’s soul was the ultimate gift to Eros. Then in a never-ending conquest to find the perfect gift,they figured that splitting apart soul mates would be the gift to end all gifts. They would give one soul to the god immediately during a sacred ceremony, then let the other soul slowly implode, you know sort of like a sacrifice on a delayed timer. If Wesley, is right, then Elliot is really a priest of a less than loving love god. His so-called seminars are just away to find the appropriate coupled lambs for the slaughter.” Cordelia sighed sadly.

“Which means Betty Macdonald and Bill were probably killed here in that nice little ceremonial room you saw downstairs, but then moved and their death’s made to look like an accident. While John and Joanne suffered their loss, thereby giving the ‘god’ a continual sacrificial high,” Cordelia added in contempt.

“Cordelia did Wesley say how they picked the one that would be killed?” Angel asked thoughtfully.

Cordelia scrolled back up the screen. “No, just that the real gift was the soul mate’s agony. Maybe they just flipped and coin,” she shrugged.

“No,” Angel thought out loud becoming slowly becoming anxious. “They would want the soul which would suffer the most to remain alive as long as possible for their god…” Angel paused. “Does Wesley say how they know that the chosen couples were actually soul mates,” the vampire asked with an almost desperate harshness.

Puzzled at the increased tension in the vampire’s body, she answered. “Well, Wesley said that once a couple is chosen, both versions of the cult, perform a soul binding spell to guarantee that the couple’s souls were one, so the gift would have more potency.”

Angel jumped off the bed. “Cordelia get dressed,” he ordered. Angel grabbed for the cell phone in the dresser.


“Just do it,” he growled.

Cordelia looked questioningly at the vampire as he violently jabbed at the numbers on the phone.

“Wes, yes we got it. I want you and Gunn to get out here. Yes. No, but I want you to take Cordelia away from here. I’ll explain when you get here, now go,” Angel growled into the phone pulling out his black pants and shirt.

“Angel?” Cordelia asked fully dressed.

“Cordelia, the incense, my soul being permanent…”

“The spell Wesley was talking about? Our soul’s are bound?”

Angel nodded yanking the shirt over his head.

“Oh,” she exclaimed her eyes wide. “So, that means we are the couple in love.”

“Yes, come on, I am getting you out of here. We will wait for Wesley and Gunn down the road.” Angel put on his duster throwing his weapons in his bag.

“Then what?” Cordelia asked not moving.

“Then, I will come back. Move it, Cordelia,” he ordered the dark haired girl.

“Angel, no. For the sacrifice to happen one has to die and one has to live. And I am NOT going to go and leave you here and wait to be the long drawn out broken souled sacrifice to some stupid warped ‘love’ god. I am NOT,” she yelled. “We both leave or we both stay,” Cordelia said determinedly.

“Cordelia,” Angel growled losing his patience with his seer. “They don’t want to kill me, they want to kill you. If you stay you could very well end up dead and your death reported as some freakish accident, while I wander around with gaps in my memory and the broken soul.”


“Cordelia, I am the ‘delayed’ sacrifice. Hell, I am probably a better sacrifice than they ever imagined.”


“Cordelia, Elliot knows. You told him.”


Angel grabbed Cordelia’s face. “Cordelia, you told him that you would die and risk your soul for me. You told him that you wished that I would believe in myself as much as you believed in me.”


“Cordelia, he knows what I know, that without you I lose my belief in my soul. I lose my will to be a part of this life. Without you, their god gets his agonized soul a thousandth fold or Angelus,” he added sardonically. “Now move it,” the vampire growled fiercely.

Cordelia stunned at the force of the vampire’s emotions moved awkwardly gathering her things.

Chapter 17

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