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A Little Ways Back. Epi   1 comment

Epilogue: 1998

Angelus woke up growling. The girl got away. He slammed his head against the ground. Damn, he hated that dream.

The culmination of the need and desire created by the image of the young dark haired woman from so long ago was always crushed by rage and pain at her disappearance.

He couldn’t even see her fuckin face. He wondered if he even ever really saw her so long ago. Fuckin brunette would drive him crazy if he let her. God, he still wanted that image to be real.

Angelus staggered to his feet. What the fuck? How in the hell did he fall asleep in a cave halfway cross-town from the mansion? Angelus groaned as he tried to remember. Nothing, nothing but the remnants of his past’s dream, so much more vivid than it had been in decades.

He needed some blood and to focus on something real, like the mental torture of one blonde slayer.


“Miss Chase, Miss Chase.”

Cordelia groaned as the voice penetrated her unconsciousness. She felt like she was run over by a semi. “Marie, I’m up.” She cried out, hoping to stop the voice and the knocking on the door.

“Very well, but do hurry, breakfast is downstairs. You don’t want to be late for school.”

“I want to go back to sleep,” Cordelia grumbled climbing out of her bed, struggling to the shower, trying to think of the perfect outfit to wear.

Cordelia glanced in the mirror the shower had done wonders. She felt human again. Cordelia combed out her wet hair. She paused, pulling at the wet locks. She squeaked as she saw two perfect holes on her neck. She peered even closer, her finger brushing at them, they were healed over, and yet- she winced a little as her finger touched a tender spot. She looked even closer into the mirror.

A delicate pinkness was centered in each hole, a fresh pinkness. Cordelia staggered back. If those weren’t vampire bites she was a bag-wearing freshman. Oh my god. When had she become a walking happy meal? She screamed.

“Miss Chase.” Marie came back running.

Cordelia winced. “It was nothing just a roach.” She lied.

“A roach?” Marie let out a squeal of her own. “I’ll call the exterminator.”

Cordelia listened as the footsteps ran down to the hall. She narrowed her eyes at her reflection studying the marks with disgust. She would have to change her whole outfit to hide those stupid things. Damn. What had those freaky Scoobies got her involved in now?

The End


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A Little Ways Back. 22-23   1 comment

Part 22

“Cordelia?” Buffy asked in surprise and a lot of annoyance. Buffy had a dinner to eat and a mom that really wanted to spend quality time…alone.

Cordelia took a deep breath and immersed herself in the role of ‘Queen C’ stalked by Angelus. She pushed her way over the threshold. “You haven’t done anything insane like invite your psycho boyfriend in again, have you?” Cordelia tapped her foot impatiently, her arms crossed, and her brow raised high.

“No, why are you here?”

“I’m here because your psycho boyfriend has put me on his creepy home visits tour-lurking outside my window last night, scurrying around this evening. It’s wiggin me out. If you can’t grow some slayer balls and kill him can you at least put him on a leash.”

Buffy grabbed Cordelia putting her hand over the brunette’s mouth. “Will you shut up? My mom’s home.”

Cordelia struggled, breaking loose and huffing indignantly. “Don’t get all grabby with me, I’m the victim here.”

“Victim, you seem perfectly fine to me.” Buffy glanced at the young woman. “Though, with another look, trying a new fashion style, casual, not slutty.”

“I AM NOT A SLUT.” Cordelia yelled, Angelus’ comments still a little too raw, despite the realization that it had been all a game.

Buffy’s hand slammed over Cordelia’s mouth again. “Will you just shut up?”

Cordelia yanked at Buffy’s hair. Cordelia smiled that was fun. Maybe before the night was over she could do it again with out getting cold cocked by the slayer.

“Ow.” Buffy stepped back. Both girls glared at each other.

“Buffy?” Buffy’s mom walked in from the kitchen. “Cordelia? Is something wrong?” The older woman took a closer step to the teenagers, “you look a little flushed.”

“Hi, Mrs. Summers, I’m sorry to just barge in like this, but…” Cordelia gave the older woman a frightened smile coated with sincerity at seeing Ms. Summer’s alive. “My parents are still on their trip and Marie’s gone- that’s our maid-, and well, I swear I saw a strange man follow me home from school….”

“It’s Saturday.” Buffy interrupted.

Cordelia shot her a look. “Yesterday, which was Friday, a day of school” Cordelia compounded her glare at the blonde.

“You left at lunch time.”

Cordelia was going to hit Buffy or at least yank her hair again, couldn’t the blonde ditz keep up, Buffy was the one that didn’t want her mom to know she was the slayer and that the things that go bump in the night, not only bumped, but bit and killed. ” I know, I was so upset, I mean he followed me from ‘school’, so I went to the mall.”

“Oh, that’s a good none stalking place.”

“It is in the middle of the DAY,” Cordelia emphasized, “with a bunch of other people walking about.” Cordelia glared again at the interruption.

Buffy took a step back finally understanding the unspoken ‘shut up, stupid, I’m telling a story here’ yell in Cordelia’s glare.

“Buffy, shush,” Mrs. Summers glanced to her daughter. “Honey, just tell me.” Mrs. Summers wrapped an arm around Cordelia leading her deeper into the house.

“Well, I saw him again, or I think I did, I’m pretty sure I did, in the trees by my house. I was too scared to go in, you know, being alone. So, I came here,” Cordelia glanced around through the hallway, noticing a set dinner table. “Oh, I’m interrupting your dinner, I’m sorry. I’ll just…”

“Of course you’ll stay until your parents get home.”

Buffy groaned. Cordelia’s parents were never home.

Mrs. Summers turned to Buffy. “Did you say something, dear?”

“No, Mom.” Buffy studied her shoes.

“Come on, Cordelia. Buffy, set another place at the table. And after dinner, we’ll call the police. They need to be notified if there is man out there stalking young women.”

Cordelia bit back her snort, her eyes locking with the slayer’s. Buffy was also trying to hide her choking. Buffy calmed herself, “A fat lot a good that will do,” Buffy deadpanned. “Serve and Protect, isn’t really their motto.”

“Does Sunnydale even have a police department?” Cordelia genuinely asked, she couldn’t remember ever seeing a police person.

Buffy laughed.

“Girls,” Mrs. Summers said disapprovingly. “The police do a wonderful job, keeping Sunnydale crime free,” she chastised as she went into the kitchen.

“You’re mom’s really great, honest, but come on- crime-free?”

Buffy shrugged. “In LA, our car got stolen a bunch of times. Here, it’s just a lot of unexplained freaky deaths.”

“Right, I keep forgetting why I love this town.” Cordelia wanted to keep talking to Buffy some more, maybe bitch about the crime or lack of crime in Sunnydale. Buffy had laughed at her statement and not in a ‘at you’ way but ‘with you’ sort of way. That was new.

That thought screeched any other thought of having a normal, slightly fun conversation with Buffy that would be atypical. She took another deep breath, promising that Angel would pay. “So, what are you going to do about Angelus?” She snapped.

“Willow, Oz, Xander and I are going to the Bronze. We’ll talk about it then. AWAY from my mother,” cautioning Cordelia firmly. Damn. For a minute there Buffy almost thought Cordelia would be nice or at least civil. Buffy stared at the pretty brunette. So superior in her attitude but Cordelia was nothing. A May Queen from a small town. Buffy would’ve kicked her ass down the social ladder in a heartbeat if ‘Queen C’ showed her small town face in LA. Buffy had been the Queen of the ‘In’ crowd. Buffy sighed.

That was until some old man told her who he was and what she was…and proved it to her, dying in the process. Her first watcher, she didn’t even know who he was- accept that he had wanted to make shoes. Instead he was stuck trying to teach a reluctant popular ditz that she was more than that. ‘Queen’ of anything became moot once she destroyed the gym to save the students. Buffy didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the unfairness of it all.

There were times that Buffy couldn’t decide what she disliked about Cordelia the most- her stuck up attitude, knowing that she was the leader of the popular crowd, or the fact that she had what Buffy lost when she became the ‘slayer’.

No, Buffy had a calling a purpose and she had found real friends. Yet, there was something about Cordelia’s ability to see the ‘hellmouth’, date Xander, be put in positions that screamed supernatural and evil and the girl would go through it, bitch, complain, and then say whatever. Cordelia Chase had the ability to refuse to let the freakiness of Sunnydale stop her from living her life the way she wanted.

Buffy wanted to label it as a complete clueless bit on the brunettes part, but sometimes Buffy wondered if Cordelia saw a bigger picture, one that showed no matter what-  Cordelia Chase would survive and things would be okay. Nay. Cordy was just a bitch. Buffy finished her thoughts.

“You all were going to the Bronze, without me? Why didn’t Xander invite me?” Cordelia huffed.

“Because, you haven’t been answering your phone, last night or today. Where were you? Xander’s worried.” Buffy rolled her eyes, all thoughts of giving Cordelia the benefit of the doubt gone. Her best friend had been pestering Buffy all day about the whereabouts’ of his girlfriend.

Like Buffy knew or cared, but because it was Xander she had added her own attempts at calling Cordy’s house.

“I was too scared to answer the phone.” Cordelia explained deciding not to care about Buffy’s slight flight from the land of the conscious. The girl obviously had a lot on her mind, probably starting with Angelus. Cordelia almost wished she could tell Buffy that it would be all right, -hard, sad, so painful- but all right. Angel would return. Cordelia shrugged picking at imaginary lint on her shirt.

“Angelus doesn’t do the deep breathing thing over the phone.” Buffy scoffed.

“Well, he didn’t use to stalk me, either. He’s psycho.” Cordelia shot back. “ How do you know what’s in a crazy dead evil guy’s mind, he’s crazy,” Cordelia whirled her forefinger at her temple, emphasizing her point.

“Girls, dinner.” Mrs. Summers interrupted the start of Buffy’s retort.

“Yes, mom.” Buffy pushed at Cordelia a frown deep on her face. First, Angelus had taunted nonsense about wanting Cordy and now this. What was the vampire up to? Willow had convinced her that Angelus had said that just to get under Buffy’s skin, but this was getting weirder and weirder, now Angelus was stalking Cordelia.

Buffy would like to think Cordelia was exaggerating, but Buffy had found Angelus close to Cordelia’s the other night.

Part 23

Angel waited until the Summer’s door shut with Cordelia safely inside before leaving. He headed back to the cave. If Angelus 2 followed their scent to the hide out, then number 1 would most likely show up there as well.


Angel stepped out of the shadows. “Looking for someone?” He asked before Angelus entered the tunnels.

Angelus growled as he sensed the difference in the vampire. “So, soul boy to the rescue again. This time you will die.” He charged.

Angel would have loved to tear the vampire from limb to limb, smashing his skull for good measure. In his mind that version of Angelus was even more hated than the other. That one was just at the beginning of his reign of terror and violence.

The unimaginable destructiveness of the vampire was loathsome to Angel’s soul and more he was the original source of danger to Cordelia. With great reluctance and amazing will power, Angel merely pulled the tranquilizer gun and shot repeatedly, watching as the vampire staggered and then finally fell.

Angel hauled the unconscious burden back into the cave. Within minutes, the mumbled spell was complete and the air started to spark and swirl. Angel looked at both unconscious vampires. How he wished he could get rid of them both. He gave a low growl of frustration, lifted Angelus 1, and sent him back to where he belonged.

Angel took a deep sigh of relief, now all he had to do was get Cordelia and they could go home.

He looked once more at the Angelus of this period, wondering if he should drop him off at the mansion. Angel disregarded that idea, no reason taking the chance on running into Dru or Spike. Let the bastard wonder why he was waking up in a cave on the other side of town.

Angel pulled out the orb from his pocket. It was still safe. He took off towards Buffy’s house.


Angel blinked refusing to believe his senses. He walked once more around the house. He fought his urge to break everything in sight as the reality became undeniable. When he found Cordelia he was going to kill her. Fuck his soul, fuck history. What part of wait for him had Cordelia not understood?

There was no way he was going to let her whine, justify, or kiss her way out of this. Angel stormed after the lingering scent that signaled Cordelia’s departure from the safety of the slayer’s house.


Cordelia sat at the high table, twirling her straw, only half listening to the music and voices floating around the Bronze. She was having second thoughts, actually third thoughts about the wisdom of being there. Angel was going to be so pissed if he got back to the Summer’s and she wasn’t there. Damn.

But, it had been pretty impossible to convince Buffy not to go to the Bronze or convince her that Cordy was too scared to go outside. Well, actually, she had done a decent job out of that, but Buffy just waved it way saying that they all would be together.

Cordelia had scoffed and pointed out that Buffy hadn’t been able to kill Angelus yet. And she argued that she wasn’t going out in the same clothes she worn all day. But her complaints only got her a glare, a shower and a shirt to wear from the blonde.

Cordelia’s moaning that the shirt was hideous didn’t deter Buffy either. Cordelia was beginning to suspect that Buffy wanted her to go out in an ugly peasant blouse that looked even stupider because it was too small. Though, Cordelia couldn’t argue that she made the outfit look even worse by insisting that Buffy give her a scarf to wear around her neck.

Cordelia knew that Buffy wasn’t at all convinced with her explanation that fashion was an never ending rush to be the first on the block to discover what was ‘it’. Nevertheless, Cordelia held her head up and projected her best ‘I look great and know it ‘ demeanor, which seemed to work because she kept hearing whispers about buying scarves and how to wear them from the female teenagers in the Bronze.

Wonderful, by Monday, all the girls would be looking hideous. Cordelia smiled. She still was the fashion queen.

“Cordy, are you sure you’re all right,” Xander’s concerned voice broke into her thoughts.

“No, this blouse is awful.”

“It’s that Buffy’s?” Willow asked.

“You don’t think its mine do you, Geez.”

Willow shrugged to Oz. “She seems fine with the whole being terrorized by the evil vampire ordeal.”

Cordelia blinked. “Of course I’m not, but none of you’ve come up with anything to keep me safe. It’s all Buffy’s fault, first she boinks him then she can’t kill him. Hmmph.”

“Cordy,” Xander tried to shush his girlfriend, giving an apologetic smile to Buffy.

Buffy just glared. “I don’t get why he’s going after Cordy all of sudden.”

“Don’t look at me, I don’t jones after the undead, eww.”

“I don’t…”

“See a vampire, don’t slay, screw…hmm.” Cordelia shot back before Buffy could get in a word. Cordelia cringed a little, trying to keep the superior look on her face. Cordelia knew better, it hadn’t been Buffy or Angel’s fault, but she had a role to play and truthfully, Buffy wasn’t making it that hard.

“Cordy,” Xander said more loudly.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Sorry, but I’m scared. I don’t know why he’s after me, it’s not like I’m Buffy’s best friend he should be going after Willow.” She pointed at the gasping redhead.

Buffy nodded.

“Buffy?” Willow looked wide-eyed.

Buffy shrugged. “Sorry, Will, but it would make more sense, you, Xander or Giles…..”

Xander snorted. “Maybe this is his way to get to you, through me.”

“Xander, I’m the one being stalked.” Cordelia huffed.

“Yeah,” Xander grabbed her hand,” but you’re my girlfriend. If he hurt’s you, then well, I’d be hurt….”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Cordelia blessed Xander with a smile.

“And I’d feel horrible.” Buffy nodded following Xander’s reasoning it made more sense than Angelus actually ‘wanting’ the brunette.

Cordelia’s smile disappeared. “Gee, that’s so nice that you’d feel horrible for Xander and not me.”

“That’s not what I meant…well, I mean…Damn’t Cordy. I won’t let Angelus hurt you, okay. He’s just playing his games.”

Cordelia’s retort was cut short by the walls of the Bronze squeezing her in, as the music got louder pounding into her skull, the stage lights vibrating and blinding the back of her eyes lids. “No,” Cordelia cried out, grabbing at her head as the lights and sounds sent flames through her skull followed by images of a large scaly demon attacking a teenager.

She struggled to maintain her balance as she fell from her stool, the strength in Buffy’s thin arm saving her from landing flat on her ass. “Cordy?”

“I…” The brunette winced. “Migraine.” She swayed trying to get her bearings. Once her body stopped vibrating, she grabbed at the pill bottle in her jeans pocket, quickly taking a handful, slumping against a shocked Xander. The boy moved his arm to hug her. “Cordy?” He glanced up worriedly at his friends.

Oz blinked. “My cousin had migraines. They can be a bitch.” He nodded.

“Cordy, since when have you gotten migraines?” Xander asked.

“Since, I did. Stop yelling.” She winced.

“Okay,” Xander looked around for support. “I wasn’t yelling,” he whispered.

Buffy bit her lip. Cordelia had been complaining and making excuses not to go to the Bronze all night. But that performance hadn’t seemed like any excuse Buffy had ever seen. Cordelia’s cry had drawn a crowd and Buffy knew that wasn’t the kind of attention the other girl liked and the pain etched on her face seemed real enough.

“Cordy, let’s go back to my house, okay?”

Cordelia nodded. “Um, yeah, okay. Um. Give me a minute, please. I can’t think right now.” Cordelia closed her eyes, her fingers clenched into Xander’s. The boy resisted the urge to yelp as nails bit into his palm.

Cordelia tried to empty her mind of the vision. She knew she didn’t have the time to get rid of the Scoobies, so she had to figure a way to get Buffy to where the demon was.

“I’m okay,” Cordelia nodded again. “Thanks.”

Willow grabbed up the purses as the group headed out the door, Cordelia leaning between Buffy and Xander.


Cordelia tugged at the arms that were holding her, the medication had finally kicked in. “I can walk.”

“Cordy?” Xander tried to keep hold of her hand.

“Really, Xander, thank you.” She smiled softly.

Xander blinked. It wasn’t nearly as big and bright as the one he got in the library but it was as honest and lovely. He could get use that. Xander wished that Cordy would smile at him like that more often. When she did it, he felt warm and fuzzy, like she really cared for him, making him realize that his explanation about Angelus behavior had been true. Xander would be more than hurt if the vampire did anything to his girlfriend.

“I do think I need to lie down though, I feel woozy and that always seems to help, maybe we can take the short cut through the cemetery.” She questioned Buffy.

“That’s a shortcut, with a warning.” Xander shook his head.

“But it is quicker.” Buffy agreed leading the way towards the graveyard.

“If we don’t end up dead.” Xander protested.

Willow pushed at Xander’s back. “Come on, do you want Cordelia to throw up on the street.”

“I don’t want to be throwing up in the resting place of the living dead,” Xander mumbled but started moving.

Cordelia started to wander from the group.

“Cordy, this way,” Buffy ran up gently urging her in the right direction.

“Oh, sorry.” Cordelia blinked, and then jerked her head. “Did you hear that? It sounded like screaming,” pointing in the direction that she had been going.

Buffy looked around. “I don’t…wait, not screaming but something else,” she took off running her slayer sense vibrating with the unnatural sound.

“Oh great, Cordy, stay with me.” Xander gripped her hand and jogged after the slayer. Willow and Oz already running.

“Holy Crap.” Xander skidded to a stop.

Oz turned. “It’s big.”

“It’s scary.” Willow yanked at the victim of Cordy’s vision. “Run.” she urged.

The kid listened and took off.

Cordelia and the Scoobies stared as Buffy battled a 7-foot scaly demon.

“Anyone have a weapon.” Xander asked hopefully.

“Here,” Cordelia picked up a large stick.

“That’s a branch.”

“Just pretend it’s a sword.” Cordelia ran smacking at the demon’s back. “Like this.” The demon howled as the blow pushed it into Buffy’s fist.

“Cordelia gets well quick and weirdly brave from those migraines.” Willow commented.

“Cordy,” Xander called as the young woman was thrown back.

“Help Buffy,” She gasped, trying to catch her air, urging the boy to take the stick.

“You okay?”

“Go. I’m fine.” Cordelia struggled to her feet, watching as Xander joined Willow and Oz trying to hit the demon fighting Buffy.

Cordelia jumped as a strong arm yanked her further from the fighting, and hand clamped over her emerging yelp.

“When we get home, you will explain to me why you are not at Buffy’s.” Angel growled into her ear as he swung the girl around.

Cordelia looked at the angry dark brown eyes, then down at the shirt. Damn. It was her father’s sweater. “Angel, I…”

“Not now. We’re getting out of here.”

“But, Buffy…”

“Is the slayer, she can handle it. Now move or do I have to carry you.”

“Okay,” Cordy nodded. “I take it this means…”


“Right, quiet.” She peeked up at the vampire pulling her along. “I had a vision,” she said in her defense.

Angel took a deep breath, shaking his head.


“Cordy, I will worry then pamper you after I kill you, now shut up.”

“You’re mad.”


“I…” A loud yell interrupted her.

“Buffy, Angelus has Cordy,” Xander cried.

“Oh Christ,” Angel growled. “Moron.”

“Angel. Just go, I’ll get out of Buffy’s later.”

Buffy’s head jerked. “Damn’t,” she swung, and then flipped, kicking out. She ran to the stunned demon, grabbing his wide neck and twisted. She took off running after Xander once she heard the death snap.

Angel stayed put. “No, I don’t trust you to stay where I don’t have to go looking for you.”

“Angel.” she whined.

“Cordy, we’re coming.” Xander called.

“Great, now he’s a hero.”

She glared at Angel. “If you’re not going to leave-HELP ME XANDER.”

Angel winced at the high pitch volume. He shook his head. “Roll,” Angel whispered. “And keep this intact, no matter what.” Angel shoved the orb into her hands.


“Roll, Damn’t.” he shoved.

Cordelia caught his meaning as she went flying, rolling to the ground, getting to her feet, the orb still safe and secure against her chest.

Xander ran up to her. “Cordy are you?…”

“Yeah, stupid vampire,” she mumbled brushing away the boy’s hand while she placed the orb behind her back.

Buffy ran up skidding to a halt in front of Angel.

“Are you sure you can do this, I saw the ugly, nice little Jet Li action but don’t you think just maybe it took a little too much out of you,” Angel sneered at the breathless blonde. “Hardly seems worth my wile.”

“Don’t worry,” Buffy circled the vampire. “So, now Cordy’s your choice of targets to get to me. Don’t you know she’s not really on my list of priorities?”

“Well, that’s special, just let the psycho kill me.” Cordelia huffed.

Both Angel and Buffy turned their glares to the brunette.

“Shush, Cordy,” Xander placed an arm on her.

“I don’t believe this,” Cordelia grumbled, starting to throw her arms up in the air, stopping when the weight of the orb reminded her of it’s presence. She quickly hid it.

“Cordy, Buffy won’t let Angelus hurt you,” Willow tried to reassure the agitated brunette as she and Oz ran up.

“That’s….” Cordelia shook her head, hating what she was going to have to watch. Why didn’t the stupid vampire listen to her?

Angel blocked Buffy’s first blow. “Seemed a little weak, lover. Are our special times together affecting your fists? Are you thinking about that ‘night’, when I had my hands over you making you scream in pleasure.”

“THAT’S enough of that,” Cordy tugged on Xander’s arm.

“Will you be quiet?” Angel shot to Cordelia.

“You are so in for it, buster.”

Angel rolled his eyes, and then flinched as Buffy solidly whacked his face.

Cordelia flinched. Oh damn. She silently promised not to say another word.

Angel shook his head.

“Enough force for you.” Buffy glared.

“Actually, I like a little more in my foreplay,” he winked with a punch.

Buffy held her jaw, pulling out a stake. “I don’t like foreplay.” She lunged.

Cordelia bit her lip, to keep from screaming, she yanked at her arm trying to get to the vampire.

“Ooh, you’re getting feisty now.” Angel grinned, kicking the lethal weapon from Buffy.

Angel studied the blonde as she gathered her strength. “Some day, you will have to kill me, but not tonight. I’m sorry, Buffy,” Angel swung; his fists a blur, finishing with a wide kick, knocking Buffy back ten feet.

Xander, Willow, and Oz ran to the fallen slayer.

“Hold on,” Angel pulled at Cordelia, hoisting her over his shoulder and disappearing into the branches of the trees.

“Angel,” Cordelia looked hesitantly down to the ground. “Are…”

“The orb.”

Cordelia sighed and pulled it out between the cushions of her breast. “Safe and sound.”

Angel nodded appreciatively at the hiding place. He looked down again.

Xander and Willow were helping Buffy to her feet. Buffy shook them off. “Where’s Angelus?”

Oz cleared his throat. “Where’s Cordy?”

Buffy took off running.

“Buffy, where are you going?”

“To find them and kill him.” Buffy shot over her shoulder.

“Xander, she’ll find Cordy, she will. Cordy will be okay.”

Xander brushed off Willow’s hand, taking after Buffy, with no hope of catching the slayer but he had to try to save Cordelia.

“Sometimes, he was sweet.” Cordelia said at Xander’s obvious distress.

Angel rolled his eyes. “We’re going,” grabbing the young woman and dropping to the ground, carrying her as he ran in the opposite direction of Buffy and the Scoobies.


“Angel,” Cordelia lifted her hand to his chest.

“Not now, Cordelia.”

“Stop saying that.” She grabbed his chin forcing him to look at her. “I’m sorry that I left, I’m sorry that you had to fight Buffy, I’m sorry,” she slumped her shoulders. “I know how hard that was for you.”

Angel took her by the wrists, removing her hands, kissing her abruptly.

Cordelia blinked up at the vampire’s deep eyes. “It’s over, we’re going home, that is all that matters. Now, get in your bed.”


“Cordy, in a couple minutes we’ll be home and in our OWN bed, I can wait.”

“I…why do I have to lie down then.”

“Because, when your soul was taken you fell unconscious, I don’t want you falling again. Now are you ready?”

“I don’t know.” Cordelia scrunched up her face. “I love you, Angel.”

Angel sighed, leaning back over the young woman, kissing her deeply. “I love you, Cordy.” He stood.

Cordelia licked at her lips. “You still mad at me?”

“Yes.” He shot a look at the young woman.

“Hmmph, well, I’m mad at you too.”

“For what.”

“Well, you let Angelus 1 call me a cat in heat, then there was the whole ‘slutty’ comment, then there was throwing me on Buffy’s doorstep, then there was that cute recounting of Buffy’s birthday, eww, and I’ll think of more.”

Angel shook his head, “You promise to wait until we get home.”

“Okay, sure.”

“Thank you,” Angel started mumbling the words for the time portal to open.

“Wow, that really freaks me out.” Cordelia watched the wall of her bedroom crackled and expand to leave a black hole.

Angel leaned over pushing her back down on the bed. “Wesley swore this wouldn’t hurt, okay.” He gently tucked a strain of hair behind her ear.

Cordelia nodded. “Then we’ll be home.”


Angel recited the second spell, watching as Cordelia’s body slumped further into the mattress and the orb started to glow with a bright light.

Angel stared at the unconscious teenager. “Stay safe for me, I’ll need you more than you will ever know.” He kissed the young girl on her forehead, and then clutched the orb securely to his chest. “We’re going home, baby, finally.” Angel stepped through the portal.


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A Little Ways Back. 21   1 comment

Part 21

Cordelia rubbed her cheek against Angel’s broad chest, nudging, and burying trying to get under his skin. “I wish we were home,” her words muffled.

“Soon, I promise.” Angel whispered stroking the dark hair, holding her tight.

She rose her head, soft brown flitting with golden specks, glowing with love into the dark pools begging for her to believe. “I know.” She smiled tenderly, caressing Angel’s cheek, sitting up. “Hey, caves aren’t so bad.”

Angel smiled. “That’s because it wasn’t your back embedded with sharp stones.”

Cordelia tilted her head. “Are you complaining?”

“Never.” He kissed her soundly.

“I guess we should get dressed, um.”

“Yeah.” Angel sighed, not wanting the warmth to leave but knowing that if Cordy was too be safe they would have to leave the security of the cave, no matter how false it was. Knowledge warred with his need to keep her close.

Angel brought Cordelia into the v of his legs taking the clothes from her hands, caressing as he guided her long legs into the jeans. Cordelia leaned into his chest. “Angel,” she whispered.

“Shh, we’re just getting dressed.”

“Not like this we aren’t.” she half sighed and giggled, turning into his lap

Angel swung a lacy bra. “My only thought is to help”


Angel lifted her arms, slipping the straps over them, his fingers tapping and teasing down her shoulder blades. Angel leaned down brushing his lips over the tip of her nipple, tonguing at the nub, suckling until it peaked firm in his mouth.

Cordelia made a soft sound as her knees buckled, her hands going to Angel’s shoulders.

Angel’s lips moved to the other full breast as he hooked the back of the lacy bra closed.

Cordelia whimpered as he lifted his head, pulling the material securely hiding the moist flesh, the straining nipples scrapping against the fabric begging to be free.

“Angel.” Cordelia moaned as the material separated her from his lips.

Angel responded by kissing along her collarbone, nudging her arms into her shirt.

“Angel.” She wined.

“Shush, almost done.”

“No,” she pouted

Angel gave a soft laugh, fully enjoying the soft gasp of breath and pout.

“Tease.” She tried to pull away.

“So says the master.” Angel nuzzled back into her neck, gripping the unclosed material of her jeans, slipping his fingers under the denim to stroke at the soft skin, swirling deft fingertips closer delving into the soft folds.

Cordy’s nails pierced into the vampire’s shoulders as her weight slumped into his fingers, the tingling starting in her toes, branching out, growing.

Cordy gasped, falling into the crook of Angel’s shoulder, her chest panting as her release rippled through liquefying her muscles.

Angel slanted, brushing his face against the head hugged into his shoulder. It would be so easy to get lost in the bouquet that floated around Cordy, the scent of the culmination of her pleasure, what he caused. Angel stilled his desire; calling on all of his control, smiling as he gently moved her, zipping and snapping her jeans, pulling down her shirt. Leaving Cordelia, standing completely clothed, unsure, and flushed.

“Angel.” She reached for the naked aroused vampire.

“It’s dark out,” he gently tapped her nose then reaching for his pants.

Cordelia licked at her lips,” but…”

“But, we have to get home. I want you home. And when you’re safe, I want to make sure that Cordelia Chase is safe here so when the time comes she will be you, badgering me to live, being there for me always, allowing me too love you,” gently cupping her face.

Cordelia gasped at the tender gesture, the words melting her quicker than the tantalizing touch had. “I love you,” Cordelia truly hoped that the vampire would never get tired of hearing it, because she would never get tired of saying it.

Angel smiled. “I won’t.”

“That was just spooky.”

“It’s the hellmouth, Cordy.” Angel shrugged.

Cordy snorted.


“Angel, the way I see it, we just avoid Angelus 2, stun Angelus 1,” she held up the tranquilizer gun that Angel brought with him, “open the portal, send him back, leave this body,” she waved the gun towards her 17 year old form,” nice in safe in my bedroom, then go home.”

“Avoid Angelus 2? How would we do that?”

“Angel, I can’t think of everything,” she huffed.

“Sorry.” Angel rolled his eyes snatching the gun out of her hands and concealing it in his jacket.

“Hmmph. It’s not like we can’t tell them apart.”

“There’re identical, Cordelia.”

Cordelia shook her head. “I told you Angelus 2 wears red silk- flashy, Angelus 1 is still going with the monochrome blackness that Wolfram & Hart first put him in. And Angelus 1 calls me Cordy and 2 calls me Cordelia.”

“Cordelia, I am not risking you’re life on clothes and name calling.”

“How do you plan on telling them apart then.”

“I don’t, I see one, I’ll shoot him, I’ll worrying about which is which when they’re both unconscious and chained.”

“ Angel, if you….” She quieted as Angel growled his human face receding, pulling her behind him. “What is it?” She asked trying to see into the darkness Angel was focused on.

Angel growled louder, his yellow eyes gleaming towards the opening of the cave.

“Guess sneaking up on you was a bit of wishful thinking on my part.” Angelus poked his head around to wave at Cordy. “Hello, Cordelia, long time no see.”

Cordelia stretched her head over Angels’ shoulder, nudging the vampire to notice the bright silk shirt on Angelus. “2, see flashy and…”

“Cordelia, shut up.” Angel growled.

Angelus crossed his hands flamboyantly over his chest. “Is that any way to talk to your soul mate? You put up with that,” he blinked wide-eyed towards Cordy,” I thought you had more spunk than that. Guess I was wrong.”

“You,” Cordelia moved, only to be tugged back by Angel.

“Stay put,” Angel ordered.

Cordelia glared but stayed behind Angel.

“What do you want?” Angel growled.

“Hey, does that mean I confused myself.” Angelus laughed.

“It’s not that hard to do, dumb ass.” Cordelia peeked over Angel’s shoulder.

Angelus laughed harder. “Was that an insult to me or you?” He jerked his head towards Angel.

Cordelia blinked wide realizing how her intended cut to Angelus may have sounded to Angel. “Sorry,” she whispered up into Angel’s ear.

Angelus chuckled at the exasperation on his souled counterparts face. “Sure, you want her as a soul mate? She talk’s a lot. In fact, the only plus I can see with having her,” Angelus sniffed around the air,” is that she needs to be fucked at all hours like a cat in heat or a good whore.”

Angel’s hand shot out holding Cordelia from charging Angelus. “I said stay put.”

“You’re not the one he’s calling a whore, hey, do something.” She smacked him.

“Cordelia, be quiet, please.”

“Hmmph,” Cordelia turned her back crossing her arms.

“You’re making a lot of noise and still not explaining why you’re here.” Angel faced the other vampire.

“Undeniable curiosity about my future. So, is Buffy dead, that why the soul so convinced that she’s the one you want? Did I finally get around to killing the love of you life?” Angelus jumped on a rock, swinging his legs casually.

Angelus laughed as he saw Cordelia peek around to study Angel. “Come, girl, you don’t really think those marks mean that the soul loves you it just means the demon wants to get between your legs, enjoying the warmth while killing you slowly. Blood during sex, is quite….yummy.” Angels smacked his lips. “And you are the willing little slut.”

Angel shot his hand out again to stop Cordelia from moving, growling more in frustration rather than anger when she kicked him in the shin. “Talk or…”

“You’ll kill me?” Angelus laughed. “Had a talk with the past us, did some research, you can’t, but it seems you’re expendable.”

“Hate to break it to you, but so are you.”

“Not while the old guy is running around.”

“So, you’re going to kill me and what- share Sunnydale, Drusilla…” Angel paused pointedly, “Cordy?”

Angelus growled, jumping to the ground. “Who says I want her?”

“I do, past Angelus does, you’re in the middle,” Angel laughed.

“No. The slayer is the one I’m obsessed with. Remember, the love of you’re souled life.”

Angel smirked. “I also remember seeing Cordelia in 1898, wanting her, marking her, needing to keep tasting at the blood that burnt through my dead veins, pounding a desire through me, feeling the softness hidden under layers of clothes, wanting that body to be mine, knowing that Darla would kill her no matter that I had claimed her, deciding then that I would forgo the warmth to have the body and fire of the girl herself with me always, planning to turn her to be at my side, and then killing Darla. I also remember the rage and frustration at being thwarted. I remember the dreams that waned over time of a beautiful spirited brunette- all of it- the fire, pain, rage, and need.

I remember getting my soul and pushing the dream back, the soul regretting the fear that I had inspired, abhorring the need that belonged to the demon. I remember seeing Buffy for the first time after decades of hiding from the guilt, I remember being pulled by her innocence, fragility, and strength- a feeling not tainted by the demon.

So, yes, I remember loving Buffy, just like I remembered wanting Cordelia with a single-minded purpose, surpassing any other want. Just like I know, that had I noticed who Cordelia was, like you have, I would’ve forgone my obsession to hurt Buffy for making me feel human and concentrate on the obsession that followed me for a century. Don’t forget who you’re bull shitting.”

Angelus forced down his growl. “It was worth a shot, the soul always made me less than perceptive of the demon’s needs. Seems I might’ve been wrong on this one.”

Cordelia listened hanging on every word, slowly moving away from both vampires.

Angel had told her about the dreams and his fear of what could’ve happened had Angelus noticed her. But, he never explained the mindset of Angelus. She was marked because the demon wanted her. She licked at her lips, glancing up at Angel.

His soul wanted Buffy. He would’ve never chosen her if he realized when they were in Sunnydale, because his soul wouldn’t have wanted her, she was tainted. With a soul he wanted Buffy. In an instant, all the drama of Buffy and Angel’s tragic love affair flew through her mind. For the first time, since Angel told her that he loved her, Cordelia, began doubt the vampire’s love.

Angel moved, returning his body in front of Cordelia, grabbing at her hand, sensing the woman’s growing fear. He growled at the other vampire. “Don’t.” He warned Angelus not to take advantage of what Angelus surely sensed also. “It won’t help you accomplish whatever you are trying to do here.”

Angelus considered. “But, it would’ve been fun.” Angelus shrugged silently agreeing for the moment not to push at Cordelia’s obvious vulnerability.

“Get to the point.” Angel glared.

“I have a deal.”

Angel raised his brows.

Angelus started to pace. “We both know we can’t kill the past guy. But, he can’t stay here, because you’re right, I won’t share. You’re here, so you must know how to get rid of him without creating major time fuck ups. But you’re going to need my help or at least my agreement of noninvolvement and then well, you and…”

Angelus stared at Cordelia. “Her eagerness to jump in the sack, and humorless old guy’s talk of going back and forth through the time line indicates that she’s with you from the future, but she looks as young and fresh as when I saw her enjoying the moron in the back seat of her car.”

“I never…”

Angel pulled Cordy back again.

“Oh, maybe it was a supply closet. So, how’s that done?”

“I believe you and what, you’ll just let us go?” Angel raised his brows.

Angelus shrugged. “You know me, I just want you both-my past and future to go. I figure that once done, I can get on with my present, who says that I will get the damn soul back, or won’t get the girl, or kill the slayer- You? Why should I take your word for it just because you show up all souley and fucking the prom queen.”

“May Queen, actually.” Angel smirked.

Angelus narrowed his eyes. “Deal?”

Angel laughed.

“I can kill you and take the girl.” Angelus growled.

“And then what, kill Angelus number 1 or are you back to sharing again.”

Angelus licked his lips trying move around Angel to get another look at Cordelia. “I think after you dead, that I will get to have that blood that I crave, the softness that I haven’t touched, I think I can make my Cordy scream until she tells me what she knows about returning the past to where it belongs, if that doesn’t work before too much damage is caused, I’ll just turn her and she’ll be happy to help, that’s what I think.”

Cordelia hugged up against Angel’s back. Her doubts shoved aside by the need for Angel’s hard body against hers giving her reassurance.

Angel kept his body still letting Cordy mold into him but otherwise never acknowledging her need. “What you haven’t experienced yet is the knowing that the soul doesn’t weaken the demon, that it can be ignored, that on one issue the soul and demon are compatible and each urging and wanting the same thing- the protection of what is loved and owned. I don’t have to kill you, I just have to break you, and I will. If you were smart, you would go back to the mansion, heckle Spike, use Dru and wait for the soul to come back, then you will actually be a happy vampire.”

Angelus growled.

“Or not.” Angel pulled out his tranquilizer gun shooting into the vampire, pellets peppering his body. “I think that you’re non-involvement is for the best.”

Angel gently moved away from Cordelia and knelt to study the fallen vampire.

“Come on,” he beckoned to Cordelia. “We’ve only about twelve hours to find Angelus 1, before this one wakes up.”


Angel moved grabbing at the girl’s shoulders. “Don’t Cordelia, we don’t have time for me to reassure you with soft touches and words. Know, I love you. YOU. Only you. Wait until we get home to get insecure. I love you. And will be happy to prove it, but not now, okay. I love you.”

Cordelia bit at her lips, studying the intense glare on Angel’s face. She smiled. “Duh.”

Angel shook his head at the amazing woman. He kissed her quickly on her pursed mouth. “Let’s go.”

“Where? Nevermind,” at the look Angel shot her.


“Angel” Cordelia had remained quiet, not plaguing the vampire with her many questions, but now she just had to speak. “That’s Buffy’s house.” She pointed up the sidewalk where Angel had stopped.

“Yes, you are going in there and staying until this is over.”

“No. What? Buffy, no way.”

“Yes, way.”

“Angel, we can’t tell her whats going on.”

“You won’t. Just tell her that Angelus has been hanging around your house and you’re scared.”

“Tell her I’m scared, no way, “ Cordelia repeated.

“Do it.” Angel pushed her towards the house.

“No,” she tried again.

“Yes,” he ordered.

She glared at his tone. “Fine. But, how will I know it’s over. You can’t just coming knocking at the door.”

“Just keep looking for me, I’ll be the one wearing your father’s sweater.” He kissed her again. “Go.”

“Angel.” Cordelia bit at her tongue to stop her desired yell as he disappeared into the darkness. “I’ll get you for this, you just wait.” She said lowly, knowing that while she couldn’t see the vampire he could hear her.

She knew that he was close waiting for her to get into the safety of Buffy’s house. Cordelia took a deep breath and ran to the door, pounding on the wood and yelling with all her might.

Part 22

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Part 20

Angelus stumbled towards the high school, kicking opening the front door, heading for the basement, once safely sheltered in the blackness, he rested.


Angelus ran jerkily towards an alley, kicking open a side door of an abandoned building searching for a place to heal.


Buffy ran home gulping down her tears and immediately getting on the phone with Willow.


Cordelia looked around at the dreary cavern. “So, we’ll be safe here?”

“It’s almost daylight.” Angel scanned the cave once again. “No one’s here.”

“Gee, can’t see why, it’s so lovely.”

“Cordy,” Angel commented.

“Hey, if it’s safe, its beautiful that’s all I’m saying.” She brushed at the grime on a stone and sat.

“You won’t be here for long.” Angel pulled at the orb from his pocket, relieved that it was still in one piece.

“What’s that for?”

“The soul spell.”

“Um, Angel, those words don’t go well together, soul- spell, they just don’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Spell, soul, magic leads to mess-ups and bad stuff. A third Angelus running around would be a bad thing. Why do we need a soul spell?”

“It’s not for me, for you.”

“Me?” Cordelia squeaked. “Why do I need a soul spell?”

“Because, Wesley figured it out. Wolfram & Hart transported your soul. That’s why you’re in your 17 year old body.”

Cordelia’s eyes widened. “I really hate them.” She shrugged in frustration at not being able to smack a few lawyers around. “Okay, so this soul spell will get my soul back to where it belongs.”

Angel nodded. “Wesley gave me the spell. Once your soul is in this,” he raised the orb, “I’ll open the time portal, and send it through. Wesley says all he has to do is break it, your soul will go straight to your body, and you’ll be fine.”

“My body? Where is it? Wolfram and Hart don’t have it do they? They better not being doing anything weird or icky too it.”

“It’s safe at the Hyperion.” Angel reassured the young woman.

“Oh, okay.” Cordelia scrunched up her face again. “I thought that the Portal had to be opened from our present.”

“It seems Fred has been studying the equations of the old spell. Wesley was able to use what she learned to devise a return spell.”

Cordelia smiled at the braininess of her friends. “Hey, what happens to me?” She pointed down at her younger body.

“Wesley said that once your future soul leaves, all would be back to normal, soul, memory, minus this interruption, of course. All would be righted along with everything else. ”

“What about Angelus of 1898?”

“After you’re safe, I’ll go after him and send him back.”

Cordelia stared at the vampire,” After I GO back,” she raised an eyebrow.

“I want you away from him, from both of them.”

“No, Angel.”

“I’m not arguing about this.”

“Who’s arguing, I’m making sense, you aren’t. Angel, you send my future soul back, I won’t be away from either Angelus, I’ll still be here, and at a disadvantage because I won’t know what’s going on, neither of the Angelus’ care what soul they kill. And, you won’t be able to explain it to me, one I won’t listen because to my 17 year old self you will be Angelus and two, I can’t know because if I did I’d run straight for Buffy and the Scoobies.”

Angel scowled knowing she was right but hating it. “I’ll just do the time portal spell, you’re soul and 17 year old ‘self’ will be safe in 2002. When its over we’ll send the teenager you back,” he answered, satisfied with his alternative to Cordelia’s arguments.

“Angel, that’s stupid. You’ll need my help. And Wesley, Gunn, and Fred would never forgive you for subjecting them to a freaked out 17 year old me. I wouldn’t forgive you, I’d have to bitch slap myself.”

“You weren’t that bad.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. Wow. Love was truly blind even in memories. “Try another plan.”

“Cordy,” Angel tried.

“No, Angel. And its just not Angelus 1 that we have to worry about, there’s Angelus 2.”

“Angelus 1, 2?”

“Do have a better way of keeping them straight. Angelus of ‘now’ and ‘past’ Angelus was confusing and way cumbersome, should’ve thought of it earlier.”

Angel shook his head. “Cordy, both Angelus came to your house, Angelus, um, 2, was obsessed with Buffy not you, you said in your letter that your plan to keep it that way failed. What happened?”

“That had been my plan,” Cordelia insisted in a slightly defensiveness manner. “But, I…it wasn’t my fault, it was the stupid Powers fault.” She explained.

“The Powers?”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “I had a vision, do you believe it? Like there wasn’t enough to worry about.”

“A vision? Are you all right? You didn’t have the potion.” Angel’s eyes urgently scanned her face and body, looking for any signs of distress that some how he failed to notice when he had previously examined every inch of her body with his hands and lips.

Cordelia brushed off his concern. “Mom has some killer drugs stashed away, I was okay. But, I had to go out at night and save the victims.” Cordelia didn’t like the vampire’s sudden silence or his glare. “Angel, I had too, what else was I going to, I couldn’t go to Buffy, you weren’t here. I couldn’t let them die.” She rushed, her tone completely defensive.

Angel blinked rubbing his forehead, the action used to calm his anger. Anger was not productive. Cordelia was safe. “Tell me.” He said in manufactured calmness.

Cordelia scrunched up her face at the vampire, his tone wasn’t much better than his glare. “Well, two vampires in the cemetery getting ready to ruin some kids make out session. I got there in time, you should’ve of seen it. One of the vampires grabbed me from behind and I used the kick you taught me, “ Cordelia demonstrated her move, swinging and kicking high, just in case Angel didn’t remember. “Then I hit him,” she mimicked the rest of the fight, “I did it. Dust bunnies.” She nodded.

Angel nodded, interrupting the young woman’s proud demonstration. “And while you were patting your self on the back,” he said slowly without any inflection in his voice, “the other vampire, was where?”

Cordelia frowned. “He tackled me. But, I was holding my own. I was.” She claimed at Angel’s steady stare. “Well, I would’ve but, he saw your marks and then freaked and went all-sorry this sorry that and well, I staked him. Why didn’t you tell me these things,” she pointed to her neck, “ act as vamp repellant. How’d he know they were yours, well actually, he thought they were Angelus 2’s.”

Angel covered his face. “The vampire got close enough to biting you to scent them? Is that what you call holding your own?” He was going to have to tie her to his waist or lock her in their room. She was too reckless. Cordelia was giving him ulcers or would if he could get them.

“I…he could smell that they were yours, weird,” deciding to ignore Angel’s angry question. “Is there some sort of database, you know identifying vampires by smell. That’s a lot weird and just a little bit creepy, but cool.” She nodded encouraging the vampire to speak.

Angel really didn’t want to have this conversation with the young woman that was now trying smell the marks on her neck.


Cordy jerked her head up. “How does it work?”

Angel sighed, resigned to the fact that she would not continue with her story until he explained. “I don’t know the physiology of how it works. All I know, all vampires know, is that a mark is different than a just a bite, a mark incorporates the vampire scent into the wounds, warning others that the prop…the person is claimed. A vampire sensing such marks, may not be able to identify the scent by name, but will be able to know the strength, age, etc. of the one that made them, then if and only if, the vampire is concerned with being able to fight and win against that other vampire, will he leave the person alone. So, you see, Cordy, it’s not a vamp repellant if the vampire that is trying to kill you is arrogant or stupid enough not to know that I wouldn’t tear them apart for touching you. It’s not a guarantee of anything, that’s why I didn’t tell you, because you would think of them as some sorta free pass.”

Cordelia considered, a smile breaking out over her face. “Pooh, you’re the bestest and strongest vampire out there. That other vampire ran like a chicken.”

Angel wouldn’t let the warm glow of her confident praise deter him. “That’s because he identified you as belonging to Angelus, here in Sunnydale at this time, the only vampires that are close to my age or…. viciousness are Dru and Spike.”

“So, they would…”

“I don’t know. Un souled, they would never go against me, but with a soul, they’d be less respectful of my mark. But it doesn’t matter because you aren’t getting near either of them. Now, you were explaining how Angelus 2 noticed you.” Angel signaled the end to that conversation with a long burdened shake of his head.

Cordelia sighed, knowing she got as much as she would from the vampire. “Angelus 2 was there. He saw the fight and the scaredy vamp. He wanted to know what vampire marked me. I didn’t tell him. And then I did a couple things that might have made him mad,” shrugging.

Angel cringed knowing perfectly well that Angelus just didn’t politely ask Cordy questions. “What did he do?”

“Really, just asked, little forcibly okay, but I wasn’t hurt or anything. He was though.” Cordelia reassured.

“What did you do?” Angel knew he didn’t want to hear it.

“I kicked him in the nuts, then chopped him, just like you taught me,” she snapped the sides of her palms in the air.

Angel groaned. That would’ve certainly gotten Angelus’ notice. “That’s it? You said you were with him in my old apartment.”

“That was later. See, I still thought it would maybe okay, but the Scoobies showed up and I couldn’t let Buffy get to him, she may have killed him, I wasn’t sure. Usually, she screwed up with Angelus, but he was still kind of stunned, you said it would give me 3 seconds, but it was it was at least 5. So, I told him to run and I sorta of screamed into Buffy’s arms. I was really convincing,” she assured.

Angel refused to let his growl emerge. He took a deep breath. “You saved him. That would definitely get you noticed.”

“Yeah, I did figure I messed up, but what else was I supposed to do. That’s when I pretty much decided just to leave Sunnydale and hide out in LA and wait. So, I was probably a little too talkative when he showed up at my window later that night.”

“No, not you. I don’t believe it.” Angel groaned shaking his head.

“Hey.” Cordelia narrowed her eyes. “Well, it could’ve worked but then I had another stupid vision the next day. So, I had….”

“You went out, knowing that both Angelus’ were waiting for you.” Angel was getting an uncharacteristic tick in his left eye, along with a burning in his stomach. Oh my god. Cordelia had done it she gave him warmth, the illusion of life, and the health issues that went along with it. He groaned again.

“No. I didn’t know about Angelus 1 yet and Xander had called and said that Buffy had run into Angelus 2 after he left me and she beat him up. He said that Angelus went limping and bleeding off, that he be out of the picture for a while. Pfft, wrong, he looked okay to me, leaping up on buildings, doing all sorts of vamp stuff all while carrying me.”

“Back up. Explain.” Angel tried to ignore the churning in his stomach. It wasn’t real.

“Oh, after I killed the vampires, and saved the little boy, Angelus 1 showed up.” Cordelia bit her lip and took a quick look at the vampire. “Anyway, Angelus 2 kind of saved me.”

“You’re not telling me everything,” he growled, the symptoms of his imaginary medical maladies disappearing.

“The important stuff I am.” Cordelia insisted. She refused to tell Angel about the little boy’s fate at Angelus’ hands. “ Anyway, I ended up with Angelus 2 in your old apartment. At first, I thought it was you, I mean, who would’ve thought that Angelus would save me, and he did try to pass it off. But, he couldn’t and I double bluffed him and escaped.”

“Because he kissed you?” Angel was about to hit something.

Cordelia nodded. “And red shirt and leather pants. His wardrobe choices just screamed out evil ‘grr’ guy.”

“And during the kiss,” Angel choked on his growl. “The marks?”

Cordelia shrugged. “Maybe he just smelled an old mean vampire?” Cordelia said hopefully. She shrugged again in resignation.

“Damn.” Angel let his growl out blocking any other more violent reactions. “As disturbing as that was, it still doesn’t explain why they were both together.”

“Eww.” Cordelia‘s mind going back to her bedroom and the creepy feeling of having both evil vampires watching her and Angel make love.

“They should be trying to kill each other…”

“Well, Angelus 1, did say he’d kill Angelus 2,” Cordelia added helpfully.

“Yes, that’s to be expected and for Angelus…2 to want to kill 1, but them together, doesn’t make sense.”

“Why? Sure, it’s weird, but why are you so blown out about it?”

Angel stared at Cordelia. “Because they are me, and I want to kill both of them.”

“Because they’re Angelus, your trip to the dark side. But, maybe they’ve bonded in an evil lack of soul way.”

“No, I want them to die, because they threaten you, they are trying to take away what is mine. There is no way that either Angelus would be able to let the other survive. This isn’t about a soul or lack of one, it’s purely what is. You are mine, they think the same way.” Angel growled.

“No, Angel.” Cordelia walked up to the vampire, gentling cupping his tense jaw. “It has every thing to do with your soul, these,” she brushed at the marks,” are here because of your soul.”

“Cordy,” Angel shook his head.

“Angel, look at me, I’m 17. I don’t have the scar on my stomach, I don’t have my tattoo, but I do have these. You say that my soul was transported back, well so were these, evidence of my love and trust in you, not something I would give Angelus. You may be the vampire that was Angelus, but you are Angel now. You may have the instincts, the needs, but you are who you’ve become because of your soul. That’s who I love, I’ll accept the part of you that was Angelus, and I’ll accept the demon that you are, but I only accept it because of the compassion, goodness and love that resides along side that demon. If you could tell me that Angelus could give me those things then I’d take you all to my bed and my heart.”

Angel growled.

Cordelia cocked a brow and laughed. “Okay, I’d only take you as Angelus, I like layers, the others are way too limited.”

Angel shook his head grumbling. “This is stupid conversation.” He grabbed a hold of the young woman pulling her close. “I love you, Cordelia Chase.” He nuzzled into her neck, fighting the urge to claim her again.

Cordelia leaned back up, her hands going back to his face. “You really are an insecure vampire aren’t you?” She smiled, licking her lips. “It will dawn soon, no way to do anything now.” She kissed his lips gently. “I’ve never made love in a cave before,” she whispered running her tongue along his bottom lip.

“It’s dirty,” he growled, holding her waist, straddling her legs around his lap.

“That’s probably why.” She kissed him again, pushing him back slightly, “You’ll just have to keep me off the grime.” She leaned up, taking off her shirt.

Angel leaned back further making sure that his body was between Cordy’s and the rocks at all times, as he thrust into her love and sipped at her blood.


Angelus groaned, stretching as he stood in the basement of the high school. He lifted his red silk shirt, studying his healing wounds. Better, much better, but not perfect, but Angelus wasn’t worried, he could accomplish what he came there for.

Angelus entered into the school’s main hallway, his normally stealth footsteps echoed in between the lockers the sound amplified by the emptiness created by the Saturday morning. Angelus pushed open the library doors, half expecting Buffy’s watcher to wander out of his office. Angelus frowned, the uptight British stiff must have gotten a life. It would’ve been convenient if the watcher had been there. He could’ve gotten some information and blood.

Angelus rifled through the books that populated Giles’s small office. He threw down the last in disgust. Angelus ventured to the aisles of books in the main room. Fiction. He scanned the books quickly. Nothing, but fantasies.

This was useless. Angelus tried one more avenue of information. He stood behind the computer recalling Buffy’s little redhead sidekicks’ actions to access the secrets of the Internet.

Angelus hit on site after site all focusing on time travel, some more fanciful than the fiction he had just read, some couched in mathematical promises of success….if the universe worked that way.

Angelus shut down the computer. Okay. It was pretty much unanimous time travel was impossible, except Angelus knew that to be false because he just fought his past self and saw his future souled self. Accepting that, Angelus of the past was right.

He couldn’t die. Angelus swung crashing the computer to the floor. That really pissed him off. Nothing in Giles’s books or the computer gave him a fuckin clue how to get rid of the past Angelus.

The vampire leaned up against the counter. The souled freak wouldn’t be here if he didn’t know that way. That meant he had to get Angel to tell him. Once Angelus was gone, he could kill the soul and take the girl.

Against every instinct and desire, Angelus left the school trying to figure out a way to get the soul to cooperate before killing him. Angelus frowned, he knew the soul, after all he had been him, and well, Angelus didn’t have any weakness.

Angelus smiled, he didn’t have any, but the soul had plenty, starting with the big ‘L’ word. Hell, souled he compromised plenty of his demon’s needs. This one couldn’t be that different.

Part 21

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Part 18

Angel nuzzled further into Cordelia’s neck, taking comfort in the scent and gentle echoing of her heartbeat against his chest. He wanted to remain in her embrace but something kept nagging at him, preventing Cordelia’s soft sounds of life from lulling him back to sleep.

Angel’s eyes opened realizing the frustration. They weren’t curled, intertwined in each other’s bodies in their bed at the Hyperion. With a dread that cut through the contentment, Angel recognized where they were and what needed to be done before he could get that happiness back.

Angel turned to wake Cordelia but stopped, his eyes drawn to the long windows as his nostrils flared. He moved slowly, not to disturb Cordelia.

Angel stood in the middle of the room, scenting the air. The room was rich with the combined fragrance of their lovemaking. With reluctance, he blocked out Cordelia’s and concentrated on his own. A low growl rumbled in his chest as he was led to the window.

Rage overcame the vampire, rage at his stupidity, the danger that had existed and at the gall of his selves, but even in the anger there was a smugness- in the ‘eat your dead hearts out boys’ sort of way. Angel shook head- was he ever not an arrogant bastard.

Cordelia stretched up at the lost of Angel’s presence. She rubbed her eyes. “Why are you ‘grr’? What is it?”

“Get dressed.” Angel stilled his rage, smugness, and his self-recriminations, concentrating on Cordy’s safety.

“Angel?” She got out of the bed, wrapping the sheet around her. “Is something wrong?”

“Get dressed, we have to leave NOW.” He grabbed for his pants.

Cordelia stood firm. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me why.”

“Cordelia,” Angel ordered.

Cordelia scrunched up her face at the demanding tone. It was not the typical request couched in a coaxing manner or frustrated plea, it was a tone that the vampire rarely used with her, one that gave her no room to argue, one that Cordelia took seriously even if it pissed her off.

Cordelia went to her dresser and started to yank out clothes. “All I’m asking is for full disclosure, an open line of communication, for you to tell me what the hell has got you so riled up all of sudden.” She shoved her legs into her jeans.

“They were here.” Angel relented once he saw that she was following his directions.

“Who was here?” Cordelia poked her head through her shirt, waiting for Angel’s answer. Her eyes widened, as she comprehended his silence. “They as in them? Both of them? Where? There?” she ran to the window, only to have Angel pull her back.

“When?” She blinked up at Angel. Her mouth dropped open at his continuing silence. “Then? When we…. Those voyeuristic perverted bastards. They just stood there and watched?” Her eyes flashing. “What kind of ……eww. Why?”

Angel looked up from putting on his shoes trying to decide if she really wanted an answer. He sighed as she tapped her foot with balled fists on her hips waiting for him to say something. How was he to explain that the watching was the only thing he understood?

Cordelia’s body, her beautiful face writhing in pleasure, giving pleasure to his body, to theirs, hell, he’d have been transfixed by the sight. He growled. He caused that wondrous sight and fuck his past selves. Angel grunted and compromised with his answer. “Cordelia, I imagine they came looking for you.” Angel threw his ripped shirt aside.

“Together?” Cordy’s face was still wrinkled in wordless disgust.

Angel kept his face passive, confused at that particular concept. Angel wasn’t that different than his soulless counterparts when it came to certain things – the paramount being his aversion to share what was his. With a soul, his possessiveness was tempered by love and the knowledge that Wesley, Gunn, Fred and even Lorne were Cordy‘s, as well as his, friends and family and because of that he would willing share her with them to a certain extent.

But, as Angelus he knew that wouldn‘t even be a consideration. He found it difficult to believe that either of the past Angelus‘ would stand side by side while watching him make love to Cordelia, no matter how beautiful and enticing she was. Angel would want to kill the man in her bed and so would they. The fact that they hadn’t tried made him uneasy and triggered his instincts to get Cordelia to safety.

“But why?”

“Together or separate, who cares. We have to go.” Angel stood.

Cordelia shook her head. “They can’t get in, either of them, I never invited…” her eyes shot up to Angel. “I did invite them in didn’t I, they‘re you.”

“Yes, now do you see why we have to get out of here?” Angel picked up his shirt again, pulling it on letting the loose sides fall.

Cordelia studied the vampire and ran out of the room.

“Cordy?” Angel had a momentary fear that she was escaping from him, blaming him for the danger she was in. Confusion overcame that feeling as he heard Cordelia yell back that she’d only be a second.

Cordelia puffed back into her bedroom. “Here.” She threw a gray sweater at the vampire. “It’s my dad’s.” She stuffed her mother’s painkillers into her back pocket.

“Where are we going to go?” She bit her lips and scrunched up her face. Angel was a lot broader in the chest and shoulders than her dad.

“It’s too small. I’ll go get….”

Angel grabbed Cordelia’s hand. “It’s fine. I need my jacket. Do you have any weapons here?”

She nodded. “Not much but what I have are downstairs.”


“Keys.” Angel had his hand out.

“It’s my car.”


“Fine,” she fished out her car keys. “So, where are we going?”

“I’m not sure. Angelus of now knows Sunnydale as well as I do. The mansion is out and so is my old apartment.”

“Nice place, by the way.”

“You were there?”

“Angelus took me there.”

“He what?”

“Watch the road.”

“What did he do?”

“Not now, Angel. We have to decide where were going.”

Angel growled.

“I know we can go to the Magic Shoppe. Giles doesn’t own it yet, so no chance of the Scoobies hanging around. I can do an uninvite spell. What’s wrong with that idea?” She asked at the vampire’s silence.

“You uninvite them, you uninvite me.”

“Oh, so where do we go?”

“Get rid of the your car, take the sewers, back track, confuse the scents and go into one of the old tunnels.”

“Won’t Angelus of now, know about them?”

“Yes, but, I only need enough time to do the soul spell and open the portal.”

“What soul spell?”

“Later.” Angel stopped the car. “Get out, will leave your car here.”

“In this neighborhood?”

“Are you worried about someone stealing it? Come on Cordy, Sunnydale has the lowest crime rate in the country, well except for murders.”

“I knew there was a reason I liked this town, Gee.” Cordelia rolled her eyes and followed Angel through the alley.

Part 19

Angelus kicked at the young woman’s dead body. Useless. He surveyed the crushed skull, the woman’s dark hair matted with blood, her body torn and violated. Damn, it looked like his past self had the same need to get rid of the sight of Cordelia Chase writhing around under the soul.

Angelus searched, trying to catch the scent of another victim to alleviate his own rage and frustration. Angelus halted, looking back at the dead woman.

Why look for a substitute when the original was waiting. He should’ve just gone after Cordelia earlier once he realized that the presence of the soul in her house gave him a free pass. But, at the time, he hadn’t thought that fighting both the soul and the past Angelus was the most prudent course to get what he wanted.

Angelus growled. If that was what he was thinking, what were the chances that the other Angelus had the same thought.

He ran back towards to Cordelia’s house.


Angelus jumped on the balcony, growling at the smashed window and his past self.

“They’re gone.” Angelus of 1898 stalked towards the other vampire. “Your presence has interfered with my plans for the last time.” He lunged.

His plans. What the fuck? Cordelia was his. He saw her first. Okay, maybe not first, with this whole fucked up time line crap but Angelus was sure that he knew her longer, hell hadn’t he spent days and hours in that stifling library surrounded by the teenage gaggle that accompanied Buffy. So what, that he had a soul then, it counted.

Okay, so the Past Angelus clued him in on who Cordelia really was. But Angelus would’ve of figured it out eventually and taken her. It was the past Angelus that was fucking with his plans.

Angelus reared up meeting the past Angelus, grabbing hold of him as they both fell out of the window.

Both vampires rolled to the ground, jumping to their feet and lunged again. Bones cracked as the blows were thrown with equal strength. Both vampires staggered back, blood pouring from their identical faces.

Angelus of the past laughed. “You can’t kill me.”

“Right, because you’re me. Guess what, I don’t have any tender feeling for any past version. She’s mine.” Angelus growled.

“Tender feelings, hell, I understand, I hate you too, but this isn’t my first trip to the future and I’ve learned something very interesting.”

The Angelus’ circled each other. “And that would be what? You got better looking as time went on. Have you even heard of hair gel?”

Angelus smirked. “God, did I turn into a witless fool, spouting off bad repertoire for lack of intelligence, what the hell happened to me?”

“Get over yourself, melodrama without a taste of humor is a bad opera.” Angelus rolled his eyes.

Angelus narrowed his eyes. “Take this opera, you can’t kill me. When Cordy was sent to me, she couldn’t kill me, just like the soul couldn’t when he took her, just like he couldn’t kill me in his time, because I am him, I am you.”

“Okay, now you’re being that German fellow, thought he was so existentially smart and deep, but really made no sense, his opera’s sucked.” Angelus growled.

“I die, you die, that simple. Without me, you both are dust. But, the really interesting thing is I can kill you both and I’m fine.” He lunged.

Angelus kicked out, shoving the past vampire back. His head jerked as he caught a familiar scent. “Tell that one to the slayer.” Angelus jumped, grimacing as he landed on the branches above. He groaned. The partially healed wounds that Cordelia had inflicted tore back open.

Great, just great. Angelus sucked in his breath leaping to the ground away from his past self and Buffy. He felt like he got run over by a truck. He needed to rest.

Angelus prepared to follow when he was knocked to the ground by a forceful blonde whirlwind.

“You won’t get to me by skulking around Cordelia.” Buffy glared. “Stupid to even try.”

Angelus stood wiping at the blood on his mouth and stared at the petite blonde. “I still don’t get it. You’re so skinny and a slayer. What vampire in his right mind would choose you over Cordy? I’m so ashamed of what I became.” Angelus spit out some more blood.

“Uh.” Buffy stepped back in surprise, she had hit him hard but not hard enough to draw blood. Buffy mentally kicked herself. She had to get over her hesitation at fighting the soulless vampire. He wasn’t Angel. Angel was gone. She straightened her slim shoulders. “Mind games, Angelus? So predictable.” She forced a confident laugh.

“Mind games? With you? You give yourself too much credit, there isn’t enough there to play with. Let’s get this over with, so I can get back to what I came here for.” He swung knocking Buffy up against a tree. He moved towards the stunned slayer, reaching for her head, preparing to twist her neck.

He winced as Buffy punched up, striking his chest, pushing him back.

“You tried to kill me.” Buffy blinked. Angelus teased and taunted. She wasn’t a complete fool, she knew that he would try to kill her eventually, but for the present he had been gleefully happy just cause her pain.

Angelus groaned to stand. “I’m a vampire, that’s what I do.”


“Back to the mind games. You’re so stupid. God, how far I fell. The soul really wanted you? I don’t get it.” Angelus lunged; miss stepping as the pain from his earlier battle caught up with him.

“Angel loved me.”

Angelus laughed. “No. Soul may have deluded the demon for a moment, but Cordy’s who we want. Grow up.“ Angelus swung.

Buffy pushed away the pain the vampire’s words caused as she kicked out.

Angelus grunted falling again to the ground. He staggered to his feet, finally realizing that he wouldn’t be able to kill the slayer under the current circumstances. He winced. “Little girl, it seems that you’ll live through the night, but don’t count on tomorrow, I could give a damn about whether you live or die, honestly. But, you will die if you interfere with me getting what’s mine.” Angelus ran.

Buffy stared after the vampire. She had learned to expect a vicious tongue, taunts, and threats but Angelus said that he wanted Cordelia. That Angel wanted her. Since when?

Part 20

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Part 16


Cordelia sat on the couch. How long? Did the letter even get there? She prayed. It had been a horrible day, she had seen more money pass to different hands in all of her past three years.

Except when David Nabbit showed her his petty cash, the sweetie hadn’t even noticed when she started to drool. She wished she had been able to go to his wedding but demon crisis had interfered, all the papers said it had been a gala affair. She sighed. Cordelia loved dorks, why couldn’t she just love zillionaire ones, oh well.

It had taken her best clothes and fake smile to get the lawyer to agree to keep her letter safe and to mail it three years later. She wasn’t sure she understood the dynamics of her plan, hell she knew she didn’t. But, the cop in the movie didn’t have to wait 30 years for the wallet to show up.

But, Cordelia did understand banks and lawyers. The lawyer had agreed after he called the bank to confirm that there was 10,000 dollars accruing interest waiting to be handed over when the letter was delivered and signed for. Cordelia shrugged about her gold card. If it worked, she didn’t care. She’d be home and if it didn’t she just go back to forgery or stealing the family silver to get her start in LA.

Cordelia stared at the clock and scrunched up her face, as the insistent knocking on her front door got louder. Was Xander actually checking up on her?


Christ. Cordelia flinched. Would the vampire ever realize that the knocking thing didn’t work? She wondered which evil dumbass was at her door. Like it mattered. She swung open the door. “Go away.”

“Cordy, its me.”

“Uh duh,” The retort slowed as she stared. As far as she knew, neither Angelus was capable of such a pathetic puppy dog look and both had been injured, this one looked fine. She narrowed her eyes, taking in all of the vampire, from the tip of his gelled hair, the leather coat, the purple shirt, the black pants, the black boots.

Her eyes went back up to the purple shirt. THE purple shirt…. Cordy’s jaw dropped, hope, and relief flooded her suspicious glare.

“I love that shirt.” Cordelia happily squealed, recognizing the shirt that Angel had bought in an attempt to impress her, the one that had previously identified her Angel when she had been confronted with two unconscious vampires- one evil- the other a Sweet Gorgeous Dork. It was the shirt she told him in her letter to wear.

“You hate it. You said it doesn’t go with my skin tone, I need the blue based.”

“I love it. I love you. Oh God.” Cordelia yanked at the vampire, “Get your butt in here.” The door was barely closed before Cordelia was in Angel’s arms. “You figured it out, I knew you would.” She mumbled pressing kisses all over his face, her legs, and arms wrapped around the vampire, pushing Angel back against the door.

“The letter…Wes…” Angel tried in between the lips that were roaming all over him.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

Angel shut up, adjusting Cordelia’s body tighter to his hips, cupping his hand through her hair, pulling her face back to him, and capturing her lips. Angel groaned into the kiss, his tongue urgently tasting the flavor offered, his fear and anxiety diminishing as each second past with Cordelia in his grasp. The sight of her, lying so still, her body present but her essence her life out of his reach had threatened to destroy Angel. But now, he had her. The rest would be easy as long as he knew that she was in his reach, with him.

Cordelia tugged at his coat, her hands urged for what her lips were too busy to demand.

“Cordy, wait.” Angel pulled away, settling her on her feet.

“Uh,” Confusion took over Cordelia’s flushed face.

“Breakables in my jacket.”

“Uh.” She said again.

Angel shrugged out of his leather coat, moving too put it safely on the couch. He scanned the room quickly and was back to Cordelia in an instant. “Your parents are gone for the week?”

“My what?” Cordelia’s confusion grew, as did her frustration.

“Mother, father….”

“Next week. Yeah.”

“Anyone else showing up?”

“No. Angel?”

The vampire quickly kissed her forming frown. “Where’s your bed.”

Cordelia blinked understanding that question. She grabbed Angel’s hand and dragged him to the stairs.


Cordelia wanted to jump up and down, dance, skip, swirl, and laugh with joy. Her Angel was here, nothing could be that bad if he was with her. Actually, she didn’t want to jump up and down, she just wanted to jump him.

However, she didn’t make it from the closed bedroom door that she had been leaning on. Her back hit the wood as Angel pressed up against her, hungrily attacking her with his mouth and hands. Cordelia laughed, copying his frantic attempts to rid both of them of their clothes.

Angel growled at the sound, her laughter filling his ears with the music he had been scared he had lost. Angel tore at her shirt, his lips leaving hers, to rain moist nips and kissing along her cheek and neck, his hands holding her possessively against his body.

Cordelia moaned, hugging his hips in the cradle of her thighs, her arms pressing his lips against her neck, her head falling back, exposing more of her skin to vampire.

A low growl vibrated through Angel’s chest as his lips targeted the marks on her neck, tonguing the permanent scars of his making. Angel secured Cordelia to the door as his hands made wide sweeping motions, his thumbs, lifting and rubbing at the underside of the cotton that contained her full breast.

Cordelia arms slid around, holding on as Angel leaned back up to seize her lips. Angel slid his hands cupping Cordelia’s head and ass, taking her from the door, moving with strong strides never leaving the warmth of Cordelia’s lips.

Angel tumbled Cordelia on the bed, urging her arms away and pulling her shirt from her body. Still kissing, Cordelia use her free hands to wiggle out of her stretch pants. Angel fumbled at his belts, reluctantly standing to yank at his pants and shirt.

“Wait.” Cordelia knelt on the bed.

Angel hands stalled, looking at the young woman clad in white thin panties and a sport bra that hugged her breast not hiding her straining nipples. “That’s not going to be possible.” He growled.

“Your shirt, don’t,” She whined as he proceeded to rip it from his body, popping the buttons. “That was my favorite.” She pouted as the purple material landed on the floor.

“Get a new one.” Angel kicked off his pants and leaned in on one knee, pushing Cordelia back on the bed.

“But it was a lucky shirt.” She scramble back as Angel crawled up her body, caging her with his arms.

“You can pick out the next lucky one.”

Cordelia considered. “You’ll go with me?” Her eyes twinkled at the thought.


“Why not, you said you liked it.”

“I did not, I said that I thought you would like it if I went.” He growled, trying to pull at her sports bra, getting in caught over her arms. “Get this thing off.”

Cordelia pushed at his hands. “You’re getting it all tangled.” She grabbed the bra and pulled it off easily.

“That’s why I told you to take it off.” Angel insisted, bringing his mouth back to her lips to cut off her retort.

Cordelia brushed at his shoulders, dragging her nails down the vampire’s spine, delighting in the shivers along Angel’s skin. She drew her finger back up, gripping at the shoulders she had left.

Angel placed his hands between their bodies, finding the edge of elastic, tugged ripping the flimsy material.

Cordelia broke from the kiss, cradling Angel’s face. Her fingers caressed wide along his strong jaw, her eyes boring into his, a soft smile appearing as she stared. “You’re here, you found me,” she said in love and amazement.

“Always,” Angel growled, reaching for her lips as he moved his hips, embedding deep into the hot welcoming walls. He propelled his hips taking him further, filling Cordy to her core.

Cordy gaped out, tightening her legs, squeezing, holding him impossibly close and then slowly beginning to mimic Angel’s rhythmic pace. Angel groaned at the soft friction, jerking as he moved with more force to capture it again and again, harder and longer.

Tears squeezed out of the corner of Cordy’s eyes, her nerves pushing against her skin. The knowing that Angel was with her, in her, intensified the pleasure. The breath caught in her throat, the blood heated, skin tightened as the nerves were pushed to the breaking point. She cried out, her body shuddered, surrounding Angel in its pleasure. Angel soaked everything in, the sounds, the feel, the fragrance, allowing it to take him over. Angel shouted out her name as he came, burying deep as he fell.

Angel gathered Cordy in his arms, remaining quiet, listening as her heartbeat, and breathing slowed reaching equilibrium. Cordelia licked her lips. “So you missed me?”

Angel chuckled. “A little.”

“That’s good to know.” She smiled, curling up in the safety of his embrace.


Angelus stood straight as his mirror image jumped on the fake balcony. Both vampire’s stared through the window. “She’s mine.’

“There seems to be a differing opinion on that.” Angelus shrugged.

“You’ve been injured.”

“So, have you.”

“Her?” he jerked towards the woman writhing underneath the vampire with a soul and their face.

“Yeah, and the slayer.” His eyes glued to the scene.

“I can’t even imagine. You sicken me as much as him.” Angelus glared.

“Yeah, well, he’s got the girl.” Said the Angelus of 1998. “Damn, do you know how long she’s been under me? Fuck, soul boy turned her down when he first met her here. All, in love with the slayer.”

“Just proves that I got stupider as time went on.” Angelus growled.

“How’d you get here?”

“Lawyers, they want them destroyed, seems they’re soul mates in the future.” He looked again. “Angel’s Investigations, helping the helpless. It’s disgusting.”

“Soul mates, uh? Buffy’s going to be so pissed, she thought it was her.”

“You still think about the slayer, fool. That’s who belongs to us, me. She’s the one, fire, and strength. I would’ve killed Darla for her. Instead you kill Darla for some skinny blonde.”

“You know you’re future, and it wasn’t me, that was the soul boy.”

“Close enough.” Angelus growled into the window. “You smell like her.”

“We had an encounter, I think she likes me.”

Angelus growled. “My Cordy will pay for her choices then we’ll hunt the night together.” He jumped to the ground.

Angelus shook his head. Melodrama without the sense humor. Angelus could’ve of sworn he was much more fun back in the day. Angelus stared into the window. Soul Mates, uh. Well, he didn’t have a soul or particularly what a mate. Yet, he did remember how Cordelia Chase’s blood had tasted so long ago, how her lips and chest felt pressed against him more recently, the fragrance of the woman clung to his clothes making him wonder how set he was on not having a mate.

He stared; he never envied his soul anything. But, as he watched his body possess the young woman and her fervent responses, again he wondered. She fit him perfectly. Cordelia Chase knew how to use that body of hers that was sure. His eyes glowed yellow and growled as the vampire in the bed moaned sinking once again into her body.

What had she said? Angelus hadn’t put enough feeling in their kiss. Well, he would the next time. She would feel everything he had to offer, the pain, and the pleasure. Chuck it up, soul boy. Angelus grinned. His time was about to end. Angelus jumped to the ground searching for a body to relieve the burning ache in his cock.

Part 17

Cordelia woke. Something was different this morning. She opened her eyes and took in her surrounding. Well for starters it wasn’t morning, but the biggest and best thing that was different from her prior mornings was standing at her dresser, fingering the items displayed.

“What are you doing?”

Angel picked up the picture of her and Xander, scowling as he showed her.

“Don’t tell me your jealous.”

“Your letter said you were dating the moron.”

“Angel,” she threw her pillow. “Little preoccupied with life and death issues, no time to sit back a enjoy the horrors of dating Xander.”

Angel brightened. “It was horrible.”

“Angel. Pfft. Xander’s cute and sweet…” she scrunched up her nose. “Lot of the times.”

Angel put the picture done with grunt, not believing it. “I’ve never been in here before.”

“Well, duh, Sunnydale. I wasn’t too big on inviting vampires in to play.” She hugged at her knees.

“I had soul, I do. You could’ve invited me in.”

Cordelia raised her brows. “You wanted to come over for coffee, help with my homework, what? Pfft. Didn’t notice me, remember?”

Angel shook his head and sat on the bed. “I don’t know why not, you’re certainly noticeable.” His eyes grazed over her sheet-covered body up to her eyes.

“Um, how about because you were in love with little Miss Slayette.”

Angel frowned. “Still.” He tugged at the sheet, uncovering the rest of her body for appreciation. He pushed her down on her back, his hands tracing the curves. His fingers swirled on her lower belly searching, his frown still evident.

“It didn’t’ happen yet.”

Angel nodded, and leaned over gently kissing the skin that in a matter of months will be ribbed open.


“I don’t want you to be hurt like that.”

Cordelia shrugged. “I will but I’ll live. I did. Hey, my tattoo’s gone too.”

Angel frowned again. “I know. I miss it,” still examining her body with his intense gaze, his hand testing the weight of her full breast.

Cordelia scrunched down her nose at the vampire. “You don’t seem pleased.”

Angel’s hand stalled. “I don’t.” he chuckled.

“You keep looking at me and frowning. Don’t force yourself to touch me if you don’t like it.”

Angel laughed, his hand resuming its previous caressing. “Gee, here I thought I hid my disgust pretty well when I ‘forced’ myself to make love to you, burrowing to the hilt, stroking into you screamed out.” He raised his hooded gaze to Cordelia’s.

Cordelia gulped, feeling the heat pool in between her legs, she wetted her lips. “That’s not what I meant.”

Angel gave slow smile. “Your body’s different. It’s lacking the sun that I love to kiss, its free of the pain you will experience, it’s strong, but not as strong as you will be, it’s less rounded and lush, but still so beautiful. I’ve never touched this body.” He whispered into her flat belly, darting out with is tongue, savoring the flavor of the skin. “It tastes the same, though, still uniquely you.” Angel lifted his head to catch Cordelia’s eyes. “Are its secrets the same? Will my slightest touch cause tremors and your breath to choke on the pleasure?” He cocked his head.

“You did.” Cordelia licked again at her lips.

Angel shook his head, his deep brown eyes maintaining contact with Cordelia’s darkening ones. “That could’ve just been luck, I have to know for sure. I need know that this body also belongs to me. I’ve loved it now I need to possess it.”

Cordelia slightly nodded mesmerized by the dark stare and low growl coating Angel’s words. She leaned back closing her eyes as Angel’s head lowered beginning his assault, with hands, lips, and blunt teeth. Angel left no area free from his need.

Cordelia jerked her hips as Angel’s kiss explored her center. Cordelia twisted the sheets in her fists, biting at her lips to keep from screaming out, the tangy taste of her blood appeared underneath her teeth.

She couldn’t stop her voice, Angel’s name came out in loud gasp as the vampire tongued her inner folds, relentless seeking out the evidence of her arousal, creating more on its quest.

Low growls hummed in Angel’s chest as drank in the moisture. His tongue concentrated on the bud pulsating out of the pink petals. He swirled, nicked, and soothed as Cordelia screamed his name and her muscles convulsed furiously.

Cordelia blinked into the yellow glowing eyes under the ridged brow. “Mine,” vampire said plunging his fangs into her neck as he plunged into her very core reaching back to touch the end of her womb, thrusting in and out as he took her blood, possessing her body completely.

Cordelia’s body arched into a taunt wire, breaking as the combined sensations claimed her, depriving her mind and body of any thought or feeling expect that of intense unbearable pleasure.

Angel growled loudly, increasing his powerful strokes moving past the contracting muscles as Cordelia’s life filled his veins, becoming his own. Angel jerked up his head as the painful pressure in his balls burst forth in joy. His powerful body weakened crushing Cordelia with his spent body, nuzzling at Cordelia’s neck, kissing and licking at the blood spotting the smooth column.

Cordelia lifted her arms hugging at the vampire, her hands smoothing the tremors that wracked his body. “Satisfied?”

Angel leaned up, kissing now at her lips, sucking at her bottom lip, taking the blood from the small cuts caused by her teeth. “Always.” He said with a final kiss, shifting his weight.

“Oh,” Cordelia rubbed her cheek against his chest. “So, I guess you won’t be needing to do that again anytime soon.”

Angel eyed the dark hair covering his chest. “I don’t know, Cordy, I’m a pretty insecure vampire, I’ll probably have to do it all the time.”

“Thank god for your issues, then.” Cordelia smiled.

Angel laughed.

Part 18

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Part 15


Lilah circled her thumbs. “So what’s the count?”

“Three more attorneys are in the hospital.” Lindsay sat in the chair next to her.

“Impressive, that makes 8 wounded and 2 dead.”

“I don’t think you can count those two, Angel barely touched them, they died from heart attacks.”

Lilah looked around the hotel. “So, when we will know that it’s safe to return.”

“When Angel isn’t even a memory or barely one.”


“Well, if Angelus 1 succeeds and stays in 1998, killing Angelus 2, history will be changed. The vampire with a soul will never exist, no need for Wolfram & Hart to know about him except as a vicious vampire. If Angelus 2, succeeds then Angel never gets his soul back and we can close the vampire with a soul’s file as a prophecy wanna be.”

“So our memories will just change?”

Lindsay nodded.

“How do you know so much about time travel?”

“I watch movies.”

“Oh.” Lilah scrunched up her face. “I hope Angelus 2 wins.”

“What does it matter?”

“Angelus 2 doesn’t know Wolfram & Hart exists, Angelus 1 does.”

“So, Angelus 1 won’t come after us, we gave him Cordelia.”

Lilah rolled her eyes. “Angelus 1 isn’t the grateful type. He’s apt to bite the hand that feeds him, literally. Hey, if everyone’s memories change how are we going to get the credit?” Lilah asked the really important question.


Angel stared down at Cordelia. It had been too long. His hand covered hers. God, he had to get her back. He gently brushed his hands over her face tucking a strain of hair behind her ear.

Fred knocked on the door, clearing her throat.

Angel looked up. “Not now Fred.”

Fred cleared her throat again, this time with sorrow and regret. Angel didn’t look well. She knew the only time he left Cordelia’s side was to go question the Wolfram & Hart employees or anyone else he could think of that might have the answers.

Fred was sure that the only reason he slept and ate at all was because Wesley convinced the vampire that he would need his strength when they did find the answer.

“I’m really sorry, Angel, honest, but there is a messenger from a law firm. He has something for you.”

“Wolfram & Hart?”

Fred shook her head. “A law firm from Sunnydale. He said it was important. That he needs your signature as proof of service. I thought since, Sunnydale was where you used to live and well….I just thought you should know, maybe. I’m sorry.”


Angel opened the cardboard container to find another envelope. He pulled out the fine stationary, fancy initials adorning the top. He froze as he saw the writing. “Call Wesley.” He shouted to Fred.

“He’s at the magic shop waiting for the delivery of that old book on souls. He…”

“Get Wesley.”

“Yo man, what’s the yelling for, do you know something?” Gunn came in the lobby.

“It’s from Cordy…. dated November 18, 1998.” Angel showed them the big bold underlined date.

“I’ll call Wes.” Gunn ran to the phone.

“What does it say?”

Angel started to read out loud.

Dear Angel,

I hope you get this, I had to max out my gold card, I thought the point of gold cards was they didn’t have a max, anyway. I had to pay for this letter to get it delivered, lawyers cost way too much, but I’m pretty sure this one isn’t evil, just expensive. I couldn’t go back to the bank and face that weasely bank manager again after I ran out of there like a lunatic yesterday. I told the lawyer to send this letter three years from this now. I hope I got the dates right.

Anyway, I got this idea from watching a movie, this father left a wallet for his son to find 30 years…nevermind; we’ll rent it when I get back…. I should just jump right in, uh. Okay. I’m in Sunnydale. I’m not supposed to be in Sunnydale, I’m supposed to be in LA with you. But, what I think happened is somehow Wolfram & Hart sent me back to Sunnydale 1998. They got my body, I’m stuck in my 17 year old body. I had to go to Trig again, I’m not happy right now and I’m dating Xander, this sucks. I WANT MY BODY AND LIFE BACK.

Okay, enough with the venting, Xander and school are the least of my worries. See, at first I thought the evil weenies sent me back because this is when you lost your soul. Okay, not a great time, but I lived through it once. So, I figured if I just stayed out of Angelus way, I’d be okay until you saved me, but that plan didn’t go to well. I think I can safely say he noticed me and also to make matters even more fun, 1898 Angelus is also here. So, you see…. HELP.

I haven’t gone to Giles yet, because I don’t want to take the chance of changing stuff, but if this letter doesn’t get to you. I might have to, so I’ll give you five days. I’m at my parents’ house. They’ll be coming back that weekend. Please get this. One Angelus maybe I could handle but two? And Past Angelus wants to kill this Angelus. And I’m scared and …I’m whining. Sorry. I know you’re doing everything you can. But, hurry. Please.

I love you,


P.S. Wear your purple shirt. Sneaky 1998 Angelus tried to make me believe it was you. Pfft. Red silk, Leather-, and he can’t kiss worth a damn, well, not like you. I don’t want to have to do that again…. wear the shirt, you know which one I mean, you’d better. I love you.

Angel stood stunned, his eyes returning to the beginning to read again. He tried to grasp the meanings and his feelings as the words penetrated his brain. Cordy was alive, she was communicating with him…happiness, relief…okay, next emotion, Wolfram & Hart, Cordy being in 1998 away from him…rage, the desire to maim and disfigure…

Okay, two Angelus after Cordelia…fear, fear that weakened him at his knees…Angelus kissed her…rage, rage that made him stand straight and forget about wanting to cry in fear, but just kill…Cordy was alive and loved him, he kissed the best…happiness…Purple shirt…confusion.

Angel blinked and re-read, letting the cycle begin again.


Wesley barreled in to the lobby. “What’s happened?”

Fred bit her lips and Gunn shrugged, they pointed to the motionless vampire with a letter tight in his grip.

“What’s…” Wesley walked closer to Angel.

“He got a letter from Cordy, a lawyers office had it delivered. He’s been like that for the last fifteen minutes.”

“What?” Wesley took off his glasses and rubbed his head. He knew that soon he had better come up with better questions. “Uh?” Okay, maybe he needed some more time or at least more information.

“We haven’t read the letter, he started to read it out loud but stopped, he did show us the date -November 18, 1998 and it was from Sunnydale.”

Wesley nodded that helped. “Uh?”

“I called the law firm, not Wolfram & Hart, it does exist in Sunnydale, but they wouldn’t give me any information, something about attorney -client confidentiality.” Fred kept nodding. “He won’t let us read it. He said to call you back, though,” Fred smiled helpfully.

“Growls and goes vamp if we get near.” Gunn agreed.

Wesley straightened his shoulders. “Angel.” He stepped back at the growl emitting from the vampire. “Angel,” Wesley tried again. “You wanted me here. Can I see Cordy’s letter, please.” He held out his hand tentatively, not flinching as gold eyes bore into him.

Slowly, they turned a deep brown. “She wrote.” Angel explained as he thrust the paper in Wesley’s hand so quickly that the man jumped back. “She was sent back to 1998, two Angeluses. I have to change. Figure it out.” He ran back up the stairs. Finally, Angel had figured out the purple shirt addition.


Angel sat on the chair next to the bed, his hand holding Cordelia’s tightly. “I’m coming.” He promised. Angel looked down at the same clothes he had been wearing for the past two days, then back at the prone young woman. “I better shower or you’ll just eww and I know what I’ll wear. I’m coming,” Angel, repeated his vow.


Angel bounded down the stairs, energy vibrating in his every movement. He was going to Cordelia.

“So, when?”

“Angel,” Wesley cautioned.

Angel’s good mood, did a direct 360, “ Wes, we know where she is, don’t tell me I’m not going. DON’T.” he growled.

Wesley took a deep breath. “I’m not, I just want you to listen. This will not be like when we went back to 1898. You will have to be cognizant of the many possible ways you could effect our present. You have to be aware that you can’t see Buffy, or….”

“Fine, no problem, let’s get on with it,” Angel shifted his feet.

“Angel, this is serious, you can’t…”

“Wes, I have no reason too see Buffy, why would I want to, I WANT Cordy, now hurry up and tell me how.” Angel growled.

Wesley blinked at the force of the emotion and all that it encompassed. “You may run into her…”

“So, I’ll pretend to be Angelus, she’d expect it. No biggie.”

“Angel, she will try to kill you.”

Angel shook his head. “I hadn’t killed Jenny Calendar yet, she’s still hesitant, and being all gooey eyed. I can get away, I won’t hurt her or anything.”

Wesley caught his glasses before they hit the floor. That was the first time he ever heard Angel state nonchalantly an evil he committed as Angelus, and his blowing off Buffy was… Wesley knew that Angel loved Cordy very much, but this was unexpected.

“Yes, well, Cordy’s given us the date, smart girl, Fred has adjusted the original spell to create a time portal to that time. But, you will have to do the soul spell there,” Wesley handed Angel a glass orb. “It is very important that this remains intact. Once you do the spell, Cordy’s, our Cordy, soul will enter into it, leaving the 17 year old Cordelia fine if not a bit dazed,” Wesley looked up at Angel’s frown. “She will be fine, back to her delightful old self.” Wesley rolled his eyes.

Angel narrowed his eyes. “She wasn’t that bad. You kissed her.”

Wesley coughed, not sure which comment caused the vampire to glare at him. “Yes, well, she’ll be fine. But, then you have to subdue 1898 Angelus and send him back to his time. Once there, the normal time should flow.”

“Cordy’s letter said that I did notice her in 1998 more than before. I don’t remember that.”

“You wouldn’t. Your memory of Cordy and London happened after the time line was reestablished. While Angelus of 1898 is in Sunnydale, he is creating a temporal anomaly…a time cross roads if you will …if he returns to his natural era, then time should return to normal, There are arguments that time is circular, but you are an example that its not. You know,” Wesley pointed to his head. “That prior to your memory of Cordy being in London, she wasn’t even born yet, that it was a freak of Wolfram & Hart, yet, you remembered her. So, theoretically, Angelus of 1998 does too, just not as a time anomaly. You didn’t notice her in 1998, he probably won’t once Angelus is returned to 1898.”

“She said he did.”

“Yes, but, your love for Buffy remains the same, so that will also effect Angelus. Angel, you have to remember you can’t kill either Angelus. We can’t be sure of how that would effect the future.”

Wesley sighed at Angel’s growl. “Are you sure I can’t talk you into letting me go with you.”

“No. If this goes wrong for some reason you need to be here to help her.” Angel took one last look up the stairs. “I’m ready.”


Wesley, Gunn, and Fred turned to look at each other as Angel disappeared into the Portal. “Well?” Fred shoved at her glasses.

“Well, we take these.” Wesley handed out some small discs.

“Whoa, what?” Gunn raised his hands.

“If all goes well, Angel will return with Cordy’s soul but if something goes wrong we might never know. If time is changed, then so will our memories. Take this, and we will know, and then we can fix it.”

“Oh.” Fred grabbed at the wafer.

“Down the hatch.” Gunn took one as Wesley swallowed his own.

Fred nudged at her glasses, looking to Wesley. “So when did you kiss Cordy?”

Wesley groaned.

Part 16

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Part 14

Cordelia woke up. She would go to school until mid morning then she would go to the bank. Her father hadn’t drained her trust fund yet. She would need it, if she were going to hide out in LA for the next couple of years.

Maybe she’d look for Gunn, or maybe not. She didn’t know, but she did know she had to leave Sunnydale as soon as possible.


Cordelia stared down the fidgeting bank manager. “Mr. Reynolds the Chase’s have been doing business with this bank for years. How do you think my daddy would react if I told him how uncooperative you are being?”

“Ms. Chase, the amount of money you are requesting will close your trust account. I helped your father set up that account it is for your college.”

Yeah, right. Cordelia choked down her snort. “I’ve authority to access the account.”

“For a limited amount. Your father only has the authority to close the account.”

“And he’s given it.” She showed the bank employee a note signed by her father.

“Um,” The squirrelly little man pushed at his glasses. “I’ll have to get his signature card to compare.”

Cordelia raised an elegant brow causing the man to blush. “Not that I think…its bank procedure.”

“Then do hurry,” she said patronizing.

Cordelia was pretty sure that the scrawl on the note would pass muster, her forgeries had never failed her before. She gave a bored glance around the bank. She was getting a headache…. no.

No. She scrambled up from her chair, heading for the door before she crumbled under the screaming pain, ignoring the calls from the bank manager. Cordelia made it to her car before breaking down, her body jerking at the pain and images flowing through her mind.

Cordelia gulped, willing the bright spots from her sight, ignoring the fire pulsating through her brain. She started the car and drove too slowly and too carefully to her house.

She stumbled up to her mother’s bathroom grabbing at the pills. She took a handful and slumped to the floor.

Thirty minutes later she made it to her bedroom, setting her alarm clock and falling to the bed. Her last thought was that the Powers were really trying to screw her.


Cordelia woke to a sound of ringing, she punched her alarm clock, but the ringing kept resounding through the room. She blinked and grabbed at the phone by her bed.



“Yeah, I’ve been trying to call you all afternoon. Are you all right?”

Cordelia shook the cobwebs from her head, thankful that she could move it. The pain was almost non-existent. “I’m better.”

“Enough to go out?”

“Tonight?” she glanced at the clock. She had two hours.

“Yeah, to celebrate.”



Cordelia could picture Xander’s head jerking up and down.

“Words, Xander, they’re more helpful than grunts and goofy expressions on the phone.”

“Oh, right, Buffy saw Angelus last night. He’s out of the picture.”

Cordelia froze in the bed, her mouth suddenly dry. “She…” Cordelia couldn’t complete her sentence.

“Yeah, wounded his ass big time. He ran away, limping and bleeding.”

Cordelia took a deep breath. “But alive?”

“Unfortunately yeah, but he’ll be down for awhile so its time to celebrate.”

“And you expressed this feeling of joy with Buffy?” Cordelia’s instant relief was turning into annoyance.

“Well, no, she’s kind of shaken up about the whole thing. That’s why I thought we should go out, show our support.”

“Right, go have you’re slayer cheer up party for her finally having the guts to hurt her psychotic boyfriend, count me out, I’m still sick.”

“Oh. Well maybe later then.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Cordelia hung up, slumping on her bed. Good news- Angelus wasn’t dead. More good news- She wouldn’t have to worry about him showing up when she went out. Bad news- She’d have to face the squirrelly bank manager tomorrow.


Angelus groaned as he sat up in bed. Damn slayer, caught him by surprise when he was leaving Cordelia Chase’s house. His mind had been too preoccupied with deciphering the earlier events and Cordelia’s last words. He knew her secrets? She knew his? The hating him, he could understand but the other. Then there were the dreams he had while he was healing.

Brown hair- a woman with rich dark hair. He hadn’t had that thought in almost a century. A woman whom he had wanted but had gotten away…the one that chose another vampire. He had tasted that woman, the memory was…. making him hard. Angelus felt his erection growing as he tried more to remember the woman with dark hair, a fire in her flashing eyes, a bold tongue overriding the fear that rippled through the intoxicating scent of her blood, a strangeness, a strength, and a beauty he had rarely seen before or since.

Angelus eyes snapped open. It couldn’t be. But the Cordelia Chase he saw in the cemetery last night fit many of the requirements of that woman.

Angelus looked down at the healing stake wound and the fading bruises. Silly Slayer thought that these would keep him down. Angelus swung his feet to the floor. Time to get some fresh blood and maybe pay another stop at Cordelia Chase’s. He would get his answers.


Cordelia walked into the alley, this time she had real stakes and a crossbow. She pushed her collar down. Hey, if Angel’s mark were a deterrent for vampires then she would use it.

Cordelia let loose a round of arrows into the vampires huddled at the end of the alley. She staked the one that her bolt missed. She leaned down. “Go home.” She said kindly to the scared child. “Run.”

The child blinked and scrambled to his feet and ran, only to be swung up and held.

“Cordy, is this another present? You’re too good to me. I didn’t get you anything. Don’t worry, I’ll find some one. Hi, miss me.”

Cordelia’s crossbow dropped, shock taking over her face as she stared at Angelus. He looked perfectly healthy. He looked…. Her eyes widened, the shock turning into real terrifying fear. “No.”

“Yes.” He looked at the struggling child in his hands. “I’m not hungry. But, since it was a gift.” He plunged his fangs draining the boy in seconds. He tossed the body aside as refuse, licking his lips. “Not bad, and thank you, but that wasn’t what I really came for.”

He stalked to the still woman, blocking Cordelia’s path to the street. “Do you know how long it took me to find you in this place. Five whole minutes. That’s how much you mean to me. Come here, love.”

“You….” Cordelia gulped, still staring at the young dead boy. “Oh god, no.” She looked back up. “I was worried about the wrong Angelus, those bastards, they sent you here.”

“If you’re talking about that souled freak who lost his ‘soul’- don’t fret, I’ll kill him, as for the ‘bastards’, I’ll kill them too. Why aren’t you running into my arms?”

“Because I despise you, duh.” Cordelia backed up, her mind finally coming to grips with what was happening.

“There’s that spirit that I crave.” Angelus was up against Cordelia in an instant, yanking at her neck. “I will so punish you for letting that souled abomination pollute my mark, touching you,” Angelus jerked Cordelia’s face to his.


Angelus laughed, rubbing his hands over her body, then stopping, holding her out for his inspection. “Like the hair, but you need to be fattened up. I don’t remember you being this bony.”

Cordelia pushed and slapped at his hands. “Get off me.”

“Cordy, I’ll be all over you and you’ll scream for it.”

“I told you once, don’t underestimate me.” She swung her stake slicing into his stomach.

“That’s it run, Cordy darling, but you can’t hide. You can’t kill me, but I can kill you and I will, making you mine forever.”

Cordelia didn’t pause in her running as she heard Angelus’ laugh and mocking voice getting closer.

Cordelia screeched to a halt.

“Hold on.” The leather clad vampire stepped out, picking her up, and leaping into the air his feet setting them firmly on the roof above.

Cordelia gulped, the action too quick not giving her anytime to think, staring at the familar vampire grabbing her hand tightly, leaning down to look over the ledge. “Come on. He’ll sense us soon enough.”

Once again, Cordelia was picked up and carried from rooftop to rooftop, finally landing to the ground. The vampire ran through the alley, kicking in a chained door. He pulled Cordelia through the abandoned hallway to another door. He held her close as he reached in his pocket to get a key.

He put her down once they were inside, locking the door behind him.

Cordelia blinked at the vampire. “You saved…Angel?”

The vampire stared for a moment and then gave a soft smile. “Were you expecting anyone else?”

“Well, Geez, I don’t know, two Angelus’ running around town. Not just one, two,” She held up her fingers pointedly. “I hate Wolfram & Hart.” She glared. “How did you find me? Where are we? Oh, what do I care, you’re here.” She ran into his arms.

It was going better than Angelus hoped. Granted he had been more than just a little surprised to see himself accost Cordelia in the alley. Even more surprised at hearing the exchange between he and Cordelia. They were obviously well acquainted. And since, that Angelus seemed to want him dead, he thought he better find out more about what was going on.

So, Angelus to the rescue. And now, it seems that not only was Cordelia Chase acquainted with Angelus, but also the ensouled version if the way she was murmuring the name Angel over and over again and hanging all over him was any indication.

“Angel,” She pouted, pulling his lips to hers.

Very well acquainted, Angelus hid his smirk, leaning in to sample the taste of Cordelia Chase.

Shock hit his system as the kiss deepened and her soft ample breast pressed against his chest. Her scent flowed around, pounding in his brain as her fingers scratched up to the short hairs at the back of his neck. Angelus knew Cordelia Chase. He knew her well.

Cordelia licked her lips, smiling. “Got to breathe.”

“Right.” Angelus resisted the urge to grab her by the hair and attack her mouth once more, tearing at her clothes to see the soft mounds that had pressed against him. To taste all of her. “Did he hurt you,” Angelus reached for Cordelia’s collar, pretty positive what he would find, but he wanted to know for sure.

“No.” Cordelia stilled as the vampire moved his lips over the scarred wounds. He wanted to laugh as he took in his own scent embedded permanently in the small wounds. No wonder the girl laughed so hysterically when he demanded to know what vampire protected her. It really was funny, bizarre, but funny.

That idiot soul had been so enamored with the slayer that he missed what was right under his nose. Well, Angelus couldn’t fault the soul too much. He had almost overlooked the girl that he had wanted for over 100 years.

Angelus looked up from the wounds, into Cordelia’s eyes. At some point, though, the soul must have noticed. The scent wasn’t from when he first marked the woman in Gertie’s. It was continuous and recent.

Well, if she didn’t mind. Angelus’ demon emerged going back to the marks.

“Whoa, ‘grr’ guy, we don’t have time for more hickie making. How are we getting home? I want my body back.” She pushed away.

Angelus wanted her body badly and her blood. He growled.

“Geez, Angel, keep your pants on. Is Wesley with you?” Cordelia moved further leaning up against an old table, running her finger through the dust. “Nice place, who’s is it. Dead person’s I imagine.”

Angelus answered the question he could answer. “My old apartment.”

“Right, bad memories, uh, couldn’t stay in the place where your soul had a moment of perfect contentment. Scared you would catch Buffy and soul cooties.”

“Something like that.”

Cordelia nodded, shoving her hands in her pocket. “Pretty brave, bringing me here. You know how I get when you throw the blonde little Miss Slay It in my face, imagining you and she doing the horizontal mumbo.” She cocked a brow.

Angelus hesitated. “We had to go somewhere.”

“That’s true. Past Angelus wouldn’t know about this place, just the current one. And Buffy supposedly beat the crap out of him tonight so he’s probably safely tucked in with the crazy Dru.”

Angel remained silent.

“What’s wrong Angel, Sunnydale catch your tongue -are you reverting back to the broody stoic guy?”

“I guess, bad memories here,” Angelus hazard a guess.

Cordelia nodded. “Yeah, failed love affairs, evil doings,” Cordelia jumped off the table heading towards the vampire. “Don’t brood, you’re here so that means we can go home. Then every thing will be all right.” Cordelia reached up to caress Angel’s face and with the other she plunged her stake in his stomach as hard as she could.

Angelus growled, grabbing for her as he fell.

She jumped out his reach leaning down. “You kiss better with a soul, you got the ‘I want to ravish and plunder’ bit right, but you just didn’t put enough feeling in to it. A girl can tell things like that.” She pushed the vampire down, pulling out the stake, placing it on his chest. “Don’t. I will kill you if I have to.” She reached into Angelus leather jacket getting the key.

Cordelia considered the wounded vampire as she got up. “That’s pretty deep, but I’ve seen you fight and win with worse, so…” She swung again, this time leaving the stake embedded next to other gapping wound on his stomach.

“Angelus, I don’t know if you will listen to me,” she kneeled down to the growling bloody vampire, “but it is in your best interest not to get involved with this. This isn’t your concern.”

“I will kill you,” Angelus pain filled face promised.

Cordelia sighed. “And here I thought you wanted me.” She unlocked the door and left.

“Oh, I do and I’ll have you,” Angelus yanked at out the stake. Damn’t he was going to have to get more blood and remember not to underestimate Cordelia Chase in the future. She had warned him.


Cordelia glanced around trying to get her bearings as to what part of town she was in then she ran.


Cordelia slammed her door, falling to the floor. Her mind was raging in conflict on which she should damn first, the Wolfram & Hart lawyers or the Powers that sent her straight into both Angelus’ path.

She couldn’t leave Sunnydale now. Past Angelus would follow and possibly killing 1998 Angelus in the progress.

What was she going to do? She would have to go to Giles. She couldn’t keep this to herself any longer. If past Angelus came across Buffy there would be no mocking, no hesitation, he would just kill the slayer or she would just kill him when she realized that Angelus could give a damn about her. But how was Cordy going to convince the Scoobies that neither Angelus could be killed.

Cordelia got up, moving to the couch. She tossed the stupid movies to the floor. Cordelia went to kick them, but stopped. She had gotten four- all the Back to the Futures and one she had never heard of, in fact, the only reason she got it was because for an old guy, Dennis Quaid was hot.

Why not? What else was she going to do but cry? She put the movie into the VCR, and read the back cover. A father and son reach through time to solve a batch of serial killings. Serial killings, time travel, hell, it may be the just the movie that could help her.

Cordelia rolled her eyes, fast forwarding, no solar flares or ham radios for her to talk to Angel through. Though that would be nice, Roger, Roger, Angel, help. She paused the video her interest peeked as the father in the 60’s laid his lit cigarette on the wooden desk, and an exact burn mark showed up on the previously unmarked desk the son was using in the ‘90’s.

She fast forward the mystery and family parts, pausing again as the father hid the killer’s wallet under the floor boards for the son to find almost immediately over 30 years later.

Cordelia stopped the movie. Maybe she could go to LA, break into the abandoned Hyperion leave a note for Angel to find or not leave a note…mail one. She picked out the wrong movies.

Cordelia scrambled through her father’s Rolodex, while digging for stationary and a pen.

Part 15

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Part 12

Cordelia entered the graveyard. Damn’t, Buffy said she was going patrolling tonight before going to the Bronze. Why wasn’t she here doing this?

Right, because the visions came to Cordy-vision girl. Cordelia was getting mad. The Powers had to know she didn’t have her warrior to tell the vision too, so why bother. For higher beings, they sucked.

Cordelia silenced her angry sigh and continued walking scanning the area for her victims.

She paused, seeing the two kids, grouping like there was no tomorrow. Then again maybe they knew something she didn’t. “Get the hell out of here.”

“Cordelia Chase?” The young girl blinked. “You’re Cordelia Chase.” The girl said with some awe.

Great. That’s all Cordelia needed-Freshmen. “Go on, get out. Necking should be done in the back seat of a car, not a graveyard. Don’t you’ll know anything? Now go.”

“But they’re our dinner.” A voice drifted through the night.

Cordelia swirled as two vampires appeared from behind a larger monuments built to honor one of the town’s founding fathers.

“Get a pizza.” Cordelia placed herself between the young couple and the vampires. She was relieved when she heard the girl scream and the sound of pounding feet leaving the area.

“Oh, are you the delivery person? I’m okay with that.”

“Pfft.” Cordelia turned, trying to keep the vamp that had remained silent in her line of sight as he started to creep around.

Cordelia felt the air swoosh and then felt strong arms grab her. She spun, using the kick Angel had taught her. The vampire fell back as the other one decided to shut up and charge.

Cordelia swung with her fist, yanking out her spritzers, stinging the vampire in the eyes with the holy water. She quickly pulled her stake from the back of her pants and lunged.

She had less than a second to congratulate herself on the dust pile, when she was tackled. Cordelia squirmed, trying to keep her neck from the vampire.

The vampire yanked at Cordelia’s collar, fangs preparing to plunge when he jerked up.

“You’ve been marked.” The vamp sniffed. His yellow eyes’ widened. “Shit, Sorry. Please don’t tell, okay. I’ll just be going.” The vampire got up immediately, pulling Cordelia to her feet, brushing at her jacket in an apologetic manner.

“There’s no reason to mention this, it was an honest mistake, word’s not out on you. Didn’t know he claimed a mortal. If I had known you belonged to him, I wouldn’t ever have tried to bite you. No way. Don’t tell, please. You might want to tell him though to make his mark a little bigger, you know more apparent, or let us know, get the word out, you know, or at least maybe you could wear lower cut shirts, just so we know right at the get go, just some suggestions to avoid this type of thing happening in the future, you know. I’m very sorry, please don’t tell,” the vampire nodded backing up.

Cordelia swung and kicked, “And the word’s not getting out on me, you dead moron, you know,” she added as her stake plunged into his chest.

Well that was very interesting. Angelus moved out from behind the trees staring at the young woman, stuffing her weapon back in her pocket, and then pulling at the collar of her shirt and jacket. Not only could Cordelia Chase fight much better than she let on, she was hiding a vampire’s mark, not a bite, but a mark.

Angelus thought about what he knew about the Xander-ass’s girlfriend, she hated all that was vampire, yet, she let her self be marked. He couldn’t believe that, some vampire must have just taken her.

Angelus narrowed his eyes. Whose mark could’ve scared that vamp off so quickly? Angelus was the only one that could scare the heebie jeebies out of the idiot dead of this town. If there was a new player snacking about Angelus needed to know. He moved quickly.

“Cordelia” he drew her name out in a mocking tone,” full of little nasty secrets aren’t you?” Angelus grinned as the girl stilled, fear erupting through her blood. His eyes narrowed again as the fear was shoved down and the teenager stared him straight in the eyes.

“Angelus, full of shit, aren’t you? Go fuck with your blonde obsession’s head, be a dear and go, I’ve had a bad night.” Cordelia smirked. And as soon as her words left her mouth, she cringed. Damn, she should’ve screamed and not talked.

Angelus studied the girl, remaining rooted to his spot, too interested at the woman’s increase of fear, to anger, to fear and now back to anger but this time the anger seemed to be directed inward rather at him.

Okay. Cordelia could fix this. She yelled to the high heavens and took off running.

Angelus started. He took off catching the girl before she got ten feet.

“It was worth a shot.” She glared, her tongue refusing to follow the plan of her brain. “Do I have to remind you that I am not worth killing? Buffy wouldn’t shed a tear, we aren’t really friends.”

“You’ve been hiding yourself, haven’t you Cordelia. Stronger than you act, less disgusted by my kind. You’ve been fibbing all this time, let’s see who’s had a taste.” Angelus’ free hand went to the collar of her shirt.

Cordelia just reacted. She kicked the vampire in the balls.

Angelus staggered back, growling into his knees. Damn that hurt. He was going to kill her.

Angelus caught the running girl again, slamming her up against a cement mausoleum. “Do that again you’re dead. I just want to ask you a question.”

Cordelia snorted. She stared at the vampire, his brutal strength squeezing her shoulders, his presence unmovable. She smirked. Angel taught her this. She swung bending her elbows, snapping the side of her palms against Angelus’ throat. She grunted in satisfaction as the vampire fell.

She turned hearing her name shouted. Christ. She looked down at the vampire staggering to get to his feet. “Get out of here or your girlfriend is going to kill you. Damn’t, Angel, get up and run.” She begged, pulling at the vampire’s heavy weight.

“Cordy? Oh god, Angelus has her.” Xander’s yell floated in the air.

“Xander, it’s okay,” Buffy at full speed.

“You said it would give me 3 seconds, it’s been at least five. Get up, throw me across the goddamn graveyard and run.” Cordelia turned to the stunned vampire.

“Dumb ass.” Cordelia said lowly, then turned and screamed. “Help me, Xander. Angelus tried to kill me.” She wailed at the top of her lungs. “Get out of here, you asshole,” she whispered to the vampire and turned, “Buffy, thank god,” Cordelia grabbed onto Buffy blocking her path to Angelus.

Angelus jumped. He didn’t know what was going on, but whatever it was he didn’t feel up to fighting Buffy just then.

Buffy disentangled herself from Cordelia, “Damn it get off me. Where’d he go?” she shouted.

“That way. Didn’t you see him? Geez, some great slayer sense you got there.” Cordelia turned as Xander ran up.

“Xander.” She wailed throwing herself in his arms. “I almost died.”

“Shush, Cordy, it’s okay, Buffy’s here.”

“Right, the great little Miss Slayette let him go again.” She blinked at the blonde that was canvassing the area trying to find the vampire.

Buffy swirled. “I could’ve gotten him if you hadn’t thrown yourself in my way. What are you doing here?”

Cordelia gulped. “I was feeling better and wanted to meet Xander at the Bronze, if it’s any of your business.”

“Like that? Here?” Buffy pointed to Cordelia’s casual way too casual outfit.

“Fashion is a ever changing thing, know it, learn it Summers and you just might be presentable.” Cordelia hmmphed and turned. “Should I even ask you to walk me back to my car.” She pouted to Xander, pulling her hair down from its ponytail spreading the long locks, hiding the skin that her collars didn’t.

Xander looked from the fuming slayer and to his waiting girlfriend. God, Cordy had gotten even better at doing that pouty seductive look.

Angelus growled as watched from the tree branches above. His golden eyes focused on the brunette that latched her self onto the moron, acting helpless. She was a fake. He licked his lips as her dark hair tumbled past her shoulders, further securing the marks on her neck from view.

Fool the moron, but couldn’t fool him. Buffy and her gang of little fighters didn’t have a clue who Cordelia really was. Angelus didn’t either, but he thought maybe it was time for him to find out.


“Cordy?” Xander asked.


“Are you all right? That was Angelus.” Xander whispered anxiously.

“Yeah.” Cordelia leaned up against her car, her eye watching the corners of the darkness for sight of the vampire. Damn. She’d screwed up. The only thing she could hope was that Angelus’ obsession with Buffy would distract him from any interest in the scene he witnessed earlier.

Right and she was buying the Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow.


Cordelia turned to her teenage old boyfriend, gently cupping his face. “Thank you for saving me, you’re really a wonderful person for a dork.” She gently kissed him on the lips.

Xander stood motionlessly as Cordy’s car drove off. He’d hoped for some major tongue gratitude and instead he got a sweet caring kiss that rocked him too his toes. He closed his eyes, his finger touching his lips. He could love that girl that just left him.

He turned as Buffy and Willow ran up to him. Xander smiled at his best friends.

“She just left?”

Xander nodded.

“She yelled at you, didn’t she? Damn her, what was she doing out here in the first place?” Buffy grouched. “Did you see what she was wearing?”

Xander blinked. “She didn’t yell, Cordy thanked me.” He gave another dazed smile and walked away from the cemetery.

Angelus dropped from the trees. Okay. That was sickening. What did he know about Cordelia Chase? And why hadn’t he ever noticed that she had legs that went on forever and a body that made men cry….and thick dark rich hair, that begged to have fingers entangled in its mass.

Angelus frowned. He didn’t like brunettes, did he? That question was washed away with the need to know what vampire touched and claimed her.

Part 13

Cordelia leaned on her bed. She’d bet dollars to doughnuts and the end of the world that she messed up earlier with Angelus.

She incapacitated him and then saved him. But she couldn’t let him see the marks and she couldn’t take the chance that Buffy would kill him, either. Whether he remembers who she was or not, she was noticed and that wasn’t a good thing.

Cordelia groaned. She was beginning to think the best thing to do was just leave Sunnydale. Once out of sight, Angelus’ momentary notice would be focused back on Buffy. And history could go on. Cordelia could hide out in LA for the next couple of years, then go to Margo’s party, and ‘run’ into Angel.

There wasn’t much that she had done to help or save anyone in her last years of high school. And she could avoid the literally painful break up with Xander. That hadn’t seemed to effect Xander all that much, so what would it hurt to miss out on that little drama and well, she wasn’t the only student that helped blow up the school.

Sure, Cordelia guessed that she had driven the Scoobies around alot. But if that were all it was, she’d leave Xander her car. He could be the Scooby chauffer.

Her parents, shoot, she could just call them and tell them that she wanted to finish school in LA or somewhere. They wouldn’t care and the money would run out soon enough. She would be alone. So what? She wouldn’t be once the time came to meet up with Angel.

Granted, she did not want to live through Doyle’s death, the everlasting vision trip, Dennis’ mom, the demon babies, and etc. again, but she could because in the end she would be with Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Lorne, wouldn’t she?

She startled at the sharp tap at her window. Against Cordelia’s better judgment she stood, pushing aside the curtains and opening the window. “What do you want?”

Angelus perched on the railing of the non-functional ornamental balcony. “You don’t seem that surprised to see me.”

Cordelia stared coldly at the vampire, clutching her robe closer to her neck. “That’s not really answering my question now is it?”

Angelus hopped down, standing on the narrow ledge provided. “You’re not scared of me, why? Who protects you?”

Cordelia stared at the handsome face then started to laugh, tears falling as the gasps left her throat. “Scared of you? Yeah, reassure yourself- I am. Who protects me? Oh god that one’s priceless.” She laughed, brushing away the tears, trying to calm herself.

Angelus growled. “You are marked, who did it.”

Cordelia gulped, the laugher dripping once again from her lips.

“Shut up.”

Cordelia coughed, brushing her hand against her eyes. “Sorry, that just is really…funny…and ironic coming from you.” Cordelia shook her head regaining her composure. “Did you want something or are you just here to make my night.”

“You’re crazy.”

Cordelia started to laugh again raising her hand as she tried to calm herself again. “More with the funnies and the ironic stuff. You got to stop pushing my buttons or I’ll pee in my pants.”

Angelus showed his demon.

“Oooh scary, be even scarier if you could get to me. But, oh well, eek,” Cordelia wiped the last of her laugher away, she didn’t care anymore, she had decided, she would run and catch up with Angel later.

“You aren’t what you seem. I saw you. You can fight. That little trick to the neck is only known by vampire hunters.”

“Or vampires that have been hunted.”

“The one that marked you, who? Who is in my town? Who took you?”

“Took me?” Cordelia repeated indignantly. “No one ‘took’ me. I gave myself. Met a dangerously sexy vampire, blew me away. Really not much choice, just had to have him, he felt the same.”

“Who?” Angelus growled leaning up as far as he good before the invisible barrier stopped him.

Cordelia leaned close, licking her lips. “A magnificent vampire that is capable of extraordinary acts, beautiful, mine.”

Angelus leaned back. “ I will know your secrets.” He growled jumping.

Cordelia looked out into the darkness. “You already do, just as I know yours. God, I hate you so much Angelus, will you ever just leave us in peace to be happy” her sad voice choking finally in the sobs she had wanted to cry.

Angelus stood as the teenagers crying words floated down. He really didn’t understand, but he would.

Part 14

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A Little Ways Back. 11   1 comment

Part 11


God that was horrifying. Cordelia was in hell. She knew it. High School sucked. How did she not know that when she was there? Sure, she had finally figured out that she was on the HELLmouth, but how come she hadn’t realized how hellish the whole high school experience had been.

She hadn’t forgotten how dating Xander had pushed her from her Queen C pedestal, but the remembered version hadn’t been that bad, she had managed to block out all the whispers and idiotic behavior of her former friends/sheep.

The first time around, Cordelia had held her head high, and gave them her‘I am still Cordelia Chase, superior, don’t you forget it’ glare, now her glare was accompanied by the ‘Jesus, grow up and get a life, don’t waste time being idiots, there’s bad shit out there, being the most popular in a school that’s doomed to blow up, isn’t the be and end all of existence’, roll of her eyes.

Hmmph. God, how far had her life taken her in less than four years, but then she guessed having the visions, being kidnapped, and tortured more times than had to be necessary could do that to a person, hell, she was in her 17 year old body, reliving Trig and Harmony’s pathetic attempt to be Queen H-kidnapped AND tortured, a two for one hellish deal.

Cordelia had half a mind to rip into Harmony, since the real villains of her unbearable plight were unknown and unreachable, and explain very slowly to the dim girl that second ditzy bananas didn’t make very good bitches and that Harmony would make an even worse vampire than bitch in the future.

Harmony’s major sheepish behavior, being the main personality trait that followed her to the undead-life…and the well, the need to kill, but Harmony would still need a crazy bunch of Amway vamp’s too tell her how to do that-the girl was a follower and would always be one.

Then there was Xander, sweet, okay, except she knew where that future went, a stab to the gut and a lovely break up scar as a souvenir. She almost decked him that last time he tried to wheedle her into a closet. Kissing in a closet. God. Okay, it was fun THEN. But now, Cordelia wanted to scream.

She pushed her way into the library. Oh yeah, the gang was all there. She had managed to avoid actually talking to Buffy or Willow for the entire day. Not that she would’ve minded under other circumstances, like three-fours years in the future in LA, but now then, the blonde little slayer was probably going to regale them with an hour full of Angel this and Angel that drama.

And Willow, hell, she’d just stammer and nod sympathetically to every conceived woe of ‘Buffy the Greats’ drama filled life, while Oz gazed adoringly at the innocent looking red-head, not knowing the future. Fool. And Xander would be panting on every word. Call Cordy the fool for not having seeing the ‘what’ of Xander and Willow. Call Xander a fool when it comes out that Willow really liked girls.

Cordelia was so not in the mood for this trip down memory lane and the knowledge that was the outcome. She glanced at the slayer, scrutinizing the blonde’s slopply ponytail. Then again maybe all she would have to hear about was a bad hair day crisis.

Cordelia nodded to their acknowledgments, going to the chair Xander pulled out or rather dragged from his seated position. “Hey. Are we talking yet, or are you still shooting barbs and arrows.”

Cordelia sighed, her inner bitch silenced, he was really cute, a dork, but sweet, well as much as he had been capable of being. Hindsight was so great and unwelcome right now. “Sorry, bad day, haven’t been feeling well.” She gave him a peck on the cheek.

Her heart melted a little at the smile on the boy’s face. Oh Xander. Why couldn’t he have gotten over his slayer and witch obsessions? He was so cute. She smiled genuinely at the young man.

Xander stuttered something and almost fell out of the chair at the bright smile. Holy Jesus. He hadn’t seen that before, it was gorgeous.

“Klutz.” Cordelia laughed softly, straightening him up back in his chair, pulling at his collar. “Fashion dork.”

Xander blinked, as did the rest of the occupants of the room. Cordelia had insulted Xander. Check normal, the smile and tender tone, check uh uh, way odd.

“Um, Cordelia, you aren’t feeling well.” Willow quietly asked never quite sure how the brunette would react.

“Nothing, just …” Cordelia waved her hand in the air. “ I’m okay, thanks though.”

Willow gave a small smile in return at Cordy’s. That was weird. Xander had been complaining all day that Cordelia had been rude and insulting. And Willow knew for an almost fact that the young woman had ducked in the bathroom rather than talk to her and Buffy in the student lounge before lunch.

But now… Cordelia was smiling and almost being nice. Willow shrugged, maybe Cordelia was really sick. Unsure, Willow settled back into her silent boyfriend’s lap.

Xander leaned into Cordelia taking advantage of her surprising pleasantness. “So tonight, the movies, or maybe the Bronze?”

Cordelia scrunched up her face. Okay, she didn’t hate Xander anymore, but that didn’t mean she wanted to necessarily spend quality alone time with her ex-boyfriend, but neither did she want to blast his eager smile.

“How about the Bronze, we all could go?” She asked Willow, Oz, and Buffy. She hid her cringe at her impulsive statement. If Buffy went that meant Angel would probably show up lurking in a corner somewhere. Cordelia’s eyes darted to the dark shadows of the library, searching for the vampire. It was about time for him to show up and blend into the woodwork.

Buffy wrinkled her brow. “I need to patrol and….make sure,” her very deceptive delicate shoulders slumped, “make sure that Angelus hasn’t…isn’t.” Her blue eyes saddened, as she was unable to finish.

“Buffy, it will be all right. You…” Willow stuttered her voice encouraging and sad.

“Will be able to kill him….yeah. Me- slayer, Angelus-, evil ex-boyfriend vampire that wants to kill my friends, yeah.” She sadly repeated and then nodded with a forced smile. “How about I just meet you all there.”

“We’ll go with you, then we can go to the Bronze, right, Cordy. Cordy?” Xander glanced at his girlfriend’s silence.

Cordelia sat frozen, the blood drained from her face. She blinked as her stomach twirled and turned forcing it’s way too her throat. She jumped up and ran.

“What?” Xander stood.

“She looked sick. Cordelia was really sick,” Willow nodded to Oz, finally satisfied at Cordy’s earlier nice behavior.


Cordelia inelegantly rested her sweating face on the cool porcelain of one of the many school’s toilets. Stupid. Stupid. She was tempted to pound her head into the coolness.

The woman took a deep breath, getting up. Cordelia went to the sink, thankful that classes were over. She could have a moment of peace between the bathroom walls. She splashed water on her face, while sucking in handfuls of water to get rid of the bile that was still tainting her mouth.

Stupid. Cordelia slid against the wall and clutched at her head, the tear flowing freely. It had to be Wolfram & Hart – they just tossed her in different manner to a different time where Angelus could kill her without Angel being anywhere near to save her.

Good god. She hadn’t forgotten but she hadn’t thought about it. She was 17 that meant Buffy was-their birthdays were close together. Buffy and Angel had sex on Buffy’s birthday, and wham what a birthday, getting groiny and releasing Angelus.

Angel didn’t go to hell until, well Damnit, Cordelia wasn’t sure, all her high school years blurred together in her memory. But it was too long away Cordleia did know that. The vampire with a soul was out of her reach again. Cordelia had sworn that she wouldn’t violate the Star Trek’s Prime Directive- and beg Angel to help her, let him know his future.

But, deep down, if she couldn’t have her Angel, she had counted on this Angel as a last resort if she couldn’t figure it out for herself. And now that was gone. He was gone, not only gone but the danger. If she lived long enough, she would see him return beautiful and ensouled. But would she live that long?

Cordelia gulped wiping at her face going back to the sink. She needed to think. What had Angel said? He remembered her, but not who she was. Just that she was a brunette that got away from Angelus in 1898. He had said a gorgeous beautiful spirited brunette. Cordelia wanted to cry again at memory.

She and Angel had been tucked in each other’s arm, his new mark on her neck taking over Angelus’, he softly told her that he had remembered her and that he was so grateful for his love for Buffy, because if he hadn’t fallen in love with Buffy, then when Angelus appeared in Sunnydale, he would’ve known Cordelia from that past and taken her and destroyed both of their futures.

Cordelia took another deep breath. She remembered being irritated that when she first saw Angel, before she knew he was a vampire, his attention had been focused on Buffy. He had been so sexy, it only seemed right that he would be attracted to Queen C, the dating slayer, but now she was as grateful as Angel had been.

She chuckled at the exaggerated pouts she had given, years later, as Angel explained his relief. She had complained, ordered, and begged him to prove that it was her and only her that he loved then. Cordelia pulled down her turtleneck, gazing at the marks that proved Angels’ love and need and hers.

Cordy leaned up bracing her hands on the sink. All she had to do was avoid Angelus. He didn’t want her. Wolfram & Hart had fucked up. And Cordelia had to believe that Angel and her family knew something was wrong and would fix it, save her.

“Cordelia,” Buffy peeked into the door. She hadn’t really wanted to go after Cordelia. But Xander looked so worried. And Willow wouldn’t get out of her chair too comfortable on Oz’s lap and too uncomfortable with checking on Cordelia. So, it was left to Buffy.

Cordy splashed some more water on her face before turning to the slayer. “I guess I am sick. “ she quirked a smile. “Um, could you tell Xander that I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do a Bronze night, tonight. I’m just going to go home.”

“Sure,” Buffy kind of liked a sick Cordelia. She wasn’t snipping down people’s throats or being a major stuck up bitch. “Um, I’ll walk you too your car, it’s dark. “ Buffy blinked. “Vampires,” not willing to name the one that was worrying her the most.

Cordelia nodded. If Angelus was out there his focus would be on Buffy and whenever Angelus and Buffy met in the past neither seemed to be able to kill each other, Angelus with his arrogance that another day would come and Buffy with her hesitation, until that last day and the sword thrust that sent Angel to hell.

Cordelia paused in the hallway. “Buffy, I’m truly sorry that you’ve experienced Angelus, he’s scary and an arrogant bastard and he’s Angel. I’m sorry.” Cordelia knowing now 100 percent the pain the blonde was going through.

“He’s not Angel.” Buffy glared.

“He is. He just doesn’t have the soul. But the other stuff is still there, the desire to kill, to feed, to possess…but.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Angelus is not Angel.” Buffy glared, turning on her heel leaving Cordelia alone in the hall.

Cordelia stared after the angry in denial blonde. Her hand went back too her throat. Buffy was so wrong. She sighed. She hadn’t wanted to make the slayer mad. Cordelia shrugged. Well history wasn’t changed. Buffy still wasn’t going to be her best friend.


Cordelia unlocked her door in relief.

She scrunched her brow at the note on the refrigerator. It was from Marie reminding her that the maid was going to her sister’s for the week and that Cordy’s dinners were in the freezer. Marie also helpfully wrote that her parents called and were staying longer in the Caymans. Cordelia threw the note away.

Before she remembered feeling hurt that her parents had extended that trip, but now she was just glad. Dealing with her parents hadn’t been something she had been looking for to. Caymans. Cordelia snorted. That’s right, Daddy, hide that money so the IRS and your daughter won’t get any of it.

Cordelia stared at the full refrigerator, pulling out Marie’s evening dinner. It looked wonderful and so unappetizing. She slammed the door closed. She had work to do. First though, she needed to find some comfy clothes.

Once clad in her black stretchy pants, her over sized denim shirt and her hair in a high ponytail, Cordelia settled herself on the couch to research the materials she had gotten on her way home from the school. She studied the titles and plopped ‘Back to the Future’ into the VCR.

Cordelia fast-forwarded through the early parts. She didn’t have a time traveling DeLorean, so why bother. She watched Marty McFly’s 1950’s time trip- fast-forwarding through the ickyness of Marty’s mother hitting on him. Cordelia stalled the movie at the scene where Marty’s future dad finally got some balls and slugged Biff. Then, she fast-forwarded to the end.

Cordelia turned the TV off. Marty had changed future for the better. So, did that mean the Star Trek rule wasn’t always sacrosanct. Cordelia scrunched up her face, trying to remember better the sequences of the terrors of Angelus in this time period.

In school, she had overheard some of the male students saying how hot Jenny Calendar was. So, Cordelia could assume that the teacher was still alive. Then again it was the Hellmouth, maybe they were having wet dreams about a dead woman. Yet, Giles hadn’t seemed heartbroken and Buffy had been sad, but not wracked with guilt at her Watcher’s sorrow.

Cordelia bit her lip. Could she go to Ms. Calendar and beg her to get the soul spell and do it before Ms. Calendar or anyone else died. Would getting Angel’s soul back sooner rather than later change things for the worse. Cordelia couldn’t see how. Angel…Cordelia shook her head. Doubts and warnings flooded her mind.

Jenny Calendar’s death, Giles’ torture, Angel’s side trip to hell, his return, his guilt, Buffy’s initial wariness towards him because all that he had done as Angelus were major factors in Angel’s decision to leave Buffy and Sunnydale. Without them happening, would he still go to LA, would he still be a warrior for the Powers, would he have his chance at redemption?

Christ. She was getting a headache. Her eyes widened as she recognized the signs. Cordelia barely got out a strangled shit out before her brain exploded in fire and the vision bombarded her every senses.

Cordelia crumpled on the couch as her hands clenched against her eyes, her teeth drawing blood on her lips to stop from screaming out. Cordelia rocked her trembling body as the pain and images passed through her mind.

Cordelia struggled to her feet, her weight leaning on the arm of the couch, vision gone, but the pain still remaining a sharp pounding that caused white lights to throb against the back of her eyes.

Cordelia willed her body to straighten. She knew this pain. She could handle it. Don’t think about the potion. It wasn’t there, just like Angel’s strong arms weren’t there, holding her soothing the ache away.

She focused on making it up the stairs to her mother’s medicine cabinet. The woman had a pharmacy in there. Something there had to help Cordelia think and function.

Cordelia squinted pushing through the various prescriptions looking for anything with the word codeine in it. Finally, with a sigh, she found a bottle of high dosage painkillers, the red label warning ordering limited use. She took three and slumped against her mother’s bathroom vanity.

Cordelia took deep even breaths, calming the pounding letting the medication take effect. The throbbing diminished enough, making her confident to stand and think.

1998 Cordelia Chase did not have visions. If she told Buffy, then those two kids… Stupid kids. Who makes out in a graveyard in Sunnyhell, why don’t they just wear signs – ‘Free Dinner’? It wasn’t like they were the slayer and Angel sneaking smooches behind the gravestones. Two vampires those lovebirds could handle. But those kids.

Cordelia sighed she wasn’t suppose to have visions. If she saved the couple she would be changing history. But, Cordelia couldn’t believe that the Powers would send her a vision just too screw everything up more or for her too let the victims of her vision die.

Decision made, Cordelia went to her fathers closet pulling out a long jacket. She headed towards her room, slipping on her running shoes, and stuffing her father’s pockets with crosses and spritzers of holy water. Damn, why didn’t she have any stakes or a crossbow? Right, because 1998 Cordelia stayed on the sidelines and waited to be saved.

Stupid girl. Cordelia kicked over her nightstand, breaking off each leg, concealing the impromptu weapons in the jacket and the waistband of her pants.

Part 12

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