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Buffy appeared from between the gravestones to meet her watcher’s solemn eyes. “Okay, I’m just about looked-out here. We’ve been over this place ten times.”

Giles let out a silent breath as Willow and Xander joined them. “No luck?” The two teenagers shook their heads. “Perfect. And you’re certain this is where you saw him Buffy?”

“Yeah.” The young slayer dusted her hands before nodding. “Although, to tell you the truth, I’m a little distracted knowing Cordelia’s alone with Angelus at your house.”

“He’s biteless Buffy, what could he do?” Willow put a hand on her friend’s arm.

“I’m not worried about Cordelia,” she grumbled softly before letting her eyes wander over the landscape of the graveyard again for any sign of the demon she’d been tossed around by before. She couldn’t fathom what had possessed the cheerleader to bite the demon.

The whole biting was reserved for vampires. Buffy knew Cordelia and Angelus were in each other’s proximity a lot lately. She just hoped he wasn’t rubbing off on Cordelia. Buffy so didn’t want another complication in this picture.

Giles fixed his glasses. “Well, then I suggest we head back. It’s getting late and it doesn’t look like the demon is here.”

Xander shrugged. “It’s dark, dreary, creepy and perfect demon prowling territory. Not to mention the hour is witching.” He looked at Willow. “No offense.”

The Witch only smiled softly. “None taken.”

“Look at it this way.” Xander grinned. “Where else could he go?”


A shadow cast over the wall. On the other side, a demon sat in the tub contemplating death. Or the un-death, as it were. It was a new low. Being dead was one thing, being dead and useless was another.

Angelus wasn’t used to being useless. He, a demon who prided himself in having purpose had nothing to his name besides, the countless cracks he was recounting in the ceiling and the merry fantasies of killing the slayer, eating her friends and maybe tying the cheerleader in the bathtub for a few weeks, before eating her.

Suddenly even his soul seemed welcoming, but it was not his to greet anymore. One little deal with the devil and he was soulless for life and biteless for eternity. A damned cock-tease. Give him power and immortality and take away his freedom.

The perfect damnation. It was befitting. Just not for a demon like Angelus. He had been destined for great things. Not a damned lab rat to a bunch of kids and a ratty old man without a sex life. True the cheerleader had potential.

And the slayer still lived.

Where’s the damned God-sent miracle when needed, Angelus took an unnecessary breath. Not that he believed in God.

Then the scent drifted up his nose and he went deathly still.

“Oh fuck.”


Cordelia smirked over her shoulder at the face of Xander Harris as she wrapped her arms around the neck of the man and lifted her mouth up for his kiss. “Sorry Harris. I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Looking up into the green eyes of Jude Law, Cordelia sent the handsome man a dazzling smile and rose on top toes to receive her kiss, when the hiss made her rock back in alarm.

Pale manly arms morphed into scaly gray limbs, the hands wrapped around her arms elongating into claws as she stared up into blood red eyes and the demon opened it’s wide, fanged jaw.

“GAH!” The brunette jumped as her history book hit the floor as she sat on the couch, one hand on her heart, panting wildly, in the dark living room.

Momentarily disoriented, she whipped her head around violently, her heart nearly leaping out of her throat before she realized she wasn’t in her room. She was at Giles. And she was alive.

And alone.

Shakily she raised a hand to touch her forehead to find it dripping with perspiration and seething hot. A foreboding ache settled into her temples as she took a calmer breath, trying to stop her screaming heart from beating wildly against her ribs.

“Geez Chase. You live on the Hellmouth, one would think you’d be used to a few nightmares.” Her whisper was meant to calm her nerves.

With her legs folded under her still, she reached down to the floor to pick up her book when she caught the flicker of the shadow in the light of the lone lamp burning in Giles’ kitchen – and froze.

Then her breath caught in her throat as the shadow rose across the wall of the kitchen, and the arms and limbs became distinguishable and, even from a distance, she could see the open jaw of the fanged demon.

As the scream built in her throat, Cordelia’s hand rose back to curl around her mouth and muffle it before the first rational thought hit her.


Without deliberation, she rose; her legs unfolding as she stood to her full height. The shadow on the wall got larger and the soft snarl nearly made her jump.

Bare, feet softy shifted on the carpet as she walked backwards towards the light slanting out of the bathroom, her eyes fixed on the rising shadow.

Not daring a single whisper, Cordelia held her breath, one hand behind her to catch the doorframe of the bathroom, until it caught against a stack of books and sent them crashing onto the floor with a resounding ‘thump’.

And the head of the demon twisted towards the living room.

“Oh fuck.” The two identical, simultaneous curses echoed through the house just as the demon’s head appeared in the archway and it turned to look straight at Cordelia framed in the light of the bathroom.


Giles walked tiredly towards his house, the slayer beside him just as weary. They’d just dropped off Willow and Xander when they heard the female scream.

Both heads whipped up in alarm before they took off into a sprint towards the house.



Angelus stared in shock as the brunette let out a shriek of terror and did the most ridiculous thing he’d ever seen her do, she closed the door and jumped up on the toilet a loofa in her hand.

“What the fuck are you doing!” He’d barely finished his question when the door to the bathroom splintered and blew off the hinges. And the demon looked him straight in the eye.

Unable to keep his gameface from appearing the vampire’s eyes exploded with gold as he growled back, the fangs elongating to full length.

When the demon bore down on him, he realized he was still firmly bound by his hands and feet. “You wouldn’t happen to have the keys on you, would you Chase?”

Cordelia’s eyes were fixed on the snarling demon. “No.”

“Fuck.” Angelus hissed just as the demon lunged. Lifting his chained hands, he braced for the impact that would come, and sure enough, the demon grabbed him by his clamped wrists and yanked him right out of the tub.

Cordelia let out another scream as Angelus grunted and twisted, His left elbow lifting and looping up before he threw his weight against the back and his arms came to lock around the demon’s neck in a choke hold.

The gray monster rose high on his powerful legs his hands clamped around Angelus’ wrists as the vampire tightened his grip.

“What the hell are you doing!” Cordelia stared in horror, her loofa held up for strike as the snarling demon tried to dislodge the vampire.

“What does it look like you fucking idiot!” Angelus snapped back between the violet shaking, as his wrists tightened under the fiend’s throat.

“Bite it!”

“I don’t do SLIME!” Reaching behind her Cordelia grabbed a bottle of shampoo and chucked it at the demon, only it bounced and hit Angelus in the eye. “Awo! HEY!”

“Sorry!” She winced then her eyes widened as the demon reared back, slamming Angelus into the brick wall behind him and she could have sworn she saw the vampire’s golden eyes nearly cross in pain.

Then she noticed the demon was too busy trying to get the strangling vampire off his back and she took her cue to run.

“Be right back!”

“Hurry!” The vampire ground out before he let out a cry of pain as he was smashed back into the plaster again.

The force of the blow loosened his grip as Angelus lost a fraction of the hold on the demon’s neck and the one large fang sank through the links of the iron chains and into his arm. Blood nearly flared in Angelus’ eyes.

Cordelia was rummaging through the drawers for a large knife when she heard Angelus’ scream of rage. “Oh crap!”

Grabbing the first thing she could find she ran back into the living room and nearly went flying with the gray that sailed from the bathroom doorway and into the cupboard.

Turning her head she blinked to see Angelus yanking the last of the chains off his ankles wrists, eyes spitting gold fire and a gash in his arm, nearly missing a good chunk of flesh as he rose to his full height.


The enraged vampire lifted his eyes from the sprawled demon shaking his head across the hall to see Cordelia toss him something.

Catching the object he stared down at before looking at her incredulously. “A fork!?”

The brunette only shrugged helplessly before she yelped as Angelus was tackled to the floor by a spitting angry demon, claws reaching for his face, the fork falling harmlessly by his head.

Angelus snarled in fury as the demon howled above him, the bulk of his body pinning his legs and torso under him as Angelus held onto his lower jaw, his fingers splayed between his teeth and the other hand holding a ripping talon from decapitating him. “Cordelia!”

A wooden chair splintered on the demon’s head nearly dusting the vampire underneath, but it gave Angelus enough time to grab the fork and ram it straight into one of the burning red eyes of the angry demon as it screamed.

Cordelia jumped away, the demon reared back in pain and the vampire rolled onto his heels. As it towered over the brunette, Cordelia closed her eyes wincing for the blow, just as she heard a crack and a reverberating ‘thud’ before everything stilled.

Surprised hazel eyes looked up to see Angelus glaring down at the demon with the broken neck, clutching his bleeding arm.

Golden eyes looked up at her with appalled exasperation. “A FORK!!!!?!”

Straightening to her spine she was about to retort when the front door burst open and Giles and Buffy stormed into the house.

“Unhand Angel you…” The slayer blinked as she saw the scene in the living room. “Oh.”

Cordelia glared at the shocked face of the watcher.

“You know this was not part of my babysitting plan.”

Angelus was still staring at Cordelia with vexation. “A FUCKING FORK!”


Buffy sat on the couch, her head in her hands, the dead demon laying at her feet with the broken neck. Beside her Angelus was sitting on a chair holding his bleeding arm, while Cordelia towered over him with gauze and disinfectant.

The slayer looked up as the vampire let out another growl of pain. She let out a sigh when Cordelia held the bottle over his head, threatening to make him wear it if he jumped again.

Trying to ignore the unsettling picture that the two presented and the camaraderie that built between them with ever passing minute Buffy turned her eyes to her watcher, as he handed her a cup of coffee.

Giles watched Buffy take the cup without a word and he frowned slightly at her. “You’re troubled.”

“I hear that’s a slayer trait.”

“Along with not being around when you’re needed.”

At the antagonized quip, Buffy fixed her weary eyes on the vampire while he attempted to dodge Cordelia’s disinfectant bottle. “I slay your kind, not protect it.”

“Slay, fuck; what’s the difference with you, right?”

Gritting her teeth she chose to ignore the barb. The baiting was rather obvious now. “You’re a mistake I regret everyday Angelus.”

“Allow me to feel guilt. Oh wait…” Angelus seemed to ponder that thought almost comically and Cordelia bit her cheek to keep the smile off her mouth. “I think I skipped the assembly when they were handing out sensitivity.”

“Why didn’t you tell us these things were the ones after you?”

The bleeding demon shrugged. “Because sweetheart, I had other things on my damned mind. Like feeding.”

“Always think with your fangs?”

Angelus smirked at Cordelia’s accurate conclusion. “After I’m done thinking with my…”

“Angelus!” Giles glared at the pornographic reference that was about to be voiced. “How could you fail to mention the demon’s link to you? Cordelia could have died.”

“And that affects me how? AWO!” He jumped when her finger dug into the gouging flesh she was trying to bandage. He stared at her incredulously. “Who’s the fucking vampire here?”

The brunette kept her head down as she continued to administer first aid, the only indication that she was in their conversation was her smirk.

“Why are these creepies after you anyway?”

Angelus rolled his eyes and glared at Buffy. “You’re still here?”

Throwing up her hands she stood up. “Why do I bother? Giles’ I’m out. You’re better with interrogation anyway.”

“Are you quite sure you will be able to take it to the incinerator alone Buffy?”

The blonde rolled her eyes. “You talk as if I’ve never done it before. How hard can it be? I dump him in the car then dump him in the oven and then its hello home sweet home and warm shower.”

Giles looked up as Angelus let out another exaggerated yelp and frowned. “Perhaps Angelus could help?”

The entire room went silent. All eyes trained on Giles incredulously.

“What the fuck are you smoking watcher? I’m not taking a pleasure cruise with the damned slayer. Once was enough, thank you.”

Buffy scowled at him before looking up at Giles. “For once I agree with him.”

“Watch out slayer. The hellmouth might open. Again.”

“I have a name you know!”

Angelus’ mouth widened into a smirk even when his nerves were singing with pain. “Whatever you say tubby.” Besides him Cordelia let out a snort of laughter, as she gripped his elbow with one hand and cleaned the excess blood around the gash.

Giles ran a hand through his hair. “I was merely suggesting because even being the Slayer, you’d have problems hauling a monster his size without help and I do believe I’m not quite as young as I’d like to be.”

Buffy looked down at the very large, prone demon on the floor and let out a defeated groan. “Fine. But if he decides to go off running into the night, I’ll stake him.”

“I think he’s proved tonight that he’s in no mood to run away.” Cordelia rolled her eyes as she slapped the medical tape on his arm.

“AWO!” The vampire threw her a scathing glare and was only rewarded with a smirk. “Keep that up Chase; I just might.”

“And walk straight into the arms of the Initiative. Yeah, because if that’s the plan, you should have just told me; I would have left you in the gutter.”

“Why didn’t you?”

At the blunt question even Buffy looked up at the brunette.

She only snorted in a rather un-lady like fashion before she recapped the disinfectant bottle. “That’s entirely your fault. I blame my lack of sanity on the fact that you opened you fat trap to call out to me and because you beg pretty good.”

She winked saucily at him. “For a Scourge anyway.”

He stared at the audacity of the ex-cheerleader as she walked away from him without so much as a look in his direction. “I did not beg.”

Sticking her hands on her hips she turned to regard him with a haughty eyebrow. Before she could breathe, he was out of the chair in a flash, and the daunting knot in her throat came back as golden eyes bore down into hazel, with a touch of sexy insanity only Angelus could pull off.

“I. Did. Not. Beg.” It irked him that this child wouldn’t stop calling him up on his inadequacies. And then there was the ‘fat’ thing.

Cordelia took a nervous swallow, the span of his chest nearly blocking her view as she stared up at him slightly caught off-guard. So she didn’t see Buffy walk up to them purposefully and it was only when the blonde hair obstructed her view into his amber eyes that she snapped back to reality and took a shaky breath.

What was that? She physically shook her head to clear it and frowned at the odd ache in her belly. What the hell was going on?

Buffy shoved Angelus away from the stunned brunette and glared at the vampire. “Back off Angelus.”

The vampire’s game face receded back into smooth planes of his angelic face and chuckled. “No need to get your panties in a twist slayer. So should we go get acquainted? I think doing it on the hood of the car could be a new thrill.”

His hand drifted down his stomach and Buffy’s mouth dropped open in shock.

Cordelia had recovered just enough to see Angelus hit the couch hard, his lip bleeding as the steam rose from the slayer’s blonde head.

She took a deep calming breath. “Great. Now I’ll have to fix that too. You know playing nursemaid was never one of my goals in life or on my list of things to do for today.”

“You bastard!”

Giles grabbed her arms as the blonde stepped forward to hit him again, green eyes flashing with murderous, betrayed rage. “That was NOT you! It was him! I would NEVER touch you!”

Angelus’ tongue snaked out to lick his borrowed blood on his lower lip and leered at her, his eyes darkening with cruel depth. “Whatever makes you feel any less dirty slayer.” He held up his hands sadistically taking tally.

“These were the hands that touched you. This body pinned yours down while you screamed my name and it was this cock inside you. You fucked a vampire either way.”

“Shut the hell up!”

Cordelia winced at the struggling woman and for an insane moment she contemplated dragging Angelus to the bathroom and locking him in to protect him. But then, it was sort of fun to watch the spitting young slayer struggle with the prospect of dusting her ex-boyfriend slash worst enemy.

The delicious emotional melodrama was so much better than watching any soap on TV. She crossed her arms and waited for the quip; she could almost feel it lingering on Angelus smirking mouth.

Bring it.

“Slayer, go out, get some fresh air, get a damned life while you’re at it and stop pissing me off.”

“Get out! We’re not helping you anymore! This arrangement is finished.”

Cordelia opened her mouth to remind the slayer it wasn’t her house before she realized neither was it her own. And just then she wished she was anywhere but here. The melodrama was starting to hit a little close to home.

“Make me.”

“Angelus,” the watcher began with a warning, barely able to hold the angry young woman in his arms. “Buffy let it go, he is inciting you on purpose.”

“I’m gonna count to three!”

“You can count?” Angelus feigned shock.

Cordelia yelped as she jumped far away before the slayer launched out of Giles’ arms and tackled the sniggering vampire with a battle cry. And that was when she moved forward to help Giles as she grabbed one arm and he grabbed the other. As they bodily dragged the blonde away from the vampire now nursing a red eye.

“Buffy!” Giles yanked her away hard, pulling her farther away from the growling vampire.

“I’m sick of him Giles! I’m so SICK of him!”

“Buffy! Calm down!”

Cordelia let out a slow breath as Giles slowly guided the still snarling woman into the kitchen and she finally turned to look back down at the still man-pire sitting on the couch.

“Do you have a death wish?”

“How’d you guess?”

She frowned. “They why bother making me haul your butt out of that alley anyway?”

He touched his bleeding cheekbone, where the skin had split over bone and scowled. “I forgot how damned pathetic this was.”

With a lamenting sigh she twisted the head off the disinfectant and wetting the gauze that was still in her hand as she sat down on the table in front of the couch and reached out to wipe the cut on his cheekbone and then his lip.

When he just sat there, she lifted her eyes to meet his perplexed gaze. “What?”

“Why do you do that?”

She blinked, startled by the vague question. “Do what?”

“Don’t play dumb with me Chase. I’ve been on to you for a while now. Why do you do this?”

And she had a pretty good idea what he was talking about, only the more she thought about the answer, the more she realized she didn’t have one. None that made any sense. “It’s in my new job description.”

“What? Florence Nightingale?”

She chuckled softly, glad for once he didn’t startle to her tending as she cleaned the gash on his cheek. “Story of my life. Not like I applied for this position you know.”

“So then why do you do it? And it’s not because you feel sorry for me. Not anymore.”

With a confused frown she sat back, her hand in her lap as she regarded his glittering brown eyes watching her with amusement. “Are you mocking me again?”

“It’s a fucking honest question. Answer it.”

“Honest and you never did mix fangboy.”

“You’re avoiding.”

“It’s what I do best next to biting.”

His mouth quirked at one corner. “Oh yeah baby. I know.”

Rolling her eyes she recapped the bottle of disinfectant for the second time tonight. “Things have a way of not going the way I want them to.”

“They never do. The trick is not to give a damn.”

She looked up with a raised eyebrow. “Give a damn about what?”

“Life sweetheart. It gets a kick out of being ignored. Ignore life and it will fucking worship you. Not like fate listens to you humans anyway. He’s always got his head up destiny’s ass. Gota tell you though, that is one tough chick.”

Cordelia was silent for a moment. “Did they put you on crack?”

He leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees as he faced her squarely. “It’s simple Brighteyes. Don’t go around caring and breaking yourself up over every little twist and turn in the road. Play dumb when it counts.”

“Pfft! What do you think I’m doing now?”

He leaned closer and the nervous butterflies resettled in her stomach at the vampire proximity. His eyes although, were a rich brown, it was the challenge that that had her swallowing hard.

“Look at me Cordelia. And tell me you feel nothing.”

Dry lips parted as she stared into his eyes, afraid to look away. “I…I f-feel…”

His lips twisted into a rueful line, one cold finger lifting to graze her chin with a whispery caress. “Too much, Chase. You feel too damned much…”

Humiliated fire built in her veins at his accurate and somewhat cocky deduction and she pulled away from the cold heat of his finger to glare down at him. “No death wish here at least. I still have a choice.”

He snorted scornfully. “That’s what they want you to believe. Look at me. I’m heartless. Everything I do or say is for kicks. I don’t feel a goddamned thing. How do you think that turned out? The minute I get the fucking soul, Destiny decides to give me purpose.”

He leaned back against the couch, one arm draped over the back. “Even after I left it in hell, I’m stuck in the fucking circle of life crap the powers-that-do-shit spun just for lil old me.”

She stood on unsteady legs, crazily thinking if he was loose and on the couch where would she sleep, her head a kaleidoscope of jumbled thoughts and shaken beliefs. The last thing she needed was advice from a two hundred year old callous bastard with death on the brain.

Even if some of the things he said made and insane amount of sense. She shook her head before stepping away from his proximity. She wished she really had caught that bus to LA. “That’s a great bedtime story Fangboy. I’ll remember it so I can tell it to my kids one day.”

The vampire let out an unneeded breath. “Can’t you at least call me fangMAN? I do have some two hundred odd years on you little girl.”


He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the back of the couch signaling that she was to shut up. “Snooty bitch.”

She couldn’t hold the stretch of a satisfied grin as she picked up her books from the floor. “Want some blood?”

“Appreciate it.”

“Good.” Her grin widened. “Get it yourself.”


“Fossil.” And she walked into the kitchen laughing louder than Giles would have ever guessed.

Buffy blinked in confusion. “Did I miss something?”

Safe to say. Buffy took care of the demon burning alone. And Angelus slept on the floor.

Without the chains.


Buffy walked around the back of Giles’ car and opened the dangling trunk open toe wrinkle her nose at the decaying demon. “Just you and me.”

She sighed and reached out to grab one arm and grunted at the weight of him. “Who told you to eat all those people? OOF!”

“Need help?”


“AWO!” Rubbing her head where she hit it with the trunk hatch she turned to glare at the owner of the voice. “Stalker boy?”

Riley Finn looked up and smiled. “No curfew?”

Still smarting in the head, she tilted her head curiously. “What do you want?”

“You found the demon.”


He cleared his throat before stepping up to. “It’s mine. I’d like it back.”

Chapter 8

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Of Demony Things & Crappy Lifetimes. 6   1 comment


The heel of Cordelia’s palm smacked hard against the swinging doors of the cafeteria as she stormed out into the hallways. Another day, another C.

Hazel eyes flashing with anger and frustration, the young woman stalked past startled classmates as she headed straight for the counselor’s office. First she had to lie about her missing school. Then she had to lie about her slipping grades.

Now she’d have to lie about the fact as to where her parents had disappeared to.

Passing by the trashcan she threw the note the TA had passed to her and walked up the stairs and into the administration offices. Passing by a bulletin board she peeked into her reflection in the glass and erased the frown off her forehead.

She could do this. She could look them in the eye and tell them her parents were on vacation. That wasn’t a lie anyway.

They probably where.

Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door to Mrs. Morgan’s office.

“Come in.”

Pushing the door open, Cordelia fixed a bright smile for her counselor’s benefit. “Hi Mrs. M. You sent for me?”

The slightly plumpish woman looked up from behind her spectacles and smiled. “Hello Cordelia. Please have a seat.”

That was when the brunette noticed the man standing in the corner and instantly her stomach lurched. “Giles.”

The librarian nodded; his expression unreadable.

With suspicious eyes Cordelia took the seat Mrs. Morgan was gesturing to. Crossing her legs she ignored the growing butterflies in her stomach and faced the counselor without giving away any hint of nervousness.

“Is everything alright?”

“You tell me Miss Chase.” Mrs. Morgan leaned back in her chair slightly, her sharp black eyes fixed on her student. “I’ve just been contacted about two of your teachers who insist that you have not been giving their course your best. Is something troubling you? Because I just heard from Rupert that you’re relocating?”

A muscle twitched in her jaw, a flush of betrayal almost making her glare at the librarian standing silently. “After I graduate.”

“If you graduate my dear. American Literature I believe is a required course.” The woman leaned forward her hands clasped in front of Cordelia as she met her eyes evenly.

“Is something wrong besides the fact that you are leaving town soon?”


“You’ve missed two weeks of school for which you have yet to make up for Cordelia and when we called to confirm, we found out your house has been sold? Now Rupert here tells me your parents have left you in his care.”

The young brunette nodded, somewhat calmer now, realizing Giles hadn’t said anything about her parents ditching her.

Not yet.

“How do you intend to solve this?”

Taking a deep breath Cordelia looked up at Mrs. M. “I’m doing my best.”

“No dear,” the woman smiled sympathetically, “unfortunately it seems like you are not.” She sighed and stood, walking around her desk to sit down on the edge of her desk next to her.

“You’ve been entrusted in Rupert’s care from what he tells me; I can gather as much that you’re displaced. He assures me you’re a mature young woman, of which I’m certain, but it still seems as though your hearts not really in it.”

Gota have a heart first, the brunette snorted inwardly.

“Cordelia?” She looked up, expecting an admonishment, but instead Mrs. Morgan’s face only radiated concern. “We’ll have to work through this. There isn’t a lot of time left. Will you be willing to do some extra-credit work?”

For a minute the brunette thought she’d heard wrong. “Work? You mean, after school?”

“Just helping Giles in the Library. It could be enough to even let you back on the Cheerleading squad, to begin with.”

Hazel eyes snapped up to Giles before she cleared her throat. “Um…yeah. Yeah, I can do that. It would be great.”

Mrs. Morgan nodded with a smile. “Good. That should do for your History teacher. Your American Lit. I believe you have about six pending assignments that you should turn in within the week at the most.” She held out a printed sheet of paper.

“Mr. Shaw has arranged for one of his students to help you if you should need it.” Silently Cordelia took the list of assignments; still slightly shaken by the help she was being offered.

Without asking. “If you do manage to pull this off Cordelia, which I hope you will – because you are capable; I will arrange to put you back on the squad.”

She swallowed thickly and for an insane moment she thought she’d been dreaming. “I have two due today for Mr. Shaw.”

“Next Monday will do. I’ve explained the situation to him.”

Looking down at the paper, Cordelia’s brow furrowed. “Thank you.”

“Next time Cordelia, I would rather you came to me in advance?”

With a minute nod she rose on shaky legs. “I will.”

“Now get back to lunch.” Mrs. Morgan smiled widely before going to sit back in her seat. “Stay for tea Rupert.”

“I’ll have a word with Miss Chase and meet you here shortly.”

Led by the Librarian Cordelia mutely followed him out of the administration offices and into the hallway outside. Once back in the bustle of the students rushing to and from class she looked up at him with clear hazel eyes.

“I can’t believe he snitched.”

“He was almost bursting with it. I didn’t even have to ask.”

Cordy still couldn’t get over that fact that Angelus was even listening, never mind shooting his mouth off. What did he get out of it? Then she frowned. Of course there was the whole issue of her semi-confessing to an unscrupulous opportunist.

This was the last time she was going talk to the loud mouthed vampire bound in Giles’ bathroom. “He’s such whiner. Like the proverbial four year old girl stuck in a two hundred and some body. The only thing he’s missing is blonde pigtails.”

“And the charming naiveté.”

“You still didn’t have to talk to Mrs. M.”

“I didn’t.” Giles held back a smile. “Thank your Squad coordinator. You mentioned you were staying with me?”

She winced. “Missy has a big mouth.”

“Seems you are invaluable to her.”

Cordelia folded the list of assignments and stuck it into a folder. “Well thanks anyway. I’ll see you after school?” Resisting the urge to suddenly hug the old man and bounce like a little girl, Cordelia instead offered him a soft smile before walking away.

One thing was certain, Cordelia realized. Things were starting to get a bit more interesting.


“OOF!” Cordelia fell back against the side of the car, the stack of books in her arms dangling precariously against her chest. “Geez Giles! I don’t think doing Gorilla work counts as extra-credit.”

The watcher grinned at the brunette over the hood of his car as he kicked the car door shut. “Shouldn’t you try to stay in shape for cheerleading?”

Scathing hazel eyes snapped up to his. “Are you saying I’m NOT in shape?”

“Not even, Miss Chase. I’m merely suggesting you keep your fitness until you are back in the squad. Now? Ladies first?”

Scowling at the dancing mirth in Giles’ eyes she turned and lugged the huge stack of books towards the house, only to pause a few feet away from the door. “Oh look what someone left at your doorstep librarian-man.”

Green eyes narrowed at her as she grinned at the slayer. “A wavered slayer.”

Buffy Summers ignored the need to quip back at the bait thrown her way and instead she looked at her watcher. “Where were you? I thought we were meeting an hour ago.”

“I’m sorry. I had a new batch of books come in and I had to familiarize Cordelia with a few things in the library.” Giles walked up to the door and turned to his side. “Could you get my keys Buffy?”

With a confused frown the slayer dug into her watcher’s coat pocket to pull out the keys. “Cordelia? In the library? Is the hellmouth opening”

When the brunette next to him scowled Giles cleared his throat as he looked at the slayer struggle with the door. “Try jiggling it a little.” Buffy gave a soft grunt as she finally got the door open and stepped back to allow the two heavily burdened people into the house.

Cordelia had half a mind to step on the slayer’s cheap shoes while she walked by but then there was that dangerous prospect of dropping the load of books on her feet. And she’d only painted her nails this morning.

Walking into the living room she dumped her heavy load on the table and took a deep breath. Menial work was so not her strong suit.

Neither was musty old books, but then if hefting books and cataloging in the library was going to keep her on the squad and give her credit for history, she wasn’t going to complain.

Not any time soon anyway.

While the slayer launched into an all out epic of her day, Cordelia stole herself into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of ice water. The story of prospective new men in Buffy’s life, just seemed horribly clichéd to Cordelia.

She closed her eyes and sighed as the cold liquid filled her belly and calmed her nerves. And for a few minutes she just stood there in the light of the early evening, her eyes fixed outside the window as she wondered how long this would last.

She realized how happy she’d been to fall back into normality.

The truth was; that as soon as she left Giles, her normality would go up in smoke. She’d be alone and without purpose. And being with Giles now, ending up on the cheerleading squad and being pleasantly single; she would fall back under the spell and forget that it was just a trailer before the actual movie started.

And she knew, today in that little office, she’d felt as if things were finally going the way she wanted. Only when the trailer was over, she’d fall back on her ass and it would be back to scrounging at the bottom of the barrel.

She wished she’d taken the damned bus and left normality behind.

It was entirely the stupid leather-clad vampire’s fault. She glared at the now half empty glass of water. Angelus was to blame.

Floating out of the haze self-criticism, she made out brief snatches of the conversation in the living room. Buffy going on and on about some new boy and Willow harping about an A+ that might be in jeopardy and Cordelia felt the sudden insane need to guffaw like an uncultured.

Irony and Alanis Morrisette was her best friend. Shaking her head at her own funny she walked out of the kitchen when she caught the distinct timber of a richer cacophonous voice. A perfect eyebrow shot up in alarm.

Singing? Without any regard for melody or harmony.

“Mary Mary Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow? With bloodless bodies, virgin hotties and dead slayers stacked in a row.”

Cordelia Chase stood in the doorway with an amused smirk. “Such talent. Do more.”

“Little Bo Peep has lost her Sheep.” The wicked mouth parted in a leer. “Coz I ate um.”

“I’m only guessing.” She couldn’t hold the snort of laughter. “You’re really bored.”

“You don’t say! Oh I have a lot to amuse me sweetheart, for example: Did you know there are one hundred and forty eight thousand nine hundred and forty-four cracks in the ceiling?”

Taking another sip of her water she walked in to perch on the closed toilet. “Pathetic much?”

“Pots and kettles Chase.” Angelus snorted rudely before hunched lower in the tub. “Of course if I’d known her highness was going to grace me with her presence I would have rolled out the red carpet.”

“No need.” She waved nonchalantly with her hand. “I know you’re as feeble as I am for the moment. I forgive you.”

“Piss off cheerleader.”

She glared at him. “Stop calling me that! I’m not a cheerleader okay! Enough with the salt on wounds bit; do I tease you about your useless existence Mr-I’m-only-good-to-a-scooby-as-a-labrat!”

“Oh ouch Cor. That stabbed. That really cut me down. I think I’m going to cry now.”

With a muffled groan Cordelia let her head fall into her hands.

Angelus went deathly still as the young woman’s shoulders started to shake. “Oh for the love of! Are you crying! Coz I hate it when they cry! Dru would cry and it would drive me crazy enough to want to kill her. I can’t fucking kill you Chase! Have a heart!”

She let out a snicker and amber eyes narrowed as she threw back her head and laughed. Scowling at the hysterical woman Angelus shook his head sadly. “Bitch.”

Recovering from her fit of hysteria, Cordelia watched the dark shadows in his face. “Me cry? As if fangboy! I’m all cried out. I’m just laughing at the joke that is me.”

“Hell I coulda done that.”

She grinned at him. “See? Suddenly I’m not only bonding with a toothless vampire, but I’m relating to him and believe me this is a new low, even for me.”

“Wait for it.”

“Bite me.”

“In a heartbeat.” He leered at her then leaned back to regard her more carefully. “Although, I never took you for the cowardly quitter type.”

She rolled her eyes. “It’s complicated.”

“So’s life. So?”

Frowning at his quick retort, she wondered why she even bothered speaking to him. He only upset her. But anything was better than listening to the whining outside in the living room about problems that didn’t come close to the proportions she’d had to deal with.

“So I don’t have time to sit and pull apart every knot slowly and carefully; too many new knots are forming every moment I waste opening the first.”

“Kinda frustrating when what little control you have on your life is just wrenched away from you, isn’t it sweetheart? No wonder villains are always bitter.”

“Are you bitter?” She met his eyes evenly.

“Am I the villain?”

Her pretty face contorted softly in a confused frown. “Okay, that’s kind of scary that I can’t just say ‘yes’ without thinking.”

“I’m lovable.”

“Ye-hah!” She snorted before rolling her eyes. “Right up there with delusional.”

“Not as much to believe life did one over on you and you take it like a pro Hazel. I thought you humans were supposed to be made of stronger mettle.”

“What are you doing that’s so positive fangboy? Besides live in a bathtub rather than a grave?”

“I’m here aren’t I?” He snapped, the irritation reflecting in his brown eyes. He knew Cordelia Chase wasn’t stupid and he couldn’t believe he was bored enough to actually be having this conversation with her.

If anyone saw him now they’d be laughing about as hard as she had been a few moments ago. Only at him. Former Scourge of Europe, present emotional-guidance-counselor to an eighteen year old school kid.

“At least I’m not a constant whine. What you need is a good shot of whiskey and some aspirin instead of trampling the male-egos of defenseless vampires.”

“Defenseless my ass.” Cordelia resisted the urge to reassure him. So now she was sympathizing with a sociopath.

Oh, how far the mighty had fallen.

“And while we’re on the subject of whining, you’re the one who needs excitement by poking your fat nose into other people’s business.”

Brown eyes rimmed with gold. “I’d refrain from calling me fat Chase.”

“Oh you’ll what Angelus? Turn me to dust with your super vampire vision?” She couldn’t hold the bubbling irritation in her chest. Why did this undead bastard always rub her the wrong way?

“I’m ignoring you now.” The lanky vampire rolled his eyes before closing his eyes, hoping against hope that the exasperating brunette would be gone when he opened them. But then, he remembered he was never that lucky.

Then he couldn’t help glare at her remembering the snide little tip he’d thrown the watcher about her cheerleading. “Come to think of it, you should be thanking me Princess. I did you a damned favor. Sounds like you owe me.”

“You owe me a dog as well since we’re counting and a manicure if you’re feeling generous.”

“I’m not,” he spat out.

“Good, then don’t do me any more favors Fangboy, I’ve got enough on my plate and no desire to owe anything to anyone.”

“Sucks to be you.”

“Sucks to be you more, Mr-I-have-to-eat-people-through-a-straw.”

“Where the hell do you get off calling me up on my fucking inadequacies Chase, when you’re the one without house and home? Impecunious wanabe slut!”

For an insane moment Cordelia had a merry vision of actually attacking the vampire and twisting his big head off, but instead her eyes narrowed.

“Resorted to name calling already? You know I don’t understand, no matter how big or how powerful, it always comes down to name calling, but then there’s very little else you can do biteless. So I guess, again, I forgive you.”

The older vampire let out a growl of irritation. How the hell did this slip of a girl manage to rile him up enough to want to kill her? Maybe that’s what she wanted.

He looked at her curiously. “You know if you want to die so bad sweetheart all you have to do is bend over.”

“You’re the one who ate my dog Angelus, seems like you’ve picked up more than enough of his dog habits.”

His lips widened into an insolent leer. “Not his habits exactly. Next time though, if you want to play solo in your bed, let the dog out first. Even he has eyes.”

When the irrational fury flushed her cheeks all concern for security or sanity burst into angry flames and went up in a cloud of red smoke. Before Angelus could marvel at the feral glint in those flashing Hazel eyes the brunette had pounced.

And that was saying a lot for a human; Angelus concluded as he let out a startled cry of pain when her knee landed places it had no right being around.

“What the?” Giles rushed in from the bathroom at the unholy racket in his bathroom and just stood there gaping like an idiot for a second too long.

“Tweed! Get this psychotic bitch OFF ME!”

“Oh, dear Lord!” Giles rushed forward, praying the slayer didn’t walk in behind him. “Cordelia, please climb off the evil vampire!”

He attempted to peel away the brunette who showed no sign of letting loose of the flesh she worried in her teeth as she practically straddled the vampire and held his head to the side in hair-ripping talons.

“ARGH!” Angelus shuddered, his hands caught between their bellies, pinned motionless as he felt the flesh of his throat tear in merciless blunt teeth.

Before he could react enough to condone the splitting headache at the prospect of draining her, Giles grabbed the snarling girl by her shoulders and deftly yanked the furious bundle of teeth and hair off the vampire’s lap.

His eyes glowed with pained pleasure at the sight of his borrowed blood smeared on her cherry lips. Cordelia Chase had bit HIM?!

“He so deserved that, the perverted, depraved, useless bastard! Let me go Giles! He called me IMPECUNIOUS! I’ll kill him!” Cordelia struggled in Giles restraining grasp then slowly became aware of the vampire’s golden gaze fixed hungrily on her mouth.

And then the bitter taste invaded her senses. “Oh, EWWWE! Phthaphthaphtha! Ack!” Spitting and wiping her mouth on the side of her sleeve the brunette spun around, the bile building up her throat.

Oh shit, did I just bite him? For real!?

“Ahem, Cordelia?” Giles lifted the curtain of hair as she bent over ‘ewie’ing in quick succession. When he caught the trail of blood beside the curve of her lips he choked on a breath. “Um, oh dear. Upstairs. My bathroom.” He barely finished before the girl was storming out into the den.

“Mouthwash in the medical cabinet!” He called out after her; then closed his eyes hoping to forever the erase the picture now unfortunately committed to memory.

Turning to the now deathly silent vampire he met his curious gaze with weariness. “What did you do this time?”

“What can I say tweed, I taste damn good,” the evil vampire purred, his head already rushing with visions of one fiery brunette and his pants tightened at the prospect of other things she could do with her teeth.

He lifted his chained hands enough to touch the fast closing wound on his throat as he let the cheerful mental picture of blood and hazel eyes occupy his otherwise unoccupied time.

Giles looked down at the chains that still bound the vampire in the bathtub. Suddenly, he realized it wasn’t Angelus who might hurt someone, but rather someone might kill the contentious vampire. The chains seemed so bloody useless.

He wondered if there was an un-invite-spell for keeping the capricious brunette out of the bathroom.

Shaking his head, he walked out to meet the alarmingly shocked eyes of his slayer, witch and the newly arrived Xander Harris, who looked appropriately cowed.

“Giles? What’s impecunious?” Buffy frowned.

Giles rubbed his face with both hands and prayed for patience.

Part 7

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Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance
For a break that would make it okay
There’s always some reason
To feel not good enough
And its hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
Oh beautiful release
Memories seep through my veins
Let me be empty
Oh and weightless and maybe I’ll find some peace tonight

The hues in the sky were such a perfect blend. The girl sitting on the back porch took another swallow of her lemonade. Looking down at the bottle, she sighed. The last two dollars to her name. The seven-eleven guy would have laughed.

What’s a girl to do?

Cordy looked up at the fast emerging stars and sighed. For someone who hasn’t worked a day in her life, a job sounded like a death sentence. But she’d become comfortably numb. Even the tears wouldn’t come.

Between moments of positive thinking there were gut-wrenching glimpses of fear that sent her heart racing. Work? Provide for herself? Build a life from scratch? Alone?

Shamefully, Cordy admitted a part of her had hoped Angelus would kill her when she’s stepped into that alley. Put her out of her misery. Where she didn’t feel like such a waste of human flesh.

And then she’d been lifting him to his feet. Helping him. Offering support when there was nothing left inside her to give.

When her purpose to life was gone.

Had she really been desperate enough to cling to the prospect of saving a bloodthirsty monster just to feel needed?

And now, she was still in SunnyHell imposing on a man she didn’t really know. Rupert Giles the librarian. The girl snorted caustically. Oh how the mighty had fallen, she snickered to herself.

A fitting end to the Chase legacy. She had trouble recalling one Chase of importance. Then she frowned.

Well there was that cousin of hers. The neurotic schizophrenic basket case. He was certainly a topic at big dinners.

Oh the poor screwed up man. Right before: How do you like my pearls darling? Oh did you hear? Cordelia is working at the local Burger king. Oh look, Martha’s wearing a Gucci. Cordelia shops at the Hand-Me-Downs-R-Us now.

Her fist tightened on the bottle. Yeah, the pity party played on in her mind every chance it got. Rising to her feet she watched the green of the trees blacken and she was so damned tired of feeling sorry for herself.

Instinctively, her fingers wrapped around the bottle’s neck before she pitched it past the backyard fence and heard it smash against a tree trunk.

She wasn’t a Chase. She was Cordelia. And Cordelia wasn’t weak.

She turned and opened the door back into the house. “Hey Giles?”


“You are unworthy.”

“You deserve none of our sympathy.”

“The price is high.”

“You alone are weak.”

“We will decide who to choose.”

“Your destiny is eternal.”

“You will have to earn your keep.”

Angelus awoke with a start. His knee hit ceramic with a bone-crunching thud as he struggled to piece together where he was.

The florescent light of the bathroom wasn’t bright enough. He touched his chest to find the scorched flesh missing. The lose T-shirt the watcher had put on him in his sleep – because there was no way in hell he would have ever worn it otherwise – was dry.

He wasn’t bleeding. Blinking clear the haze of his recurring nightmare, Angelus took in the bathroom tiles with unabashed relief before letting his head fall back with an unneeded sigh.

He wasn’t on the lab table. And he wasn’t in hell.

After fitful nights of remembering his last moments in hell, the hasty promise he’d made and the torture he’d endured with the Initiative, Angelus had hoped he’d atoned enough.

But apparently the glowing bastard didn’t agree.

He let his eyes fall shut and held back the amused grin at his own stupidity. And it had sounded so nice.

His soul for his life.

At the time, he’d figured it would be a sweet deal. He’d get out of hell and the nagging conscience of wuss-brain would be absent. He’d be the biggest bad again. Only, he hadn’t realized.

Now his soul belonged to them and they had the Scourge of Europe on a leash. He’d forgotten his life was eternal.

The Powers That Be had acquired a new puppet and they obviously wanted him to make good on his promise. And for once in his unlife, Angelus had no idea what to do with himself.


The alarm went off a lot sooner than she would have liked. The brunette was not used to sleeping anywhere else beside her bed and she’d flatly refused to throw Giles out of his.

Grabbing the little alarm clock, she switched it off before burying her head under the pillow. Until yesterday she hadn’t even considered what she’d do if she didn’t graduate, but when last night Giles loaned her the alarm clock she took it with only a frown.

Since she was in SunnyHell for a little longer, she might as well.

There was the prospect of her trying to get back on the cheerleading squad maybe. And maybe miraculously she’d pick up her grades that had been slumping to all kinds of new lows in the past few weeks.

Who knew? The sun might forget to set, she finished her thoughts with a muffled snort under the pillow.

Then her nose twitched.

Pulling the pillow away she frowned towards the archway that led into the kitchen. Couldn’t be. She took another whiff of the air and her stomach let out a confirmatory growl. Pancakes?

Swinging her legs out of bed, the drowsy girl instinctively reached for the rubber band to secure her hair into a lose ponytail as she lumbered into the kitchen and blinked in alarm.

“Oh my god! What, were you Martha Stewart in another life?”

The kitchen was brewing with all sorts of delicious aromas and one very happy looking librarian was bustling about carrying cups and plates as breakfast for two was set on the little round table in the kitchen.

He looked up at his rumpled houseguest. “Oh, you’re awake. Just in time. Have a seat.”

Cordy stared as he set a cup of coffee next to a plate, which she assumed was for her, because Angelus was still in the bathroom. “Giles? Why are you acting like a compulsive wife?”

The older man chuckled. “It’s rare I get to show off my inborn culinary skills, I’m afraid. Let me show off a little. I hope you like coffee.”

“Decafe,” the girl pointed out helpfully, still watching him in wonder.

“I’ll get some on my way.” She frowned as he moved around the kitchen.

“Okay.” She walked up to him and grabbed his arm with a glare. “Okay, stop. Just stop for a minute.”

When he looked up with a confused eyebrow, she sighed before releasing his arm. “You’re freakin’ me out okay? Even my mother wasn’t this domesticated. It’s just weird.”

“Well I do this for myself every morning, so you’ll have to get accustomed I suppose.”

“Every day?”


Her mouth twisted into a pretty, confused pout. “An English thing?”

Giles smiled slightly. “More of a bachelor thing I’m afraid.”

“You SO need a woman Giles.”

“I’ll put it on my agenda.”

She pointed a threatening finger at him. “Don’t. Don’t even try to mock me okay? I’m bereaved and for the record, I live off you now; I thought we agreed last night that you’d let me do stuff around the house. From now on you’ll wake me in the morning; I’ll make my own b-fast.”

“Truly, it is not much…”

“I insist.”

Watching the stony resoluteness on her beautiful face, he nodded.” Agreed.”

“Good, now give me something to do.” She looked around the kitchen, wondering what she would do without burning down his house. There must be something.

“Everything’s done. I was only going to run this mug of blood to Angelus.” He opened the microwave.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Only you’d be concerned with his blood-involved sensibilities Giles. Gimmie.” She took the mug from his hands.

“I’ll give the creepazoid his meal-in-a-cup and brush my teeth while I’m at it. Being broke does not mean I have breakfast with mossy teeth.” She shook her head as she walked out of the kitchen, grumbling about weird old Englishmen.

Giles watched her go and took a deep breath. The girl might not be broken but there was a sad bitterness to her that did not suit her. He wondered how long it would take for her to find the need to smile with teeth.

One thing he’d always liked about her was her smile that went from her heart to her eyes. He hoped she hadn’t lost them for good.

Muttering and still shaking her head, Cordelia walked into the bathroom and sighed. The vampire was as still as death. His features calm and his chest unmoving; if Cordelia didn’t know of things going bump in the night, she’d be screaming.

Her forehead creased as she watched his almost healed wounds and the perfect skin replacing the angry gash she’d cleaned only yesterday, his handsome face almost flawless. He lay there like a marble statue and she took a second to let her eyes scan his lean frame.

Maybe bringing him his blood every morning could be fun. He was easy on the eyes when he wasn’t dying or leering like a lecher. Her eyes reached his face and her cheeks pinked.

Oh oh. Almost like he was leering right now. Busted.

“Like what you see, Hazel?”

She let out an exaggerated breath complete with eye rolling. “Nothing, I’ve never seen before. Have your breakfast and stop with the googly eyes. Won’t work on me. I don’t bother with slayer hand-me-downs. Come to think of it, I don’t bother with anyone’s hand-me-downs.”

The amber flashed in brown before he fixed his irate gaze at her impetuous and beautifully shaped mouth. “Angelus belongs to no one sweetheart. It’s you who will belong to me. If I chose to have you.”

“Well for my sake then, I hope not. His grace is too costly to wear.” She threw back at him nonchalantly as she placed the mug on the floor next to the tub.


Hazel eyes snapped up sharply at the rich timbre of his knowing voice.

He smirked. “I’m familiar with Shakespeare’s works. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ was it?”

Her eyes narrowed at the deliberate coquettish lilt of his voice and eyes as she stood. “The play was a part of my literature class.”

“Good memory you have. Lady Beatrice did have some of your more…” She watched him with a raised eyebrow as if daring him to say it and he grinned.

“Willful attributes,” he finished with a wink.

“I’ll take it as a compliment.” She turned towards the mirror and grabbed her toothbrush and unabashedly went ahead with the task of brushing her teeth.

“It was meant as one, baby. Ancient version of the whole cute, bitchy cheerleader persona, eh?”

Gritting her teeth, she rinsed before looking up into the mirror, not the least bit unnerved by his lack of reflection.

“Not anymore considering I haven’t really been big on school these past few weeks, seeing as life’s been busy getting screwed over. They took me off the squad. Thanks for reminding me asswipe. I feel so much better.” She threw back with venom as she cleaned her brush and grabbed the towel.

“I aim to please.”

Turning around, she hung the towel back before meeting his eyes apathetically. “In that case Angelus; please go screw yourself.” With that she left the vampire in the bathroom grinning after her.

He pulled the mug to his lips. “She likes me.” And settled back to enjoy his warm blood.


Willow heard the cries right as she sprinted past the gate of the cemetery. Maybe they should have brought Xander along, but the boy had seemed distracted and Buffy had volunteered to walk her back to Giles’.

Who’d have thunk Buffy was not slayer-ed out even after dusting an entire pack of vampires last night.

Willow dug out her stake from her bag as she ran up to the clearing and screeched to a halt. “Oh no. This is not good. Not good at all.”

Buffy heard a snarl behind her and turned just in time to see the vampire lunge for her, his demon visage conveniently in place. His claws came for her face and she fell to her hands, her leg sweeping out easily as she sent him crashing to the floor.

The stake went through his heart.

Willow’s eyes widened when a rather dirty looking female charged Buffy with fangs drawn. “Buffy, look out!” The witch took one quick breath before jumping into the fray!

Buffy’s breath came out in a rather frustrated grunt when she felt the arms grab her from behind. With a muffled cry she threw her elbow back into the vampire’s gut; her foot coming hard on the boot.

Incensed by the days events and her mind screaming of what-ifs, she reached up and behind her, grabbed the vampire by her collar and bent down hauling her off her back and flat on the ground. Before the vampire could look up the stake was rammed into her heart.

With a cry of pain she exploded into dust. “Never grab me from behind.” Buffy glared down saucily.


Buffy pivoted on the sharp yelp as she saw Willow get tackled by a rather large snarling vampire. “Pick on someone your own size!” She jumped up into a snap kick and the heel of her boot landed at the base of his neck knocking him clear off his feet.

Before she could stake the leathered asshole for attacking her friend she was grabbed by the tie of her lose braid and yanked back. With a yelp of pain Buffy hit the hard body behind her.

“Didn’t I say never grab…” She stopped in mid sentence when she stared up into the eyes one very large, scaly gray demon with burning red eyes snarling in her face, his fangs dripping with saliva. “Oh, hello.”

Willow had by that time found her stake and this time when the vampire tackled her to the ground her stake impaled him and she was greeted with a mouthful of dust.

Hacking and coughing she looked up just in time to see Buffy sail over her head and land with a crack against the mausoleum wall behind her.

Willow’s eyes slowly traced up the burly limbs of the demon before she saw the ugly snarl. “Oooh…I’m in trouble.”

The redhead cringed as the claws came for her face and then she heard the crack-shots. Bursts of explosion in the air so sharp, her eyes snapped open with alarm as the huge demon stumbled before taking off in a run. Away from her.

Panting with fear and covered with dust, the young girl lifted her eyes to see combat boots under gray jeans and a light navy blue T-shirt below one very concerned face of a man she’d never seen in her life.

And he wasn’t bad looking.

“You okay?”

He held out a hand and Willow instinctively reached out for the offered help and rose to her feet. Dusting herself, she blinked still disoriented when she noticed a small glistening object caught in the soft wool of her sweater.

Her brow creased when she pulled away the small plastic chip. Then her eyes widened.

“BUFFY!” Whipping around, Willow ran towards the groaning slayer as she sat up, rubbing her head.

“Anyone get the number of that freight train?”

“Buffy, you okay?”

“Did I kill it?” The slayer swayed on her feet until she felt a strong pair of hands grab her arm and looked up with a confused frown into brown eyes. “And what are YOU doing?”

The man with the crooked smile tightened his grip on her until she stood on her own weight. “Helping you?”

Pulling her arm away Buffy glared at him slightly perturbed. “I know you’re helping! Why are you helping?”

Willow cleared her throat. “Ah, Buffy, this man chased away the gray slimy demon thingie. I don’t think we should be mean. He did save us.”

At the slayer’s irritated growl Willow quickly amended. “Not that you couldn’t have handled it, but it ran away.” Willow tried her best sad face. “Damn.”

Buffy looked up at the lightly dressed man. “I could have too.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Hiding a smile he held out his hand.

“I’m Riley Finn.”

Chapter 6

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Giles went over books and rug, tripping and nearly dropping his mug of tea as he pulled the door open to greet a huffing slayer, a stake in her hand, as she ran past him into the house. “Where is he? Where is the vampire?”

Giles frowned. “Do come in Buffy.”

The blonde turned and blinked at the sardonic twinkle in her watcher’s eye before dropping her fighting stance and clearing her throat. “You’re calm. He’s not bitey.” She gave him a forced, bright smile. “I didn’t panic.”

He couldn’t help smile at the bright smile on his slayer’s face. “He’s quite tied down Buffy, and weather-beaten to be exact. Hardly any threat; as I already recall telling you over the phone.”

Pulling her bag off her shoulder she tucked the stake away, as he closed the door behind her before leading her into the den. “I can’t believe Cordelia found him. What was she doing with him anyway?”

“I doubt she was doing anything, Buffy. She sort of stumbled across him.”

When she didn’t answer he looked over his shoulder to see green eyes trained on the slumbering brunette on his couch. “What’s she doing here?”

Pulling his glasses off, he took a deep breath to tell the first lie he would speak to his slayer. “She’s staying with me for a couple of weeks. Her family is moving.”

Buffy Summers regarded the sleeping girl on the couch then frowned up at Giles incredulously. “With you? Why!”

“I offered.”

An eyebrow shot up. “Like the constant pain in your backside; don’t you Giles?”

“Buffy,” his tone was admonishing as he looked at the beautiful blonde gazing at the girl with confused curiosity, “her parents asked me. It seemed she told them a lot of the times that she was doing research for me, helping me out and they assumed I was a good choice. They have no immediate family in Sunnydale and I was only happy to help. Besides, we have more pressing matters?”

He nodded towards the open bathroom door.

“Right. Evil bad guy takes priority over bitchy May-queen. You know she’s been really mean to us this past week. More than usual which is not saying a lot, but still.” Striding across the living room she peered into the bathroom and stared.

“Angel!” She jumped back her green eyes wide with shock. “You didn’t tell me it was Angel!” She glared at the older man with accusation etched across her pretty face.

Ducking her head back into the bathroom she stared at the prone figure of her boyfriend as she bent down to touch his forehead.

“That’s Angelus, Buffy.” Instantly, she jerked her hand away nearly jumping back. Giles sighed before stepping inside. “I decided it would be better to have you panic here rather than at Willow’s house.”

Gathering her screaming pulse and the insane need to stake the Scourge of Europe before she got answers out of her watcher, she turned and glared at him.

“Cordelia was out gallivanting around town with Angelus?”

“Buffy, she found him. And after establishing the vampire really wasn’t able to bite and almost dying, I think it was excellent judgment that she called me. Whoever did this to him is a force to be reckoned with.”

“He got out?”

Giles looked down at her. “From hell?” The pain chased guilt across her features and he shared it. “Apparently.” Squatting down beside the tub, Giles turned the vampire’s head to point to the now healing wound on his forehead.

“I got a chance to examine him before the wounds closed. It seems that whatever is keeping from being able to bite is physically present inside his head. He had seemed to try and pull it out of his flesh, but failed.”

Buffy winced. “You’re telling me he did that to himself?”

“Possibly. I wasn’t able to ascertain what it is that is hindering his feeding, but from what I can tell, it seems to be some sort of electrical device.”

“And this Initiative group is out putting dog tags on vampires for what? A tally? I’m not complaining then.”

“We can’t be sure Buffy.” Sitting back on his heels he took a deep breath. “But it would make me feel better if we had the answers to this one. Angelus isn’t an easy target.”

Biting her lip, Buffy watched the angelic face of her boyfriend as still as the day she sent him to hell. Telling herself he wasn’t the same man. Wasn’t the man she loved. Wasn’t the man who loved her. Just a demon who threatened her family and other innocents and she’d made a choice.

The welling emotion in her belly brought fresh memories to front and she had finally been able to regain some emotional control on her life.

She never got a break. “Where did she find him?”

“In the alley behind the Bronze.”

She frowned. “Maybe he was looking for me. Are you sure this isn’t Angel?” She looked up with more hope in her voice than she would have liked.

Giles didn’t miss the softness in those eyes and wondered if Cordelia had indeed read the vampire wrong. But the vision of Cordelia’s bloodied kitchen and the brutally mangled dog didn’t leave much doubt in his mind. “Yes.”

She sighed. “Alright, I’ll call the others and we’ll get to some answers.” She wanted to reach out and touch the healing flesh on his forehead, but it wasn’t Angelus she wanted to soothe. Rising to her feet she rubbed her temples.

“We should wake Cordelia.”

“Let her sleep until the others arrive.”

“You’re all parental suddenly.”


She rolled her eyes. “Oh come on Giles! This is Cordelia.”

“Yes I am aware of that. Cordelia is…”

“Awake.” Both pairs of eyes spun around to land on the groggy girl shuffling into the bathroom. “Can you not talk about me as if I’m not in the next room?”

Giles cleared his throat after a moment of heavy silence. “Sorry about waking you. Buffy, why don’t you call up the rest while I try and bring round Angelus; it seems he’s the only one who might have some answers.”

The slayer eyed the brunette suspiciously once before leaving the bathroom to call the cavalry and to tell Xander to be prepared to face the wrath of one Cordelia Chase.

Cordelia stifled a yawn as she stretched, fists lifting high above her head in cat like grace. She blinked as Giles stood above the tied corpse deep in thought. “Planning the Spanish Inquisition?”

“Thinking on a course of action.”

The brunette rolled her eyes as she stepped past him. “You know your problem, old man?” She leaned over Angelus. “You think too much.”

Before Giles could protest she’d turned the shower on at full icy blast and the vampire jerked, sputtering and cursing worse than an angry sailor.

She smirked smugly at the struggling vampire while he found his bearing before his eyes snapped up to hers with precision. “Presto.”

“Stupido!” Angelus snarled as he glared up at the feisty woman towering over him, her fists stuck on her hips haughtily. Coughing up water, he watched her with gold-rimmed eyes.

“When I get my bite back, Hazel, You’re the first one I’m coming after.”

Cordelia grinned at the indisposed man-eater and winked. “Promises, promises.” Turning on her heel, she let out a wicked chuckle.

“Hey Giles? You got any ice-cream around the house?”

Caught between hilarity and shock, the watcher blinked out of his stupor and stared down at the glaring vampire.

What just transpired here? It would certainly take a while before he got used to having her around. He made a mental note to buy ice cream.


Clearing his throat, Giles met flashing ochre eyes. “Yes?”

“Turn the fucking water off; will you?”


“For the love of Hades Chase, did you have to try and drown me!”

“You were getting more sleep than me. I was overcome with jealousy.”

“Overcome my ass! If I wasn’t –“

“What? Such a pathetic excuse for a vampire? Fangless? Biteless? Impotent?”

“I am NOT fucking impotent!”

“Good. Your next victim; Angelus? Maybe you can lick them to death.”

Giles took a deep controlled breath as he raised his eyes to Buffy’s.

The blond girl was still sitting there in shock as insults were hurled from one corner of the living room to the other where Angelus sat sprawled languidly in a chair his hands cuffed in his lap while they watched silently and waited for the others.

Irate beyond belief, Angelus finally looked at the watcher. “You know, I prefer the company of those commandos, even you tweed-boy. HELL was more fun than having a two word conference with that HARPY!”

Giles swallowed and prayed for patience as he opened his mouth to speak. And that is how Willow and Xander found them when they entered the little house.

“Two words are all you can manage vampire eunuch.”


“I rest my case.”


Two pairs of furious eyes swiveled to the usually calm man who was now spitting with fury. “Mouths shall remain closed and ears shall be open! My fault I asked a simple question.” He glared at Cordelia.

“You rescued him, nursed him and kept him alive; your decision. Live with it.” His eyes snapped to the smirking vampire. “And you! If it hadn’t been for her, you’d still be having luncheon with the devil and I believe you said love wasn’t what you felt at the time.”

Taking a deep breath he fixed his glasses more firmly on his nose. “Neither of you are allowed to speak to each other. All your conversations will be directed to me. Is that clear?”

The living room was silent.

“Good,” Giles nodded and looked up at the two very shocked Scoobies standing at his door. “Willow, Xander – thank you for coming. Please have a seat.”

Turning to the sulking vampire tied up in the chair he took a deep breath. “Angelus, now tell us what happened after you returned from hell.”

A petulant finger stuck up.

The watcher raised an amused eyebrow. “Besides that?”

Amber eyes narrowed in contempt. “Would you like a play-by-play of what hell was like kid?”

Cordelia didn’t once raise her eyes to register the two new presences in the room as she stood leaning against the table a few feet away from Angelus and pretended to look over the titles of the old musty books.

She had to clamp down the urge to attack the guilty looking young man now occupying the seat between the slayer and the witch on the couch. A lovely threesome they made, she concluded.

Giles would have felt chastised if it weren’t a 200-year-old vampire called Angelus he was speaking to. “Just how you got back and this Initiative group found you would suffice.”

The vampire feigned a yawn. Wouldn’t they like to know, he grumbled to himself. So the next time they decided to send him back, they’d know who to bribe. “How I got back is unimportant.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

“Fraid not little boy.” Angelus leered at the presumptuous man. “You should worry about those commando wannabe’s. Personally? I hope they kill you all and every other demon they catch. More room for me.”

“Then they’d come after you, you idiot.” Buffy rolled her eyes as she leaned back to settle against Xander’s outstretched arm. Having her friends close by almost made up for having to stare into the face of her soulless ex-lover.

She’d made a choice. And she’d make it again if it meant ridding her friends and innocents of the Scourge of Europe. Now all she had to do was keep reminding herself.

“I’d be off to Europe Slayer. Kind of hoping to meet old friends. So if you’d just let me go…”

“They almost killed you once,” Giles pointed out. “What makes you think they won’t do it again?”

Technicalities. Technicalities. Didn’t these people like things simple anymore “I got away.” He snorted smugly.

“Pfft! Yeah!” Cordelia finally scoffed as she crossed her arms. “Coz of me. Duh!”

Angelus fixed her with a lecherous smile. “You’re right Chase. You should have left me in that alley.”

“How’d they catch you in the first place, Angelus?”

The vampire turned to the watcher’s curious question with a grin. “Mid-feed if it really matters. But I’d had my fill.”

His eyes found the disconcerted slayer. “They’re doing your job for you, Buffy? What’s the matter? Still can’t walk?”

The young slayer bristled slightly at the callous reference and averted her gaze. She wished Giles had warned her about his return. She would have been better prepared.

“I got dragged to a facility; kicking and screaming I might add. Shabby by human standards if you ask me.”

“We didn’t.” Xander pointed out sourly he watched the rigid line of his best friend next to him. Slayer or no slayer, she deserved so much better.

“We did.”

Xander Harris looked up startled at the sharp retort from the brunette; her hazel eyes a dull brown as she regarded him with deathly stoicism. The chill in every contour of her usually warm bronzed body took any further comments from him.

Angelus didn’t miss the animosity in the room as he grinned up at Cordelia. “Careful Chase, you sound like you’re on my side.”

“No. Just the opposite of his.” She turned her gaze away as if she’d never even looked elsewhere.

Every nerve in her body taut. This had to happen. She would have had to face him. And she wasn’t a coward. Now or later made very little difference in her life. Besides, her life couldn’t get worse.

“So what happened after they interrupted dinner?”

“Lunch actually. When hell spit me out, I landed in the middle of a seedy warehouse. Typical. Next time you send me to hell, Buffy, make sure to book a good travel agent in my package.”

“And your lunch probably dropped on you, right?” Buffy shot back with brewing anger.

Giles took a deep breath. The tension in the air was starting to border on palpable.

“No, I work for my food, Slayer.” Angelus couldn’t help take another jibe. “My effort paid off on you, didn’t it?”

“They knew you were going to be there,” Willow mused out loud, the wheels in her head finally turning as the story was spun on so eloquently around them.

The handsome face donned an exaggeratedly shocked mask. “There is more under that skin than a flat chest.”

“That would mean they’ve got a link to hell?” Willow bit her lip as she met Giles’ eyes, antsy. They’d barely just gotten over the whole Mayor’s ascension business.

And then there was the kiss. Embarrassed pink tinged her cheeks before she leaned away from the warmth of Xander’s arm guiltily.

“The admin up there, I gotta tell ya – not so current with firewalls.”

This time he caught the witch’s attention. “You’re informed with technology?”

“I keep with the times Witch. And in 200 years, I’ve seen enough come and go. Hey,” he snorted, “look at disco.”

Buffy took a deep breath. “An army that works for hell and hunts demons?”

“And who remembers Chubby Checkers in the grand scheme of things?”

Cordelia couldn’t hold the slight tilt of her mouth as she watched the smirk on his face. “Or plaid.”

Giles sighed as he rubbed his temples. “Angelus, back to topic if you can? What happened after?”

The vampire with the face of an Angel took on a thoughtful grimace. “Hmmm, there was the episode of X-files when Scully was abducted by aliens. Lets see…” amber eyes flashed with seedy masochism, “besides being impregnated with alien spawn, I’d say – everything.”

He finished with flair and a smirk. Waiting for the uneasy silence to follow.

The occupants of the room fidgeted with disquiet. All except one.

Cordelia Chase wrinkled her nose as she regarded the smug vampire. “Eyow. Especially what you said about the needles.” She shuddered, rubbing the rising gooseflesh on her arms.

Already been subjected to the slurred and rather detailed descriptions previously, she could more than imagine how he’d felt.

Noticing the look of sympathy on the young girl, he decided to remove any misconceptions she might have. But somehow, Angelus had a feeling this one, had none.

“Yeah that was rather fun. I really should have thanked them. Then again, I could do with thanking Buffy. After all, she did start this.” He fixed his wicked eyes on the slayer. “Comere and let me thank you properly, Buffy.”

But Buffy was watching Cordelia. “How’d you know…?”

The brunette rolled her eyes. “He yammers a storm when he’s drunk.”

“You got him drunk!”

“And she undressed me.”

Hazel eyes whirled around to settle on the snickering vampire, a smile threatening her lips.

Did he just imply?

She should have pummeled the man, but the look on the face of the Scoobies had her rooted to her spot next to the table. Let them wonder. She owed them no explanations.

“Oh dear,” Willow cleared her throat as her friend’s fists tightened beside her.

Angelus delighted in the quiet thunderous glint in Buffy’s eyes, as his mouth twisted up in a lustful smirk. “Right before she had her hand up my…”

“And then what happened?” Giles interrupted, hoping to steer the conversation back towards the topic at hand. He could gauge that Cordelia’s hostility was directed towards Xander more than the others, and Angelus wasn’t helping matters.

“When? Before or after she was straddling me, Giles?”

Buffy was about to rise before Giles fixed a glare at the vampire and Xander placed a comforting hand on the slayer’s arm. “I meant with the Initiative Angelus.”

Cordelia sent one scathing glare towards the boy. Always concerned about his slayer. How could she have missed it before? A twinge of conscience pricked at her. Was it just ego that made her wish Xander Harris had taken a walk off the cliff rather than cheat on her?

Had she really felt so much for the boy? She took in his baggy pants and the Hawaiian print shirt. With his fashion sense? Yeah. It had to be more than like and she wasn’t going to forgive him.

Not when it still stung.

“As much as I enjoy a good bout of torture and pain Giles, it got old fast without the sex, so I bailed.”

“So what did you do to let them let you leave? Offer free sex?”

At that quip from Xander, Angelus figured he’d tell them the truth after all. “They had little choice in my offer, Xapper.” He smirked. “I do so love a good chase. Gets the heat going you know.”

“How did you escape?”

Angelus shrugged at the watcher’s question. “I seduced my torturer. What else?”

“Before or after you killed her?” Buffy retorted with venom.

Angelus turned his head to fix her with an apathetic eyebrow. “Who said it was a her?”

“Oh dear,” Willow took an audible swallow as they others fell silent, looking away to wipe the inappropriate pictures suddenly swirling in her head.

Bad willow. Remember! Gay willow!

Giles had hoped Angelus wouldn’t be quite as descriptive but the vampire had always delighted in others discomfort.

He sighed. “You obviously escaped by night. Think you can find your way back?”

“When I build up my strength and hunger for fresh meat, yeah; I probably will.”

“In other words you don’t remember.”

“You ever tried walking blind, Slayer?”

“Too old for vampire vision Angelus?”

He raised a mocking eyebrow. “With my eyes closed?”

“Don’t tell me.” Xander chuckled. “You were scared of the dark.”

Flashing gold-rimmed eyes trained on the cocky young man before narrowing with hatred. “Even vampire healing takes a while with your eyes sewn shut.”

The boy swallowed visibly.

Buffy frowned. “Why?”

“So he can’t see in the dark.” Willow provided meekly.

“Bright girl!” Angelus couldn’t help smirk.

Giles adjusted the glasses on his nose before taking a deep breath. “Disturbing. This sort of testing doesn’t imply demon eradication, it rather leans towards research.”

“So they’re not good-guys after all.” Cordelia pointed to her face. “This is my not so surprised face.”

“And that’s when I realized I couldn’t bite,” Angelus continued lamenting, shaking his head for good measure. For an insane moment he felt like throwing his head back and laughing. But he figured they’d take him a lot less seriously.

“Lucky for me the bastard that used to bring me free drinks screamed in pleasure before he screamed in pain,” he pointed out nonchalantly.

Xander swallowed the bile in his throat. “I need a drink.” He took a peek at the cheerleader, who was still standing aloof from the crowd and a little too close to the vampire before he walked into the kitchen.

Before this day was out, he’d find a way to talk to the girl. He owed her an explanation.

“So you slept your way out of there?” Buffy rolled her eyes, her anger finally simmering low. She wondered if she should feel guilt for the pain he’d gone through, but he did look like he’d gotten off on it.

After all, he was all-vampire now.

“You’d think that wouldn’t you Buffy?” Angelus snickered. “I took the uniform off the body, remember? I made good use of it. It almost made up for the brain splitting pain; until they caught me at the fence,” he grumbled. “Then I ran like hell.”

“This does not bode well,” Giles added, the apprehension over this new problem building slowly under his skin. But problems always did come without regard for time.

“No shit. They still have my leather jacket,” Angelus grumbled low under his breath.

“Genuine cowhide?”

Angelus looked up at the appreciative inquiry and grinned at Cordelia. “Hundred percent.”

“They deserve death.” Her hazel eyes twinkled with humor.

Buffy stole one glance towards the two before looking away with a frown. “This is just great. As if we don’t already have enough problems. Now hell’s employing its own human army equipped with state of the art technology. Is it just me or did we step into a bad episode of Dark Angel?”

“They made a show about me and didn’t tell me?”

“Dark Angel’s a girl stuck in a post-pulse America with feline DNA and trust issues,” Willow quipped helpfully with a weak smile.

Not so good with the whole correcting the vampire. Oh where was her mind?

And still Cordelia couldn’t believe the winsome little witch had stolen her boy. Because calling Xander a man would just make Cordelia throw up in whole new ways. Instinctively, her hand went to the still tender flesh were the rebar had impaled her.

Forgiving easy was never one of her virtues.

“She, however, is flanked by loyal friends.” Cordelia retorted at the redhead’s willingness to provide information even if no one was talking to her. The room fell silent for a moment and even the vampire looked up at her with amusement.

She took a deep breath, her hand falling away from the ghostly scar on her stomach, before walking past Angelus to grab her jacket. “I’m going for a walk; don’t wait up on my account.”

Xander stood in the doorway to the kitchen, his eyes following her exit. He waited to draw a strengthening breath before following.

Giles pulled off his glasses to frown at the antsy looking young women on his couch when the door slammed shut. “Usually I’m not one to interfere, but will someone tell me what’s going on between you and Cordelia?”

Willow winced at the question, green eyes flickering with anxiety. “She…er…caught us in a moment.”


“Xander and I.”

Giles raised a surprise eyebrow when Willow whispered almost too softly for anyone to hear. Hoping to clear her position on the matter she looked up with guilt ridden green eyes.

“We thought the world was coming to an end!”

“Good lord! When is it not?” The watched leaned back in his seat; slightly caught off guard by the current development.

He could imagine it wasn’t good news for the brunette who’d lost her family, home and friends all in the same few weeks. No wonder she was filled with such sad bitterness.

He wished he could tell the other just how much it must have affected Cordelia after her parents abandoned her, but for that he would have to break his promise. And Giles had a sneaking suspicion he was the only one Cordelia believed to be on her side.

“Tsk. Tsk. Not exactly exemplary humans you so called saviors of the Hellmouth are you?”

Buffy’s fiery green eyes riveted to the smug vampire. “You’re making with the judgy very conveniently, Angelus former Scourge of Europe.”

“Bite me Slayer,” his lips widened into a smirk. “Oh wait. You already did, didn’t you lover?”

“Buffy,” Giles’ warning was ignored. The young girl let out an outraged growl before she was on her feet, her fist meeting the vampire’s jaw as the previous cut in his lip split open again and his eyes tinged with gold.

Licking the blood on his bottom lip he looked up with the ridges rippling under his skin. “I love a good romp.”

Angelus reared up on his feet, his teeth bared before he realized his mistake and the blinding pain threw him back into the chair as he let out a howl of excruciating pain.

Buffy stopped struggling in Giles’ grip as she watched the writhing vampire fall cursing and heaving onto the floor on his hands and knees.

The agony on his handsome features even took her breath away as Willow stood beside them a hand over her mouth, her eyes wide with shock.

“Geez, what the hell is wrong with him?” Buffy stared down at him.

Angelus panted, his vision blurring as the singing nerves finally dulled into a throbbing ache in his temples. The strength in his limbs nearly taxed to their limit as he slowly lifted bound hands to press into the bandage on his forehead, his eyes misty with the seizure.

And now he remembered how much he hated Buffy Summers. The stupid bitch was standing over him, cradled in her pathetic watcher’s arms and looking down at him with frightened pity in her eyes.

The two-century-old vampire wished he were back in hell.

Giles answered his slayer’s previous question. “I have a vague idea. But I can’t be sure until we get an X-Ray. I believe the electrical device I noticed before is tapped into his synaptic nerves. How it’s specific to humans, I’m not sure.”

“I want this thing out of me!” The vampire snarled as he trembled on the floor.

Buffy held any biting retorts to herself as she saw him try to rise and sit back down into the chair, weaker than he had been a few moments before.

She looked up into Giles’ worried face. “What are we going to do?”

The watcher let his eyes run over the vampire as he sat there with his head in his hands, his entire body shuddering still. “We’ll keep him here until we can be sure.”

“Next you’ll tell me I have a fucking curfew li’l man.”

“Yes.” Giles met the vampire’s eyes evenly. “One that spans 24 hours I’m afraid. I suggest you get comfortable.”

A defiant chin lifted as he held out his bound wrists with apathetic humor. “You can start with the cuffs and I prefer my blood 98.8. O+ if possible. And is it okay if I call 1-800-noblondes from your study? I like a little privacy.”

For a moment Giles marveled at the vampire’s ability to smirk while his eyes still blurred with pain. Then he remembered it was Angelus they were talking to.

Buffy gritted her teeth before grabbing her coat. “I’m going to…kill something.”

“I’ll come with you,” Willow hurriedly grabbed her bag. Over her shoulder she gave Giles a worried glance. “I’ll get my laptop and see you back here tomorrow after school?”

The watcher nodded. “Good idea.”

Angelus slumped in his chair. “Oh fine. I’ll let you watch. Nothing to get your panties in a knot… Guys?”

The living room emptied as he rolled his eyes. “Oh come on! Where’s your sense of gratitude?”


“Cordy!” Xander had to run to keep up with the briskly walking brunette. “Cordy wait!” Panting, he caught up the cheerleader as she walked down the sidewalk, her eyes held straight in front of her.

“Wait, please I want to talk.”

“So talk,” she threw over her shoulder as she turned the corner. “It’s a free country. Likewise. I don’t have to listen.”

“Cordy, please. Will you just stop for a minute?”


“It’s not what you think!”

“Does it look like I care?” The girl didn’t stop. She didn’t look up or even slow her pace. The knot in her gut tightened with every venomous word she threw back at him.

She’d hoped that cutting him down would make her feet better, but now she just wanted him to leave her alone. To herself.

“Cordy, I care about you.”

“Funny, I don’t believe you.”

“Will you just listen?”


“Cordelia,” unwittingly Xander reached out and grasped her elbow and she spun around, eyes flashing with cold fire as she wrenched herself free. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not,” she took a step back from him, and held her ground, her hazel eyes fixed on his without flinching.

The boy swallowed. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“Losers usually miss their targets. I can’t even blame you.”

He took a deep breath. “We were gonna die.”

“You didn’t.” Arms crossed across her chest in a clearly defensive manner. “Luck comes with being a coward, doesn’t it?”

Xander Harris watched the rigid line of her body as she stood there apparently listening but all the doors of her mind were closed and he tried not to frown at her. It had just been a kiss.

Albeit an unjustified one, but she was reacting like he’d slept with Willow.

“Cordelia, it was just two very brief kisses. Intense situations sometimes make you do things you wouldn’t otherwise. And we do live intense lives.”

“No. It makes you smooch witchy bitches. Me? I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole.”

He tried not to glare. “Leave her out of this, Cordy.”

“Why? Because from where I was standing, she was there too,” she snapped and resisted the impulse to punch him in the nose.

Still defending his friends; she couldn’t help the fury that built in her belly. At least he was making it clear she wasn’t one of them.

“It was a mistake alright? I’m sorry!”


He took a deep calming breath. “Aren’t you being a tad unreasonable?”

She took a step forward and for a minute he thought she was going to hit him, but instead the brunette narrowed her eyes as she looked him squarely in the face.

“Not yet. Promise to leave you a post-it when I am. For the time being Harris, just remember: once bitten.” And she left him there on the curb, the soles off her shoes crunching gravel as she walked away.

“Forever shy,” Xander finished with a sigh as he watched her fade away into the setting sun.


Willow closed the door behind her as they stepped into the early autumn evening. The wind hadn’t chilled, but the sun had lot its intensity. The leaves were beginning to golden in the sunset.

She watched her friend standing on the front steps of Giles’ house, a thoughtfully lost look in her green eyes.

Willow knew no matter how many times Buffy told herself the vampire inside wasn’t her boyfriend anymore, the man she’d loved, and still loved; Angelus would always prove her otherwise.

“You okay, Buffy?”

The blonde met her friend’s eyes without stirring out of her thoughts. “For a moment I hoped it was him.”

“But it couldn’t be Buffy. Angel would never…”

“Couldn’t it?” Buffy Summers lifted her gaze back to the slowly burning street lamps as the came on in the fading light. “If Angel was the one in there, do you think he’d be less bitter I sent him to hell?”

“You did what you had to do. Angel always supported your decisions.”

The young girl smiled ironically. “Now I’m not as sure, Willow. Once maybe.”

Willow Rosenberg wrapped her arm around her friend’s shoulder and looked up with a weighted sigh before she caught another figure walking up to them.

Eyes watching the tips of his shoes. Xander looked up with a deep breath. “She didn’t give me a chance.”

Buffy gave a short bark of sad laughter. “They never do.”

Willow watched the boy stand there with his hands shoved in his pocket and realized sometimes apologies weren’t enough.

Part 5

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Cordelia sat on the flush watching Giles secure the last of the chains on the vampire as he was tied into the bathtub. “Is this a popular theme with you, Giles? The bathtub I mean?”

The watcher sighed. “There aren’t any other chairs or tables in the house Cordelia if you recall. Besides, this is the only room without windows considering you don’t have curtains.”

“Oh right. I’m broke. Kinda forget that every time.” Rupert Giles straightened before he looked down at the slumping brunette sitting on the closed toilet seat.

“What happened? Where are your parents?”

“Wallowing in Barbados from what I’m told. See that little bit of information I found out at six in the morning when those tax and debt collectors started playing with my doorbell.”

She waved an indifferent hand, her mind a blur with images. “Woke up to accusations, threats and demands. Not the perfect way to start a day I tell you.”

Noticing the startling clarity in her hazel eyes despite the amount of alcohol this girl has consumed, Giles was filled with panic and concern. “They left you?”

“Pfft!” The brunette snorted bitterly. “No they’d left long before. They just never came back.”

The older man allowed himself a moment of fury at the prospect of her parents sitting under a beach umbrella while their teenage daughter was dragged into the gutter, but the girl had been through enough tonight.

“Cordelia, why don’t you take a shower? And then maybe I’ll see if I can find something for you to eat. It’ll give us something to do until Angelus wakes up.”

A yawn caught Cordelia off guard before she frowned, as she regarded the dead man in their guest bedroom bathtub.

He lay there, like a marble statue, lifeless and not breathing. But already she could tell the wounds were healing at the expense of her very expensive Doberman.

In Angelus’ drunken stupor and between his growling at her medical skills he’d managed to piece together his entire experience with this Initiative group.

The starvation, the torture, and the experiments. She felt a certain amount of incredulity that she could feel sympathy for this monster. But then sympathy was all she had left.

“Who are these people Giles? I’m not in the slayer’s loop, not that I ever wanted to be, but he was supposed to be the strongest; master vampire and blah blah; right?” She blinked up at the watcher.  “Just makes me wonder, if they can do this to Angelus; I hope they’re on our side.”

“So do I Cordelia.” Putting a gentle hand on her shoulder, he tried a reassuring smile. “You should get cleaned up.”

She ran her gaze once over the sleeping vampire before standing and stretching. “Vamp-sitting shift is officially changing.” She offered him a rather wobbly smile. “I better take that shower, before the water goes.”

She was almost out of the room when Giles called out, “Cordelia?”

Looking over her shoulder she met curious brown eyes behind the glistening spectacles.

“Why did you save him?”

And she’d been asking herself that exact same question all night. “I don’t know. Seemed like the only option at the time.”

She frowned slightly, more to herself. “Weird, huh?”

The watcher looked back at the silent vampire as Cordelia left. “Most definitely.” From previous experience, he knew Cordelia Chase was never the kind of girl who put her life on the line for a lot of people.

In one night, she’d managed to rescue a crazed vampire, drag him to cover before dawn, administered first aid and managed to keep herself alive in the process. This wasn’t the girl he’d seen walk out of her last Scooby meeting.

What had changed between then and now?

Rupert Giles liked answers and so far, he was only accumulating questions. Picking up a bag of blood he’d purchased on his way over, he held the vampire’s chin and poured it down his throat.


It was almost afternoon when Cordelia finally made it downstairs into the study. She felt stronger and more in control; the pep talk she’d given herself in the shower still echoing in her head. She didn’t need anyone.

She was Cordelia Chase.

From the suitcase she’d packed of the belongs she could call her own, Cordelia had picked out her white tennis shorts and a soft gray t-shirt and brushed her damp hair straight and away from her face.

What she wouldn’t do for a hairdryer right now. She blinked at Giles sitting on the white bathroom floor, his head against the wall as he snored.

Hiding a smile she perched back on the toilet seat and noticed the four empty bags of blood. So now he was also fed. Suddenly they’d gone from fighting these creeplings to nursing them; all because she’d managed to get one home.

Now that she was cleaned and slightly sober, she wondered what the hell had she been thinking.

But then there was something about the desolate loss in his gold rimmed eyes that had matched her own. Like losing your life. Or worse. Your religion.

“Have a nice bath?”

She nodded as Giles’ weary question before asking hers. “You called the slayer?”

“I left her a message on her voicemail I believe.”

“Call her back.”

The watcher blinked. “Pardon?”

She turned to him with icy hazel eyes. “Call her back Giles and tell her not to come here. I don’t want her to see me this way. None of them.”


She raised her hand before looking away. “Pity, I don’t want. I had this planned. I was supposed to be on a bus to LA as we speak, on my way to an acting career and new life of fame and fortune. He was never a part of it, but I bet God is laughing his ass off now at the joke that is my life. Well God has another thing coming.”

She looked back with resolve etched across her beautiful face.

“No catastrophic life altering plan is keeping me here Giles and no one follows me. That was the plan. I go without notice and never look back. Well, maybe to brag once in a while to people that shall remain unnamed for trying to break Cordelia Chase. Besides that,” she stood purposefully,

“I’m gone.” There was the reference again.

His eyes narrowed behind his glasses. Something had happened. Something he was not aware of. “Where will you go?”

She shrugged. “There’s bound to be an acting agent out there looking for a beautiful fresh face.”

“How will you find one?”

“They have yellow pages; don’t they?”

The man sighed before standing. “Cordelia, there are reasons for everything that happens in your life.”

The brunette looked up with a frown. “Oh please don’t.” She held up a hand and rolled her eyes. “Don’t lecture me. I’ve done it alone all this time Librarian-man; believe me I can do this.”

“You didn’t catch that bus for a reason.”

“One who calls himself Angelus; yeah. I know. I was there,” she shot back the acidic retort before letting out an exasperated breath. “Look, just call the slayer.”


“Whatever!” She snapped, her anger getting the best of her as she glared at him. “Call her and tell her not to come just yet. I’ll be packed and out of here in an hour. Then you can go save the world or whatever.”

When soft compelling hands caught her shoulders, it was almost hell not to wrench away or throw herself into his arms, but he was one of them. They’d only laugh.

He hadn’t; but it was a matter of time. “Let me go Giles.”

“Cordelia.” She finally met his eyes, only to blink at the understanding in the place of the pity she was expecting.

“I’ll call her back, but only to tell her to meet us at my house. You cannot just get up and go to LA like that and alone no less.”

“Yes I can.”

“Cordelia be reasonable.”

Crossing her arms she stood there, with the stubborn line of her body and her eyes not meeting his. “Sorry, but sense and reason left when I lost my life Giles. Now all I have is me.”

“You aren’t alone.”

“Yes I am.”

Giles resisted the urge to reach out and physically shake the woman out of her mulish state. If she was worried about breaking, shutting herself away wasn’t going to help. And the lack of emotional response on the woman worried him more than her need to distance herself from her previous life.

“No you aren’t!” When her brow and spine stiffened at his sharp rebuttal he softened his tone.

“Come home with me. I have a friend in LA. He has contacts. Let me at the least help you settle down and give you a few names. You can’t just pack up and take a bus to a new life Cordelia; these things take time.”


“IT is NOT charity!” He held her firmly, without letting her avert her gaze.

“You are my student. You have been someone who I care for as much as I care for all my other students. I will not let you put yourself in harms way and I will, at the same time, not be in your way. Just take a little time and let’s plan this properly.”

Every notion and defense she’d made in her head seemed to crumble slowly and steadily as the man held her in place. She’d convinced herself that she could make it. She’d do it on her own. She’d find a way. She was Cordelia Chase.

Now here he was standing there telling her she wasn’t alone and she was supposed to just shut up and take it like a good little girl.

Why did they always seem to dictate life to everything in Sunnydale? Slutty Buffy, cheating Xander and opportunist little Willow! Now they had the watcher telling her what to do.

“I’m not telling anyone I’m penniless Giles. I’ve had enough traumas to last me a lifetime.” The line of her shoulder was still distrustful.

“I won’t say a word.” Stepping away he gave enough personal space to reassure her that he wasn’t pushing her into any decision, but he just couldn’t bear the thought of letting the young woman lose herself in the dirty little alleyways of LA.

She might not have been the greatest Scooby, but she was a part of them for a while and she was as innocent as the rest.

“We’ll tell them your parents sold the estate to buy a place in LA and when you have an agent, a place to go and a job to support you; you can leave and no one has to know.”

No. The word whispered through the young woman’s head until she grit her teeth and averted her gaze. Looking at the helpless vampire, who couldn’t feed himself anymore.

The fangless, defenseless creature needed them and by some sick twist of fate, she was still here in Sunnyhell between people who took her life from her to begin with. Looking up she regarded the silent man for a moment before letting out a sigh and rolling her eyes.

“Fine. I’ll shack over at your place until I’ve caught my bearing.” At the visible relief on his face she pointed her finger at him.

“Remember this is temporary Giles. You aren’t keeping me. And I’m only saying that so you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m very likable. Don’t get attached.”

He smiled. “I shall practice restraint.”

Just because she accepted help didn’t mean she trusted him or anyone else. If she was offered free room and board until she had her path clear, who was she to argue?

At least that’s what she told herself.


It had been a slow progression from her house to the car with one wrapped dead body between two people, one of which was still worried about her nails.

And from across the hood of Giles car Cordelia had let her eyes run over the white pillars of the house she’d been born into, the safe walls that kept the monsters out, the garden she’s played in as a child and the driveway where she’d backed up her mother’s Jag into a tree when she was eleven.

The memories, the moments and the security hadn’t been wrenched away until that moment when she stood outside the huge wrought iron gates that were closed to her forever. Along with the sanctity of calling some place her home.

And even in the old man’s company, Cordelia felt like she was the loneliest person alive. Or dead.

Now she stood there while Giles dragged the wrapped vampire across the living room and into the bathroom as she placed her suitcase at the foot of his stairs and surveyed the little den with listless interest.

Couch. TV. Books. That was all there was to Giles’s most lived-in room.

He walked up to her dusting his hands and wincing at the pulled muscle in his back. “I’m too old for this.” His smile was accommodating and Cordelia tried not to think it was ‘too’ accommodating.

He had invited her into his home. She couldn’t trust him, but she didn’t have to hate him. “Would you like something to eat?” When a yawn caught her by surprise he smiled. “Or you could catch up on some sleep.”

Flopping into the couch the girl took a deep breath. “Mind if I hog your couch?”

He shook his head before pulling off his coat. “Mi casa es su casa.” He hung it up in the hall closet. “I’ll put on some tea and rest for a bit. You sure you’ll be alright on the sofa?”

But the girl was already sprawled across its length her head on her folded arms and her mouth open as she lay there.


Chapter 4

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Cordelia winced holding the phone away from her ear as Angelus lay sprawled on the kitchen counter, the blinds on the windows were closed and in the florescent lights of her kitchen, the deathly still vampire looked very much like the walking corpse that he was.

She sighed and decided a different tactic with the screaming on the phone. She’d seen the state of the vampire and decided to call the cavalry earlier. He didn’t look like he’d make it through the night.

“Giles, it took me almost two excruciating hours to drag him here. Believe me, stupid I am not. He really can’t seem to bite me and he really is in bad shape.” She watched Angelus try and take off the tattered remains of his shirt.

“Besides, he’s three sheets to the wind with hunger and blood loss and keeps raving about this Initiative group.”


“Are you going to keep shouting, Librarian man, because believe me I WILL hang up on you.” She raised an eyebrow when Angelus let out a very undignified squeak.


And she hit disconnect on her cordless before staring at it nonchalantly. She counted to three softly in her head before the phone rang again. After four bells she picked up. “Chase residence, Cordelia Chase speaking.”

There was a throat being cleared on the other side. “What do you need?”

“You and some very large Band-Aids. Also something for him to eat, he hasn’t fed in a week, he says.” She grabbed the edge of Angelus’ shirt and pulled.

The beaten, already slashed silk tore easily and Angelus let out a hiss of pain. She admonished him with a roll of her eyes before chucking the remains of his shirt into the trash.

“And he’s not even TRIED to bite you.”

The brunette rolled her eyes as she walked around the prone body of the groaning vampire. “Hello! Fangless vampire here! Were you NOT listening before?”

Facing Angelus she met his pain laced eyes. “The pants will have to go too.”

“CORDELIA! He’s undressing!?!?!”

She let out another lamenting sigh. “Do you want me hang up again?”

“Lord! No. Don’t. I can’t get through to Buffy at the moment. Willow’s parents were in town; she’s with her.” Cordelia watching Angelus struggle with the leather pants and took pity on him.

Reaching out she deftly unbuckled his belt and nearly screamed when his hand caught her wrist. Shocked hazel eyes drifted up to his face and she frowned at him as he looked at her with gritted teeth and stormy obsidian eyes.

“What?” She mouthed while Giles talked.

A scarred eyebrow arched, his mouth twisting into a cocky half smile.

Her eyes widened as she jerked her hand out of his grasp, her cheeks flaming. Gives a whole new meaning to commando, this one; she concluded, her own eyes mapping the curves of his ass once before turning away.


Clearing her throat she stepped away from the deliriously smirking vampire and addressed Giles on the phone. “Yeah Giles. I’m here.”

“I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Good.” She hung up and turned to finally regard the bruised and battered dead man on her kitchen counter. “Okay. So what shall we do till then? How about a game of poker?”

He stared at her incredulously. “Sweetheart I suggest you fetch a pair of pliers and get these bullets out of me before I turn to dust on your nice clean kitchen floor.”

She let out a snort of breath. “That drunk I’m not.”


She’d gone from a penniless May Queen to vampire nurse in training.

“You’re pulling it!”

“Will you PLEASE just NOT talk?”

“You’re dislocating my solar plexus woman! Do you really expect me sit back quietly!”

“Do you KNOW how many bullets were in here?”

“ARGH! THAT was my liver you just poked!”

The brunette sat back on his thighs, her weight making him wince as she sat atop him while the vampire lay on her kitchen table. Her hands were soaked in his blood. She had agreed to get the bullets out of his body to give it a chance to heal.

Even though the sight of blood was making her squeamish, the heavy amount of liquor she’d been consuming since the call to Giles had steadied her nerves. It didn’t seem to work on the vampire though.

Pointing the blood soaked tweezers into his face, she glared. “Do you or do you NOT want me to do this for you?”

Angelus’ entire body was humming with pain. The insane need to feed was making him delirious and the alcohol in his veins wasn’t helping.

Besides this little girl was stubborn and uncharacteristically brutal when she was tipsy. At first he’d thought it would be a good idea to get her to relax before she tried her hand at helping him, seeing as the watcher wouldn’t be there sooner.

He couldn’t risk infection. The bullets had been there the entire day yesterday. Besides the lack of feeding wasn’t helping his healing.

“This is fucking unacceptable! Can you at least TRY not to rearrange my internal organs?”

“Do I look like your surgeon, Angelus?” She grabbed the blood stained bottle of whiskey she’d found in her father’s study and took a swig, nearly toppling off the kitchen counter. “Ooo, I’m a fairy princess.”

The vampire gritted his teeth before he grabbed the bottle away from her. “Think you’ve had enough Chase.”

Cordelia shook her head to clear the sudden haze before her eyes before she blinked at him. “The bullets are out. It’s not my fault your blood is abnormally thick. I couldn’t see anything.”

“Surprising considering where your hands landed…” He winced as he shifted on the flat marble top before draining the last few gulps of the whiskey.

“How was I supposed to know your spleen is supposed to be there? If I’d paid that much attention in Bio 101, I might have been Cordelia Chase Nerd Slayer instead!”

Angelus let his head fall back against the cold marble and sighed. “Fuck, just finish the bandaging.”

Cordelia huffed as she cleaned the excess blood from his wounds before taping him up with medical tape and securing his bandage.

“You’re just lucky we had a First Aid kit and you’re even luckier I knew were it was.” She watched his eyelids drop shut and frowned slightly.

“Are you dying?” There was a distinct growl in his chest, but it was too soft for her liking. “You can’t die you big lump of rotting brain! I didn’t half carry you here to let you turn to dust. Think of the cleaning bill and I’m broke!”

Grabbing the languid sway of his jaw she shook him. “Hey! Wake up Fangless! You’re not dying on me! You hear that! Wake up now or I’ll paint your toes pink!”

Angelus dragged on eye open between the bright lights exploding behind his closed lids and the screaming voices in his head. He watched bright hazel eyes watching him with something that looked like concern, her fingers securing the bandage over his forehead.

She glared down at him, a dull fear settling in her belly, the alcohol in her system dampening her defenses as she panicked at the prospect of him actually dying. She *so* didn’t want his death on her hands.

She knew she’d get the blame eventually. Cordelia realized she should have just left him there in the stupid alley instead! That way, she could have just gone on with her lack of life and left Sunnydale in the middle of the night like she originally planned.

“Listen to me Angelus, I’m covered in vampire goo! I ruined a perfectly nice Perry Ellis dress, if you make all that in vain I will come after you in hell, believe me, I’m that depressed to try!” The dilated pupils shifted and she realized at least he was partially coherent.

“I’m going to get you some painkillers, I don’t know if they will work, but hey; desperate times. Don’t go away.” His tongue slid out to wet his dry lips and she took that as a yes before sprinting out of the kitchen.

Her mother took the strongest pills in the world. If they could work on her migraines, they sure as hell would be able to hold of a vampire for a while until Giles came back. She was riffling through her mother’s drawers when the sound of barking startled her.

Then her eyes widened.

“Oh shit! SAMSON!” Screeching down the stairs, she hoped the dog had not made it into the kitchen. It would so not look good telling Giles her dog ate Angelus.

“Samson, don’t!”


Angelus was propped up on the floor leaning against the cabinet under the sink while Cordelia sat on the stool, her head cradled on blood soaked arms, and that was how Giles found them.

Freezing in the archway of the brightly lit, white tiled kitchen Giles almost reeled. He was too late. “Cordelia?”

“I am still an Armani privilege member!” The brunette’s head snapped up, one finger pointed up amidst her fashion nightmare and the shock of falling back to earth. She blinked disoriented before meeting his gaze with lassitude.


He silently thanked god he hadn’t eaten breakfast, the sight of the kitchen would have made him lose it. Rushing to her side, Giles watched the vampire sitting there a few feet away; his head leaned back against the cabinet, his eyes closed.

He swallowed thickly, trying to keep the bile down his throat. “What happened?”

“Angelus ate my dog.”

Moist hazel eyes looked up at Giles and the watcher took in the blood stained floor, the prone Doberman and the very still vampire before gathering Cordelia in his arms.

Why couldn’t things be slightly normal for a change? Every time Giles looked at these kids, he realized how young they were.

They deserved so much better. “Cordelia?”


“Where is your furniture?”

“Tip of the iceberg, Librarian man. There’s more.”

Part 3

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Title: Of Demony Things and Crappy Lifetimes
Author: Frazi
Posted: REWORK! 20 Feb 2006
Rating: R
Category: AU, Humor
Content: Aus/C
Summary: Just a what if Angelus had been chipped instead of Spike and Cordy found him What can I say? Was bored.
Spoilers: Hmmm….can’t think of any…. (BtVS 3)
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: By all means just tell me where? Stranger Things/GT is a given.
Author’s Squawk: This was originally a stand alone I think a year or so ago. I don’t know what happened. It ran away with me. Now its like 112 pages and I’m posting it as a serial. I’ve been gone long. I know. Please don’t hate me. But at least I’m back with a bang….er… I hope. Heheh. Missed you guys. Fer real!
Feedback:Like breathing air.


“Oh this is just great. Perfect.” The brunette trudged through the wet puddles of the sidewalk; her black dress stained and drenched, her suede heels ruined as she stumbled into another rain-induced puddle.

In the wee hours of the morning, Cordelia Chase squinted up at the flickering sign of the Bronze. Two hours before dawn- before reality would take shape and she would have to admit that she was no longer a Chase; but a homeless, penniless, gutless piece of crap.

And still she hadn’t been able to look at the wretched Cordettes’ in the face and tell them that she had no home to go back to, no money to call the cab and no guts to tell them to their face that she didn’t want to leave the sanctity of the Bronze.

But she didn’t say that.

And so now here she was with her coat and purse clutched in one hand and the edge of her dress in another as she began her first almost morning of being worth shit. “Where’s a vampire when you need one?”

Walking to car, she threw her bag and coat into the backseat before dropping into the driver’s seat. And then she caught the dial of her fuel gauge. “ARGH!” Smacking sting of her palms on the steering wheel didn’t hurt as much as the realization that fifteen minutes later when the party inside would breakup, she’d still be sitting here. And her lovely spineless exit from her so-called friends would be worth very little.

“Okay Chase.” She took a deep breath, her hands gripping the wheel for strength. “Breathe, step out and let’s walk.” Picking up her coat she left her empty purse in the backseat and kicked the door of her car shut. It along with everything she owned was going to be repossessed anyway. Where could she have driven it?

Hating the way her heels were soaked and dreading the long walk to a house that wasn’t going to be there in the morning, she shrugged into her coat and proceeded to map the sidewalk for the first time in her life. “Could this suck any more?”

And that was when she heard the crash and a strangled cry of pain.

Freezing in her tracks, her arms wrapped tightly around her, she dug into her pocket for the water pistol that Willow had handed her as a joke. She hoped the fact that it was filled with holy water wasn’t a joke as she stared into the dark alley.

“Okay whatever you are, I’m armed and dangerous.” There was a guttural groan before she made out the silhouette of a man struggling against the trashcan almost as if his legs didn’t hold him up.

Maybe it was just another homeless person who’d lost their parents and fortune all in one night: another riches to rags story. Then she winced when the grip he had on the trashcan slipped and he landed in a very large puddle with a splash and a snarl of pain that sent shivers down her back.

Even as she was taking the first step towards the sprawled form she was wondering about the sanity of her decision. She blamed the Scoobies for this stupid need to suddenly help if she could and her bravado on the fact that she had very little left to lose.

“Hey are you okay?”

“Do I look okay?”

The rich timbre of his voice was laced with pain and as he shifted in the slight glow from the streetlamp across the road, she couldn’t see his face as she stood there a few feet away from him.

In the slash of light she could see black pants soaked with muddy rainwater and blood, and hands slashed and purple as they clutched a very nasty gash across a chest that barely held the old black shirt that might have, at one point, been very expensive silk.

“You look like shit.”

“Tactless candor suits you brighteyes.” The retort would have been effective had it not been punctuated with the hiss of pain.

Her grip tightened on her little water pistol when she noticed two things. His chest didn’t rise and fall with his moans of pain only when he shifted and the black pants she’d noticed were leather.

“What stroke of unbelievable luck. Of all the things to run into at this time of the night! A wounded vampire who’s probably also hungry. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll be going now. Hope you make it.” She turned to walk out of the alley.

“Chase, the least you can do is open the fucking manhole and give a vampire a fighting chance.” Her heels skidded to a stop when she finally realized why the husk of his voice was so familiar and why he knew her name.

Turning very slowly while she took a step back, she met amber eyes of one Angelus the Scourge of Europe; and Buffy’s latest dilemma. When she caught the distinct sparkle of fangs her jaw hardened.

“Awww, looks like the slayer got you good this time. What did you drag yourself here for? To let her lick your wounds?”

“Sure Chase. Kick a demon when he’s down.” She crossed her arms; slightly content in the sluggish movement of his muscles and the apparent beating he’d received.

“You don’t play the damsel in distress very well, Angelus. A little more on the pleading side might help.” The soft growl was tinged with a waver of a painful swallow.

“I have a reputation, little girl.” She shrugged.

“Fitting end I’d think. Scourge of Europe gets his tushi kicked by a girl slayer he happens to dote on and greets the sun.” She whirled around to leave.

“Cordelia.” The desperate edge to her name made her pause.

What the hell was she thinking? She couldn’t actually be considering helping him. He was a vampire. An eater of people. A soulless demon with sex and pain on the brain. So then why the hell was she still standing there with her back to the bruised and broken vampire and not just walking home like she should have?

With her foot tapping on the wet pavement she grit her teeth. Damn the Scooby idiots! She whirled around and glared at him.

“What? Do you really expect me to help you? YOU the pillager of innocents and mauler of women?”

“Jesus-fucking-Christ Chase, do I look like I can do either right now?!”

“No, you look like you should die. Between you killing me and you burning in hell; which ever shall I chose? Happy incineration, Angelus.”

“I’ll give you my word!” She snorted a dry laugh catching in her throat.

“Oh my god!” She feigned shock. “I so believe you now.” She glared at him. “The most I can do right now is to march to the nearest phone booth and call the slayer to finish the job and put you out of your misery.”

There was a defeated sigh and she frowned at him for a second. Then he spoke. “Are you going to open the manhole or not?”

“And that will save your pathetic life?”

“It will give me a chance to maybe try!”

“You’re evil. You should die.” The vampire let out an exasperated breath.

“Oh for…I AM dying! If I was able to pillage or maul anything right now you’d be calling me master!” He winced when he shifted again against the wall of the alley.

And again she thought. With a last cry of frustration, she pocketed her little water pistol and stalked towards the manhole some good ten feet away from the sprawled vampire and grabbed the latch with a grunt. “I cannot believe I am doing this!”

There was a chuckle from the other side as she grunted and groaned before pulling it aside. Huffing with effort she hitched her fists on her waist and watched him struggling to his knees. She bit her lip as she saw his legs waver with weakness, his arms shaking with the effort to push himself to his feet.

“Now give me a minute to use my tongue to crawl towards it, because my limbs are fucking rubber.”

Closing her eyes she let out a deep breath. “You are so pathetic.” Heels clicking purposefully she trudged up to the vampire with a death glare and grabbed his arm.

His head swiveled to the side and he stared up at her, the muscles in his neck taut with strain and twitching with pain. And she saw his face for the first time.

Cordelia’s mouth dropped open with a gasp as she saw the heavy trail of blood from his temple to his jaw, the flesh around his temples burnt and opened with what looked like a jagged razor. This did not look like the work of the slayer.

“Fuck.” She couldn’t hold the shocked profanity as Angelus struggled to keep his weight on his hands and knees, his head falling back to bow between his shoulders. “What the hell happened to you?”

A muscle in his jaw worked as he stretched on hand up and grabbed the edge of the garbage can and instinctively she caught his shoulder and helped him get to his feet.

Again his eyes snapped up to her with surprise and she looked at the bruises on his face and the blood drenching his shirt in wonder. This could so not be Buffy’s work. She saw his muddied forehead crease with a frown.

“What happened to letting me greet the sun?”

“You know I didn’t think anyone was worse off than me right now, but I concede to you. You look like shit.”

“Already said that.” He growled at the blinding pain in his broken leg and the stretch of tendons on ribs he knew were cracked. He watched the girl’s hazel eyes take inventory of his injuries and kept himself from leaning towards her lest he startle her and she leave him here in a heap.

“So you planning on helping me reach the manhole tonight because I forgot my sun block.” He could have sworn he saw the corner of her mouth lift slightly as she gingerly took firm hold of his upper arm.

Unwittingly, she ducked her shoulders and his arm fell around her as he finally managed to put his weight on his good leg and stand for the first time that evening.

“If I didn’t have a death wish not five minutes ago, I’d be scared witless, but nothing can faze me now. So tell me? This doesn’t look like Bluffy the vampire layer’s work.”

Instinctively Angelus’ nostrils flared with the smell of human blood, but after his night, he decided not to test the theory again. She looked about as human as they came.

“I got ensnared.” He growled as he hobbled with her weight fighting the urge to feed, knowing if he tried he’d die sooner. “A couple of commando wannabes got the jump on me. Two nights go.”

She looked up startled. “You got ensnared by an army? No wonder you look like death.”

He cried out softly nearly howling with the agonizing pain in his ribs when she shifted his weight and she stopped watching the flying colors of pain streak across his previously handsome face.

“Okay, let’s just get it out in the open already. I’ve had enough surprises this evening. Why aren’t you trying to eat me?”

He met her eyes, squinting his left eye to clear the vision with his right almost sealed shut with swelling. “Sounded too much like a request on your part, Chase.”

“Do you ever try straight answers Scourgey?”

He sighed wincing when he couldn’t prompt her to move further. The inquisitive glitter in her hazel eyes was insatiable and she was stubborn as hell; that much he knew from his run-ins with their little clan. “I can’t.”

“Because you love me?”

He couldn’t hold the scowl and the tightening of his muscles as he glared down at her. “I suck face with a slayer and now suddenly everything thinks I’m fucking love’s bitch.”

She didn’t muffle a sardonic snicker as her lips twisted up into a half smile, half smirk. “Duh.”

He glared down at her wishing he could rip out her tongue and made her eat it, but wishing did not make it so. So instead he shoved her away, causing her to stumble away and him to fall heavily against the alley wall, his leg trembling under the weight of his body as he gripped the brick behind him his game face slipping on in agonized frustration.

“I can’t bite you! I can’t fucking bite anyone! The reason I look like death is because I’ve been in the real life equivalent of hell on earth! The commando shits-for-brains put something in my head and now I can’t fucking kill or maim anything! Okay!”

Both her eyebrows shot up at the screamed admission and she took a minute to let the news settle. “Have you tried?”

“Oh for!” He let out an infuriated snarl as he stared up at the lightening sky and cursed profusely.

With a roll of her eyes, she sighed. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Then she grabbed his arm again. “Come on, you big baby. You’re not the only vampire that’s fangless. Remember Angel?”

He growled before leaning against her, unable to help himself from accepting this stupid little human’s help because staying alive was a higher priority than his life right now.

“Me. He was still fucking me! The damned sun seems appealing right now.” Cordelia marveled at her stupidity as she began the slow journey to the parking lot of the Bronze again, this time aiding one very deranged, hungry and wounded vampire sniffing her neck and she wondered what the hell she was thinking.

“Well I bet the Scooby gang would just love to hear about this and Buggy won’t be happy if she finds out I let her boyfriend turn to dust. You’re coming home with me until she comes to take you in the morning.”

“You mean stake me in the morning.”

“Whatever rocks your socks, now shut up before I drop you here, you’re not exactly light.”

Silence. Calculated steps. Then. “I’m not fat Chase.”

Part 2

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Epilogue. CORDY

Two figures stood in the middle of the room facing each other.

The woman was a middle height, mocha skinned, eyes of sooty hazel watching the taller broader man grinning down at her with a mischief in his chocolate eyes that spoke of more than what was about to happen in this room.

An answering smile on her face stretched out until her teeth peeked out and her gaze dropped down slightly bashful.


My eyes rose and the smile widened. “Are you?”

Angel raised a cocky eyebrow. “The last time I was nervous was when I had to ask Susie Wellington to be my valentine back when I was human.”

I smirked. “Yeah, because then as the number of valentines increased so did the size of your ego.”

And he took a step closer and I took my first breath out of synch with normal breathing.

“But your ego never inflated even with all the men falling in your feet whispering words of love.”

I bit my cheek from grinning like an idiot. “Words of love never impress me Mr. Angel”

And he took another step closer to me as my heart skipped its first beat. “Then tell me what does Miss Chase and I’ll do that.”

I let my eyes rake over his form slowly as if in caress; taking in the unruly spikes of his hair to the smooth planes of his forehead, the twinkling chocolate eyes, sharp slanting nose, past the crooked smile down his smooth jaw to the bob of his Adams apple, peeked into the V of his shirt and then over the angles of his chest and the dip in his waist, skimming my eyes over the firmness in his hip to the strength in his thighs partially hidden under black pants, along the long stretch of his calves and the familiarity of his bare feet.

I could barely hold my giggle as his toes wiggled slightly in the lushness of the carpet and I lifted my gaze back up to his face. Kicking off our shoes at the threshold had been a good idea after all.

“Like what you see?”

The snicker escaped before I could stop it even when I tried to muffle it with my hand. I nodded mutely and took my first step towards him. I should have guessed this would be as cheerful and easy as everything else was with this man.

Not that the intensity didn’t crackle in the air or that the room wasn’t charged with sexual energy. Out of all the silly mistakes, stolen kisses, lost moments and accidental touches, this was the pinnacle of every intimate interlude.

No more death threats and desperate embraces. Just the flickering desire mingled with a teasing happiness in his eyes that I knew he’d put in my eyes.

I saw him return the favor, feeling every sweep of his gaze as he took inventory of my loose shoulder length mahogany hair, the twitching mouth, the stretch of my neck, past my collarbone and pause for a second at the dip in my neckline.

Unable to help the spurt of laughter, my shoulder’s shook as I stood there a few inches away from his gaze. He peeked up at me through raven lashed and raised an eyebrow.

“What’s so funny woman?”

I laughed harder. “What is it with men and breasts anyway?”

His eyes sparked with wicked intent and all laughter choked in my throat as his knuckles brushed the underside of my left breast. At my shuttered gasp and the noisily swallow of my throat he smirked, obviously pleased with the results.

“I think they’re fascinating.” The humor was mixed with the husk of his sexy voice. The same voice he knew too damned well how to use. Electricity buzzed down my spine, pooling in my womb as his hand hovered close but didn’t touch again.

Licking my suddenly parched lips I took a steadying breath. “You sound like you’ve never seen many before.”

“Not yours I haven’t.” And then the mirthful jesting was lost to the soft brush of his knuckles across my jaw. And that was why I loved this man. He knew exactly how to touch me. The barest brush of fingers sliding along the curve of my jaw to the soft tremble in my chin and then the cold fingers drifted over the fullness of my lower lip and it parted from the upper without any effort as the muted puffs of air rushed in and out only noticeable by the rise and fall of my chest.

The rougher pads of his fingers trekked down the expanse of my neck to my collarbone as I took a thirsty swallow. But I hadn’t noticed my eyes had fallen shut until his palm slid up the side of my neck and his hand cupped my face, his thumb fitting perfectly between my ear and cheek and his fingers slid into the soft hair behind my ear and melted into his touch.

“Open your eyes Cordy.”

With an effort enough to move stone, I lifted my eyes and stared up into the smoldering depths of his eyes and lost the breath in my lungs in a jagged gasp. And he knew me so well. He knew the words weren’t what impressed me; it was the reverence and utter adoration in those eyes that turned me into a great big pile of liquid bones and twitching fingers; even if my memory eluded me.

And I could tell he knew just by the way his mouth lifted at one corner in a perceptive smile. “Angel?”

“Hmmm?” I couldn’t stop my lips from drooping again as he leaned closer as he stepped forward the last step separating us and his left hand mirrored the position of his right on my face and lifted my jaw to meet his gaze.

It was so like him. He always liked my eyes on him, my full attention always on him, and for a second I forgot what I was saying as he weaved the slow cocoon of melting fire around me. If he kept this up, I’d be the one claiming him instead.

Another thirsty swallow and I opened my mouth to speak but his gaze flickered down to my lips and instead of telling him that, I loved him, that I wanted to be his, him to be mine or promises and vows I knew I’d never made to anyone before I could only offer a silent prayer.

“Oh god.”

His nose brushed mine in a soft Eskimo kiss before he smiled. “You’re acting like you’ve never been kissed before.”

“Not by you I haven’t. Not that I remember the other either. Humph.”

His shoulders shook with a soft chuckle and the riposting smile on my face only tightened the web around me. “Well then you better be prepared baby, because I plan to kiss you all over.”

With a helpless groan I slid my arms up over his chest and wrapped them around his neck just as his mouth descended over mine and I was surrounded with Angel. The firm press of his mouth slanted and the hiss of air snatched from our noses mingled as I pressed myself against him, just drinking in the contact of his mouth on mine, his chest pressing against the fullness of my breasts, the hardness of his hips against the curve of my belly and the firm strength of his thighs against mine.

As if on cue, his hand slid across my ear, his fingers tangling in the mass of my hair, his palm cupping the base of my skull and my fingers threaded through the soft hair at the nape of his neck and our lips parted in synch.

Heightened gasps mingled as his tongue made its first pass into my mouth, tangled with mine before coaxing mine into his and then I didn’t remember where one kiss started and another began. Before always, when I’d kissed Angel or he’d kissed me there had been reigned passion and the responsibility of making sure things didn’t go too far.

Now without any limits placed on where this was going, I let him claim every inch of my mouth, his hands fisting in hair as if afraid I’d pull away. In reassurance I let my hands slide out of his hair, down his chest before my arms wrapped around his chest. He like me was a creature of sensation. His fingers sifted through the softness of my hair, the smooth skin of my neck and over the bones in my shoulders while I let mine roam freely over the planes of his back.

When much needed air forced my mouth to leave his, we stood there tangled and out of breath, our forehead still connected as before, his eyes closed as mine stared at him in wonder. And it seemed I wasn’t the only one who had problems believing this was real.

“Open your eyes Angel.”

Surprised chocolate eyes snapped up to mine at the familiar request and I dropped another soft kiss to his mouth. He was the initiator of this relationship, but it was my hands that ducked under the hem of his shirt and met the velvety skin of his back.

And the shocked gasp was his when I stepped away far enough to pull the shirt off his head, his arms rising up to aid my goal. Staring in wonder at my bravado, he slid his thumb slowly down the expanse of my mouth before whispering hoarsely.

“Fucking hell Cordy, I think I’ve created a monster.”

“You were a very good teacher.” I winked; my mouth still damp from his kiss and my skin flushed with love and happiness. I reached forward to touch that delicious firmness of his shoulders, but his wrists caught mine and I blinked up at him in surprise.

Angel was all about touch and sensation. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why he didn’t want my hands on him when that was all he’d been trying to do since the first time he’d seen Spike in my apartment. And then I saw the chocolate irises of his eyes narrow with what looked like regret or pain and I was thrown off my Ferris wheel of desire.

Here cometh the king of Brood. “What?”

His fingers tightened on my skin before he took an un-needed breath to calm himself. “I’ve wanted this since the moment I saw you with my baby in your arms Cordelia.”

The mention of my first name sank my heart just a little bit, along with the memory that Connor was no longer that bond, before he continued. “But I’m not going to do this without knowing for sure you won’t regret this tomorrow.”

My mouth parted with surprise and I stared up at him. “Oh my god, are you serious!”

His mouth twisted with reproached disappointment. “Does it LOOK like I’m joking about this Cordy?”

I continued to stare at him. “No! Are you crazy Broody-Boy?!” I held his face much like he’d held mine, the sheer grip of my hands made him blink in surprise, the anxiety leaving his eyes as I glared up at him in amazement and disbelief.

“YOU are insecure about MY partiality towards the prospect of making love to you? Are you daft!”

He glared back, looking adorably pissed while I held his cheeks, his mouth pouted. “I’m the one who threw you over my shoulder, you were screaming about kissing Spike.”

“What happened to the whole ‘I know you love me give in and let me make sweet honeyed love to you’ bravado?”

“This isn’t a joke!”

“And that was?” I couldn’t believe him! “You can’t bring me here to this point and then leave me there to jump on my own. I can’t! I won’t!” I shook him slightly. “I love every stupid inch of you. That ridiculously guilt ridden mind of yours and this undeniably delicious body; both!” His mouth stretched into a slow smile and I only glared harder.

“Don’t! I cannot believe you! You spend all this time throwing me around and acting all growl-y only to lose your nerve when I’m the one who wants you for everything you are with everything I am!” I stepped away from him. “Butthole!” He tried to catch my arm and I wrenched away from him fuming at his gall and the whole wrongness of him needing reassurance after THAT kiss.

“Don’t touch me!”

Hands clasped firmly on my shoulder yanking me back against his chest, his hips sliding to the curve of my ass. “I’m going to be more than touching you princess.” When I tried to twist out of his grasp his hands wrapped around my wrists and pinned them against my chest as he held me there in the circle of his arms.

“I’m human too Cordy. Well almost. It’s just…sometimes I need to hear you say it.”

The struggle left me as his breath played across my ear and I swallowed the anger still simmering in my belly, the heat morphing into desire by just the sheer gravel in his admission. When his lips skirted over the shell of my ear and down to my shoulder planting soft kissing along its way, I couldn’t hold the tension in my body and relaxed back into his arms, my head falling against his shoulder as my eyes slipped shut.

“God I love you more than breath. You know it better than I do.”

“I know baby. Helps to hear it though.” His teeth nipped at my earlobe and the smile returned to my mouth. When my hips rolled back against his inadvertently, he let out a grunt. “Or you could do that.”

I chuckled and this time when I pulled my wrists from his grasp to slide one hand up into his hair and the other along the side of his thigh, he let me. While his mouth played along my shoulders, I felt this hands slide around my waist and up into my shirt, over my stomach, his fingers tightening into the flesh there for a second before his hand wrapped around one silk covered breast without hesitation.

With my lower lip caught between my teeth, I jerked slightly pushing further into his hand wanting to feel his other hand on the lonely breast that tightened just in anticipation. Craning my head, I breathed harshly against his ear before sliding the tip of my tongue along the shell of his ear. “Don’t stop.”

“Couldn’t if my life depended on it baby.” His chuckle fused with his groan as his fingers rolled one nipple between his thumb and pinched gently enough to call the answering gasp across his ear. And that’s when I felt the change of temperature across my stomach and chest and my eyes flew open.

Looking down, my eyes widened as I saw my shirt gaping open around both his hands wrapped around my breasts and I forgot to moan or whimper as the lonely one also got its due attention.

How the hell did he unbutton my blouse?

But the question didn’t linger in my slowly combusting brain as his hands worked magic across my skin, barely concealed behind the white silk of my bra. The shirt slid down my shoulders to pool around my elbows.

“When you wear virginal white Cordy, you bring out the demon in me.” His mouth kissed down between my shoulder blades and I bowed further into his hands.

The shiver jumped into a shudder when his tongue slid under the clasp of my bra and then the straps fell along my hands as both the bra and the shirt dropped between our feet. And if his hands on me had felt good through the material of my bra, the cold of his fingers on my nipples made me jump like a fish in his arms.

And then it was all Angel and his need to touch people and this time there was only me. I could feel the raw heat ignite where his fingers touched my skin, spread down my belly and burned low and bright between my legs.

Not quite able to hide the need to be touched there or the heady moans slipping past my lips; I arched back into his body, pressing into the insistent bulge behind me so that I could feel the pressure where I needed it the most.

Only I couldn’t bend enough as his chin rested on my shoulder, his eyes caught on my breasts in his hands as they weighed them deferentially, stroking heightened skin and rolling the erect nipples between forefinger and thumb until I was wild. The only thought running through my head:

damn this man could touch.

When one of his hands slid away from my breast I groaned with protest, my hands clutching his soft hair in my hand, but the protest died on my lips as his palm smoothed down my belly and his fingers ducked inside the hem of low-hung jeans and panties before meeting the damp wetness there.

“Oh god Angel.” My back bent as his fingers slid through slick folds to skirt over my aching clitoris teasingly. If he hadn’t been holding me, his arm around me, his hands caressing my right breast I would have pooled on the floor next to my shirt and bra.

“Shhh princess. Don’t want the others finding out you’re being naughty now, do you?” The teasing humor only fuelled my frustration as he moved his fingers around the outer lips of my vagina without giving me the pressure or direct contact I craved.

“Fuck the others Angel!”

The pad of his thumb pressed firmly into my clit and I sucked in a dazed breath, my body freezing at the confident contact. “You sure about that?”

With the dull ache where his thumb stayed unmoving and the screaming pulse in my ears I could only shake my head minutely. Dear god, was it possible to spontaneously combust with just the fire building in my belly? “Angel I…”

“Unbutton your jeans for me princess, I need a little more room to move.”

With a slow drag of breath I reached down and undid the button of my jeans before sliding the zipper down. The only sound in the room was the rasp of metal or the rush of air out of my lips and then the soft cry of absolution as one finger slid comfortably inside my body. “Oh!”

I felt more than saw his smile across my cheek. “I think your body likes me.”

Incensed at the smugness in his voice I gritted my teeth gathering the strength to shift my hips and twist, his hand sliding out of my pants before I pivoted in his arms quickly enough to surprise him and claim his mouth with a kiss to steal his breath; if he had breathed.

A shuttered groan echoed through his chest when my hardened nipples brushed the angular planes of his chest, sliding once over his own flat nipples before my mouth slid down his chin and caught the soft skin on the base of his neck and suckled.

His hips bucked, his fingers digging into my hips as I held onto his shoulders, my teeth caught around the cluster nerves now baring my mark. Breathless myself, I raised my head and smirked at him with a wild hunger reflected back in his eyes. “I think your body likes me about as much.”

Unashamed longing darkened his eyes as he watched my hands slip down to undo his pants and push them past his hips. Leaning down to flick my tongue into his navel I was rewarded with a bark of laughter as I straightened and pushed his pants down with one foot as he stepped out of them.

Did I mention I love it when Angel laughs? It gives me happy shivers all the way to my toes. It was when I stepped closer to receive the kiss in his eyes that I realized something poked me in the navel.

Looking down I let out a shocked breath to see him completely naked and standing proudly against my belly. “Oh dear god!” My head snapped back up. “You went commando!”

The wicked snicker deepened as he pulled me closer to his body, rubbing against me like a big cat. “Did you really expect something else?”

My shoulders shook with silent laughter as his hands traveled down my back to push my own jeans and panties down my hips. Wriggling against him, I helped as he squatted down in front of me and again his sinfully dark eyes shifted from humor to hunger as he watched the darker, trimmed hair covering my still aching center.

When he didn’t rise, I slid one hand down into the softness of his short hair and he leaned forward. Eyes widening ,I didn’t realize my fingers had tightened a tad painfully into his hair until he yelped and lifted his hungry gaze to mine. “I want to taste you Cordelia.”

The panicked swallow almost lodged in my throat at the wicked picture he presented kneeling in front of me. And I stood there dangling between just fucking decorum and modesty and the shuddering fear of surrendering control to him.

I had a vague hue of a memory of giving another man that privilege and coming out feeling dirty and more afraid that before. But I couldn’t remember if it was mine, or a vision I was remembering. When he caught the fear mingled with desire in my eyes his hands wrapped around my ankles before rubbing up my calf slowly.

His eyes didn’t leave mine, waiting for my answer. The knot in my stomach tightened and I wondered if I said no, he’d think I was a prude or get pissed. “Angel I…”

He rose to his full height slowly, his eyes locked with mine, his hands trekking up over the back of my knees, the sudden rigidity of my thighs, along the curve of my ass and rested there as he looked down at me. “Yes or no Cordy; I want to make love to you in every way possible. I want to devour and taste and swallow you whole.” My breath hitched in my throat.

“But only when that fear is gone from your eyes.” A soft relieved breath left me and I wrapped my arms around his chest, his arms wrapping around me, his fingers rubbing soothing circles across my shoulder blades and the curve of my lower back.

And there for the first time in my life I felt cherished and respected. And the realization brought tears to my eyes.

Burying my face against his shoulder I could only whisper brokenly. “Make love to me Angel. I don’t want to remember anyone touching me besides you.” Lifting my head I met his eyes with clear demand. “And I promise to learn to trust you with my body, like I trust you with my heart.”

A soft happy moan tore out of his mouth. “You beautiful, gorgeous, crazy woman.” His mouth buried itself against mine and I was lost in a sea of sensual touching that was the essence of Angel.

When my feet left the ground, I realized he’d lifted me. Carrying me over to the dark tones of his bed sheets he placed me there, his mouth never leaving mine, before his weight settled along my body.

With a muffled groan into his mouth, I lifted one leg until the inside of my thigh gripped his hipbone, the heel of my foot sliding along his leg. His mouth jerked away from me with a ragged breath. “Ah hell, where’d you learn to do that?”

With a smile I pulled my other leg out and mirrored the same caress over his other leg. “Some things come naturally to a woman Angel.”

“Any more of those and I’m your humble slave woman,” he muttered only half joking before angling his hips, his elbows resting on the bed beside my head and met my eyes, the sharp jut of his cock just brushing between the folds of my vagina.

The gravelly moan was mine as he paused there without moving a muscle. When my fingers tightened on his back he raised a cocky eyebrow at the smoky longing gathering in the depths of my body and eyes. “Last chance.”

“Oh god! You arrogant, self-centered, idiotic twit! We are WAY past the last change marker!” His beautiful mouth widened into a sinfully delicious leer and I nearly screamed as the tip of his cock slide up to press into the sensitive bundle of nerves that drove me half out of my mind.

The quick tightening of the jaw muscles behind his cheek bones and the tenseness in his pale biceps, defining them perfectly told me enough that he wasn’t quite as immune to the situation as the grin on his face belied. With wicked smirk of my own I dragged my long legs up around Angel’s body, locked them over the small of his back and pulled him close; within touching distance of my sex.

“Jesus Christ Cordy! You’re like a cat in heat.” He laughed breathlessly quickly followed by a moan as I shifted impatiently underneath him, way past any point of issuing protests.

“I never took you for the religious type.” I had nothing else on my mind then besides filling the hollow void inside me that seemed to tug at my heart the longer he teased me.

“You have that effect on me baby.” His forearm came to lay flat against the bed as his mouth rained kisses down my throat making me arch under him trying to ease the ache I couldn’t describe.

And then the head of his cock found the entrance and all I could do was moan softly into his ear as mouth kissed lovingly down my shoulder as he slid deeper inside, slowly to let me adjust until a kaleidoscope of colors burst behind my eyelids. “Angel, please…” The cry was broken and I felt his body tremble before with a single, sure thrust he was inside me.

Jerking with the combined shock of intrusion and fulfillment I watched him raise his head and look down at me in wonder that probably mirrored my own. I hadn’t realized how thick he was until that moment and it didn’t hurt, but the shock was probably at the utter hot power and rightness of our joining.

And I would have cried had he not been grinning down at me like the cat with his paws in a bowl of cream; given the situation I couldn’t suppress the smile of contentment. A feeling that was of completeness and finding the one thing in your life that makes you whole.

Reaching out I touched the fine lines in his brow before quirking an eyebrow at him. “As amazing as this is, do you think we should move?”

He chuckled. “I don’t know I kind of like….ARGH!” His eyes nearly crossed as his hips jerked into mine, our pelvis’ colliding with a resounding sound of flesh hitting flesh and I tried really hard not to laugh. I swear I did.

But the wide lust in his eyes, and the fangs sliding out against his will were enough to make my shoulders start shaking with mirth. And to think I had reduced my vampire lover to this.

I really was Cordelia Chase and all because I’d learnt how to use other muscles in my body. “Bloody fucking hell! How did you…”

Wrapping my arms around him I rubbed my nose with his. “You’ll learn as we go along Angel, that there are a great many things I do really well.” Lifting my hips I tightened around his shaft again. “That is only one of them.”

The growl of reverent muttering spurred him into action and took all laughter from me. Then keeping his eyes focused on me in a way I found captivating beyond belief,

Angel slowly began a gentle rhythm, rocking softly as he watched just which movement took me closest to the edge and I discovered with him I was an apt pupil to his administrations and quickly responded, listening to my own sighs as if they were somewhere far away.

He was right again, as he was about almost everything else, my body did like him. Oh goodness gracious how it liked him to pieces.

After the span of several heartbeats, I began to clinch my inner muscles around him, twisting my own smooth motions counter clockwise to his, like a variation on a theme in music, echoing and complementing. Like we did in almost everything else we did together.

Here was at least one little trick I found drove Angel wild and that kind of power I my hands had been rare before. The sensation resulted in a low, fierce growl from deep in Angel’s throat, and I not too silently thrilled to the idea I could make him that aroused.

“Ah hell, if I’d known you were this damned hot Cordelia, I’d have lured you into bed sooner!” He gasped between movements. “Do you even know how long I’ve wanted…” His voice trailed off, adrift in the heady sensations we were sharing.

His meaning, though, wasn’t lost on me. “Oh….I have….ugn…some idea Broody.” The full feeling of him inside me, his low groans in my ear and I was so damned close.

The pinpricks of pleasure and the dull ache of his movement inside me built like a blinding freight train, out of my control and came hurtling out of his body and into me. We rushed head long into the abyss, our tempo at a maddening pace, frenzied and fierce.

And over my own cries of pleasure I heard Angel murmur my name over and over, like a chanted mantra, and my own breath came in short gasps, racing toward the edge.

“Angel.” His name was little more than a breath on my lips.

“Cordelia!” It was more of a savage growl than a word. I felt myself flutter and tighten around him. Then the kiss on my neck tightened and Angel’s fangs sank into my jugular. An unrestrained scream ripped out from the depths of my chest and after one last deep thrust, I let go in a burst of grateful joy, followed immediately by Angel.

In that moment, I was caught beyond time, I was pure sensation and bliss, existing in him, and he in me in a way I hadn’t thought possible as I floated back to reality slowly, like a light feather on the wind, feeling totally complete of body and spirit.

Reluctantly, I felt Angel pull away, his tongue sliding over the twin holes reverently, sealing his claim. Between his soft raining kisses, and I settled myself into the crook of his arm, out of breath and still groaning with the taxed muscles and singing nerves.

His lips parted to speak before my hand clamped down on his mouth and I let out a half laugh, half moan of contentment. “I’ll dust you if you ask me if that was good for me.” I could feel the soft smile under my hand when I lifted my eyes to meet his; the love and contentment were the only things I could read in his eyes. Unable to deny him even that, I nodded. “Yes egomaniac. That was very good for me.”

“Better than all the others?” One eyebrow arched with mischief.

I chuckled, “What others?” Before leaning over and rolling on top of him.

“Good answer,” he spoke huskily as I captured his mouth in a breath stealing kiss.

He groaned softly. “You’re a witch Cordelia Chase.”

Propping up on his chest I couldn’t help raise an amused eyebrow. “How so?”

“You bewitched me.” His fingers raked lovingly through my hair melting my insides like butter. “That’s the only explanation.”

I laughed. “Well then you should be careful Angel. I might turn you into a toad.”

“You already turned me into an idiot.” His answering laugh was just as teasing as he slid his hands down my back. “Being a toad wouldn’t change much I think.”

“I like toads.” I blinked at him innocently and shrieked with laugher as his fingers dug into my ribs tickling mercilessly.

Listen as the wind blows
From across the great divide
Voices trapped in yearning
Memories trapped in time
The night is my companion
And solitude my guide
Would I spend forever here
And not be satisfied

And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear

Through this world I’ve stumbled
So many times betrayed
Trying to find an honest word
To find the truth enslaved
Oh you speak to me in riddles
And you speak to me in rhyme
My body aches to breathe your breath
Your words keep me alive

The End



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Fallen Angels. 12   1 comment


I was still frowning back at the hotel doors as I pushed my arm into the sleeve of my coat. Maybe I underestimated Sparky after all.

The idiot had licked me!?

I mean biting would be more his thing but licking? What a moron. With a grumble I made another swipe where his tongue had touched my skin, before walking to the car Angel was leaning against and nearly tripped over my own feet at the sight.

There in the light of dusk, Angel stood I arms crossed across his chest and his feet at the ankles as he watched me with hooded eyes. Who ever said this man needed more color sure as hell hadn’t seen the salty-goodness that he is when he’s in all black.

Dear god, full beam of Angel’s gaze and Cordelia Chase, queen of all things in-control drew one very unsteady breath before pasting the wide fake smile. I knew my face was going to hurt after this.

“Like whacha see broody boy?” I ventured with humor, hoping to cover the heat starting to simmer under my cheeks.

A single eyebrow arched; the rest of his body was held completely still. “Do you really want me to answer that?”

And nearly I stumbled again. If I didn’t know better that sounded like a come-on. “Okay. Who are you and what did you do with Sir Broodsalot?”

His mouth stretched into a slow smile. “I thought you said you were tired of the stuttering and the ice-princess treatment?”

Confused and somewhat thrown off by his teasing smile I came and stood in front of him. “And so you let your demon out to….”

Before I could finish my thought, Angel’s left arm had snaked out snagged around my waist and I was yanked roughly against the firm weight of his chest, the other hand firmly wrapped around my wrist almost bruising and I stared up into golden eyes.

“ANGEL!” Oh god, I was about to meet the Scourge of Europe after all.

When he leaned towards my neck I tried to angle my body enough to bring up my knee, but he didn’t bite. And I froze there when his nose brushed the skin where my jaw met my earlobe and it was as if my entire skeletal system turned to liquid.

The involuntary shiver couldn’t have been missed by the vampire as he inhaled deeply there. Yup, brain gone. Senses exploded with sensation and I was reduced to a monosyllable moan.

Then the growl built in his chest, vibrating into mine as it rose up out of his throat and echoed across my ear. “He’s dust.”

My eyes snapped open. And that’s when the cogs of my foggy mind connected and I made the connection.


The arms were gone as fast as they’d caught me and I staggered on the sidewalk my eyes wide as Angel stalked back towards the hotel. Oh shit!

“Angel wait!” Damn vampire speed, he was almost to the door before I caught his sleeve and yanked hard nearly going along with him before he whipped around, the fiery anger spilling out in a teeth-bared snarl.

“I’m going to fucking dust his ass.”

I knew that if I didn’t calm him down now, Spike was never going to make it back to SunnyHell to have that talk with the slayer girl and Angel would regret killing his stupidly shrewd childe. I took in his shaking fury.

Or maybe not. “Just please listen for a second…”

“HE TOUCHED YOU!” The possessive roar turned my knees to jelly and I tried to swallow the irrational fear that rose up my belly; until I realized the emotion behind his outburst.

Oh my god. Possession. Jealous rage and unadulterated desire.

I stared up into his demon yellow eyes and felt the rippling muscle under my hands as I held his arms, itching to tear his own childe to shreds.

All because the damned fool licked me.

And then he had the nerve to tell me that night in the garden that we weren’t in love?

I took a deeper breath to calm myself. “Angel he didn’t touch me. Okay maybe he did, but…”

His face leaned closer to me and I nearly squeaked as he glared into my eyes. “I can fucking smell him on you. The bastard overstepped his boundaries and now I’m going to kill him.”

“He only licked me.” The gold sparked with venom and I marveled at my stupidity for an instant before I grabbed him back as he tried to make a dive for my door.

“NO! Wait! That’s not how I mean!”

His arm snapped out of my grasp as he took a step back and growled with barely controlled anger. “Make up your damned mind Cordelia!”

“He did it on purpose!”

“You’re damned right he did it on purpose and I’m going dust the bastard!”


“After I rip out his intestines from his nose!”

“That’s exactly what he wants!”

“Before I stuff them up his asshole!” I yelped as he kicked a potted plant next to the steps and it hit the wall splintering into a million pieces. I stared as he towered over me the gold of his eyes licking the swelling bones of his gameface.

Would it be extremely sick of me to think he looked just yummy? “Slowly.”

Yummy but very scary. He was like this big angry dog and in my frenzied and half turned on state I did the first thing that came to my mind when dealing with big angry dogs.

I reached out and flicked my pointer finger across the tip of his nose.

He blinked with stunned outrage before the gold of his eyes dulled and he went deathly still. And that’s when I realized what I’d done.

Hey! It worked on rabid dogs didn’t it!

Uh oh.

Being the focus of one VERY pissed on vampire is not pleasant. I decided I should have let him just dust Spike. Taking a step back I nearly tripped before I hit the cold pillar holding up the entrance to the hotel.

“Angel.” He stepped towards me, a subdued growl reverberating through the air and every hair on my body stood up on end as the electric tension took what little breath I had left in my panicked lungs.

“Angel calm down.” When his hands braced over my shoulders gripping the pillar with enough force to make the concrete creak, I stared up at him with wide fearful eyes.

“Angel he was trying to help me!”

The cold heat of his unneeded breath played across my mouth as he pinned me there with just the intensity of his narrowed demon eyes, the tips of his fangs glistening between his lips and his body hovering a calculated inch away from mine before he spoke in a grating sneer.

“How Cordy; by marking my territory?”

And I was supposed to answer much less form coherent thought while my brain had completely gone offline? But I knew he expected a response and gathered a speck of my sense and tried my best to think carefully of what to say to my very irate vampire.

“Angel, he only licked me to piss you off.”

“Well it worked.” And I nearly lost my voice again. His eyes flickered down to my lips as breath rushed out of them in soft fretful puffs of air.

When I opened my mouth to answer his tongue darted out and I sucked in a quaking breath as it made one smooth pass across his lower lip before disappearing back into the recesses of his mouth.

“Give me one good reason Cordelia, why I shouldn’t just twist his fucking head off?”

I swallowed watching the low sweep of his eyelashes as he continued to watch the quiver of my lips. Oh god, he really did something to my stuttering vampire boss. This sexy over assertive manpire was nothing like the Angel I’d come to know in what little time I remembered.

“Because he knew you’d react this way,” I blurted out. The lashes lifted and his eyes met the skittish depths of mine. With more strength in me now that he wasn’t looking at my mouth anymore, I could form better words.

“He…he seems to be convinced that you want me but are too…um… afraid to take the initiative. Which is silly right? I mean you don’t secretly harbor unrequited love and the whole last Champagne glass argument?”

A muscle worked in his jaw and for an instant I held my breath before he pulled away slightly, enough to give me breathing room.

“Unrequited love is a bitch.”

I gawked up at him. “So you…”

Shoving himself away from the pillar and the tense cocoon of heat surrounding us, he ran a hand through his hair. The glowering ridges of the vampire face melted away to leave the angular lines of his smooth human features.

“You didn’t remember anything. When the others suggested we handle you delicately due to the obvious confusing if not terrifying reality of what and who you worked for; I sent myself.”

And suddenly the pieces started to fall into place.

“You…” I couldn’t believe what he was suggesting. “You were going to send me away! To be normal; weren’t you!” He had. He’d done exactly that.

“You were going to LET me believe that I could walk away from all this without a look back because there was nothing of importance that I was leaving behind; weren’t you.”

Turning back to me, I saw the defeated irony behind his soft brown eyes. “I wanted to give you a choice.”

“A choice!” I snapped now angrier than Angel had been at the prospect of finding out Spike and been getting friendly with me.

“YOU made me believe you didn’t care about me like that! I was going out of my mind with all the mixed signals and confused mumbling.”

His gaze darkened into a glare at my accusation. “You think I was prepared to confront my own inability to protect you much less realize that you were more important to me than anything else in my life?”

“You stupid, conceited self-sacrificing DOOF! What about my feelings!”

“You didn’t remember anything!”

“My brain couldn’t process the freaking signals my heart was sending me and you LET me believe you DIDN’T love me!”

“I was trying to help you!”

“By lying to me?!!”

“I didn’t lie to you.” He frowned slightly caught off guard by my burst of incensed accusations.

“Big Pinocchio nose Jim Carey, lie! You never said you loved me!”

“Because I hadn’t told you yet before I woke up in a metal box a few hundred feet under the ocean Cordelia!”


We pivoted to see Wesley, Gunn, Fred, Faith, Willow and a smug Spike standing in the now open front door of the hotel.

“Problems?” Wesley raised a concerned eyebrow as he took in the red fury on my face and the frustrated scowl on Angel’s face while we stood facing off like two lions in a cage.

I was almost shaking with anger and the demon was still simmering under Angel’s skin.

I stamped my foot. “I lost my memory and he KEPT things from me!”

Angel rolled his eyes and let out a controlled breath. “I did it to protect you Cordy.”

“Sounds like self-flagellation to me.”

He stared at me with incredulous irritation. “You think this was about me!”

“Everything’s about YOU Angel. YOU YOU YOU!” My voice dropped into a nasal imitation of my annoyingly angsting boss. “Oh look at me I’m Angel, king of brood and the angst fairy of self-loathing land! Woe is me! Moan moan, whine whine and then whine some more about the bitch of atonement that is me!”

I shoved him hard enough to throw him back a few paces as I tried to turn him into Angel dust with just the fire in my eyes. A few snickers behind us went unnoticed as I retorted,

“SELF-flagellation!” I stuck my finger into his chest watching the shock and amusement chase each other across his face.

Behind me Spike let out a snicker. “Bravo Vix. I’d say you hit the nail on the head.”

“Shut up Spike!” Angel snarled at his childe.

Blue eyes smirked up his sire. “Excellent deductions on her part if you ask me mate. I’d say the chit deserves a kiss.”

Brown eyes flickered with gold. “If you touch her spike. I’ll kill you.”

“He can touch me! I say so!” I pointed to myself standing between him and Spike as Angel took a step forward in his direction.

But Angel’s eyes were fixed on his cocky childe and Willow fidgeted next to Spike. “Um…Spike…”

“Don’t you dare William.” The threat hung potent in the air as Angel’s darkened.

Spike shrugged grinning at my infuriated snort at Angel’s possessive tone. “She wants to be kissed poofy.”

“Yes I do.”

Wesley’s eyes flickered between us nervously. “Angel…”

“I mean it Spike; you’ve already tested my patience.”


“Come on `Gellus, she wants it.”

Willow stared wide-eyes at Spike holding his arm and trying to pull him away as Angel’s fists clenched tighter by his sides.

“I don’t fucking care! If you touch her I’ll rip out your insides, I swear!”


Behind me I heard Spike shift slightly and then I was devoured by Angel’s mouth.

There are at least ten things you never do with a co-worker even if you’re hung upside down over a vat of boiling acid.

Kissing him is about eight of them.

Further rules apply if the co-worker happens to be a vampire. A very tasty vampire.

This time I had no choice. I didn’t want to kiss him, I had to. Angel wouldn’t have listened to reason and in my current state of mind I doubt I could have formed reason without stuttering inconvincibly.

And you know something?

I like to think of myself as an independent woman.

Maker of my own destiny.

A grown woman.

I made my own choices.


Sigh. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop trying to be so damned smart.

I know he probably expected me to resist and being the independent woman that I am I didn’t want him to think I was predictable. So I chose to surprise him. The kiss; it was mutual and it was one hell of a kiss.

It wasn’t a soft little peck.

Not a deft little brush of skin against skin, not a little tease or a smidge or a whisper or a hint of a kiss either or with any regard to an audience.


Nice tonsils, Angel.

It started out slow and demanding, got a little warmer, became very hot, then wet and finally deep enough to make me forget my name, where I was, what I was doing, where we’d been, who we were and when this would end. If at all it would.

Not I would mind if it didn’t.

‘A man and woman found dead due to lack of oxygen, one slightly livelier than the other’. Nice headline wouldn’t you agree?

When it did end I was out of breath and more than a little dizzy. I could see my own haziness in his misty brown eyes. I think I took him by surprise after all.

One of his hands was tangled in my hair and the other on my back pinning me against him. Then I watched the lazy smile spread across his beautiful mouth and I realized what he’d done.


“I think it’s about time.”

Raising an eyebrow at his implication I pulled back enough to get a good look into his face.

“For what?”

“I think I should stake my claim before someone else tries to take you away from me Princess.”

The endearment made my breath hitch in my chest and I squeaked in a very unladylike way.


His mouth spread into a leer that would have shamed his demon and the blood drained from my body. Okay bad paradox, but suddenly I felt like the floor had been yanked out from under me. He couldn’t mean…

“So?” His fingers tightened on my skin. “Your bed or mine?” He purred in a husky whisper.

PTB…if you can hear me now…thank you!




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Part 11. ANGEL

He was doing it again. He’d been doing it all day since she’d come back from her nap. He was touching her. And not just a brush of hand of slide of knee.

Accidental or otherwise. Spike, my undead, newly souled childe was fondling my seer with blatant arrogance and the demon inside me wouldn’t stop screaming.

Sitting behind the counter I watched him play childish magic tricks with Cordelia and Fred, while Willow sat looking bored. He would pull a quarter out of Cordelia’s, his fingers sliding along the shell of her ear before sliding down the angles of her jaw, making her squeal with delight.

My teeth ground together in controlled fury as he handed her the quarter with a smirk on his face.

Sire’s kill their childer all the time. It wouldn’t be unheard of.

“If he touches her hand one more time, I’m going to bust his ass with the sharp end of my stake!”

I looked sideways at Gunn and raised an eyebrow. “It’s a magic trick.”

Willow had walked over and stood at his side, leaning against the counter. “It’s a cheap ploy. I’m all witch remember, not that I’m being witchy now or anything. But there is a limit ya know? Right?” She sighed and let her eyes run over the two giggling people.

“What I don’t understand is why he’s bothering with the ploy. Cheap or otherwise. I mean he’s supposed to be in love with Buffy!” Then her eyes snapped to my face almost apologetically. “I’m sorry Angel.”

Damn them all to hell. Did they not see, it wasn’t the fact that Spike was all over Buffy that bothered me, it bothered me that he was making my seer smile wide enough to blind all of LA. No one else made her smile like that but me. No one!

“It’s okay Willow.” I fixed my eyes on the blonde vampire again as he produced the stupid penny from V of her blouse and I lost it.

“That’s it.” Jumping to my feet it took me two seconds to march across the hall, grab one insolent childe by the scruff of his neck and haul him away from her.

Cordelia blinked up at me in surprise. “Hey! He was going to give me back my penny!”

Snatching the copper coin from Spike’s hand I slapped it into her palm and glared down at her. And without dropping my grip on him, I dragged my struggling childe away from my seer and behind the counter where Gunn was still glaring.

“Oye! Let go!”

Shoving him away I glared at him. “You go for the blouse one more time Spike.”

His mouth spread into a grin as he fixed the collar of his coat. “Aww, come on peaches, I was only playing with her.”

“Aren’t you going home?” Rude or otherwise, I didn’t want my childe loitering around my confused seer. At least things were not settled. Between us. If there was an ‘us’.

“I just asked the chit if she wanted to go around town with me. We could take in all her usual hangouts and she could show me around, seeing as I’m going to be here a while. Maybe it would jog her memory.”

He shifted to move past me and I shoved him back in his place. I’ll never admit it, but that actually made sense and had I not been tippy-toeing around the issue like Cordy said I’d have realized the obvious.

“I’ll jog her memory; you jog yourself over to Willow and have that talk with her.” The smirk spread across his mouth was familiar; a blend of sadistic humor that was common in my childer.

And for the tenth time since I saw Spike in Cordy’s apartment I felt I was being led.

“I don’t know Poofy, I could use the trip. This is my bloody vacation after all. Getting a soul is hard work.”

I grabbed him by his collar and lifted him up to eyelevel. “If you got the soul for Buffy, what the fuck are you doing dangling yourself hopefully under Cordy’s nose?” And yes I was getting tired of side stepping issues.

But if the fangs and growl routine was supposed to faze Spike, for some reason, it didn’t and that intrigued me. “I’m just helping the chit. Which is more than wot you’ve been bloody doing.”

“Stay away from her Spike.”

“She seems to like me fine soulfreak. And for your information mate, she asked for my help. I didn’t offer it.”

“Let me help her, you keep your grubby paws off, understood?”

“Loud and clear mate.” His raised an eyebrow his blue eyes amused and that made me even more suspicious. Spike was up to something.

“Want to put me down any time peaches because I’m just feelin’ the love. And it’s been a while since I swung that way.”

It really was common.

Sire killing childer.

All I had to do was reach out and snap his fool neck. Only Cordelia would hate me and I couldn’t have that. Not when I’d finally just gotten her back. “Gunn?”


My eyes never left the blue. “If he so much as goes near any of the women. Dust him.”

Spike’s eye widened. “Hey! Wot did I bloody do!”

“It’s so you bloody don’t Spike.” I reached out and grabbed the keys to my Plymouth. “Remember your soul, think of all the women you’ve split open before you look at anything female in this room.”

The instant spark of anger and regret assured me I’d gotten my point across. I didn’t spent a century atoning for my sins and not learn a few things about handling the soul or biting where it hurts the most.

After all I did date the slayer.

Shrugging into my duster I strode over to Cordelia. “Cordy?”

Looking from her conversation with Fred, she blinked up at me. “Hmmm?”

“Let’s go.”

A frown marred her perfect forehead. “Where?”

“I’m going to reacquaint LA with you.” I gave her a tiny wink for good measure and a smile to seal the deal before moving to the door. “Grab your coat. I’ll meet you by the car.”

I’m a vampire. It does me proud to leave her staring in wonder before she scrambled for her coat.



Who the bloody hell did he think he was!?!?!

Okay so the whole plan was to get his bloody knickers in a twist, but there had to be some pride in being the scoundrel that gets him his woman. It was the oldest trick in the book, but that didn’t mean the poofster had to bloody win!

This was my bloody game! He played by my rules! Mine you hear.

I watched Gunn take Fred aside and talk in undertones as Cordy walked around me to get her coat.

“Looks like your plan is working, he is taking the offensive.”

I caught her wrist and she looked at me taken aback. I couldn’t hold the leer as the plan formed in my head. Evil or otherwise. Go figure. I am a bleedin’ vampire you know.

“Not yet luv.” Before she could protest, I yanked her into my arms, my arms wrapping around her tightly, once, hands sliding down the slope of her spine, before my tongue found the long slide of her neck and marked her all the way up to the hook behind her ear.


When hands shoved against my chest, I let her go and by the time Gunn looked up in alarm, I was well out of her personal space. If this didn’t get my poof of a sire’s gut in a knot, I’d bloody take the stake to Buffy as a present with my name on it.

“Eyow! You licked me!” Hazel eyes glared at me with confused apprehension as she tried to wipe the scent with the shoulder of her shirt. It only spread it further and I smirked.

“Just testing the treat luv. Don’t think too much of it. Now you better go. He’s outside.”

Her face twisted into a frown of bewilderment as she shook her head and shoved her arms into her coat. “You’re weird Sparky.” With an exaggerated shudder she grabbed her purse and stomped for the door shaking her head and muttering about perverts and blood suckers.

“Do you really have a death wish Spike?”

Leaning across the counter I grinned into Willow’s green eyes.

“Already dead luv. Might as well live it up. So? About that talk…”

Part 12

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