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Chapter Forty-One:

“Cordelia, is this the place?” Giles asked as she and the others joined the first group on the ridge overlooking an immense underground chamber.

Cordelia nodded. “This is it, minus the crowd of bad ‘grr’ guys and the old crackpot.” The subterranean room had a stone altar against the far wall with two unlit black iron cauldrons to either side.

“How much time do we have before the entertainment begins?” asked Xander.

“Sundown is in about two hours,” answered Angel. “This ledge seems to encircle the chamber. Wesley, stay up here and find the best spot to shoot from.” Angel pointed to the crossbow in the ex-watcher’s hand. “Buffy, other than you, who is the best shot?”

“Um, Angel,” Willow broke in tentatively. “That would be Riley or me, but I need to be down there to perform the incantation. And well, Riley should probably…”

“Be down there,” finished Angel. “Willow, how close do you need to be for your spell to be effective.”

“Pretty close.”

“Can you and Anya do the spell alone?”

Willow nodded. “Um, Xander is pretty accurate.”

“Okay, Willow, you and Anya go down there. Hide off to the right of the altar behind those pillars. Xander…”

“Hey, dead guy, who made you the general in charge? You can’t just order my girlfriend and best friend to make themselves targets.”

“Sh, Xander. Angel is right, we have to be down there,” Willow reassured her friend.

“Well, I am going down there to.”

“Xander, you can protect them better, if you go along the edge and shoot anything that goes towards them,” reasoned the vampire.

“Xander, do it,” Buffy interrupted. “They will be protected on the ground. Spike will go with them.”

“Me? I am not playing bodyguard to the witch and little helper,” complained the blonde vampire.

“Yes, you will,” ordered the slayer. “Or, I will stake you, it is that simple.”

“You need to do something about your anger issues, little miss slayer. It’s not my fault that Peaches and the cheerleader are shagging.” Spike doubled over in pain as Cordelia’s fist connected with his stomach.

“Ow, damn’t Poof, what’s with you and your tendre for women of violence?”

“Spike,” Angel growled a warning.

“Fine, come on witch and assistant, let’s go prepare for some defensive conjuring. But moron boy better know which vamps he is aiming at.”

“I don’t know it is pretty dark and I my hands may shake under the pressure and all,” Xander smirked.


“I will head over there.” Giles motioned to the overhang by the largest entrance. “The rest of you should go down there and get ready.”

Buffy turned to Duncan and Methos. “Can you two, and I am still not sure who you are, handle those things?” She pointed to the swords in their hands.

“Don’t worry about them,” Cordelia said. “They have had years and years and more years of practice. Angel, I should go with Willow. I need to be near the altar just in case the immortal emerges.”

Angel nodded reluctantly. “Cordy,” he said lowly.

“I’ll be fine,” she reassured the vampire. “I promised.” She gently kissed him. “This is why we had to come to stupid Sunnyhell.”

Chapter Forty-Two:

Xander stood by Buffy as she watched the loving exchange between Angel and Cordelia. “Buffy?”

“I just don’t understand it. I mean, why Cordelia? You dated her, what is it? What is so special about her?” Buffy demanded.

Xander didn’t know how to answer the slayer. He had been gaga over Cordelia. She was beautiful and even though he would never admit it to anybody, he knew that when they had dated, she had had the capacity to be a very caring and sincere person.

They just weren’t good together, not for the long haul. He hadn’t been able to give her the love and security she needed to allow for the compassionate Cordy to emerge and remain. For the longest time, he had refused to acknowledge his fault in their break up and her subsequent reversion to the bitch he had known most of his life.

That’s why the news of her supposed death hit him so hard. Because he knew that he was part of the reason Cordelia had left Sunnydale and ended up with Angel.

“I don’t know, Buffy,” answered Xander. He couldn’t defend Cordelia to Buffy. The slayer didn’t want to hear about any good qualities Cordelia may have. “Buffy, do you love Riley or Angel?”

“I…” Buffy saw Riley head down to the chamber floor. “He has to talk to me.”

“He will. And he will understand,” reassured Xander.

“I hope so,” she said softly and headed down the ledge.


“So, Willow, will this spell work?” asked Cordelia. The young immortal was pacing nervously around the circle of stones that the witch and ex-vengeance demon had placed on the ground.

“I…I think so.”

“I am sure it will, you are like, a great witch,” Cordelia said in an attempt to build up her confidence as well as Willows.

“The guest are arriving,” interrupted Spike. “Get ready, kids. Hey, cheerleader when did you start carrying?” He looked in interest at the sword, she was holding.

Cordelia ignored the vampire and got closer to the pillar, scanning the area for Angel. She smiled as she caught Angel’s eyes and his small nod. God, she loved him. He always seemed how to boost up her confidence and courage.

Chapter Forty-Three:

What seemed like a small army of vampires, streamed into the open chamber. They slid up and surrounded the area around the altar. The members of the Scooby Gang and the LA group stilled trying to avoid detection until the last possible moment.

“Oh shit,” Spike grumbled. One of the vampires closest to the altar growled as he detected the presence of the unfamiliar vampire and humans.

The growl of the vampire alerted the others and almost instantaneously the battle began. Cordelia and Spike moved immediately in front of Willow and Anya taking down the vamps that approached.

The fighting was violent in the other areas of the chamber, as well. From above, Wesley, Xander and Giles fired their wooden arrows at as many vampires they could line up in their sights.

Buffy and Riley, forgetting for a moment the tension between them, worked in the partnership that they had established over the last year, pummeling and staking the vampires that lunged in their path.

But as many vampires that they dusted; more seemed to flow into the chamber. Angel fought viciously, always keeping sight of Cordelia. The young immortal was standing her ground, guarding Willow and Anya as they chanted their spell.

Spike noticed with some interest that Angel was not the only combatant to keep a watchful over the cheerleader. The tall dark man brandishing his sword quite effectively, also seemed to be aware of Cordelia’s every movement.

“Angel,” Cordelia yelled as she saw the old man at the altar. Angel glanced up at Cordelia’s yell. He rushed forward, pulverizing everything in his path that separated him from Cordelia.

“Shit, how did he get in. Willow, hurry.” Cordelia called to the witch.

Willow saw the old watcher start to chant. She closed her eyes and clasped hands with Anya. Both girls tried to channel all their power into their incantation. The cauldrons at the side of the altar started to smoke. For every chant and gesture the old immortal directed to the pots, the witch responded with her own charms.

The flames would burst up and then sputter and die, as Willow worked her magic. St. John glared at the source of the competing magic. He shouted an angry chant in the girl’s direction. A flash of light exploded over the girls, as a vampire broke through Cordelia and Spike’s defenses.

“Spike,” Cordelia shouted grabbing the vampire and throwing him into Spike’s waiting stake. “Protect them.” She ran towards the altar. “No,” the young immortal yelled as she saw the cauldron’s flare up in intense blue flames. Cordelia could feel her sword vibrating in warning. A glow descended over the old watcher at the altar.

Cordelia fought her way through the battling crowd. She turned as a body collided into her, raising her sword. “Watch where you are going, blood breath,” both Cordelia and Buffy said at the same time; Cordelia’s sword at the slayer’s throat and Buffy’s stake up against the immortal’s heart.

They looked at each other in disgust and lowered their respective weapons. When suddenly, Cordelia yelled,”Duck.” As soon as the slayer bent down, Cordelia sliced the head off the vampire reaching for Buffy.

“I have to get to the old man,” she yelled to the stunned slayer. Buffy nodded and started to plow through group of vampires protecting the altar. The others soon noticed Cordelia’s goal and concentrated their slaying towards the vampires around the altar.

Finally, Buffy reached the altar with Cordelia right behind her. Buffy turned and practically threw the brunette up on the altar. Cordelia landed on the altar, sword in hand. Cordelia turned and gave a quick thanks to the slayer.

“Yeah, whatever. You too,” Buffy responded reluctantly. “Now do it,” she yelled to the young immortal.

“No, not yet.” Cordelia watched the old watcher’s body glow and shimmer as she heard his chants. “It’s not time,” she said confidently. And Cordelia was confident. She could feel Angel’s energy and her’s combine to empower the sword. The sword would know when it was time. She waited and watched.

“What are you waiting for,” yelled Buffy, convinced that Cordelia would screw up.

“Shut up,” Cordelia yelled back.

The vampires on the ground had been vanquished; those that were still alive slinked away. Wesley, Xander and Giles quickly scrambled down from their perches. Spike gathered the still stunned witch up.

Slowly, the battered victors surrounded the altar to watch the growing phenomenon. St. John’s body faded in and out, growing in size each time it reappeared.

“Cordelia?” Angel said softly.

“Not, yet Angel. It’s okay,” she said with certainty. The brightness around the old watcher’s new body was growing in intensity, causing the spectators to shield their eyes from the glow.

“Now,” the young immortal said softly as the glow diminished and the new body gained a corporeal form. Cordelia swung the Druid sword forcibly, decapitating the emerging being. In a sudden bright explosion, the being and the Druid sword disappeared.

The force of the explosion tossed Cordelia across the room, where she landed in a crumpled heap.

Chapter Forty-Four:

“Cordelia,” yelled a frantic dark vampire. Angel ran to where the unconscious Cordelia lay. Duncan was not far behind the vampire.

Spike decided that he didn’t like the other man running to this grandsire’s property. It is not that he cared about the poof, but it was the principal of the thing.

Spike quickly moved to block the highlander’s path.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you, Granddaddy Peaches is pretty possessive with his stuff. Have you ever met Angelus?” Spike vamped.

Duncan looked at the blonde vampire. “Yes, just like I have met you and those two vicious bitches that you two were so fond of,” the immortal said coldly raising his sword.

“Oh,” Spike said in surprise. “Where?”

“Prague,” the immortal responded.

“Prague? Hey, you were the guy with the sword; which, I see you still have. Those were some grand times. I thought we killed you. You aren’t planning the whole revenge bit are you? You know for the Prague, pillage and plunder party, are you?” Spike glanced at the sword.

The Highlander stepped closer to the blonde vampire, when Methos came between them. “Am I interrupting?”

“Not really, I thought I would be a helpful type bloke and give him the heads up on vampires and their possessive natures, that’s all. He is the one getting all hostile.”

“Right. Duncan, come on. You, go away.”

“Whatever,” Spike said walking back to the witch.

“Mac, stop it. Now you have got a renegade, useless vampire in your face. Cordelia is not your responsibility, accept it.”

“She doesn’t belong here, in all of this,” Duncan gestured angrily in the dust filled chamber.

“Actually, she does. This is her destiny and so is he.” Methos pointed to the handsome vampire cradling the still unconscious young immortal in his arms. The vampire was whispering into her dark hair.

“This is exactly, where she belongs. Come on,” the older immortal said gently.

Chapter Forty-Five:

The whole group returned to the magic shop. Angel had bundled Cordelia in blankets and placed her snuggly on the couch.

“Angel, I’m okay,” said the now conscious immortal.

“Cordy, rest,” the vampire ordered, tucking the blanket closer to her chin.

“Angel, it is like 70 degrees outside,” she complained pushing the blankets away. “I want to go home,” she whined. “Please, we have plenty of time before dawn, please.”

“You need your rest,” he argued.

“I need to be home, in our own bed,” she answered, oblivious to those around her. Angel couldn’t disagree with that sentiment.

“Cordelia and I are going back to LA. You guys, can come or stay,” he said to Wesley, Gunn, Duncan and Methos. The immortals nodded. Now that the danger was over and Cordelia was safe, neither had any reason to stay in Sunnydale.

“Yeah, I do need to get back to the crib, the kids need me,” commented Gunn. He ignored the Sunnydale gang’s questioningly looks at his statement.

Wesley glanced at the Druid text, then apologetically at the older former-watcher. “Giles, if you want to look at the text some more, then come to LA. I am going home.”


“But, nothing. Sunnydale may have the hellmouth, but LA has it’s own evil and it’s home. If you need the book, then come to us.” Wesley packed up his bag, putting the text inside. “I’m ready.”

Angel picked up Cordelia and headed for the door. Cordelia whispered something into his ear. The vampire nodded and let her down.

Cordelia glanced hesitantly at the room. “I realize that this has been a truly weird experience for everybody, in more ways than some. But, I just wanted to thank you all, and not just for the today stuff.”

She looked at Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles. “You know, Giles, I probably spent some of the most boring afternoons in my life in that stuffy, dusty, old school library. But, I actually did learn something about boring research from you, so thanks. Xander for a definite loser type you aren’t that bad and dating you wasn’t as horrible as I complain. Except for the spearing thing. That hurt. Anyway, you actually taught me some stuff to, so thanks.” She smiled at her old boyfriend; her expression belying the less than affectionate tone of her words.

“Buffy, we may never be friends, but I honestly do respect who you are and what you have to do, maybe more so now, because I know what it feels like not to be in complete control of your life.” She turned to Willow.

“You, witch, I thank more than anybody. I treated you horribly all through school, but somehow you have gotten past that and accepted me. You have become a real friend, I hope.” Cordelia turned away brushing her eyes, then turned back. “Oh, undead Billy Idol, if granddaddy ‘grr’ guy says it’s okay you can come visit anytime, just behave…”

“Cordy,” Angel interrupted.

Cordelia laughed. “Thanks for watching my back,” she gave Spike a huge smile. Spike returned the smile, despite himself. Shit, he thought, this girl might actually be interesting.

“What?” he said in response to Angel’s growl. “The cheerleader is okay.”

“Yes, she is,” Angel said proudly. He knew how hard that it was for Cordelia to show any gratitude to the Sunnydale gang. For now what may be the millionth time, he thanked the powers for giving her to him.

Cordelia blushed and began to have second thoughts about her attempt to show the Scooby Gang that she cared. They would probably just laugh at her after she left. Willow ignoring the stunned expressions on Buffy, Xander and Giles ran up to the young immortal.

“You’re welcome and it wasn’t that hard. E-mail me, I never did get to hear the details about Dennis’ move. Maybe, I could visit sometime?”

“Please.” Cordelia hugged the witch.


“Okay, that was emotional,” Gunn said to Duncan, Methos and Wesley. “Can I get a ride with you guys. There is going to be major couple stuff in that car. I can just feel it. And I can’t deal. I almost got killed on the ride down.”

Duncan nodded in final acceptance of Cordelia’s destiny as he saw his former student go into the handsome vampire’s arms.


“What was that about?” griped Buffy. “Like Cordelia Chase could ever understand what I have to deal with. What was she doing? Trying to make some sort of lame apologies for her years of bitchiness?”

This time Giles, Xander or Willow didn’t go rushing to reassure the slayer.

“What?” the slayer asked as she noticed her friends hesitation.

Willow looked at her best friend and turned to Spike. “Will you walk me home?”

“Sure, red,” Spike said shaking his head at the cluelessness of the blonde.

“Yes, it’s been along day,” commented Giles. “Everybody should get some sleep.”

“Xander?” Buffy asked.

Anya stepped up. “We have to go.” Anya wasn’t even sure if she even liked Cordelia. But Cordelia had shown a lot of courage tonight and the ex-demon didn’t feel like hearing Buffy or Xander belittle the young immortal.

She underestimated Xander.

“Anya is right, we do have to go. And Buffy, you asked what was so special about Cordelia, well that was it. She had and does have a good heart, she just needs to be given a chance to show it. And I’m just grateful that she looks at me with some remembrance of okayness. Bye.”

“I don’t understand? What is it about her?” Buffy exclaimed into a near empty room. Riley came up and held her hands. “You really don’t. But when you do, then we can talk.” He gave her a small kiss on the forehead and left.

Chapter Forty-Six:

Cordelia sat cross-legged on the bed, Angel’s shirt engulfing her slight frame. She was trying to comb the tangles out of her dark wet hair.

She looked up as Angel walked into the bedroom. “So, were you nice?” Cordelia had already said her good-byes to Duncan and Methos. She had left Angel and the others downstairs to go take a shower.

“Very,” he grinned, taking the comb from her hand and started to gently untangle her silky strains with his fingers. “You would have been proud. I was the very picture polite gratitude. I didn’t growl or vamp or anything.”

“I am always proud of you,” she smiled leaning up against the vampire’s broad chest.

“And I was, am very proud of you.”

“Mmmm,” she sighed as Angel’s fingers began to stroke her collarbone. “You know it’s not fair, I should have been able to keep the sword. It was a great sword.”

“I guess Wesley was right, the sword was designed for one specific purpose and now that it is over, you don’t need it.”

“I hate it, when stodgy research guy is right,” she yawned.

“You should sleep.”

She nodded. “Probably, but I can sleep tomorrow,” she whispered. Cordelia took Angel’s hands and placed it under her shirt. All thoughts of sleep flew out of his mind as he felt her smooth skin. The warmth of her skin inflamed his desire. “I love you,” he growled, flipping her over on the bed. His hands stroked along her body, his lips following the path made by his fingertips. Cordelia’s body arched into his touch.

Her responsiveness always amazed him. Angel caressed every part of her body. Angel needed to feel her warmth to prove that she was alive and safe. He had never felt such love or fear until he opened up his heart to the young woman beneath him. Loving Cordelia had taken him to the extremes of all his emotions. He had felt love, joy, fear and anger; and when she was really annoying, exasperation. She was his everything.

Cordelia reached down and pulled the vampire up along her body. “I love you,” she moaned capturing his mouth. Angel groaned in pleasure as Cordelia’s small hands freed his straining cock. Angel leaned over the gasping girl, licking and kissing at the delicate skin around the pulse points on her neck. He penetrated into her warmth, until he was fully embedded in her heat. Angel slowly thrust in and out, deliberately increasing their mutual pleasure. The pressure building up in Cordelia’s nerve endings was almost unbearable.

“Oh God, Angel,” she gasped and cried out as her body exploded in ecstasy. Angel’s body convulsed in an intense orgasm as Cordelia’s muscles contracted around him. Angel’s fangs gently pierced her skin. He lovingly sucked at her neck, savoring the taste of her bittersweet blood.


Cordelia stretched in the bed. “Angel.” She rolled over on top of the vampire.


“How long have we been up here?”

“I don’t know, a day, two days, I lost track of time,” he smiled holding Cordelia close.

Cordelia giggled. “I am surprised the Wesley has left us alone for so long.”

Angel listened for a moment. “He is downstairs pacing and yelling at Dennis. I think maybe your ghost has barricaded us up here.” The vampire smiled. “I must say, Dennis can be very helpful.”

“Yes, he can,” she giggled. “I guess we should get up, uh?”

“Mmmm, in a little while,” Angel said kissing the laughing girl.

The End


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The Prophesy. 35-40   1 comment

Chapter Thirty-Five:

“Riley?” Giles and the others looked at the ex-commando.

“Giles, do you have a map? I will show you.”

“Yes, of course, a map.” Giles scrambled behind the counter searching for a map of Sunnydale.

“When I was with the Initiative, we explored most of the caves in Sunnydale. The caves along here.” He pointed to the southern part of the map, that Giles placed before him. “Are made up almost entirely of red clay. The caves I saw were fairly small, but there could be some larger cavern connected to them, possibly subterranean.”

“Riley, was this the only area that the Initiative discovered that had red clay?” asked Wesley.

Riley nodded.

“Well, then I suggest that is where we should look.”

“I agree,” nodded Giles.

“Giles?” Willow interrupted quietly. “If that is where the cave is, then what? I mean, I realize that Cordelia can defeat the immortal.” She glanced apologetically towards Buffy. “But if the spell hasn’t been cast then what?”

Giles took off his glasses and rubbed his face. “If we can, we need to stop the emergence from happening. And if the cave, like Cordelia suggests, is protected by vampires then we will have a fight on our hands. We have to destroy the talismans.”

Willow looked thoughtful. “Um, Wesley do you have the spell that St. John needs?”


“Can I see it? Maybe I can find a spell that can block or interfere with St. John’s incantation,” she said timidly.

“Good idea,” exclaimed Giles. “Willow, you and Anya start trying to find an appropriate spell. The rest of us will search for the cave, starting here,” he said jabbing at the map.

“Ahem,” Angel cleared his throat. “That is a good idea, Willow. But, Giles, I think some of us should stay behind. Cordelia needs to rest, just in case.” Angel paused, he wanted to stay with Cordelia and to make sure she was protected.

But if he went to the cave now, then maybe he could destroy St. John and the talismans. If they were destroyed before the emergence of the immortal, then Cordelia would never have to be placed in danger. Angel decided that he could protect Cordelia best by attempting to prevent the danger from ever happening.

“Wesley, Gunn, stay with Cordelia…and, of course, Willow and Anya” he added as and afterthought. “They will need protection to get to the cave when and if they are needed. Wesley, you can help Willow find a spell.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Oh, all right,” complained Gunn. “I guess, I can stay with the book people, but there better be some vamps left to stake, when I get to the cave.”

“Angel,” interjected Cordelia.

“No, Cordelia.”

“Angel,” she tried again.

“No, Cordelia. You need to rest, you have fought the immortal twice, have been killed once, then wounded and you haven’t had any real sleep in two days. You need to rest,” he said firmly.

“Are you done?”


“Angel, it is daylight outside, you know sunny. How are you Mr.-UV-allergic, suppose to get to the cave from here.” She pointed to where the shop was located on the map. “To here?” she asked pointing to the location of the caves.

Angel looked at the map, then the blue bright sky through the window. “The sewers?” He asked hopefully and a little sheepishly.

“No.” Riley reluctantly acknowledged the vampire. “The sewers stop a few miles from the caves.”

“I know. Angel, you stay with the book people. I will go and stake all the vamps.”

“I…okay. I will stay here, but Gunn call as soon as you verify where the cave is located.”

“Done, man,” Gunn said. He was happy that he wouldn’t have to sit around anymore doing nothing.

“Well, then, Riley, Xander start gathering the weapons. Buffy?” Giles gave a concerned glance to the quiet slayer.

Buffy got up giving one last disgusted look at the vampire and his seer standing close together. “Let’s go,” she said. Buffy saw Riley get up to follow Xander out of the room.

“Riley?” she asked hesitantly.

“Not now,” he said leaving the room.

Chapter Thirty-Six:

“I can’t rest,” complained Cordelia.

“That’s just nervous energy.” Angel stopped pacing the floor. “You need to relax.”

“Maybe, Mr.’Not so calm’ undead guy, you should take your own advice. You have been up as long as I have and you haven’t exactly had a stress free time of it, either,” she retorted as Angel resumed his pacing.

“I fine, I just…”

“Want to be out there,” she said understandingly. “But unless, Giles has a Teflon suit stashed away in between the newt eyes and frog legs, you are going to have to be patient.” Cordelia stretched her shoulders and began her own pacing. She stopped as she felt Willow’s watchful gaze following her about the room.

“What?” Cordelia asked more sharply, than she had intended.

The young immortal liked the witch. She had been truly pleased that she and Willow had some how moved past their previous strained relationship and had established a friendship of sorts. But, even so, she wasn’t going to sit back and let Willow berate her or her relationship with Angel.

Willow bit her lip, nervously and got up from the couch. “Um, Cordy?” The young immortal watched warily as the witch approached.

“Cordy, I’m not mad,” Willow said softly. Cordelia bristled at her words. As if the witch had the right to be mad, she thought.

“What I mean is, I understand. It is obvious that you, Angel and Wesley are a family. That you found something that you didn’t have here in Sunnydale. Buffy will see it and accept it, like she will eventually come to grips with the fact that you and Angel are a couple.”

“Like I care, whether Miss ‘Stake- happy’ or anybody else accepts it. Angel and I are together, forever,” Cordelia said bluntly.

Willow flinched at the harshness of Cordelia’s tone. Willow took a deep breath. “I think you do care,” she said kindly.

Cordelia stopped herself from uttering a caustic comment. Willow was right, she did care. Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles were an important part of her past. They had been the ones that first showed her that she could be more than the popular, bitchy Queen C.

Granted, they had a tendency to under value her and treat her with contempt, but then again, she had done the same to them. Damn, she thought, it was hard to grow up.

“You are right, I do care; but, not enough to deny my love for Angel. Or to live my life at the altar of the almighty slayer.”

“Cordelia, Buffy has had a lot to deal with…”

“Give me a break, Willow. Who here, hasn’t? What’s so special about her destiny that makes it more vital than Angel’s or mine? What makes her more important than you? Nothing, that’s what. Buffy just expects everyone to bow down to her and her ‘destiny’ and you all do. Well, I am not.”

“Cordy, it’s not that simple.”

“Yes, it is.” Cordelia said firmly. “Don’t worry, Willow, if she plays nice, I will.”

Willow was thoughtful as she watched the young immortal go to Angel. Maybe, Cordelia did have a point; everybody involved in the fight against evil has had to make sacrifices, not just Buffy. Her eyes widened at that traitorous thought.

No, Buffy was her best friend and that’s where her loyalty should lay. She looked again at Angel and Cordelia softly talking. But, Cordelia was also her friend. Willow was getting an headache. She shrugged and went back to where Wesley and Anya were arguing about which spell to try.

“What did Willow have to say?” Angel asked gently, pulling Cordelia down next to him on the couch.

“Nothing, just your typical defense of Buffy speech,” she grumbled. “She was nice, though. And she is okay about us,” Cordelia conceded. “I guess, I still like the witch.”

Angel smiled and caressed Cordelia’s dark hair as she settled against his chest. “Rest.”

“You too, ‘grr’ guy,” she yawned.

Angel leaned back and listened to Cordelia’s breathing and heart beat calm into a restful pattern. Soon, the steady rhythmic sounds his lover’s young body lulled the vampire to sleep.

Chapter Thirty-Seven:

“I think we should split up and explore the tunnels and see where they lead,” Riley suggested. The group of cave explorers had been investigating a small red stained cavern when suddenly they came upon several tunnels that branched off in different directions.

Giles nodded. “Yes, you are probably right, but nobody should go alone.” He contemplated the assorted group. “Um, maybe three groups, Buffy, you and…”

“I will go with Riley,” she jumped in, relieved. She had been trying to get Riley alone since they had left the magic shop. So far, her boyfriend had been successful in avoiding her. But, he would have to talk to her if they were alone in one of the tunnels.

“No, I will go with one of the immortals,” he said coldly. “Duncan?” Riley wasn’t ready to listen to Buffy, Giles or Xander try to explain and justify his girlfriend’s violent reaction to Cordelia and the vampire.

“But…,” started Buffy.

“Buffy, you and I will take that tunnel,” Xander interrupted shooting a dirty look at the ex-commando for upsetting Buffy.

“Yes, um, well…I guess. Methos?” Giles asked the older immortal. Methos nodded. “Gunn, you should go with Buffy and Xander,” Giles added.

“What?” “No way.” Both Buffy and Xander shouted.

“Hey, man I don’t have a problem with that,” Gunn chuckled at the slayer’s and young man’s apparent distress.

“Good,” sighed Giles. “If you find the cavern or don’t, everybody back here in 20 minutes. I don’t want anybody to get lost.” Everyone acknowledged Giles’ warning and headed into the dark tunnels.

Buffy and Xander took great pains to ignore the former street kid following them.

“Xander, why won’t Riley talk to me?”

“It will be okay, Buffy. He will understand,” comforted her friend.

“Sure, he will,” broke in Gunn. “I mean what is there not to understand? Every guy likes his lady love to go into a major violent tizzy over another guy.”

“Shut up,” both Buffy and Xander yelled.

Buffy was seething. This had been one of the most horrible days of her life. She really hoped that they saw a vampire soon, she was in dire need of something to hit. Buffy couldn’t even imagine what could make her day worse.

“Bad day, pet?” a voice smirked out from the darkness of the tunnel. Buffy groaned as she realized that her day just got worse.

Chapter Thirty-Eight:

Buffy lunged in the darkest and threw Spike up against the wall. “What the hell are you doing here,” she yelled, dropping the blonde vampire on the ground.

“I am sensing more than the usual type of hostility, slayer. What’s got your panties in a bunch? Hey, who is the new Scooby?” he asked looking at Gunn.

“Don’t bother.” Xander pushed down the stake in Gunn’s hand. “He is defanged and pretty much washed up as the lethal type. Now he just shows up all of the time like a bad penny to annoy us, isn’t that right, oh impotent one?”

Spike shot Xander a nasty look.

“Spike, what are you doing here. Don’t tell me you are helping that screwy old lunatic raise the ‘all powerful immortal’. If you are, I will stake you,” she promised. “Hell, I might just do it anyway.”

“My, aren’t we testy,” the blonde vampire cracked.

Buffy moved aggressively towards the vampire. “Hey,” Spike stepped back. “I am here just to see what all the fuss is about. Harm has been going on and on about some old mortal offering tons of money to the local vamp population to help in some sort of diabolical plan. Would that be your screwy old lunatic? I guess that makes this mighty immortal person, the diabolical plan.”

“Spike, what do you know about it?” Buffy demanded.

“What, I said. And that the sinister bad thing is to happen tonight in the underground cavern at the end of this tunnel.”

“The cavern is here?” Buffy started to take off in the direction of where he pointed.

“No one’s home. The shindig doesn’t begin until after sunrise. I imagine the party goers won’t be showing up for a few hours,” called the blonde vampire.

“Hey, vamp,” Gunn called. “How did you get here? The boyfriend said that the sewers don’t reach out to the caves.”

“They don’t, but there is a tunnel.”

“Cool.” Gunn whipped out his cell phone.

“Buffy, I think our 20 minutes are up,” interrupted Xander.

The slayer nodded. “Come on Spike, you are coming with us.”

“Angel,” Gunn said into the phone. “The cavern is here and there is tunnel access.” Gunn turned to Spike. “Blondie, where is the access tunnel?”

“Angel? The poof is in Sunnydale? Poor little slayer, no wonder your panties are all tied up in little knots,” laughed Spike.

Chapter Thirty-Nine:

Buffy, Xander, Gunn, along with a sullen Spike joined up with the rest of the gang in the small, main cave.

“Buffy, we have been…Spike? What is he doing here?” questioned the former watcher/librarian.

Duncan looked intently at the vampire that was forced to join them. Methos leaned over and whispered,”Whatever it is Mac, not now.” The Highlander slowly nodded.

“We found him scurrying around in the tunnels,” the slayer explained. “The underground cavern is back through there.” Buffy pointed to the tunnel they had just came from.

“Did you see any vampires, other than him?” Riley asked.

“No, Spike says that it is empty and that the bad guys won’t be here until sundown.”

“Just what do you have to do with all of this?” questioned Giles.

“Nothing, I was just curious to see what all the hype was about.”

“You do know that curiosity killed the kitty, don’t you,” commented Xander.

“Good thing that I am not a bleedin cat then, now isn’t it?” the blonde vampire retorted.

“Giles, the plan?” Buffy asked, ignoring the vampire.

“I suggest we go to the site and prepare a ambush for when St. John and the vampires do show up.”

The others nodded in agreement and headed towards the tunnel. Gunn hung back. “You all go on. Blondie here is going to show me where to meet Angel and Cordelia.”

“I am?”

“Yes, you are,” ordered Gunn.

“Fine,” Spike grumbled in disgust. Before he turned to follow Gunn, he couldn’t resist a final snipe at the slayer. It was one of the few pleasures left in his life. “Hey, slayer, how does your soldier boytoy feel about the return of your ex-undead boyfriend?”

Spike laughed at the expression on Buffy’s face. He could no longer cause her any physical pain, but he could still have some fun making her miserable. “Ouch, is Peaches homecoming causing just a teensy bit of tension?”

“Come on, vampire. Let’s go.” Gunn pulled Spike from the seething slayer.


“Spike? The Billy Idol want to be of the dead set, the other half the dastardly, deranged love couple is helping the Scooby Gang?” Cordelia asked Willow in disbelief. Angel had just hung up the phone with Gunn.

“Sort of,” Willow shrugged. “He doesn’t really like to, but well, the only things he can fight are demons and Giles pays him. Spike is okay. He just gets a little grumpy about the no biting human thing.”

“Right,” said the brunette immortal, rolling her eyes. “Angel?”

“Spike is in the caves, so there must be tunnel access,” reasoned the vampire.

“But how can we trust him?” Wesley inquired worriedly.

“I am sure he is telling the truth. Buffy may not stake him, but he knows she will pound him to almost dust, if he lies,” reassured the witch.

Angel turned to Wesley. “Get some blankets and open the trunk. Willow get the items you need for your spell. Cordelia?”

Cordelia shrugged, picking up her coat and sword. “Okay, let’s go and cause some major damage to evil watcher’s stupid scheme.”

Chapter Forty:

Angel under the cover of several smoking blankets made it safely from the trunk of the car to the access tunnel. Soon, everybody joined him in the dark underground passage.

“Angel, man. Over here,” called Gunn’s voice from the blackness. Angel turned and saw the young man and Spike clearly in the darkness. Spike was leaning up against the wall of the tunnel lightening a cigarette.

“Poof,” Spike said taking a drag.

“Spike,” Angel said guardedly.

Spike leaned up from the wall when he noticed Cordelia standing close to Angel’s side.

“Well, Well, this is interesting and I must say it puts a whole new spin on the Slayer’s testy mood,” he commented raising his eyebrows in a smirk. “You and the cheerleader are doing the bedroom tango,” he chuckled. “Eww, I am sorry cheerleader, Peaches still has that obnoxious soul thing. I guess you just can’t get that happy thing going. But don’t worry; if it’s a real vampire you want, I am sure that you can make some happy time with me,” he leered at the beautiful brunette.

“Shut up, you defanged sorry excuse for a dead guy. I will have you know that Angel and I…” Cordelia blushed, she couldn’t believe it, she had just been about to defend her and Angel’s sex life. God, she was starting to sound like Xander’s h—- ex-demon girlfriend. “Shut up. Don’t we have some place to be,” she said angrily brushing past the laughing vampire.

Spike was about to comment again, when he was suddenly and forcibly thrown up against the wall. “YOU, will not go near her,” the dark vampire growled, his game face flickering on and off.

“Is that a little bit of grandpappy Angelus, I see,” Spike choked.

“No,” Angel said silkily as he dropped the blonde vampire to the ground. “Angelus is gone for good, but he did leave some of his unique talents behind.” Angel grabbed Spike’s hand and jerked him up until he was face to face with the blonde. “She is mine,” he growled. “Touch her, bother her and you are dust, defanged are not.”

“Gee, Peaches, I get it.”

Spike brushed off his duster and turned to Willow who had been watching the confrontation. “What’s the deal with the souled poof and the cheerleader?”

“They are in love. His soul is permanent, no more happy clause, but he seems to get a little Angelus-like when Cordelia is threatened, badmouthed or even joked. It is kind of scary.”

“Scary, it’s kind of cool. The poof is getting his edge back.”

Willow shook her head at the smiling vampire. “Where are the others?” the witch asked deciding to ignore Spike’s last comment.

Chapter 41

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Chapter Twenty-Nine:

“Okay, does anyone know what is going on? And why is Angel really scaring me right now?” asked Willow.

“I don’t know, but…” Giles stopped as he heard the clash of steel outside. “But I think we better find out.” Giles went to the door. Willow, Xander and Anya followed quickly.

Riley went to Buffy. “Are you coming?”

“I…give me a minute, please. This is important.”

“More important than a supposed friend possibly getting beheaded out there, more important than an ‘all powerful immortal’, more important than us?” he asked pointedly.


“Whatever,” he said leaving the blonde staring at the vampire.

Buffy barely registered that her boyfriend had left the shop angry and hurt. She went to where Angel was standing by the door. The vampire was standing still against the door jam away from the sunbeams that streamed in. His eyes were closed and his hands clenched in fists.

“Angel,” she said softly. “Angel,” she said louder getting no response. “Angel, what did Cordelia mean about me not holding your soul. I mean our love…it’s me, right?”

The vampire opened his eyes, which flickered from deep brown to yellow. His demon wanted to throw the annoying girl up against the wall, anything to stop her from distracting it from the sound of Cordelia’s rapid heartbeat. Angel struggled with his demon.

He had loved Buffy once, and at one time he had thought she would hold his heart forever; so, he forced down his demon and turned to her human faced.

“Buffy, you do not hold my soul. At one time, you did hold my heart. And I am truly grateful that you allowed me to love you…but if you don’t leave me alone right now, I will kill you,” his demon said taking control.

“You are not Angel,” she cried.

“I am Angel, the vampire with a soul who is destined to live my life with that beautiful, brave girl out there. She is the one that holds my heart and my soul, forever, now leave me alone,” he growled searching for Cordelia’s heart beat.

Angel closed his eyes in relief as heard her rapidly beating heart. She was still alive.

Chapter Thirty:

Outside the shop, Cordelia and the immortal were engaged in a fierce sword battle in the middle of the street. Their swords clashing in constant movement.

The mercenary immortal had taken the offensive almost immediately, lunging and striking at Cordelia. Cordelia fought off his assaults, bringing her sword up to block each of his blows easily.

Cordelia was amazed at how the sword felt in her hand. Cordelia merely had to think of where she wanted it and the blade seemed to fly there under it’s own power. It was not long before, the other immortal was on the defensive. The force of Cordelia’s blows pushed him back.

The crowd from the magic shop watched in amazement.

“Things like this can only happen in Sunnydale,” said Willow in awe.

Giles leaned over to Wesley,”What exactly has Cordelia become?”

“I told you, she is an immortal.”

“But, how?”

“Not now!” Wesley said roughly, intent on the battle before him.

Cordelia attacked the other immortal with strength and confidence. She didn’t know if her confidence came from the Druid sword or from the left over adrenaline from her fight with Buffy, or from Angel’s anger. Cordelia could feel the vampire’s rage at the other immortal.

Angel’s anger coursed through her, combining with her own; and the sword seemed to channel that energy to make every one of her strokes more effective and deadly. Soon, the immortal for hire was forced to his knees. Cordelia positioned her sword against his neck.

“Tell me, where is St. John? Is it to be tonight? Tell me,” Cordelia demanded pushing her blade into his neck until drops of blood appeared around the point.

“Die, wondering,” he said pulling a dagger from his boot and throwing it into Cordelia’s stomach.

Cordelia staggered back, her free hand going to the bleeding wound. She looked at the immortal in surprise and disgust. “That’s cheating. And you are so not going to get away with it,” she said swinging her sword with a sudden burst of strength.

“Please tell me, she isn’t. Oh goddess, she is,” whispered Willow. The witch cringed in shock as Cordelia with one strong blow severed the immortal’s head from his shoulders.

“Cheaters never win,” Cordelia said softly waiting for the quickening.

The sunlit sky darkened as blue streaks of lightening surged around and through the young immortal’s body. Cordelia’s body shook from the energy pulsating through it and jerked into the air. She fell to the ground as the last energy bolt disappeared.

Wesley and Duncan ran to the young girl struggling to get up. This time Wesley reached her first.

“Cordy,” he asked gently.

She looked at him and smiled at his expression of friendship and concern.

“I am fine.”

“Your injury?” he asked.

“Healed.” She looked around at the crowd gathered. She saw pride and compassion on the other immortals’ faces. She, also saw looks of shock, awe and some disbelief on the faces of the first time witness’ to an immortal’s battle and the quickening.

Cordelia shrugged at their expressions and ran back into the magic shop.

Chapter Thirty-One:

Angel knew when the battle was over. He knew the Cordelia had won, he sensed the surge of power that went through her body as the quickening took over. He could hear and feel her heart beat increase in pace and strength until he thought it would burst.

Slowly, he felt the pounding of her heart return to a state of normal excitement.

Angel stood completely still as he watched Cordelia run into the room and stop a few feet in front of him.

“Angel,” Cordelia begged in need and exhilaration.

Angel’s previous feeling of rage was immediately replaced by the overwhelming feelings of love and possessiveness. His demon visage wavered on his countenance. The demon in him, could not, would not be satisfied until he had her in his arms.

In a blink of an eye, Angel in game face crushed the young immortal onto his body. Without a word, Cordelia grabbed the vampire and pulled his lips and fangs to her mouth. So, intent on claiming each other, neither noticed the look of outrage on the blonde slayer’s face or the astonished faces of Giles, Xander and Willow as they entered the shop. Though, actually, Willow’s expression was more speculative than shocked.

Wesley entered the shop after the others, still wired up by the intense emotions he had just experienced. The former watcher looked at his co-workers locked in their passionate embrace, oblivious to everybody, but each other. Then he noticed the expressions of those gathered around the couple.

“Ummph, Angel, Cordelia.”

“Angel, Cordelia,” he called again, this time louder. They didn’t notice him. Wesley turned to the group of Sunnydalers. “Sometimes, they get like this,” he said apologetically. “Cordelia, Angel,” he tried again.

“Sometimes!” Gunn chuckled, “How about all of the time?”

Wesley glared at his friend. “Angel, Cordelia,” he shouted.

“What, Wes?” Angel growled.

“What? How about you two are not alone? How about St. John is still out there? How about we haven’t found the cave, yet? And don’t growl at me,” he yelled at his vampire friend.

“Wesley,” Cordelia started to whine.

“Don’t you start, Cordelia. I thought we had an agreement, no displays of public affection, when evil things are afoot.”

Cordelia stuck her tongue out at the former watcher, then quickly brought it back into her mouth as she finally noticed the roomful of people.

“Oh, gee, I guess, you’ll are kind of wondering what’s up? Uh?” she said tentatively clutching at Angel’s hand.

Chapter Thirty-Two:

“You did this,” cried Buffy, grabbing Cordelia by the arm and yanking her from Angel. The vampire growled.

“Angel, don’t. I can handle this.”

“What have you done to him?” Buffy exclaimed, seeing how the vampire calmed immediately at the brunette’s request.

“What did I do to him? Do you mean Angel or the headless guy outside. The headless guy, I killed. Angel, I have made happy,” Cordelia yelled breaking the slayer’s grasp.

“Happy?! You turned him, you slut. That’s why he is all ‘grry’ and tried to kill Xander!” Buffy lunged at the young immortal.

Quicker than anyone in the room thought possible, Cordelia unsheathed her sword and pointed it to the slayer’s neck. “Whoa, bitch,” she said in quiet rage.

Angel wasn’t sure what to do. His first real love and the love of his life seemed about ready to kill each other. But, if he interrupted what he knew was to be a tirade from Cordelia, he would have to deal with an angry lover later.

But, if he didn’t interfere then…then, he thought, he wouldn’t have to deal with a pissed Cordelia. His decision made, Angel stepped back from the angry young women. After all, he justified, Cordelia wouldn’t actually kill the slayer and he was quick enough to stop Buffy, if it looked like the slayer was going to hurt Cordelia.

Though, he thought with pride, looking at the enraged immortal, he didn’t think that could happen.

With her sword touching the slayer’s throat, Cordelia continued quietly, “Angelus is gone. Angel’s soul was bound months ago. He went all ‘grry’ on Xander, because loser-boy is ‘grr-worthy’. Get over yourself, Miss I-will-kick-anybody’s-ass’. You are not the one foretold in the prophecy. I am. I am the immortal seer that holds the undead warrior’s soul and though, not mentioned in the stupid old books, also his heart,non beating or otherwise, forever.

That’s right me, Cordelia Chase, Queen C, bitch of Sunnydale, useless, selfish Cordy. Now, back off,” she exclaimed coldy, sheathing her sword.

Cordelia took a deep breath. “Can we NOW PLEASE look for the stupid, friggin cave. If the headless guy outside was right, the spell will occur tonight. I would really like to get back home. Oh, and someone should get rid of the body, Sunnyhell or not, somebody might trip over the corpse.” she said to the stunned room.

Chapter Thirty-Three:

No one spoke. During Cordelia and Buffy’s confrontation, the others had moved to opposite sides of the room. The Sunnydale group was on one side and the LA gang was standing together along the opposite wall. The members of each faction were staring warily at the two women and each other.

Giles looked over at Buffy, worried about her reaction to not only having a sword pointed to her throat by Cordelia; but also, at finding out that Angel had a permanent soul and that he had chosen to be with Cordelia.

While Giles, knew that Buffy had moved on with her life, he also knew that Buffy considered her first love, the love of her young life. She had been forced to accept that she and Angel could not be together because of the threat of Angelus. But Buffy had also believed that if it weren’t for the curse, they would have been together. And a part of her always thought that Angel would love her and only her, forever.

Giles went to the young girl. “Buffy, we have to stop the emergence of the immortal,” he said gently. She looked at him, her eyes filled with bitterness.

“All of us,” he said louder to the separate groups. “We have to work together, if we are to succeed. Whatever issues have been brought out today- are right now-, not as important as stopping the spell.

Whatever the issues,” he said directing his attention to Angel, Cordelia, Buffy and Riley. Giles had noticed that the ex-commando had placed himself slightly away from the Sunnydale crowd, his face expressionless as he watched Buffy.

“Giles is right.” Willow took Buffy by her hand and led her to the couch. “Buffy, lets sit down,” she said kindly. Xander and Anya gathered around the slayer, offering her their support.

Cordelia rolled her eyes and said in a low tone that only Angel could hear,” Little Miss Slay Happy goes all postal on me and she is now the fragile one. Things have not changed and they never will,” she said disgustingly.

“Cordy, Giles is right, we all need to work together,” the vampire whispered.

“I know,” she said resignedly.

Angel grabbed the young immortal’s hand. “I love you.”

Chapter Thirty-Four:

“Cordelia,” Wesley called to the young immortal. “Your vision, describe the cave again.”

“Cave- dark, dank, dreary, and big. What? You want more?”

“Please,” he rolled his eyes.

“Ummph,” she plopped down on the chair trying to picture the cave in her mind. “It was dark, dank and dreary…”

“You said that all ready,” interrupted Gunn.

“Well, it was. Let’s see, it was big, big enough to hold one of those nationwide Amway conventions, but it was filled with ‘grr’ guys rather than obnoxious stepford salesguys.

“Cordelia, how many, um, ‘grr’ guys,” asked Giles.

“About twenty or thirty,” she answered. “Several tunnels hooked up to the main room. It had an altar on one side. With those, you know, witchy type pots on either side.”

“Cauldrons,” interjected Willow.

“Yeah, right, there were flames shooting out of the pots. Actually, the fire kind of made it less dark, dank and dreary. The flames sort of bounced off the red walls and made it all orange and glowy. You know, it was more eerie, than dreary.”

“Red walls?” interrupted Angel.

“Yeah, you know that yucky reddish clay stuff. The stuff that gets all oozy when wet, it’s like impossible to get out of clothes, gross.”

“Cordelia, when were you going to tell us about the red walls?”

“I just did.”

“Cordy, how many times do we have to tell you, we need to know everything about your visions,” snapped Wesley. “Not just what you deem to be important.”

“Don’t get snippish with me, I do tell you everything,” she retorted.

“Oh yeah,” Wesley called back.

“Oh, that is so not right. All I said was that the demon looked nasty. You, Mr. Intellectual- boring guy, wrote down that it was a nasty type. It was not my fault that one of the good guys was killed.” She glared at the former watcher.

“Guys,” yelled Angel.

“How is it that Jr. Tweed boy can badmouth Cordy and no one tries to pummel him,” whispered Xander.

“Because, they are family,” Willow stated in sudden insight. “Look at them.” She gestured to the trio of Angel, Cordelia and Wesley. The former watcher and seer were bickering back and forth, while Angel tried to referee.

“Guys, shut up,” Angel yelled again. “Focus. The cave, the prophecy, please,” he demanded.

Cordelia grimaced and sat down. “What’s the big deal about red walls, anyway,” she grumbled.

“I don’t see it. They hate each other,” commented Xander.

“No, they don’t.” Willow finally saw what the others refused to see. Angel, Cordelia and Wesley were connected to each other in a way, that they never had been with anyone in Sunnydale. It was obvious that they cared about each other, just like it was obvious that Angel and Cordelia truly loved each other.

“Whatever,” interrupted a still bitter slayer.

“Buffy, I am sorry, but they are a family. And Cordy and Angel are really together.” She paused. “Buffy, what about Riley?”


“Yes, he couldn’t have been too thrilled with all of this,” Willow softly answered.

“Oh god,” the slayer whispered looking for her boyfriend.

Riley walked into the middle of the room in response to Cordelia’s question.

“The red walls may be important. The ground around the south cliffs is coated with red clay. It is unique. The cave must be to the south.”

Chapter 35

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The Prophesy. 23-28   1 comment

Chapter Twenty-Three:

“Cordy is here? Where is she?” Willow asked excitedly. Giles, Buffy and Xander looked at her disbelievingly.

“What? We haven’t seen her in awhile and I want to know how the spell came out.”

“What spell?” asked Buffy.

“The Dennis spell, of course,” she said. “Oh wait, I didn’t tell you about…”

“Wait, does Cordy, the former leader of the famed Cordettes need spells now to get a guy. Wait, I am not surprised..she is a …”

“Well, good now that everyone is here,” Wesley said loudly to cover up Angel’s growl. “About the prophecy..”

“Yes, the prophecy,” Giles repeated, staring at the vampire. He could have sworn that he heard Angel growl.

This is not good, Methos thought, as he heard Angel’s growl and noticed Duncan getting irate. He looked at Wesley. Wesley nodded and moved closer to the vampire and Methos moved closer to the Highlander.

“But, where is Cordelia?” asked Willow looking around.

“She is in the…the powder room,” answered Giles.

“Figures, that’s our Cordy. Always concerned with the important things,’Oh how does my hair look, is my make up perfect?’ nevermind that the world is about to end,” Xander quipped. Buffy giggled at Xander’s impression of Cordelia.

Wesley and Methos quickly moved in front of their respective charges, effectively blocking Angel and Duncan’s paths towards the joking young man. Though if asked, both men would have had to acknowledge there own growing irritation with Xander and his comments at Cordelia’s expense.

Wesley and Methos were so intent on Angel and Duncan that they failed to notice that Gunn was, also, getting annoyed. The young street kid thought that is was one thing for Wesley or him to tease or even make fun of Cordelia, but this guy. Who did he think he was.

Gunn moved closer to Xander. “I don’t know who you are, but I suggest you shut up.”

“Hey,” Buffy moved towards Gunn. “Just who do you think you are?”

“I think I am friend of Cordelia’s and one of the guys that are going to help save your little girly butt.”

Riley moved aggressively towards Gunn. Wesley looked questioningly at Angel. Angel shrugged. He didn’t doubt that Gunn could take the soldier boy and Xander for that matter, he smiled. But not Buffy, he reminded himself as he stepped forward.

“Cool it,” Willow yelled into the tense room. “Jeez, stop with all the testosterone, all of you. Wesley, where is Cordelia?”

Chapter Twenty-Four:

“Hi, Willow,” a hesitant voice said from the doorway.

Willow turned and saw Cordelia. “Cordy,” she exclaimed embracing the nervous young immortal. “How are you? How is Dennis?” she asked happily.

Cordelia was surprised by the witch’s enthusiastic greeting. She gave a shocked look towards Angel. He smiled. Cordelia laughed and returned the witch’s hug. “Dennis is great, but Wesley is annoyed,” she giggled.

“Oh, I get it now, Dennis was just some guy to make Mr. Jr. Tweed guy jealous,” exclaimed Xander.

This time Methos jumped in front of both Angel and Wesley and grabbed Duncan’s arm to stop the trio from charging the young kid.

Giles looked again at the vampire. This time he was sure heard a growl. What the hell was going on, he wondered, worriedly.

Unfortunately, Methos had not noticed Gunn getting closer to Xander, until it was too late. Methos rolled his eyes as he saw the street kid punch the young man sharply in the ribs.

“Oww,” Xander yelled in pain and incomprehension as he fell to the floor. Anya jumped on Gunn with a scream.

“Stop! Angel, guys…GUNN,” yelled Cordelia as Gunn flipped the ex-demon over his head.

“Like I asked before, who in the hell do you think you are? You can’t just come in here a start throwing my friends around,” the slayer yelled moving quickly towards Gunn.

“Whoa, Buffy,” Cordelia moved into her path holding her hand up. “Let’s everyone take a deep breath moment and kill the overdrive of adrenaline. Gunn, put a cap on that testerone rush you seem to be having.”

“Sure, when she tells her ‘friends’ to stop badmouthing my ‘friends’,” the street kid answered angrily.

“Oh, that is so sweet and unnecessary,” she smiled at him. “But, please, like loser boy here could actually badmouth anyone, he just likes to pretend he is oh so witty.”

“My boyfriend is not a loser and he is witty. And he gives great orgasms,” defended Anya.

“Uh, Anya…” Xander blushed.

“Yeah, right, maybe to himself and I repeat for the deluded in the room, maybe,” Cordelia quickly retorted.

“You are just jealous that he loves me and you aren’t getting any orgasms.”

Cordelia stared at the ex-vengeance demon for a moment and then burst out laughing. “Oh god, loser-boy may not be funny, but you are funny, seriously wrong, but way-out there funny,” she giggled wiping the tears from her eyes. Cordelia gasped trying to catch her breath.

The Sunnydale crowd stared in shock and surprise at the laughing girl. Methos moved away from Angel and Duncan, satisfied for the time being anyway, there would be no violence from that quarter.

Cordelia finally caught her breath and turned to Wesley. “So, I take it you haven’t told the home team why were are here?”

“No, actually, he hasn’t and if everyone is calmed down maybe he could? Or some one could?” Giles took off his glasses and rubbed his head.

“Yes, well if there is no more interruptions.” Wesley glared at Xander.

“What, he started it,” Xander whined pointing at Gunn.

“Xander, shh,” Willow whispered.

Chapter Twenty-Five:

“Thank you, Willow. We have discovered a prophecy which calls for the raising or an emergence of an ‘all powerful immortal’ here in Sunnydale.”

“What type?” asked Giles.

Wesley explained about the Druid priest, Fergus and his desire to create an immortal.

Buffy was barely listening. She had moved to sit next to Riley, but she kept glancing over at Angel. She noticed that he looked good, great in fact. He seemed to be different from when she last saw him. But then again, the last time she saw him, he was blaming himself for Cordelia’s death. So, of course he would look different now, Cordelia hadn’t died, she had only been kidnapped.

Buffy was a little surprised that Angel hadn’t even looked at her since their initial greeting. In fact, all of his attention seemed to be concentrated on the brunette sitting close to him.

She watched as Cordelia whispered something in his ear in response to something Wesley had been going on about. Buffy’s eyes widened at the sight of Angel’s smile to the girl. Oh my god, she suddenly realized that she had never seen Angel smile before. He was gorgeous. Riley noticed Buffy’s sudden intake of breath.

“Buffy, is everything okay?” he whispered.

“What, oh yeah,” she said startled.

“Have you been listening? He looked worriedly over at the vampire.

“Yes, evil immortal guy coming to Sunnydale to do bad things, like that is new,” she answered dragging her attention away from the sight of Angel and Cordelia and back to Wesley’s lecture.

“So, how do I kill the bad guy?” Buffy asked out loud to Wesley.

Chapter Twenty-Six:

“Well, actually you don’t,” Wesley answered.

“Letting the bad evil guys live, is not really in my job description.”

“You are the vampire slayer…”

“Gee, did you learn that in watcher’s school… duh,” interrupted Buffy. “How do I kill it?”

Wesley took a deep breath and tried again. “The prophecy describes the being that has the ability to kill the ‘all powerful immortal’ and it is not the slayer. What we need from you, from all of you, is help on finding where the spell is to be cast. It would be best, if we find the cave before the ritual’s incantation thereby stopping St. John. That way there won’t be an ‘all powerful immortal’ or a need to destroy it,” Wesley finished, looking at Cordelia.

“Of course, it would be best to stop the emergence of the immortal, but if we can’t, Buffy should know how to defeat it,” Giles said firmly.

“Again, she can’t defeat it,” said a frustrated Wesley.

“Oh, yeah?” retorted Buffy.

“Yeah,” Wesley shot back. “The ‘all powerful immortal’ can only be killed by the Druid Sword…

“Hey, we just need to get the sword, then Buffy can kill it,” yelled Xander. “Do we know where it is?”

“Yes, one of Cordelia’s visions led us to the sword.

“Wow, who would have thought it? Cordy does have some uses after all,” smirked Xander at his ex-girlfriend sitting on the couch.

Cordelia turned to Angel. “I told you…”

Before Cordelia could even complete her sentence, the vampire was up, across the room holding Xander by the throat against the wall.

The Sunnydale group still in shock as Angel in game face squeezed the boy’s throat. The LA gang or at least the men stood around and watched with interest and some enjoyment.

“Angelus,” Buffy whispered fearfully.

“No, don’t be stupid,” Cordelia said ignoring the shocked looks and went over to the vampire.
“Angel, put him down. He is harmless, annoying, but harmless. Now, get the ‘grr’ face off,” she chided gently.

With a low growl, Angel dropped the gasping boy.

Xander gulped for air and scooted closer to the wall, away from the vampire. “Dead boy tried to kill me,” he choked.

“Don’t be so melodramatic, if Angel wanted you dead, you would be dead. And don’t call him dead boy,” Cordelia commanded.

But, he is…” Buffy said softly.

“No, he is not Angelus. Xander just made him mad, that’s all.” Cordelia corrected. “Can we please get on with this? We are wasting time. We need to find out which dark hole St. John has set up shop. It would have to be large enough to hold a small army of nasty type ‘grr’ guys,” she said ignoring the still stunned expressions on the Sunnydale crowd’s faces.

Chapter Twenty-Seven:

“What we need to know is why…um…Angel…is acting strangely,…he just tried to kill Xander,” demanded a still shocked Giles.

“Angel is fine,” answered Wesley confidently.

“Yeah, it would only be strange, real strange, if he didn’t want to kill the big mouth over there,” retorted Gunn.

“Guys, please. Angel didn’t try to kill Xander,” commented Cordelia going over to the vampire. “Angel, don’t do that again, okay. I can handle Xander,” she said in a low voice only he could hear.

Angel nodded and smiled softly at Cordelia. “I have my soul. Just tell Xander to stop wasting our time by making such inane comments, then everything will be fine.”

“Yes, well now that has been taken care of, we still need to find the cave,” Methos interjected.

“Taken care of?” Buffy asked incredulously. “Just who are you?”

“Me? I am with them,” he said evasively, pointing to Angel and Cordelia. “The cave…it really is important.”

“Do you know how the immortal is to be defeated,” the slayer asked.

“Yes, and Wesley is right, it’s not the slayer.”

“Then who can defeat it? You?” she demanded trying to figure out Methos and the other quiet stranger’s role in all of this.

“Good lord no, I am here, along with Duncan for moral strength and physical if need be, which the longer we wait to find the cave the more likely the physical stuff will be needed.” The immortal sighed wishing he was back in London.

He had spent the last thousand years of his life avoiding trouble and now these kids and their prophecies were going to be the death of him or at least cause him to loose his sanity. “Look, if I tell how the immortal can be defeated can we start looking for the cave?”

“Please,” answered Giles.

“Fine, the ‘all powerful immortal’ can only be killed by another immortal. That immortal must have the ability of a seer and she must hold the soul of the undead warrior. The ‘undead’warrior, would be the vampire with a soul, Angel, for those of you that are a little slow. Satisfied, the cave?”

“But that is me,” cried Buffy.

“Excuse me.” Methos looked at the girl.

“You said, she- well I am a girl.”

“True and a very pretty one, who I am sure is quite good at slaying vampires, but…”

“And,” Buffy interrupted getting angry at Methos’ condensing tone. “The spirit of the first slayer is eternal, you know, immortal.”

“I have always taken a more literal view of the immortal thing, but go on.” Methos was interested in how the blonde was going to rationalize the rest.

“I have dreams that prophesize about things and…well, then there is Angel.”

“I get the dreams part, but the Angel part, you are going to have to explain.”

“Come on, I even get that. Buffy, Angel, the forbidden love thing, the soul thing,” exclaimed Xander.

“Sh, Xander,” Willow said looking at a distraught Riley.

Cordelia had had enough. “So, let’s see. Buffy thinks she is the one because she is from a long line of stake happy females and, ooh, she has dreams, but best yet, because she caused Angel to lose his soul way back when. Have I got it?”

“Well, Cordy, there was that whole Angelus thing, you know, and well the other stuff is true.” Willow said quietly.

Cordelia turned on the blonde slayer. “So you think you hold the undead warrior’s soul. What about his heart? Oh right, you have that too. Once you have Buffy, you can never go back, uh. Tell me, miss little slay happy, how does GI Riley feel about all of this?”

Buffy glanced at Riley. “Oh Riley, I am sorry, but..but Angel’s soul…”

“You do not hold,” Cordelia yelled. “Maybe at one time you had the ability to lose it for him, but you never had the power to bind it. And I wouldn’t feel so special about giving him the ‘big happy’, that could have been accomplished by any tramp with a dose of happy drugs.”

“Cordy,” Angel said softly.

“No, Angel. I know you loved her once, but I am sick and tired of her self-centered belief that the world revolves around…Shit,” she said going for her bag under the chair.

Chapter Twenty-Eight:

Duncan and Methos already had their swords drawn and faced the door.

“Cordelia, go into the other room, I will face him,” Duncan ordered.


“Do it, now.”

“Cordelia go. You can’t take the risk,” agreed Methos.

Cordelia stood with her sword at her side. “You can’t interfere. He came for me.”

“And he won’t get you,” growled Angel. “Wesley take Cordelia out the back,” he ordered.

Wesley nodded vigorously. “Come on, Cordelia.”

“No,” she shook off the former watcher.

“Does anyone else think that this is really weird,” asked Xander. He jumped as the front door was kicked in. Buffy moved to the door, stake in hand.

The strange immortal looked at the slayer. “Sorry, I am not a vampire,” he smiled looking past her. “Ah, there you are Ms. Chase, it is time. Let’s play.” He beckoned the young immortal out into the sunlight.

Duncan stepped in front of Cordelia.

“Highlander, it is good to know that chivalry isn’t dead. But, it has no place here and now. I will meet you soon enough, but not today. You know the rules.”

“I am challenging you.”

“That’s nice, but later. Mine comes first. Ms. Chase,” he beckoned to the girl, again.

“NO,” Angel growled standing out of the sunlight.

“Yes, well, you have nothing to say in this. Just wait inside like a good vampire. You will know soon enough when the girl is dead, don’t worry. It’s a real shame that you can’t come outside in the sun and enjoy the sights, isn’t,” he laughed.

“If…you live, I will strip the skin from your flesh inch by inch, until you are nothing but a bloody mass of flesh…”

“Yes, I know, then you will rip my head off. But see, you have to get to me first. And face it, vampire, you just aren’t coming outside.” The immortal stood back further into the sunlight.

“I will hunt you down,” Angel growled in game face.

“You will have to find me first. And come sundown, you will be a little busy. Ms. Chase let’s go.”

Cordelia stepped past Angel. “You know where St. John is, don’t you?”


“Tell me,” she demanded.

“Whoa, a different time, a different place, less money, I would love to have you try to seduce it out of me, you really are gorgeous,” he winked at her. “Come on, we are wasting time.”

“Yes, we are,” she agreed.

“Will some one please,explain to me, what is going on? Why does have Cordelia have a sword and why does it look like she has just been challenged to a duel of some sort?” asked Giles.

“Cordelia is an immortal, that other immortal has just challenged her, if he takes her head then she is dead,” Wesley said quickly going to the door.

“That didn’t really help any,” Giles said after the other watcher.

“Cordelia is an immortal, like she can live forever? Oh god, that is a frightening thought.” Xander shivered in mock disgust. “Hey wait a minute, she can’t fight. She never fights. And with a sword? She will be too worried about her nails.”

Angel turned to Xander in full vamp mode and said silkily. “You are a waste of space. I would suggest that you go sit in that corner and remain quiet, because if I hear another word from you I will rip your tongue from you mouth and slowly, but expertly cause you great pain,” he growled smiling.

“Angelus,” he stuttered.

“No, worse,” Angel growled as he moved as close as he could to the sun filled doorway.

“Wesley, go.”

Wesley had remained in the doorway torn between staying with Angel or going to Cordelia.

“Go,” Angel ordered. “And Wesley if he kills her, don’t let the immortal’s have him, bring him back to me,” he growled.

Wesley nodded and ran out to the others. He successfully blocked out the thought that he just might have agreed to help Angelus torture someone, again.

Chapter 29

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Chapter Seventeen:

Methos walked back into the room and looked expectantly at the former watcher.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Suffice to say, that Angel is perfectly agreeable to Duncan being here.”

Methos just rolled his eyes and changed the subject. “Any luck?” The immortal sat down at the table.

“Maybe,” he said passing the book to Methos. “We were so busy concentrating on the physical items needed for the spell, that we missed the importance of the power source.”

“The power source? The power comes from the enchanted relics,” Methos commented as he started to read the passage.

“No, the relics are just conduits for the power.” Wesley got up and began to pace. “The priests were concerned with the ‘all powerful immortal’, but what if…what if they were also against Fergus’ plan because of the power source he would need to utilize to make the spell work. A power that the priests didn’t want utilized because if it was not properly contained, it in of itself could disrupt the natural order of things.

The spell calls for Fergus to harness that untapped power, the power of all the elements. For the spell to work, St. John would also need that power.” Wesley suddenly stopped. “Methos, you would agree that the Druid’s didn’t use the labels good or evil.” Wesley rushed on, not waiting for a response. “So, even if they were fearful of this untapped power they wouldn’t call it evil. They would just consider it a powerful force that had the potential of destroying the natural order of things.”

“You are talking in circles.”

“No. Just substitute ‘evil’ for ‘powerful force’ and…” Wesley trailed off, thinking.

“You would have an evil force if unleashed would have the potential of causing destruction to the natural order of things. So?”

“…substitute ‘world’ for ‘natural order’ and you would have…” Wesley’s eyes widened in sudden comprehension. “Damn,” he exclaimed running for the stairs.

Chapter Eighteen:

The sound of clashing steel rang through out the workout room. Each man was taking turns fighting with Cordelia.

“Shit,” exclaimed Gunn as he fell to the floor, again. Cordelia laughed as she placed her sword against his throat. “Not bad for a Barbie doll, uh.”

“Yeah, well swords are a stupid weapon. Give me hand to hand or stakes any day, ” he grumbled. Gunn limped over to where Angel was watching Duncan take up his sword against Cordelia.

“Wow, the Barbie doll is good,” Gunn said watching Cordelia fend off Duncan’s thrusts. Angel merely nodded and watched. Cordelia didn’t seem to be having any trouble handling the heavy sword. She moved it through the air like it was an extension of her arm. But, she wasn’t as good as the Highlander.

Cordelia stumbled and fell as Duncan’s sword swept past her defenses. She landed with a thump on the mat. She grimaced rubbing her backside as Duncan gently helped her up.

“Yes, she is good, but not good enough,” Angel said to Gunn. “Again,” he called to the immortals. Cordelia stuck her tongue out at Angel and resumed her fighting stance.

Gunn glanced at the vampire. “Um, Angel you seem to be handling that jealousy thing, better,” he commented.

Angel glared at the kid and was about to respond when he sensed Cordelia stumble. Oh shit, Gunn thought, as Angel lunged towards the girl pushing the Highlander across the room. Angel caught Cordelia as she fell.

The young immortal clutched her head in pain. It was just a vision, Gunn sighed in relief, for a minute there he thought Angel had finally lost it and was going for the immortal’s throat. Gunn and Duncan gathered around the vampire and the girl cradled in his arms.

“Sh, I’ve got you,” Angel whispered into Cordelia’s dark hair stroking her back. Finally, Cordelia stopped trembling.

Cordelia took her hands from her head and clutched at Angel’s shirt. “Angel, St. John is in…”

“Sunnydale. He needs the power of the Hellmouth,” Wesley yelled bursting into the room.

Chapter Nineteen:

“Sunnydale?” repeated Angel, once the group reconvened in the Library.

“Yes. The power source described in the text has to be the hellmouth.” Wesley explained his theory to the group. “For the spell to work, St. John must go to Sunnydale.”

“Cordelia, what did you see in your vision?” asked Angel.

“An old guy, who must be St. John, wearing a crazy robe and chanting something. The immortal was there, as well as, a bunch of ‘grr’ guys. They were in a cave. I don’t know which cave. But Wesley is right; they were in Sunnydale. I sensed that whatever is suppose to happen will happen soon. We have to go,” she said fidgeting.

“I better call Giles and tell them we are coming,” said Wesley.

Angel pulled Cordelia to him. “It will be okay, Cordelia.” Angel could her heart beat speed up and he could sense the tension in her body.

“No, it won’t be. I don’t want to go to Sunnydale. I hate Sunnydale,” she cried pushing away from the concerned vampire. “I can’t go.”

“What is wrong with Sunnydale? I mean other than the hellmouth thing.”

Cordelia looked at Gunn as if he had grown two heads. “Isn’t that enough,” she yelled. “It is the hell pit of the world. It is…Sunnydale.” It is where Buffy is, she cried to herself. It is where everyone thought of her as a vain, selfish and useless girl. It is where she had been all of those things. She couldn’t go back.

“Angel,” she cried, silently begging him to fix things so she wouldn’t have to go.

“Cordy, I can’t,” he said quietly.

Cordelia slumped in the chair, her knuckles turning white as she clenched her fists.

Wesley walked back into the room. “I talked to…” He stopped as he noticed Cordelia’s agitation. “What is wrong? Did Cordelia have another vision?” He asked Gunn in a low tone.

“No, she is freaking out about going to Sunnydale. All I did was ask what was wrong with the place. I thought it was her home.”

“Oh,” he said understandingly. “No, Sunnydale is not her home, it never was,” he answered ambiguously.

“I told Giles that we would be there before dawn.” Wesley had addressed the group, but his attention was on the apprehensive girl before him. “Cordelia?”

The room was silent waiting for her answer. Get a grip, she said to herself. It was just Sunnydale. Just Sunnydale, she thought, and started to panic.

Stop it, she yelled to herself. Cordelia opened her eyes and stood up. “I will be ready,” she said quietly and headed for the stairs.

Angel felt her fear and insecurity and resolve. At that moment, he wished could rip out the throats of everyone in that stupid town that had ever hurt her.

“Wesley and I are going to Sunnydale with Cordelia. But, none of the rest of you need to.”

“I am going.” Duncan said softly, but forcibly.


Methos looked at his friend. “Might as well see this thing to the finish,” he shrugged.

“Same for me. Anyway, Cordelia said that she saw a lot of vamps. And killing vamps is what I do,” answered Gunn.

Angel nodded. “Wesley, pack up everything that you think we will need from the weapons cabinet. Be ready to leave in an hour,” Angel ordered before heading up the stairs to Cordelia.

“So, what’s the deal with the Barbie doll and her old hometown?” Gunn asked the former watcher.

“Cordelia will be fine,” he said without answering the young kid’s question.

Chapter Twenty:

The shower was running when Angel entered the bedroom. He glanced at the duffel bags and clothes thrown over the bed.

Cordelia leaned up against the shower wall willing herself to get a grip. She counted to ten and reminded herself that she was an immortal with a sword that she knew how to use; that she was useful; that she was smart; and that Angel loved her. She could do this.

She opened her eyes as Angel entered the bathroom.

“I’ll be ready. I just felt all stinky after the workout,” she smiled. A smile that Angel knew was false.

“We have time,” he said pulling off his clothes. “Move over, I’m feeling all stinky, too.” Angel started to get in the shower behind Cordelia.

“Vampires’s don’t sweat.”

“Still feel stinky, though.” Angel squeezed some shower gel on the bath sponge.


“Mmmm,” he said rubbing the sponge along Cordelia’s tense shoulders.

“I don’t want to go. I don’t see why LA can’t have it’s own hellmouth. There is a lot of evil here. I bet big old evil law firm could have hooked St. John up with the power he needed. Shoot, I bet they are just sitting on some nasty pit to hell. I am mean why do we have to go to Sunnydale?”

“Because, we do,” he chuckled kneading her back muscles. They were both silent; Cordelia leaned into Angel’s touch. His fingers felt wonderful, but she still couldn’t relax. “They are not going to believe that I can help.”

Angel knew that she was thinking about Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang. “Yes, they will.”

“Who are you kidding. I can hear it now, ‘What? Cordelia. How is vain Cordelia, stupid Cordelia, bitchy Cordelia, useless Cordelia suppose to help?’.”

Angel forcibly turned Cordelia towards him, gently pushing the wet dark hair from her face. “You are strong, brave and have the most beautiful heart. And they will realize it.”

“Right. Tell that to Buffy and Xander. All they see, all they ever will see is Queen C, the bitch of Sunnydale High. And I was.”

“No,” he growled.

“Angel, you were there, you saw.” Tears pooled in her large hazel eyes.

“What I saw was a young beautiful girl trying to find her place in the world. A girl whose insecurities and spoiled upbringing couldn’t completely hide her wonderful heart, no matter how hard she tried. I was just too blind to see it at the time.”

“Buffy.” The tears in her eyes fell mixing with the stream of water hitting her face.

“Yes, Buffy. But now I can see how wonderful you are. I need you more that I ever needed Buffy or anybody. I love you, Queen C and all,” he said softly gazing into her eyes.

“Oh god, they don’t know. We can’t tell them,” she cried pulling away from Angel.


“Angel, we can’t tell them about this…us. They won’t accept it. Oh god, they will never accept me, now,” she sobbed.

Angel’s non-beating heart broke at her cry. But he was also getting angry. Angel would do anything for Cordelia, he would fight the world to keep her safe and happy, but this he would not do.

Their love was too hard won. Demons, evil lawyers, immortals, prophecies nor the Slayer and her friends would prevent him from acknowledging his love for Cordelia. Angel stared at the girl standing before him. The water from the shower was hitting her body and running down those wondrous curvers, that were his.

“Cordelia, I will not deny our feelings. If they can’t accept it, then so be it.”

“Angel,” she begged.

“No,” he growled. “You are mine.” Angel pulled the young immortal to him and leaned forward to claim her as his. He captured her mouth forcing his tongue into her mouth. The kiss was hard and demanding. Cordelia clutched onto to his wet chest as the passion inside her built. She frantically began to return his kiss, rubbing her body against Angel’s cool, wet, hard body. Angel broke the kiss and stared into her eyes, his eyes flickering from a deep brown to a piercing yellow. “Would you deny this, can you?” he growled.

“No,” she whimpered. “f— them,” she added in a low voice as she pulled the vampire to her.

Chapter Twenty-One:

“We are almost there,” Angel said, softly nudging at the sleeping girl curled against his leg. “Cordelia,” he tried again, gently brushing the dark hair from her face.

“Ummh,” she yawned, blinking her sleepy eyes at Angel.

“We are almost there,” he repeated.

“Oh.” She looked out the window. “We made good time, there is at least another hour until dawn.”

“Yes. Are you going to be okay?” he asked pulling her up against his body.

She smiled softly. “I don’t know. But you know, ‘grr’ guy, I think I am feeling all stinky, again.” Cordelia rubbed her hand along Angel’s muscular thigh.

The car jerked as Angel reacted to Cordelia’s touch. “Stop that.” Angel tried to ignore the small flames shooting up towards his groin and concentrate on the road.

“Stop what, Angel?” She whispered evilly. Her fingers expertly teased his groin. “That? Or did you mean this?” Cordelia leaned her head down to Angel’s lap and kissed and nipped at the growing bulge in his pants.

“Cordelia,” he growled, loosing control of the car.

“Hey what’s going on?” cried a sleepy voice from the backseat.

“It’s okay, Gunn. Angel just lost control for a minute, I guess he is just tired or something.” Cordelia smiled innocently, leaning up against the passenger’s door. Angel growled quietly as he quickly regained control of the vehicle. He took a couple of unneeded breaths before he regained control of himself.

“Yeah, right,” the former street kid said suspiciously. “Are we there yet?”

“We are now,” Angel said passing the ‘Welcome to Sunnydale’ sign.

“It should say ‘Welcome to Sunnyhell’,” Cordelia grumbled, her playful mood suddenly evaporating.

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Angel pulled into the curb in front of the Magic Shop. “You ready?”

“Let’s go,” Cordelia got out of the car grabbing the bag that contained her sword.

Duncan’s car pulled up behind Angel’s car. Once the others were out of their car, they got behind the young immortal, along with Angel and Gunn.

Cordelia looked at Angel and shrugged, “Welcome to the hellmouth, gentlemen. It’s now or never.”

She quickly knocked on the door. She knocked once more without an answer. Cordelia looked at the others relieved. “No one is here. I guess we are on our own…Oh, hi Giles,” she said as the former watcher/librarian unlocked the door. “Can we come in?”

“Of course,” he stood back to let Cordelia, Angel and Wesley in, and then stood back further as Gunn, Duncan and Methos walked in. He gave the last three a puzzled look.

Wesley noticed his look. “They are here to help,” he explained introducing the others to Giles.

“Nice store,” Cordelia said glancing around. “Do you make any money. Hey, Angel what about a semi-magic gift store in the lobby of the hotel. Ewww, nevermind,” she whined looking at the jar of newt eyes she had picked up. “Gross.” Cordelia sat down in a chair, pushing her bag under her feet. “So where is the rest of the Scooby gang?”

“They will be here soon. You are early.”

She nodded. “So, do you have a bathroom is this emporium of all things magic and icky?”

“Back through there.” Giles rolled his eyes and pointed to the rear of the shop.

“Thanks.” Cordelia pushed the bag closer to Angel. He nodded and picked the bag up.

“So, Wesley what is this about a Druid prophecy?”

The start of Wesley’s explanation was interrupted by a series of rapid knocks. Wesley waited as Giles let in an eager witch. “Am I late? Is that Angel’s car? Who does the other cool car belong too? Is Cordy here?”

Giles started to close the door and attempt to answer Willow’s rapid questions, when Buffy and Riley raced up.

“Hold on,” Buffy yelled. “Is he here yet,” she asked, unusually breathless. Riley gave her an odd look.

Before Giles could answer, he saw Xander and Anya stroll up the street. “Hurry up,” he yelled to the yawning young couple. “I only want to open the bloody door once,” he mumbled to himself.

Giles opened the door wide and all of the Scooby Gang came into the store.

“Yes, they are all here.” Giles answered, emphasizing that all of the LA gang were present.

Chapter 23

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The Prophesy. 12-16   1 comment

Chapter Twelve:

“Angel,” Cordelia yelled as she ran into the hotel. Angel wasn’t there, nor was he in their bedroom.

Something was wrong, she could feel it. Cordelia thought for a moment and took the elevator to the roof. She slowly opened the door to the garden on the roof. Angel was standing against the ledge, staring at the city lights.

“Angel?’ she whispered.

The vampire remained still as he heard Cordelia enter the rooftop garden.

“Angel? I’m okay,” she said moving closer to the dark vampire placing her hands on his broad back. “What is wrong?”

“I can’t do it,” he said matter of fact. He turned and pulled Cordelia into a tight embrace. “I don’t care about your rules. I cannot stand by and watch you die.” He dropped his head on her shoulder.

“Angel just what exactly did you do? Wesley said that you didn’t interfere, Methos agreed…but I am alive… I shouldn’t be, I lost.”

Angel pulled away from the Cordelia. “I didn’t fight him…But I would have. I could not have let his sword touch your neck.”

“Oh, Angel,” she cried laughing at the same time. She leaned back brushing the tears away from her eyes. “I know that.”


“Angel, I know that you hate the ‘game’ and the rules. I also know that you will do whatever you can to respect my…the stupid game. But, if it makes you feel better, remember how I told you that if Angelus returned I would stake him, well I lied.”

“Cordy,” he said in shock.

“Sorry, I won’t kill a part of you. So, sue me.” She pulled him closer.

“We just have to make sure I am prepared to fight any immortal that comes for my head. And, well, supposedly the threat of Angelus is gone, but…Angel, Wesley told me…”


“I know how Lindsay MacDonald died. It is okay,” she kissed Angel’s chest.

“Wesley had no right.”

“Of course, he did. He thought I needed to know. And it is a relevant little tidbit to know, that Angelus can come on call. Though, I guess we don’t really have to think about it anymore, since the golden duo bound that pesky soul.” She paused as she noticed Angel expression. “Okay, what?”

Angel turned back to the city lights.

“Angel, what exactly happened when I died?”

“Which time?”

She sighed. “I am the one with the sense of humour,” she chastised. “Now, tell me,” she demanded.

“My soul is permanent, but…I am still a vampire and maybe…even with a soul I can be Angelus.”

“Explain, please,” she smiled. It was amazing, Angel was opening up to her. The talk of Angelus did not scare her. No matter what the old dusty books said or even what she had seen, to her Angelus had just become another depth to Angel. The demon, person, undead guy she loved with all of her being.

“You were killed… tonight,” he clarified. “And then he was about to take your head…I think…” He stopped ashamed and a little fearful of Cordelia’s reaction.

“You think, but you don’t know.” She sat down on the lounge chair. “Angel, come here,” she beckoned to the brooding vampire. “Now,” she added.

Angel hesitantly came and sat on the edge of the chair.

Chapter Thirteen:

“Angel look at me.” Cordelia placed her hands around the vampire’s face.

“Angel look at me,” she demanded again softly. Cordelia released Angel’s face as his dark eyes met hers.

“So, you left me lying on the street with a big hole in my chest to come up here and brood, because you think Angelus made an appearance tonight. Why do you think that?”

Angel shamefaced lowered his eyes.

“Angel,” she said in exasperation at the silent vampire. “Answer the question.”

“When…the immortal…stabbed you and was about to take your head…It was Angelus that warned him quite happily that if he swung, he would be tortured and killed,” Angel finally answered in a low tone.

Cordelia scrunched up and thought for a moment. “Angel, again, why do you think that it was Angelus?”

“Of course, it was Angelus…torture, kill…you know his favorite pastime.”

“So, you think that Angelus just popped out to issue an evil warning and then poof, just left?” asked the incredulous young immortal.

“Um, yes…,” said the suddenly uneasy vampire. When Cordelia said it like that, it didn’t make much sense. Angelus never just popped out and willingly popped back.

“Angel, when Angelus supposedly came out to kill Lindsay, did he kill anybody else along the way?”

Angel cautiously shook his head. He wasn’t sure he liked where Cordelia’s questions were going.

“And Angelus just let Wesley go with him, no threats of bodily harm or even snappy cruel insults.”

“Cordelia, it was Angelus!” Angel was sure he didn’t like where Cordelia was going.

“How? Your soul may not have been bound when Lindsay died, but the ‘happy clause’ was still in effect. Or are you saying that my ‘death’ caused you a moment of true joy?”

Angel’s eyes widen in shock and disbelief at her question. “Cordelia, how…?

“Jeez, relax,” she interrupted,” just joking, but the point is valid. And what about tonight, your soul is bound. Unless…did the oracles tell you about some sort of fine print to their gift?”

Angel shook his head.

Cordelia nodded. “So, how could Angelus appear?” she asked again.

“I…” Angel tried again. “When I thought you were dead the first time, I felt my soul breaking, that’s how Angelus emerged. And I do know that if you are…killed my soul will shatter…” Angel said roughly, moving off the chair to the edge of the rooftop.

Cordelia sat stunned at the force of his emotions. She had merely been trying to show Angel that there was not fear of Angelus. She hadn’t expected this. If someone had told her to write down what she was feeling at that very moment, she wouldn’t have been able to.

Mere words couldn’t describe the intense feeling of love that was flowing through her body, it was almost frightening. Tears formed in her eyes as she went to Angel. Cordelia grasped the vampire in a tight embrace leaning her body against his back.

“No, Angel, your soul won’t shatter, it may suffer but it will never be destroyed, you are too strong, too good for that to happen.”

“Not when it comes to you,” he said quietly. “I know what I felt,” he added harshly.

Cordelia forced Angel to face her. “Angel.” She stopped. She had to be careful and choose the right words. “Angel, you can’t loose or break your soul, unless you choose to.” Cordelia felt the vampire’s body tense under her hands.

“Angel, there is no more soulless demon residing in here,” she said forcibly placing her hands over his chest. “It wasn’t Angelus that tortured and killed Lindsay, just like it wasn’t Angelus that threatened that immortal, it was you, Angel.”

“NO, I have a soul, I couldn’t, can’t…,” he growled trying to deny that he, Angel was capable of torturing someone.

“Yes,” Cordelia whispered. “Angel, you said it, you are a vampire. You may have a soul, but you are still a demon. Sometimes, I imagine your vamp instincts override your guilt about, well…,”

“Torturing people,” he said with disgust.

“No, your need to protect me,” she said softly. Cordelia couldn’t help but feel happy about the obvious evidence of his love. She wondered if that made her a sick person. Oh well, she thought, she didn’t really care. All she cared about was that she loved Angel and he loved her. “Angel, stop brooding about this and accept who you are, I do.”

“How can you?”

Cordelia shrugged. “It’s not hard, really. The past that you are so ashamed of has shaped you into the person you are now. I couldn’t love you with out accepting Angelus. Just like I accept that we can’t walk on a sunlit beach or have children or grow old together. Stop it, Angel,” she said as she saw the guilt descend over him. “This is my life, a life that I want. I have never been happier. In fact, the way I see it, you being an ‘undead’ guy is a good thing.”


“Sure, ‘undead’ as in immortal. I want to be with you for a very long, long time and then, well, there is the sex.”

Angel looked at the smiling girl, confused.

“Sex with a vampire is a definite plus. Granted you are the only ‘grr’ guy I have ever had sex with, but it is pretty damn spectacular.” She laughed and pulled Angel back to the lounge chair. Cordelia leaned back into the chair and beckoned him to sit in front of her. Once the vampire was settled, she wrapped her legs and arms around him enfolding him in her embrace.

Angel leaned back in amazement at Cordelia’s unique ability to accept every part of him. For the thousandth time he thanked the Powers for giving her to him. “Cordelia, about the game and rules…”

“Sh, I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say, I have asked you to respect the rules and you have agreed. We will deal with any other scenario, if and when it comes up, okay?” She kissed the top of his head.

“Okay…But we are going to increase your practice sessions.”

“Yuck, we already practice once a day,” she complained out of habit.


“Oh, well, okay.” She knew Angel was right. She was going to need all the practice she could get if she was going to have to meet that immortal again, nevermind her having to defeat the ‘all powerful immortal’.” Cordelia tried to control the shiver of fear that shot through her.

“You can do it.” Angel brought her arms tighter against his chest.

“Yeah,” she sighed. “Well, hopefully, the guys will be back soon with the sword and I can practice with it.”

“The sword?”

“Yeah, I saw it in my vision, it’s in LA.” Cordelia explained what the others were doing.

“Cordelia, when exactly were you going to tell me about your vision.”

“I did just tell you. Before that we had some ‘issues’ to discuss, Jeez. And speaking of ‘issues’ you have to stop with the jealous bit towards Duncan.”

“I am not jealous,” he said, failing miserably to contain his growl.

“Ummph, Angel that has got to stop. Duncan is a great swordsman, I need his help.”

“He wanted you to leave me,” Angel growled. “He still wants you.”

“Of course, he does. I am irresistible to all men,” she joked.

Angel grabbed her in game face. “You are mine.” Angry yellow eyes bore into hers.

Cordelia took a deep breath and said seriously, “Yes, he did ask me to go with him and I said a big fat NO. Duncan knows that I love you and he respects that. He is here only to help US. So, reign in the ‘grr’ instinct and be nice,” she finished forcibly.

Cordelia watched as Angel struggled with his demon.

“Angel, I need all the help and practice I can get, if I am going to defeat the ‘all powerful immortal’.”

Angel reverted back to his handsome human face and nodded. He was still not sure about the Highlander’s intentions towards Cordelia. But she was right. And he would accept help from any source to keep her safe.

“I won’t lose you.”

Cordelia hugged him; satisfied that Angel would control his stupid jealousy.

Chapter Fourteen:

Methos and Wesley were in the library researching various possible relevant thefts of druid artifacts. Methos cleared his throat. “Cordelia is very beautiful.”

Wesley looked up from the computer. “She is much more than that, she is special,” the former answered.

“Yes, of course.” Methos paused; this was going to be harder that he thought. The hell with it, he thought. “Wesley, you need to do something about the vampire’s jealousy.”

“Excuse me.”

“Angel’s jealously over Duncan, it has the potential to get in the way of the mission.”

“Then, you,” Wesley said pointedly, ” tell Duncan to stay away from Cordelia and there won’t be a problem.”

“Duncan feels responsible for the girl.”

“Well, she isn’t his responsibility. If she is anyone’s responsibility, it’s Angel’s and…mine…and Dennis’,” he added as a book came crashing to the floor.

“Damn, he is lethal,” yelled Methos as he dodged the book.

“Listen,” the immortal tried again. “Duncan is from the Highlands of Scotland. The Scots are a very passionate, honorable and loyal race. What he feels for Cordelia is loyalty and friendship, only.” He silently hoped.

“Sure, whatever. But Angel is a vampire with a soul in love and that makes him a very passionate, honorable, loyal, possessive and potentially dangerous demon to your highlander and his feelings of ‘loyalty’ towards Cordelia.”

“Look, I didn’t mean to make you angry. Whatever, Mac’s feelings for the girl are, he will not try to interfere in her relationship with Angel. Not unless, the vampire does something to harm her.”

Wesley tried to remain calm. “Dennis don’t…” Wesley raised his hand towards the floating books in the air. “Angel would never do anything to harm Cordelia. You just need to remind Macleod that he is not Cordelia’s protector.” Wesley turned angrily back to the computer.

Damn, Methos thought. He really hoped he hadn’t just made things worse.

Duncan and Gunn entered the tense atmosphere of the library a short while later carrying several swords.

“Hey, it is like a tomb in here,” Gunn said. “Where is Angel and Cordelia?”

“The sword?” Wesley inquired getting up.

“That’s just it. Cordelia never bothered to tell us what it looked like and so, we took all of them.” Both he and Duncan placed all the swords they took from the gallery on the table.

“We need Cordelia. Where is she,” asked the Highlander.

“She is upstairs with Angel…together.” Wesley emphasized. Methos grimaced at the obviousness of Wesley’s statement. The Highlander ignored the former watcher and headed towards the door.

The library door slammed shut.

“Great Mac, now you have pissed off the ghost,” Methos said in a low tone.

“Hey, what is with all the bad vibes?” asked Gunn. “You came to help right?” the former street kid said to Duncan. “Right, well, then you need to lay off whatever thing you have for Cordy. It’s not helping. In fact, it is making everyone tense in a big way. And that will just make the Barbie doll mad, and she can be a real bitch.”

Wesley’s eyes widen at his statement. Gunn was right, Cordelia probably would be angry if she knew that they were acting like a bunch of juvenile schoolboys. And then, there would be hell to pay.

“Um, Dennis please go get Angel and Cordelia. We do need to discuss the next move.”

The door opened, a slight breeze swept through the room.

“Yes, well…so, Duncan, did I ever thank you for bringing Methos and the text to us so quickly.”

Duncan stared at the former watcher’s attempt to ease the tension in the room.

“Mac,” whispered Methos.

“Your welcome. All..I mean…All I want is for Cordelia to be safe.”

Chapter Fifteen:

“That’s what we all want,” Angel said from the doorway. Cordelia was standing behind him smiling.

“Hey, did you get it?” she asked Duncan and Gunn.

“Get it, we got a bunch. You didn’t tell us what it looked liked,” gripped Gunn.

“Whoops, sorry. Let’s see them.” Cordelia went over to the table. “There it is, I would recognize that ugly head on it anywhere.” She pointed to a large heavy looking sword. It had a head with symbols surrounding it carved on the handle.

Wesley examined the sword. “The head makes sense. The head had mystical significance to the Druids. It was considered the seat of the soul. Hence, I guess their belief that beheading was the best way to ensure an enemy’s death. And the other symbols represent fire and water. Also, very important in Celtic mysticism in that they are opposing forces which all life is born. In fact..”

“Wesley,” whined Cordelia, interrupting the start of what was sure to be a long lecture.

Methos took the sword. “I don’t know. It’s steel. The Celt’s were great ironworkers, ahead of most cultures. But they didn’t discover stainless steel until Arthurian times. The sword, Excaliber was one of the first swords forged in steel, but that was centuries after the sword in the prophecy was made.”

“Excaliber, was real, cool,” exclaimed Gunn.

“Whatever,” Cordelia said grabbing the sword. “This is the sword that I saw in my vision. So, the old priests must of had some ‘help’, from the Powers, no doubt.”

“Cordelia, it is too heavy for you,” Duncan said with concern.

“Duncan is right, it is too big,” agreed Angel.

Wesley looked in surprise at the vampire. Angel hadn’t growled or anything at the Highlander’s show of concern over Cordelia.

“What?” Angel asked at the former watcher’s look.

“Nothing, Nothing.”

“Angel, it’s not too heavy.” She swung the sword in a perfect arch. “It’s…perfect,” she laughed in amazement as she continued to swing the blade. “It is perfect,” she repeated. “Who wants to practice,” she said excitedly.

Chapter Sixteen:

“Cordelia, let me see the sword,” Duncan asked.

“Why? I told you it is perfect.”

“Just for a minute,please.”

Cordelia reluctantly gave the immortal the sword. Duncan swung the sword, weighing it in his hands.

“It is too heavy. You shouldn’t even be able to lift it.”

“Well, I can, Mr. Doubting-Duncan.” Cordelia grabbed the sword back and swung it again for proof.

“I think that settles the question of whether that is the sword in the prophecy. Obviously, it was made for Cordelia. Actually, that is not unusual, after all, many legends and prophecies tell of weapons designed for a specific user. For example, Excaliber was forged specifically for Arthur. The Arthurian legend said…”

“Wesley, I think everybody saw the movie. So, let’s just concentrate on the relevant prophecy, okay?” Angel interrupted.

“Right, of course. Methos and I have found a few records of thefts of Druid relics over the the past five years. I think we have to assume that St. John has all the necessary items he needs. But that doesn’t help us know where he is now and when exactly he will attempt to invoke the spell.”

“We might not be able to track St. John, but what about that immortal?”

The men looked at Cordelia questioningly.

“Duh, he is an immortal, therefore wouldn’t he have a watcher. His watcher would probably know his whereabouts. I can’t imagine, greedy-immortal guy would be that far from St. John and his ‘payment’.”

“Good idea, Cordelia.” The young immortal flashed a big smile at the compliment.

“Though, he may not have a current watcher, since he works for St. John, but it is worth looking into. I’ll call Joe.” Duncan left the room to make the phone call.

Wesley shot a nervous look at Angel. Angel ignored the former watcher.

“Who is Joe,” asked Gunn.

“He is Duncan’s watcher and friend,” explained Cordelia.

“Oh.” Gunn nodded. “Wait, immortal’s have watchers? I thought you said that watchers trained those slayer chicks?” Gunn asked Wesley.

“Totally, different type. You see when the Watcher’s council first…” Wesley stopped at the groans coming from the room. “I’ll explain later.” He promised.

“That’s okay,” Gunn answered wishing he never asked the question. He was not looking forward to being trapped by one of Wesley’s lectures.

Duncan returned to the room. “I gave the description of the immortal to Joe. He said he would try to identify him and track down his watcher. He will call back, but it may take awhile.”

“There has to be another way to find out where and when. I have a feeling that we might not have the luxury of waiting around for the watcher’s call,” worried Angel.

“What about a vision, Cordelia?” Gunn asked.

“Gee, okay.” Cordelia dramatically clutched at her head and moaned loudly. She suddenly stopped and said sarcastically, “The line was busy. They said to try back later.”

“Real funny, Barbie.”

Angel interrupted Cordelia’s retort. “Wesley are you sure that there is nothing else in the text?”

“I will check again.” He pulled the text open.

So, while research boy goes at it, who wants to practice?” Cordelia looked expectantly at the immortals and Angel.

“You kids go play. I will stay and help Wesley,” said Methos.

“Angel, Duncan?”

“Hey, don’t leave me here with the book guys,” Gunn said in alarm.

“Well, come on then.” Cordelia headed upstairs swinging her new sword.

“Angel, can I talk to for a minute,” Wesley asked. “Alone,” he added looking at Methos. The old immortal nodded and went into the kitchen.

The vampire stopped on the stairs and let the others go ahead of him.

“What is it, Wesley?” Angel asked impatiently. “I need to get up there.” Angel stared at Duncan’s hand on Cordelia’s back leading her up the stairs.

“Umm, yes, well…”Wesley stuttered.

“Get on with it.”

“Right, Angel you aren’t going to fight with Macleod, are you?”

“Wesley, we are going to practice with Cordelia. She needs to get use to the weapon.”

“So, you all will be fighting with swords, then?”

“Yes, that would be the plan. Practicing without them just doesn’t seem as effective.”

“Are you sure that is a good idea? I mean, you and Duncan with swords…”

Angel growled. “Wesley, Macleod and I are going upstairs to prepare Cordelia for the up coming fight, that’s all,” Angel said angrily.

“It’s just that sometimes, you get a little, well, jealous over Duncan’s friendship with Cordelia and well…”

“Wesley, I am not some stupid school boy, that challenges the other boys in the playground to fight because they looked at his girl.”

“No, you aren’t a school boy. You are a vampire, who could very well kill the other boys in the playground for looking at your girl,” Wesley said tersely, giving up his attempts to be subtle.

Angel tried to control his anger. Based on some of his past behavior, Angel realized that Wesley did have a right to be concerned.

“I am fine, Wesley,” he said calmly. “Macleod is here to help Cordelia. They are friends. I can accept that, satisfied?”

“Of course, I never thought there would be a problem, never,” he said unconvincingly. Wesley quickly turned back to his books.

Angel had told Wesley the truth. He had made the decision to accept and deal with Duncan’s presence and the immortal’s feeling for Cordelia. He would control his vampire instincts and would even try to be polite to the Highlander. After all, Angel promised Cordelia and they did need the other immortal’s help.

Of course, Angel had also decided, that if Duncan Macleod made any attempt to take Cordelia from him, he would rip the Highlander’s head from his shoulders. But Wesley didn’t need to know that, he reasoned as he went up the stairs.

Chapter 17

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The Prophesy. 6-11   1 comment

Chapter Six:

Wesley and Adam were engrossed in the translation of the Druid text when Angel and Cordelia entered the Library.

Wesley got up from the book-laden table and reached for another text from the bookshelf.

“Here look at this.” He handed the pertinent passage to Adam.

The old immortal read the section and then looked back at the text that Brian had sent to him. “Yes, I think you are right.” Adam continued to read.

Gunn went over to Angel and Cordelia. “They have been going over those old books non-stop forever. Every once in awhile, they will look up and make some cryptic type statement, then go back to reading. It is annoying and boring to watch. When can we fight something?”

“Cordelia, are you okay?” Duncan looked up in concern at the young woman standing close to the vampire. Cordelia gave a small nod.

“What have you found out?” Angel ignored the Highlander and motioned to all of the research materials on the table.

Wesley stood up and rubbed his face. “Actually, a lot. Brian was quite right to be concerned.” Wesley noticed Cordelia’s expression.

Surprisingly, it was Methos who offered the sad young immortal words of comfort. “Cordelia, Brian died doing something he believed in. He saw a danger to you and to the world and interfered. And because of his interference and death, we can prepare to fight what is ahead. So, be sad if you must, but be grateful for who he was and his courage.”

“I am grateful,” she responded slowly. “But I am tired of the ‘heroes’ dying. It is just not fair,” she complained.

Angel squeezed her hand, knowing she was thinking not only of Brian, but of their friend Doyle. Cordelia continued, “You, Mac, me and Angel, well, are hard to kill, but what about…” She choked as she looked at Wesley, then Gunn. “It is just not fair.”

Gunn fidgeted as he realized that she was referring to his and Wesley’s mortal status. Gunn was grateful that he was dark skinned, otherwise the blush that was creeping up on his face would be noticeable. Most of the time, he thought that Cordelia was annoying, pretty, but annoying. But more and more as he spent time around her he realized that she was actually a very caring person.

Wesley, on the other hand, had known for a long time just how selfless and compassionate the true Cordelia was. Wesley smiled. “Cordelia, life is not fair, but remember, like Brian, Gunn and I are here by choice. So, don’t worry.”

Cordelia scrunched up her face and nodded. “Well, so what have you mighty bookworms found out?”

Angel was proud as he heard Cordelia’s spirit reassert itself.

Chapter Seven:

“Yes, well…I have…” Methos’s cough interrupted Wesley. “We,” the former watcher sheepishly corrected,”have discovered that this text was written in approximately 200 AD, by a sect of Druid priests.

That in of itself is amazing. Druids for the most part relied on the oral tradition of imparting their beliefs and wisdom, rather than the written word. Anyway, from the tone and content of the writing, we believe that it was written in response to one of their member’s attempt to bring forth an ‘all powerful immortal’…”

Angel pulled Cordelia to the large armchair and settled the young immortal on his lap. Angel recognized that Wesley was now in his lecture mode and therefore, he wanted to get comfortable. Gunn following his lead sat on the couch and accepted the fact that it would probably be awhile before he got to fight anything.

“Dennis..” Cordelia whispered. A slight breeze left the room only to return seconds later accompanied by beer, coffee, a mug of blood, soda and bottled water. All of the occupants of the room except Wesley grabbed for a beverage.

Wesley frowned at the interruption and waited impatiently for the activity to stop. “Now then, is every one comfortable?” he asked sarcastically. He rolled his eyes as the room responded in the affirmative.

“Good. Anyway, in that period of history, Christianity was on the rise and spreading. It seems that Fergus, a powerful Druid priest, became alarmed about the rumors of the growing religion that boasted of a single all-powerful god that was above all other deities. The all powerful god had sent his only son onto the world to be his messenger. That son was killed and then arose. Fergus heard it told that when the son returned it would signal the end of the world. To protect his beliefs and his world, he fashioned talismans to be used in concert to create an immortal with the power of the elements. He planned that his immortal being would fight the new god’s son for dominance of the world.

The items that Methos recognized as stolen were probably those talismans or a least part of the items necessary.” Wesley paused and looked around for a drink. He gave a disgusted grunt as he realized that Dennis had not brought him anything to drink. “We need to find out what was exactly stolen and trace any other Druid relics that have been stolen over, well, probably the last 20 years.”

“What?” whined Cordelia, imagining countless hours behind the computer. She sighed in disgust.

“St. John was a watcher for at least that long. We don’t know when he discovered this.” Wesley held up the text. “We know, most likely, that he has the goblet and tablet, but there may be other things. The Druids tended to utilize stones, magical cauldrons and druid rods. But, actually, what is more vital to know is whether he has the sword.”

“Sword?” “What?” Came from the now attentive audience.

“Yes, sword. And this is where Cordelia and Angel come in. Now, if you would stop interrupting.”

Angel instinctively caught the book that went flying towards the former watcher’s head. Wesley gave an evil look to the air. The men around the table tried to stifle their smirks as Wesley shot a glare at them.

“You should have let it hit Mr. Know-it-all,” Cordelia whispered. Angel gave her a look and commanded the ghost to behave.

“On with it, Wesley. What about Cordelia?” demanded the vampire.

“Yes,” Wesley looked around suspiciously. When he was satisfied that no more texts would fly towards him, he continued,”It seems that the other Druid priests didn’t agree with Fergus, in fact, they felt that his attempt to raise the immortal would unbalance the nature of their world and bring about a greater catastrophe then this new deity. So, they stopped him, killed him I suppose. However, they didn’t destroy the talismans, rather they created their own, a sword. If the immortal should ever appear, then one of the Fianna, with the seer’s gift would be able to invoke the sword’s power and behead the immortal.”

Wesley stopped and waited for the questions. He was surprised by the stillness that came over the room. It wasn’t that no one had questions, they just didn’t know where to start.

“Okay, I’ll go first,” said Gunn. “What is a Fianna?”

“The Fianna were a class of warriors, comprising of both young men and women. Several were also seers, among other things. And to an ancient Druid, Cordelia would be one of the Fianna. She is not only a seer, but also a warrior. In addition, she knows how to behead an immortal.”

“This immortal…Well, it is not part of the game,is it?”

“No,” answered Methos. “But the Druids did believe that beheading was the best way to ensure their opponents deaths. So, it is only natural that they would require that method of killing. You have to understand, Druids didn’t believe in the Christian values of good or evil or even those of the ‘Powers to Be’. When Fergus devised this spell, he wasn’t trying to invoke a great evil. He was fighting for his beliefs, misguidedly to be sure. And the power he wanted to invoke was by our definition evil, mainly because if the immortal emerges he can and will dominate the world. Unless, the Christian Christ comes and defeats him, which would bring about another whole type of Armageddon. It would be better if we just do what the ‘Powers’ want and have Cordelia defeat it.

“‘The Powers’ they haven’t actually told me to go and fight this thing.” Cordelia commented.

“Maybe not in your visions, but they have in this text. Because, not only does the Fianna have to be a seer, SHE has to hold the undead warrior’s soul. And since, vampires and souls were not something that Druids really thought about, I would say that the ‘Powers’ influenced those Druids in crafting the sword and writing this text. The coming of this ‘all powerful immortal’ is foretold and Cordelia is the one to defeat it.” Methos looked expectingly at the vampire with a soul holding tightly onto his seer.

“Okay, I get it. I have to behead the misguided and/or evil immortal,” stated Cordelia. “But, oh so-smart ones, the almighty sword. Where is the…Owww…” Cordelia clutched her head in pain. Angel pulled Cordelia into his chest.

The men watched as Angel caressed the shaking body of the young immortal. “They are sadistic,” she cried as her brow cleared of the pain. “They are…” Cordelia stopped her ranting and looked towards the door.

“Damn, this is just too much,” she complained shaking off Angel’s hold. “Where is my sword? Oh, thank you, Dennis.” Cordelia took her sword from the air and followed the other two older immortals out of the room.

Duncan and Methos had already drawn their swords and headed for the hotel lobby to meet the immortal that entered the building.

Chapter Eight:

Angel grabbed at Cordelia a she started to leave the room.

“Angel, no. I will be okay, I promised.” She smiled and kissed him.

Angel stood still. He had already seen Cordelia take two other immortals’ heads. He hated it. The ‘game’ was just one other part of her destiny that he couldn’t protect her from. And he admitted selfishly, it was the one part that allowed for the bond between Cordelia and Duncan Macleod.

He hated that bond. His demon and male ego raged at the idea that another male shared a commonality with Cordelia, that he couldn’t. But it wasn’t just his jealousy that made him hate Cordelia’s new status as an immortal.

It was the killing; it was bad enough that the beautiful young girl had to suffer an unnatural life by being his seer. But as an immortal, she had to learn how to kill. He hated that she had to learn that skill. He wished with all of his undead life that the Cordelia could live out a natural life with fun and parties, not death.

But he, also, admitted to himself, he needed Cordelia and the idea that she could live forever with him was his salvation. He couldn’t contemplate what would happen to him, if she was beheaded, while he was still alive.

Chapter Nine:

“Well, this is interesting,” the strange immortal said to the group that entered the hotel lobby. “I only want the seer.” The man pointed his sword at Cordelia. “So, you two…” He gestured to the Highlander and Methos. “…Will just to have stay out of it. And keep the others away, especially the vampire. It is the rules, you know.”

“Believe me, I know the rules,” answered Methos. “But why do you want the young one, I will meet you.”

“You must be Methos, I can sense the old age thing. But, as tempting as it is to take your quickening, I have a job to do and that is her.” He raised his sword again at Cordelia.

“Job?” asked Duncan.

“Yes, I am getting paid to bring her head back. Off her shoulders, of course. And make sure the vampire abides by the rules,” he said as Angel growled.

“I can and will kill you, if you get lucky enough to take her head.”

“Please,” he said to vampire. “You can want all you want, but I will take her head and before the night is over you won’t be killing anyone, because you will also be dead.”

The unknown immortal gestured to the windows. Each window showed vampires anxiously waiting outside. “Okay, so you you won’t invite them in, but ‘our’ fight,” he pointed to Cordelia. “Will happen outside. It is my choice. Hide inside or come outside, it’s your choice. Either way, I will keep my head.”

“Aren’t you being a little cocky,” Cordelia quipped. She stared at the immortal. He did not look much over twenty, and she sensed that he hadn’t been an immortal for long.

“I have been trained well, ” he commented.

“Oh, really? I will put up Angel and Macleod against some arthritic old mortal as an instructor any day,” she answered. “Come on, really, what does the stupid old watcher know about sword fighting except what he might have read in those dusty old books he has lived in.

The immortal narrowed his eyes. “I will take your head.”

“Yeah right.” Cordelia turned slightly to her side. “Angel, promise me you will not go out of those doors, until you have proper back up. Promise me,” she whispered harshly.

Angel nodded grimly.

She turned to the strange immortal. “Money? You will die over money. Let’s say out of some sort of weirdness you take my head. There has got to be more. I mean you have to realize the St. John is nuts.”

“Nuts, maybe. But if I bring back the seer’s head, whatever that means, I will get a lot of money. And I will get hundreds of chronicles of immortals. It is so much easier to hunt them if I know where they are,” the immortal laughed.

“You are damaged. Let’s go,” Cordelia headed outside the hotel.

Chapter Ten:

“Well, it seems that the question about the increase of vamp activity has been answered.” Gunn started to put stakes in his coat.

“Yes, it does seem that they are working with St. John. The old watcher definitely seems threatened by Cordelia. Well, gentlemen, we may not be able to interfere in Cordelia’s fight, but we can stake some vampires.” Wesley grabbed his crossbow.


Angel had turned to the weapon’s cabinet as soon as Cordelia and the other immortals left the building.

“Wesley, I want you to go up to the first floor and take out as many of the vampires that you can shoot.”

“Good idea, but make sure you aim that thing straight, okay.” Gunn pointed to the weapon in Wesley’s hands. Wesley rolled his eyes and headed up the stairs.

“Gunn, go out the back and circle around.” Angel started for the door.

Angel quickly surveyed the street trying to locate Cordelia. He glanced past where some vampires were attacking Methos and Duncan. Finally, in relief and fear, he saw Cordelia fighting the strange immortal.

He headed in her direction, only to be knocked to the ground by two vampires. Angel lunged up and staked one as the other vampire turned to dust as Wesley’s arrow went through his body. The fighting became fast and furious as Angel, Gunn, Duncan and Methos combated the vampires on the ground.

With the combined fighting action on the ground and Wesley’s effective shots from above, the number of attacking vampires dwindled until they were all dust.

The tired group of fighters gathered together to watch Cordelia and the other immortal. The two immortals’ swords clashed in the air causing sparks to fly in the darkness. Angel tensed as the immortal began to over-power Cordelia.

The young girl stumbled under the weight of his thrusts. Angel’s demon emerged as the immortal’s sword plunged through Cordelia’s chest. It was then that Angel realized that soul or no soul, Angelus was a part of him. The vampire growled as the immortal pulled the sword from Cordelia’s chest and raised the sword over his love’s neck.

“Take that swing and you will suffer pain for a very long and excruciating time before I tear your head off your shoulders,” the vampire smirked coldly. Wesley glanced nervously at Angel, his thoughts flashing back to when Angel allowed Angelus to torture and kill Lindsey MacDonald.

The immortal’s swing stalled and he looked around. He noticed that all of the vampires he had brought with him were gone. The man thought quickly as he stared at the vampire.

“This is not over, not by a long shot.” He turned and ran.

“Um, Angel?” Wesley asked hopefully.

Angel ignored the former watcher and stared at the unmoving body on the ground. He started to move forward, then stopped. “Wesley, make sure she is okay.” The vampire turned and walked back into the hotel. Wesley nodded in confusion, but satisfied that it was Angel that had spoken.

Chapter Eleven:

Duncan beat Wesley to the fallen girl. Wesley stood by as Cordelia started to gasp and gulp for air. Wesley stared at Macleod as the old immortal kneeled beside the awakening girl. The former watcher began to empathize with Angel’s jealousy.

He had a sudden urge to pull the old immortal away from Cordelia. Cordelia was Angel and his family. Whatever bond being immortals created between Cordelia and Duncan, did not touch the familial bond that he shared with Cordelia and especially not the bond that she shared with Angel, he thought angrily.

Cordelia suddenly opened her eyes. She blinked twice, then looked around. “Jeez, that hurt.” Her brow scrunched as she looked back and forth form Wesley and Duncan. “Where is Angel…Wesley?” she asked panic taking over her body.

“Sh, Cordy…Angel is fine, not hurt at all. He went inside.”

“Oh,” she said puzzled. “He didn’t…interfere, did he?” she asked Duncan.

“No,” Wesley interrupted. “He merely told that bastard what would happen if he took your head. It was the immortal’s choice to run.” Wesley dared the other immortals to contradict him.

“Wesley, is correct,” answered Methos. The older immortal gently pulled Duncan away from the girl.

“Good,” she said getting up. “Ewww.” She looked at her bloody shirt. “Wesley, my vision… The sword, it is here in LA at the 9th Street Gallery. I have to tell Angel.” She ran hurriedly to the hotel.

“Yes, of course, the sword.” Wesley glanced at Gunn. “Gunn, you go with…”

Methos interrupted. “Duncan will go with Gunn to the gallery to get the sword. One of us should go, just in case the other immortal is there. Wesley, you and I will research the other items that might have been stolen. Cordelia go clean up and rest…and, of course tell Angel.”

She nodded and then turned back. “I should be dead, I wasn’t good enough.”

“Go, rest,” Duncan said softly.

“Mac, stop it,” Methos whispered. “Cordelia is meant to be with the vampire. Your obvious…concern,” he understated,”…is causing some tension. I think I even saw the young kid scowl at your attention to the girl.”


“Mac, just cool it, okay.”

Duncan nodded and motioned for Gunn to follow him. “Come on.”

Chapter 12

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The Prophesy. 1-5   Leave a comment

Title: The Prophecy
Author: (Only)Anne
Posted here:
Rating: At some point definitely NC-17
Content: C/A
Summary: Sequel to Succubus.
Spoilers: After first season, acknowledging that the second exists.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made. I have never owned anything of Joss’ or Rhysher & Davis, etc.
Distribution: just ask
Notes: Wesley is back. The old/new office is now at the hotel (first story was written during the summer) Gunn is also involved. And Dennis lives in the hotel – Basically, the loose ends will be finished.
Feedback:All is welcomed

Chapter One:

Methos sat impatiently in his apartment waiting for Duncan to show up. He reread the passage in the bound journal again.

Damn, he thought, there was no way that Jeremy St. John could not have known the relevance on the passage. Which meant that the old watcher was responsible for Brian Robert’s death. Methos ran his hands over his face in disgust. Methos had worked with St. John for years. In fact, he had even trusted the old mortal with his true identity. Damn, he guessed that even a five thousand-year-old immortal could be fooled.

Methos got up as he sensed Macleod come up the stairs.

“It is about time.” Methos quickly ushered the other immortal into his apartment.

“I got here as soon as I could. Paris and London aren’t exactly in the same neighborhood, much less the same country.” Macleod quipped.

“Okay, Okay,” Mac responded to the other immortal’s glare. “What is the emergency?”

“The emergency is, Brian Roberts was killed three days ago.”


“Losing your hearing in your old age, I said…”

Duncan angrily interrupted him, “I heard what you said. What I meant was how and why? Where is Wesley?”

Methos sat down rubbing his face. “Wesley as far as I know, is back in the states. As for the why and how of Brian’s death, I am not sure. But I have a nasty suspicion. That is why I called you, if I am right then your young immortal maybe in danger.”

“Adam, start from the beginning.” Duncan said quietly, sitting down.

“Well, you told me to keep an eye on the watchers when they got here. They spent most of the time with Jeremy St. John. Wyndam-Price left England less than than two weeks after they first arrived. Brian remained in England with St. John. I soon noticed that the young watcher was agitated, so I approached him. Brian told me that St. John had not seemed pleased that he and Wesley had known about the prophecy regarding the vampire with a soul and the immortal. At first, Brian said, St. John kept putting them off from looking at the books that contained the prophecy. But eventually, the old watcher had relented. Once he did, Wesley left satisfied that the books held no specific prophecy of evil. However, once Wesley left, St. John began intensively questioning Brian about Cordelia Chase’s ability as an immortal and her power as a seer.

Brian thought that it was strange, since St. John had agreed that the prophecy was general and told of no specific threat to Cordelia or to the world. So, Brian started researching on his own and found that the books that St. John had originally given them had been incomplete. He asked the old watcher about it and was told that there were no other books. Brian wasn’t satisfied with the old man’s explanation. He told me that he was going to find the rest of the text. That was the one and only time I talked to him.”

Methos paused. “Five days later, I found out the his body had washed up on the shore. I tried to call St. John, with no luck. Two days ago, I received this by special message. It was from Brian.” Methos handed Duncan a bound journal. “It is Druid and contains the rest of the prophecy.”

“But St. John said…”

“I know what he said. After I read it, I went to see him. His house had been cleared out. Duncan, there is no way, he couldn’t have known what was in this book and it’s importance.”

“What does it say?”

“Basically, in the readers digest version, it gives the recipe for the emergence of an ‘all powerful being’ and the end of the world.”

“The beginning of the end…”

“Yep, now you see why, Cordelia and her vampire may be in danger. St. John wanted to know when the immortal and the vampire with a soul got together; which would signal ‘the beginning of the end’. And since he didn’t tell anybody, for example the ones that are probably meant to defeat it, what the prophecy actually meant… He had a reason and that reason, we can assume, is not good for your young immortal or for the world for that matter.”

“You think that he is going to try to bring out the being.”

“Or become the being, the text is a little ambiguous and my druid is a little rusty.”

“But we have the book?” Duncan held up the old Druid text.

“Yes, but the danger is too great to assume that St. John didn’t write the recipe down somewhere. From what I could interpret, the book itself isn’t important just the information in it.”

“And St. John knows all about Cordelia…” Duncan said worriedly.

“Yes and that is not all the bad news…” Duncan looked at his older friend incredulously. “There is more?”

“I recognized some of the necessary items needed for the spell to work. An ancient druid cup and tablet.”

“That is good. It’s not good?” Duncan asked at Methos’ expression.

“No, not really, they were stolen from a British museum two years ago.”

“St. John?”


“When does the next flight leave for LA?”

“Well, if you had gotten here earlier we could have left two hours ago. As it is, we have an half hour to get to the airport.”

Duncan glared at him. “Let’s go.”

Chapter Two:

“Angel will you be okay for a minute?” Cordelia glanced at the bloody vampire leaning against the counter.

Angel and the rest of the staff of Angel Investigations had just returned to the hotel/office from fighting a large group of vampires. None of the occupants in the hotel had escaped the battle injury free.

Wesley and Gunn slumped down in the chairs in the lobby trying to staunch the blood flowing from their wounds. Cordelia’s numerous injuries had healed on the way back to the office, but her clothes were coated in drying blood.

Angel nodded wearily to Cordelia. “Help Wesley and Gunn.”

Cordelia grabbed the first aid kit and went over to Wesley. “Hold still,” she stated to the squirming ex-watcher.

“It stings.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes and place a bandage over the slash on Wesley’s arm.

“All better. You better put ice on that eye. Dennis, can you please bring Wesley some ice?”

Wesley grimaced as a floating ice pack was placed on his blackened eye.

Gunn tensed as Cordelia started putting antiseptic on his forehead. “There, macho guy. Here put this on.” She handed him a sterile pad.

“Can you handle the rest? I want to look at Angel. Dennis make sure they have enough bandages.”

Cordelia hurried over to the bloody vampire. She slowly pulled up his shirt and winced. Cordelia gently wiped the blood off his chest.

“Does it hurt?” she asked softly.

Angel smiled at Cordelia’s touch. Once all the blood was wiped up, she kissed the wound and placed a bandage over the cut.

Wesley rolled his one good eye at Gunn. Gunn just shrugged as he watched Cordelia’s tender ministrations to the vampire.

“Cordelia, how are you?” Angel placed his hands on either side of her face.

“Fine, Angel. All healed.” She reassured him.

Satisfied, Angel called to Wesley, “Wesley, what is going on? There seems to be an increase in vampire activity lately.”

“I don’t know, Angel. I can’t find anything in the scroll or texts which warn of this increase in vampire activity.”

“Well, something is going on,” interjected Gunn. “Those vamps were working as a team and carrying swords…What’s with the swords, by the way? I thought vamps just clawed and bit.”

“They do seem to have an objective.” Wesley glanced at Cordelia.

“What they seem to want is my head. But how would they know?”

Angel pulled her close. “I don’t know. But maybe it is time that I visit the oracles.”

Cordelia shook her head disgustedly. “They haven’t helped so far. All they do is send me the vamp slide show without any informative commentary.”

Angel reached for his coat. “Still…”

He stopped at Cordelia’s expression. She drew her sword and headed towards the entrance. “Great,” she grumbled.

Angel tensed and started to follow. The others slowly got up as they noticed Cordelia’s actions.

“Not now,” Wesley gave a concerned look towards the doorway.

“What’s going on?” Gunn whispered.

Angel halted in surprise as Cordelia let out a happy shout and ran towards the door.

“Duncan!” Cordelia jumped in the immortal’s arms as he entered the hotel.

“Ah, good, it’s just Duncan. Angel, it’s just Duncan.” Wesley said nervously to the growling vampire. “Angel?”

Angel struggled to check his demon from emerging at the sight of Cordelia hugging the older immortal. In the last month or so, he had been so happy and secure in Cordelia’s love, Angel had forgotten all about the Highlander’s bond with Cordelia and her feelings for the old Scotsman. Angel had to remind himself, that Cordelia’s feelings for her mentor were that of friendship only. But the sudden burst of jealousy and insecurity he felt throughout his body was intense.

Cordelia pulled away from Duncan happily. “Why didn’t you call and let me know that you were coming, I would have made myself more presentable.” She motioned to her bloody clothes.

“Cordelia, are you okay?” Duncan tenderly touched her dirty face. Cordelia gave the highlander a quick smile.

“I’m fine, just filthy.” Cordelia went back to Angel; she could sense his anger at Duncan’s caress. Cordelia grabbed the vampire’s hand. “Stop it, you are being stupid,” she whispered in low tone that he could only hear.

Angel growled and knocked her hand away. “Angel,” she angrily whispered. Angel ignored her and went back behind the counter. Cordelia took a deep breath and promised herself that she would yell at him when they were alone.

“So, Duncan, why are you here?” Cordelia noticed Adam Pearson behind Duncan. “And who is the old, old guy with you?”

“Cordelia, this Adam Pearson. Adam…Cordelia, Angel, Wesley and…” Duncan stopped when he got to Gunn. “Gunn,” the street kid provided. “Who are …”

Wesley interrupted,” Adam…You mean Methos, don’t you?” Wesley moved closer to the two male immortals. “Methos.” Wesley paused. “Duncan, this isn’t a social call, is it?” Wesley asked concernedly.


Cordelia tensed at his tone. She instinctively moved closer to Angel. The vampire had already come from behind the counter.

“Mac,” she said hesitantly.

Duncan took a deep breath. The dirty immortal was even more beautiful than he remembered. He hated to hurt her.

“Brian Roberts was murdered.”

Cordelia gasped and reached for Angel. She didn’t have far to go. Angel was already at her side, taking her into his arms. All of Angel’s feelings of anger and jealousy disappeared at his lover’s anguish.

Chapter Three:

The room was silent. Even though Gunn wasn’t sure what was going on, he sensed that it would be better to listen rather than to bombard the somber group with questions.

Wesley was the first to try to speak. “How?” he choked.

Duncan responded quietly, “We are not sure how he was killed or exactly by who, but his body washed up about a week ago.”

“A week! Why didn’t you tell me,” Cordelia cried. “Oh God,” Cordelia sobbed as she remembered how Brian had saved her and told her the rules of being immortal. He had been her friend and now he was dead. She buried her head deeper into Angel’s chest. Angel held her tighter.

“You both are here. I guess then that it was not some random murder, but something to do with the prophecy?” Angel continued to caress Cordelia’s sobbing body.

“I’ll let Methos explain,” responded the Highlander.

Methos began to tell the quiet group what he had already told Macleod.

Wesley started ask questions, but he was cut off by Cordelia’s small voice. “I want to go upstairs…, Angel?”

At that moment Angel was torn. He wanted to stay and hear about the possible dangers that threatened Cordelia, but he also, wanted to comfort her in her distress. It actually took him less than a second to decide. Cordelia’s physical safety was assured for the immediate future.

Wesley, Gunn, Duncan, the other immortal…and Dennis, he thought as a small cloth floated towards Cordelia’s face, would make sure of it. But Cordelia’s emotional state was broken at the news of Brian’s death and she needed him. And Angel knew where he needed to be.

“Wesley, show Duncan and…Adam all the research we have and compare notes. Find the answer,” he demanded forcibly. “I am taking Cordelia upstairs.” He picked up Cordelia in his arms and headed for the stairs.

Methos looked at the retreating couple. “She is pretty, most likely beautiful, a rival of Cassandra’s, but I would watch out for the vampire. He seems very possessive,” he whispered to Duncan.

“She is…beyond Cassandra and Shut Up. Wesley what do you know about the Druids?” He asked in a lower voice.

A still stunned former watcher motioned for them to follow him to the room that had been transformed into a library.

Gunn followed still not sure what was going on, but he could sense that it was serious, very serious and remained silent.

Chapter Four:

Angel carried Cordelia upstairs to the first floor. They had made that floor their home. Cordelia had confiscated two of the rooms as hers, one that saw the sunrise and the other that saw the sunset.

The rooms were pretty much bare, Cordelia just wanted them in case she ever was not lying in Angel’s arms as the sun rose or she wasn’t fighting some demon as the sun set. She was very rarely in the rooms. The only other room that they had renovated, besides their bedroom, was the workout room. It was in that room that Angel drilled Cordelia daily on how to defend herself. He would not let her enter a fight unprepared.

Angel bypassed those rooms.

“Sh,” he said softly to the crying girl in his arms.

“We are here.” Angel laid her down on their bed. This room was the room that Angel liked to believe belonged totally to them. It was their little world, separate from the outside. This was where they could love without worry or fear.

It was here, that he had felt the most love and joy in his whole dead life and it was all because of the trembling girl cuddled in his arms. Scroll or no scroll, it was with his beautiful, caring, annoying girl that his true humanity lay. And he would protect her against anything or everything, and somehow Angel knew that even Angelus would do the same.

“Sh,” he said again as he laid next to the other half of his soul.

“Oh god, Brian,” she cried. “Do you remember how his upper lip would quiver when I yelled at him. Angel, did I ever tell him how much he meant to me, did I?” She glanced beseechingly at the stoic handsome face.

“He knew.”

“Are you sure? Face it, I am a bitch.” Cordelia pushed away from the handsome vampire.

Angel didn’t let her move away. “Cordelia, Cordy… You are not a bitch. Okay, sometimes you are, but you also are one of the most loving and unselfish person I know. There is a roomful of people downstairs that love you. One, who I am embarrassed to say makes me want to kill.”

“Angel, you aren’t going to be all ‘grr’ guy over Duncan again, are you?”


“Oh, Angel, I wanted to yell at you for being so stupid. But now I don’t, please just hold me for a second.”

“Of course.” Angel pulled Cordelia into a tight embrace.

Cordelia sighed. “We have to go back downstairs. We have to know why Brian was murdered.” She brushed away her tears and moved away from the vampire.

“Cordelia, no.” Angel pulled her back onto the bed. “We will find out, but now I want you, need you to stay with me.”

Cordelia gazed questioningly at the vampire.

“Brian is dead, but we aren’t. And I need you to make me feel alive.”

Cordelia looked at the dark vampire. He was truly the only person she loved with her whole being. Was it wrong for her to want his touch when Brian was dead? But she needed to feel alive. Cordelia wanted to feel alive. So, she leaned into Angel’s embrace.

Chapter Five:

Angel pulled Cordelia over top of him. It still amazed him that the feeling of her body on his could generate so much heat. He rubbed his hands along her side. Cordelia closed her eyes and melted into his touch. At that moment, the fear and sadness she had felt over Brian’s death disappeared. Those feelings were replaced by ones of longing and desire. She wriggled closer to the vampire.

“Angel,” she gasped pulling his head down for a kiss. Angel latched on to her mouth, his tongue meeting hers in a duel for dominance. Angel growled a flipped Cordelia’s willing body under his. His hands and lips were all over her. Cordelia moved beneath him trying to prolong the intense sensations that he was causing. She grasped frantically at Angel’s shirt.

“Angel,” she begged.

Angel was relieved and excited. He knew then, as he should always know, that Cordelia was his. But he still had to make sure. Angel, in game face, bit Cordelia’s throat. He sucked her blood forcibly as Cordelia cried out. Her body exploded in an orgasm.

“You better not be done,” she whispered.

“No.” Angel smugly gazed at the trembling girl. “I am not.” Angel licked at the quickly healing wounds on her neck as he tore the shirt from her body. He proceeded to kiss and lick down Cordelia’s torso, stopping to suck on a taunt nipple.

Cordelia whimpered as she felt the vampire’s fangs scraped through the lace of her bra. Cordelia’s small fist hit his back in frustration as he released her breast. Angel chuckled and moved downwards. His tongue circled Cordelia’s navel. He watched in satisfaction and amazement as her body jerked off the bed.

“Angel, please…” Cordelia squirmed underneath him. Cordelia felt helpless as the nerves in her body spiraled out of control, again. A small portion of pride flared up in Cordelia. She wouldn’t be the only one to loose control, she promised.

Cordelia tightened her long legs around Angel and with a burst of strength flipped him over. She smiled as she straddled the stunned vampire.

“My turn,” she whispered.

Cordelia ripped off Angel’s shirt and captured a small male nipple in her mouth. Her tongue teased and licked the small bud until it had grown double in size. Cordelia leaned up, rubbing her wet center along Angel’s groin. She moaned as she felt his penis spring upwards through the fabric of his pants.

Angel’s vampire visage took over as he felt Cordelia’s small hands fondle his penis.

“Cordelia,” he groaned as she released he aching member from his trousers. Cordelia smiled and kissed down his chest and stomach until she reached the pulsating shaft in her hands. She licked at the tip before taking the organ fully into her mouth, her hand caressing the base. Angel’s hips lurched off the bed as he groaned in pleasure. His demon was in control as pulled his penis from Cordelia’s questing mouth. He yanked the young immortal up, so that he could capture her mouth with his.

Angel didn’t know how or when Cordelia lost all of her clothing. The vampire just marveled in the feel of her warm smooth skin against his body. Angel ripped his pants from his body and leaned up over Cordelia. Hazel eyes stared into demon yellow eyes. Cordelia smiled as Angel thrust into her wet passage. Angel pushed harder, trying to embed himself deeper into Cordelia’s warmth. She gasped in pleasure at his thrusts.

Angel felt Cordelia’s muscles contracting around him as he released his dead seed into her body. With a moan of breath, Cordelia pulled his head to her breast.

“Angel,” she begged her permission. Angel gently bit into the tender skin surrounding her breast.

Cordelia gasped repeatedly as Angel slowly drank her blood.

Cordelia curled up along his cool body. Angel kissed at the healing wounds. He kissed her forehead. “Cordy…”

“No, Angel.” She sighed and curled closer. “Angel, I know we have to go down and face whatever yucky stuff the fates have in store. But for now, just for a few more minutes, can we stay here in our place, please?”

“Of course.” Angel caressed the still trembling body of the woman he loved.

Chapter 6

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The Succubus. 9-Epi   Leave a comment

Chapter Nine:

Angel pulled up in the dark alley where the club was located.

“Ewww. Why couldn’t our demon chick like the nicer type places?” Cordelia grimaced. She looked at the rundown facade of the club.

Above the iron door was a blinking neon sign flashing ‘Late Nite Galley’ or would have if the bulbs in the ‘L’ and ‘G’ hadn’t been busted. “Obviously, it would have been more appropriate for me to have worn cheap leather and chains.” She stared at the two leather clad tattooed bouncers standing at the door. Cordelia started to rummage in the weapons bag in the back seat.

“What are you doing?” Cordelia ignored him as she pulled a chain out and started to wrap it around her small waist. Then to Angel’s surprise she ripped off the sleeves to her jacket.

“I am getting into the atmosphere,” she explained. Cordelia began to tease up her hair and apply more makeup to her face.

“Ready. Let’s go.”


The bar was dark and smoky. Angel laid a protective arm around Cordelia’s chained clad waist. She shook his hand off. “You go for the evil tacky blonde over there.” She pointed to a petite woman wearing a very short red leather tube dress surrounded by men. Her platinum blonde hair was teased up around her heavily made up face. Despite the gaudiness of her appearance, she exuded sex appeal.

“I’ll go for that big loser over there. It shouldn’t be that hard to get him away from…. Angel?” The vampire had moved away from the young immortal and was gaping at the demon. “Angel,” she said sharply. “You can’t think that cheap thing is attractive?” Cordelia looked at him in disbelief.

“Um.. of course not.” Angel was jarred out of his stupor by a sharp elbow to his side. “You better not,” she warned.

“I don’t. But the demon does seem to give off some sort of…vibe..”

“Her?” Cordelia looked again at the cheap blonde.

“Obviously, it only effects the men. Look.” He pointed to the group of surrounding men. Every male in the demon’s vicinity seemed to be enthralled by her.

“Well, just remember that you are not one of those idiots. You are an ‘grr’ guy, my ‘grr’ guy.”

“Of course. I was just surprised, that’s all.” Angel squeezed Cordelia’s hand.

“Okay.” Cordelia relaxed. Angel’s focus had returned to the mission. Cordelia slid away from Angel and moved towards the bar. She sat at the empty bar stool next to the man in her vision. She motioned for Angel to go to the teased blonde.

Angel moved through the men gathered around the bar. He worked his way up beside the demon. “Um, hi.” The vampire said to the woman.

Cordelia rolled her eyes at Angel’s lame attempt at temptation. She leaned into the man next to her. He was gazing intently at the blonde. He was sitting a few feet from the demon. Cordelia placed a small hand over his and said, “Dance with me.”

The man looked up at the beautiful dark haired woman, then back to the blonde. A look of confusion came over his face. Cordelia grabbed at his hand. “Come on,” she coaxed. The man followed her reluctantly to the beer stained dance floor.

The succubus noticed as soon as the man left. She started to put her hand out to touch the man when Angel leaned towards her. “Hi, do you want to go somewhere?” Angel tried to leer at the woman. The woman started to pull away from Angel, then stopped and looked him up and down. A small seductive smile spread over her face as she stared at the handsome vampire.

“Where did you have in mind?’

The blonde touched his arm. Angel gasped at the contact. He felt a surge of desire go through his body as the demon stroked his arm. This was more than some sexual vibe. Damn, he thought, Cordy’s research didn’t mention anything about the succubus being able to inspire such lust in its victims.

Angel fought to control the rising heat in his loins. “My apartment is close by,” he struggled. His demon screamed inside for release. Angel’s last coherent thought before the lust took over his entire being was that Cordelia was going to kill him.

“I don’t think I can wait that long,” she purred. “There is a hotel through the alley. Let’s go there.” Angel nodded and let her pull him outside.

Cordelia watched the couple leave the bar. She swiped her dance partner’s hand off her breast. Once the man had been removed from the demon’s presence, he developed an intense interest in the beautiful immortal. Cordelia swiped again at the man’s groping hands.

“Look, you Neanderthal, just be grateful that you still have your throat. Because that is as lucky as you are getting tonight.”

“Hey, little girl, you asked me to dance.” The big man lunged at Cordelia. Cordelia let him grab her, then kneed him in the groin.

She looked down in disgust at the squirming man. “Men.” She stomped off the dance floor after Angel and the demon. Angel’s expression of lust was just a little too real. That was taking the job way too seriously, she worried.

Chapter Ten:

Cordelia saw the demon pull Angel into a ravenous kiss. Oh, that bitch is so dead. Cordelia watched in disgust as Angel responded aggressively to the blonde’s mauling. Angel’s hands were running up and down the demon’s back.

His lust brought out the vampire. In game face he pulled her neck towards him.

“A vampire.” The succubus hissed pushing at Angel. The vampire growled and tried to grab the blonde.

“Enough,” yelled Cordelia. She pulled at the chain around her waist and looped the links around the succubus’ neck. Cordelia yanked back, pulling the demon to the ground. Angel’s mind cleared as soon as the physical contact with the demon broke.


“Shut up, I will deal with you later. You, you demon bitch, I will deal with now.” Cordelia raised her sword to the now grotesque demon hissing in front of her.

The petite blonde had transformed into a large hissing demon. Her blonde blue eyes were bright green and two rows of sharp teeth protruded out of her stretched red lips. Deformed muscles bulged all over her once slight form.

“He is my vampire, bitch.” Cordelia swung her sword through the demon’s neck. Cordelia jumped back in an attempt to avoid being splattered with blood. “This has been such a truly horrible night.” She swiped at the yellow slime on her shirt.

“Cordelia, um I…,” started a sheepish Angel.

“Don’t bother, I am so disgusted right now. You wanted her, yuck.” Angel tried to pull the pissed brunette towards him.

“Do not touch me, you…You MAN. You wanted that…that thing.” She stomped out of the alley. Angel ran to catch up with her.

“Cordelia, you know I didn’t want her…I mean, not really, it was some sort of vibe that she gave off. That’s all.”

“Whatever, I need a bath.” She got huffily into the car.

Chapter Eleven:

“I am not talking to you,” yelled Cordelia from the bathroom.

She shook her head and submerged her whole body in the sudsy bath water. Where was Dennis, when she need him? He was in her stupid old apartment; that’s where. If he was here, he would have ran the bath for her and gotten her a glass of wine.

But no, all she had in Angel’s stupid apartment was a stupid vampire, who hadn’t even offered to get her some wine.

Nope, all he was doing was pacing in front of the bathroom door, begging her to talk to him. Well, she wasn’t going to talk to him. She was still fuming. Angel had been pawing all over that yucky demon. Of course, she realized as soon as she saw them kissing in the alley that he had to have been under some sort of demon magic. But still, he had been all over her, kissing her.

“Ewww,” she said out loud, sinking back under the bath water. She needed the calming presence of Phantom Dennis. Cordelia jumped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. She pushed past Angel and ran up to the office.

Cordelia was sitting impatiently behind her computer when Angel came up the stairs. He stopped and stared at the beautiful girl behind the desk. Her damp hair looked almost black against her pale shoulders. The towel showed a hint of her breasts.

Damn, he wanted her. The desire that coursed through his body was real. It was not some artificially induced vibe. As Angel looked at his immortal lover, he couldn’t image how the succubus had ever affected him. Cordelia was the only woman that could truly make his dead body become alive.

“What are you doing, Cordy,” he asked hesitantly.

Cordelia didn’t look up; she was busy reading the piece of paper she had printed from the screen. Fear crept into Angel’s soul. He hated it when she was mad at him. What if she left him? He started to get angry; Cordelia had to know that he loved her with every fiber of his dead body and soul.

“This is stupid, Cordy. You know that I love you that you are the only woman that I want to be with. Stop ignoring me.”

“Sh, of course you love me. I love you. Now be quiet. I have to understand this.” Angel stared in amazement at the girl. He should have known that she would surprise him.

“I think I’ve got it, ” she exclaimed. Cordelia beamed at Angel.

“Got what?” He moved behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He was gratified when she placed a delicate hand over his.

“Willow e-mailed me the right spell. I really like her. Do you want to make up for that disgusting display of yours in the alley?” She squeezed his hand to take the venom out of her words. Angel was confused, but considered that the smartest thing to do was say yes. Cordelia kissed his hand.

“This spell can transport Dennis here. I want him here.” She turned in her chair so that she was facing Angel.

“You want Dennis to live with us?”

“It is okay, isn’t it? He cleans and he is, well great, he does stuff…he is my friend and he is lonely. And he has the great ability to make me see reason, more quickly than most, when I become unreasonable.” She shot a big smile at the vampire.

Angel looked at the immortal that he loved. He chuckled. “Of course, he can.” Angel brushed his fingertips across her collarbone. “Cordy, you know that I was under the succubus’ influence, don’t you?”

“I know, but seeing you being mauled and mauling her made me very, very angry.” She placed her hands on his chest.

“I think I even growled. You are mine.” Cordelia pulled Angel’s head towards her. The vampire leaned into her kiss. Angel ran his thumbs under the edge of the towel wrapped around Cordelia. Cordelia closed her eyes as her body tingled at his touch.

“I love you,” she moaned.

A burst of relief and fire spread through Angel’s body. He pulled Cordelia up from her chair and placed her on the desk. She gazed in his eyes and smiled. He pulled her back into a kiss. Angel’s tongue greedily tasted all of her mouth. Cordelia moaned and pulled him closer.

“I love you,” he said huskily. Angel pushed all the items on the desk to the floor.

Cordelia giggled as she heard the computer crash to the ground. Angel growled as he pushed her down on the desk, pulling the towel from her body. He stared at the naked form in front of him.

“You are beautiful.”

“Better than that icky demon?”

“Cordy, shut up.” Angel took one of her breast in his mouth. Cordelia shut up and pulled his head closer. She closed her eyes in pleasure. Angel’s hands stroked her body. She moaned in delight as his lips and hands moved down her body. Angel reigned in the vampire as his lips slowly worked downwards. He savored every taste of her delicate skin. Angel’s tongue licked in and around her belly button. Cordelia gasped and sighed at the exquisite sensations coursing through her limbs. Angel pushed her long legs wider as his head went between the apex of her thighs. Cordelia’s hips jumped off the table.

“Oh, my god,” she whimpered.

Angel leaned in. He kissed and licked at her center. His hand held down Cordelia’s hips as they thrust upwards. Angel sucked at Cordelia’s redden clit. Cordelia’s thrusts began more frantic.

“Oh, please Angel,” she cried in frustration. He was teasing her, bringing her so close to ecstasy, then moving his lips away. Angel greedily sucked and licked at her. He never tasted such sweet nectar. Cordelia’s unique beautiful flavor, it was his, forever. Angel’s demon came forth in a feeling of love, lust and possessiveness. Angel growled as his fangs grazed her clit. He gently bit, drinking in the small drops of blood. Cordelia screamed out in joy. Angel yanked at his zipper. He growled his frustration as he ripped his pants from his body. His penis sprung free. Cordelia’s body was still trembling, when he thrust his hard cock into her wet center. She moaned and pushed upwards with her hips. Angel thrust hard and fast. Cordelia’s body tightened around his hard, cool shaft at each stoke. She was close to another orgasm. Cordelia pulled her lover’s fangs to her throat.

“Angel,” she screamed as he drank her blood. Angel gasped as he pumped his dead seed into Cordelia’s body. Both Angel and Cordelia trembled as their releases overcame them. Angel pulled Cordelia close to him, wrapping his arms tightly around her. Cordelia breathed in his scent and nuzzled at his chest. She wearily looked up.

“The door is locked, isn’t it?”

“I have no idea.”

Cordelia laughed. “Can you move?”

“I’m not sure. You?”

“Not, yet.” Cordelia pushed aside his shirt and kissed his chest.

“We will never move, if you keep that up,” he growled.

She giggled and started licking at his nipple. The phone interrupted her exploration of Angel’s chest.

“Don’t answer it,” she begged, clutching the vampire closer. The phone kept ringing and ringing. “You didn’t turn on the answering machine, did you?” she grumbled into his chest.


“Damn, we really need to go over the benefits of modern technology.”

Angel kissed her on the forehead and answered the phone. “Yes, it’s no longer a problem,” he said into the phone. “Kate, it is over, the demon is dead.” Angel moved the phone away as Cordelia came up behind him and started to take his shirt off.

“um, Kate, got to go, bye.” Angel pulled Cordelia around and kissed her. She leaned into him, only to jump back as the phone rang again. This time she answered it.

“What now?” she yelled into the phone. “Oh, hi Wesley, how is England? Really. Great. When? No, you didn’t interrupt anything. Bye.” She hung up.

“Assuming that the spell to transport Dennis takes an hour and there is no interruptions from the bobsy twins, then we have approximately 23 hours to make love on every piece of furniture in this place, before Wesley gets home.” She looked expectantly at Angel.

“I think we can do it,” he smiled. She laughed and jumped into his arms.

“Good, but lock the door and turn on the answering machine.” Cordelia pulled Angel into a kiss.


“Tell me again, why he is here?”

“Stop whining. He is my friend. And stop yelling at him. You will make him mad.”

“I don’t see why we just didn’t exorcise him, bloody ghost.”

Cordelia laughed as Wesley ducked a flying book.

“Guys,” Angel interrupted. “Wesley, Dennis is here to stay, so make friends.” Angel took the mug floating before him. “Thanks, Dennis. You know, he really is quite helpful.”

Cordelia smiled smugly and took the bottled water traveling towards her. “Thank you. Wesley, you really should be nicer to Dennis.” She laughed at Wesley’s expression.

Wesley grumbled and went into the kitchen to fix a cup of tea.
The End


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The Succubus. 5-8   Leave a comment

Chapter Five:

“Angel make the ringing go away.” Cordelia snuggled closer to the vampire.

“Cordelia the ringing is the phone and the only way to make it go away for good is for you to let me up so I can answer it.”

“There is such a thing called an answering machine.”

“I forgot to put it on.”

“No,” she whined draping a long leg across his body. The phone kept ringing.

“I am sorry.” Angel tried to move off the bed.

“No,” Cordelia grumbled. She tightened her grasp on the vampire.

The phone stopped ringing. “Wonderful.” Cordelia started to plant kisses on her captured vampire.

The phone started to ring again. “Aarrgh,” she screamed, hiding her head under the pillow. Angel heard her mumble something into the pillow.

“What was that?”

“Answer the damn phone!”

“Yes, Cordelia.”

Chapter Six:

“Well, who was it?” Cordelia asked.

“Have I ever told you that you look absolutely sexy in my shirts?”

“Really?” She pulled at the garment she was wearing. “Better than the red silk negligee?”


“Men, I will never understand them. I spent a lot of money on that stupid piece of silk.”

“Sorry.” Angel laughed at Cordelia’s annoyed expression.

“Well, who was the annoying person that kept calling at the crack of dawn?”

“Cordelia, it is noon.”

“Ummph.” The brunette went to go make some coffee.

Angel marveled at how the shirttails of his shirt swished around Cordelia’s bottom. Every once in awhile, they showed a tempting piece of creamy thigh.

“Angel, who was it?” A shout came from the kitchen.

Angel shook his mind clear. “Kate,” he answered going into the kitchen.

“Oh, what did super cop woman want?”.

“She wanted to know what I found out about the case.”

“The nerve of that woman. She couldn’t solve the case in four dead bodies and she expects you to do it just like that,” she exclaimed snapping her fingers.

“Cordelia, you found out about the succubus…”

“Yeah, I did. But that was before my ‘little exercise in keeping my head.” She swung her head around. Cordelia noticed Angel’s expression.

“Angel, I’m okay, really. I know that I will have to do certain yucky things to survive. And I will. I won’t lose you, okay. I promised. I just need to get use to the whole head taking thing, that’s all.” She kissed him slightly on the nose. “And thanks.”

Cordelia told Angel about what she found out about the succubus. She described the spells she found on her search. ” So, it is either a succubus, or some crazy sex starved mortal who wants to be a sex-demon. Either way, both the demon or the sick mortal will soften up their intended. What we need to do is find out where the tenderizing is done.”

“I think the best thing to do is map out where all the bodies were found,” interrupted Angel.

“Sounds like a plan, but after I finish my coffee. Where are you going?” Cordelia called after the retreating vampire.

“To look at Kate’s files. I want to go back through them and see if there are any links between them.”

“Links? Oh, you mean anything other than that they were all horny men, who are now dead and throatless.”

“Yes.” Angel shook his head and reminded himself why he loved her.

Chapter Seven:

Angel was looking through the yellow pages, when a fully dressed Cordelia entered the office. She looked at him, then she looked at the map of LA hanging up on the wall. “And the pins represent….?” Cordelia stared at the red and black pins stuck into the map.

Angel didn’t look up. “Kate said that the toxicology report came back on the victims. You were right. Semen was found at each of the crime scenes. I think that confirms that it was a succubus. Also, each of the victims had a large amount of alcohol in their blood…or what was left of it. The red pins represent where the bodies were found. The black pins represent the closest bar to that location.”

Cordelia stared at the configuration of pins. They didn’t seem to be in any recognizable pattern. Cordelia moved further from the map and looked again. She grabbed a piece of paper and pen. She made a diagram of the black pins and then the red pins surrounding them. Cordelia started to connect the points. She grumbled and threw the paper on the ground.

“What are you doing?” Angel looked up.

“Nothing. How do you know that the dead guys were at those bars?”

“I don’t. But, the police found a matchbook from the ‘Pink Flamingo’ at the scene of the first death. That’s this one.” Angel pointed to the closest black pin. “It is less that a mile from where the body was found, so I just looked for bars within a mile from each body. It’s a start. But I can’t find a pattern.”

Cordelia nodded and resumed scribbling on another piece of paper. She stared at her drawing and let out a yell.

“What is it?”

“Look!” Cordelia showed Angel her drawing.

“What am I looking at?”

“Look,” she said in exasperation. “See, follow the lines. It is like the four parts of a pentagram. It is just missing the final pointy thing-a-ma-jig.” Cordelia smiled triumphantly up at Angel.


“Angel, come on get with it. Demon, pentagram! Jeez, it’s a pattern.” Cordelia ran to the map and measured the distances between the bars and the victims.

“Look, Angel they are all equal distance from each other. If I am right, which I am, the next location of the horny dead guy should be here.” Cordelia stuck a red pin into the map. She leaned closer to read the streets nearby. She ran to her computer.


“Sh.” She started punching in search commands. “Found it.” Cordelia stuck a black pin into a map. “See.” She took a magic maker and connected the pins into a perfect pentagram. “I am telling you, Angel, this is where our evil chick will be waiting to soften up her next soon to be dead partner.” She pointed again to the black pin.

“Well, at least two possibilities. It is either the ‘Voodoo Lounge’ or the ‘Late Nite Gallery’. I got two hits on bars within a mile of future dead guy’s final resting-place. Come on, I know I am right, without visions or anything, I am,” she finished defensively.

“You are getting good at this detective business with or without visions.”

“Oh Angel.” Cordelia jumped in his arms. She started to plant kisses all over the vampire’s face. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For believing in me. For thinking that I have a brain.” Cordelia shot him a big smile. She was extremely happy. She would have to redo her happy/sad list, she thought. Angel really trusted her ability to help him.

“Being with you, having you believe in me and having you love me, is worth all the sad and yucky stuff.” Cordelia captured his lips with hers. Angel held her tighter, willing her to believe in herself.

Finally, after some time, he put her down and placed his hands on her face. “Cordy, you have a marvelous brain and you are marvelous. Never doubt yourself.”

“Okay,” she said softly.

“Now, brainy love of my life, we need to find out when the ‘Voodoo Lounge’ and the ‘Late Nite Gallery’ open this evening.

Cordelia giggled and picked up the phone.

Chapter Eight:

“Cordelia, are you ready, yet?” Angel was in front of the weapons cabinet putting stakes in his arm holsters.

“In a minute. Do you have any idea how hard is to find the right outfit to wear for a night of club hopping, while taking into consideration a sword and possible demon goo?”

“Cordelia we are not going club hopping. We are going to kill a demon.” Angel pulled on his black duster.

“Duh, hence the consideration of my sword and demon guts, but I still have to look good. And who knows maybe we can have some fun before the whole demon-killing thing,” she called from the bedroom.

“Come on, Cordelia. I am sure you look fine.”

“What do you know? You like me in your stupid shirts.” Cordelia came out of the bedroom.

“True, I am a little biased…” Angel stopped and stared at the young immortal. “Cordelia, you can’t wear that outfit.”

“You know it is just not fair,”she said ignoring his comment. She gazed at the black clad vampire. “It is so easy for you to look absolutely sexy in black. All broody and mysterious, I just look drab.”

Angle tried again. “Cordelia, you are not wearing that.” He pointed at her outfit. Cordelia was wearing black tight capri pants and a form fitting midriff top. A hip-length heavy cotton jacket with shear long sleeves covered her sword. The jacket emphasized the swell of her breasts and hips. No, Angel thought, she was not going out wearing that outfit.

“What’s wrong? Does it look that bad?” She turned to run back to the mirror in the bedroom.

“No,” he growled.

Cordelia stopped in amazement, then laughed. “You do like it. Jeez, you had me going there for a minute. Come on, undead guy, let’s go kick some evil sex demon’s butt.”

Cordelia barely reached the elevator, when she stumbled and clutched at her head. “Owww. You know, I hate those golden bobsy twins. Reward or not, they are just being spiteful.”

Angel caught her in his arms before she fell down. “Cordy?”

“We have to go to ‘The Late Nite Gallery’ and from what I saw it will not be any fun and no one there will be able to truly appreciate my outfit. And I worried about it.”

Angel chuckled at her distress.

“The demon bitch is a big hair blonde, dyed I bet. I don’t see the attraction, at all. I guess she is okay if you like the obvious type.”

“Is there anything else I should know about the vision?”

Cordelia glared at the vampire. “I saw the evil demon bitch demon hanging out at the bar. Then there was some guy, a definite horny loser type with his throat ripped out. He should be killed for his fashion sense alone.”


“Oh, all right. Anyway, I am thinking that I can get the horny looser away from the blonde long enough for you to tempt her. Once you get the demon sex fiend alone, we kill her.”

“And how am I suppose to tempt the succubus?”

“Are you serious? Angel, believe me when I tell you any female, demon or otherwise would be tempted by you. All you need to do is to go up to the evil chick and say…hello. You don’t even have to be imaginative, just say ‘let’s go outside and get comfortable’. She will go. Will the succubus be able to sense that you are a ‘grr’ guy?”


“Good, then demon sex fiend will think you are just another guy on the prowl. Give her a sexy look and get her outside. As soon as, I ditch the loser guy, I will follow and we kill her.”

“So, you want me to be..”

“Yep. This time you will be the bait.”

“I don’t like the idea of leaving you alone in the bar.”

“Don’t worry, ‘grr’ guy. I will only be in there for a minute and I have my sword.”

Chapter 9

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